Sunday, April 10, 2016


This weekend proved that the nominee we get for president will once again be picked FOR us rather BY us. Shenanigans have been going on since this whole fiasco started, and as of late, they are not even trying to hide their malfeasance. Add to that a wildly flailing economy that is coming apart at the seams, while they steadfastly say "all is well" which it isn't. Our economy was downgraded from what was supposed to be 1.1% growth last quarter to .9, then .5 and now a jaw dropping .1. When all is said and done, it might even be negative. How is that good news? Let's see those runner ups.

10)Walking Dead Haters- Wow, some people out there are whiny bitches. After the conclusion of the latest Walking Dead in which, spoiler alert, Negan killed an unknown cast member in a true cliffhanger, a long staple of TV, some people went ballistic with the open ending. You would have thought they raped a kitten on live TV for all the flack this episode got. Many demanded, DEMANDED, a resolution before May or they would stop watching. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out because the rest of us are riveted to see what happens next, which is what a good cliffhanger does. Binge watching has spoiled our nation's youth who here have demonstrated a complete lack of patience or even how TV works. I and millions of other will be back. The rest can go watch some crappy show on network TV. Enjoy.

9)Sigurour Ingi Johannsson- That's one hell of a name and the first politician to lose his job over the Panama Papers which shows how many out there are cheating the system with shell companies to hide money, a lot of which is perfectly legal. Jackie Chan, a soccer star already under indictment for tax evasion and this yutz, the PM of Iceland, all got caught red handed doing underhanded stuff, forcing his resignation from a country that takes no shit from the banking community. The rest of the world should be emulating them and telling the bankers to take a hike. David Cameron was also named leading to speculation he too may join Johannsson on the unemployment line.

8)Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein- Neither of these two wastes of space are my favorite, Grassley for being a GOP douche and Feinstein for being a greedy corporatist, have joined forces to see how big a douchebag they can be together. This week, they held a conference filled with law enforcement about the dangers of pot that was right out of Reefer Madness. They falsely say pot legalization will make it easier for kids to get who right now can get it at any middle school in the country. Legalization will stop that. They talked about more and more pot drivers which studies have shown to be SAFER than sober drivers. As law enforcement has a financial reason not to want change, this isn't the group to be listening to. If you want get rid of coal, you don't stack a room with miners. In Vermont, local politicians may have sabotaged a bill that would have legalized pot outright thanks to these Carrie Nations of weed. Weed is going to be legal.Get on board and make some money off it already. Oh and Feinstein got her husband to get a billion dollar train contract in CA. No shocker or conflict of interest there. I HATE democrats like her.

7)NY Daily News- These assholes have done nothing but pile on Bernie Sanders since day one. They preformed a hatchet job of an interview, in which they painted Sanders as unsure of his own policies. What actually happened, according to witnesses there, say the newspaper hammered him with questions barely letting him answer anything in the first place and took a lot out of context. Hillary has used this on the campaign trail even though there was no truth to it, typical of this dishonest bitch. Then, they actually went so far as to say Sanders policy on NOT allowing gun manufactures to get sued for whatever reason someone wants is idiotic, another view parroted by Hillary. No one except the most deranged on the left think this is a good idea as it would bankrupt the gun industry and lay precedent to bankrupt everyone else. Car manufactures could be sued by drunk diver victims, Coke could be sued if someone cut their hand on a broken glass, and so on. No company would be safe after this. AND HILLARY KEEPS TALKING ABOUT IT. I may hate her a lot but even I know she would be better than any lunatic on the right at this point. If she keeps going on about guns, she may lose the general election as this is a hot topic piece and caused many like Gore to lose previous elections because of this. Stop talking about guns.

6)Dennis Hastert- Joining such luminaries as Jared Fogel and Jeffrey Jones, Hastert will now go down as not only the longest serving Speaker of the House, during which he toughened up banking laws and championed anti-gay legislature, but also as a gay child molester and convicted felon, now facing actual jail time. And while the statute of limitations has long run out on the five boys who have accused him of molestation when he was a basketball coach decades ago, he is facing jail time for breaking the exact same banking rules he personally helped establish when he was paying blackmail money to one of his victims and covering it all up. That is irony at it's best. His name is already being scrubbed from everything, Cosby style, I couldn't be happier. This guy was a giant dick. I really hope he gets jail time and not probation. That would make my day.

5)France and prostitutes- Demonstrating bad ideas are not just for this country, anti-prostitution forces screamed victory when the government made hooking illegal, pissing off unions of prostitutes. Yes even in France they have a union. While meant to go after sex trafficking and forced prostitution, it becomes a blanket law that even makes it a crime for the john too, facing a fine and even jail time. Actual sex workers who make a living from this are rightfully mad and say that the business will just further underground making it less safe for everyone. This they are right about. It's like banning abortions. You can't. You just make it further from legal scrutiny and safety. Good job guys on making a law that does nothing to stop the issue and everything to make it worse. Congrats.

4)Obama- This week, his administration has been touting the "great" economic news, like low unemployment, "rising" wages, and powerful growth. Unfortunately the real unemployment when you remove all the artificial barriers is 23%, rising wages are only going to the top 1%, and growth has been lowered to literally just above zero and falling. To top that all off, Fannie Mae has been instructed to start giving away loans to low income people for as little as 3% down (and it can be from a third party) along with a hefty ARM. This is what sank us last time and they are doing it AGAIN. They aren't even hiding it. This house of cards better stay afloat until after the election because President Trump scares the crap out of me.

3)Rick Scott- Lurch got owned at a Starbucks by an angry female customer who rightfully called him a dick. Doofus high tailed it out of there and of course took the high road and listened carefully to what she had to say and made major policy decisions because of this chance encounter. That of course did not happen, and instead, his fuckwad Super Pac made a discouraging ad about her calling her an anarchist and on the public dole, neither of which is true and could be grounds for a slander suit. Is that we have become where politicians now can slam ordinary people just because they disagree with to? This is not a good portent of the future where we can be shamed into silence.

2)Hillary Clinton/Panama Papers- She keeps having bad weeks yet still is in the lead. Nothing suspicious about that. This week, her husband went off on some ill mannered BLM protesters during a rally which came off far worse than it really was. The BLM movement does have a point that under Bill Clinton prison populations tripled, however, a lot of that was from state level government which followed the government's lead on that subject. Bill is not without some blame from this mass incarceration fever that did help stop the levels of crime but at the expense of families and the black community in general. This could hurt her chances with black people in the upcoming NY primaries. If she loses NY, her campaign will look very shaky. She wasn't helped this week by the release of the Panama Papers, a who's who of theft of trillions from taxes world wide. The fact that Hillary championed the law changes that allowed this to happen, while Bernie accurately predicted exactly what was going to occur and voted against it, speaks volumes over who voters should be voting for. Hillary is only slightly less dangerous than any Republican. Slightly. Vote Bernie or face the consequences because I don't want to hear boo from anyone when that troll gets into office and does nothing she said she would, just like Obama. Or we can vote Trump or some other loser who weasels his way in, which Cruz has the face for, and wait for a quick death when one of those dicks ends the world by doing something beyond stupid. Tell me that won't happen. If it comes down to Hillary versus random GOP guy, it's death by a thousand cuts or evisceration. Choices.

1)Primaries- Well the fix is in and it looks like Hillary is going to be our next president so can we all just go home and stop pretending we have a choice? This week we saw not one but two questionable delegate awards from either side of the aisle. The Republicans didn't even bother with voting and gave Colorado's lump sum to Cruz. How is that legal? In Wyoming, Bernie trounced Hillary AGAIN yet somehow came away with less delegates. WTF? The right is doing everything they can to get to a contested convention and dump Trump, thus fracturing the GOP forever as at least one third of that party is going to jump ship. On the democratic side, they are doing everything they can to make sure Hillary wins even if the voters want something different. If we get to the convention and the only reason Hillary wins is due to delegate support, expect problems there too. This election cannot get any weirder short of Cthulhu himself rising from the depths and declaring his candidacy under a new third party, the Yog Soggoths. And this is just the primaries. How many people are going to be pissed when they either have to wait in long lines to vote and/or disqualified for voting from lack of ID? Add to that two candidates that may be very, very unpopular and you have all the ingredients for a lot of trouble. This isn't going to end well for anyone and considering the acrimony people are venting, it's going to end violently. So congratulations primaries and the upcoming election you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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