Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Memorial Day all. It has been a non stop parade of stupid this week with some really unbelievable idiots making this list this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)TGI Friday's (NJ)- This week corporate heads must have swiveled off their necks when word broke out that dozens of franchises throughout the Garden State were cheating people out of their hard earned money when they brought drinks which were not what they paid for. Either cheaper booze was swapped from inferior stock, or much more ominously, rubbing alcohol with carmel coloring was used instead of scotch. YUCK! Many other restaurants were also caught up in Operation Swill (great name) which now face suspension or even a loss of their liquor licenses. Owners should be jailed as well but in this out of whack society, the rich can do as they like as long as the peasants are the ones that take the heat. Feel free to NEVER go to any of these establishments in NJ ever. Or if you are some brain dead idiot, by all means keep taking your life into your own hands and order another round at one of these hopefully soon to be extinct establishments. Here's the list of places to avoid at all costs:

2)Eric Holder- Even the left is starting to see the writing on the wall and publicly asking for Captain Dumbass to step down already. Notice the two worst people still around, Holder and Napalitano, are also the same two nobody wants except the administration. Holder has said he will investigate himself in the AP reporter scandal that has grown in scale to encompass others from networks like CBS and FOX, yet the media and public seem to care more for fake shit like the IRS and Benghazi which amount to less than nothing. So let me get this straight: Holder will sit in front of a mirror and ask himself questions for which he will be honest and truthful and, eventually, find no evidence of a crime being committed while telling the public that no records were kept to protect his confidentiality. Wonderful. Holder has been a dick when it comes to failing to prosecute banks, rich people, mortgage fraud while going after sick people, pot dispensaries and Adam Swartz. And let us not forget that terrifically run operation known as Fast and Furious which we all know, blew up in his face. This is why we need a civilian government whose sole job is to keep the government honest. Until this happens, nothing will ever change as corporations run the show now. Proof of that will come later in this column.

3)The Police- The cops had another stellar week with questionable arrests and a suicide that mihght have been anything but. First off, Adam Kokesh, who has been both vilified and worshipped depending on the site you are on, was arrested at a pro pot rally in Philly this week for resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. Cameras filming him show a radically different view of cops grabbing him as he spoke and dragging him off to jail. He never attacked anyone or did anything more than speak his mind and the cops arrested him for it. This is free speech in this country: you can say whatever you want but if you piss off the elites, they will crush you. The main reason for his arrest has less to do with his pro pot views (which I also agree with) than with his planning an armed march on Washington. This has received mixed reviews with many thinking he is a double agent bent of destroying the anti-government movement that is growing in nature and others think he is prophet against the creeping fascism that has indeed invaded our lives. This country needs a wake-up call and maybe Kokesh is the the guy we need. Or is he a devil in a blue dress?

The other big story is that Utah cops stormed into a house, and got filled full of holes for their trouble. The guy was a minor pot grower with 13 plants, most likely for his private stash, and was ratted out by his bitchy ex-girlfriend. The cops never said who they were, only had "police" written on the back of their uniforms and probably would have gotten a lot further with just a knock on the door, Instead, Mathew David Stewart, an Army veteran, grabbed his gun and started firing as he thought they were armed intruders. One cop died and five others were wounded before the guy gave himself up, once he realized that they were the police and not drug dealers after his weed or money. Shortly thereafter, Stewart has found hanging in his cell. It is possible that Stewart was depressed after a hearing was refused to investigate the warrant which never should have been issued in the first place. It is also likely the police killed him in retribution. Cops are not your friends and they are almost never there to protect and serve unless you are rich. They rest of us are cannon fodder.

4)Amanda Bynes- The only actress trying to out-looney Lindsay Lohan, Bynes was arrested this week after police were called because the troubled actress was smoking week in her apartment lobby. The more unbelievable fact was that she was rolling it down there as well. WTF? When cops arrived she threw her bong out the window. Later, she claimed she was sexually assaulted by the police who arrested her. I don't trust the police as far as I can throw them and even I don't believe that they raped her. This woman is on a big fall down. Justin Beiber should watch carefully because he is going down that same path.

5)The weather- It has been ungodly cold these last few days here in MA and now comes word of 90 degree heat and high humidity. Who says climate change is not happening when we can see it happening before our very eyes? Tornadoes went nuts and wiped Moore, Oklahoma from the map. Wild temperature swings are one of the signs that we have crossed the Rubicon and, with word that carbon dioxide accumulation has reached record proportions, we should be very worried about our future.

6)Rutgers- Anyone applying for this prestigious school should think again as the people running the show over there are brain dead, retarded, or both. After the humiliating videos emerged about former basketball coach Mike Rice, you'd think they might look closer as to who they higher. But no, taking their page straight out of the TSA handbook (who also do NO background checks on their recent hirings), Rutgers funds itself squarely in the cross hairs again. After recently hiring new athletic director, Julie Hermann, allegations have surfaced that she did similar things as Rice to her students when she coached the U of Tenn Volleyball team in 1997 and had an aide fired because she got pregnant. Her entire team at the time wrote a scathing letter to the then current head of the college to have her removed because of bullying, verbal and physical abuse, or the exact same thing that got Rice fired in the first place. When questioned she said the whole thing was overblown and only a few students complained, which turned out to be not true. She also claimed that no video existed of her views against her aide getting pregnant, which also turned out to be a total lie as video does exist of her at the aide's wedding telling her not to get pregnant or else. She should run for office with bullshit like that.

7)The Boy Scouts- If anyone wants to see how NOT to address a serious issue, this is a textbook example of everything you shouldn't do. First, don't delay the ruling if you are going to wimp out on the final decision. Second, do NOT take some middle of the road solution that gets you run over by both sides involved. This week the Scouts ruled that young gay scouts are fine but no gay leaders, which promptly pissed off everyone involved. Conservatives on the wrong side of history threatened to take their kids away and join some Nazi-oriented hate group while liberals threatened to take their kids out too, for not allowing gay leaders, sending the organization into a tailspin. Pick a side a stay with it. Just live with the consequences when you do.

8)Alex Jones- I like Alex Jones even if he comes off as a dangerous blowhard sometimes. A lot of what he writes has merit. But every now and then, Alex must forget his medication or something and come up with some truly outlandish theories. This week, he suggested that the tornado that ripped through OK was man made by Obama for daring to implement Obamacare. That is insane on so many levels I don't know where to start. Let me say this for the cheap seats: WE HAVE NO WEATHER MODIFICATION DEVICES! If we did, there wouldn't be a drought in the Southwest, Hurricane Sandy would never have happened and it wouldn't rain on the President leading to those outlandish meme's about how some Marine held an umbrella for him.

9)Democrats- Proving how screwed we really are, the Democrats were in fine form this week, if totally douchebaggery was what they were going for. They puckered up their lips and gave Apple a total lovefest over them not paying anything in taxes. Recent documents show that Apple made $44 billion last year, yet payed less than 2% taxes worldwide. I wish I could get that deal too. Now comes word that all those pesky banking regulations that have yet to be implemented are now being repealed as both sides agree that rich people need to pay less in taxes than anyone else. Turns out the banks are still writing up 80% of any legislation that reaches Congress meaning people we didn't vote for are writing the laws that affect 100% of us. And take a stab how lopsided these new rules are. Recent contributions show that the politicans more likely to play ball get millions in "campaign contributions," while opponents are getting slaughtered with negative ads from "independent groups," which are nothing more than big business using the Citizen's United ruling to promote fascism which is exactly what is going on now. And both sides are allowing it. Recent numbers suggest 75% of this country is living in poverty, especially if you remove food stamps, SS or Medicare from the ranks. Which is exactly what the GOP wants.

10)Republicans- If anyone wants to see how a country is going to look if Republicans control everything, just see how our infrastructure is doing. In just the past week, we have had two train derailments and two bridge collapses. Four in ten bridges in this country are structurally deficient, and even more are considered functionally obsolete, resulting in loss of life and property. Now if these dickheads were really interested in the welfare of this country they would have allowed Obama to create real jobs, and good paying ones at that, by hiring whoever he need to fix all of them. But instead they insisted the trillions went to banks, some foreign, which has done zero good for anyone's economy, except the one percenters. Here's a list of some of the bridges you should be worried about, especially if you use them everyday:

Budget cuts have also affected police departments that can no longer have a capable force 24/7. A young woman was recently raped in Oregon after she called 911 and the dispatcher told her no police were available to help. They actually told the woman to make him go away herself. If there was ever argument for less strict gun control this would be it. Rumor is there were no police because they were on a pot bust on the other side of town. Unbelievable.

And then we have gens like this where Congressman Stephen Fincher (TN-R) called for an end to food stamps because hungry people should starve like God said in the Bible. He told a crowd, "The role of citizens, of Christians, of humanity is to take care of each other, but not for Washington to steal from those in the country and give to others in the country.”  He also used this Bible quote from the Book of the Thessalonians: —“The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”
He must have skimmed through the parts where Jesus feeds the hungry and the like, not to mention the fact that Paul wrote this bit of garbage and I will have to tell you people that the stuff he wrote was mostly crap. The ironic part about all of this is that Senator Hypocrite gets millions in farm subsidies which he has been working to expand since he took office. Most of the subsidies go to large agribusiness while food stamps feed hungry people, proving my point that fascism is alive and well, especially within the Republican party.

11)Muslim Extremists- It has been a very bad week for Muslims. The extremists that seem to be growing in number have decapitated a soldier in London, rioted for days in Sweden, declared war on Syria and vice versa all the while getting slaughtered as civilized people are being driven to their breaking point. Europe seems to be fanning the flames as Muslims, unwilling to integrate into societies that are not Muslim in nature, are being attacked in record numbers across it and North America in widely unreported instances. Several mosques have been firebombed and arrests are being made for racial attacks on social media sites to stop the slide into chaos. Normally, I'd be pissed that innocent people are being assaulted but they kind of asked for it. You can't keep showing up in the news blowing up innocent people and not expect some backlash. You guys need to clean house and stat because time is running out. If Muslims continue on this attack scenario, people are going to rise up and slaughter you guys in the millions and many innocents are going to get caught up in this. Sweden saw rioting for five straight days as rampant unemployment is driving this, as well as the unwise idea to flaunt radical Muslim ideals to a less than enthusiastic audience. Many Swedes are blaming the Muslim youth and not the policies that may have drove them there, a bad thing. Nigerian Muslims also killed twenty this week in a bomb attack, furthering the flames of hatred. If you guys keep poking the tiger, it will eat you . These idiots are still killing each other as Hezbollah announced their undying support for Syria and then was attacked by missiles from rebels not for it at all. The war is spreading and even reports of rocket fire into Israel happened. So congratulation Extremist Muslims you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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