Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Republicans went off the deep end this week and even hard core followers are saying WTF? Let's see who else bit it this week.

1)Obama- Once again making the list, Obama's numbers plunged to new lows as his craptastic speech was thoroughly derided by everyone. Numnuts has got us involved in yet another war, with no exit strategy and no way to pay for any of it except on the backs of the poor who are being shoved aside for corporate interests. Now hovering around 42% approval ratings, his speech on Monday was a big bunch of lies and half truths that even the most ardent supporter questioned the reality of. This man is incapable of telling the truth to such a point that he has to be pathological. Bush, yes the man I loathe, was more honest than this idiot. I look forward to 2012 to hopefully find someone, anyone, better than him. My hopes are not high though.

2)Corporations- Showing why we shouldn't be broke, it came out this week that 2/3s of the corporations in the country not only don't pat taxes, but actually get billions back. GE got 3.2 billion for a wind farm not even built yet. Must be nice to say, yeah we will build it some day and the government gives you billions in tax breaks every year, even though the time table is years away. Every time you hear some Republican say we have the highest tax rate in the world, just remember it's only a number. Might as well be a gazillion dollars because it's not real. Businesses not only pay nothing they get billions back. Fix this and watch our deficit vanish. Plus, we need to lift the payroll cap for SS on those making over 107,000 dollars and watch SS magically come back to life. Idiots.

3) The Tea Party- Rapidly becoming the party of destruction, these numnuts are putting us on the road to ruin. I almost feel bad for John Boener who has to walk a fine line between angering these idiots and getting anything done. The Tea Party is the fascist party and anyone connected with them should be shunned. Don't let them buy in your shops. Don't let them eat in your restaurants. Just like the TSA.

4)Republicans- This week, the R party went into crash positions as people saying they are thinking about running for President ended their campaign before it even started. Newt Gingrich flip flopped worse than John Kerry and the Donald revealed he is a birther who, in a rare show of absolute stupidity, released his birth certificate. Only, oops, it was the wrong one. He gave out the hospital certificate not the state issued one, which is the same grief they are giving Obama. I may not like the guy anymore, but Christ, he was born in this country. Get over it and stop being racist. My dislike for him has NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with his inability to tell the truth. So congratulations, Republicans you are douchebag of the week.

PS-With Michelle Bachman in the race, Republicans are going to have their hands full with dumb statements.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Glimmers of Hope For Mankind

Considering the bleak nature of today's headlines, it is really gratifying to see some small steps toward a positive front. Just a few days ago, I called the American people my Douchebag of the week. The main reason for this was a large segment of the populace actually cheering on their own destruction. However, since I'd written that piece something miraculous happened. That large segment got notably smaller. It seems that not everyone is content to drink the Kool Aid and actually looked into things being said. What they found was the facts weren't what they thought. And as a result, they were kind of pissed. Good.

The best part is that almost all the anger was directed as Republicans (not that the Democrats don't deserve their fair share of blame in the mess we are in). Seems people aren't all that keen on a government shutdown, especially if the Republican scare tactics over military pay and SS being affected come true. If that scenario does pass, the economy will freefall as ALL spending stops. Millions will lose their jobs and the next Great Depression will begin almost immediately. This is what the Republicans are threatening and people aren't interested. Even funnier, the mouth breathers that tried to defend this action got thoroughly spit on by fellow Republicans. Anyone spouting commie/socialist nonsense were intellectually beaten within an inch of their lives. And this was on a Fox news site. This attitude is why Glenn Beck is losing his audience. Maybe we are getting smarter. Maybe we are seeing that the rich are taking and taking and taking. And people from all walks of life are getting sick of it.

Newt Gingrich flip flopped again about the war on Libya, making even the most strident supporter cringe in horror. He actually sounded like John Kerry and we all know how that turned out. In a pre-Iowa caucus, Republicans en masse said that social issues, like anti-abortion laws and being anti-gay, were more important than the economy. I almost died laughing when I read that. If this is what the Republicans have to offer in 2012 with such candidates as Mike Huckabee, Gingrich and, god help us all, Michelle Bachman, they are going to lose badly.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


With all that's happened this year, with all the destruction being seen before our very eyes, it is a no brainer to single out idiot America for their blinders that seem stapled to their face. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama,- Joining the Republicans on this list on a weekly basis, our Pussy in Chief's inability to make a swift decision has backfired horribly with just about every angle one can fail in. In one week, he has demonstrated a complete lack of ability to be clear about anything. He and Biden are using Orwellian doublespeak to hide the fact that we are in yet another unaffordable war. Kinetic military action is what they are calling it. IT'S A WAR! Christ, what do you think I am, the Arab League (more on that later). We still have no idea what the radiation from Japan's leaky nuclear facility is doing to us as no one seems to be able to give us an honest answer. Japan is far worse in that department mind you but West Coast monitors are still not working, for reasons unclear, contradictory evidence is showing up debating how dangerous the world wide spread of radiation really is (I have a science degree and even I am somewhat uncertain. In short though, no reason to panic yet) and there is still the possibility of a full meltdown. Obama has also missed the boat with Libya as it is being reported that al queda fighters are joining the rebels, meaning his dickering allowed terrorists to infiltrate places we should have already. Mind you all of the above about terrorists may not be true and could be propaganda being spread for numerous reasons, so keep that in thought as well.

2)Newt Gingrich and the Arab League- As expected, as soon as those jets were flying, both the Arab League and US Republicans banned together in a rare show of support (albeit unintentionally), to denounce everything that Obama was doing. Some, like Newt Gingrich, supported it one minute, and as soon as it occurred, denounced it. Way to flip flop, pansy. Good luck with that Presidential run you have no hope of winning. Other Republicans and conservative pundits followed suit. Likewise, the Arab League boo hooed fake tears to say they didn't know a no fly zone might kill people. Are you freakin' kidding me? If this is the level of debate we are going to have with these numnuts we might not as well bother. They said they didn't understand about what a no fly zone entailed.(insert world's smallest violin here). That's because we thought you were over the age of three, schmuck. If if have to go over every stupid thing because you're dumn to understand, nothing is ever going to get done. I know you have smart people in the Middle East so please send us some. Lord knows we could use them too.

3)Republicans- Demonstrating their complete lack of empathy toward anybody but the rich, the Republican party has outlined their plan for a new America. And for anybody making less than 200,000 dollars a year, don't worry. You're not in it. The Republicans are waging class warfare, one designed to break the middle class forever. They are attempting to privatize schools, the post office, and prisons while simultaneously decreasing salaries and benefits for all. All of that extra money won't be coming to us. It'll be going right in their pockets. They are destroying Unions, declaring ways for governors to declare financial martial law and finding new ways to screw you out of money. The worst part, America is letting it happen.

4)The American public- What will it take for you people to wake up and see what's happening? The Internet trolls seem to sure like a lot of these plans and I have to wonder if it isn't some devious psychological plot to make people think they everybody thinks the same way. I'll be honest. I've met alot of different people in my life from all walks of life and not one, no matter how Republican, espouses to this belief system. If there are large segments that do however, we are so screwed. The UK had protests of half a million people today to stop the awful austerity cuts. We can't raise 10,000. How sad is that?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


To say there is a lack of good news right now would be to say you haven't been paying attention. Floods, war, tsunamis, earthquakes, economic turmoil, greater and greater lies told from all levels of government world wide are just a few, a sprinkling if you will, of the HOLY F#$K WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!

I have uncovered evidence so shocking I almost don't want to write it down. I have real proof we are being led to servitude faster and faster and the worst part is, idiot America is helping it along. The break-up of unions is not just a partisan political movement, but one designed to make us all, ALL subservient to the wealthy elites. The end game is total privatization of everything. One of the most frightening aspects of this is the privatization of our military. Blackwater has freakin' jets now. THEY HAVE AN AIR FORCE, PEOPLE. Don't you find it a bit disconcerting that the elites have a pricate army, one we have no hope against. Don't believe me? Look at how well Libyan rebels did against tanks and planes. Back to my original point, if unions are silenced, especially teacher unions, then schools can be privatized without any fuss. People not in the "in crowd" are going to be shuttled to drive by schools where indoctrination to useless facts will be the norm and the elites will get the best schools for their offspring. IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING. Obama, being his usual dick self, has said one thing about schools, then done the exact opposite. He has said the former president's No Child Left Behind was flawed, then kept all the parts he said he didn't like and then made things worse with his latest crap plan of Race to the Top. This should be called, How to Privatize All Schools. Look it up, it's a blueprint on now only how to kill the school system but to make our kids dumber and dumber. Home school your kids or private school them if you can. Public school is a dead end, in more ways than one. Obama is not your friend. He is a traitor, just like the last few decades of worthless know nothings who are putting us on the path to ruin. Don't let them unless living in a fascist regime where you are going to be forced to fight for scraps sounds like fun.

In other bad news, we have a NEW war, courtesy of Black W Bush. While I agree helping them was the right thing to do, it should have been done weeks ago when Qaddafi was on the ropes and I wouldn't have used anything more than some cruise missiles and a very small group of ground troops for support capacity only. What we've done is going to end badly.

As if that wasn't enough, tensions between Israel and Gaza are spiraling our of control. Rockets are being fired again and a highly sophisticated bomb killed a woman at a bus stop today and injured dozens of others. Retaliation is inevitable.

A new oil slick has appeared in the Gulf, from where no one knows. It is a hundred miles long.

Radiation levels may not be what they say they are but thousands of times higher. The fact that the West Coast radiation monitors don't seem to be working has me a little nervous. Cancer rates are going to soar worldwide.

The signs all point to a coming apocalypse. Be ready.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The world burns, and Obama fiddles. Only one other group was worse. Let's see the runner ups.

1)Republicans- Determined to be the new fascist party, Ohio passed anti Union laws, Wisconsin continues to do the same and now Michigan has passed a law that gives the Governor unrestricted policies to implement martial law on financial situations such as breaking up unions, firing teachers and other Hitleresque policies that are Unamerican. This slide to letting big business run our lives has to stop and by not voting for these idiots is a good stop. If you know any Tea Partiers, at the very least, shun them from your lives. They are killing us.

2)TSA- Having had to deal with reports that these thugs are not making us safer, the TSA got multiple setbacks this week. As nine out of ten tests to get illegal items through the checkpoints are being reported as successful, can we please stop fondling Grandma and unleashing Japan levels of radiation across out bodies. New Hampshire and Texas are about to pass bills that will make it a felony to grope someone to get on a plane. As TEXAS is against this, you know something is off. Plus, a recent panel by the US Travel Association, a non partisan blue ribbon panel that examines travel patterns by US citizens every year, has concluded what we already knew. The TSA is strangling any economic recovery this country has of occurring. It said their policies were ineffective and was significantly reducing travel by plane. Car, train and bus travel have increased significantly while air travel has dropped perilously, something the airlines have noticed as their profits have dropped sharply this year. With higher fuel costs, they are going to have a rough year. It was estimated that the loss of air travel cost the country 85 billion dollars and 900,000 jobs. End the TSA. Airlines get their share of the blame by clogging checkpoints with their idiotic charge for the first bag polices. This should be made illegal for safety concerns alone. Fixing these problems will make people fly more and add much needed money and jobs to the badly dying hospitality services. This study does not take into the fact the foreign travel has dropped sharply as well due to the restrictive policies causing even more money lost.

3)Obama- I haven't seen a president this ineffective since Jimmy Carter, a fact repeated by Harvard historian Naill Ferguson. When you're being compared to one of the worst Presidents ever, you may want to think about changing your strategy. His taciturn approach to Japan, Libya, Bahrain, the TSA, radiation levels across the US and union busting has got to be the most detached I've ever seen a leader be. Word is he's worried about re-election and is trying not to rock the boat, letting Republicans hang themselves with anti-union bills nationwide killing their chances, but for God's sake, we are in real trouble here. The economy is failing, Japan's about to go Chernobyl and big business is trying to impliment neo-fascist policies nationwide. DO SOMETHING. I wait, I forgot he did pick his NCAA picks this week on ESPN. REALLY? Glad nothing important was happening. He is turning out to be a really bad president and one I won't be voting for in the next election regardless of who he's running against. And as Sarah Palin may be that person, let that sink in for a minute. I will not vote against Sarah Palin. His own party is fed up with him as Clinton has said she will not continue on next year as Secretary of State and may leave sooner as her displeasure in acting on crises has been disturbing at best. Bernie Saunders slammed the president this week for his leadership ability, or lack there of. He said his tax policy has been a disaster and calling him socialist is asinine. Way to go Bernie.

4)Japan- Never have I seen a government do a crappier job of giving info to its people. There is no radiation. Oh wait there is, but it's low. What it's not? But it's not lethal. IT is? It's fine trust me. The Japanese have had a high trust of their government but not anymore. The radiation is going to be a huge problem for decades to come with that whole area unlivable for the next 1000 years. Plus with uncertainty for the final outcome as scientists are giving conflicting reports no one knows what is going to occur. Worst case scenario, the plume spreads across Asia, depleting already fragile food sources and beginning a world wide famine. Horseman of the Apocalypse anyone? Way to go Japan you are douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

With Japan showing how not to manage a crisis, now comes word that the entire region could become another Chernobyl with radiation spreading across the planet. The repercussions from this could be an increased spike in cancer over the next few years, with the closer to Japan you are the worse the effects. The Japanese people have stopped listening to their government and reports of millions leaving north Tokyo are coming from foreign sources. Iodine pills, used to help protect against radiation are all but depleted world wide as stockpiles appear to be occurring. For anyone who needs some, kelp pills will work as well. The Japanese stock market rose 6% today, which every trader has gone WTF. Only by adding liquidity into the market would this occur, which means when it runs out, the market is going to crash and crash hard. The dow has drooped 200 points today so far which is more like it considering the desperate state of today's world.

We are in danger of losing the Internet as the "net neutrality" law that everyone said was unnecessary proved to be anything but as AT&T said they were following Comcast with a way to charge people more for bandwith use. This will destroy watching anything over the net and companies like Netflix and Hulu may go out of business. This cannot stand. ANY politicians against this needs to be eliminated by any means possible. If we lose the Internet, we lose everything. This cannot pass and if it does, violence may be our only recourse, We aren't there yet, so please do everything you can to make sure net neutrality wins out. Al Franken is trying his best to stop this take over of the Internet. No matter what you think of him support him on this matter, unless the Internet is something you can do without, which you can't.

Our idiocy in the Middle East is all but guaranteeing a Muslim terrorist outcome in places like Libya and Bahrain. Both have said they are very unhappy with the West for abandoning them. So much for democracy, huh? The fifth fleet, stationed at Bahrain, is most likely going to lose their base there. Way to go Obama. Incidentally, word is he's focused on his re-election and, as a result, letting the world slide on things he should be on top of. This is what I have been saying for months, that our president is more worried about reelection than government. Awesome.

The massive fishkill in southern California has been attributed to toxic algae. Another sign of how far we've fallen. Several sources predict a massive quake in the area by March 20th. We'll see if they are right.

Several people I know have started hoarding food, weapons and gold. Nice to know some people are listening to me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


News is coming in fast and furious right now, almost too much to keep up with. Here's the highlights.

Japan's huge earthquake's demonstrate the need for good infrastructure. While their nuclear reactors could still go critical at any moment they are doing their best to keep that from happening. If the same thing were to happen on the west coast, the outcome would be far different. Our codes aren't as severe and the two reactors, unwisely built right on fault line, would crumble and spread Chernobyl like radiation across the planet. Worse, Russian scientist, some of the best in the world I might add, have said there is a real chance of another mega-quake along the west coast of the North or South America in the next two weeks. Should it happen in California, the effects will be devastating.

Obama's Attorney General has lowered police standards in Dayton Ohio because not enough black people were passing the test to become one. That's one way to start to race war moron: hire a bunch of unqualified douchebags (race not withstanding) with a gun and a attitude. Idiots.

As Julian Assange has all but disappeared either by choice or necessity, hacker group Anonymous has said it will release damning evidence against Bank of America tomorrow proving fraud in the mortgage case. Not like it matters as our justice department is incapable of anything as all the Lehman Brother exec's are going to walk scott free this week. But at least the people will see how badly the banks have us by the short and curlys. "Operation Empire State," is a new peaceful plan to protest until Ben Bernake steps down and banks are highly regulated again. I applaud it. Violence is the last answer needed and we are not there yet.

However, things in Wisconsin may be very different. With death threats against the Republicans, they are wisely staying out of the limelight. The largest protest since the Vietnam war took place this weekend, with talks of a general strike. While the new law gives Walker the power to fire striking people, I'd like to see him try. More than likely by this time next year, Walker will be out on his ass and a democratic wave will sweep the state. It will also give Obama an almost certainty to grab the electoral votes in 2012 as well. Way to overreach Republicans. Banks and businesses that funded Walker are being targeted for boycotts, such as the M & I Square bank which had to close yesterday because everyone was removing their money from the bank in a true "bank run." Other businesses that supported him are also being targeted. Way to go Wisconsin. The rest of the US may follow.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yes for the first time ever, we have a threepeat. What is even more astonishing were HOW MANY douchebags there were this week. I am rapidly concluding mankind is headed for a cliff and this week did nothing to end that belief.

1) Mother Nature-In just the last 24 hours we have had a major earthquake in Japan, a global Tsunami, eruptions of four volcanoes, and two major fish kills along the West Coast both before and after the quake. I think someone is PISSED. And anyone who says global warming caused this needs to shut the F$%K UP as they are hurting a legitimate cause.

2)Fox News- Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this network is incapable of fairly reporting any partisan issue, this week they skewered any story on the Wisconsin union debate. They made up facts such as the "7.5 million" dollars needed to clean up the statehouse (reliable figures put it at no more than 350,000 dollars), badly biased figures about pay scale for teachers claiming a $89,000 salary (which is actually closer to 50,000 minus benefits which never figure into salary), and a Bill O'Reilly report that showed a supposed fight outside the statehouse but, inexplicably, had palm tress in the background. This network is not to be trusted. Don't listen.

3) The American people- Unfortunately, people are listening and repeating baseless facts as gospel. The massage boards are full of inaccurate info almost all of which was supplied by Fox News. I am curious, could we the people sue Fox News for fraud and damages as they say to represent a news organization of which they aren't? Shouldn't a so called news company be forced to report the truth and nothing but? If not, the next wave of shocktroops will be no more than the idiot masses.

4)Banks- Banks are trying to recoup their minuscule losses from the inept Financial Services bill passed by President Pussy. Expect debit card fees, limits in transactions and charging you 3$ for a photocopy of your cancelled checks (like BOA is doing). JP Morgan/Chase is at the forefront of this so if you have money with this bank, get out before all your money goes to the uber-greedy banks.

5)Obama and the world- What a great bunch we are. WE preach democracy and freedom but when it comes right down to it, we're no better than China or Russia. The Libyan freedom movement is being crushed because we would rather have a tyrant we know than the possibility of Muslim extremists taking over. If we controlled the situation better, we wouldn't have to worry. Now, we are all but guaranteeing that is the scenario that is going to play out. Qaddafi will fall. And when he does, the people that take it over are going to remember that we did nothing to help them and have another Afhasitan all over again. Look how well that policy looked in the long run.

6)Republican and Scott Walker- This week they ramrodded a highly unpopular piece of legislation through, ending unions in the very state they were born. We all suffer as a result. The Republicans are hell bent on class warfare which is why they cry foul every time that term is brought up. THE RICH ARE STEALING FROM US BLIND. The time is coming soon for either mass protests or violent action. The courts are closed to us. I fear we have little time left before bad things happen to all of us. Unless you want live in squalid conditions with little electricity, heat or food, keep voting for the R or D. Start rising up or else there won't be anybody left to speak for you when they come or you. So F5*K YOU Scott Walker, you are douchbebag of the week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be Glad You Don't Live In Wisconsin

As expected, Walker acted like a true fascist and went against the will of a vast majority of Wisconsinites by ramming through the very unpopular law destroying unions and with it the middle class. By using a procedural maneuver he bypassed the democrats walkout and eliminated collective bargaining, the second state after Ohio to do so. The Republicans have proved themselves to be the butt boys of Corporate America and have demonstrated their willingness to follow any idiot to their own destruction.

Most of this will be covered again in my douchebag of the week column where Walker will once again be the winner, my first ever threepeat. But, between now and then let's look at what is occurring.

First, Walker and the GOP in Wisconsin may have just given the presidency to Obama for a second term. This will be a third rail topic that will derail many a potential candidate as ungodly amounts of money from unions are going to be used against any Republican opponent. As most people are against this law, it will only be ineffective in the idiot middle America, which if the message boards are right, should be nuked to oblivion to stop these assholes from reproducing. The message boards from the right are truly shocking in their ineptitude. All these brownshirts yelling WHO HOO at the top of their lungs better get used to lesser standards of living as the rich continue to pummel us into submission.

What is without doubt is that Walker's political career is over. Several GOP senate leaders in Wisconsin are going to be recalled, Walker will be in January 2012 and the state will almost certainly go blue in the next election. All this is contingent on the GOP leaders surviving that long. The Internet is chock full of death threats against them and their families. Riot gear is being unloaded near the capital as the protesters are growing more violent. This can't end well for anyone.

And for all those who say that it's anti Democratic for the people to be pissed what their leaders pass for laws, I would like to remind them that Obama was fairly elected and Obamacare passed so shouldn't you idiots say Que Sera Sera instead of railing against him for passing that law. Oh I forgot, it's only unpatriotic if you're against it. Morons.

This is the beginning of the end for us here. With a sizable group all for this awful laws, civil war here is not impossible. At least if it happens, I'll get to take a few Republicans with me. Death to the Republican Party. Anyone who support this party now is a traitor. Remember what has happened here. You won't when your job lowers your pay again and again for "budget reason." You have to have less so the rich have more. End this viscous cycle. A march on Washington is necessary where we should stay in the Mall and not leave until we are guaranteed basic rights like a livable wage and a fairer tax code. Unless we do, we are all sheep for the slaughter.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rapidly Losing Faith In Mankind

Never in all my years have I seen the super slide of stupidity that has happened world wide this week. Mind you, most of the idiocy was right here at home, but still some scorn should go for the douchebags globally as well.

Here, we have the worst political system ever. Unlike anywhere else, we have near non stop campaigns being run, meaning, if you're lucky, six months our of any given four year period may be blessedly absent of annoying political advertising. But now here comes another pointless election where the pundits will scream endlessly about whatever nonsense trifle has ruffled their feathers, riling the masses for no good reason other than they can. Can we all come together and realize that BOTH the republicans and democrats are a bunch of worthless monkey farts that should have blown away in the wind years ago. And Tea Party morons: Shut the hell up. You're the new brownshirts. If I wanted corporate America to take over, I'd vote Republican Tea Party every time and watch my standard of living disappear. Then I plan on taking a shovel to your head for getting us into this mess. Wake up people. Things are not getting better.

Unemployment is down you say? Only it isn't. The Obama administration has been horrible at reporting anything resembling reality. Statistician John Williams, whose work should be read by anyone wanting to see HOW the government manipulates these figures, is aghast at the latest numbers. Using shadow figures and made up nonsense the US actually lost 38,000 jobs last months, not a net gain of 240,000. But the way they are tabulated the figures are artificially inflated. Worse, the jobs that are being created nowadays suck and suck hard. If crappy pay is your bread and butter then look out for working in the hospitality or service industries where you will not make a living.

Then we have the wars of which I have to say to the world "I give up." What is happening in Libya is beyond the pale. Can no one figure out a way to help the rebels? Not that hard really. They need tech and logistical support which could be done with a very small amount of manpower, particularly CIA and Seal teams. Using stealth, key targets could be lasered for elimination and the rebels could win. But for some unknown reason, no one has mentioned this. Everything is big with armies invading and no fly zones. It's as if no one has ever studied military warfare before. This is not rocket science. What this leads is to my inevitable conclusion I have had for some time: Either we as a species are incompetent boobs or some evil masterminds are pulling the strings. There is no in between. Either we can't make rational decisions or we don't want to. I am still unsure but either way the end result is the same.

We're screwed.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


For only the second time doing the history of this article do we have a repeat offender. He really is a dick. Let's see who else was in the running.

1)The Federal Government- All sides, democrats and republicans, were in particularly bad form. We have an idiot President who if he's not careful, is going to get us all involved in some new war. You have Republicans who are determined to continue our slide into neo-feudalism by scrapping every provision from the poor they can while they give away every break they can to the uber-rich. Our way of life is disappearing people and the Tea Party (hijacked by the Koch brothers) is making things worse. Standards of living are getting worse and worse and the government keeps telling us everything is fine. The unemployment rate is still dropping and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. True, more jobs are being created and work orders are indeed up. Still, salaries continue their downward slide and prices continue to rise. The rich have to pay more and soon. Our lives depend on it. Wake up America or there won't be one left.

2)Qaddafi- The tyrant continue his destruction of the rebels which, for some unknown reason, we have decided to abandon. If he wins, he's not going to be happy with us for not helping him out and the rebels will be pissed for the same reason. Is it really that hard to pick a side. Oh I forgot. Obama is our President.

3)Charlie Sheen- I like Charlie Sheen. But he really needs to shut the hell up. He's not making a good case for himself when he's coming across as unhinged. I still think he's in the right on this as no company should have the right to tell anyone how to live their lives, no matter how destructive it is. Unless you pay us 24/7, our private lives are just that, private. Still, Charlie, if your reading this (which we all know you aren't) get some professional help. You really need it.

4)Scott Walker- Wisconsin governor douchebag continues his fascist state of non compromise (which is the bedrock of democracy) in telling the union go blow. That 40,000 you teachers make is WAY too much. Wait, no it isn't. As a matter of fact it pretty much sucks. And stop adding benefits to salaries, like it makes a difference. That money isn't being added the way you think it is. Example: If I make 40,000 dollars a year and have 200 per month taking out of my paycheck for medicial that does not add to my benefits or salary. It is DEDUCTED from my check. Now, the same with a union worker (they pay a lesser rate because of collective bargaining which we all should be allowed to do) who only has say 50 dollars removed from his paycheck per month. The difference between the two of 200 and 50 is $150 per months. That total is NOT added to my salary so you can't say that a teacher makes 40,000 per year plus 38,000 in benefits. It's still 40,000, just less subtracted from it then a private worker has. The fact I have dental doesn't mean I'm rich. I'm just paying less. Stop listening to the propaganda and realize our standard of living is under attack and we better stand up for it because otherwise we are all going to be living in abject poverty. Walker is trying to help end it. Thus he is douchebag of the week.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

America In Decline: The Hard Facts

A Union guy, a tea party activist and a CEO are all at a table with twelve cookies. The CEO takes 11. He turns to the Tea Party activist and whispers, "the union guy's after your cookie."

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with your average voter- Winston Churchill.

The crap that is occurring worldwide is astonishing. Our own government has come to realize that our terrible media is now officially hurting us worldwide. Hillary Clinton said yesterday that foreign outlets such as Al Jazeera, China's CCTV and the excellent Russian Today newscast as being highly informative and actually reporting real news. This is very odd at the same time because these are the newscasts exposing dangerous untruths in THIS country on a regular basis. I came across RT news about a year ago when they broke several stories that I had been researching such as the explosion of fake gold and silver being sold on the world markets. Where was that on NBC news? They also have people, who up until recently, would never have been seen on USA MSM such as Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts and even Jesse Ventura. But due to certain factors some of that has changed. Ventura has had a very successful show on Tru TV exposing the lies we are told about everyday. Charlie Sheen's downward slide has been a boon to fringe reporter Alex Jones who has appeared on the View and had a full profile written in Rolling Stone. But these are not the norm with infotainment in full swing in the states. Don;t believe me. Try watching CNN's new format which seems to be throwing out the ole pesky news reporting and becoming the world's first news VJ's. It's unwatchable. At least FOX news, while a right wing propaganda network, does still report the news, albeit some of it heavily edited. But in this country, it's the best we have and that is truly sad.

But these news casts are not being viewed with any sort of acceptance worldwide. Why? The bull$%6t meter is so off the charts that even the most illiterate foreign or says, " I don't believe you." Yet here we still believe we are number one. WE are not. We aren't even number two anymore. In terms of world wide growth, we rank near the bottom. Sooner or later, that is going to bite us in the ass. Unfortunately, it will be sooner rather than later. When the government starts to realize that this left-right nonsense is hurting our world acceptance, things are really bad.

Wisconsin Governor is leading us down a dangerous path, both for him and his constituents. His unwillingness to compromise makes him very dictator-like and, should these measures pass, a general recall in January of 2012 is inevitable. Already six GOP senators are being recalled and these actions may give Obama an easy win as the GOP is going to be persona non grata to any union member or their families. Nationwide, there is little support for these measures of ending collective bargaining, just an easement of over reaching benefits. If both sides would compromise, this could all be averted. But it won't. And Walker amy not be lucky enough to survive until 2012 should people become violent which is exactly where we are headed.

Over the past six months, tremendous evidence has erupted that prove conclusively almost every conspiracy theory I have championed over the years. Oswald was NOT a lone assassin and worked for the CIA. Recently unclassified documents show he was a spy sent to Russia. Plus the Zapruder film shows four shots. Case closed. Nano tetrathermite was found by the University of Copenhagen in dust particles taken from Ground Zero. This has been verified by two other reliable sources, including Deutsch bank's research after a failed insurance claim. The only reason this substance would be found at this area is if it was used for demolitions. Case closed. The FBI received a bomb threat the day before OKC and did nothing. Case closed. The first Iraqi war started because of several lies, including a Wikileaks document showing a US envoy gave Saddam Hussein card blanch to attack Kuwait and we would do nothing. Oops. When that didn't work to start a war, we invented stories about babies thrown in incinerators. Case closed. The stolen elections of 2000 and 2004. Case closed.

Still think you live in free society?