Sunday, April 17, 2016


This was a tough one this week, with Russia playing nuclear chicken, North Korea begging to restart an old war, and anti gay forces who have decided that religious purity is far greater than jobs or a growing economy. But Saudi Arabia and the worst president of all time won out with the revelation that they were behind the 9/11 attacks. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Hillary Clinton- The more I see of this woman, the less I like. I can't shake the knowledge that she will be just like Obama and once in office backtrack on every promise she is making. This woman will say anything to get elected and it shows. During the latest debate, she claimed she was always for a $15 minimum wage, somehow unaware that video tape and print article all have her at $12 not too long ago. Her move to the far left on guns, to outflank Bernie, could blow up in her face when the NRA spends billions reminding everyone of it. As guns are a third rail topic right now, even among democrats, this one issue could lose her the general election and then what? President Cruz? Kill me now. This woman is not the solution and I wish more would see that.

9)Judge Barbara Bellis- Just to prove that women can be just as stupid as men, comes this idiotic ruling from some super liberal fool in CT. Dumbass is letting the lawsuit against gun manufactures continue as the parents of Sandy Hook look for a quick payday and the end of society as we know it. I understand their grief and I feel bad, but this is NOT the way to move forward. Bellis has ruled that legal weapons are illegal in her opinion, with no legal precedent to back that move up. This will most likley fall apart on appeal as this would allow judges to legislate from the bench, which is not one of the powers they have according to the Constitution. This is the kind of activist judging everyone hates except those who benefit from it, a small minority. There has to be way for us to get rid of idiots like this from their job because this kind of ruling is dangerous. The rest of us have zero job security. Why should government officials be any different?

8)Ethan Couch- Another favorite of this column is back, now being sentenced for two years in prison, which is far greater than he would have gotten had he not fled to Mexico. So instead of the 120 days maximum he would have gotten, which would have been no more than 30 total with parole, moron got two years for which it will be eight months before he even has a chance to get out. Brilliant. Now mind you, he should have gotten years in prison for killing several people and injuring nine others, so this is just desserts in a way. I sincerely hope you get raped in there, schmuck. A lot.

7)Hardcore Henry haters- This week I watched my last of the movies that were up for Best Picture and two films on there, Bridge of Spies and the shockingly dull Brooklyn, sucked so hard I can't believe they were nominated let alone won for anything. Even a bigger surprise is that after seeing the fantastic Hardcore Henry I was dismayed at some of the reviews for this film which called it pointless and plotless. Here's the thing. It was. It was also a visual experience I have never seen before. Was there anything even resembling a plot? Barely. But it didn't matter. My point here is that the film Brooklyn is about an Irish girl coming to this country in the 1950's and having to decide between two men, one new, one old. That's it. There is nothing resembling a plot here as this movie meanders glacially through set design that wasn't that great. Carol was very similar, no plot at all in that, yet it got several awards it did not deserve. Yet Hardcore Henry is the crappy film here. If you cannot appreciate all types of cinema, not just dull period pieces, you shouldn't be reviewing movies for a living. And to be fair, one of my favorite movies is Remains of the Day, a period piece that moves at a glacial pace as well as the collective works of Stanley Kubrick and Terrance Malick. A movie can be slow and still be awesome. It's just that films like Carol and Brooklyn aren't.

6)Lee Bright- How thick are Southern Republicans? Well this Senator from South Carolina decided to put his own anti gay bathroom bill out there, which as we all know has been such a rousing success everywhere it has been implemented. Just the mere mention of this bill caused one company, Uphold, to leave, and with it hundreds of jobs and almost a billion dollars in revenue since 2014. The CEO, who is also gay, says the South is no place for the LBGT crowd anymore and as result is leaving for the West Coast. How much more damage has to be done before these idiots get a clue?

5)North Carolina- One only has to look to this state to see how NOT to pass an anti-gay bill. This week, Deutsche Bank pulled out of an expansion of their business there, and with it several hundred jobs. Cirque de Solei recently cancelled their performances there as well, leading a boycott that is expanding. Some have criticized groups like this one playing in places like Dubai while not playing here, but in this country we are supposed to be smarter and more enlightened than a bunch of idiots worshiping a religion based on false hoods and manipulation (like all religions do). A majority of people here have no problem with gays. The older generation is going to have to accept it, like their parents had to do with black people and interracial marriage. Gay people are here to stay. Get used to it.

4)MSM- A recent poll said that only 6 percent of the country trusts the MSM. If your numbers are worse than Congress, you are in real trouble. A lot of us are not as dumb as they treat us and when they repeat garbage which I see almost everyday, it is impossible not to tune these voices out. The media is supposed to be the watchdog of the people, not a corporate mouthpiece like it has become. Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are terrible at their jobs, parroting nonsense that most of us know is true. Once upon a time, the media accurately questioned the unemployment rate narrative, noting that it didn't cover all unemployed people statistically. Then that stopped, and since then, all we hear is the government stat which is woefully off by a lot. No one talked about Saudi Arabia until that country had a fit about being named and now the story is out there for all to see. Way to go guys. More on you later. But the media is not reporting the news anymore. They are shaping it and it would seem that most of us have woken up to that. We can see you are corrupted. When trust like this breaks down, which it has, society ends. We are coming to a close people. Get ready for it because the revolution will not be televised until it is far too late to do anything about it.

3)North Korea- After a spectacular failure of a planned missile launch which blew up on the launch pad, the reclusive country appears to be readying another nuke test. How come when Obama so much as orders the wrong sandwich for lunch Republican scream at him but when Bush did everything, and I mean everything wrong, no one said boo? Bush let that country go nuclear because we were too busy invading countries that had nothing to do with 9/11, covering up who actually did it, and running the economy into the ground. Great "strategery." This is one of the most dangerous country's on Earth and Bush let it get that way.

2)Russia- Very close to the top spot, Putin appears to have lost his mind and seems to be asking for the end of the world. This week, twice, planes strafed US forces dangerous close to hitting them, both times in international waters. This is insanity as one wrong move and WW3 begins and no one wins then. Does he really think that Obama WON'T retaliate if something goes wrong? What in his past would make him think that? This kind if brinkmanship needs to end or else face the prospect of a nuclear Armageddon.

1)Saudi Arabia and George W. Bush- This week came out revelations that forces within the Saudi government played a role in the attacks of 9/11. Yet we attacked Iraq instead. Why might that be? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Bush and these members were in cahoots could it? They do have close ties together. And even if not, why did Bush cover all of this up? Isn't that treason? And why isn't the MSM asking that question? How come Bush is barely mentioned in any of this? Saudi Arabia has threatened us with a giant money dump of our assets if they get blamed. I would privately tell them, if that happens, their oil fields will cease to be theirs and their government goes bye bye along with 99% of their population. Start playing hardball back guys because this is not cool. Now chances are good this is an empty threat because as their money is pegged to the dollar, any kind of asset sell off would decimate their economy. And I am not for going to war if it can be helped. This is the kind of diplomatic closed door stuff that is necessary for any world government. Quietly go after those involved, if possible, and if not, start demanding it. Oil and money cannot be held over our heads to do nothing, especially an attack on American soil that killed thousands. And for God's sake, hold some hearings to find out what Bush knew and when he knew it. Fuck Benghazi, this is huge. So congratulations Saudi Arabia and Bush, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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