Thursday, May 30, 2013


It has not been a stellar week for the nations police force, the FBI and M. Night Shamalamadingdongs latest picture. There have been numerous murders of innocent people by a trigger happy police force that should be more feared than your local street gang. Statistics show you are five times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a civilian and that includes our thuggish underclass. Recently, there has been a slew of people being wrongly executed by our increasingly unstable officers in both local and federal level.

The biggest story is one I called from minute one on this site as sounding awfully suspicious about the death of a murder suspect, Ibragim Todashev, while being questioned by the FBI. Todashev was being asked at his home about the murder of three people in MA a few years back which may have had possible connections to the dead Boston Bomber. According to the FBI at the time, Todashev was about to sign a full confession when he grabbed a knife and lunged at the FBI agent who returned fire. First off, if the guy has a knife, there is no reason for deadly force when a shot to the leg will incapacitate anyone and it's not like a knife has bullets. However, it later turns out that there was knife and Todashev was shot six times for still unexplained reasons. One theory is that he flipped a table and aggressively came at the officers which still doesn't explain the use of lethal force. True, he was an experienced martial artist, but that just means the FBI was woefully under-trained as firing a gun under these circumstances seems unwarranted regardless.

Also unclear is why five police officers and several FBI agents couldn't subdue an unarmed man. Why the man was being interrogated for over eight hours, as confirmed by witnesses at the scene, with no lawyer present, no witnesses and no record kept, who knows what really went on. They could have been torturing the guy for the entire time and we would never know. And how does the Patriot Act, or the FBI's involvement, warrant a look at what is a triple homicide within state lines and thus NOT a federal issue, even if the Boston Bombers had any involvement. Are we linking actions now to take rights away from anyone we wish by using the Patriot Act for whatever reason the feds want? Looks like it. Todashev was hit six times while unarmed and no real record of what really happened. Do not trust the FBI for any reason. They are becoming more Gestopish by the minute.

This is not the only story to break the airwaves with the police on a murder spree that, had they been committed by a nationwide street gang, would garner much more scrutiny that our increasingly trigger happy police force. As recently discussed a Utah man was arrested for killing one policeman and wounding five others when they barged into his house unannounced and got filled full of holes for their trouble. He "hung" himself later. Or, more likely, he was murdered.

In Philadelphia, a 61 year old man was executed by police searching the wrong house. Again police say they identified themselves, which witnesses claim otherwise, Apparently the two dumbasses, ages 24 and 25, missed the address by one number and should been going next door. The residents thought they were being attacked and the owner grabbed his gun firing at them with a shotgun. He got filled full for holes for his actions. These two should not only be fired, but arrested for manslaughter. They won't, but they should. The fact that the two officers were white and the victims black played no role in the shooting (insert sarcasm here).

A 64 year old Akron man was shot during a traffic stop when the man attempted to hand him a BB gun and was shot in response. The officer said he though the gun was real but witnesses say the gun was handed to him grip first, meaning the only person the driver could have shot was himself. Another assassination from our jumpy cops.

And then there is this gem from Fort Worth. Texas. Jerry Waller, 72, was shot dead by cops as he went to check on a burglar alarm going off at his next door's neighbor's house. Waller was armed at the time, but had placed the weapon on the ground when officers identified themselves and then filled him full of holes. Once again, the police story does not jibe with what others say they saw Waller was not armed at the time, identified himself as a next door neighbor and then shot multiple times. The family wants an independent review, as I would too as I wouldn't trust the cops to tell me the truth either.

Lastly, a woman was shot dead after allegedly approaching two cops with a knife at a Costco in the DC area. The woman, who was working as a food prepper for pizza samples, was acting strange for sure and did have a weapon according to witnesses, but once again, why shoot to kill. The police said one attempted to use a Taser which didn't work and then shot her instead. Did the other cop's Taser also not work? Witnesses say the officers stormed into the Costco, guns drawn and moving in military-like ways, dodging and weaving. Really? One officer was being treated for a gunshot wound, meaning one of these dumbasses shot the other as the victim had no gun. This also means these two fired their weapons into a crowded store filled with innocent people. These are the idiots we have protecting us, playing cop rather than being one.

I have known plenty of fine police officers in my time. I have also had the misfortune of meeting others who were very bad people, including two that eventually went to prison, one for murder, one for drug use. Several others were fired or demoted due to rancid actions that had no business being acceptable by the local cops. Police need a better training program because too many of the assholes can't hit the broad sign of a barn with their weapons, have no ability how to disarm someone with a knife (something I can do for God's sake, and I'm crippled) and are constantly shooting innocent people. All of the above stories are just a sampling of misconduct over just the last two weeks. How safe do you feel knowing the cops can kick in your door, fill you full of holes and just say "sorry" when it's all over. I hope each and everyone of the above cases gets sued big time, which they all will, costing taxpayers even more money.

Lastly, the reviews are in for After Earth, and as expected, it looks like a bomb. Reviewers have ripped it apart as a terrible film and will most likely be M. Night Shamalamadingdong's last film. Five bombs in a row is a career ender and I am surprised they gave him this one last chance with Will Smith. His son Jaden is getting hammered too which may not be his fault if the director sucked as bad as he usually does, and it appears that is true. This film is going to die a painful death tomorrow and with it, the director's career. He will not be missed. Will Smith's career will recover just fine.

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