Monday, July 29, 2013


In a shocking story buried in the back pages of a newspaper or mentioned in passing on the nightly news, the AP's survey says that roughly 80% of this country was or still is poor. That is simply unacceptable. Where is the middle class in that statistic? Buried deep where it has been for at least the last six years now. The middle class is dead. RIP. And no one seems to care.

Until now that is. Over the past few weeks have come a surprising amount of hate towards government in general and the corporations running the whole show now. The last three stages of civilization are apathy, anger, and revolution. We are getting dangerously close to violent revolution I fear as many out there among the masses seem reasonably pissed. From SWAT teams ganging up on whoever they feel like, to the DHS controlling our every action, to the NSA listening to everything we say, tyranny seems a lot nearer than it should. Obama has been the dismal failure we all knew he would be, but at least he wasn't Romney who would have sunk this ship months ago. Obama is better at bailing out the raft but the bucket has holes in it and the Republicans refuse to share theirs. It's getting dangerous.

Look at Detroit that was once upon a time the richest city in the country, I kid you not. It is now a smouldering hole in the ground due to rampant corruption, lavish salaries and pensions that were unsustainable and a complete lack of foreword thinking. Greed sunk that town. How do you think the rest of the country fares? Chicago is months away from going belly up as well with it's liabilities outworking the taxes it brings in. A lot of this is due to the fact we have let corporations pay their employees near nothing for far too long, and subsidises that shortfall with taxpayer money for a double whammy. Raising the minimum wage is paramount at this point to the country's survival. If we don't start giving people more money not less, we cannot fix the problem, period. And taxing rich people and corporations is a good way to start. If we don't do these simple steps, we will all be Detroit soon.

The AP study also had other stunning facts. The unemployment rate for people 18-29 is 47% and that's the official number. That means the actual number is almost certainly much much higher. If you are white, you are slipping into poverty faster than anyone else but if your black, chances are you are already there with no chance of getting out any time soon. And the older you get, the more likely you are to be poor as employment chances disappear as companies would rather higher cheaper, younger labor. And God help you if you get seriously ill in this country because the second you are ready to come back to work, that company will find some reason to fire you. It happens all the time. And there is nothing you can do about it.

The poll oddly showed rampant pessimism among whites about their future whole blacks were more likely to see hope. The fact that we have a black president is surely part of it as any black child in America could possibly grow up to be President, a dream previous generations wouldn't have had. I am glad to see Obama as a role model for young black kids but I also wish he would grow some balls, tell the GOP to sit and spin and start ramming some legislation through that if the Republicans vote against. it would make them look like douchebags not to mention ammo for the 2014 elections. People are hungry for change and even sacrifice as long as we ALL are giving up something and not just the poor and middle class, like the last fifteen years. Somewhere, somehow are politicians that will help. Elizabeth Warren is one of them. We need many more.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I can't decide if I am getting smarter or everyone else is trying half as hard to cover up their own incompetence. It was a non stop parade of stupid from what appears to be 99% of the planet. Are we getting dumber as a species or I am just getting better at detecting it? Let's see that long list of depressing runner ups.

1)First National Banks- More and more stories  are surfacing about people coming home from work or vacation to find their belongings gone, their locks changed and a bank foreclosing on the house. Problem is, it's the wrong house. First National in Wellston, Ohio did just that to Katie Barnett. When she wanted $18,000 for all the things taken, the bank told her to take a flying leap and acted as if they were no better than lonesharks rather than a bank. The stupid part is, she is now going to have to sue and, most likely, win far more than the $18,000 she is asking for. How is that good business for anyone? Anyone with funds in the bank should find a safer place like a tin can in your back yard because these crooks WILL steal everything from you and have proven it.

2)Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler- This super dick went on a profanity laced tirade about "libtards" (I word I absolutely loathe) ON CAMERA. First off, the right uses the word libtard for any argument they disagree with making it moot at this point. I love it when they use it on me because while I may have social liberal standings, I stand to the right on gun control and fiscal responsibility, the latter being a non-existent entity in either political party. I don't think we use the death penalty often enough and keep prisoners alive for way too long, although I also believe that every person on death row in which DNA could clear them has to happen first for Justice to really occur. I am not a liberal, nor a conservative. I like to call myself a Progressive, or one who is moving forward rather than back. It gets lumped in a lot with the word liberal but are actually very different. But I digress. Chief Fuckwad here was apparently upset over the mythical gun control acts currently collecting dust in the Senate and went on a tirade about the UN, John Kerry, and Obama. He also currently belongs to a militia group. I'm all for free speech but when you're a pubic employee and are this gung ho over nothing imagine how bad someone like that might behave in a real emergency? Kessler needs to go and quick. He appears dangerous. You know, like most cops.

3)Seattle, Washington Police- This police force has been a disaster waiting to happen for years. Recently, they aided DEA agents in raiding LEGAL pot shops that have opened up since legalization a direct violation of the Constitution as the Federal Government has no right to regulate something not sold across state lines. This is tyranny. Also, this state leads the country in police bitching about people filming them even though it is perfectly legal to do so by any means, overt or secret there. Then there is this gem when a perp stolen a police car, and one of the pursuing cars mistook the real cops for the perp and rammed him, exchanging friendly fire gunfire, with each other. The fact that the entire department is being investigated for a cheating scandal on promotional exams explains a lot.

4)Mohammad Morsi- This man could quite possibly be the worst leader in recent memory. He took power, had a few good moments and then screwed it all up by not dealing with any issues at all, consolidated his power and rewrote the Constitution to suit his religious principles. Why does that sound so familiar? Oh that's right, here they are called Republicans. Morsi has been arrested for dealing with Hamas as well, setting off riots that have killed at least 80 Morsi supporters. Only a few hundreds thousand to go.

5)DHS- It has come to light that the DHS in their ever expanding role of government intrusion, have partnered with local Fire Marshals to now control all live music in the country. That is not a misprint. In order to have live music at ANY establishment in the country, DHS will issue you a permit for which you will have to fork over some money and a ton of personal information. Mike Martin, a business owner in IN, is having a hearing with DHS Friday August 2nd to protest this move. But for now, the Federal Government can say with impunity who can have live music and who can't. How is that not tyranny?

6)Halliburton- The mega company pleaded guilty for destroying evidence in the BP oil spill case for which they were fined a whopping, unbelievable amount of $200,000. Wait what? That's it. They made that in the time it took me to write this sentence. They also "voluntarily" donated $55 million to a wildlife fund. Whee. Let me break out the champagne for your unbridled generosity. 11 people died in this accident. No one went to jail. Halliburton got a slap on the wrist. If this happened in China, the CEO of Halliburton would have been executed by now. Which seems like a less tyrannical country now?

7)Eric Holder- Yet another constant on this site, Holder told Russia this week that if they extradite Snowden, the US won't seek the death penalty. Since when was the death penalty even on the table? He was a whistleblower, not Aldrich Ames. Conveniently, the Obama pledge to protect whistleblowers has disappeared from his web site. Shocker I know. Snowden saw what we did to Assange and Manning in order to get them to shut up and he's no dummy. Rumor is, he has damaging material that he will release if captured. The US had better be careful because if he has what he says he has, they might want to think about backing off a little.

8)Steve King- Can this man go one week without saying something incredibly stupid? This week bon mot was this quote:  "for [every DREAMer] who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds -- and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert."

Not too racist there, Steve. According to this man, most Hispanics are greasy wetbacks whose sole job is to deal drugs and pump out babies. The fact that he is from Iowa, which doesn't have a huge Hispanic population, is telling. Can people stop voting for idiots? Please?

9)Amanda Bynes- The troubled "actress" finally lost her mind this week and was held for mental reasons at a local hospital. She started a fire in a random driveway, soaking her dog in gasoline in the process. This is definitely someone who can be labeled Damaged Goods and I hope medication might give her some semblance of life because right now she is whack job insane.

10)Politicians who can't keep it in their pants- We had not one but two flameouts in the democratic party this week. We had Anthony Weiner once again living up to his surname while San Diego mayor, Bob Filner groped one woman too many apparently. Let's start with Filner. As he looks like a character from a Dick Tracy comic strip, we'll call him Gropey. After being accused of sexual harassment from seven woman, Gropey said he will not step down and instead undergo two weeks of treatment. Two whole weeks huh to alter 70 years of behavior? Good luck with that. Ironically, he was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a sexual harassment seminar for the military this week. Then there is Weiner who can't keep it in his pants, literally. This man is deranged. He spent $45K to uncover the "hacker" who sent out that picture of his penis the first time, even though he eventually owned up to it. That's commitment to a bit. Since the new ones have arrived, showing his wang for all to see, his numbers have plummeted, his campaign manager just quit and it looks like he may be all done. Why do both sides gravitate to people they know are douchebags who run for office? All we all that self destructive to not see danger when it stares you in the face. So congratulations, Gropey and Weiner you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


A comment on my article about the 14 signs of fascism contained an odd thread of logic that is still bothering me weeks after having read it. In it, the person liked most of it except when I brought up evolution as a fact. He said he didn't believe in evolution and, most surprisingly, wasn't a fundamentalist religious nutter but felt the science didn't add up. Unfortunately for him, there is plenty of science out there that refutes it but as radical theories pop up all the time, a gullible public eats it up as fact simply because they don't know any better. If I walked in to a garage and started spouting nonsense on how to fix my car, the mechanic would look at me as if I was five. That's how I feel when someone starts telling me how evolution is just a theory and there is no evidence to prove it.

A recent poll by the YouGov pollsters showed a majority of Americans believe that God was responsible for their creation rather than random chance. This is from CBS DC:."that 62 percent of Americans believe God helped create humans. Thirty-seven percent of those thought God created human beings in their present form within the last 10,000 years while 25 percent believe human beings evolved from lesser life forms over millions of years but God guided the process. Only 21 percent believe that God did not play a part in human evolution."

"Forty percent of those polled believe that intelligent design – the belief that God created the universe – should be taught in public schools, while 32 percent opposed such teachings. Twenty-nine percent of Americans were not sure if creationism should be taught."

"The poll also found that those who say God played no part in human evolution rose from 13 percent in 2004 to 21 percent in 2013, an 8 percent increase."

First off, anyone who believes that man formed in the last 10,000 year is an idiot. Fossil records show an evolutionary process millions of years old, chromosome 2 indicated a fusion between ape and man genes in our distant past and genetic links between us and chimpanzees have been thoroughly documented. I have no problem with the suggestion that God may have helped evolution along but in no way did he beam down to earth to tinker with monkeys. Here's the thing about proof. Evolution has tons, creationism has near zero. Which is more believable?

And don't get me started on the Earth being less than 6000 year old because that is provable nonsense. I can show anyone on the planet a mathematical formula that will calculate the age of the Earth within  a few hundred million years. This formula is not in question and cannot be debated. Two plus two equals four no matter how you slice it. Math is God.

And then there is the global warming deniers which seem to be increasing thanks to the smear campaigns being thrown at us by Big Oil, Natural Gas and Coal companies. We keep hearing from some moron that global warming has stopped over the past fifteen years and we should forget about the nonsense being given to us by "warming Nazi's hell bent on establishing a green fascist state." The only problem with that statement is that it is only partially true. Warming trends have indeed slowed. But temperatures were already high to begin with and have stayed there. The reason the Earth hasn't been getting hotter is that the oceans have been trapping the heat for us. This is causing fish stocks to fall even further and coral bleaching to accelerate. Eventually, the oceans won't be able to trap any more heat and then the world may be set on broil. Methane could be released in huge numbers setting up a runway effect where our atmosphere may more resemble Venus than Earth. Yet recent polls show a declining interest in global warming, having been convinced by polluters that none of it is actually occurring. Statistics show a troubling trend toward mass extinction and like always we are sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the problem.

Overpopulation is real and dangerous. But we have the Catholic Church against abortion and birth control which is going to be the end of us all with that philosophy. With fishing stocks off the East Coast disappearing, many fisherman are going to lose their jobs. And while they may be fighting to keep them, we really shouldn't. The alternative is the fish all disappear and the world starves to death. Which is more important: a job or your life? That shouldn't be that big a choice but we seem to have to be making it all the time.

The world is burning and no one seems to care. Everyone has their heads stuck in their Ipad and no one is watching how bad things are getting. We need to start having rational discussions about these things, but some blowhard always ruins it for the rest of us. Until intelligent conversation can be had, nothing will ever get fixed and we will continue to devolve ourselves right back into the sea from which we came.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It has not been a good week for anyone in the title. Weiner got his weiner in a bunch AGAIN after being caught sexting yet another young woman, A-Rod is facing a Lance Armstrong walk of shame, and the GOP seems determined to never get the vote of anyone ever with an IQ over 90. This is not good for all of the above.

Let's start with "poor" Anthony Weiner. As a politician, he wasn't bad actually. He was a champion for the middle class and fought hard for a single payer program which is what we should have done instead of the Jekyll and Hyde Obamacare bill. The single payer plan has been reintroduced this year where it has received less press than Obama's bathroom habits. How likely is this bill to pass? Slim to none which is too bad because it would actually work at saving costs. Insurance companies will lose billions and lay off thousands of people but that is progress. In the long run, the economy will improve. Short term loses, long term gains are what is needed right now. This crisis won't be solved overnight no matter how many episodes of CSI say differently. But Weiner was on the right side of a lot of bills. So why do I not like him still?

He is supposed to be a real dick. He gets angry easily and had one of the highest turnovers of interns in the entire Congress due to his frequent outbursts. One person I know who worked for him briefly called him "the demon." He's also kind of hypocrite calling on the UN to pay $18,000 of unpaid parking tickets while having over $2000 of his own. And then there is the whole "likes to take pictures of his wang and email it across the Internet" thing. Eeeewwwww! The fact he is still doing it says much about his character. I am hoping the democrats take the high road for once and not vote for this idiot. Republicans seem preprogrammed to vote R regardless of the candidate, and the crazier that person is the more likely that person is to win. Let us not ride down the road where both sides have nutters for spokespeople.

Then there is A-Rod. I hate the Yankees. As I am from the New England area it is my genetic makeup to do so. And of all the Yankees, I hate A-Rod most. On the flip side I think Derek Jeter is awesome just so you see that I don't hate everyone on the team, just the douchbags. I always thought A-Rod was overrated. Now if the new steroids scandal that threatens not only his Hall of Fame status but his career as well is true, he's screwed. Lance Armstrong should be the lesson here. Don't take steroids. It's cheating, it's dangerous, and in the long run, counterproductive. Once again, short term gains, long term consequences. This idea seems lost on people anymore.

It certainly isn't working for the Republicans who seem to be suffering from some sort of short term amnesia where things that have happened in the recent past are erased from memory. That is the only explanation for the 38th and 39th vote to repeal Obamacare, mind you with no plan to replace it. Even Fox news is groaning over the whole debacle. It really is a laughingstock at this point. Obamacare needs to be fixed, not thrown out. And until you assholes have a plan of your own, single payer cough cough, stop taking an ax to the only thing holding it all together. By the way, single payer will release businesses from providing insurance saving them billions in dollars which should be right down your alley. Are you guys that deep in the pockets of the insurance companies, the only businesses that stand to lose?

Still think the GOP isn't heading down the drain? Check out this nugget: the Republicans plan to shut the government down over Obamacare come fall. When funding votes come up for Obamacare, some Republicans are threatening a government shut down to stop it from being implemented. Yeah because that worked so well back in 1995 when they tried it last time. It resulted in the GOP suffering massive losses in the 1996 election which took years to rebuild. Is that really what you want?

In the House, 64 lunatics have signed on to do just that when the bill comes up for a vote later this year, all from one party. Guess which? Mike Lee (R-UT) has said he feels confident he has the necessary votes to filibuster any such bill, throwing the government into a shutdown. Also signed on are powerful congressmen Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (Texas),  Sen. John Thune (SD), and Marco "The Thirsty" Rubio (FL). Enter the most unlikely voice of reason: John McCain.

“Some of my Republican colleagues are already saying we won’t raise the debt limit unless there’s repeal of ObamaCare. I’d love to repeal ObamaCare, but I promise you that’s not going to happen on the debt limit,” McCain told Medved, according to The Washington Post.

“So some would like to set up another one of these shutdown-the-government threats. And most Americans are really tired of those kinds of shenanigans here in Washington,” he said.

Democrats are secretly thrilled as the GOP shoots themselves in the foot for the zillionith time. If they shut the government down, they will be blamed, especially as the most data shows the insurance costs will slow under Obamacare by as much as 50% in some places. Can we see if this thing works before we start trying to drown it in the bathtub. The Republicans hate change so much they are willing to let this country die as a result. They are no better than the idiot faith based religions that say prayer instead of doctors is all that is needed. Right now we need a lot more than just prayer. And the Republicans are down on the knees hoping to God that all will be right with the world. It's the rest of us that are going to have to do something about it.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Thanks to a tip from a reader, I tracked down a so called trillionaire named Kamal Ashnawi. Oddly, I had months previous tagged an article about him and just got around to reading it today. In it, we have someone claiming to be the world's richest man, an estimated $6.4 trillion euros at least according to some documents he produced. Supposedly, he inherited the fortune in priceless art, gold, silver and precious gems from all the wealth ever gathered by ancient China, India, Java and Siam from which he is also of alleged royal blood. To look at him, he seems quite ordinary and his tale is most likely a giant fish story told by someone looking for profit, fame and/or is just insane. If he is for real could he be the mysterious Yohannes Riyadi, who does not seem to exist while Kamal, even if a liar, is flesh and blood? Perhaps. But what do we know about Kamal? Not much. This is from the AMO Times:

Kamal, 48, a Dutch citizen, claimed, in an article published in The Star yesterday, that he was a descendant of royal families in China, India, Java and Siam.

He said 86.7% of the money in the world belonged to him as he had treasures hidden in a three-metre-high cave, with gold bars stacked up like a pagoda, US$15mil (RM46mil) in jade and US$10mil (RM31mil) in diamonds and stacks of US dollars.

Kamal, who hopes to be recognised as the Emperor of Indonesia soon, claimed that the treasures belonged to the dynasties that ruled China, and that there was more in other mountains and vaults all over the world.

He had shown documents, allegedly from a London branch of HSBC, to prove that he has five trillion euros (RM20 trillion) in an account there.

Kamal said he had come forward because there were too many false claims by others who said they were owners of the royal assets.

Both the local and London branches of HSBC bank declined to verify Kamal’s claims, citing confidentiality.

Here is where is gets weird. The guy, who may be delusional to the nth degree mind you, is also a highly skilled, very intelligent man who has several degrees, 16 international passports, and a world traveler. He is also very rich, as CEO of Sierra Petroleum World in Malaysia. However, here's a quote from Kamal that may have you think that he really IS insane from Malaysian Digest:

He is said to be traveling exclusively with his private jet and enjoys his singledome since he has eight ‘dayangs’ (female attendees) to cater his every whims. During the interview, he tells that once he is crowned as the Emperor of Indonesia, he will have 800 ‘dayangs’ and 1,200 bodyguards accompanying him, and he will have eight private planes traveling with him whenever he visits a country.

Tell me that doesn't sound looney toons. It's also possible. Highly unlikely, but not beyond the realm of chance. How scary is that? This is from global post:

Ashnawi says his riches were inherited through the Combined International Collateral of the Global Debt Facility "set up in 1875 by the world’s royal families," reports the Malaysian Insider.

These funds are managed by the Office of International Treasury Control, a highly shadowy group that claims to control major assets and occasionally promises major purchases but can't quite prove they actually exist.

This is the group's horrifically designed Web site.

The site is odd and appears to either be part of a spectacular hoax or disinformation site, hard to tell which. Are they legitimate? Don't know. There have been rumors of huge cash deposits like this one for years. One is supposedly being accessed by the Bush family taken from Nazi's during WW2. Another is a huge slush fund being used by the CIA to funnel drug money to black opt projects. And now this. It is as of right now impossible to know which is true. If more information comes out, I will update this, but for now reason states he's a loon. Incredible claims demand incredible proof and so far, this guy hasn't provided any. So like so many other mysteries throughout history, this one will have to remain open until more facts emerge.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Only in America could a major city, once home to hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, be laid to ruin eerily reminiscent of the old west ghost town. Detroit will not be the last the fall considering the economic factors we are ignoring and in some cases, teaching. Let's see those runner ups, many that have to do with the Zimmerman case.

1)Hate Crime Laws- Don't get me wrong: I am against anyone being targeted because of their skin color, religion or sexual orientation just cause someone asshole thinks it cool. However, these hate crime laws are basically thought crimes in which some one has to guess the motivation of the person attacking another. Shouldn't it all be the same in the long run. Unless some real bias can be proven, which is rare short of a neo-Nazi in full uniform beating a Jew while video taping the whole thing, it's all subjective and a waste of everyone's time. We seem to use it sometimes and ignore it others, kind like the rest of the law.

2) The Media-While the media was in full on rabid mode over the Zimmerman acquittal, other cases in the past have largely gone ignored. Like this case from 2007 that got zero attention nationwide: Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were two white people from Knoxville Texas who got kidnapped, tortured and raped by four black men. No racial connection was found, unlike the Zimmerman case where one was fabricated towards the defendant all the while ignoring all the race baiting done by Martin. The four black guys didn't get any coverage, weren't charged with a hate crime, as no evidence existed for such a case, and the whole thing slid under the carpet. The media manufactured a crisis, spoon fed it to a gullible public and sat back and watched the chaos ensue. With the end of the anti-propaganda laws that legally kept the news from lying to us (not that it stopped them before), those days are over. Now the news can lie with impunity and there is no way to stop it. The media can no longer be trusted to tell the truth. I will.

3)The Justice Department- Someone take Eric Holder aside and tell him politely to SHUT THE HELL UP! about the Zimmerman case. I get it. You're black, kind of. The Zimmerman case didn't go your way and now you the rest of your race are pouting about it. Boo hoo. I don't remember rioting and beating up black people when OJ got off. That's the way the system works. Deal. Now stop acting like a petulant child, give Zimmerman his toys back (his gun being illegally kept by Holder for reason's unknown), drop any pretense of a criminal Justice Department probe and move on already. Sheesh!

4)Black people- I understand that racism is alive and well in today's world. Paula Deen and the Republican party have proven that hand's down. But your calls for change in the justice system is both misguided and incredibly stupid. The way our system works, if there is no evidence of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, that person gets to go home. The alternative is dictatorial judges giving draconian sentences that would almost certainly not benefit any minority and no one wants that so stop asking for it. You are demanding that revenge replace justice, perhaps not realizing how easily that could be turned back onto the black community. Zimmerman got off fair and square, just like OJ Simpson. We moved on. So should you. Besides, much like OJ, there's always a chance Zimmerman will screw up again and wind up on trial which I doubt would go as well the second time around. It certainly didn't for OJ.

5)The Zimmerman prosecutors- After what can only be described as amateur hour for the prosecution, some are suggesting they actually threw the trial. It's the old, incompetent vs. in on it debate and not with out some merit. The Zimmerman case showed either rampant incompetence (my guess) or they intentionally threw this case because there is simply no other explanation. Things not done by the prosecutors include not asking for a change of venue, questionable jury selection that included no men (shades of the OJ case again where every jury consultant on Earth said was a bad call), a complete lack of preparation from any of their witnesses who got shredded in cross, and most shockingly, played a video of an entire interview with Sean Hannity to expose minute changes of detail that most agree destroyed their credibility. Rachel Jeantel's court appearance shocked many lawyers as to how inept the prosecutors appeared to have prepped her.  As a result of these facts, many lawyers have suggested the case was thrown on purpose. I would highly doubt this as the damage to their careers is permanent and may end it in the long run. Would you want these two yutzes on another high profile case? Unlikely if you want to keep your job when public outrage saturates the media. So chances are the two just suck and suck hard.

6)Ryan Murphy- This fucknut reminds me of everything I hated about college. I despised when teachers would teach something that was factually, provably wrong and I would call them on it. Some found it brilliant, others not so much, thus grades that went from A to D depending on the professor. Ryan Murphy is a part time professor of economics at Suffolk University. He is also completely unqualified for his job. In a op-ed piece in the Telegram and Gazette, shmucko argued against raising the minimum wage as jobs will be lost. He then when on to say if we lowered the rate, more people would get hired and the economy would improve. Unfortunately, that goes against every law of economics out there and he of all people should no better. If we lowered the rate, corporations will keep more money and the government will have to expand food stamps, welfare and other programs that help the poor. Everyone gets screwed in this scenario as we will have less tax dollars equaling less services which as we all know come out of those can least afford it first. However, if we raise the minimum wage, yes some people may get fired, but those that have jobs still will get a big increase in salary which he will then use to purchase goods and services which creates more jobs. And the government doesn't need to fork over as much in services for the poor as poverty disappears. That is the very definition of supply and demand that no one seems to understand anymore. Short losses lead to long term gains. If you go to Suffolk College, avoid this ass at all costs. He has no idea what he is talking about and will make you dumber afterward.

7)McDonalds and Visa- These two helpful morons put out a budget this week to show how someone working on minimum wage could "easily" survive in today's world. Taking a page straight out of Ryan Murphy's book, they put out a list, seen above, which gives no money for heat, food, gas or health care. Yeah nobody uses any of that. It was a slap in the face and people need to wake up and realize how screwed we really are.

8)John Henry Spooner- This 76 year old shot and killed a 13 year old black kid, unarmed at the time, for suspicion of the youth "stealing his guns." This kid is more the martyr than Trayvon Martin and yet no one seems to care about him or the 300 other black kids killed since the Zimmerman case started. Spooner will hopefully die in prison.

9)James Palermo- This dick cop beat a 22 year old woman for no reason, knocking out her two front teeth and gave her a concussion. Her crime? Innocently walking past him while involved in a traffic stop. He is now in jail for aggravated assault. I hope they put him in gen-pop.

10)An unnamed drunken ex-Goldman Sachs employee- In NYC the other day, a man, recently fired from the international bank, drank himself stupid, fell into a table of black men, started calling them the N word and took a swing at one of them. Talk about Bad Idea Jeans. One of them punched the drunk as hard as he could, knocking him out cold. The man was arrested for assault. Way to go dude.

11)Darryl Issa and the rest of the House- Issa once again claimed a huge surprise of evidence that the White House was behind the whole non-IRS scandal in upcoming hearings which then of course went the exact opposite way he had told us. Again. This man is a serial liar who has no business being in Congress. Shame on anyone still voting for him. The House this week also voted twice on ending Obamacare, raising the tally to 38 times. They also voted to repeal the No Child Left Behind law, started by W, with the same ax they want to take to Obamacare. Much like the ACA, No Child has some good points mixed in with bad. Instead of fixing it, the GOP just wants to squash it under the feet like some fat kid and an ant hill. These guys are screwing up America stat and some of you are voting for it.

12)Detroit- This country is in real trouble and Detroit is the canary in the coal mine. We have too few jobs that pay anything anymore. Pensions are crushing businesses with policies that never should have been approved in the first place. No one can retire on more money than they made working. That's idiotic. But many government pensions do just that and they are unsustainable at this point and need to be fixed. A cop can work at $75k per year and retire on $120K using unused sick days, vacation and overtime to pump up his salary. That is not acceptable. In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the country. They are now dead last for a major city. At that time there were hundreds of thousands of good paying blue color jobs. That number today is less than 27,000. 40% of the street lights don't work. The unemployment rate is around 50%. 47% are functionally illiterate.  Only 33% of the ambulances work. Emergency services can take up to an hour to arrive. Most police stations are closed 16 hours a day. Crime is rampant with many being told to enter the city at your own risk. This city is dead. And this could spread across the nation quick as our economy nosedives after the next stock slide. So congratulation Detroit for not fixing anything and giving us a glimpse of our future. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I keep hearing from everyone that as they have nothing to hide, why should they care if the government is snooping in on them? The fact is you have nothing to hide NOW. However, there may come a time when something you are doing right now becomes highly illegal, when some new law passes that suddenly makes you a criminal. Don't believe me? It's happening right now in places like Texas.

Texas recently passed a law that will ban most abortion clinics. The inevitable result from this is the main reason we have Roe vs. Wade in the first place. You cannot legislate your way out of moral situation. It's failed with gay people, with blacks, with the war on drugs. It will always fail because it will continue laws be damned. It is the very definition of supply and demand that no one in this country seems to have any idea about, especially the ones running large corporations who seem to see no correlation between todays' outlandish living standards for them while the rest of us starve in the streets. The Haymarket Riots changed a lot of that. Another is brewing.

So by driving abortion back into the alleyways, they have turned a portion of the populace into criminals. These people mostly have no criminal background, no interest in breaking the law except when they are forced to. And the surveillance state is always watching now, making getting away with this that much harder even though it may be a life or death decision now regulated by the state. I love how Tea Party idiots are against all forms of regulations, except of course the ones they like. Some animals are just more equal I guess.

But this is just the beginning. What happens if, god forbid, the Republicans gain control of everything again. This country will look so much worse for wear it isn't funny. It's why I have complete disdain for any moron who is voting for these assholes. A GOP controlled Congress and the Presidency will end this country as we know it forever. We will become a sure fire fascist state with complete control over the masses. Democrats try to hide it at least but the Republicans won't waste time getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, Unemployment and worker protections across the board. How do I know this? IT'S IN THE FUCKING PLATFORM EVERY GODDMANED YEAR! Wake up America. Things could go from bad to worse and a lot of you out there are making it happen. And the Big Brother watching us could also be used to enslave us. All we need is the right set of circumstances, which will most likely be engineered to happen, and we will cease to be even a whiff of a democracy as we are now.

The NSA is paying much closer attention to us than the media has led on because they are still obsessed with the Zimmerman fall out (which they helped create) and the British baby watch to be actually telling us things that matter. During a hearing in the Senate the other day, the NSA admitted that they cast a wide net under the guise of anti-terrorism reasons. Basically, if your friend of a friend of a friend is being suspected of being terrorist, so are you and you will be investigated. And if someone in that link is found to be suspicious, the whole process starts all over. That's a lot of people being looked at, and most are American citizens.

The TSA is searching cars left at Valet parking spots at various airports without permission by the owner. Nothing Nazish about that. They claim it is to prevent bombings, but isn't that why we have dogs for just that purpose? Why search every car? It would be cheaper and faster than a cavity search of every Hyundai? Oh but that's right. It's the federal government which hires more people they don't need than anyone else on the planet. Although in the long run, that's still better than corporations that work you to death for shit wages and fire you first chance they get to hire someone cheaper. We need a happy medium between the two because both suck.

And then we have our trigger happy police force which apparently cannot go one day without some roided up dick beating an innocent person half to death or shooting someone for no reason. In Texas, James Palermo was involved in a traffic stop when a pedestrian walked by. He shouted at her to stop and demanded her papers. When the 22 year old woman said she had done nothing wrong, the Incredible Dick slammed her into the car and then into the concrete, knocking out two of her teeth and giving her a concussion. Palermo was arrested for assault. Good. I so hope he goes to prison where, as we all know, cops are treated with the dignity and respect they so deserve. Here's his picture if anyone wants to say Howdy to him.

You think that 22 year old girl cares about police brutality now? You bet your ass she does and what happened to her could happen to ANYONE? This is nothing new. While in college, two of my roommates got the crap kicked out them by some psycho cop for doing nothing more than walking down the street. Same scenario. Same results. And that was over twenty years ago. Then it was an anomaly. Today, it's common place. Back then, they couldn't find a lawyer because even though they were A students with no criminal background, no one believed the police would beat up two innocent people and therefore a civil case would be hard to prove. That wouldn't fly today as everyone distrusts the police now and civil cases are being fired on a daily basis against them. The country stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money every year because we fail to hold police to a higher standard than the rest of us and boot these bad apples quick. Instead unions fight for them idiotically and keep these maniacs acting like the jack booted thugs they are.

The point is, we all should be worried about the protections being lost. If you think that because you are doing nothing wrong today, that that means anything down the road, so did dozens of others each day whose lives are being ruined because they said, "it will never happen to me." Until it does. The Jews found that out the hard way when Hitler gradually took more and more personal freedoms away until by the time they realized they were headed for the oven, it was too late to do anything about. They had been successfully marginalized, just like we are. If we don't act soon, we will be no better than the Jews circa 1940 and we will have no one but ourselves to blame.
End the Republican party today and demand the democrats do more. It's literally our only hope at this point in which violence won't begin.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I have been stuck in the seventh circle of hell known as government bureaucracy for the past few days. Seems my Mass health plan was cancelled for unknown reasons and I have spent the last few days trying to fix it with little success. First, they told me that my employee health plan had ended and that they advised me to go on COBRA. The only problem with that was I haven't had employee insurance since 2008 and have been paying for it out of my own pocket for years now for which I have received assistance paying for it. Then, while trying to find out why all this was happening, I was shuttled to five different numbers each one with varying wait times as I was passed like the proverbial buck. After finally faxing in the info they wanted, I was rudely told by someone with attitude that they didn't get my fax and all of this was my fault for not sending in the proper documents which I didn't even know about until yesterday. Funny how that bit of info wasn't included in any of the documents I got or the dozen people I have talked to over the past week. Why do we need so many different numbers for Mass Health? I like the plan but I hate having to deal with anyone at any of these agencies as they all seem borderline retarded and seem incapable of handling the smallest problem. This is why people hate government and think corporations run things better. Trust me, they don't. But this is turning into a Sisyphean task that will never end. Hopefully, when I call back later I can straighten everything out and not have to cough up more money out of pocket that I don't have.

In more relevant news, if MSNBC wants to know why it ratings are in the toilet, they should look no further than racist pundit, Michael Eric Dyson. This idiot who has tried to argue the idea that black people cannot be racist, which is in and of itself racist, just argued that Americans will not understand racism until white kids are being killed at the same rate as black kids. He then called on Eric Holder to use the Justice Department to try Zimmerman for hate crimes, which that case certainly does not qualify for. The high murder rate of black kids has nothing to do with white people as almost all of it is black on black crime and has zero to do with racism and everything to do with the drug trade. 94% of black murders are committed by other black people and more people are killed in an average weekend in Chicago than in fifty years of the Klu Klux Klan.

Racism is alive an well in the black community, Rachel Jantel, the woman on the phone with Trayvon Martin when he died, explained that the use of the word "Cracka" isn't racist but just how they speak in the ghetto. By that explanation, people down south who use the word "nigger" would be just as justified in using the word withing their own communities as well. The word cracka itself is racist as it is used as a slave term to describe their white overlords who would "crack the whip." The "Cracker" would whip the slaves when they misbehaved. How is that not racist when the very original usage was used with slavery? Just because you think it is okay to use it doesn't make so anymore than some white racist using the word nigger to describe black people. Both are racist statements so stop using it.

The job numbers have become so laughable that even the Wall Street Journal looked at the latest statistics and wrote an entire article about how fake they are. So even the MSM is looking into this and seeing outright lies now. This is from the WSJ:

In June, the government's Household Survey reported that since the start of the year, the number of people with jobs increased by 753,000—but there are jobs and then there are "jobs." No fewer than 557,000 of these positions were only part-time. The survey also reported that in June full-time jobs declined by 240,000, while part-time jobs soared by 360,000 and have now reached an all-time high of 28,059,000—three million more part-time positions than when the recession began at the end of 2007.

That's just for starters. The survey includes part-time workers who want full-time work but can't get it, as well as those who want to work but have stopped looking. That puts the real unemployment rate for June at 14.3%, up from 13.8% in May.

The 7.6% unemployment figure so common in headlines these days is utterly misleading. An estimated 22 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed; they are virtually invisible and mostly excluded from unemployment calculations that garner headlines.
Now while the did go on to blame Obamacare (which I still think is being used as the boogeyman to turn our workforce into part time slaves as this has been going on for far longer than the AHC plan), the article does spell out other forces at work such as outsourcing and a lack of skills needed to fill jobs that are readily available as two things that need to be changed.
Big business has responded with the usual head in the sand statements made by companies like McDonalds. They, along with Visa, released a way for everyone to survive minimum wage work with a "helpful" chart to show how it can be accomplished. Here it is and try not to laugh while reading it:

First, they say you have to work eighty hours a week, or two full time jobs to survive. Then, they go on to reveal numbers for bills that exist nowhere in reality. Rent for $600 a month is only possible if you want to live in the worst neighborhoods in the country. There is nowhere near me for less than $800 a month for a one bedroom. And what if you have kids? Good luck finding $600 a month anywhere for that. Car payment for $150 is impossible unless you bought a car from the 1990's and will be spending double that every few months for repairs. Heat is apparently a luxury as they equate no money at all for that. My favorite is $20 a month for health insurance which exists nowhere. Cable, phone and Internet is double the $100 a month they estimate as well. All in all, this budget does not exist in reality and I dare any McDonald's executive to try to live off of this for one month. I will pay one million dollars to anyone who can, which is impossible as heat isn't free and health care costs a minimum of $ 250 dollar a month for a decent plan which won't get you penalized by Obamacare.

This is why the world sucks and continues to do so. When we live in a fantasy world, like the above sheet proves, nothing will ever get fixed. Demand more from your employees and do whatever it takes to make it happen. The rich are screwing us blue and sooner or later, it will all come crashing down again. And when your sitting in the rain, wondering how your house, job and car are all gone you'll wish you had done more.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Watching the news lately you would think that George Zimmerman stalked, killed and ate Trayvon Martin all the while chanting subservience to Satan. The only side being stated is that Zimmerman got away with murder and, as a result, are stoking racial violence due to their ineptitude or malfeasance. At this point it is getting harder and harder not to believe that a race war is exactly what the government and MSM media. And the reasons for that are much more devious than you would expect.

But first, let's cut through the bullshit that is being spread across the airwaves and social media. Here is what happened that night, as best seen through all the evidence presented in the trial, and some that wasn't due to the prosecution not giving it to the defense, which could lead to sanctions or even disbarment.

George Zimmerman is a wannbe cop. But his neighborhood has had eight break ins over the last few months, most likely committed by young black youths. This is not a racial statement but one bore out in facts about arrests for said crimes in Florida, for which black youth make up an astonishing 89% of the offenders according to the Justice Department. Oddly, when adults are looked at, whites and Hispanics become the predominate thieves, accounting for 69% of the criminals and blacks 29%. But Trayvon, at 17, is still considered a juvenile in this statistic and, therefore falls into the most likely suspect pool. This is not racial profiling anymore than watching someone of Middle Eastern descent getting on a plane, acting odd, sweating and praying to Allah over and over. His race become less about that than suspicious behaviour that makes people notice race. That is not racism. That is called common sense.

So Zimmerman sees a black youth in a hoodie, walking through a gated community at night in the rain. He's not walking on the sidewalk but between houses. Now mind you, this was a common short cut to the local gas and sip from which Martin just came from but, could just as easily been suspicious behavior. Zimmerman follows and calls 911. The dispatcher tells him not to follow him and Zimmerman complies, heading back to his car. When he walks over to see what street he is on, in the opposite direction of the way Martin was walking, he is accosted by Martin.

Just previous to this Martin was on his cell phone talking with his girlfriend. He tells her he is being followed by a "creepy ass cracker," racially profiling Zimmerman and showing a clear disdain for white people, a view predominate in black communities nowadays. His girlfriend tells him to run, to which Martin says he is not going to do that. In this statement, we see Martin as an aggressor. He had a chance to get away and chose not to. Zimmerman was not following him anymore and there was no need for confrontation. Nowhere in any statement is Zimmerman the pursuer here. Martin is.

Martin accosts Zimmerman, asks if he has a problem and then punches Zimmerman in the nose. Zimmerman goes down, his nose broken from a sucker punch, Martin gets on top and starts beating his head against the pavement. Zimmerman grabs his gun and shoots Martin in the chest. Witnesses all say this is what happened, even those from the prosecutors, minus one who obviously saw nothing as her description of Martin was more akin to the media's portrayal of Martin as a twelve year old kid and not the tattooed, grill wearing thus wanna be he was.

Where is the racial profiling beyond that which we SHOULD be profiling people? If black youths make up 89% of the burglary offenders, shouldn't we pay particular attention to said group. And it's not like Martin was a choir boy by any means. His tweets, background and photos portray exactly the kind of person who would be breaking and entering. The fact that stolen jewelery and burglary tools were found in Martin's locker earlier that month, which led to a ten day suspension, should be bigger news. It is also telling that no charges were ever brought against Martin under pressure from the chief of police who wanted to avoid prosecution of young black males. Why? Because the black community is so obsessed with race that they are failing to see that young black youths are indeed committing crimes at a monumentally higher race than anyone else. Instead they cry racism, which it isn't in this case.

Is it not possible that Martin may have been responsible for some of the break ins in that neighborhood after all? Had Martin been prosecuted when he should have been for possession of stolen property, he might still be alive today, albeit with a record. And why is the media reporting  none of this.

We've all seen the pictures of Trayvon Martin on T-shirts, the media and protest signs. What no one seems to realize is that they have been doctored. On the right is the original and on the left the one every has seen. Why did they lighten Martin's skin? To make him less threatening maybe?

The media is still framing the narrative. Nancy Grace, a worthless human being, repeated a debunked part of Zimmerman's 911 call in which he supposedly said "Fucking coons," when in actuality he said "fucking cold," which it was that night. I've heard the audio and he does NOT say coons, which anyone with ears can discern. NBC is being sued for doctoring audio tape that made Zimmerman seem to add race into the mix when in reality he is answering a question by the 911 operator as to what race the suspicious person is.

CBS news on Sunday's morning news shows had not one but two black men, one from the NAACP and the other from Georgetown University, both of which condemned Zimmerman as a racist for which they want the Justice Department to hold him liable, nevermind the fact that the FBI's own case study said no overt racism occurred. Had Zimmerman been wearing a "I love White People" shirt while firing wildly at a fleeing Martin,  they may have a case. But as that reality only exists in the minds of black people, the media and perhaps even the government, that case isn't going anywhere. And by the way CBS, shouldn't you have had on someone to dispute the racism calls rather than two cheerleaders for stringing Zimmerman up.

Maybe the government wants this to prevent black people from realizing that they are being abused, not because of the color of their skin but because they are poor. It's the color green that is being abused and instead, we are been told to focus on the latest distraction to make us forget that the banks are screwing us blue, creating a permanent poverty class that no one can ever escape. That is the real issue here, not some black thug wanna be who died because of a chip on his shoulder and a hatred for whitey. Who is the more racist in all of this?

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I have read some of the most racist bullshit coming from social media sites, the MSM and, most shockingly, celebrities over the acquittal of George Zimmerman. This country needs a big tall glass of shut the fuck up. Let's see those runner ups.

1)The police- Another week, another round of police brutality. There have been so many over the past decade that a new book has been written, Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko. In it, the author goes into great detail how our police force has been militarized, mostly due to the ill fated War on Drugs which is chipping away all of our civil liberties in rapid fashion. Even some very liberal writers are starting to see the writing on the wall, and as a result, are changing their positions on gun control. This is why we have guns. Not to protect us from criminals but an out of control police force that acts like the military and is literally killing us in droves. This week, there was a major sex scandal in Lakeland, FL where a forensics specialist and raving nympho apparently had sex with most of the force, during work hours as well as after. According to her, some of the sex was even non consensual, ie rape, by her superiors who were more interested in having sex than doing their jobs. Many have been put on leave or fired as a result. Then there is the Albuquerque police force which is being investigated for destroying evidence in a murder involving a former police officer accused of killing his wife. Both the husband and wife were having affairs with other police officers and he killed her as result. The local cops destroyed evidence, changed testimony and did other underhanded things that have destroyed their reputation. In Yuma, Arizona, a man who refused to comply with an illegal checkpoint, had his window broken, dragged out of car, held for nine hours and then released without charges. Too bad for the police the whole thing was caught on tape. Guess who plans to sue? This type of bullshit is costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and needs to stop pronto. In the worst story of the week, Robyn Ruckman's home was invaded by a SWAT team in Pittsburgh. Her crime: her lawn wasn't mowed. The worst part is she only rents the home meaning she isn't even responsible for the upkeep outside. Once again the whole thing was caught on tape and lawsuits are expected. This shit is killing innocent people and animals, trampling on our civil rights and costing local, already strapped communities, lots of money. Demand more from your politicians in stopping this trend.

2)Texas- This week, the Texas legislature passed a draconian, anti-abortion bill which will close 90% of the states clinics and drive back women's rights a hundred years. So far, when these measures have passed in other states, like AL or MI, the courts have struck them down as unconstitutional. Texas is likely to follow and this idiocy makes the state turning more and more blue much more likely. The Republicans there are singlehandedly destroying themselves. Bravo.

3)KTVU- This Oakland TV station was made a laughing stock when the accidentally released several names from the most recent plane crash in San Fransisco and made the mistake of not reading them out loud first, which would have let them in on a bad joke made by a NTSB intern. The names read were Pilot Sun Ting Wong, Wi To Low, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow. They had to apologize for the error which never should have happened in the first place had anyone there had a brain in their head.

4)Walmart- First, DC passed a new living wage law that would have forced Walmart to raise their pay to just over $12 an hour. When they balked at building new stores should the law pass, the DC politicians thumbed their nose at the Big Box store and told them to fuck off if they didn't like it. We need more people like that in Congress. Then, at the annual shareholders meeting, they packed the place with screaming, North Korea-like support for the giant retailer from employees. However, on an internal web site, the negatives were three to one, with many complaining about low pay, bad managers and dirty stores. They have not had a positive week which I find very funny. No one should be shopping there unless absolutely necessary.

5)The US and European governments- In response to the incredibly ill advised move to ground the Bolivian President's plane on blind suspicion about Ed Snowden being on board, several South American countries have retaliated against Europe in particular. Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay have recalled all of their ambassadors from Europe in response to what they call "a serious breach of protocol and diplomatic security." They went on say this:

The gravity of the incident - indicative of a neocolonial mindset - constitutes an unfriendly and hostile act, which violates human rights and impedes freedom of travel, as well as the treatment and immunity appropriate to a head of state,” the Mercosur nations affirmed in the joint statement.
The incident was further described as a “discriminatory and arbitrary” decision by European countries, as well as a “blatant violation of international law.”

What the United States government is seeking is to obstruct Edward Snowden’s bid to seek asylum. Not to get asylum, but to seek asylum,” Peter Tatchell, a human rights activist said. “It has bullied and threatened and menaced other countries around the world to not grant him asylum and to not grant airspace so that a flight can take him to another country. That is a direct attack upon the United Nations’ refugee conventions, and it is shocking and appalling that a supposedly democratic government, in collusion with European governments - including the government in Britain - has been conspiring to not allow Mr. Snowden to make a valid asylum application.”

Way to make friends guys over something so insignificant. We and Europe stand to lose billions in trade deals that will instead go to Russia and China. It's not like Europe isn't in free fall economically or anything. This is the kind of mistakes that end countries when money desperately needed goes away. This nonsense has to stop.

6)Marco Rubio- Due to his idiotic stance on immigration, numnuts has plummeted from top of the heap for president in 2016 to fifth and dropping. It's not even close to the race and already he has to do damage control. However, the current top leader has his own problems to deal with now.

7)Rand Paul- Yes according to a recent poll, Paul leads the contenders for being the GOP candidate in 2016. However, a recent scandal may end all that before it even had a chance to start. One of his former associates, Jack Hunter, has recently been seen wearing confederate clothes, is openly calling for secession and even criticized Lincoln. Paul has tried to distance himself from the obvious racist but as there are countless pictures of them together, this bodes ill for any real campaign for president.

8)Republicans- The House will for the 38th time try to repeal Obamacare with the same results as the previous 37 times. Talk about the definition of insanity. The House also passed a Farm Bill that cuts crop insurance at a time when drought and claimed change are wrecking our agricultural system and set aside food stamps for another time, even though the Farm bill and food stamps are always together. The bill has no chance in the senate. The loan rate for students doubled this week, making cash strapped students owe even more for an increasingly worthless degree. These dicks can't be voted out of office soon enough.

9)The Zimmerman Prosecutors- Not only did they do a piss poor job trying a case they never should have tried in the first place, an IT whistleblower came forward with evidence that the defense never received over 2000 photos and text messages that painted Trayvon Martin as the thug wannbe he really was. The judge in the case will rule whether sanctions will be taken against them for failure to comply. These two are likely out of job any day now.

10)Social Media and MSM- First off, the media has spun this case into some racist wet dream than never occurred. CNN and others kept referring to Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic," a term that does not exist. We don't call Obama a white negro do we?  Do we call someone half white and half Japanese, a white Asian? No. So why induct race into a place it has no purpose being. NBC was caught editing tapes that made Zimmerman seem racist. CNN released personal info, such as Social Security numbers, that have no place in such reporting. It's reminds me of the movie Tomorrow Never Dies where Bond baddie, Elliot Carver, tried to start WW3 so his newspaper can report on it. The media here seems to want a race war so their numbers increase. That is some devious shit if true. Then there is social media which has exploded with death threats against a man rightfully acquitted. No matter what you think of Zimmerman, there was not enough evidence to convict. Period. For once our justice system worked just fine, a rarity let me tell you. And then there are the celebrities out there, like Michael Jai White, literally threatening Zimmerman's life, to the unfunny midget Kevin Hart tweeting Zimmerman's address. How would you like it if I tweet your address to the Klu Klux Klan you racist? One site, ironically called the Knowledge Movement, published outright lies as fact, saying Zimmerman stalked, pursued and killed Martin as he was running away. I must have missed that in the trial because that never happened according to even the prosecution. And all this talk of riots is crap. White people didn't start burning down ghettos after OJ walked and that bastard really did kill his wife. A Hispanic guy shot and killed a black guy and was found innocent by an all female jury. How is any of that racism? Black people need to stop seeing everything as racial when sometimes it is just because they were assholes which occur in all races. We need to move on to much more important things like the imploding economy and a police force that is killing people of all races. So congratulation MSM and social media, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Both parties seem hell bent on ending this country, with the GOP leading the charge in almost all avenues in destroying the middle class. However, the democrats are hardly blameless with Obama and Congress also doing some underhanded dealings, mind you not to nearly the level the Republican party wants. It is my main desire to see Republicans put into the trash heap of previous failed political movements like the No Nothings, Whigs and Federalist parties. If the right keeps up what they are doing, they will be joining them soon.

The most spectacular failure for the right is their inability to pass any bill that does screw over the middle class, poor, minorities, gay people, abortion rights activists and, especially Hispanics. Maybe they missed the memo that the Hispanic population is growing at the fastest level and their inability to provide any sort of immigration bill is going to mean they will never win another presidential election ever.

It doesn't help that their constituents are filled with some of the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet. One 66 year old woman, when asked by reporters about her position on immigration, mirrored the same idea said by Senators from Alabama and Texas which proves our elected officials are no smarter than this woman with a third grade education. She said she didn't want to reward people here breaking the law and can't understand why we don't just round up all the illegals and deport them, showing a blatant misunderstanding of budgetary concerns. There are roughly 12 million people here illegally. Rounding them up, housing them and then deporting them would cost this country billions we don't have. These are same idiots trying to cut funding from the poor and middle class but appear to want card blanche when it comes to illegals. What part of we don't have the money do these idiots not get?

When it comes to health insurance, this country is borderline retarded. I sold insurance for six months and couldn't do it anymore due to the fact that 90% of the people I talked with had little to no understanding over how insurance works. It really saps your will to live when so called educated people cannot figure out even the basics of any insurance plan. Part of this is due to people like the Koch brothers who have recently released a new anti-Obamacare ad that spreads more half-truths and lies to and already misinformed public.

In the ad, a woman, "Julie" talks about how she has a son who has seizures and has some serious questions about the Affordable Care Act. First she questions about not being able to pick her own doctor under the new rules. Hate to break to you babe, put you can't pick your own doctor now unless you want to pay your insurance company out of network costs. This new law does nothing to change that which has already been in effect for decades.

Next, she asks: "What am I getting in exchange for higher premiums and a smaller paycheck?" Were premiums going down before Obamacare in any meaningful way? Not a chance. And while I would agree that premiums are still going up to unacceptable levels, that has little to do with Obamacare and more to do with the fact that greed is the majority factor, something Obamacare does try to fix, albeit in a mostly meaningless way. Obamacare is flawed, due to Republican instringency, and as there is little will to fix the problems, these will be exacerbated, Obamacare or not. We need to get off business offered plans and move to a single payer system like the rest of the world. I hate to break it to all the haters out there, but these systems work far better than here, is cheaper and provides better care. Yes there are horror stories involved, but are they really any worse then here? I'd rather spend less money and have the same degree of issues thank you.

Then "Julie" asks her final question, "Can I trust Washington with my health care?" This is bullshit as Obamacare continues the status quo of corporation controlling insurance and Washington has nothing to do with it. Honestly, I'd feel better if the government was controlling it as they are always better as things than corporations. How many feel that Medicare is poorly run? Not many because it is cheaper and better run than most medical plans. Every time corporations get involved services decline and prices rise faster than the government. Don't believe me. Name any organization that runs things better the government? Is UPS cheaper and better run than the USPS? Hardly. Are private prisons better than state run ones? Recent evidence shows they are twice as expensive and run really badly. The Tea Party has convinced people, erroneously, that government is incompetent and Big Business will save us. That has never been the case ever yet some parrot heads are still squawking about it.

My favorite line from the right are statements like "I don't want to pay for everyone else's health insurance." This shows how idiotic some people are because that is exactly how insurance works. Funds are placed in a risk pool where the healthy subsidize the costs of the sicker. This is why younger, healthier people need to enter the risk pool to offset the costs of those who are not as healthy. Otherwise, costs skyrocket and everyone pays more as a result.

The Koch brothers are hell bent on destroying the country so they can make even more money. Their reported wealth is around $43 billion, but I would say that number is most likely much, much higher. Not only do they want to destroy the health care system, they also want to privatize SS and Medicare, effectively destroying them, and best of all, eliminating the minimum wage to "help the middle class." Yeah because we all know that corporations and the super rich as so generous with their money (insert sarcasm here). If the minimum wage were ever to be eliminated, people would be working for even less money and under worse conditions. As Idiot America has decided that unions suck, we are falling further and further behind the rest of the world and are rapidly turning into a third world nation. And the Tea Party is all for it. What a bunch of fuckwads.

But Obama and the Democrats are hardly blameless either. A recent report, mind you from a highly questionable source, says that the Justice Department gave money for people to protest against George Zimmerman. Now Judicial Watch is the organization that released this info and they are VERY biased against democrats. When they listed Elizabeth Warren as one of the top fifteen most corrupt politicians in Congress, and only ONE republican over all, anything they write from then on is highly suspicious. According to them, Eric Holder gave thousands of dollars to various groups to organize rallies and protests against Zimmerman, and backed up supposedly by FIOA documents. They also contend that the police chief was fired because he didn't want to arrest Zimmerman but was pressured to by the city council and the Justice Department to do just that. When he balked, they demanded his resignation. While the latter is pretty much what did happen, according to the former chief himself and the documents may indeed by accurate portraying a government that wants a race war, considering the source, I am still not convinced.

Obama and Congress have managed to eviscerate an insider trading bill. Obama approved raising the radiation levels in our drinking water that would increase cancer rates from one in ten thousand to one in twenty three over the next 30 years. The democrats in Congress have had no meaningful legislation even attempting to fix middle class problems entered in years. Worst of all, despite a majority agreement in legalizing pot, and raising much needed revenue and job creation, Obama and the democrats have continued this failed policy of arresting and incarcerating smokers.

This type of stupidity has to stop. And while the right wingers are leading us to an early grave, the Democrats and Obama are silently cheerleading from the side. Wake up and demand more people or there won't be a country left to demand from.