Monday, May 1, 2017


The spending bill that will be keeping the government running for the rest of the year is a big win for Democrats and a big fuck you to the Republicans. I am positive Trump will crow about how great he is and how no president ever has done a better job but the reality is he got almost nothing out of it while the Democrats ran away with everything. I was also sure the Freedom Caucus was going to hold this bill hostage to defund Planned Parenthood but nope that's nowhere to be found. Likewise there are no cuts to sciences that Trump proposed, no funding for the border wall and no eliminating the subsidy program for health insurance. They did get some token money for the military and $1.5 billion for boarder security and that's it.
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Democrats can tell their voters back home they got miners' health insurance reinstated after Republican malfeasance took it away from 17,000 of them. They also got Pell Grants restored to original funding, money added to other organizations Trump had wanted to cut drastically and other options that are actually good politics for once. It is a rare win for a party more accustomed to shooting themselves in both feet.

The Democrats are still painfully unaware of how out of touch they are with the public, best seen in the lawsuit going on now over the DNC handling of the last primary. According to their lawyers, they have no legal obligation to listen to voters which seems rather odd as we are supposed to be a FUCKING DEMOCRACY! If you are just going to pick a candidate for us as you did to disastrous results last time around, why bother having a vote at all? Don't make democracy a pretend one and then act all shocked when we bitch about it.

But as bad as they have been, the Republicans are leading us straight off the cliff. They are allegedly going to bring back their awful health care plan again which may pass the House if certain White House staff are to be believed. I personally wouldn't hold much hope for this bill as last I heard there were still 30 votes that pledged no. If they do somehow getting it through, with no CBO report which will make some balk, it's chances in the Senate are near nil unless making the Senate in play for 2018 is their big plan.

This health care plan will spike premiums for tens of millions and could ultimately destroy the system completely. How pissed do you think people will be when their children/spouses/parents start dying because they cannot afford health care? Bullets will start flying that is for sure. Remember this adage, when you give someone a thousand dollars they will be moderately grateful. Take a thousand dollars and they will stab you in the balls. No country has ever removed an entitlement program and survived. Do we really want to be like Venezuela because rioting will happen in mass numbers if this passes? It seems odd that they are still obsessing about this when we have far pressing matters.
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North Korea and the US are headed for a fall. Elections in South Korea will happen on the 9th this month and chances look good that the liberal will win and go back to the"sunshine policy," their predecessors have taken. This means that the Trump administration has until then to launch an attack with little input from South Korea. But even if a new leader takes over, something tells me Trump is probably not going to listen to what they have to say if he decides it's time to attack. Dumbass will probably push the wrong button one day and, instead of ordering a coke, nuke France instead.

Japan is sending some of their warships to aid the US off the Korean coast and have orders to attack if needed, the first time a command like that has been given since WW2. Russia and China have said they will nuke whoever attacks first, raising the possibility that all out nuclear war is closer than I thought. Word is, and this is frighting, the Pentagon is drawing attack plans for first strike attacks of BOTH China and Russia. Our nuke shield better work far better than the tests have shown because we may have a lot of missiles headed our way if this goes south fast.
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I told you electing Trump was a suicide pact and it appears I may have been right about this. Hillary may have been a she-devil but even I don't think she would be fucking up health care, the environment and starting WW3 at this point and time. She certainly wouldn't be telling nuclear armed opponents we're thinking about an attack, just in case. Grey days are ahead people. But because a corporatist granny with no message to resonate with anyone lost, we now have a deranged, narcissistic loser who is ready to incinerate the planet because he doesn't understand how war or nukes work. It's almost over America. Thanks for nothing.


  1. I've made a 3 month tour in your country back in 1989. I then new nothing about American politics, only that I had to show my white card, pasport and my amound of dollars in traveller cheques.I've met all kind of American nice people in different ways.
    Somehow people in the streets could get along with each other very well.
    Were are those day's? When I read all kind of different news sources I've got the fealing the people in your country are divided, argue about almost everthing and is slowly falling apart.
    Don't you give up,you Americans. People hate you but they don't know the true Americans. I do.
    Take care man.
    Greetings from somebody in the Netherlands

  2. Most Americans are a fine yet stupid people. Lately however, hostility is everywhere and that isn't good for anyone. Trust me when I say your probably safer here than England or France lately.