Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Way back when I was in college when dinosaurs roamed the earth and fire was a novelty, I took a class that examined conspiracy theories, cyptozoology and UFO's. In it, my professor, Dr. Kenneth Feder, told us that whenever you read or hear something that has "facts," treat everything as if it is a falsehood until you can prove it yourself. He used the example of Erich Von Daniken's book "Chariot of the Gods" as a good example. He was reading it one day and was fascinated by what he read until he got to the part about Mayan glyphs that Daniken said showed a man piloting a spaceship. As an anthropologist and well versed in Mayan culture, he knew that wasn't what was being depicted at all but was instead a picture of Mayan afterlife beliefs. But anyone with little to no knowledge of Mayan culture might take Daniken's word for it and repeat it to others, spreading the myth until it becomes a "truth," in and of itself.

This is exactly what has happened with climate change. People like the Koch brothers have an invested interest in NOT allowing climate change to be seen as truth and, as a result, puts out dozens of "scientific" studies that say it's all a myth. Only it isn't and the world is being fooled into a false sense of reality that may kill us all.

Are all climate change theories true then? Hardly. The climate change field has it's share of problems too with people putting forth false ideas for the sole purpose of continuing funding to their pet projects, but these are far fewer than the anti-global warming idiots who are putting out studies than are in no way replicable and, therefore, junk science.

Here are a few facts that are NOT in dispute. The earth is getting warmer. The oceans are getting warmer and more acidic. Glaciers are melting at a pace never seen ever in history. The Arctic and Greenland are melting at record levels while the Antarctic is getting colder. We are breaking environmental records at a rate unheard of in modern history and beyond the rate of statistical anomalies. None of what I have said above is disputable. If anyone out there has any proof of the above not being true, I would love to see it because all the studies that say it ISN'T happening that I have seen so far, are bunk.

The loss of Arctic ice is going to have profound effects on the weather, of which we have started to see. On August 26th, 2007, Arctic sea ice hit record lows and has continued to decline every year since, dropping below 1.5 million square miles or a 45% loss. This is unheard of in human history. Because of this drop in ice, solar radiation is increasing, raising the temperatures and melting more sea ice. Eventually, we will hit a tipping point and the Earth may warm rapidly then and end all civilization as a result.

This is also causing wide fluctuations in the jet stream and this could alter weather patterns in the US causing drought, hurricanes and blizzards in record numbers. Oh wait a minute, we already HAVE seen this as the Midwest is a dust bowl and the Northeast just saw its second major hurricane in the last two years. I have lived in this area for most of my life and I have only been in four hurricanes ever. Two in the last year is a little suspect. Mind you, back in the fifties, the Northeast had three hurricanes, two of which were category 3, so frequency in and of itself is not a sole indicator of global warming. However, the size and scope of these storms are much different from even stronger previous ones which does make it more likely to be caused by climate change.

What about temperatures? The month of June broke or tied 3,215 high temp readings, which followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere and the 327th consecutive month the entire planet exceeded the 20th century average, which statistically to happen by chance is 3.7x10-99, a number that has more digits than grains of sand on a beach.

So was Sandy a product of global warming? Most likely, yes. The size and scope of this hurricane has never been seen before. I have never heard of hurricane warnings in places like Ohio and Michigan. Last year, Vermont got pummelled by Irene and that never happens. This year, New Jersey and New York got flooded. Parts of Queens burned to the ground. Seaside Heights and Atlantic City boardwalks are in people's front yard. Most disturbing, the Jersey Shore house is no more. Let us have a moment of silence for all the herpes germs that lost their lives when the condo sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Hurricanes like this one are exactly the predictions made by experts who say there will be far less hurricanes but the ones that hit are going to be doozies. Warmer ocean temps cause greater storms and the Atlantic this year is one degree warmer than usual. That may not sound like a lot but our oceans are a lot more fragile than you would think. A temperature spike of just one degree is one of the major factors in coral deaths world wide. It was also enough to strengthen Sandy and cause the devastation those of us who still have power have witnessed. The fact it happened during a full moon and high tide certainly didn't help.

The fact is the world is getting warmer and weather patterns are shifting dramatically as a result. If you read anything that says otherwise just remember what Dr. Feder used to tell me: Unless you are an expert of what is being told to you, look farther than what just one idiot says. Fox news viewers should take that to heart.

Monday, October 29, 2012


The GOP seems hell bent on stopping voter fraud which, if it were true, would be a good thing. However, what they have been trying to do is a blatant attempt to steal an election through intimidation, subterfuge and outright theft. As electronic voting is all the rage, it seems appropriate to expose these machines and the people who own them.

Romney and his family have direct links and investment control from voting machine makers Hart Intercivic and Diebold and strong support from the other three. When one party is being massively funded by the same groups that make the voting machines, we have to stand up and take notice. Computer fraud has been going on since the contested election of 2000 and has only gotten worse.

Recent evidence in the MA special election between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley showed some highly unusual anomalies. In counties where paper ballots were used, Coakley won. In every county where Brown won, only electronic voting was available. This is outside the realm of chance and shows that Brown may have actually lost the vote after all.

Recently, a retired NSA analyst spent his free time applying a mathematical formula to past elections in Arizona and found a thoroughly corrupt pattern that only applied to the GOP candidates in larger precincts, as smaller ones would be too easily detected. Here's a link to a the story all about this:
“Easy to Cheat”
Retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho has worked for nearly seven years trying to understand voting anomalies in his home state of Arizona and Pima County. This publication has written extensively about apparent vote machine manipulation in a 2006 RTA Bond issue election that is still being fought in the courts. Said Duniho, “It is really easy to cheat using computers to count votes, because you can’t see what is going on in the machine.”

When Duniho applied a mathematical model to actual voting results in the largest voting precincts, he saw that only the large precincts suddenly trended towards Mitt Romney in the Arizona primary – and indeed all Republicans in every election since 2008 – by a factor of 8%-10%. The Republican candidate in every race saw an 8-10%. gain in his totals whilst the Democrat lost 8-10%. This is a swing of up to 20 point, enough to win an election unless a candidate was losing very badly.
Since sifting through and decoding massive amounts of data was his work for decades on behalf of the National Security Agency, he wanted to understand why this was ONLY happening in large precincts.

Nose Counting
The idea of examining large precinct results came via a link to a report written by Francois Choquette and James Johnson. Choquette became curious about South Carolina primary results in the February Republican contest. There a poll observer noted an unusually big gain of votes for Mitt Romney in larger precincts than in smaller ones. Choquette wanted to know why?

He examined and applied all of the normal statistical markers to see where a variance might occur: income level, population density, race, urban vs. rural, even party registration numbers. He found no correlation to explain why Romney votes trended upward while Paul and Santorum votes trended downward -yet only in large precincts.

Choquette then looked at all 50 states and found roughly a 10% switch in votes from Democrat to GOP. This was noted in every state except Utah, where the presumption was, as it was Mitt’s religious home state and very conservative, there was no chance of Romney losing and no variance was found.

Choquette even saw in Maricopa County, which is Phoenix and its suburbs, that in 2008 Romney used this technique against John McCain. But McCain beat him by too much for a 10% fraud gain to matter. McCain tried to do the same thing in the general election to President Obama but 9 million votes nationally were too many to make up.

Examining every county across America was too massive an undertaking for any one person so he included a simple set of instructions and encouraged others to do the same with raw vote totals in their county/state.

1. Download the text files of all raw actual vote results by precinct from the Secretary of State’s Office.
2. Arrange them in precinct order.
3. Put in all of the candidate totals for each precinct.
4. Sort the data by total vote smallest on the top.
Now here it gets a bit dense: He needed to add columns that show cumulative totals by candidate then compare them by candidate to establish trend lines.
That reveals trends should remain statistically constant throughout an election.

Stealing Votes
But as the spreadsheet shows, the larger the precinct, the numbers start to change dramatically.
“If percentages did not change from one precinct to the next, we would see a flat line, but what we are seeing is sloped lines downward for Democrats and upward for Republicans (or, in the case of the Presidential primary, upward for Romney and downward for his opponents), said Duniho.”
In every election contest, the trend lines dramatically crossed for no apparent reason. It was revealed that votes were being systemically bled off for Rick Santorum and Ron Paul and then being credited to Mitt Romney.

Once Duniho completed the spreadsheet, he pumped in actual vote totals from other Arizona election contests.

Chart showing Barber v Kelly special election to replace Gabby Giffords result in Pima County where the margin of victory was too large even with the supposed 'fix' in to overcome.
He looked at every 2010 race in Arizona from Governor Brewer to Senator McCain and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. The trends lines all did the exact same thing. Someone had manipulated the election outcome, most likely one person inserting a programme inside the system’s central computer… that flipped votes.

The results were astounding.

They showed that Governor Brewer actually lost her election and Gabby Gifford’s razor thin less than 1% point re-election victory over Tea Party Conservative Jesse Kelly was closer to a 20 point victory for her.

Duniho added, “We need to have strong hand count audits to confirm the integrity of these elections. This means comparing hand counts with official reports of the election.

Ohio PrecedentThis isn’t the first time Republicans have been charged with vote theft. It happened in the 2004 presidential election, in Ohio and Florida.

In Ohio, GOP consultant Michael Connell claimed that the vote count computer program he had created for the state had a trap door that shifted Democratic votes to the GOP.
He was subpoenaed as a witness in a lawsuit against then-Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, and lawyers for the plaintiff asked the Dept. of Justice to provide him with security because there were two threats made against Connell’s life by people associated with Karl Rove. But in Dec. 2008, before the trial began, Connell was killed in a plane crash outside Akron Ohio.

There were problems in Florida, as well.

A study by the Quantitative Methods Research Team at the University of California at Berkeley found that anomalies between Florida counties using touch-screen voting and those using other methods could not be explained statistically. Noting the higher-than-expected votes for Bush in three large Democratic counties, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, Michael Hout, a Berkeley professor who did the study said there were strong suspicions of vote-rigging.

“No matter how many factors and variables we took into consideration, the significant correlation in the votes for President Bush and electronic voting cannot be explained,” Hout said. “The study shows that a county’s use of electronic voting resulted in a disproportionate increase in votes for President Bush. There is just a trivial probability of evidence like this appearing in a population where the true difference is zero—less than once in a thousand chances.”

Don’t Trust, Verify
Indeed the only way to 100% verify this election fraud would be through handcounts of ballots by precinct, matching those results to the reported totals. But as was mentioned earlier, a group in Pima County has been trying unsuccessfully to get access to ballots to conduct such a count for almost five years since anomalies first surfaced in voting machines in 2006.

Is there a judge in Arizona likely to suddenly reverse past trends and allow access to conduct such a handcount of ballots 12 days before a national election? And if not, why not? Maybe someone needs to commission the Anonymous hacker group to re-level the playing field because the courts are not going to do it.

The results of Duniho’s analysis can only happen if votes are being stolen, and the only way that’s possible is if the computerised machines are programmed to steal them. Welcome to Zimbabwe.
More than 100 million Americans will cast their ballots thinking their vote will be fairly counted. It should be. Yet the crooks know they can safely flip up to 10% of votes without consequence. Anything more than that is statistically suspect.

President Obama won by such a huge margin in 2008 that even with this anomaly built into the system, he cruised to victory. This year the election is much closer. Can American democracy afford yet another election crisis placing three of the four last national Presidential election results in question or worse: The outcome was stolen, the outcome a victim of election theft?

Don’t Take Our WordUse the spreadsheet above to do the maths in your own state, county or precinct. The results are compelling. Then demand that the Justice Department stop this insane view that results need to be reported by 11 pm for the television networks. Demand hand ballot counts!
We use paper ballots in the UK and results do not even begin to trickle in until 3 am. The final outcome can take up to three days to finalise. But voters in Britain know the count is accurate because every ballot is transparently hand-counted. When I read this article that Serbia, Belarus and Kazakhstan were sending election monitors to watch the US Election?, I knew we’d jumped the shark.

We are already being victimized by vote fraud on a scale that, in another country, would lead to calls for international election monitors. It is time for Americans to stop being victims of ghosts in the machine.

Welcome to the banana republic of the United States of America. I will be watching this election like a hawk and if any kind of hanky panky like this goes on, and Romney steals the election, all bets are off as to how the electorate will respond to such a blatant theft. The exit polls better match, the right person better win or all hell is going to break loose. If Romney or Obama wins fair and square there will not be a problem. If the election is fair then I will say loud and clear that my prediction is Obama will win 303 to 235 on the electoral college. But if Obama loses the popular vote and still wins, the Republicans and the Teatards will spin into a frenzy. If Obama loses and fraud looks to be the outcome, the left will riot. November 7th is going to be a big day. Let us hope neither of the above scenarios come to pass our else this country will burn.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


If there was one word I would use to describe the week the GOP and their supporters had, I would use this one: Meltdown. It was a terrible week for them with one self inflicted wound after the other. It was hilarious. Let's see those runner ups.

1) Italy- This week, seven seismologists were found guilty of manslaughter for failing to warn the Italian government about an earthquake that killed 308 people in 2009. WTF? Are you kidding me? The only plus to this story is that it's refreshing to see rampant stupidity somewhere not in the US for once. Someone should explain to the Italian criminal system that seismology is not an exact science and NO ONE on the planet has a reliable way to measure severity. Hawaii got a tsunami warning today from an earthquake off the Canadian coast which turned out to be nothing. Using the logic of the Italian court system, every business that had to shut down could sue for damages from the "faulty" warning, which of course, will never happen here, no matter how backward thinking a lot of us are. This is a warning for us all that mankind on a world wide scale are somehow devolving back into witch hunts and flat earth mentality. Way to inspire your children into a career in science Italy.

2)Eric Hartsburg- This idiot tattooed a copy of the Romney insignia onto his face for $15,000. Not surprisingly, people who see the tattoo hurl insults at him. Shocker. He plan to auction space on his forehead next. I have a suggestion: DUMBASS.

3) Hurricane Sandy- This "Frankenstorm" is barreling toward the east coast with devastating possibilities for everyone involved. The Jersey Shore is going to get pummelled so I would suggest that the cast from the same titled show go down to the beach for a closer look. Trust me, it's fine. And don't forget your future serial killer to take with you, Snookie. Romney must be spitting nails over this which has not only stopped any campaign stops in places like Ohio, Virginia, NC and Florida (all states he has to win), but also knocked his messaging off the nightly news as well as giving the President a time to shine when they have been in damage control all week. I am starting to wonder of God has a sense of humor after all as this is the SECOND hurricane to hurt the GOP in the last few months.

4)People who think weather modification is real- This week, I have heard from some like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh that the hurricane coming has been engineered by the democrats to destroy Romney's chances at winning. There is no part of that statement that is true. First, if we had weather modification technology, wouldn't we be using it places like Texas where the drought has gone on for years now? Or to steer hurricanes AWAY from the country? A story has been circulating about a couple who were taken to an army base and told that a major storm would be approaching the coast in a few weeks and to prepare. There are so many holes in this story that it's not worth my time explaining it. Accept the story as bunk and let's move on. Weather modification is not real.

5)Hamas- In an apparently suicidal attempt to end all life on the planet, the Muslim nutbags known as Hamas have been firing a steady stream of rockets from the Gaza Strip this week. Worse, they have taken steady aim at the nuclear plant at Dimona. If by some miracle they not only hit it but damage it to such an extent that a nuclear accident occurs, what do they think Israel's response would be? I am guessing they will flatten the Gaza strip and possibly nuke Syria, Lebanon and Iran back to the stone age. These fuckwads are going to get us all killed. Somalia has indirectly declared war on Israel after a missile plant for Iran was bombed this week. Israel responded by chuckling to themselves and double dog daring them to do anything. What are they panning as a response? Catapults?

6)Yoselyn Ortega- This horrible person allegedly stabbed the two children she was babysitting in NYC this week and then herself in the neck. The mom returned with her other child to come across this awful scene. Ortega survived her self inflicted wound. Other than some rumors of psychological issues, no one had any idea she was mentally ill or even capable of this terrible tragedy. Oddly enough though, there are some odd anomalies with this story that do bear looking at. The father of the two kids is a media executive at CNBC. One hour after the attack, a story about a lawsuit seeking $43 trillion against the major banks disappeared from their website with no explanation as to why. Coincidence?  This follows on the heels of a banker in Europe who was assassinated this week. Are they connected? More on this tomorrow as I do more research on this developing story.

7)All Republicans- If you are thinking about voting for any GOP candidate at this point, there is something wrong with you. After what can only be described as one of the worst week's for any presidential candidate ever, how can any reasonable person look at almost any person running under the Republican banner and think, "they have my best interests at heart?" Let's start with Monday with Romney's dismal performance at the debate which killed his momentum and gives Obama the edge to win the election now. Any pollster worth his weight can see the tide turning against him, and regardless of a random poll here or there, the average polls show a distinct movement toward Obama. If Romney's debate performance was the worst thing that happened this week, he wouldn't be in such sorry shape. Sadly for him, it was not to be.

First, he got Donald Trump announcing a HUGE bombshell that would derail the President and sweep Romney into victory. Instead, we got more birther type nonsense about PT Trump offering $5 million to the president's charity if his choice if he coughs up his college records and passport info. Nevermind the fact that Romney faces similar actions for not releasing his tax returns like EVERY presidential candidate has done for decades, but no president has ever released his college records willingly, nor should they. The media laughed at Trump and for once it wasn't because of the dead animal on his head. Trump was also fired that same day from Trump Place condos for mismanagement of the building. That's funny.

Later that day, Sarah Palin strode foreword and announced in a clear voice that she is racist and damn it, people better realize it. She actually used the words "shuck and jive" to describe Obama's response in Benghazi, which is one step below calling him "nigger" to his face. I can't understand why the GOP is having such a hard time getting the black vote can you?

Not to be outdone, Richard Mourdock, the GOP incumbent in Indiana, then goes on a grand stupidity tour in which he announces that any woman who is raped and gets pregnant should accept is as God's will. Really? How well do you think that will play with women voters? I am being told that hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. Worse, one of the only ads Romney has done for a Senatorial candidate is Mourdock for which he has not only stood behind but has refused to take down the ad because there is no better ad campaign then Mitt's smiling puss next to a name now synonymous with Todd Akin. Way to go dude. Mourdock went from a sure win to struggling in the polls.

But wait, there's more. The Romney campaign advisor and resident nutbag, John Sununu, went on Pierce Morgan and said Colin Powell is endorsing Obama because he is black. When asked to clarify, Sununu put on a Klan outfit and danced around a burning cross. Okay that last part didn't happen but it might as well have considering how badly he did clarify his statement leaving him no wiggle room to get out of it.

As if all that wasn't enough, we ended the week with John Rick, Mitt Romney and Meatloaf singing "America the Beautiful." What could go wrong with that you ask? Watch the video and it looks like Meatloaf is having a conniption fit during the rendition, singing off key and basically looking like a loon. Not the photo op you had hoped, eh Romney?

Why is anyone still voting for these people? One of my friends said he was still up in the air because of Obama getting rid of guns. When I explained that that simply has NOT happened, I asked him where he heard it from. Of course, it was from his idiot stepdad who no doubt got it from the even more worthless NRA. Any regular reader knows I am to the right of the NRA when it comes to gun control and even I wouldn't give a wooden nickel to this partisan outfit. The NRA doesn't care about gun laws. They care about getting Republicans in office, which by the way, have been even worse for gun laws than the democrats have been. I will remind everyone that George Bush did more to insert new gun laws than Obama ever has, including the 2004 assault weapons ban. Funny, I don't remember the NRA attacking Bush for that bit of legislation. And the Obama administration did nothing to fight against the loosening of hand gun laws in Chicago and DC. Obama is not going after your guns. The GOP is and, because too many out there believe whatever bullshit comes their way (weather modification nuts, I am looking at you), we have a much closer election than it should be. So congratulation to the Republican voters out there who are WAY to stupid to live at this point, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, October 26, 2012


This election is very important in some instances. Women's rights, contraception, unemployment insurance, medicare and social security are all on the line and voting for Romney is a sure fire way to see them all go away. If you want abject poverty for you and your kids, by all means vote for the GOP this year. I find it astonishing that ANYONE is voting for any Republican candidate, especially true morons who think Michelle Bachman or Allen West are qualified to be choosing national policy. However, let's be frank about the democrats who are barely better. Both are taking corporate money like it's heroin and the average American is getting shafted all the same.

For the past few decades, the rich have run over us all the while claiming class warfare is hurting us. Meanwhile, they steal everything that's not nailed down and then have the gaul to blame us for there being nothing left. We still hear how Fannie May and Freddie Mac gave mortgages to people who couldn't pay and that was why we had such a financial disaster. BULL. The reason for the collapse was the huge rise in stocks and housing, mostly due to unregulated derivatives and credit default swaps. Mortgages were a small part of it yes, but in no means the only or biggest reason. Stocks and housing were overvalued and when those bubbles burst, everyone not paying attention got creamed. The super rich didn't as they fled the stock and housing markets months before they fell. I warned everyone about the housing market and almost got it to the day when things began to fall apart in 2008. One friend who didn't listen, bought his house at peak prices, watched the value plummet and is now in foreclosure. I may not be right all the time, but when I am, it's usually a doozy.

Here's the truth about our financial crisis: WE ARE SO SCREWED. Worse, we have been this way for some time, living off of credit to hide the fact of how bad things really are. We keep hearing how Clinton balanced the budget. He did this by stealing huge sums of money from places like Social Security which one of the reasons it is broke now. This is money we as a people put in for us and our elders and the government went on a wild spending spree with it. Mind you, if I had a choice I'd rather have Clinton in office still rather than the last two lame ducks we had. He may be a slimy douchbag but at least he knew how to sell it. Romney comes across like a bad used car salesman and Obama as a bored professor.

We keep hearing we are around $16 trillion in debt. We are actually closer to $200 trillion in debt if we factor in future liabilities like SS, Medicare, military expenses and the like over a ten year period. What this means is that whoever wins, this is the amount of debt we can expect to see. As neither side is willing to make any changes to the wealthy while driving European austerity, that will never fix the problem, our way, the future is none too bright.

The worst part about this is, as I have suggested in previous posts, I believe some of the ultra rich out there are actually much richer than they are telling us. We know somewhere between $18 and $300 trillion are being stored in off shore accounts. We know the government gave $16 trillion out in bank loans to God knows who. We know $3.2 trillion, possibly as much as $9 trillion, went missing from the Pentagon just before 9/11. Tell me that money couldn't go to fixing EVERYTHING wrong with this country. For those who like to say if we took all the rich people's money, it would only fund the government for a second and a half, look at those above number and say the same. If we confiscated all of that money, not only would we have enough to pay of the debt, but we could refund hundreds of thousands of dollars to every eligible man and women in America.

I would like to add that I do not believe for one second that Mitt Romney is only worth $250 million. As we all know he has plenty of money in off shore accounts and can afford to pay accountants millions to hide the rest, I would be willing to be he is worth far north of several billion. While I do not believe he is a trillionaire by any means, his net worth is also not what he is telling us and may be the main reason his tax return have not seen the light of day.

We do not know the value of these people because it is impossible to gain an accurate estimate of someone who is very wealthy due to the fact they use complex ways of hiding it. Shell companies, off shore accounts, electronic banking and other factors make it not possible to follow the money. Someone could be worth ten trillion dollars and only claim to be worth $2 billion. Who would know. Not the IRS who lack the money or manpower to go after such an individual. Not the government who are in cahoots with the super rich. Certainly not someone like me who at best at this point can offer anecdotal evidence for their existence.

Here are three of the families that have been rumored to be worth far more than they are letting on. The Bushes (shocker) $15 trillion, the Rockefellers $11 trillion, the Rothchilds $100 trillion, Queen Elizabeth II $3 trillion. Some of this is kept in the Global Security Fund, a gigantic slush fund, allegedly worth $65 trillion and established in the same way as the BCCC scandal. There is no independent way to verify whether these allegations are true or not but they certainly aren't out the path of reason either.

If this is true, the global elite have been stealing from us blind and then blaming us for all the problems when they themselves caused it. These groups have almost certainly been in power for centuries and are a secret shadow government that may control huge aspects of all global issues. There may come a time, and soon, when they realize they don't need all of us anymore and that's when the bombs will start falling as they hide in luxury bunkers.

We still have some power among us but that is rapidly disappearing thanks to idiots like the Tea Party who seem to want a fascist state in which women are property again, black people are slaves and the rich can do as they wish consequences be damned. Not only do we have to vote democrats into power, but once in there, demand they start listening to us or else. We are running out of time before a prison planet is a reality and by then, it will be far too late to do anything.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


It was a very bad day for the GOP yesterday. And I do mean BAD. Like election losing bad. First Trump came out with his "bombshell" which turned out to be an infomercial for Obama's college records, conveniently leaving out any mention of Romney's missing tax returns. I find it hysterical that the right wants every detail ever about Obama but, on the other hand, Romney not complying with the most basic of demands is met with silence and derision. Donald Trump may have officially jumped the shark with this latest stunt. I get that he wants publicity P.T. Barnum style, but this latest bunch of malarkey made him look beyond foolish. Even the far right saw this as pure propaganda.

Then came Sarah Palin like a white goddess from the North singing her racist nuttiness for all to see. During an interview she actually used the words "shuck and jive," to described Obama's handling of Benghazi. That is some old timey racism, girl. For those not in the know, as this is a colloquialism from the 1870's, the slur was used to describe slaves who were considered lazy and worthless. Way to call the President the N-word, moron. Black voters are sure to LOVE that analogy.

Then the piece de resistance in the form of Indiana Congressman Richard Mourdock talking point about how raped women should be happy God blessed them with a child. WTF? I can almost see every Republican pundit and Mitt Romney burying their hands in their face as to the damage this may cause. Todd Akin is still smarting from his idiotic statements about abortion and is now going to lose and badly. Mourdock was comfortably ahead in one of the few sure fire holds for the GOP in the Senate. That is now in question as women may leave this ass by the truckload and shift the numbers toward the democratic challenger.

Worse, Mitt Romney did an ad for Mourdock so, whether he wants to admit it or not, his smiling face is going to be seen next Mourdock's name and be subconsciously linked together on abortion. Considering I do not believe for one second he is not totally to the right on abortion, I am thrilled to see this story. Abortion is a personal choice that outside people have no business getting involved in.

I don't care what you believe, anti-abortionists. I don't believe the same things you do. There is zero scientific evidence that life begins at conception. The Bible mentions life begins at blood which doesn't form until the eighth week  so you do not even have that to go on. When you force your beliefs on me I get mad. We shouldn't even be having this discussion in this day and age and the fact that contraception is even being mentioned as well makes me worry for the future of this country. This flare up could cost the GOP any chance at winning now, both the presidency and the Senate and they only have themselves to blame for this latest round of stupidity.

On the heels of all of this is Hurricane Sandy, which some are predicting could be worse than Irene or Lee from last year. Swell. If I don't post for a few days next week know that I am sitting in the dark, pissed as I hate being without power. Last time I lost internet, phones and cable for a few days but the power stayed on, which is all I really cared about anyway. I can still play video games, watch DVR or DVD's, read the gagillion books I am behind on, and talk on my cell phone.

The latest track has it hitting somewhere between NJ and Boston. Worse, for the second year in a row, Halloween may be affected. I hate when it rains on Halloween because I feel real bad for the kiddies whose night is ruined. A hurricane is far far worse. In this area last time, festivities were postponed or cancelled outright. When we had ours a few days after Halloween, the streets were packed with more kids than I have ever seen in the past five years I have lived here, so at least they still had their big day.

The hurricane may also hurt campaign stops, the Brown/Warren debate and other incidentals that hurt the GOP far more than the still ahead Obama in electoral votes. The GOP needs a miracle. This hurricane, combined with the fact that Republicans don't know when to shut up, is certainly not it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So it came out today that both Donald Trump and Gloria Allred have "October Surprises" in store for the alternative candidates. Trump's big news was rumored to be about divorce talk between the Obama's a few years back. The actual story was even less interesting. Allred is in MA right now trying to have a divorce case gag order between the owner of Staples and his wife unsealed. Neither are likely to affect the polls much.

Trump's "HUGE" story turns out to be even less interesting than his earlier birther nonsense. Turns out he is offering Obama $5 million to the charity of his choice if Obama releases his college transcripts. Nevermind the fact the NO president has ever released his records although both Bush's and Kerry leaked out showing a C average for both.

I also do not care about anyone's college record, not even Bush's. Why? Because college grades are a terrible reflection upon anyone's intelligence or character. I have a genius level IQ of 181. I am an expert in several fields and even invented both a philosophical theorem about free will versus omnipotence that has yet to be challenged twenty years later (omnipotence does not impede free will as long as the knower does not impart knowledge upon the knowee. The decisions are still his own without outside influence.) and a shortcut on a lengthy logic theorem. However, some of my grades were terrible due to push back from less than stellar teachers which I had little patience for. Some of my teachers found me brilliant and other found me to be an ass, so my grades do not show my real intelligence.

As Obama was editor of the Harvard Law review in his first year, his college grades are most likely very good. Someone with crappy grades, no matter what his skin color was, was not going to get that position. However, if he got a C in organic chemistry or the like, the GOP will use that nonstop to prove racial bias for his entry into any position as well as questioning whether a C level president is good for this country even though they had no problem with Bush being a less than stellar student. Where was Trump when Bush was running this country? Oh I forgot, Bush was white and rich and that makes all the difference apparently.

Meanwhile, Gloria Allred is in MA today, her court case delayed until tomorrow. Supposedly it has to do with a bitter divorce between the owner of Staples and his wife in 2004. Romney testified in the owner's defense and may have perjured himself, not a serious matter but certainly better than P.T. Trump's three ring circus of idiocy. The longer this drags on, the more speculation against Romney and the more his campaign suffers. Romney's attorneys have already made it clear they have no problem with the judge unsealing the records, indicating there is not much to this story either. So both stories appear to have huckster posturing behind them rather than a genuine devastating blow to either candidate in an increasingly tired campaign.

The polls are not in Romney's favor right now. Current numbers have Obama 253 to 191. This means Romney has to win Ohio, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina and any one of the remaining three swing states to win. Obama needs Ohio or Florida or any combination of two to four of the remaining states to win. That is not good news for the challenger.

Polls show women, Hispanics, gays and blacks still supporting the president by a good margin. White, older men appear to be the dumbest people on the planet as they are literally asking to shafted good when things like Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, food stamps, and welfare go the way of the dodo if Romney wins. Add onto that death to the unions, wages falling across the board for people making less than $50,000 a year, and several new wars and you have to wonder what drugs these morons are doing. States like Florida and Virgina have become competitive due to this idiocy. Who votes to have any hope for getting ahead crushed before their eyes? White dudes.

Luckily my brethren are becoming an endangered species and don't have the pull they had a decade ago. If Hispanics show up in droves in Florida, Obama wins. If young people put down the bong and vote in Virginia, Obama wins. Worst case scenario is that bad weather spreads across the country on the 6th and the dems stay home. If it's bright and sunny, look out Romney.

I will be thrilled not to have to write this stuff anymore and can get back to bashing the ultra rich again and multi national corporations who suck. November 6th can't get her quick enough at this rate. Watch for yet another press bomb to hit before the end of this cycle which will be even less interesting than the two hinted at this week. Be sure to stay tuned for Trump making my douchebag column later this week. He has certainly earned it.