Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Wall Street posted a bet board that they overwhelmingly think Hillary Clinton will be the next President with a steep drop to Trump and the rest barely registering. Bernie not only finished dead last, many were voting against him winning, like a put option. This could either be wishful thinking as a Bernie win would stop their ill gotten gains in their tracks or they know that the game is rigged, like everything else in this world, and the fix is in for her to win. I still feel the latter is the most likely as the stock market has shown every sign of collapse for more than a year, yet doesn't, just like 2007 all over again. Watch the Big Short and understand how people like myself watch the market not do what reality says it should. If you were at a poker table and one guy kept getting four aces hand after hand, you'd know something was up. That same goes for our economy.

Speaking of which, a story buried on the back pages of a newspaper and not mentioned at all on the TV networks, our economy ground to a halt last month. Instead of the 1.1 predicted, we came in at .9. Flash forward a few months and we find it wasn't even that high but .5, which means we barely registered any growth last month at all as shipping has all but ended and retail outlets suffer from a distinct lack of shoppers. When everyone is broke, no one goes anywhere or does anything. Yet the unemployment rate is 5% and inflation is nonexistent. This is a liberal bubble every bit as bad as what the right wingers say about things like gay rights and abortion.

What's funny is that retail showed a huge drop in sales, yet even the most open minded economist questioned how it was possible to have a huge rise in retail jobs when no one is buying anything as the most recent unemployment report stated. The reason for that is simple: those jobs are fantasy. The birth death model used by the BLS is woefully inadequate and may be overestimating the number by as much as 200,000 jobs or 90% of what they say is being created. Even if what they say is true, which it isn't, the jobs being created, according to their own data, are mostly low paying jobs or part time work both with few benefits. This will not help in the long run.

All of this is happening in the backdrop of the worst presidential election in modern times. Trump and Hillary got spanked last night although due to party interference, Cruz did better than Sanders in the delegate count. Cruz took most of the delegates while Sanders only got nine more even though both had the exact same win percentage over their next opponent: 13%. So how is it that Cruz got 90% of the delegates and Bernie got almost the same amount? The democratic way of counting delegates is truly suspect and needs to end for the next cycle, that is assuming we get that far after one of these assholes ruins the world.

Trump's loss means the chances for a contested convention becomes even more likely and with it, violence, riots and the end of the GOP. The democrats suffer from the same problem as many I talk with, myself included, do not want to vote for that shrill bitch for any reason. She is dividing the party with her nasty attacks on Sanders while simultaneously complaining that he is taking the "low road" by pointing out her past.

The election now moves to NY in a few weeks where Wisconsin's results looms large. Black people are still proving to be the dumbest people alive where 70% voted for Hillary in the cheese state, all but guaranteeing their race to be treated as badly as they are now if she wins. Brilliant. I can only hope that NY black people are smarter than this. My hopes are not high for that though.

Chances are still good that Hillary will be the nominee and the winner come November short of everyone in the Big Apple voting for Bernie and giving him a commanding win. But that is unlikely, albeit not impossible, Get off your lazy asses people and VOTE FOR BERNIE is mass numbers. He is our last and only hope. Hillary wants to be President and that's it. Bernie wants to help mankind. Which is better for you?

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