Thursday, April 28, 2016


I must not have been paying close attention enough in 2008 to realize how crappy our primary process is. Even worse, there has been a constant vote rigging on the Democratic side that they aren't even trying to hide. Most recently, CT showed the same sort of vote rigging seen in other states like Iowa and MA where near the end of the tally, suddenly Hillary gets a flood of new votes and skewers the results. We have exit polls to check this kind of thing but the exit pollsters are manipulating their data so the whole process is a fraud from day one. Your vote no longer matters. Welcome to Amerika. Let's see those runner ups in a shortened week.

10)2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals- If the system we have set up can't do even simple jurisprudence then the country really is over. This week, in a two to one ruling, Tom Brady's conviction for ball deflation was let stand even though there isn't a shred of scientific proof that it even happened, not to mention the fact that as overly deflated balls will travel less far due to physics, and the Pats played pretty bad in the first half with said balls, only to crush the Colts in the second half with properly inflated balls, there is no legal reason to let this stand. One judge, Denny Chin, may be the worst judge in the country as apparently Dipshit is too fucking stupid to know how to read as he claimed there was "overwhelming evidence" something had happened, meaning he only read the awful Wells Report and ignored every single other piece of evidence that the League erred in their punishment (which was way harsher than even League rules suggested as this was the equivalent of using Stickum on a ball which has a $8000 fine), as well as countless scientific studies that showed the Wells Report was garbage. It would be the equivalent of reading one article about how global warming is not happening and deciding that was all you needed to read to make up your mind. I get it. You hate the Pats. And they did cheat in the past. But not here. The evidence does not support that hypothesis. Stop the witch hunt already. I hope he wins on appeal because this ruling sucked.

9)Beyonce- I had no problem with Beyonce marrying Jay-Z, like some did. I liked her half time performance at the Super Bowl over the really shitty band Coldplay. I didn't even mind her video portraying herself as a Black Militant that got White America's panties in a bunch. But her latest video is too far even for me. One thing I abhor more than anything else is the sanctification of horrible people. Scalia was a dick and for most of America to pretend otherwise is a slap in the face of all of those he hurt. Listening to people prattle on as to what a great legal mind he was makes me wants to puke. He was an evil man who thank God is rotting in his grave. I danced when I heard he went away. The black community is also doing this in it's reverence for Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, both of whose mom's appear in the video along side pictures of their dead kids. Had they used Sandra Bland's mom or Tamir Rice's or Freddy Grey's, that would be fine as those people got killed mostly due to no fault of their own. Martin and Brown were racist pigs who deserved what they got. They were not heroes. They tried to kill someone and got put down for it. End of story. Hands up, don't shoot was a myth. Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and slamming his head into the pavement. They were not innocent. Stop pretending otherwise. Of all the black people to pick from killed by cops why these two losers?

8)Liz Warren- How dare I put Liz Warren on this list, some of you are most likely saying. What has she done to deserve this? She's the best. And I would wholeheartedly agree. And that is why she is on here. Had she run for President as so many of us wanted her to, she would almost certainly be the front runner, giving us the first female president nominee so that gets rid of Hillary and with the passion and ideas of Bernie that the rest of us like. It's would have been the best of both worlds and no way would the GOP even had a chance. I firmly believe she would have done real good for this country. Instead we have a choice between a bowl of puke and a toilet filled with poo. Awesome. Our future is limited. Had Warren run we might have actually had a chance.

7)Jessica Alba- Her Honest Co is anything but as yet another lawsuit, it's third in as many months, this time claiming the actress' health company is a sham and it's baby formula is under attack for being everything it says it is, but really isn't. Organic my ass apparently. This follows similar lawsuits about other products which said contained none of the ingredients that it actually did. Oops. How DIShonest is this company? If you are buying products from this company that now includes detergent that has all the chemicals it says it doesn't, a sunscreen that acted like baking oil and now baby food that is not organic, you are an idiot and deserve whatever ailment you get. I wonder how companies stay in business and then I read the next story and shake my head sadly.

6)Chiptole- The Mexican eatery took a massive dive this last quarter as profits dropped by 30%. That's a lot. It's also not 100% meaning some of you assholes are still eating there? WHY? Now while they haven't killed anyone as of yet, they certainly have caused thousands to shit their pants with alarming regularity. South Park once made a joke about this brand years ago where Cartman had to buy a product, called Chiptolaway, to keep himself from shitting himself bloody after eating at Chiptole. The rest of the gang couldn't figure out why he just didn't stop eating there. Exactly? Why take a chance with a product that has a long history of making people sick and just NOT eat there. There are plenty of other Mexican restaurants, Taco Bell not one of them, and go eat there. Q'Doba is awesome and has yet to poison anyone and there are countless other places that serve food that won't make you live on a toilet for three days. Stop eating here.

5)The economy- Our economy is failing and fast. Growth for last quarter was .5% and you can bet money that number will drop in revisions that always seems to occur when no one is paying attention. Housing sales are declining, yet prices continue to rise as are rents. The funny part is that wages are not keeping up anywhere near even the low rate of inflation the government lies to us about. As a result, more and more people are getting squeezed and we can see that as no one is buying anything anymore. Inventory is skyrocketing and with it, job layoffs which are occurring already. Businesses are losing money, especially energy corporations, banks, tech and retail. That's pretty much everything. Yet the stock market keeps going up. It's all going to go tits up. Let us just hope it waits until after the election because I don't want to have to move to Canada.

4)John Kasich- This man has lost and is just going through the motions at this point. He also seems to have a tapeworm because he is eating his way across the country. Everytime I see him, he is pilling something into his face. And not just like a sandwich or something but a table filled with nummies. It's like he's auditioning for another season of Man V Food. I expect him to get his own Food Channel show after all of this is over. Call it Kasich Eats Everything.

3)Ted Cruz- Another loser in waiting, dumbass decided to rev up his dying career with an announcement that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate. Great job picking someone even less popular than you. It would be like Dick Cheney picking Charles Manson as his running mate. Not that it matters as a contested convention looks less and less likely but the Establishment is going to have a fit with Trump as their spokesperson. The RNC is still going to have a fight on it's hands and do not be surprised to see several people running on both sides of the aisle as independents. Not that they can win, but they may play spoiler to someone. It didn't help this week that Cruz also didn't know what a basketball hoop was, calling it a ring. In Indiana. Sigh.

2)Donald Trump- I have to admit, he had a better week that most. He even went so far as to admit a very liberal policy toward bathrooms and trans-gendered people that made the religious right furious. It was also the correct answer. Cruz jumped on it called Trump a liberal, which he is. It's also why so many are flocking to him because the far right has fewer members than any other group in the country. They just scream the loudest. With people voting for him in droves, it is also likely he will be the GOP candidate for President. And there in lies a huge problem. First, demographics and the fact that Hillary will cheat like there is no tomorrow spell disaster for the party. 70% of women find him abhorrent, blacks and Latinos will sooner vote for David Duke than him, and Millennials would rather spend the week with their parents than see him in the White House. There is also the distinct possibility that like Hillary, he may be facing a trial, as the lawsuit against his Trump University is going through and that could land him on the stand. I expect him to settle long before that happens though. The GOP is DOA.

1)Primaries and the MSM- I have noticed exit poll disparity the likes of which I have never seen. In any other country, these results would call into question the fairness of elections and would require a do over. Elections in places like Uruguay, Serbia, and Ukraine have been thrown out because exit polls were so far off from the total. In the US, we fix the exit poll data to match the results. Edison Research and CNN are both guilty of poll fixing and I can prove it in any court of law. They are both altering final totals by adding in fictional people, calling it an "adjustment," even though there is no scientific reason to do this. In places like Arizona, already the face of a lawsuit brought by various people, the exit polls were off by 33 points. That is impossible. Anything over three is suspect and double digits is a red flag. 33 points is a skyscraper on fire with the words "I'm Cheating" on the side. So if this is something we all can see, where in the blue fuck is our media? 33 points is a sure sign of cheating. Yet not one outlet in the nation has said boo about it. That is telling. It means our media cannot be trusted anymore to tell us anything of any importance. Their allegiance is to themselves and the rich. If you are getting your news solely from Big Media, you are an idiot. This election has already been decided. Bet money Hillary will be the next president and win in a landslide, Big Business wants things to run better and they can't with obstructionist Republicans in office. So now the Democrats get the big stick and will use social justice to get what they want, which will still rape us silly as abortion rights and gay people get protected. It's still not worth it because in the end we all wind up as slaves. So congratulations to the MSM for letting us get fucked and for the primaries for proving it. You are all douchebag of the week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I have long said that that the fix was in and Hillary would be our next president. I have hard proof that this exactly what is going on. Your vote doesn't matter and this witch is going to be in charge of us regardless of who you actually support. Fear that.

How do I know? Math. And a lot of people out there are noticed as well. I want to give a lot of love and a huge shout out to Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon for pointing out how bad things are getting and why they have no love for the super fake Hillary. Yesterday, Robbins posted a meme showing exit poll data versus actual results and I was stunned by how far off they were. Exit poll data is almost always accurate as they take place after someone has voted, follow strict rules as to who gets asked and how many thus avoiding a glut of middle aged white women asked over all other classifications and genders for example, and should be within a small margin or error. Anything over 4% should be seen as suspect. These numbers are all of by double digits. NY and MA are way off. Arizona was off a whopping 33%. Not possible. The only possibility over how this could be this off is fraud.

So I started digging as I do poll data for a living. What I found was shocking. Other than Vermont, which was dead on (.9%), and OK (which was off by around 7% in Bernie's favor) all the rest were off by huge margins for Clinton. To understand it better, I looked at some of the exit poll takers. One was CNN and we all know how well they can be trusted. Their exit poll data for NY was a travesty of math, fixing their data to match the outcome. That is not how polling works. According to their own data, their math from their exit poll didn't match anywhere near the final outcome that they were seeing, so they "adjusted" their numbers so that somehow the last 84 respondents became 122 and they all voted for Clinton. WTF? This changed the exit poll data to mirror the numbers instead of asking why the final tally was off by 11%. Now to be fair, Hillary still would have won by 4 points here but if they were cheating this bad just by rigging votes, how many people were disenfranchised by being an independent and not getting to vote? It is also telling that only 22% of the public showed up to vote. Thanks dicks.

The raw numbers from NY show that old people, black people and rich people voted for Hillary. You guys get no right to bitch when things fall apart. Same goes for anyone who failed to vote. Screw all of you.

This type of election rigging is going on throughout the Democratic primaries. You know where it doesn't seem to be happening? The GOP. Before some of you get all self righteous, the only reason it ISN'T happening is that whoever gets the top spot is a sacrificial lamb. Why cheat if it doesn't matter? The right is going to lose and they might lose big. The Democrats are about to become the new party of Big Business after the right imploded in petty bickering and religious claptrap that the Establishment has no love for. It's costing them money and that means good bye. The GOP is toast. The Democrats are about to be the new authoritarian group, wielding social justice to keep your asses happy. Just as the right used abortion and gay bashing to keep power, they will now switch to the opposite all the while stealing from us with gay abandon.

Most exit poll data comes from one company Edison Research. Edison is funded by all six media groups. And then the data gets rigged. Shocker. The chances of Hillary winning NY without fraud is 1%. Her chances for similar results in MA and Iowa, two states I also noticed problems with, are also 1%. That is one lucky bitch. Someone should tell her to by a lottery ticket stat because those are impossible odds. Iowa's last county somehow went for Hillary by a huge margin seen no where else in the state and affected the tally by .7%, enough for her to win. Same goes in MA, where I can't figure out where she got enough votes to win. The exit poll data doesn't match up with the demographics in the area she won. According to the data, almost no young people in the Boston area voted for Sanders. How is that possible? Similar results were found throughout Cape Cod. But Sanders won a majority of the state, and the fact that Boston isn't that big a city, Cape Cod has the fewest residents in the state, and yet he still lost, seems to be outside the realm of possibility. Then you look at the exit polls off by a huge sum by CNN and the same bull they pulled in NY. The final 109 respondents somehow became 114 and they all went Clinton's way. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is not how exit polling is done by inventing people who didn't vote and then changing the results to match the outcome. Unbelievable! The only explanation for these issues is fraud.

Arizona's primary was so bad that a lawsuit has been filled against the state for their vote suppression that may have disenfranchised 150,000 in one county alone. A judge ruled it could through which is good news. All of this could have been not even an issue had that giant dick Scalia, may he rot in hell for all eternity, not helped overturn the Voting Right's Act. And this is happening everywhere.

Chicago eyewitnesses have come forward saying that they saw people changing data to match the electronic voting data which not surprisingly was way off from the hand count. One person says she saw someone erase several dozen Bernie votes and replace them with double the amount for Hillary. That sounds fair. If these allegations are true, the vote could have been suppressed by as much as 18.8%. That's enough to swing an election. The fact that this is on video and we can hear the allegations for ourselves proves this isn't some desperate attempt by Bernie supporters to change the election. The opposite is true in that Hillary is stealing the race.

Colorado got caught fixing the data and now Bernie may win the state after all. What;s funny is that nobody reported this and the DNC tried their best to downplay it to a point of ignoring it completely. Yet, somehow, "missed" votes were found and, shocker, they all went Bernie's way. Funny how that keeps occurring. Even funnier, no one is talking about it anywhere except for Trump calling the system rigged and being 100% accurate about it.

Truth is the next president has been decided for you and it's going to be Hillary. It doesn't matter if you vote anymore, the results are pre-planned. The exit poll data is too far off to be explained by any other method. Let us all bow to the new Queen. She is going to be terrible.

Monday, April 25, 2016


If you are a black man in today's world, you know the system is stacked against you. It may not be racist per say but economics as there are plenty of poor white people getting screwed by the system too. Ask the subject of Making a Murderer how he is doing being railroaded by the cops and he'll tell you him having so called "white privilege" did little to keep from being tossed behind bars again for a crime he may not have committed. Our system is set up to keep poor people locked away for the smallest of crimes, thus keeping for profit prisons, full while rich people buy their way our of paying for any crime.

Just recently, Margret Hamburg, a former FDA commissioner, was arrested for killing 5000 people. Just kidding, she was actually arrested for illegal stock trading, conspiracy and RICO charges, none of which seem to care about the 5000 people she helped murder by allowing dangerous drugs on the market for profit. If someone from a lower economic status poisoned 5000 people with tainted drugs they'd be facing the death penalty. Hamburg will be lucky to see jail time. This is happening and has been for decades. Black people may have celebrated OJ Simpson getting away with murder, but they also lost all power to bitch at the legal system being racist. OJ proved it wasn't. Economics matter more.

Tom Brady just found that out after the 2nd US Court of Appeals just overturned a lower court ruling and his four game suspension is back, even though the track record for over turning any of this is less than 1% in the past. In a two to one decision, two morons who shouldn't be on the bench said there was "overwhelming evidence" Tom Brady cheated. Where exactly is this evidence because I sure haven't seen it? Neither has anybody with a science background either. So let me get this straight, two schmucks decided to rule AGAINST the player and with the NFL mostly because Brady destroyed his phone, which according to statements made by the league, he was never told not to do, the league had all the relevant info already from the other phones in question and would have led to a dangerous precedent that no player in the NFL was going to honor by handing over a phone with sensitive info on it.

I would like to single out judge Denny Chin who said evidence of ball tampering was overwhelming and most likley Brady knew about it. Nice of a judge to make a ruling without a shred of proof. This ass should be bounced from his job because if he is too stupid to make a ruling based on facts, which there are none in this case, he is too dumb to be a judge, let alone an important one. We have got to find a way to start getting rid of dead weight from the top echelon of society because their idiocy is killing us.

Let us hope they decide to appeal this crap decision to a higher group with a bigger IQ and some science knowledge. Again, if anyone had scientific proof Brady cheated, I will recant my position. As I have yet to see such evidence, good luck with that.

This goes all the way to the Supreme Court who have made some of the worst decisions in US history lately. Both liberal and conservative have made giant judicial mistakes, but it is the right that is really amping up the stupid with things like Citizen's United. Now comes word that the highest Court is looking at an appeal by convicted felon, Robert McDonnell, the ex governor of Virginia. He was convicted of bribery and now his lawyers want a clear definition of it. Like Citizen's United, bribery and corruption has been defined as only if the politician gets a big bag of money with a giant dollar sign in it for a promise of something else. McDonnell is arguing he did get something but offered nothing in return. Right. He may be screwed because the lower courts upheld the conviction and with a four to four tie the best he could hope for, thus upholding the lower court decision.

These cases are just a few of the many out there. Some judges have been removed for sexual harassment, some for sentencing people to prison to make money, but there seem to be too many who just suck at their job. Judge Barbara Bellis of CT just made a ruling to allow the Sandy Hook survivors to sue gun manufacturers, even though the guns were sold legally. Nevermind the fact this ruling may bankrupt all gun manufacturers, it may also bankrupt ALL manufacturers. Car companies won't last the month when everyone hit by a drunk driver sues the car company which will happen as legal precedent will be set by this. The fact that Bellis didn't understand this says she is incompetent to be a judge and should be removed from the office stat.

Our legal system, like everything else, needs a civilian review board who has the power to remove anyone from the bench should their rulings prove dangerous, greedy or both. This country need a Tal Shiar, an Obsidian Order, a Section 31 (look up Star Trek for more on those) or the like that has no power outside of making sure the government functions right. They should have card blanche to go into any government or corporation and look at whatever they want. Do wrong, and get arrested and/or removed from office. The scales are tipped all one way and we are losing. Even our justice system no longer works as it should. Collapse is coming if we don't start taking radical actions. Bet on it.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


A surprisngly slow week on the douchebag front has the Republicans ahead this week as they look forward to November and what appears to be a historic loss the likes of which they haven't seen in decades. Those five stages of death are almost over as the right are rapidly approaching acceptance as even the Koch Brothers publicly acknowledged they may back Clinton over the GOP nominee. Ouch! What does that say about Hillary? Let's see those runner ups.

10)Prince/pills- I was and still am a huge Prince fan. That guy had awesome songs for decades and could play a mean guitar. SNL did a retrospective of his performances last night, along with his famed 40th anniversary set and several Prince sketches which are still funny as hell. But when I found out he died most likely due to years of pill popping, I was horrified. Of all the drugs to do, opiates are the worst. Apparently he suffered from crippling stage fright, and an equal fear of doctors, leading to self medication that eventually took it's toll. I wish he detoxed off these as he was still a gifted musician. Is Death just that too busy to take Justin Bieber already? Prince will be missed greatly.

9)Kyle Tasker- I know I give Republicans a lot of grief, so here's some more for these ultra douchebags who think we all can't read or think for ourselves. Tasker is a Republican state legislator in NH who is currently facing three felony drug charges, which would be bad enough considering this dick voted for stronger drug laws, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The reason the drugs were found in the first place is he was caught red handed trying to lure a 14 year old girl to his place for sex. As always, the 14 year old was a state police officer. Ha Ha! This is the same dork who once dropped a loaded hand gun during a legislative meeting and has made off color comments about domestic abuse. Why do Republicans constantly seem to vote in the worst dregs of society? At least he did resign, unlike other fellow right wingers who have to be removed kicking and screaming.

8)Jordan Brown- And then we have the radical left, who also think that just because you yell WOLF! at the top of their lungs we always have to stop and look. According to a gay preacher who went to Whole Foods for a cake, he got it, got back to his car and only then noticed an extra word added to the Love Wins he asked for, and then FAG, underneath. Brown was rightfully upset and filed suit against the baker. the store and everyone else he could think of. Then it all went tits up. Turns out the baker he accused of writing the slur was also gay, the frosting used to write FAG was different from the other words in color and hand writing, and best of all, the store had video proof that the box had been tampered with after it left the store. Turns out Brown was 25,000 dollars in debt and was being sued just the day before this non-incident happened. Apparently, he missed the commandment that says "thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor." Dick.

7)Pat Boone- The religious douche who should have gone to into that deep sleep years ago opened his elderly mouth as if anyone still cares what this dinosaur thinks. He basically went into death threats against the SNL sketch last week, titled "God is Dead 2," which parodied the religious film and conservative intolerance. It was really funny. But like most religious idiots, they lack a sense of humor and brought up that Muslims would kill people who made fun of their God and how come we don't act the same? Because we are civilized people and not backward hicks worshiping the sun, you moron. Just die already and go complain to God that the clouds aren't fluffy or enough or some equally pointless crap.

6)Naked Restaurants- I consider myself to be very adventuresome when it comes to cooking. I've eaten lots of things that sound gross but are actually quite delicious, like rattlesnake, fois gras and escargot. But even I am not that brave to sit in this new London, England eatery where nakedness is a prerequisite. I don't which is worse, the fact that I am naked and even a drop of hot soup on my nether regions will cause me to scream like a little girl making everyone look at me or that fact that everyone else is naked and let's face facts, 75% of them you NEVER want to see naked, It will be hard to enjoy my steak looking at someone's C-scar or fifth roll of fat. And God forbid anyone drop a napkin and bend over because my dinner will be everywhere at that point. I can pass on this type of eating establishment.

5)Boris Johnson- It's good to see that other countries have equally embarrassing politicians to give the late Rob Ford a run for money for biggest dick abroad. Right now, the winner is Boris Johnson, the mayor of London and apparently, a giant racist. After Obama was just there, dickless here said Obama had "ancestral dislike" for Britain due to his "part Kenyan heritage." Part of this was due to a story that Obama had removed a statue of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, but in reality moved to a different spot where he could see it every day. Facts, people, facts. Johnson was rightfully condemned by many and agreed with Obama that they should stay in the EU (although not with the currency which makes no sense to me) which is why he was there in the first place. As for Johnson, keep your racist nonsense to yourself.

4)Obamacare- There's a lot to like about Obamacare. There's also one fundamental flaw that will ultimately destroy it and that is costs. As it contained no way to control ANY costs, the system would continue to grow out of control, which it is. UnitedHealth just pulled out of Obamacare due to costs, and others may follow. Worse, many companies are planning HUGE premium increases for next year which may swamp the system as subsidies will not be able to keep up with demand. Our health care is falling apart and the GOP keeps telling us they will replace it with something, but their demands make sure the system fails quick because without the individual mandate, insurance cannot work. It would be like trying to build a car without an engine. It might look pretty, but it's not going anywhere. We need to go to single payer or face a world with NO insurance. Your choice.

3)Secret Service- Much like everything else Homeland touches, disaster follows. One of Bush's worst legacies, DHS is a behemoth with no idea what it is doing. It destroys things like the TSA, which keeps getting worse and worse no matter what fixes they try. The Secret Service is so bad a place to work, they can't keep agents for more than a few years. It is now a resume builder, not a career and according to people who have worked there, it sucks bad. No one knows what they are doing, morale is at record lows, people can get written up for the smallest thing and tin gods run the halls. Thank god they don't have an important job or anything. There is now a shortage of agents due to the fact that people would rather be stationed in Iraq than work at the Secret Service which says tons.

2)Margret Hamburg- Who the fuck is this, you ask? Well, if our media was worth a damn you would know that this bitch helped kill 5000 people for money. And in what far flung hell hole did this succubus come from? Right here at home. Hamburg used to work as an FDA commissioner and used her power to let Johnson and Johnson sell a dangerous drug, Levaquin, which subsequent killed 5000 people. Her husband, a hedge fund manager, made untold money from advance knowledge off this. Hamburg, Johnson and Johnson and others are all named in a RICO lawsuit that presents damning evidence against them. Knowing this country, no one will even go to jail, but pay a hefty fine which you will never hear of. This bitch should die for what she did, along with her greedy husband on TV for all, to watch. Johnson and Johnson should be taken over by an elected board, and everyone there currently making these deadly decisions for money should join her on the scaffold. Why do the rich get to kill thousands and walk away and we get killed for crossing the street wrong? A reckoning is coming if this continues.

1)Republicans- It has to be terrifying to watch your once great political engine sputter and grind to a halt. No matter how this plays out, you are most likely going to lose. It's is not a given yet, but it is pretty close. Trump has defiled your party by banging his daughter on the dance floor, and Cruz just took a dump in the sink. It's over. If Trump wins, expect a landslide victory for Hillary (who is also going to win the nod, sorry Bernie fans but that ship has sailed). If Cruz gets it, it could be even worse as Trump supporters stay home in droves. An unknown third party you ask? Not likely as the civil war that would erupt afterward would decimate the party. It is time to throw in the towel because
the GOP as you know it is over. There can be no unity between Big Business and the religious right anymore. One wants gay rights, the other doesn't. There is no wiggle room there. Big Business wants to keep wages low. The Tea Party doesn't. Banks want to screw everyone. No one likes that. These separate factors will tear the party apart come August when the most contentious convention in US history happens. Get some popcorn because it is going to be a spectacle. Hillary winning is no victory for economics but will bring some much needed social justice back to the country and maybe even an end to Citizen's United. The GOP are dead in the water right now. So congratulations and a big kick in the ass to the Republicans of the US. Next year you may have a lot more choices and parties to pick from. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Well Hillary "won" the NY primary, helped along by cheating her ass off. At least 100,000 Bernie supporters weren't able to vote in Brooklyn alone due to polling issues all caused by yet another giant screw up by our Supreme Court. With the loss of the Voting Rights Act, it's not just poor and black people being eliminated from voting, but all of us. Polling stations nationwide have been awful with many closed to "save money," ballots are being lost, and other garbage that has no right to be in a so called free and fair election. Syria has better ones. It also doesn't help that 2/3's of the state couldn't vote because they, like 17 other states, do not allow independents to vote in primaries. How is that constitutional? Anyway, get ready for President Hillary because she is unstoppable at this point. With that in mind, let's go back to the Oscar's this year and review the films I have seen which is about 90% of what was nominated.


Every year there are at least two movies that had no business being here. This year was no different.

The Big Short- Easily one of the best movies of the year and one that should have won for not only best screenplay (which it was) but Best Picture as well. A look at the economic meltdown and how rigged out system really is, this is a must see for all of America. This probably should have won overall.

Bridge of Spies- Just like every other Spielberg film of the last 15 years, this movie sucked. And I do mean sucked. I am beginning to think voters are not really watching these films but vote for him anyway just because he was so awesome decades ago. Now it's like watching Hitchcock at the end of the career. A pointless film that deserved zero awards for anything beyond set design.

Brooklyn- The other massive misfire, this film was the dullest Best Picture I have seen since Winter's Bone, an equally awful movie. The entire plot is an Irish girl comes to NYC in the 50's, and falls for a guy, when her old boyfriend from her home town arrives. That's the whole movie. Nothing happens, it's not particularly well shot, and moves at a pace that makes glaciers seem fast. Straight Out Of Compton, Star Wars and Creed got shut out for these painful wastes of time.

Mad Max- My favorite film of the year, I wish this had won. It was non stop action, told a cohesive story with little dialogue or character development, and flat out rocked. I can't wait to see it again.

The Martian- This was far better than one would expect as basically it is one guy by himself for 2/3rd's of the movie. That takes skill to pull off. Matt Damon was awesome in this and I do feel that Ridley Scott got robbed of a directing nod.

The Revenant- Another fabulous movie that should have won best picture. Leo was electric, the scenery was gorgeous to Terrance Malick levels and while I would never see it again, it was a masterpiece of story telling. I highly recommend it.

Room- A smaller film that for once actually deserved to be nominated. Brie Larson should have won for this playing a kidnapped mom trying to keep things normal for her young son. A lesser directer would have set the whole film in Room, instead of freeing them half way through so we see their attempt to get back to normal. This was what was missing from Castaway which stunningly skipped over that part in it's third act. Great movie.

Spotlight- The film that won about the Boston Globe expose on the huge amount of pedo priests preying on young boys. While an excellent film and should have been nominated, I am unsure if it deserved to win. There were at least three better films (Mad Max, the Revenant and The Big Short) that should have won instead. Still, a great film about the dying art of investigative journalism.


Bryan Cranston- Trumbo was far better than I thought it would be and he did deserve to be here.

Matt Damon- The Martian rocked. Nuff said.

Leonardo DeCaprio- There was no way he wasn't going to win for this. None.

I never watched Jobs or The Danish Girl so I have no clue if they should have been her or not but I am thinking not. Michael B. Jordan, just about of the leads from Compton, or even Boyega from Star Wars was better than these two.


Hands down the worst category for nominations

Cate Blanchette- Carol was awful and the performances were not much better. I am unsure how much of this the Academy saw and how many just voted because of her name. This was one of the worst movies I saw this year.

Brie Larson- No one was even close to her this year.

Jennifer Lawrence- I like her a lot but not in this film. She was way too young to play the part and the film meandered all over the place.

Charlotte Rampling- No one saw this film she was in. No one.

Saoirse Ronan- I hated this film from start to finish. I have no idea what anyone saw in it. Pointless, dull and utterly forgettable.


The Big Short- Great film,very good directing. A true contender.

Mad Max- This film should have won.

The Revenant- However, this film was equally genius so I have to give it him for a second win in a row after the incredible Birdman.

Room- Can't argue with this, but I do think that either this of the following entry should have gone to Ridley Scott.

Spotlight- See above.


Christian Bale- Great performance and deserved to be here.

Tom Hardy- Between his nod here for the Revenant and Mad Max, this guy had a great year. Well done, sir.

Mark Ruffalo- This guy could read the phone book and get nominated. What an actor. I can't wait for his next film.

Mark Rylance- In no way should he have won. Never.

Sly Stallone- He should have won for his touching performance in Creed. Shame on the Academy for that.


Jennifer Jason Leigh- This woman can act and still looks fabulous at fifty plus. Another reason to love Tarintino.

Rooney Mara- Why, God why?

Rachel McAdams- Great role in a great movie.

Alicia Vikander- Didn't see the Danish Girl but she just as easily could have won for the overlooked Deus Ex Machina. This is an actress to watch for.

Kate Winslet- No!

So there it is people. A lot of great films and few really sucky ones. Watch the good ones, ignore the bad ones and get ready for Oscar's 2017 which will be here faster than you think.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Pray that at the next disaster waits until after the election so we do not have President Ted Cruz. Economic data is showing red lights as the Fed issues a secret warning to the top five major banks, inventory grows out of control and shopping comes to an end. There is a solid chance that when this next Depression happens, we won't have any way to stop it.

While Obama and Hillary tell us how great the economy is doing, as Sanders and the GOP say otherwise, evidence now surfaces that say the latter may be right. In a secret memo from the Fed to the banks, particularly JP Morgan/Chase, they use the words "catastrophic exposure to national security," of which none of which sounds good. The derivative exposure, which was supposed to be curtailed under Dodd/Frank, has instead exploded to more than half of the banks liability exposure, which if left unchecked could destroy not only our economy but the world's too. The problem is not with Dodd/Frank but corporate powers on both sides of the aisle that have conspired to water it down to nothing. All five major banks are mentioned which also all failed their stress tests recently. Citibank and JP Morgan all had huge downturns recently, although their stock went up because the news "wasn't as bad as they thought," even if the numbers were still pretty ugly. Those stock buybacks can only work for so long guys. And when that gravy train ends, so does the planet and everyone's money. As the FDIC is now tied to the banks derivative losses, if  just one bank goes under, it could wipe out everyone's savings as the program goes bust.

Tack on to that a growing inventory as sales have collapsed over the last few months. When inventory stacks up, jobs get lost. Experts expect mass layoffs soon because of this, just like 2008-2009 all over again. No one is buying anything anymore as wages have stagnated to a point that no one has any money expect for bare essentials. Yet raising the minimum wage is out of the question for many. The end result, is we all lose if we don't drastically increase the amount of money being given to the lower classes.

Things look bleak people. Sorry for the sort post, but I have lots of work today. Be back soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


This was a tough one this week, with Russia playing nuclear chicken, North Korea begging to restart an old war, and anti gay forces who have decided that religious purity is far greater than jobs or a growing economy. But Saudi Arabia and the worst president of all time won out with the revelation that they were behind the 9/11 attacks. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Hillary Clinton- The more I see of this woman, the less I like. I can't shake the knowledge that she will be just like Obama and once in office backtrack on every promise she is making. This woman will say anything to get elected and it shows. During the latest debate, she claimed she was always for a $15 minimum wage, somehow unaware that video tape and print article all have her at $12 not too long ago. Her move to the far left on guns, to outflank Bernie, could blow up in her face when the NRA spends billions reminding everyone of it. As guns are a third rail topic right now, even among democrats, this one issue could lose her the general election and then what? President Cruz? Kill me now. This woman is not the solution and I wish more would see that.

9)Judge Barbara Bellis- Just to prove that women can be just as stupid as men, comes this idiotic ruling from some super liberal fool in CT. Dumbass is letting the lawsuit against gun manufactures continue as the parents of Sandy Hook look for a quick payday and the end of society as we know it. I understand their grief and I feel bad, but this is NOT the way to move forward. Bellis has ruled that legal weapons are illegal in her opinion, with no legal precedent to back that move up. This will most likley fall apart on appeal as this would allow judges to legislate from the bench, which is not one of the powers they have according to the Constitution. This is the kind of activist judging everyone hates except those who benefit from it, a small minority. There has to be way for us to get rid of idiots like this from their job because this kind of ruling is dangerous. The rest of us have zero job security. Why should government officials be any different?

8)Ethan Couch- Another favorite of this column is back, now being sentenced for two years in prison, which is far greater than he would have gotten had he not fled to Mexico. So instead of the 120 days maximum he would have gotten, which would have been no more than 30 total with parole, moron got two years for which it will be eight months before he even has a chance to get out. Brilliant. Now mind you, he should have gotten years in prison for killing several people and injuring nine others, so this is just desserts in a way. I sincerely hope you get raped in there, schmuck. A lot.

7)Hardcore Henry haters- This week I watched my last of the movies that were up for Best Picture and two films on there, Bridge of Spies and the shockingly dull Brooklyn, sucked so hard I can't believe they were nominated let alone won for anything. Even a bigger surprise is that after seeing the fantastic Hardcore Henry I was dismayed at some of the reviews for this film which called it pointless and plotless. Here's the thing. It was. It was also a visual experience I have never seen before. Was there anything even resembling a plot? Barely. But it didn't matter. My point here is that the film Brooklyn is about an Irish girl coming to this country in the 1950's and having to decide between two men, one new, one old. That's it. There is nothing resembling a plot here as this movie meanders glacially through set design that wasn't that great. Carol was very similar, no plot at all in that, yet it got several awards it did not deserve. Yet Hardcore Henry is the crappy film here. If you cannot appreciate all types of cinema, not just dull period pieces, you shouldn't be reviewing movies for a living. And to be fair, one of my favorite movies is Remains of the Day, a period piece that moves at a glacial pace as well as the collective works of Stanley Kubrick and Terrance Malick. A movie can be slow and still be awesome. It's just that films like Carol and Brooklyn aren't.

6)Lee Bright- How thick are Southern Republicans? Well this Senator from South Carolina decided to put his own anti gay bathroom bill out there, which as we all know has been such a rousing success everywhere it has been implemented. Just the mere mention of this bill caused one company, Uphold, to leave, and with it hundreds of jobs and almost a billion dollars in revenue since 2014. The CEO, who is also gay, says the South is no place for the LBGT crowd anymore and as result is leaving for the West Coast. How much more damage has to be done before these idiots get a clue?

5)North Carolina- One only has to look to this state to see how NOT to pass an anti-gay bill. This week, Deutsche Bank pulled out of an expansion of their business there, and with it several hundred jobs. Cirque de Solei recently cancelled their performances there as well, leading a boycott that is expanding. Some have criticized groups like this one playing in places like Dubai while not playing here, but in this country we are supposed to be smarter and more enlightened than a bunch of idiots worshiping a religion based on false hoods and manipulation (like all religions do). A majority of people here have no problem with gays. The older generation is going to have to accept it, like their parents had to do with black people and interracial marriage. Gay people are here to stay. Get used to it.

4)MSM- A recent poll said that only 6 percent of the country trusts the MSM. If your numbers are worse than Congress, you are in real trouble. A lot of us are not as dumb as they treat us and when they repeat garbage which I see almost everyday, it is impossible not to tune these voices out. The media is supposed to be the watchdog of the people, not a corporate mouthpiece like it has become. Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are terrible at their jobs, parroting nonsense that most of us know is true. Once upon a time, the media accurately questioned the unemployment rate narrative, noting that it didn't cover all unemployed people statistically. Then that stopped, and since then, all we hear is the government stat which is woefully off by a lot. No one talked about Saudi Arabia until that country had a fit about being named and now the story is out there for all to see. Way to go guys. More on you later. But the media is not reporting the news anymore. They are shaping it and it would seem that most of us have woken up to that. We can see you are corrupted. When trust like this breaks down, which it has, society ends. We are coming to a close people. Get ready for it because the revolution will not be televised until it is far too late to do anything about it.

3)North Korea- After a spectacular failure of a planned missile launch which blew up on the launch pad, the reclusive country appears to be readying another nuke test. How come when Obama so much as orders the wrong sandwich for lunch Republican scream at him but when Bush did everything, and I mean everything wrong, no one said boo? Bush let that country go nuclear because we were too busy invading countries that had nothing to do with 9/11, covering up who actually did it, and running the economy into the ground. Great "strategery." This is one of the most dangerous country's on Earth and Bush let it get that way.

2)Russia- Very close to the top spot, Putin appears to have lost his mind and seems to be asking for the end of the world. This week, twice, planes strafed US forces dangerous close to hitting them, both times in international waters. This is insanity as one wrong move and WW3 begins and no one wins then. Does he really think that Obama WON'T retaliate if something goes wrong? What in his past would make him think that? This kind if brinkmanship needs to end or else face the prospect of a nuclear Armageddon.

1)Saudi Arabia and George W. Bush- This week came out revelations that forces within the Saudi government played a role in the attacks of 9/11. Yet we attacked Iraq instead. Why might that be? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Bush and these members were in cahoots could it? They do have close ties together. And even if not, why did Bush cover all of this up? Isn't that treason? And why isn't the MSM asking that question? How come Bush is barely mentioned in any of this? Saudi Arabia has threatened us with a giant money dump of our assets if they get blamed. I would privately tell them, if that happens, their oil fields will cease to be theirs and their government goes bye bye along with 99% of their population. Start playing hardball back guys because this is not cool. Now chances are good this is an empty threat because as their money is pegged to the dollar, any kind of asset sell off would decimate their economy. And I am not for going to war if it can be helped. This is the kind of diplomatic closed door stuff that is necessary for any world government. Quietly go after those involved, if possible, and if not, start demanding it. Oil and money cannot be held over our heads to do nothing, especially an attack on American soil that killed thousands. And for God's sake, hold some hearings to find out what Bush knew and when he knew it. Fuck Benghazi, this is huge. So congratulations Saudi Arabia and Bush, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Wow, our media sucks. If you want huge proof our bought and paid for MSM is ignoring stories that are super important here's three these assholes intentionally failed to cover. It's telling that for the second year on a row, being a newspaper reporter is considered the worst job in America. As someone who was one for almost five years, I can tell you the pay may suck but I have had far worse jobs that paid even less. Also on the bad list are adverting sales, which I also did for several years and made more money doing that than most of my many jobs, and broadcast journalists. Who wants to be told to blatantly lie for a living if you are NOT a politician.

One of the stories being ignored is the rise of a group called Democracy Spring which recently sent 700 people to the steps of the Capitol to protest the ever rising tide of money in politics which is subverting out country beyond belief. Over 400 were arrested, and the media, like OWS, spent all of thirty seconds on the story, even though this is a telling sign of things to come. Right now, all is peaceful and what not. But there is a growing anger in the American people and simply ignoring that anger is dangerous in and of itself. This group wants big money out of politics, a restoring of the Voting Rights Act, which has proven to be an abject disaster like every single other Republican led law, and an end to gerrymandering which has upended the democratic process to rule by a tiny minority. I agree with everything this group stands for and the fact that they were ignored by every single MSM outlet is telling.

And then there is this story which shows that Democrats and the Obama administration are not much better than the GOP on trade issues. In a story in the Boston Globe, and repeated almost nowhere else, company New Balance has said that Obama administration is hamstringing them on the TPP deal. According to the CEO, New Balance backed off on critisizing the TPP to get a deal with the Pentagon and become the main company to outfit new recruits with footwear. Unfortunately, Obama reneged on that promise and the CEO is speaking out again against the TPP. Nice to see that a company will gladly sell out this country for more profit. The sad part is Obama CANNOT keep any promise, perhaps the worst president in history for that fact. Even George W. Bush kept more of his campaign promises than the serial liar we have in office right now. Even worse, Hillary is poised to be given the presidency due to all sorts of illegal and legal shenanigans and she is a worse liar than he is. What idiot is thinking she will be any better for this country?

Lastly, we have this bombshell that has gotten almost zero press. Many out there think all conspiracy theories are fake and, let's face facts, 90% of them are. But the big one, 9/11, has many detractors who refuse to look at any evidence that this whole story appeared fake from day one. The biggest clue came from those in our government who actually did the investigation of the 9/11 Report and concluded that the military lied about the timeline they offered as well as being forced to redact at least 28 pages of material that may be finally coming to light, And what is in those 28 pages is horrifying because it proves my theory right that there was a definitive cover up and we can no longer hide out heads in the sand and declare otherwise.

Former senator and former governor of Florida, Senator Bob Graham, has come forward that he believes that the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Report be released, and having seen them, says that they show that forces within the Saudi government were responsible. Funny how that never came out and instead we bombed a country that had nothing to do with the attack. Here's some quotes from the story and the 60 Minutes episode that interviewed Graham"

I think it is implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn’t speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many of whom didn’t have a high school education– could’ve carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States.

During their first days in L.A., witnesses place the two future hijackers at the King Fahd mosque in the company of Fahad al-Thumairy, a diplomat at the Saudi consulate known to hold extremist views. Later, 9/11 investigators would find him deceptive and suspicious and in 2003, he would be denied reentry to the United States for having suspected ties to terrorist activity.

Phone records show that Thumairy was also in regular contact with this man: Omar al-Bayoumi, a mysterious Saudi who became the hijackers biggest benefactor. He was a ghost employee with a no-show job at a Saudi aviation contractor outside Los Angeles while drawing a paycheck from the Saudi government. 

Steve Kroft: You believe Bayoumi was a Saudi agent?

 Bob Graham: Yes, and– 

Steve Kroft: What makes you believe that? 

Bob Graham: –well, for one thing, he’d been listed even before 9/11 in FBI files as being a Saudi agent. On the morning of February 1, 2000, Bayoumi went to the office of the Saudi consulate where Thumairy worked. He then proceeded to have lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant on Venice Boulevard where he later claimed he just happened to make the acquaintance of the two future hijackers.

 Tim Roemer: Hazmi and Mihdhar magically run into Bayoumi in a restaurant that Bayoumi claims is a coincidence and in one of the biggest cities in the United States.

Steve Kroft: And he decides to befriend them. 

Tim Roemer: He decides to not only befriend them but then to help them move to San Diego and get residence.

Former Senator and 9/11 Report Commission member, Bob Kerrey, has said verified these 28 pages revealed by Graham as accurate and is also pushing for their release as there is no early reason this should be kept from the American people, according to him. Here is a link to the entire transcipt of the 60 Minutes interview:

Think about what this means. It means the FBI and the Bush administration classified information that was done solely to protect their interests. It means at least some in the Saudi government helped lead the worst terrorist attack in this country's history and we buried it and attacked Iraq instead who had literally nothing to do with any of this. How is that not a war crime? Why are Bush and the rest of his cronies not arrested yesterday for this? And how much further does this go up the food chain? Were Bush and others involved with this from the get go? Considering how close the Bush and Saudi families are, this has to be addressed.

If Obama was behind this, Congress would have lynched him from the Washington Monument by now. But because of pussies like Nancy Pelosi who refused to bring charges against Bush once the Democrats gained power in the House and Senate, this has festered for almost two decades. And now we have proof the story we were told was a lie and there is evidence to back that up.

Not the media is covering this story at all. Instead we are forced to listen to mindless crap as Queen Hillary is rushing to her coronation, and with it, the end of this country forever. Voting for that witch is no better than voting for just about any Republican but because she will protect gay rights and abortion, as well as nominate people to the Supreme Court who will be far better than and GOP nominated asshole, we may have no choice but to back her and wait for the world to end. With her there is a chance, albeit a very slight one, that she may fix things. Someone like Ted Cruz will kill us all his first week in office. Vote Bernie in NY people or get busy dying because the end is near and the media isn't telling us anything about it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The modern US election system is so obviously rigged that even some MSM outlets have taken notice. The Republicans are doing everything short of assassinating Trump to get someone, anyone, in the spot they desperately want to be anyone BUT Trump and not without good reason. There is ample evidence that with either Trump or Cruz as their contender, the GOP is going to go down in flames and probably take the Senate with them. However, with Hillary stealing the election "fair and square," she is a very vulnerable candidate whose idiotic position way too far to the left on guns may cost her dearly when her opponents blanket the airwaves with her speeches about getting rid of all guns (which is not right wing fantasy but true as I have seen the speeches myself). This cost Gore the election in 2000 and Democrats have wisely stayed away from the topic until Madam Douchebag keeps bringing it up to slam Bernie and distance herself even further from anyone not a dirt munching, tree hugging druid.

Then there is the Colorado "election" which was nothing more than a blatant power grab to deny Trump the nomination. Resident Asshole Reince Priebus (how often was this guy beaten up in school and is now taking it out on the rest of us?) has defended the outcome saying "them's the rules," not understanding that if the game is rigged, which this process is, rules do not matter. If you are cheating legally, it is still cheating. Just because people have offshore money doesn't make them crooks, some say. That is true, but the rest of us don't have to like how the game is played when 99% of us get fucked up the ass at the end of each turn. What idiot wants to play that game, regardless of the rules?

The rich are stealing from us blind. And because it is so complex and boring, no one is willing to pay attention. If they did, politicians would be lined up in the street and shot. But because there are no cliff notes for it, no one knows and no one cares. Right now the DOW is reaching record highs, around 180 points up as of 3 PM. Why? The IMF, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs all had terrible predictions for the rest of the year for the global economy, retail sales have disappeared resulting in lots of store closing and hundreds of thousands of jobs that will disappear over the next few months, and plummeting oil, which investors said "meh" to. What do they know that the rest of the world doesn't because everyone and everything seems to be winding down not up?

Here is a list of all the problems occurring right now as the DOW appears to be moving and further and further away from reality, ala 2007 from

  • The Federal Reserve Board of Governors just held an “expedited special meeting” on Monday in closed-door session.
  • The White House made an immediate announcement that the president was going to meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen right after Monday’s special meeting and that Vice President Biden would be joining them.
  • The Federal Reserve very shortly posted an announcement of another expedited closed-door meeting for Tuesday for the specific purpose of “bank supervision.”
  • A G-20 meeting of finance ministers and central-bank heads starts in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, too, and continues through Wednesday.
  • Then on Thursday the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund meet in Washington.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta just revised US GDP growth for the first quarter to the precipice of recession at 0.1%.
  • US banks are widely expected this week to report their worst quarter financially since the start of the Great Recession.
  • The European Union’s new “bail-in” procedures for failing banks were employed for the first time with Austrian bank Heta Asset Resolution AG.
  • Italy’s minister of finance called an emergency meeting of Italian bankers to engage “last resort” measures for dealing with 360-billion euros of bad loans in banks that have only 50 billion in capital.
Does any of that sound good? Despite many predicting a bloodbath with banks, and not without good reason, JP Morgan came out with far better profits than thought, which begs the question: how? Here is what some in the media expected:

Analysts say it has been the worst start to the year since the financial crisis in 2007-2008 and expect poor first-quarter results when reporting begins this week…. Analysts forecast a 20 percent decline on average in earnings from the six biggest U.S. banks, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S data. Some banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N), are expected to report the worst results in over ten years.(Reuters)

This spells trouble for the financial sector more broadly, since banks typically generate at least a third of their annual revenue during the first three months of the year…. Bank executives have already warned investors to expect major declines…. Citigroup Inc (C.N) CFO John Gerspach said to expect trading revenue more broadly to drop 15 percent versus the first quarter of last year. JPMorgan Chase & Co’s (JPM.N) Daniel Pinto said to expect a 25 percent decline in investment banking. Several bank executives have warned about declining quality of energy sector loans.
“The first quarter is going to be ugly and we don’t think that necessarily gets recovered in the back half of the year,” said Jerry Braakman, chief investment officer of First American Trust, which owns shares of Citigroup, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Goldman. “There are a lot of challenges ahead.”
BofA’s Michael Contopoulos warned last week, it may be the worst default cycle in history with “cumulative losses over the length of the entire cycle could be worse than we’ve ever seen before.”
Over the weekend, the FT got the memo with a report that … said that “the global bond default rate by companies is running at its highest since 2009 with the US accounting for the vast majority, according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s. A further four defaults this week, with three coming from the troubled oil and gas sector, pushed the overall tally to 40 with a little over a quarter of 2016 done.” (Zero Hedge)
How were so many so wrong? Expect those numbers that JP Morgan gave out are as rigged as the election. There is no way these guys could pull in such a spectacular profit margin without stock buybacks and other accounting tricks to hide how bad they might actually be.
Austria banks are struggling. Deutsche bank is barely hanging on but get a thumbs up this week for being the latest business to pull out of NC and their anti-gay stance. Italy is on it's last legs as their economy appears to be seconds from going belly up and with it possibly the EU and the global economy.
All of this is why banks and politicians worldwide are holding emergency meetings as the global economic system might go poof at any moment. Yet the stock market is going up. And our elections are fair. I also have a nice bridge to sell you. The end could come at any time people because when the next crash occurs, there will be little anyone can do to stop the inevitable. A depression looms. Make sure you think of that when you vote in upcoming primaries, like NY. Vote Bernie and we may see light. Anyone else and get your will ready because this country is on borrowed time.