Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It has been a momentous few weeks in which we seem to be having a contest over which group or individual can do the stupidest thing imaginable. We had three college students aid a wanted terrorist after they knew he was involved in the deaths of several innocent people. Media had become a laughable parody of itself from CNN incapable of not spreading every wild rumor as if God himself had reported it while Fox News cried Benghazi at the top of its lungs until no sane person was listening. We had a government that shot down background checks which 90% of the public wanted while simultaneously getting rid of provision that would have had a limited ability of stopping insider trading inside of Congress.

We are being told the economy is getting better because the Dow just reached 15,000, unemployment is dropping and housing is rebounding. The Dow is on steroids, flush with freshly printed money, unemployment uses numbers that are rigged to be lower than they really are and have been so since 1980, and the only reason housing is rebounding is people are using houses to flip for profit while the banks sit on MILLIONS of foreclosures that, if they flooded the market with, housing prices would drop through the floor. It's all an illusion and some of us are starting to see through it. But there are a lot of stupid people out there. Too many as a matter of fact.

Take Geoffrey R. Portman, for example. This tub of lard was recently arrested in the Worcester, MA area for conspiring to kidnap, rape, and eat a child. What a winner. I loathe kiddie porn and this piece of garbage had quite a bit of it which is what caused his arrest. The authorities were stunned when they searched his house and found a soundproof dungeon with torture equipment, a steel table, restraints, a kid sized coffin and a cage, all brand new and never used, thank God. The dumb part is he was looking for an accomplice online where he would go to chat rooms and talk about his sick fantasies to others like him. Yuck. This douche should be put to death the second they find him guilty. Or better yet, throw him into gen-pop with a sign around his neck that says in bright red letters "CHILD FUCKER." He wouldn't last the day.

What Portman did is pretty stupid in many ways but the Republicans of this country have to start really looking at themselves and wonder if they might be borderline retarded or perhaps a child of incest because everything the GOP is about right now is insane. And anyone voting for these idiots are just as bad. Eric Cantor wants to get rid of overtime pay. Is that really what many of you out there want? I doubt it. They want to make abortion illegal all the time. Do you really want that for your teen daughter? They hate gay people. How is that not racist? If you really want big business to have total control of our lives while a religious theocracy tells us all what to do, keep voting for the GOP. If not, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP VOTING FOR THE DUMBEST HUMANS OUT THERE!

Mark Sanford is at the polls today and is neck and neck with Elizabeth Colbert in SC. How is that possible? Sanford used tax payer dollars, ie STOLE MONEY FROM THE CITIZENS OF SC, to cheat on his wife. And this is fine with the all the so called catholics voting for him right now is it? These are the same people who demonized Bill Clinton for far less heinous behavior, including Sanford himself who personally chastised the President for cheating on his wife and voted for impeachment. Throw stones much, Sanford? That blowjob he got didn't cost the taxpayers millions like your sorry ass. Yet people are still going to vote for him because he has a R behind his name and that is a dangerous way to vote right now as the Republican party's is filled to the brim with insanity. To make matters worse, Sanford took out a full page ad recently to highlight why people should overlook his Argentinian mistress and look at his election as akin to the battle at the Alamo. Only problem with that was dumbass got the date wrong as to when the Alamo happened. Genius. It was long, rambling message that in no way told people anything of any importance. Yet he still may win. Good god what is happening to us?

The only good news is that it came out this week that Rush Limbaugh may be parting ways with his syndication company, Cumulus after his advertising dollars have all but vanished. CEO Lew Dickey told reporters that Limbaugh has been in freefall since his ill advised comments about Sandra Fluke, in which he called her a "slut" for wanting insurance companies to cover birth control. Of the 3.5% loss last year, a full 1% represented Rush's advertising drop off. His days may finally be numbered. Anybody still listening to this ass has little hope of accomplishing anything important ever.

And speaking of freefalling, both Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have both signaled a willingness to vote for background checks in the future as their polls have showed a grand canyon sized drop. Ayotte's numbers dropped as much as 15 points on average (and in the 30's to moderates) while Jeff Flake is now the single most hated person in Congress just beating Mitch "the Turtle" McConnell. Flake is living up to his name as he has given some truly astonishing answers as to WHY he didn't vote for background checks, his best one being that "texting someone about a gun would be a crime." It wouldn't. He's making that up. And anyone voting for this idiot should be shamed in public.

All this while the NRA convention this week was a nonstop parade of the, and I mean this quite literally, the DUMBEST politicians and pundits one could put on one stage. This gala brought together the mind powers of Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Wayne LaPierre, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorium to name just a few who went off on strange tangents like gay marriage and immigration at a gun rally. When I go see someone like Henry Rollins in concert I don't expect him to start singing country songs. This forever proves my point that the NRA is not there to protect the 2nd amendment but to get Republicans elected no matter how nutty.

We have to stop voting for any Republican while putting pressure on the democrats for better help to the poor and middle class. We can still change this country but not if a majority of us all act like drunken monkeys. The choice is yours, read a book or a blog once in a while or zone out to The Voice. Just remember this whole house of cards will eventually come crumbing down if nothing is done and soon. Just saying, your choice.

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