Sunday, April 3, 2016


Well, it only took eight months but Donald Trump finally said something about abortion so stupid everyone jumped on him over it. And then he followed it up with something even dumber about nuclear weapons and again the world howled. And thus this evolution of stupid continued as the Donald flip flopped every which way but loose, and for the first time people seemed to be shying away from him. Hillary, the other "front runner," had an equally awful week in which her numbers have likewise plummeted, especially among black people who are proving to be way smarter than their Southern counterparts and appear to be breaking for Sanders. This race is just getting interesting folks and there are lot's of fireworks left. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Robert Bentley- Speaking of morons from the South, here is the governor of Alabama, another idiot "family values" moron who was caught cheating on his wife of 50 years, whom he divorced last year over the affair, and is now being investigated into ethics complaints that he improperly used funds for security for his mistress (who also one of his co-workers) and misuse of state property for the same woman. Many are calling for him to step down, including many Republicans, but that is something no right wing hypocrite ever does. He is now facing an impeachment hearing as a result. This guy is a true idiot. If he escapes punishment I wholeheartedly expect him to run and win as Southern GOP voters may be the dumbest people on earth. Stop voting for assholes, America.

9)Mississippi/North Carolina- Another two Southern states, another round of epic stupidity.  Last week saw North Carolina Governor Pat McCory sign the worst anti-gay bill in the nation. Great for bigots and bad for everyone else who resides in the state. Four states and four major cities have signed travel bans to the state, they stand to lose billions in lost revenue as movie studios and sporting contests pull out including the upcoming NCAA tournaments that were going to be in state for the next two years (which sources say Atlanta is now bidding for and which the irony cannot be lost on), the loss of jobs as companies move out of state to not upset gay buyers and their supporters (like me), the dozens of lawsuits already being filed by everyone and everything and even the threat of the loss of federal money as Obama has now threatened. Good luck with the large hole your state will become the longer this drags out, right before this idiot's election which was neck and neck and will more likely result in an epic loss. But it is the south and these morons keeps voting in retards like Brownback and Scott, so there is that. So what idiot says this sounds like a great idea and to do this and more? I give you the Mississippi House which recently passed an even worse anti-gay bill which has the following in it:

  • Any organization can decline "to provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods or privileges for a purpose related to the solemnization, formation, celebration or recognition of any marriage."
  • Employers can make a "decision whether or not to hire, terminate or discipline an individual whose conduct or religious beliefs are inconsistent with those of the religious organization."
  • Mississippians can deny housing based on religious beliefs.
  • Foster care organizations and adoption agencies can "decline to provide any adoption or foster care service" without fear of retribution.
  • The state can't prosecute any person who "declines to participate in the provision of treatments, counseling, or surgeries related to sex reassignment or gender identity transitioning or declines to participate in the provision of psychological, counseling or fertility services" or any wedding- or marriage-related services.
  • Schools and business owners can establish "sex-specific standards or policies concerning employee or student dress or grooming, or concerning access to restrooms, spas, baths, showers, dressing rooms, locker rooms, or other intimate facilities or settings."

What a crock of shit huh? Governor Bryant, another Mensa member obviously, has said he is inclined to sign it and doesn't see it as discriminatory. Imagine if this was black people instead of gay and we'd be back in the 1950's all over again. Anyone voting Republican in these states must state publicly that they are indeed racist, gay bashing fuckwads and be forced to wear a KKK robe for one day each week. This HAS to stop. How dumb has the nation become when this is tolerated?

8)Crappy entertainment writing with Carol on the Walking Dead and Batman V Superman- Stop reading now if you haven't seen the last few weeks of episodes of the Walking Dead, the best show on TV right now. For those who have, can anyone explain to me why the writers of this show decided to give Carol a severe case of "plot driven personality disorder?" Her latest turn toward insanity is not based on actual human nature, usually needing some sort of catalyst to propel a new action, but in this case, Carol who killed many in cold blood including a pre-teen psycho, suddenly snaps at a time when doing so puts everyone she knows in physical harm and for no logical reason? Please. At this point, feel free to kill her off if you are going to write her part so badly. Chances are Darryl or Abraham will also die at the hands of Negan's bat tonight. And then there is the massive drop off of Batman V Superman for having everything one could hope for an epic film like this except a decent script. Numbers show a steep 70% plus drop from last week showing word of mouth and repeat business are not good. Had they not gotten greedy, DC should have introduced each character separately and then went for the the Avengers style film. Instead, they are jumping right into a Justice League film when no one knows anything about the people in it. Wonder Woman is a glorified cameo and the rest are literally blink and you miss them roles. Good luck with this franchise if you keep using lackluster screenplays.

7)Detroit school system- Showing that democrats can be assholes too, a dozen former and current principals from the local school system were indicted this week for stealing millions in a school supply scam that went on for over a decade. This is the same school system half a billion dollars in debt with decrepit schools and a failing system and these douches are taking from it. I hope they get severe sentences in a terrible prison. They will most likely be meeting some of their former students they failed in there who will be only too happy to explain how happy they are with the education they got.
6)Muhammad Mamun- Proving that stupidity is a world wide disorder, this med student in Boston decided to go for a walk and take pictures Easter morning. What's wrong with that you ask? The pictures he was taking were in the Callahan tunnel, in an area forbidden from pedestrians at 5 AM Easter morning, and the kicker being, his name is Muhammad and he's from Bangladesh. He really couldn't see the problems this might have? And he's a med student? No common sense from this idiot apparently. Now he's got a monitoring bracelet and is not allowed to leave until his court date. He still says he can't figure out what he did wrong which must mean he hasn't watched the news in twenty years. The fact he deleted the pictures he took makes me very suspicious of his actions. Who takes pictures of the inside of a tunnel without nefarious reasons, especially ones deleted?

5)Belgium- The latest attack on their airport a few weeks back may have been caused by intelligence services treating their captured Paris bomber as a common criminal and not a terrorist. Multiple failures have been noted including a complete lack of debriefing of the suspect for days afterward, publicly stating he was captured and no enhanced interrogation techniques including things like sleep deprivation which do work. These mistakes led the terror cell to move up their attack, as is prone to happen, yet the Belgium authorities did nothing to prepare for this eventuality. Being soft on terrorists, especially ones who are planning further attacks, is a sure fire way to get even more attacks. Idiots.
4) Arizona Primaries- Another round of primaries, another round of clusterfuck territory. This time, the democrats got hammered by the end of the Voting Rights Act, which caused 60% of all polling areas to disappear, resulting in five hour waits to vote and hundreds of thousands not able to, either due to time constraints or lack of ID. Add to the fact that independents are not allowed to vote in the primary, despite being the majority party in the state, and then add insult to injury that those that tried to change their affiliation months in advance showed up to vote and found they couldn't as the designation was never changed, and you have a major mess on your hands. Furious residents are demanding a re-vote, which most likely won't happen, but opens the door for how contentious and scrutinized this next election is going to be. Facts show Hillary stealing this election, including close votes in Iowa and MA which look odd when you start looking at the hard data. The powers that be want her to be the next President and will do everything they can to make it happen.

3)Corey Lawandowski- Donald Trump had a bad week. Even worse was his campaign manager who was arrested this week for battery on a reporter. He had denied this took place but video showed him grabbing the arm of the reporter with enough force to pull her back. Now while any serious charges are unlikely, it is one more black eye on a guy who has been getting it from all sides this week. 

2)Hillary Clinton- If she does become the defacto nominee, which I still feel is likely, I will be forced to vote for someone I totally despise. This is nothing new as I voted for John Kerry and I still feel dirty about that but I really HATED Bush more. To this day, I am still unsure if he would have been any better that the former president but I can dream he would have been. Hillary will get my vote for the simple fact that abortion needs to be legal, gay people deserve respect and she will get to nominate several judges to the Court that will change it's makeup for the first time in decades. That being said, I still think she is a lying cunt who I hate with every fiber of my being. That opinion did not change this week when the weasel that she is keeps hammering Sanders with every dirty trick in the book. Take the debate schedule. She offered three dates that the Sanders camp said no to which she has wasted no time slamming him for. But the dates in question were during NCAA tournaments or weekends when few watch. She has failed to say that she too has turned down all the dates the Sanders camp offered for political reasons only. Hillary is losing steam with the black vote and if that turns out to be true, could lose in NY and CA and this race could go a whole new direction. I still see that as unlikely but it is possible. I can dream.
1)Donald Trump- The orange pumpkin running for president finally put his foot in his mouth this week when Chris Matthew wouldn't let him escape his usual answer/non-answer for everything when, during a town hall, he got cornered about abortion and said he'd punish women who got one. That set off a firestorm on both sides of the aisle, pro or con, none of whom support that idea. The human traffic cone then went on to approach the issue from every imaginable position possible, from pro choice to wingnut before finally settling on, well, nothing, which is his position on everything if you listen to him closely. He also stated that he had no problem letting countries like Japan, South Korea and even Saudi Arabia get nukes, which is a position no president had taken since the days of Eisenhower and is extraordinarily dangerous. Yeah, like letting North Korea get nukes, as Bush did, has been a rousing success? All of this finally dented his position and his lead in Wisconsin has dwindled to a ten point loss to Cruz. This may be fatal to his campaign as a contested convention, and the pick of Paul Ryan for President, looms. The destruction of the GOP is almost complete and they have no but themselves to blame. They have teased racist, bigoted ideas for so long, one is now running for president. And when he doesn't get the nod, he will split and run as a third party, all but giving the nomination to whatever democrat gets it (pray for Bernie). So congratulations Republicans and especially Donald Trump for being the nail in the GOP coffin, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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