Monday, October 31, 2011


A no brainer this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Mother Nature- The reason for my column being delayed until today is I had no cable, internet or phone lines until late yesterday. However, unlike the three million other people in the Northeast, I did not lose power. Thank god. I love having electricity. Yet another disaster in my area in a long line of previous ones. Trees came down in my driveway and barely missed my car. Others in my neighborhood were not so lucky. Halloween has been postponed for the kiddies until Friday as power lines are still down all over the place. I have been unable to reach any of my friends in CT as they got the brunt on the storm. My town just missed it again. I certainly live in the luckiest town in New England as every disaster so far has missed my house, even though a tornado went right over it and the hurricanes and blizzards have done their fair share of damage, we have been blessed. This is of course leads to my next douchebag....

2)Climate change deniers- Can anyone with a straight face say that the weather these past few years haven't been out of whack with the norm? No you can't. On the heels of such denial comes a new study, commissioned by the oil companies and douchebags extraordinaire the Koch brothers, which we all knew would say that.......... global warming is real???? WTF? Yeah, suck on that deniers. Yes, Richard Muller started as a skeptic, but after two years of studying the data, he has concluded that the rise in temperatures is real and that the Earth has gotten 1.6 degrees warmer in sixty years, an astronomical sum and one not seen before in history, at least not in the time period allotted. Our climate is getting warmer, and while the reasons can still be debated, the fact is the Earth IS getting warmer. For any doubters still out there, there is satellite data from the past twenty years that shows a steady rise in world wide temperatures including the oceans. It's real. Nuff said.

3)Herman Cain- Cain was dealt what may be his death blow to his campaign after stories surfaced of him sexually harassing women when he was president of the National Restaurant Association. His lack of a response to the charges, which surfaced ten days ago, is especially damaging to woman voters who may be turned off by this latest gaffe. Plus, he's had more than a week to craft a reasonable response instead of just saying the charges against him are false and he has no further comment on it. As the woman were paid money to go away, his statements that the claims were false doesn't really hold water. Many in the GOP don't like the guy for his business friendly attitude and his support for things like The Fed and the rich. His numbers may fall as a result. As he has zero chance of beating Obama in a general election, many hope his fifteen minutes end soon.

4)The elites- I am so tired of hearing how bad the 1 percent has it. Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., went down to Occupy Wall Street to berate the protesters as Marxist losers. Don't they understand how much he has suffered? Oh boo hoo. Wall Street has been raping us for years and the salaries for the these people he has employed have dropped steadily for years where we now make less than we would have in 1970 by as much as 14,000 dollars. And Bernie Madoff's wife took it to a whole new level as she says she and Bernie tried to kill themselves as the financial ruin they had begun unraveled. Next time take cyanide and lots of it. Losers.

5)The Police- Across the country, police have taken it upon themselves to disrupt, attack and arrest peaceful protesters nationwide. After Oakland's debacle (more on that later), police should very worried about what steps they take to ransack protests. Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Atlanta have all been very heavy handed with their tactics. The military has sided with the protesters, a very important step. I would like to see sympathetic governors across the US to call the national guard to protect the protesters from any over zealous cops. Remember, if society fails, cops are going to be the first to get killed, as it happens in every other nation where these tactics are used. The military not only won't protect you, they may help. Stop being fascists and join the cause.

6)Jean Quan and Police Chief Howard Jordan- These two idiots who have barely been in office a year, or in Jordan's case, a few weeks, and already their political careers are in ruins. Many are asking both to step down and rightfully so. Quan tried to give a speech to the protesters but was loudly booed off the stage. Intern chief Jordan won't have his job much longer as any chance of him being installed permanently is gone along with his career. Quan is a goner in the next election and it's starting to seem unlikely she'll last that long. Their idiocy has energized the movement and gave us our first martyr Scott Olsen, currently in fair condition after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister, although so far he has been unable to speak. We wish him the best and a full recovery. God speed soldier. Sucks that you have to serve your country valiantly only to get hurt by the police during a peaceful protests. As a result, the military is pissed at the cops and a general strike has been called for Oakland. I urge anyone reading this in Oakland to avoid work or school next Wednesday to show solidarity. I would also like to call for country wide strike for the Monday before Thanksgiving. Only by standing together can we win and get our country back. Help make this a reality. So congratulation Jean Quan and Howard Jordan for officially starting the revolution. You are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


In a sign of true solidarity with the real heroes of our nations, the new group "Occupy Marines," have asked off duty marines to join the cause. The group began after videos circulated online of a Marine confronting New York City police, questioning their tactics used against Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. In a video that has received nearly 2.5 million views, Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas of Roosevelt, N.Y. an Iraq War veteran, spoke out to police in New York's Times Square, charging that they were over-reacting to Occupy marchers - and shaming their uniform.

"This is a not a war zone," Thomas said. "These are unarmed people. It doesn't make you tough to hurt these people. If you want to go fight, go to Iraq or Afghanistan.

"Leave these people alone," he yelled. "They're U.S. citizens! U.S.! Stop hurting these people, man. Why are you all doing to it to our people?

"They don't have guns! It doesn't make any sense!

"How do you sleep at night? There is no honor in this. There is no honor in what you're doing to these people! ...You're here to protect us!"

They have also promised support for helping the protesters survive winter conditions and if anyone could do that, our brave men and women across the armed services certainly can. If you look at any revolution across the planet, it always seems to be the cops that are the storm troopers for the elites and the military sides with the protesters. Egypt, Tunisia, Greece and Portagul are good examples of this. Only in dictatorial areas like Yemen or Syria do the military crush all opposition and thankfully, this shows we are not there yet.

Unfortunately, mayors across the country haven't quite got the idea that these protests aren't going away and in Oakland, CA this past week, a riot broke out started by, of course, the police. They sacked a protest movement claiming "safety" concerns and responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the protesters to make them disperse. In the process many were injured, including Scott Olsen, an Iraqi war veteran who was critically injured in the melee. After being hit in the back of the head with a bean bag projectile at close range, any who tried to help were assaulted by police. Way to serve your country you fascist pigs. If Oakland turns into a war zone, please do remember that due to budget cuts, half your police force got laid off last year. May I also remind you that if Scott Olsen dies, you have just given the protesters their first martyr for the cause. If you look at the first people to get killed in any revolution, the cops are the first to get sacked and their families. In Egypt and Tunsia, after the state police force tried to break the encampments or rebel strongholds, police stations across the cities were burned to the ground and reports of whole families belonging to the police were executed. If you don't think that could happen here, remember that we have more guns than anyone on the planet and if you keep this nonsense up, sooner or later people are going to use them, almost certainly against you. This is not a call to violence but a warning. Join the protests for the 99% of which you are included. Tell the politicians that you will not follow orders than are fascist in nature. Tell them that they are the ones that need to be afraid. Join us and help save the country. Be the Americans that we all want you to be.

We are THE 99. We do not forget. We do not forgive.

Fear us.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tales From The Occupy Wall St Movement

This past weekend I spent visiting Boston. And while I never made it to Dewey Square as I had planned, luck would have it as Dewey Square came to me. As me and my girlfriend made our way back to our car on Beacon St., we noticed a protest going on in the middle of the street. The Occupy Wall St movement had decided to sit for a few minutes in the middle of the street and chant "Occupy Wall St." I noticed a young girl staring at me, probably all of nineteen years old, and raised my hand in solidarity. She smiled back knowing I was on her side.

Meanwhile two old farts standing next to me starting making jokes about Occupy Cuba which would have offended me more had it made any sense so rather than make a scene, I let that one go. Had they continued, it might have gotten ugly. The divide between us is growing daily and new violence by Tea Party radicals have begun against the movement. A fight was started by Teatards in Albany in which, surprise, they got their ass kicked. These aren't the hippies of your parents. These people hit back. Video has surfaced of this moron being pummeled and fleeing once cops arrived, his face bloody. No arrests have been made, but his face is all over the place so expect some repercussions for this idiot. A chemical bomb was also thrown at Occupy Maine protesters. No injuries or arrests have been reported as of this writing.
This is a dangerous precedent that could lead to an all out civil war. The Tories will side with the government, the rebels with the Occupy Wall St movement. Which side are you on? If you side with the Teatards, you are a traitor to this country and should be treated accordingly. These protests, cold weather or not, are not going away any time soon.

An interview with one of the founders of the Occupy Wall St movement said what most of us have felt: That politicians on all sides have abandoned the middle class. Obama has been singled out for going back on almost all his campaign promises and his idiocy has sent the country in a tailspin from which the will be no recovery. Not without blood it appears. This is not a call to violence. It is a warning for what is about to occur. With Obama's lack of concern for the economy, for falling slave once again to big Corp demands he has sealed our fate. No one believes anything anymore and with good reason. There is always some idiot out there claiming expertise and crapping all over what most scientists believe as gospel, without a shred of proof. And the idiot public laps it up simply because they don't know any better.

Our climate is changing. The why may still be debated to a certain extent but it falls in the face of reason or statistical chance that record after record is getting broken worldwide on an almost daily basis. I'm sorry climate deniers but that is outside the realm of chance and has never happened ever in history. I'm not talking about recorded history but all history. Stop repeating your lies and watching the less educated latching on to them. Your going to get us all killed when climate change hits the tipping point and there is nothing we can do at that point but watch several billion people starve, freeze, boil or somehow all three.

The Tea Party is dangerous and are proving it with their nutbag stormtroopers attacking peaceful protests. The cops cannot be trusted as they side with the very corporations we are trying to defeat. We must stand tall. We must stand proud. We must stand.

We are THE 99. We do not forget. we do not forgive.

Fear us.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Another no brainer this week, let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama- Desperately trying to lose the next election, Captain numnuts has decided to piss on his base for what will almost certainly be the last time. In a sure fire bet to lose California, Obama has decided to break another campaign promise by going after medical marijuana users, distributors, and even landlords in a fascist attempt to crush state rights. The ATF and the Justice Department have teamed up to go after anyone selling pot in the state, legal or not. Wow, most be great that we've solved the economic crisis's that have dogged you since day one. Yup, those protesters should be going away any day now. Keep waiting loser while your popularity continues to slide. You've turned a sure fire win into an almost certain loss at this point. Short of Herman Cain or Rick Perry getting the nomination, you are a one term President. If Romney gets the nom, I'm voting for him. Why would I vote for a republican you ask? Because at this point, either the person will be far, far better than what we have now, or the new guy will screw things up so badly that the revolution forming in the street will be pushed into overdrive. Either way, I'm happy. I am pissed at Obama right now and the poll numbers suggest so is everyone else. STOP SCREWING OVER YOUR BASE IF YOU WANT TO WIN IDIOT!

2)Republicans- This weeks eighth debate showed that most of candidates running for office are the best reason why Obama may win a second term. Not one of these people is worth voting for with the least icky, somehow, being Mitt Romney. It's too bad he won't stand up for his health care plan which has worked tremendously in this state and would work just fine across the country. But since the GOP has demonized any form of fixing our broken health care system, no one is willing to lead on this issue. And leadership is what we desperately need right now. No matter who wins the next election, we are probably screwed. Thanks Tea Party for giving the most right wing morons you could find.

3)Tea Party- The same group that started the protests are now the ones being the most vocal against it. When did you guys become the official Nazi party which is exactly what you are. You are fighting the fight for a fascist state and you don't even seem to know it. Dumb asses. You should be joining the protests, not fighting against it. And people like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter need to shut the hell up. We're full up on crazy right now. And Herman Cain is the leader of the stupid. The fact that he's leading in the polls makes me wonder just what lead based drink, the GOPers are drinking. Wake up and smell the coffee that this moron's foreign policy experience makes Obama look like the leader of the UN.

4)Quaddafi- Word come out today that everyone's favorite crazy dictator met an inglorious end when rebels killed him and filmed the body (Obama should see how this kills any conspiracy theories that might be out there). This idiot had every chance to leave and spend his days in luxury in another country. But no, he decided to fight to the end and now he's dead. So congratulations from your new home (one that is considerably warmer I would guess) on you Colonel Quaddafi, you are douchebag of the week.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall St Becomes Major Political Force

In response to the idea that a bunch of drugged up hippies are using these protests to invent new bong making strategies and fornicate in the streets, comes this new declaration of independence that is striking in its forethought and accuracy. I am reprinting it below:

1. The Occupy Wall Street movement, through the local General Assemblies, should elect an Executive Committee for each city comprised of 11 People or some other odd number of People that is manageable for meetings. Ideally this committee should represent each city in the U.S. that is being occupied. These Executive Committees will act as the original “Committees of Correspondence” did 235 years ago prior to the first American Revolution.

2. The Executive Committee will then tend to local issues such as obtaining permits, paying for public sanitation and dealing with the media. More importantly, the Executive Committees shall plan and organize the election of the 870 Delegates to a National General Assembly, as set forth in the 99% Declaration between now and July 4, 2012.

3. As stated in the 99% Declaration, each of the 435 congressional districts will form an election committee to prepare ballots and invite United States citizens in those districts to run as delegates to a National General Assembly in Philadelphia beginning on July 4, 2012 and convening until October 2012.

4. Each of the 435 congressional districts will elect one man and one woman to attend the National General Assembly in Philadelphia. The vote will be by direct democratic ballot regardless of voter registration status as long as the voter has reached the age of 18 and is a United States citizen. This is not a sexist provision; the drafting committee believes that women are dramatically under-represented in politics even though they comprise more than 50% of the population.

5. The Executive Committees will act as a central point to solve problems, raise money to pay for the expenses of the election of the National General Assembly and ensure that all 870 Delegates are elected prior to the meeting on July 4th.

6. The Executive Committees will arrange for a venue in Philadelphia to accommodate the Delegates attending the National General Assembly where the Petition of Grievances will be proposed, debated, voted on and approved. The Delegates will form committees, elect a chair from their own ranks to run the meetings of the National General Assembly and break any tie votes.

7. The final 99% Declaration and Petition of Grievances, after being voted upon by the 870 Delegates to the National General Assembly, will be formally presented by the 870 Delegates to all three branches of government and all candidates running for federal public office in November 2012. Thus, the Delegates would meet from July 4, 2012 to sometime in early to late October 2012 so that the Petition of Grievances may be presented prior to the election.

8. The Delegates to the National General Assembly would then vote on a time period, presently suggested as one year, giving the newly elected government in November an opportunity to redress the Petition of Grievances.

9. If the government fails to redress the petition of grievances and drastically change the path this country is on, the Delegates will organize a third independent political party to run candidates in the 2014 mid-term elections.

10. There will NEVER be any call for violence by the Delegates or anyone connected to this movement. Every Delegate will take a pledge to NEVER take any money, job promise, or gifts from any corporation, unions or any other private source. Any money donated or raised by the Executive Committees may only be used for publicizing the vote, paying for expenses of the local General Assemblies which will continue to meet, the National General Assembly, and for travel expenses and accommodation of the Delegates at the National General Assembly. All books and records will be regularly published openly online so that everyone may see how much money is raised and how the money is spent each month.

The 99% Declaration Drafting Committee

This is our chance people to get our country back. Pass this new declaration along to everyone you know and anyone not on board should be liable as the traitors they are.

We are THE 99. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Fear us.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


With all levels of government completely out of touch with the people, this was a no brainer. Let's look at those runner ups.

1)Iran-Assuming they really were stupid enough to put all their trust into an act of war with a pot smoking, alcoholic used car salesman, either Iran has dumber people in charge than we do (let that one sink in for a moment) or this whole thing is a sham designed to detract away from the growing number of protests worldwide. Assuming for the sake of this argument that they were behind it, what an incredibly stupid thing to do. Iran has proven that they cannot be trusted. What do you think they'll do if they have nuclear weapons? If this plot is real, and it may very well be, Iran may have just started WW3. Rumors still exist that an attack on Iran may happen in the next few weeks and I do have to wonder if the story of Green Berets being sent into Uganda may may a cover story to mask troop movements world wide. This action, fiction or not, have radically shifted the power balance and what steps will be taken are unknown at this time. Either way, Iran has further isolated itself from the world.

2)People Against the Protesters- With Governors, mayors and the public against the protests all I can say is what you a-holes have been saying to us for years: "If you don't like it, go the hell back to China or Russia or whatever communist country you like, you pinko bastards." Wow, that felt good. Apparently unaware that this country was founded on protests (and violent ones at that), the morons have said that these hippies need to get a job and a life, which is exactly what they are fighting for. Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, arrested everyone protesting at a local park yesterday for "safety" concerns. Yeah, cause hippies are so dangerous. Look at what happened at Kent State when rampaging hippies killed dozens of armed police, of wait a minute, reverse that. Hickenlooper should be sued, tarred and feathered. Anyone voting for that man in the next election should be branded a traitor to the state and appropriate action taken against the new Tories, the same ones spreading venom across the Internet with the stupidity. These protesters are doing what you won't: fighting for the survival of this country. Bloomberg was smart enough to see the writing on the wall and stopped what would have been a riot before it happens. Why can't anyone else?

3)Herman Cain- This numnuts is against the protesters, won't name his economic advisers for his ill-advised 999 plan and has zero foreign policy experience. Yet the teatards love him. Death to the Tea Party. If this fascist bastard somehow gets into office, we are all so screwed. Not that he has a chance in hell at this point. Rick Perry still does, somehow.

4)Government- Yes the entire government has fallen into despair now that it is officially not believed about anything by anyone anymore. While previous presidents must take their licks for screwing things up, Obama has been singularly perfect for destroying all faith in a our government. He let drag out the idiotic birth certificate fiasco to such a point where a film of his birth could have been shown and it would have been deemed a fake. His lie after lie for campaign promises have all but destroyed his base and the only reason his numbers aren't lower is that GOP have taken it upon themselves to be even worse. Any person who calls himself a Rethuglican anymore is seriously delusional and probably dangerous. Our Supreme Court is a joke. Our congress approval is down to 12%. The Rapture chart is set 185, the highest number ever recorded (this number tracks people who think the world is ending). The worst part is that I am one of this number. There is talk that along with the particles causing mutations coming from the sun (haven't heard about that except on this site for the most part), now comes word a gravity wave is headed this way that could wipe out our solar system. Whether there is any truth to that is debatable. The point is everything is believable because faith in the government has collapsed. Our money is worth only what we believe it to be and that faith is coming to an end. We have been told so many lies and half truths that we do not believe anything from anyone anymore. We need to get rid of our entire government system, how we do economics, everything. This will not be achieved through just peaceful ways. A war is coming. I hope we are prepared for the consequences. So congratulations US government, you are douchebag of the week.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Two big developments. One is that in a few short hours, NYPD will begin clearing Occupy Wall St for "cleaning." They will only be allowed to return if they don't stay there overnight. Good lot that will do a protest. Exoect rioting tomorrow perhaps severly. This is how revolutions start. If this does occur, Mayor Bloomberg and the officals from the NYPD and the park service must be brought up in charges of First Admendment rights violations. Expect civil suits galore afterward.

Also, sources say an attack on Iran is immenent in the next two weeks. Take this with a grain of salt, as the source is known for warmongering. However, they have been dead on on occasion as well, fully predicting the beginning of the second Iraqi war to a T. The accusations against Iran, as I have said, could be used as a prelude to an act of war. Stay tuned for more.

Stay away from Occupy Wall St if you don't want to get swept up in the carnage. For the rest of you, I wish you luck.

We are THE 99. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Fear us.


One of the dumbest things ever done by the Obama administration (and there have been so many) is the idiotic notion that the American people would believe we killed Bin Laden on just their say so. I, for one, think he was probably killed as reported, but even I have some doubts as its veracity was never confirmed by any independent source. No videos, no pictures, no corpse, nothing. And then the conspiracies fly. It was at this very moment that the US government officially became an enigma to the entire population and faith in government ended. Not proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bin laden died was the final straw for many people and Obama's lie of transparency in government proved to be as false as just about everything else the man has said. In good conscience, I will not vote for the man, short of Sarah Palin somehow getting the nomination because I no longer care which side, dem or rep, is in office. This sentiment is nationwide as both parties have suffered.

How tone deaf is Washington? Talk of a corporate tax holiday for Big Business is in the works, which is the exact opposite of what the American people want. Mayor Bloomberg is going to evict people from Liberty Square tomorrow for "cleaning," as well as bogus reports of clearing the park for "safety." Yeah like anyone's getting mugged in an area filled with people. This may lead to violent confrontations and the real possibility of riots nationwide at some point. Some of the protesters have said violence may be necessary and they've compared their fight to that of the French Revolution. The funny part is that they may not be far off. Rioting won't solve anything. Targeting assassinations however would have a big impact especially if they were concentrated on high levels targets. I am not condoning these actions but a warning for those in power is necessary that if they continue to ignore the demands of the people, other forms of protest will take place. If the cops decide to act like Nazi's, they will be at the forefront of a civil war.

On top of all this is the Iranian plot which, much like Obama's Bin Laden fiasco, seems to be having the same problems. FBI and CIA insiders wonder why they can find no trace of the plot in internal records and world experts wonder why Iran would choose to do an at of war with a used car salesman and a Mexican drug cartel. Its timing is equally suspicious as Eric Holder, a lead weight for the administration who should been jettisoned months ago, conveniently stops this plot at the same time the Fast and Furious probe looks to be ending his career sooner than later. I am unsure who or what to believe anymore and our government has no one but itself to blame.

A revolution is coming. Whether its bloody or peaceful is totally up to the powers that be. But it better remember, there's more of us than there are of them, and I truly believe that some cops and soldiers will side with us should arms be taken up. I wish this nations armed forces would show a air of solidarity. We want to end the pointless wars you are so bravely fighting for. We want to bring you home to you families and provide good jobs and health care for you. The current government will throw to you the wolves first chance they get. Which side is best for you and you family? The answer is simple.

We are THE 99. We do not forget. We do not forgive.

End the rule of the banking elite.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In a plot straight out of a Tom Clancy novel, the Iranian government was caught trying to deal with a Mexican drug cartel in assassinating Saudi and Israeli diplomats on US soil. The bomb plot was foiled with the arrest of two men, a third based in Iran in still at large, The implications for this is huge. It is against international law to target diplomats and as Saudi and Israeli interests were targeted, the response may be severe.

What exactly the response will be is unknown but this is exactly the kind of thing that leads to war, big wars. Just ask Gavrilo Princip, whose assassination of Archduke Ferdinand led to two world wars. Iran is skating on thin ice with their declaration of wanting nukes to threatening US or Israeli interests.

More on this plot as it develops.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Lots of losers this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Police across the country- Police have been acting like douchebags in a lot of major cities like NY, Seattle, and San Francisco. NY cops are harassing protesters and arresting them for what ever whim they feel like. Seattle cops are breaking up the protests calling them "illegal." San Fransisco cops are not allowing any type of structures put up like tents or even umbrellas to get out of the rain. F these cops and the fascists they are. No violence though people. Not yet.

2)Tea Party A-holes- Read any message board and watch the teatards berate the very people they should be supporting. Oh but because they are liberal you hate them even though you both have the same amount of freedom to lose. The Tea Party has been co-opted by the illiterate, fascist arm of the GOP. These racist, bastards need to die. As a matter of fact anyone so much as overhearing anyone spouting anything but sympathy for the protesters should be labeled a traitor and dealt with accordingly. I dare anyone to say something like that to my face because you won't be happy with the result. The Tea Party is fascism. Death to the Tea Party. And I agree with what some are saying on line that this movement must not be co-opted by the democratic party as the Tea Party was the GOP. We are THE 99. Fear us.

3)The feds- As if we have money to spare and less important things to worry about, this week, traitor Eric Holder (who needs to fired at the very least immediately and should be one of the demands of the Occupy Wall ST movement) has decided to sick the IRS and the feds on legal, medical marijuana dispensaries. Obama's gets proven a liar once again and really seems to want the GOP to win the next election as these kind of tactics won't win him any liberal votes in California OR nationwide. Studies show pot is very good at helping manage pain better than pills but nevermind those pesky scientists, our government is controlled by Corporations who want no part in it, even though legalization would bring hundred of millions of dollars in tax revenues and create hundreds of thousands of jobs and a dozen other positive things. Holder has been caught red handed in the "Fast and Furious" probe in which thousands of guns were "lost" to the cartels which I secretly suspect are playing a bigger part in our politics than is being led on. California should declare all feds persona no grata in the state and arrest any how disobey. And if the IRS wants to play hardball, ban them too from the state. State rights are being trampled by an out of control corptocracy that runs everything. Don't let it.

4)Anti-Mormons- As expected, the Mormon card is being used against Romney to derail his campaign. Nevermind the fact, that he is probably the only candidate that has a prayer against Obama which should say something as he is a deeply unpopular president. If the GOP wants to win, Romney is the only guy you have. Paul is the only other one and he may be too crackpotish for a general election. I like the guy but some of his views are way out there. However, he would never be sending the Feds to arrest sick people either so he's already better than President Liar and his band of thugs. Mormons are a fine upstanding people who have been some of the nicest people I have ever met. It certainly does not disqualify them from being president.

5)Herman Cain- Now a front runner, this CEO of Godfather's Pizza has a Quail-like tendency to put his foot in his mouth on a semi-regular basis which will almost certainly cost him any chance of winning. This week this moron actually said, "If you are poor, if you are not rich and successful, it's all your own fault," in response to the protesters of Occupy Wall St. Nevermind the fact that the writing is on the wall that dissing these people is a surefire way to lose in the next election. He just gave me the next campaign ad. Herman Cain 2012: Poor? It's your Fault! Shut the F up moron. Just what this country needs: a CEO president. Go away! So congratulations Cain you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


More and more uprising are happening as we speak with the NYPD and Seattle police deciding who they beat and why. Two reporters were caught in a melee yesterday between protesters and police meaning the fascist pigs don't care who they hit or how hard. Sooner or later, someone is going to do something stupid and the whole country is going to erupt. Worse off are the giant douchebags patrolling the Internet, or voicing the worthless opinions on the 24 hour news cycles. Here's some tips for anyone thinking about mouthing off in public.


We are THE 99. There are more of us than are of you. Stop calling protesters worthless, lazy hippies who need to get a job. Great idea numnuts, excpt there are no jobs. It isn't the 1960's, heck it's not even the nineties, when jobs could be gotten for anyone who wanted one. But they don't exist except in your head. And the ones that do, don't pay anything. I understand people without a college degree having to do some sort of labor for a paycheck but that doesn't mean they should starve or that a recent grad should have to take a minimum wage job that won't ever help him pay back that loan. Jobs need to be plentiful and they need to pay a livable wage.

For all you troll monkeys out there bitching, SHIT THE F UP! No one cares about your opinion because obviously you have the mental ability of a three year old. Remember all those loyalists pledging support to Qaddafi or Assad or whatever dictator du jour was spouting about. YOU ARE THOSE PEOPLE! And how did it turn out for them? Oh yeah, they were lynched in the street.

We are THE 99. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Choose a side and choose wisely because we are watching. If you side with corporations you will be labeled the enemy. When the revolution comes, and it is, which side do you want be on? The one desperately trying to hold onto power or the side with the numbers that are angry enough to make change happen? Be cautious speaking your mind in public. If I or any others hear you talk about lazy, hippie protesters, don't be surprised if it's the last thing you ever say. It's all well on good on the faceless Internet. It's a whole other matter to say it to some one. The masses have spoken. THE 99 have spoken.

End corporate rule and give us back our Constitutional rights. If we don't stand up to the trolls and idiot media, we will all suffer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World Readies For War. MSM In Total Media Blackout

What if a war was about to begin and no one knew about it? It's happening right now and no one seems aware. A massive war could begin at any minute in the Middle East with lots of sabre rattling going on right now. Today, tensions rose further in the Syrian capital as Assad warned Western powers that any attack from NATO would be met with devastating results.

Turkey is holding a ten day mobilization of troops along the Syrian border. Erdogon himself is set to meet with Syrian refugees during the exercises. As Turkey is part of of NATO, Assad has said any attack on Syria would result in a missile barrage sent to Tel Aviv in Israel. If Turkey follows through with its threat of a DMZ between it and Syria, all hell could break loose.

Israel has responded that if one missile falls on Tel Aviv, they will wipe Damascus from the map. For every missile that falls after that, another Syrian city will be destroyed. Lebanon and Iran got similar warnings. There are also possibilities of Turkey using an arms embargo or ship to sip searches in the are that could also escalate tensions.

The Middle East is set to burn, the Euro looks to fail, and Anonymous has said it will begin a POS attack against the stock exchange on the tenth. If successful, it could damage the stock market and have unforeseen consequences. I am not so sure this is the best idea as it could adversely affect millions of regular people and pensions. We will see what happens over the coming days.

We are THE 99.

Monday, October 3, 2011

THE 99 Versus the Rest of the World

We THE 99 have spoken and regardless of what the MSM says, we have a demand. One specific demand as a matter of fact. STOP STEALING OUR MONEY! We want our jobs to come back from over overseas; we want higher paying jobs; we want CEO pay capped, we want corporations out of the the political arena. Yet all we hear on the nightly news is that these are bunch a uninformed hippies who want Obama back in office. That is the furthest thing from the truth. True, the Tea Party is a bunch of rapid weasels who need to be put down stat, but that doesn't mean that we are all a bunch of Democratic lemmings ready to fight for Obama's corporate America. It also goes to show you that voting for either party at this point goes against your economic principles, unless you are one of the one percent which is a hair breath away from the facing the guillotine.

We are pissed and token nonsense at this point won't cut it anymore. We want change and if you won't give it to s peacefully, we will take it from you by force. Right now everything is more or less peaceful. But for how long? When will the fascist NYPD decide enough is enough and start cracking heads? By the way JP Morgan recently gave 4.5 million to the NYPD so you can guess where their priorities are. The cops are not here to protect you. They are here to make sure you follow the rules the elites don't. If revolution does come, the police should and will be the first target.

Things look bad all around us right now. The Euro appears doomed as Greece has said they will not be able to not default without more money and Germany has said, that's all you're getting. A Greece default is inevitable at this point and with it the Euro. When it crashes, it will take the whole world system down with it and a new Great Depression begins. Take my word for it. THIS IS INEVITABLE! If you have money in stock, sell now. Convert to cash before it's too late. The market will nose dive at some point before the end of the year, most likely in the next few weeks. Major hedge fund managers are warning (albeit quietly) about the coming catastrophe and are telling people the end is near. We should be listening.

On top of all this, Turkey is sending warships towards the disputed gas reserves in the Mediterranean, near Cyprus. International law recognizes Cyprus' right to the gas and has leased it to Israel and the US. Turkey has threatened to take it back by force and have sent warships into the area to harass the shipping lanes. The Turks are warning via communication that these ships are breaking they law (they aren't) and to turn back or risk being fired upon. So far the Israeli ships have ignored such warnings but for how long before the Turks might try something is anyone's guess. Israeli fighter planes have circled over the area keeping a watch but so far have not needed to intervene. If Turkey decides to attack a ship however it's going to get bloody fast and a world war all but inevitable at that point. Turkish PM Erdogon is pushing us to war. With an economic collapse all but certain at this point, war will be right behind it.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


As I predicted some time ago (look back at previous posts if you don't believe me) we have entered the final stage of the decline of a society: revolution. Rocketing past apathy and anger, the previous two stages, we have finally woken up to the harsh realities that press us every day. Government is not there to protect you. Corportaions are not there to protect you. The Justice system is not there to protect you. We, THE 99, as we are being called have come to say enough is enough. The protests being staged are some the longest continuous protests EVER in the history of this country. With unions joining in numbers are swelling and protests are spreading nation wide. For the first time in the history of this column, we will have a multi tied tie between all the people who have conspired this week to take away your rights to protest. The list is shocking. We will briefly talk about the few others who also did douchey things but the main brunt will be about how the elite are flexing their muscle.

1)Turkey- Erdogan continues to stoke the flames of war by standing by his threat to send Turkish warships against the Israeli blockade. Hope he likes losing because their Navy is no match versus Israel. However, this will almost certainly to lead to a war we want no part of. Pray this is empty rhetoric.

2)The Tea Party- In an interview this week about the protests, Karl Dennings, the founder of the Tea Party said he was disgusted with what his group had become and that the real people were those protesting now. When your group founder says you've been sold out, you might want to listen. The Tea Party is fascism. This is not hyberable. They may be part of the 99, but they are not THE 99. The Tea Party must be abolished. These protests are a good start.

3)The Economy- With the Euro hanging by a thread, stock plunged again this week. Many market pundits say the world is headed for disaster. With revolution growing, expect some diversions, real or imagined in the next few weeks.

4)Chris Christie supporters- I can't tell if this some devious plot to ruin a career or if their really are people dumb enough to believe Cristie could become President. Like the rest of the candidates, they look great on paper, but when they actually see what each stands for, they lose interest fast. Christie is pro-choice (bye evangelicals), pro gun control (bye NRA support and gun owners) and anti-union (bye union voters). He'll get creamed in national election as Obama can actually say gun owners would be safer under him putting the GOP controlled NRA (the main reason I don't support the group) in quite the hypocritical bind. So go ahead and run but you'll lose for sure and your career will be over.

5)Everyone else- Let start up this sub group with

A)MSM-Another week of protests, now entering its second, and no one seems to have a camera. Oh, except for the thousands of people there doing your job and posting live shots and videos via the web. Congrats to Keith Olbermann of Current TV and Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC for being the only two in the country giving any attention to the biggest story of the decade. And you still haven't heard about Clarence Thomas being under investigation for tax fraud and possibly bribery. Unless you read my column about it months ago when it first broke. Sad that you'll get better news here than an actual newspaper.

B)Google and Yahoo- These ass$%holes (and here I am on their blog site tee hee) have been of fire lately. Yahoo was caught red handed blocking emails about the protests, while Google "accidentally" removed the Actvist Post website (since restored) and also blocking info about the protests. This isn't China people (not yet). If this continues, legal action will have to be the first line of defense. I'm sure there is a lawyer out there willing to take it on.

C)Banks-Protests have broken out in front of Bank of America's across the country, not only for their fraud and mortgage mess, but for having the balls to raise fees on people struggling to make ends meet. The response has been overwhelming: they hate it. Not learning for Netflix's debacle, I now know even more people leaving the troubled bank. You guys aren't the only game in town and I have a feeling your deposits are going to drop like the stock market. And don't cry poverty to us as the reason for raising fees, douche. We know you have plenty.

D)Mayor Bloomberg- This billionaire ass should know when to shut the F up. Calling the protests idiotic and a slap in the face to people working at banks making $50,000 a year is the equivalent of "let them cake." Remember how that turned out or has expensive caviar and champagne turned your brain to mush? And by the way, $50,000 is a great salary now days where the average is 31,000 dollars and dropping but the percentage of hedge fund managers and bank CEO's who make that are zero. We're protesting you dumb ass. Not the one percent but we are THE 99. Remember us.

E) NYPD- The winners of this week's multi stage douchebag column by a mile. These morons were caught roughing up dozens of people showing how not very different we are from China or Egypt. The cops, the government, the elites are all laughing about your protest. The cops are the stormtroopers for the elites. You do not need a permit to protest no matter what the cops say. It's not free speech if you tell me when and where I can say it. The douchebag of the week goes to Anthony Bologna, the police LT who pepper sprayed unarmed teenage girls. This ass needs to go. Demand his firing in NY people. So congrats to the NYPD for helping prove our point about this country and the fascist state it has become. And congratulations for Tony Baloney for being this week's douchebag of the week. Ass.