Thursday, May 30, 2013


It has not been a stellar week for the nations police force, the FBI and M. Night Shamalamadingdongs latest picture. There have been numerous murders of innocent people by a trigger happy police force that should be more feared than your local street gang. Statistics show you are five times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a civilian and that includes our thuggish underclass. Recently, there has been a slew of people being wrongly executed by our increasingly unstable officers in both local and federal level.

The biggest story is one I called from minute one on this site as sounding awfully suspicious about the death of a murder suspect, Ibragim Todashev, while being questioned by the FBI. Todashev was being asked at his home about the murder of three people in MA a few years back which may have had possible connections to the dead Boston Bomber. According to the FBI at the time, Todashev was about to sign a full confession when he grabbed a knife and lunged at the FBI agent who returned fire. First off, if the guy has a knife, there is no reason for deadly force when a shot to the leg will incapacitate anyone and it's not like a knife has bullets. However, it later turns out that there was knife and Todashev was shot six times for still unexplained reasons. One theory is that he flipped a table and aggressively came at the officers which still doesn't explain the use of lethal force. True, he was an experienced martial artist, but that just means the FBI was woefully under-trained as firing a gun under these circumstances seems unwarranted regardless.

Also unclear is why five police officers and several FBI agents couldn't subdue an unarmed man. Why the man was being interrogated for over eight hours, as confirmed by witnesses at the scene, with no lawyer present, no witnesses and no record kept, who knows what really went on. They could have been torturing the guy for the entire time and we would never know. And how does the Patriot Act, or the FBI's involvement, warrant a look at what is a triple homicide within state lines and thus NOT a federal issue, even if the Boston Bombers had any involvement. Are we linking actions now to take rights away from anyone we wish by using the Patriot Act for whatever reason the feds want? Looks like it. Todashev was hit six times while unarmed and no real record of what really happened. Do not trust the FBI for any reason. They are becoming more Gestopish by the minute.

This is not the only story to break the airwaves with the police on a murder spree that, had they been committed by a nationwide street gang, would garner much more scrutiny that our increasingly trigger happy police force. As recently discussed a Utah man was arrested for killing one policeman and wounding five others when they barged into his house unannounced and got filled full of holes for their trouble. He "hung" himself later. Or, more likely, he was murdered.

In Philadelphia, a 61 year old man was executed by police searching the wrong house. Again police say they identified themselves, which witnesses claim otherwise, Apparently the two dumbasses, ages 24 and 25, missed the address by one number and should been going next door. The residents thought they were being attacked and the owner grabbed his gun firing at them with a shotgun. He got filled full for holes for his actions. These two should not only be fired, but arrested for manslaughter. They won't, but they should. The fact that the two officers were white and the victims black played no role in the shooting (insert sarcasm here).

A 64 year old Akron man was shot during a traffic stop when the man attempted to hand him a BB gun and was shot in response. The officer said he though the gun was real but witnesses say the gun was handed to him grip first, meaning the only person the driver could have shot was himself. Another assassination from our jumpy cops.

And then there is this gem from Fort Worth. Texas. Jerry Waller, 72, was shot dead by cops as he went to check on a burglar alarm going off at his next door's neighbor's house. Waller was armed at the time, but had placed the weapon on the ground when officers identified themselves and then filled him full of holes. Once again, the police story does not jibe with what others say they saw Waller was not armed at the time, identified himself as a next door neighbor and then shot multiple times. The family wants an independent review, as I would too as I wouldn't trust the cops to tell me the truth either.

Lastly, a woman was shot dead after allegedly approaching two cops with a knife at a Costco in the DC area. The woman, who was working as a food prepper for pizza samples, was acting strange for sure and did have a weapon according to witnesses, but once again, why shoot to kill. The police said one attempted to use a Taser which didn't work and then shot her instead. Did the other cop's Taser also not work? Witnesses say the officers stormed into the Costco, guns drawn and moving in military-like ways, dodging and weaving. Really? One officer was being treated for a gunshot wound, meaning one of these dumbasses shot the other as the victim had no gun. This also means these two fired their weapons into a crowded store filled with innocent people. These are the idiots we have protecting us, playing cop rather than being one.

I have known plenty of fine police officers in my time. I have also had the misfortune of meeting others who were very bad people, including two that eventually went to prison, one for murder, one for drug use. Several others were fired or demoted due to rancid actions that had no business being acceptable by the local cops. Police need a better training program because too many of the assholes can't hit the broad sign of a barn with their weapons, have no ability how to disarm someone with a knife (something I can do for God's sake, and I'm crippled) and are constantly shooting innocent people. All of the above stories are just a sampling of misconduct over just the last two weeks. How safe do you feel knowing the cops can kick in your door, fill you full of holes and just say "sorry" when it's all over. I hope each and everyone of the above cases gets sued big time, which they all will, costing taxpayers even more money.

Lastly, the reviews are in for After Earth, and as expected, it looks like a bomb. Reviewers have ripped it apart as a terrible film and will most likely be M. Night Shamalamadingdong's last film. Five bombs in a row is a career ender and I am surprised they gave him this one last chance with Will Smith. His son Jaden is getting hammered too which may not be his fault if the director sucked as bad as he usually does, and it appears that is true. This film is going to die a painful death tomorrow and with it, the director's career. He will not be missed. Will Smith's career will recover just fine.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Maybe after all the fake scandals we have been subjected to (Birthergate, Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare skulduggery and others), the citizens of this once great country have started to take a serious look at the morons they are voting in. A favorite of this column, Michelle Bachmann announced today she won't be running again after new polls show her favorability somewhere between OJ Simpson and a painful, rectal itch. She has not ruled another run for President which would be awesome as, not only is there no way she could ever win, she would also provide fodder for this site, and comedians worldwide, for years.

Another giant douchebag, Mitch McConnell, is seeing cracks in his chances to win come 2014 in his state of Kentucky. A recent poll by PPP showed him behind a rather unknown candidate by seven points. Now the poll itself is a questionable one as PPP is a very liberal polling site and some of the questions asked were misleading. Most of the questions were similar to asking this: "Would you vote for Mitch McConnell who has spent the past few decades doing everything he can to fuck your children in the ass or this nice saintly, democratic candidate?" That being said, Mitch McConnell is the second least popular candidate in Congress, just losing out to Jeff Flake(R-AZ), who may have killed his career by voting AGAINST legitimate gun control ideas. In some polls, he was behind actress Ashley Judd for God's sake and that woman's a loon. While the polls may be rigged toward the left, it still doesn't mean McConnell isn't in real trouble. The questions, while somewhat biased, are going to be the same talking points that will flood the airwaves during the campaign no matter who his opponent is. McConnell will be painted as a steward for the rich and powerful while voting to eliminate funding for things like SS, Medicare, and Planned Parenthood. His days may indeed be numbered.

On the GOP side for who may or may not be running, many have guessed that Chris Christie may run due to his weight loss surgery. But if the lunatic fringe still controls the nomination process, he won't win with his "liberal" ideas and chumming up to President Blackenstein. Bachmann has suggested she will run again, along with possibly Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Not a winner there, that's for sure. Everyone one of them will get destroyed on the national stage for some of their less believable positions and Rubio's troubling case of the thirsties at inopportune moments.

The latest name thrown into the ring was Governor Scott Walker, who somehow still has a positive rating, even though he drove the state from 11th in job creation to 44th, cost the taxpayers millions in his health care plan (one that is far worse than Obamacare), and spent most of his term fighting off charges into campaign finance thievery. He has also defunded Planned Parenthood, depriving tens of thousands of women basic health care in the process, rejected federal funding for Medicaid, and is pushing tax cuts for the rich. Yeah, he'll be great as President (insert eye rolling here).

But the latest numbers show a real problem for the Republican party overall. A huge majority blame them for the countries troubles over Obama, are noticing that the Benghazi and IRS scandals are a whole lot of nothing, and have started fleeing from town hall meetings which now resemble a geriatric seminar where the average age of the attendee is over a million. Their base is dying out and the younger generation is not following their outdated, and somewhat draconian ideas.

The cherry on top this week was elder statesman, Bob Dole, who is the kind of Republican I have some respect for, talking to Fox News over the future of the GOP. He said they should put a sign on the door that says "Closed for Repairs," and not come out until next year with some positive ideas. Bravo, Mr. Dole. He also stated that people like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and even himself wouldn't be allowed anywhere near the party that has gone too far to the right and now straddles a cliff. As they have become just the party of NO! with no other ideas to back up their statements, they are making the party look ridiculous and unelectable. If Bob Dole is noticing that, so are many, many Americans. And polls from legitimate sources echos that sentiment.

The GOP is doomed at present rate and only by addressing the issues with REAL solutions do they have any hope to get back on track. However, I think it may be too little too late and the GOP is going to fracture just like the boy scouts. The ultra-conservatives will break off and form their much smaller factions while the moderates do the same, leaving the Republicans in pieces. A unified Democratic engine will run over these people like they were standing still. We can all only hope that this does happen, because maybe we can start having national conversations that won't be constantly interrupted by some mentally challenged senator having a hissy fit over some imagined scandal that takes focus from everything that does need to be fixed.

End the Republican party today so we can start applying pressure to the Democrats that they too need to change and change in a big way. The future of this country rests with us. How sad is that?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Regular readers know I am not prone to back ANY Republican idea as most are borderline insane. However, as more and more evidence is coming out, the left has to stand up and demand that Eric Holder be fired. This is no better than Muslims who keep their trap shut as their lunatic fringe executes innocent people, not realizing how badly that is going to come back and bite them in the ass. We as Americans should be similarly aware over how badly the Justice Department is being run.

The House Judiciary Committee is looking into an NBC report that said that Eric Holder personally went judge shopping for his search warrant against Fox reporter, James Rosen and then approved the action. This is not what he told Congress when asked, a serious crime regardless of political affiliation. Here is a direct quote from Holder  when asked by Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) about the DOJ possibly prosecuting reporters under the Espionage Act of 1917:
"In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material -- this is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy,” Holder responded.

NBC news says differently and this could lead to Holder's prosecution, which would be a long shot at best, but still a minute possibility. The fact that this loser still has his job after all the problems he has made makes me wonder if he has naked pictures of the President with someone other than his wife because no one can be this bad at their job and still have it in today's day and age unless he has leverage of some kind.

Johnson has come to the AG's aid by stating that his line of questioning was based on the Espionage Act and not other investigations but, let's face facts that this is splitting hairs. The fact that journalists were targeted at all is something that cannot be allowed and someone needs to be fired for this. Holder is ultimately responsible and he should be shown the door stat. I hate agreeing with the right on this issue, by they have a legitimate argument with this case and the left should be joining in instead of pretending it's just another witch hunt. As the Republicans have been yelling wolf at the top of their lungs for five straight years, it's kind of hard to take them seriously. It's also odd when the ACLU, the Tea Party, and Congressional committees run by both sides agree on anything so this isn't going to go away any time soon, no matter how much Holder might want it to.

The Justice Department itself needs a total overhaul as well. New reports show chilling statistics over how our Justice system is being co-opted by corporations, especially private prisons. From 1999-2010, prison population grew by 18%, mostly due to drug laws. However, private prison use rose a staggering 784% in the same time period. We are putting more and more people away for non violent drug crimes and, in the process, creating a slave class with no real hope even after they are released. Private facilities claim lower costs than the state, but like every other time Big Business has stated this, statistics prove them wrong. Private prisons are actually MORE expensive and run less effectively than state run ones, because for the privateers, it's all about profit and thing like safety and good pay don't matter more than the bottom line.

If you are black, most likely you or someone you know has been forced back into the slave trade through draconian drug laws that has robbed you of your freedom, forced you work for pennies on the dollar and even after you've escaped the shackles, there is little hope for you unless you return to the life of crime that got you locked up in the first place. This is terrible and needs to stop.

Judges are being bribed to lock up people and the people doing the bribing are walking away scot free even after the judges get long prison sentences when caught.  We do not have a justice system anymore. We have free market ideals being used to railroad innocent people into a life of servitude. And regardless of race, everyone is being locked up in the debtor's prisons being established in at least 17 states. Thankfully the Northeast has been spared this unconstitutional idea so far but if you live in Illinois, Ohio or Florida, pay all your bills on time because a small amount can blossom into thousands and lead to the loss of your house, car or freedom.

The American people are being incarcerated in numbers not seen anywhere else on Earth. That's right, Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea jail a smaller percentage of the people than we do. When North Korea is less a gulag state than we are, we have crossed a red line that needs to be rectified immediately. Firing Eric Holder would be a good start.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Memorial Day all. It has been a non stop parade of stupid this week with some really unbelievable idiots making this list this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)TGI Friday's (NJ)- This week corporate heads must have swiveled off their necks when word broke out that dozens of franchises throughout the Garden State were cheating people out of their hard earned money when they brought drinks which were not what they paid for. Either cheaper booze was swapped from inferior stock, or much more ominously, rubbing alcohol with carmel coloring was used instead of scotch. YUCK! Many other restaurants were also caught up in Operation Swill (great name) which now face suspension or even a loss of their liquor licenses. Owners should be jailed as well but in this out of whack society, the rich can do as they like as long as the peasants are the ones that take the heat. Feel free to NEVER go to any of these establishments in NJ ever. Or if you are some brain dead idiot, by all means keep taking your life into your own hands and order another round at one of these hopefully soon to be extinct establishments. Here's the list of places to avoid at all costs:

2)Eric Holder- Even the left is starting to see the writing on the wall and publicly asking for Captain Dumbass to step down already. Notice the two worst people still around, Holder and Napalitano, are also the same two nobody wants except the administration. Holder has said he will investigate himself in the AP reporter scandal that has grown in scale to encompass others from networks like CBS and FOX, yet the media and public seem to care more for fake shit like the IRS and Benghazi which amount to less than nothing. So let me get this straight: Holder will sit in front of a mirror and ask himself questions for which he will be honest and truthful and, eventually, find no evidence of a crime being committed while telling the public that no records were kept to protect his confidentiality. Wonderful. Holder has been a dick when it comes to failing to prosecute banks, rich people, mortgage fraud while going after sick people, pot dispensaries and Adam Swartz. And let us not forget that terrifically run operation known as Fast and Furious which we all know, blew up in his face. This is why we need a civilian government whose sole job is to keep the government honest. Until this happens, nothing will ever change as corporations run the show now. Proof of that will come later in this column.

3)The Police- The cops had another stellar week with questionable arrests and a suicide that mihght have been anything but. First off, Adam Kokesh, who has been both vilified and worshipped depending on the site you are on, was arrested at a pro pot rally in Philly this week for resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. Cameras filming him show a radically different view of cops grabbing him as he spoke and dragging him off to jail. He never attacked anyone or did anything more than speak his mind and the cops arrested him for it. This is free speech in this country: you can say whatever you want but if you piss off the elites, they will crush you. The main reason for his arrest has less to do with his pro pot views (which I also agree with) than with his planning an armed march on Washington. This has received mixed reviews with many thinking he is a double agent bent of destroying the anti-government movement that is growing in nature and others think he is prophet against the creeping fascism that has indeed invaded our lives. This country needs a wake-up call and maybe Kokesh is the the guy we need. Or is he a devil in a blue dress?

The other big story is that Utah cops stormed into a house, and got filled full of holes for their trouble. The guy was a minor pot grower with 13 plants, most likely for his private stash, and was ratted out by his bitchy ex-girlfriend. The cops never said who they were, only had "police" written on the back of their uniforms and probably would have gotten a lot further with just a knock on the door, Instead, Mathew David Stewart, an Army veteran, grabbed his gun and started firing as he thought they were armed intruders. One cop died and five others were wounded before the guy gave himself up, once he realized that they were the police and not drug dealers after his weed or money. Shortly thereafter, Stewart has found hanging in his cell. It is possible that Stewart was depressed after a hearing was refused to investigate the warrant which never should have been issued in the first place. It is also likely the police killed him in retribution. Cops are not your friends and they are almost never there to protect and serve unless you are rich. They rest of us are cannon fodder.

4)Amanda Bynes- The only actress trying to out-looney Lindsay Lohan, Bynes was arrested this week after police were called because the troubled actress was smoking week in her apartment lobby. The more unbelievable fact was that she was rolling it down there as well. WTF? When cops arrived she threw her bong out the window. Later, she claimed she was sexually assaulted by the police who arrested her. I don't trust the police as far as I can throw them and even I don't believe that they raped her. This woman is on a big fall down. Justin Beiber should watch carefully because he is going down that same path.

5)The weather- It has been ungodly cold these last few days here in MA and now comes word of 90 degree heat and high humidity. Who says climate change is not happening when we can see it happening before our very eyes? Tornadoes went nuts and wiped Moore, Oklahoma from the map. Wild temperature swings are one of the signs that we have crossed the Rubicon and, with word that carbon dioxide accumulation has reached record proportions, we should be very worried about our future.

6)Rutgers- Anyone applying for this prestigious school should think again as the people running the show over there are brain dead, retarded, or both. After the humiliating videos emerged about former basketball coach Mike Rice, you'd think they might look closer as to who they higher. But no, taking their page straight out of the TSA handbook (who also do NO background checks on their recent hirings), Rutgers funds itself squarely in the cross hairs again. After recently hiring new athletic director, Julie Hermann, allegations have surfaced that she did similar things as Rice to her students when she coached the U of Tenn Volleyball team in 1997 and had an aide fired because she got pregnant. Her entire team at the time wrote a scathing letter to the then current head of the college to have her removed because of bullying, verbal and physical abuse, or the exact same thing that got Rice fired in the first place. When questioned she said the whole thing was overblown and only a few students complained, which turned out to be not true. She also claimed that no video existed of her views against her aide getting pregnant, which also turned out to be a total lie as video does exist of her at the aide's wedding telling her not to get pregnant or else. She should run for office with bullshit like that.

7)The Boy Scouts- If anyone wants to see how NOT to address a serious issue, this is a textbook example of everything you shouldn't do. First, don't delay the ruling if you are going to wimp out on the final decision. Second, do NOT take some middle of the road solution that gets you run over by both sides involved. This week the Scouts ruled that young gay scouts are fine but no gay leaders, which promptly pissed off everyone involved. Conservatives on the wrong side of history threatened to take their kids away and join some Nazi-oriented hate group while liberals threatened to take their kids out too, for not allowing gay leaders, sending the organization into a tailspin. Pick a side a stay with it. Just live with the consequences when you do.

8)Alex Jones- I like Alex Jones even if he comes off as a dangerous blowhard sometimes. A lot of what he writes has merit. But every now and then, Alex must forget his medication or something and come up with some truly outlandish theories. This week, he suggested that the tornado that ripped through OK was man made by Obama for daring to implement Obamacare. That is insane on so many levels I don't know where to start. Let me say this for the cheap seats: WE HAVE NO WEATHER MODIFICATION DEVICES! If we did, there wouldn't be a drought in the Southwest, Hurricane Sandy would never have happened and it wouldn't rain on the President leading to those outlandish meme's about how some Marine held an umbrella for him.

9)Democrats- Proving how screwed we really are, the Democrats were in fine form this week, if totally douchebaggery was what they were going for. They puckered up their lips and gave Apple a total lovefest over them not paying anything in taxes. Recent documents show that Apple made $44 billion last year, yet payed less than 2% taxes worldwide. I wish I could get that deal too. Now comes word that all those pesky banking regulations that have yet to be implemented are now being repealed as both sides agree that rich people need to pay less in taxes than anyone else. Turns out the banks are still writing up 80% of any legislation that reaches Congress meaning people we didn't vote for are writing the laws that affect 100% of us. And take a stab how lopsided these new rules are. Recent contributions show that the politicans more likely to play ball get millions in "campaign contributions," while opponents are getting slaughtered with negative ads from "independent groups," which are nothing more than big business using the Citizen's United ruling to promote fascism which is exactly what is going on now. And both sides are allowing it. Recent numbers suggest 75% of this country is living in poverty, especially if you remove food stamps, SS or Medicare from the ranks. Which is exactly what the GOP wants.

10)Republicans- If anyone wants to see how a country is going to look if Republicans control everything, just see how our infrastructure is doing. In just the past week, we have had two train derailments and two bridge collapses. Four in ten bridges in this country are structurally deficient, and even more are considered functionally obsolete, resulting in loss of life and property. Now if these dickheads were really interested in the welfare of this country they would have allowed Obama to create real jobs, and good paying ones at that, by hiring whoever he need to fix all of them. But instead they insisted the trillions went to banks, some foreign, which has done zero good for anyone's economy, except the one percenters. Here's a list of some of the bridges you should be worried about, especially if you use them everyday:

Budget cuts have also affected police departments that can no longer have a capable force 24/7. A young woman was recently raped in Oregon after she called 911 and the dispatcher told her no police were available to help. They actually told the woman to make him go away herself. If there was ever argument for less strict gun control this would be it. Rumor is there were no police because they were on a pot bust on the other side of town. Unbelievable.

And then we have gens like this where Congressman Stephen Fincher (TN-R) called for an end to food stamps because hungry people should starve like God said in the Bible. He told a crowd, "The role of citizens, of Christians, of humanity is to take care of each other, but not for Washington to steal from those in the country and give to others in the country.”  He also used this Bible quote from the Book of the Thessalonians: —“The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”
He must have skimmed through the parts where Jesus feeds the hungry and the like, not to mention the fact that Paul wrote this bit of garbage and I will have to tell you people that the stuff he wrote was mostly crap. The ironic part about all of this is that Senator Hypocrite gets millions in farm subsidies which he has been working to expand since he took office. Most of the subsidies go to large agribusiness while food stamps feed hungry people, proving my point that fascism is alive and well, especially within the Republican party.

11)Muslim Extremists- It has been a very bad week for Muslims. The extremists that seem to be growing in number have decapitated a soldier in London, rioted for days in Sweden, declared war on Syria and vice versa all the while getting slaughtered as civilized people are being driven to their breaking point. Europe seems to be fanning the flames as Muslims, unwilling to integrate into societies that are not Muslim in nature, are being attacked in record numbers across it and North America in widely unreported instances. Several mosques have been firebombed and arrests are being made for racial attacks on social media sites to stop the slide into chaos. Normally, I'd be pissed that innocent people are being assaulted but they kind of asked for it. You can't keep showing up in the news blowing up innocent people and not expect some backlash. You guys need to clean house and stat because time is running out. If Muslims continue on this attack scenario, people are going to rise up and slaughter you guys in the millions and many innocents are going to get caught up in this. Sweden saw rioting for five straight days as rampant unemployment is driving this, as well as the unwise idea to flaunt radical Muslim ideals to a less than enthusiastic audience. Many Swedes are blaming the Muslim youth and not the policies that may have drove them there, a bad thing. Nigerian Muslims also killed twenty this week in a bomb attack, furthering the flames of hatred. If you guys keep poking the tiger, it will eat you . These idiots are still killing each other as Hezbollah announced their undying support for Syria and then was attacked by missiles from rebels not for it at all. The war is spreading and even reports of rocket fire into Israel happened. So congratulation Extremist Muslims you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Ignoring the defeat they suffered in 2012, Republicans are doubling down on stupid, in direct defiance of Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal's plea to stop doing just that. Ironically, Jindal has also failed to head his own words as his state is passing some of the dumbest laws on Earth while also electing some of the least intelligent people they can.

This year they have proposed a school voucher program that was already found to be unconstitutional (teaches Christian beliefs only), cost taxpayers money with idiotic tax breaks for rich people, closed public schools because of said idiotic tax breaks (like Chicago as well), and done everything they can to throw poor people under the bus, especially their children.

The school textbooks being promoted by the voucher program use Christianity as a base, claim the Loch Ness Monster is real (it isn't), the KKK are morally upstanding people (really?), black people can't read because commies run the government (WTF?) and Bill Clinton was elected only because the media lied about his opponent (that's not even possible). This is why our children are stupid and thank God the courts found this reprehensible as well. It also turned out that the referendum wasn't even properly ratified in the first place, only getting 51 votes and not the 53 needed, shades of the 16th amendment all over again. Jindal has stated the program will continue if lawmakers overrule the State Supreme Court's ruling, which it just might as these brainpowers have passed some really idiotic laws lately.

The state legislature recently passed a bill that would allow creationism to be taught in schools, in science classes nonetheless. To demonstrate how worthless these bozos are in critical thinking, state senator, and of Republican of course, Mike Walsworth asked a science teacher during a hearing about the matter about evolutionary experiment. When she talked about an experiment where students can watch e-coli evolve, Wadsworth asked if that experiment could evolve into a human. He actually said that, showing a complete lack of scientific knowledge that would make a six year old blush.

Not to be out done on the whole race to the bottom on abortion rights debate, their legislature have tried to pass many laws that infringe on a woman's reproductive rights, such as having a doctor present to use the morning after pill, forcing clinics to post signage that make women aware of others alternatives to abortion, criminalizing the procedure in direct violation of the Constitution and an idiotic idea to have patients Mirandized before getting the procedure done. Here's a quote from Jindal, "When officers arrest criminals today, they are read their rights. Now if we're giving criminals their basic rights and they have to be informed of those rights, it seems to me only common sense we also have to do the same thing for women before they make the choice about whether to get an abortion." Yeah no stupidity there, Jindal. One state senator, John LaBruzzo, proposed a "feticide" bill that would not only make it illegal to get an abortion, but would sentence women who have had one to 15 years hard labor. Unbelievable.
Jindal himself has become a one man party of stupid when he proposed getting rid of all income and corporate taxes and instead offered to raise sales and cigarette taxes which studies show would adversely affect poor people harder than anyone else. As a matter of fact, the Institute of Taxation and Economic policy said the measure would raise taxes by a huge amount for 80% of all people in the state. But notice the rich and corporations would have even more money which is all they are trying to do. The idea failed as no one liked it. Shocker.
And let us not forget the LGBT community, one of the few minorities left on Earth that some feel is okay to discriminate against still, which it isn't. Alan Seabaugh (R), proposed a law that prohibit gay people from obtaining any protection against workplace discrimination while punishing any who would have the balls to try.
Louisiana is not alone however. In Pennsylvania recently, the Governor Tom Corbett explained why his state is 49th in job creation. "Many employers say, "We're looking for people, but we can't find anyone that has passed a drug test." Nevermind the fact that 90% of these tests find traces of pot which can last in the system for months after use, but as drugs go,are far less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol, especially on health or workplace productivity. Corbett's approval rating is down to 38% in surprise to no one.
Then there is Steve Stockman (R-TX) whose election campaign had this bumper sticker "If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted." That's too stupid to even comment on. Louie Gohmert is another real winner here when he recently told a House subcommittee that Al Qaeda had set up radical Islamist camps on the the Mexican side of the border. He claimed the Mexican drug gangs are teaching Muslim radicals how to cross the border and how to act like Mexicans. Nevermind the fact that there is zero proof for any of this.
The worst of the bunch is Eric Cantor who can't be voted out of office soon enough. Anyone still voting for this moron has to immediately register with the Nazi party and wear the outfit 24/7 because if your going to vote for fascism, at least have the decency to wear the uniform.
This ass recently tried to pass a bill that would eliminate overtime for millions of people, like any of us are getting paid enough as it is. In the bill, "comp time" would be replacing overtime pay that could be used to take days off. Now this might not be such a bad idea except nowhere in the bill does it say your boss has to give you the time off you want of even any time at all. The boss could claim he needs you to work overtime for the next year and you can use your comp time sometime after. You know that tomorrow that never arrives. This bill could force people to work many many hours with no payoff whatsoever echoing forced slavery.This is yet another attempt by the fascist right to destroy everything FDR put into place.
While all this is going on are two really scary stories that no one is talking about. The first has to do with the FBI or Fucking Bunch of Idiots, whose story about the death of a Russian, Ibragim Todashev 27, is already leaking holes. As I have said the past, I really dislike the FBI as their investigative skills constantly run somewhere between Inspector Closueau, Johnny English and a brain damaged, spastic monkey. Supposedly while questioning this man late last night about the murder of three MA men in a drug deal gone bad (and possibly connected to the dead Boston Bomber) and about to confess, he grabbed a kitchen knife and the agents had to protect themselves. First, if he had a knife, why shoot to kill? It's not like a knife has bullets. And why such a late visit as it supposedly happened around midnight? Officials have already back tracked off the story and have had no further word on what really happened. As the FBI is notorious for killing innocent people, I suspect this story is vastly different than what they are telling us.
And then there is this story about a mysterious virus that killed two people in Alabama. The fact that tests show one of the victims had H1N1 in his system and, possibly, a new strain AH3. The two deaths were both healthy people in their thirties signifying a possible outbreak threat. The flu that swept the world in 1918 killed up to 30% of the world's population. Imagine what a flu like that would be like now. Worse, it is only a matter of time before it does happen again and it may be rearing it's ugly head now. Deaths from a new strain have killed 130 in China but so far, we haven't seen an outbreak yet and this Alabama strain may be nothing. What bothers doctors is that flu season is over and young people don't usually die from any strain of the flu. Of the twelve infected, two died, five more admitted to the hospital and the rest sent home. This is troubling and bears further watching. Just like the Republican party.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Many years ago a book came out called the Bell Curve that pissed a lot of people off. In it, the authors used meticulous research to show that depending on your race, your IQ may be lower than another's, regardless of social status. Blacks and Hispanics scored lowest, whites in the middle and Asians the highest. Is that really so surprising? Many called the book a racist bit of nonsense that echoed Hitler. It also was true.

Now let me make this clear before some of you out there start calling me names as well. I am not saying that any individual cannot be smart, regardless of race. Neil Degrasse Tyson is black and brilliant, as are many, many others who are black or Hispanic, and vice versa, there are some truly stupid white and Asians out there. What the study does show is that if you are black or Hispanic, you may have to try harder than your Asian or white counterparts. Now what the Bell Curve hypothesized was that these IQ numbers where completely biological in nature, thus the social status part. I would disagree with that as culture does play a part, especially when a lot of black culture today seems to focus on not being seen as white, or in this case "smart." When intelligence is linked to "acting white" you have a serious problem on your hands.

However, the biological nature cannot be totally ruled out, especially blacks who are descendants from slaves. Slaves were bred for being stronger and faster, not smarter. Thus, it stands to reason that their offspring would have the same traits and intelligence would not by one of the genetic markers. Again, this doesn't mean all descendants of slaves will be less intelligent, but a majority will be. That is how genetics work.

Recently, this has come up again after Harvard Professor Jason Richwine was fired for his paper on why Hispanics have lower IQ's than whites. Richwine had read Charles's Murray's The Bell Curve, which I hate to break it to everyone, is well researched and just comes up with a conclusion many wish wasn't true, and decided to see if anything had changed decades later. Turns out, he got the same facts. Just because you don't like the result doesn't mean you ignore them. That is what the Tea Party does.

Now many have criticized the work, which I admit I have not read (unlike the Bell Curve which I read in college), and they point out flaws in his linking various Hispanic groups, but depending on how these groups are linked, this may be nothing more than nitpcking to change the results. Many also did the same to the Bell Curve which was anything but flawed, except in the fact that they felt genetics was the whole shebang, something I disagreed then and now. But just because your theory is wrong, doesn't mean the facts of the case are as well.

Another study on IQ tests show that environmental factors play a huge role in IQ. Tests done on twins raised in different status levels show poor environments produce lower IQ rates than those raised in higher ones. But again, in a larger pool across all racial and economic factors, blacks and Hispanics test lower than whites and whites test lower than Asians. But I firmly believe that BOTH environment and genetics play a part in lower IQ rather than just one or the other. Let us look at the facts in this. Blacks and Hispanics are more likely than whites to be poor and whites are more likely to be poor than Asians. There are not a whole lot of projects populated by gangs of poor Asians out there.

The most disturbing thing about all this isn't the results but the facts that Harvard fired this guy over this. In the reasoning why they said in a letter that even if the results have merit, the conclusions are too disturbing to publish. So rather than seek an unpopular truth, Harvard would instead sweep such research under the table. That is how societies fail. Hundreds of students have signed a petition to bring him back, as they see progress more important than hurt feelings, signalling some small hope for mankind.

The fact that IQ tests for everyone in this world have dropped 14 points show the entire planet getting dumber. Just watch Fox News for ten minutes and try not to believe that fact. Intellect is being shunned by all races, especially the religious morons out there still desperately clinging to the idea of an Earth 6000 years old or one in which evolution doesn't exist. There is some low level IQ's.

Now the reason for this drop is simple: stupid people are having more children while the smarter or us, myself included, have decided against children. I have neither the money, nor the patience to deal with a toddler and bringing up any child in today's diseased world seems like a stretch. As long as this trend continues, IQ levels will continue to drop across all racial lines and a world right out of Idiosyncracy is possible where Tracy Morgan is President and Gatorade is used to water our lawns with predictably bad results.

To stop this slide the most important thing we can do is to learn everything we can. I know we are being worked to death and stress levels are off the chart but we have to do better. We have to BE better, regardless of race. I have met many people from the worst neighborhoods in CT who are far from stupid. They may not be book smart but I would also guess if I gave them an IQ test, they would perform very well. Just because you are poor and a minority doesn't mean you are NOT smart. It means you may have to work harder, and trust me, those that I know trying to escape the hood without being a statistic or dealing drugs to get ahead, are smarter than a lot of people I know rich, white and with a MBA. Race does not define you or how smart you are. How you use it does.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is starting to be like a broken record. Every day the right wingers come up with some new, off the wall notion that they claim to be "science," but hardly ever is. Take this gem: ultra-wing and Birther site WND, claims that a recent poll by Wenzler Strategies shows that 50% of this country wants Obama impeached. This flies in the face of numerous other polls that say most of America don't care about any of this and the best show no change to Obama's approval ratings. This is just more shit hitting the fan from the right using rigged polls to alter the outcome of reality. We saw it in full force during the election where the right used altered polls to show their candidate ahead, even though he was way behind as the more accurate polls demonstrated.

Unfortunately for all of us, the one scandal that actually is upsetting, the bugging of reporters, is the one getting the least amount of coverage. The other two bullshit ones, Benghazi and the IRS, are pointless and time consuming. Benghazi stone throwers have yet to prove what this mythical scandal is they keep beating that dead horse over and the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, for which none were denied tax-exempt status, is more horse manure from that same dead horse. The bigger scandal is that recent documents show Apple paying no taxes anywhere on Earth due to the resources they have access to and, even by own governments standards, no laws were broken. The other scandal is all these non-profit groups that are not supposed to be political in nature for tax exempt status, which then turn around and spend 49% of their money on political ads, are just skirting the law as well. Where's the outrage over that?

Fox news is capitalising on these fake stories as their ratings have gone up as MSNBC and CNN have dropped. In Fox's defense, at least they have news on their channel, as fake as some of it might be, rather than MSNBC's zillionth episode of "To Catch A Predator," or CNN butchering news on a near daily basis. The fact that CNN hired Jeff Zucker to run the network, who previously ran NBC into the ground, is equally disturbing.

As for impeachment, I would support that if, and only if, 99% of Congress goes with him, including all the Republicans. They have been a treasonous group of vipers who are destroying this country in ways Barack Obama wouldn't dream of. If Obama a great president? Hardly. Have the Republicans been even worse? God yes. The GOP has actively tried to kill Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, overtime pay, worker safety and even the defense of this country. That is what anyone on the right is voting for and it has to stop.

Take Oklahoma for example. These past few days have seen a dramatic increase in dangerous tornadoes that have killed at least 24 people so far, seven of which drowned in their basement. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has said he will not support any aid to these families who lost everything unless cuts are made to offset the balance. As one of those who also voted against help for Hurricane Sandy victims, I have to admit, at least he isn't a hypocrite. I could call him a fool who lacks a basic understanding of how government works and a guy who doesn't care about the suffering of others, but at least he has principles.

Representatives from NY and NJ on the other hand have taken the higher road and, rather than punish Oklahoma citizens for the actions of their politicians, have signaled they will vote to give aid to the disaster victims. That is class and something I don't know if I would have been so quick to join with. But that's why I type here and not run for office, which would never happen as all the skeletons in my closet would clog the airwaves stat. When you been arrested a few times (falsely both times but still), that will come back to haunt you.

While all this nonsense is going on, a war is heating up between Syria and Israel with both sides shelling the other. Iran is using proxy warriors to turn the tide against the Syrian rebels, and many claim a massacre is right around the corner. The US, Europe, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have all seemed to have abandoned the rebels and not without cause. Many of the rebels seem to be Muslim Extremists who want another country to call theirs in what can only be described at this point as dangerous. If Muslim extremists take over the Middle East, oil will be used as blackmail and war, a massive one, will be in our future. As some countries like Pakistan have nukes, should they fall, the world is in real danger.

But instead of focusing on either external or internal threats, we are still talking about Benghazi and the IRS, which mean less than nothing. Benghazi was caused by mistakes by all and the IRS wasn't targeting any group in particular for retribution as none were denied tax exempt status. Until we start talking about things that matter (jobs, the failing economy) nothing will ever get better. As a matter of fact, they will get far, far worse.

Monday, May 20, 2013


After weeks of mock indignation over pseudo-scandals, the right has finally lost any grip they had on reality and have resorted to baseless claims that border on insanity. The biggest of these is Umbrellagate, after the right went into a tailspin over a white Marine holding an umbrella for the President during a recent press conference with Turkish PM, Tayyip Erdogan. Sarah Palin, that battalion of all known wisdom, tweeted this gem shortly afterward: "Scandalous Hat Trick. Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas. Speaking of coverage, glad you finally called in the Marines… shame it was just to hold your umbrella " The right went ballistic over it, looking like the racists they really are. Palin and the other mouth breathers seem to have conveniently missed the infinite pictures of past presidents having umbrellas held for them for the past century. They also seem to have missed that history lesson where William Henry Harrison did not have someone hold an umbrella for him during his inauguration, which lead to pneumonia and death thirty days later. Ironically, there are many pictures of Sarah Palin having someone hold an umbrella for her as well during her failed attempt at VP so she can't even remember her own history accurately.

All this as new polls shows the President's approval rating hasn't budged meaning these scandals are not quite as damaging as previous polls stated. Polls are more or less worthless in today's "fix the results" standards. Remember those right wing polls that showed Romney with a commanding lead in the Electoral College? Those turned out to be totally wrong as the right just fixed the data to suit their hypothesis, as they do all the time from political polls to basic knowledge of science like the age of the Earth and evolution. Anyone not believing in the latter two must be lumped in with the same groups like The Flat Earth Society and the Klu Klux Klan for following beliefs that are wrong on every level.

Here's some other quotes from brainpowers like Sean Hannity: “They were protecting him and maybe in this case he should have been protecting them and the people in Libya." Or this from Eric Bolling: “Wouldn’t it be nice if he had them (Benghazi) covered the way they have him covered?” Is there nothing these blowhards can not turn into a mock scandal with some tie to Benghazi? Michael Moore had a great quote this weekend where he said the issue wasn't the IRS targeting Tea Party groups but NOT targeting companies like GE and Exxon that pay no taxes. Funny how the right missed that part as they are too busy going after President Blackenstein.

Just to prove that the GOP is only interested in sticking to the little guy, a House committee, chaired and run by Republicans, recently passed a much needed farm bill that would keep prices from exploding and affecting everyone. But celebrations were short lived as it was also revealed that in the bill is an amendment that would strip SNAP benefits from two million people and end free lunches for needy students. Democrats have signaled they won't vote for the bill and some ultra-rightwingers have joined in as the bill doesn't cut enough. Wow. This the modern GOP: a party hell bent on destroying this country by making us all work for slave wages, with no overtime, benefits or safety net. This is what anyone voting Republican is doing right now and it has to stop, unless living like a slave is what you want.

Companies are finally getting some push back on all this with places like JC Penny, Sears and WalMart barely hanging on. Their numbers are dropping and many are saying they are boycotting these places due to low wages which their sales confirm as real and accurate. Some think Walmart may go bust within the next twenty years if current sales keep dropping at an exponential pace. Corporations have to realize we have hit bottom when it comes to cutting things for employees and we are not going to take it anymore. This is why we have a second amendment and if the government is unwilling to help us make more money, expect some to take matters into their own hands. The gravy train is over and it is time to give the public more money. You can't claim poverty as a reason to cut people's wages while giving the executives millions dollar raises. Sooner or later, that will come to literally bite them in the ass as the fed up public takes giant chunks out of their behinds.

The right is lost, the left is corrupted and the middle no longer exists. Unless we stand up and start demanding more from our elected officials, and from the idiots voting the dumbest humans on earth into office, nothing will ever change, except for the worse. Don't let it.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Never in the history of this country have we spent so much time on things that mean absolutely nothing while much more important decisions are being ignored by both sides, but let's face facts that the GOP is chiefly to blame. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Fast Food Owners- It's bad enough that these jobs pay shit wages, but a recent study showed that 84% of workers are being cheated out the meager wages they are making. This is an abomination and it has to stop. If the courts are unwilling to do anything about it I would suggest some tar and feathers for a start. Workers in Brooklyn are demanding a raise to $15 an hour and a chance to form unions without intimidation. This is why we need unions because businesses of all sorts are raping us blind while the government ignores the problem. The GOP is too busy trying to make it legal to do this practice nationwide and morons in this country are voting for it. These workers are being cheated on overtime, given fraudulent work sheets and use children against labor laws. Where does this madness end? With a guillotine if it keeps up. The AG in New York is investigating, but I will be really surprised if anything comes of it. Our government is rapidly leaving most of us behind.

2)The US Prison system- For a country that brands itself "The home of the free and the brave," we certainly have failed to live up to the ideal. We now incarcerate more people than anyone else, 7.1 million and growing, on Earth. The rise of private prisons have made the public a commodity that needs draconian laws to keep this places full. The end result is a massive loss of tax dollars and freedoms that shows no signs of abating. We build more prisons, and spend more on, than schools. We ship all of our jobs overseas and leave the crumbs for the rest of us. The reason drugs are still illegal is because they want a steady flow of mostly minority people to fill up these gulags, while giving them no hope of doing anything else but to get out of the hood. When you see the local drug dealers making more money than anyone else, wouldn't you also be tempted to do the same thing? Especially when those that do get good grades and go to college, leave with no prospects and wind up doing the same things anyways? We have got to start demanding more from our politicians because the end result is getting to be something you would see in The Hunger Games.

3)TSA- Yes it's been a while since these douchebags have wound up on my list but a recent study shows how much damage these idiots have been doing. According to a 2012 report by Human Events, the nation lost billions in lost revenue as foreign travelers have stopped coming. Yes part of it is because of the Depression raging across Europe, but when questioned, a majority said the main reason for not returning to the states was not money issues, but the TSA and Border Patrol. Government numbers said foreign travel was way up, but closer inspection realizes that all the gains were from places like Canada and Mexico which don't require the same kind of scrutiny that plane travel does today. People hate the grope and touch so much they are not coming. Worse, people in this country have also stopped traveling by plane costing taxpayers $1.2 billion in road way repairs. A recent story told of a 14 year old girl being taken into back room, WITHOUT A PARENT, and molested. They didn't report it because they figured why bother as what good would it do. This is why people need to stand up and start demanding more and if we don't get it, people will take matters into their own hands and that will be bad for everyone. These reports are everywhere, as the TSA doesn't bother with background checks. If I was a child molester, I would be all over this. Why do you think the priesthood is overrun by these monsters? Easy access. This is a serious problem that is literally destroying this country. Start demanding more. For God's sake.

4)Gene Patents- Because of the recent news of Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy and how she discovered it, we are becoming more aware that the firm that did this wants to patent the process and our individual genes as well. How does a corporation patent was is ultimately mine? This has scary potential and hopefully will not be a precedent for future patents on our own bodies.

5)Youtube- I have love/hate thing with this site. I love how anyone can get a video out there that is funny or interesting. I don't love the fact that a lot of videos get pulled down for less than savory reasons. I understand if it is pornographic or has swearing in it, but lately they have gone into censorship territory. Take the above story about Jolie and the patent process. Any video talking about why this shouldn't be allowed is being pulled down by the site. Why? In the past, similar topics that delve into corporate malfeasance have also been eliminated making me wonder how free a country we really are and how much like North Korea we are becoming.

6)Democrats- I can't go this week without mentioning these assholes as well who have been caught in several real scandals (the AP scandal, the fixing of the COMEX) but all we have heard about are the ones that don't matter (Benghazi, the IRS) from the idiot right. Obama has had a bad week and his use of the press has been stunningly awful. His "I found out about it when you did," seem trite and unreal. If he really didn't know about some of this, he needs to get his head out of ass and start seeing the forest for the trees. We have major problems coming down the pike and we need to get ahead of it. It doesn't help that they have spent an inordinate amount of time defending themselves from the most ridiculous accusations from the most unhinged senators (ie Republicans). But can we please start fixing things like job losses and decreasing wages, which people really want answers to, and forget about the rest for right now.

7)The Justice Department/Eric Holder- It's nice to see some from the left finally jump on the bandwagon and call out Holder for the giant douche that he is. This AP scandal is a terrible action that happened on his watch and he should be called out on it. Spying on the press for any reason is illegal and unwarranted, literally. The stupid Patriot Act was used here and should be repealed immediately. It won't, but it should. If Obama has any integrity left, Holder should be shown the same door as the current IRS chief and given the quit or be fired speech.

8)Republicans- It's been another stellar week for the GOP. Darryl Issa has gone on a witch hunt over Benghazi, which is turning into more and more of a circus with every passing day. Issa says there is a major difference between "terrorism," and "acts of terror," which there isn't. Some are calling for impeachment hearings which is odd as no one has been accused of anything illegal yet, no matter how much they scream about it. The worst news for them is that it also appears the GOP has altered emails from the White House to further their cause. CBS news noticed stark differences between emails the GOP gave them and ones from the White House, State Department and the NSA. One might be a error but several spell out a pattern of abuse that shows that the right has nothing and are now making shit up to verify their bull. Here's a list of some of the emails and how they were altered:

The GOP version of Rhodes' comment, according to CBS News: "We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department, and we don't want to undermine the FBI investigation."

The White House email: "We need to resolve this in a way that respects all of the relevant equities, particularly the investigation."

The GOP version of Nuland's comment, according to CBS News: The penultimate point is a paragraph talking about all the previous warnings provided by the Agency (CIA) about al-Qaeda's presence and activities of al-Qaeda."

The White House email: "The penultimate point could be abused by members to beat the State Department for not paying attention to Agency warnings."

These drastically change the tone of the statements to give credence to the Republicans theory. If there was ever a case for impeachment, this would be it and it's not Obama that I am looking at.

On top of this, they also tried to repeal Obamacare AGAIN, blocked any voting for seating the head of the EPA and have used the filibuster to destroy any legislation that isn't from their draconian brethren. Keep voting for this assholes and see what kind of country we have left. So congratulations republicans nationwide for you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


We are rapidly approaching what is known in science as a "singularity." It is a momentous occasion that happens very rarely in a species' evolution in which a huge leap forward will be made that will change everything. We are seeing just the beginning of these changes and they signify both great and horrifying potentials. All new inventions can be used for good or evil and lately, the latter is winning.

Take 3D printing, which is a terrible name. A better one would be 3D replicating or something like that. Anyways, 3D printing will eventually allow anyone to make things at home. Screwdrivers, hammers, guns, doorknobs, just about anything. Larger ones may be able to eventually replicate cars and, once an edible based product can be synthesized, food. This will have major implications as tens of millions of people will lose their jobs as a lot of product companies will be made obsolete. This is not that far off into the future. Once that happens, a capitalistic, consumer based economy will grind to a halt. There simply won't be enough jobs to go around if the entire country no longer needs many goods and services and a massive amount of poverty will simply swamp the system until it crashes completely.

Another issue is the emergence of many medical breakthroughs that could extend life to near immortality. Scientists have discovered ways to not only allow humans to live to be 250 years old, they may have also figured out a way to reverse aging. Think of what that would mean: an overcrowded planet running out of resources fast as an elite group controls all, especially any sort of immortality ability which they would strictly control. Even if it made it out into the general public, they may have a slave based class which literally has to work forever with no chance of advancement. That sounds like hell. This is huge step forward and one that has chilling potentials.

Lastly, we have achieved giant steps forward in robotics where and android that thinks like a human is not that far off. Depending on how they are built, mankind could be exterminated if they become self aware and destroy us like in Terminator. That is not out of the question, unless Issac Assimov's three rules of robotics are used, which mankind should heed greatly.

At some point soon, these three steps forward could make or break us depending on how we react to it. Considering we have a rabid populace who is somehow de-evolving (which they of course don't believe in), I don't have much hope.

So what can be done? We have to start looking at a new economic policy. Communism, Fascism and Socialism are all dismal failures in some way or another, although all of them have some truth buried among the bullshit, just like the Bible. Peel away the garbage and start to see things as they were intended.

Money is destroying us and we need to get away from ambition for coin and start developing ambition for progress. That will be hard as the right keeps using the word PROGRESSIVE as an insult which is terribly ironic because then they are the opposite which is RETARDED. Progress is the only that will save us, not some trumped up ideal from a fictional past which exists only in their minds.

I would prefer something along the lines of this method. Every single person in this country is guaranteed a place to live in a safe neighborhood, three meals a day and a job. If they prove to be incapable of one job, another will be given to them. Eventually, he either sinks or swims. Sink, and you go to a boot camp where you will work doing something. Swim and you get farther ahead and better benefits. By this method, merit is rewarded over cronyism and inheritance. If you are happy being a middle manager, and you do a good job, you could stay there your whole life. If you want more, the companies you work for will give you a chance to rise. If you are good a specific skill, that is what the government will let you do. If you suck at near everything, the government will find a place for you. By this method, everyone at least starts at the same point. In today's world, the rich start a marathon one inch from the finish line while, for the rest of us, it might as well end on the moon.

We cannot continue down this same path because it is coming to an end. One way or another, whether we like it or not, things have to change and drastically. In one future, we can realize everything Star Trek told us was possible, and still is; the other is a dystopian, Matrix-like future where we will be little more than batteries for the elite's economic engine.