Sunday, May 5, 2013


It was close call this week between three teens throwing their lives away to protect a wanted terrorist and this judge from PA who convicted over 5000 teens to prison for bribe money from a private prison. I had to give to him for the sheer amount of damage he caused. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Chinese scientists- It was revealed this week, in a stunning bit of channeling Dr. Frankenstein himself, that the Chinese thought it was good idea to tinker with some already lethal strains of the flu to make them even MORE virulent. Besides the fact that there was no good reason to do such a thing as it wasn't going to help them understand the virus better or even help develop a new vaccine. No they did it just because they could. Unbelievable. This is how worlds end when some idiot does something so stupid, that society grinds to a halt because of it. Has no one in that country read or seen "The Stand?" More frightening is the fact that scientists have revealed that these labs have had outbreaks in the past from far less lethal pathogens. This is playing with fire on a global scale. I can only hope they stop this madness immediately.

2)Republicans- Another week, another round of an endless stream of idiocy. Benghazi is back AGAIN in their perceptions, which according to almost every legitimate poll, the American public could not care less about. Talk about beating a dead horse. It's over. Move on already. Christ we didn't spend this much time talking about 9/11 and there are still questions about how that played out. But as that happened under a Republican watch, it was all above board while anything President Blackenstein does is subject to impeachment, tar and feathering and a good old fashioned lynching. The GOP has proved we no longer live in a democracy and anyone voting for these retards is every bit as guilty as the idiots they put into office. Look at the polls and how these fuckwads vote. Gay marriage: 52% approval rating. Republicans overwhelming voted against it. Pot legalization: 52%. Zero Republican support. Medical Marijuana: 82% support. Zero Republican support. Universal background checks: 90%. Four votes from the GOP. That is not following the will of the people at all. It is following the will of the corporations who control them thanks to Citizen's United. The only good news is hat many are growing tired of this and several Congresspeople have seen their numbers plummet since. Kelly Ayotte (NH-R), Jeff Flake (AR-R) (who is now the least popular member of Congress just squeaking by Mitch McConnel for last place), Lisa Murkowski (AK-R), Mark Begich (AK-D), Rob Portman (OH-R) and Dean Heller (NV-R) have all seen their numbers drop perilously and any who might be up for election in 2014 could actually lose what would have been safe seats normally. The GOP keeps saying that they could claim the Senate in 2014. Not if you keep doing this kind of crap because at this point, you'll be lucky not be thrown out on your rear everywhere.

3)Tea Party morons- I cannot believe this group still exists. Mark Begich is up for re-election in Alaska in 2014 and it seems dicey he will win at this point after destroying any credibility he had by voting against universal background checks. However, the Tea Party wants to run Sarah Palin as a competitor for the seat. REALLY? If you want Begich to win handily, by all means nominate Palin. Please. Polls would suggest it is not going to happen as she less popular than Congress which currently has an 8% approval rating. Herpes and taxes rate higher than her and Congress. The Tea Party is a failed movement. Let it go already.

4)Mississippi Supreme Court- In a stunning bit of stupidity and abject racism, the Court system voted 5-4 to NOT allow DNA testing to prove a death row inmate's claim on innocence. Nevermind the fact that no physical evidence linked Willie Manning to the kidnapping and murder of two college students or the fact that he was convicted on the testimony of the cousin of the defendant and a prison snitch, the former accused two others wrongly before getting it "right," and the latter recounted everything he said. There is now way this guy should have ever been convicted in the first place except he had the misfortune of being both black and poor. This is a travesty of justice and I hope the five douchebags that voted for him to meet a similar fate.

5)Clothing retailers- After the collapse of yet another Bangladeshi building this week, we have to take a serious look at where our retailers are getting their wares from. 97% of all clothes in the US and Europe are now made in these legal sweatshops and forced slave labor camps that is simply not acceptable anymore. People shouldn't have to die so that we can keep jeans at $20. Hundreds are dying, many more are being treated as poorly as one can be treated, and no one seems to care. Benetton, an Italian clothing line, was recently caught as one of the sweat shops retailers in the building collapse in Bangladesh, meaning they are as responsible as the overseers who forced those innocent people to stay in an unsafe building. Benetton expressed shock and dismay at the collapse and tried to distance themselves from the disaster but, facts are facts, and it came to light that they did indeed have a sweat shop in there. Walmart, Target and other big box stores have been caught doing the same. This cannot be allowed to continue. Boycott anyone using slave labor.

6)Syria- Syria was accused of using chemical weapons this week against the rebels. Obama pussy footed around it, further blurring that so called "red line" he kept touting about, and did nothing. The Israelis on the other hand have spent the last few days firing rockets into various buildings that have suspected rockets and chemical weapons meant for Hezbollah. At least 300 soldiers were killed at one strike today. Syria called it an act of war but as they have their hands full just holding onto to Damascus I expect little in return fire at this point. Assad's days are numbered. Bet on it. What comes after may be an even bigger problem.

7)The producers for The Great Gatsby- Only an idiot would move a musical based on a movie that has flopped at least three times already in the past from Christmas to the worst weekend to open anything you want to make money off of. The second weekend in May is a buzzsaw for anything opening for the past few years, especially if the film opening the previous week is a gargantuan success. Last year, The Avengers, destroyed anything in it's wake. The ill advised Dark Shadows and the better than expected The Dictator got killed that following weekend, as did just about anything else that opened until Memorial Day, including last year's worst movie Battleship. This year, Iron Man 3 is a juggernaut, with the second biggest opening weekend ever, just behind The Avengers. The Great Gatsby will be lucky to see $30 million and as Star Trek opens the following week, will be lucky to stay in the top three for it's second outing. This film cost $150 million not counting advertising meaning it will have to gross at least $250 mil world wide. Not likely. Way to kill your grosses dumb asses by not understanding the very job you have.

8)Dias Kadvrbavev, Azamat Tazhavakov and Robel Phillipos- Three of the stupidest people imaginable actually conspired after the fact with Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to hide evidence even after they knew he had killed and maimed innocent people. I hate the FBI and even I would have had them on speed dial if someone I knew was involved in something this horrible. It also came to light that while it was unlikely I would have been at the Boston Marathon this year, it is almost certain I would have been there for the 4th of July which was their first target apparently. Great. The security this year is going to be just like after 9/11 with cops EVERYWHERE, command centers on nearby rooftops and snipers. But these three morons have now thrown away their lives, two of which are going to be deported and will NEVER be allowed to leave their home country again (this after their jail sentence where I am sure they are going to be very unpopular) while the US citizen, Phillipos, faces a life in which jail time is served and no good job ever. The dead terrorist still sits in a funeral home as no cemetery wants him. Good. I hope he fucking rots.

9)People still thinking the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax- This is one of those conspiracy theories that is laughably bad. Today some fool put up pictures of a woman with something in her hand, declared it sissors, and said she was cutting peoples pant legs up to make it look like a bombing had occurred while another person poured fake blood everywhere. That is some true nuttiness. Please stop and go back to more credible nonsense like a fake moon landing, reptoids from dimension X or Sarah Palin being a good candidate for Senator.

10)Judge Mark Ciavarella- This piece of shit took bribes from a private prison to put over 5000 teens into a juvenile center that they had no business being in. He was caught and sentenced to 28 years in prison which I can only hope will be part of the gen-pop where he will meet others not so caring and nice.  Another judge in PA, Michael Conahan, was convicted in 2011 of similar crimes and was sentenced to 17 years in jail. Why hasn't anyone from the prison been arrested yet? RICO statutes cover them as well so why no arrests? Because the private prisons are destroying this country and have a stranglehold on our government. They are the second largest lobbying group, just being the military industrial complex and we all know how well they are doing with no-bid contract, huge fees and other tax payer sucking devices that are bankrupting us. Robert Mericle is the owner of two facilities in PA and has been the one that both judges says bribed them. So why is he not in jail? Because he's rich and in this country, the elites have a different set of rules to follow. Mericle was convicted in 2009, payed a huge fine and, as of this writing, no jail time. There is still some word about being sentenced to up to three years in prison, but so far, he still walks among us with no sign of that being let up. VP Joe Biden even praised Mericle for his construction company in helping rebuild areas damaged during Hurricane Sandy. This fucknut should be doing hard time not prancing about with his dick in his hand. Private prisons are a bane on US freedoms and should be abolished immediately. This case shows how wrong something can go where innocent people are being jailed for profit.  This is justice in America. So congratulations to Ciavarella, Conahan and Mericle for you are indeed douchebags of the week.

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