Thursday, April 14, 2016


Wow, our media sucks. If you want huge proof our bought and paid for MSM is ignoring stories that are super important here's three these assholes intentionally failed to cover. It's telling that for the second year on a row, being a newspaper reporter is considered the worst job in America. As someone who was one for almost five years, I can tell you the pay may suck but I have had far worse jobs that paid even less. Also on the bad list are adverting sales, which I also did for several years and made more money doing that than most of my many jobs, and broadcast journalists. Who wants to be told to blatantly lie for a living if you are NOT a politician.

One of the stories being ignored is the rise of a group called Democracy Spring which recently sent 700 people to the steps of the Capitol to protest the ever rising tide of money in politics which is subverting out country beyond belief. Over 400 were arrested, and the media, like OWS, spent all of thirty seconds on the story, even though this is a telling sign of things to come. Right now, all is peaceful and what not. But there is a growing anger in the American people and simply ignoring that anger is dangerous in and of itself. This group wants big money out of politics, a restoring of the Voting Rights Act, which has proven to be an abject disaster like every single other Republican led law, and an end to gerrymandering which has upended the democratic process to rule by a tiny minority. I agree with everything this group stands for and the fact that they were ignored by every single MSM outlet is telling.

And then there is this story which shows that Democrats and the Obama administration are not much better than the GOP on trade issues. In a story in the Boston Globe, and repeated almost nowhere else, company New Balance has said that Obama administration is hamstringing them on the TPP deal. According to the CEO, New Balance backed off on critisizing the TPP to get a deal with the Pentagon and become the main company to outfit new recruits with footwear. Unfortunately, Obama reneged on that promise and the CEO is speaking out again against the TPP. Nice to see that a company will gladly sell out this country for more profit. The sad part is Obama CANNOT keep any promise, perhaps the worst president in history for that fact. Even George W. Bush kept more of his campaign promises than the serial liar we have in office right now. Even worse, Hillary is poised to be given the presidency due to all sorts of illegal and legal shenanigans and she is a worse liar than he is. What idiot is thinking she will be any better for this country?

Lastly, we have this bombshell that has gotten almost zero press. Many out there think all conspiracy theories are fake and, let's face facts, 90% of them are. But the big one, 9/11, has many detractors who refuse to look at any evidence that this whole story appeared fake from day one. The biggest clue came from those in our government who actually did the investigation of the 9/11 Report and concluded that the military lied about the timeline they offered as well as being forced to redact at least 28 pages of material that may be finally coming to light, And what is in those 28 pages is horrifying because it proves my theory right that there was a definitive cover up and we can no longer hide out heads in the sand and declare otherwise.

Former senator and former governor of Florida, Senator Bob Graham, has come forward that he believes that the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Report be released, and having seen them, says that they show that forces within the Saudi government were responsible. Funny how that never came out and instead we bombed a country that had nothing to do with the attack. Here's some quotes from the story and the 60 Minutes episode that interviewed Graham"

I think it is implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn’t speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many of whom didn’t have a high school education– could’ve carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States.

During their first days in L.A., witnesses place the two future hijackers at the King Fahd mosque in the company of Fahad al-Thumairy, a diplomat at the Saudi consulate known to hold extremist views. Later, 9/11 investigators would find him deceptive and suspicious and in 2003, he would be denied reentry to the United States for having suspected ties to terrorist activity.

Phone records show that Thumairy was also in regular contact with this man: Omar al-Bayoumi, a mysterious Saudi who became the hijackers biggest benefactor. He was a ghost employee with a no-show job at a Saudi aviation contractor outside Los Angeles while drawing a paycheck from the Saudi government. 

Steve Kroft: You believe Bayoumi was a Saudi agent?

 Bob Graham: Yes, and– 

Steve Kroft: What makes you believe that? 

Bob Graham: –well, for one thing, he’d been listed even before 9/11 in FBI files as being a Saudi agent. On the morning of February 1, 2000, Bayoumi went to the office of the Saudi consulate where Thumairy worked. He then proceeded to have lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant on Venice Boulevard where he later claimed he just happened to make the acquaintance of the two future hijackers.

 Tim Roemer: Hazmi and Mihdhar magically run into Bayoumi in a restaurant that Bayoumi claims is a coincidence and in one of the biggest cities in the United States.

Steve Kroft: And he decides to befriend them. 

Tim Roemer: He decides to not only befriend them but then to help them move to San Diego and get residence.

Former Senator and 9/11 Report Commission member, Bob Kerrey, has said verified these 28 pages revealed by Graham as accurate and is also pushing for their release as there is no early reason this should be kept from the American people, according to him. Here is a link to the entire transcipt of the 60 Minutes interview:

Think about what this means. It means the FBI and the Bush administration classified information that was done solely to protect their interests. It means at least some in the Saudi government helped lead the worst terrorist attack in this country's history and we buried it and attacked Iraq instead who had literally nothing to do with any of this. How is that not a war crime? Why are Bush and the rest of his cronies not arrested yesterday for this? And how much further does this go up the food chain? Were Bush and others involved with this from the get go? Considering how close the Bush and Saudi families are, this has to be addressed.

If Obama was behind this, Congress would have lynched him from the Washington Monument by now. But because of pussies like Nancy Pelosi who refused to bring charges against Bush once the Democrats gained power in the House and Senate, this has festered for almost two decades. And now we have proof the story we were told was a lie and there is evidence to back that up.

Not the media is covering this story at all. Instead we are forced to listen to mindless crap as Queen Hillary is rushing to her coronation, and with it, the end of this country forever. Voting for that witch is no better than voting for just about any Republican but because she will protect gay rights and abortion, as well as nominate people to the Supreme Court who will be far better than and GOP nominated asshole, we may have no choice but to back her and wait for the world to end. With her there is a chance, albeit a very slight one, that she may fix things. Someone like Ted Cruz will kill us all his first week in office. Vote Bernie in NY people or get busy dying because the end is near and the media isn't telling us anything about it.

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