Monday, May 22, 2017


Trump has been every bit the disaster we all knew we would be. Unfortunately, the Republican base has proven to be beyond stupid to a point it is actually dangerous. This is the result of years of piss poor education in this country which emphasized testing over learning and eliminated things like logic and critical thinking. What we have now is an uneducated public drowning in sub par news and entertainment that more and more resembles a dystopian future seen circa 1960 at the cinema. Both the left and right have drank their own Kool-Aid to such an extent that communication between the two is as likely as me speaking to an actual elephant or donkey and understanding them perfectly.
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We are headed for a collusion course with history as this country fractures to a point that, depending how things turn out, will make this nation, and perhaps even this planet, unrecognizable. North Korea just made a huge leap forward in missile tech and are claiming they will be mass producing them soon. China and the Philippines and threatening each other with war other disputed oil rights and the same goes for China and Japan over an island group ownership issue. Imagine how much scarier this would be if each of these nations had nukes, something our fucked up President has said he is fine with in the past?

Iran is now in the cross hairs of countries like the United States and Saudi Arabia, who just signed a huge armament deal that has been crowed as a big job creator but will in actuality only create 400 US jobs for highly skilled or connected workers so if you are a Joe six pack thinking this will help you find work, guess again. There are NO jobs coming your way ever. They are gone and not coming back so get used to what a lot of my generation, Generation X (one that which if you notice is NEVER mentioned ever in the news), has had to deal with and that is well paying jobs being pulled out from under us causing us to start at the bottom all over again. I've done it over a dozen times and I still can't get anywhere. It's why I work for myself now because if I am going to get paid a crappy wage I rather blame myself them some greedy douchebag. Wages are STILL falling for the majority of us, a statistical trick used to lie to us that we are in actuality doing better which we can all see with our own eyes is a lie. These are not the droids you are looking for is all I hear lately.
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The sad fact is right now we have few places to turn. The Republicans are proven they are unfit to lead and any asshole still supporting these idiots deserve a special place in hell for the utter stupidity. What part of they are trying to kill us are you not getting? They plan to decimate social safety nets, including eventually SS, Medicare and Medicaid. When they fuck up health care, people are going to shoot them. This is what happen 100% time in human history when one side decides to go to far and ignores the dangers and red line signs. Physical violence against Republicans is already increasing. Imagine what will happen when citizens realize they are going to die, or the children, because of a health care system that only helps the rich? Civil war WILL happen at that point when people decide if they are going to die, might as well take a few fuckers with them. Look back at what started any revolution and if looks a lot like right now.

Trump only faces impeachment if his numbers fall further than they do know, or something comes out that sinks him politically for good. The worst part is that even if does get impeached somehow, a sizable portion of this country is not going to accept it and riot. They will scream "fake news," and "it's a coup." And they would be wrong. This president and the Republican party have said loud and clear they want to kill half the country, yet some of you still back this. Hell some of you had said they want a dictator. FUCK YOU! If you are one of these assholes, I sincerely hope you die. Painfully. Feel free to come out and tell people this so they can beat the snot out of you. This is everything this country isn't and to accept it to is say "I hate America," in no uncertain terms and anyone who says that and truly means it should get a swift kick in the nuts with a spiked shoe.

President Douchenozzle is away so the news has been quiet. It also appears as of someone took away his Twitter because I haven't heard of anything lately. It was reported today that both Steve Bannon and Reince Prebuis have both bent sent packing home, not a good sign for a administration that has said people like those two, along with Sean Spicer, might be fired soon. These are not good signs for any of them.
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Is impeachment possible? More than a week ago so that is something good. Trump keeps telling people things that make it hard NOT to impeach him. Republicans are bending over backwards to deflect from this, my favorite being when some asshole asks "why wasn't Obama impeached?" First off, he never did ANYTHING that would ever come to that level of talk. The dittoheads scream about Benghazi (a lie), the IRS scandal (not a scandal) and Fast and Furious (terrible call, not related to Obama but the DOJ). Obama may have been a sucky president but he went eight years with 0 scandals, a record. The Human Cheeto fart didn't make it four months without it looking like he could be out by the end of the year, along with Pence and hopefully, some of the GOP leadership. Will it happen? Maybe. There are plans within plans right now and it is impossible to know which side will win out. In the long run it may not matter as the Republicans wants us dead and the Democrats want to decide the election results before a single vote is cast. Revolution is on the horizon which will bad for us all. Then again, maybe North Korea will nuke us. Good times.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


This administration is caught in the worst version of Groundhog Day ever witnessed by mankind. President Man Child is busy play acting president to Saudi Arabia, a trip both successful AND a failure if that was ever even possible. His aides must have taken away his cell phone and/or Twitter account because we haven't heard a peep from him after he accidentally may have impeached himself this week. No joke, he actually did this. Even I who has correctly called almost point for point how this administration would self destruct am astonished how rapidly it took. I thought it would be a year and a half before he would start self detonating, not four scant months later. But it has gotten so bad that impeachment is an actual possibility that wasn't nearly as remote as it was even a week ago. Contrary to what you have heard, there are rumblings behind closed doors about what to do with Trump and while there is no consensus to dump him yet, their fear about what this man is capable of and how far they might get dragged down is heavy on their minds. We are all but one scandal away, one that may even be trivial, that might be the straw that broke the camels back, the same that happened to Clinton when the Comey email drop detonated her chances when undecided voters broke nine times out of ten toward Trump which gave him the election. Trump is at that same junction right now where even the slightest breeze will upset this apple cart. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Civil War Monuments and their supporters- I have three words for anyone who thinks these statues are a good idea and they are: ahem, GO FUCK YOURSELF! For the talk I hear about "snowflake liberals" and "whiny Millennials," there is always a story like this that makes me see that you assholes are no better. You LOST the Civil War and losers don't get participation trophies, at least that what you scream at liberal schools that idiotically do this too. But here you are demanding the same thing. Hypocrites all! Go to a place where a war has been lost and see if there are ANY statues to the defeated and there are NONE and with good reason: to the victor goes the spoils. This NEVER should have been allowed in the first place but demonstrates how no war is ever lost when the ideas that sparked such idiocy are allowed to flourish. I am NOT saying we shouldn't have free speech. We should, even hate speech which contrary to people on the left IS protected. What we don't need are statues making heroes out of villains as one taken down was a KKK wizard and proud hater of black people. REALLY? And it's just coming down NOW? The Civil War is over and you lost. Now can we move on please.

9) Joe Lieberman- How to describe my feelings for this man? Let me think. I guess you could say to quote Cheers, "I would rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil." than even contemplate this ass as head of the FBI. He is a greedy, corrupt douchebag who helped turn the democratic party, along with the Clintons, into the shit fest it so now. I LOATHE this man who has not one decent bone in his body and who I am fairly sure will burn in hell for all eternity for his sins. As you can tell, I FUCKING HATE HATE HATE Joe Lieberman. I didn't vote for Gore when he took douche nozzle here as his running mate. And before you start thinking it's because he's Jewish, relax and know that has nothing to do with it. He, almost by himself, is responsible for your outrageous cable bill when he deregulated the industry and sent prices skyrocketing almost overnight. He helped kill single payer. His ONE vote kept Congress from lowering the Medicare age to 55. And that is just a taste of the crap this dick did for years to not just to the state of CT but the nation. And now Trump wants this crony (he works at a Trump owned bank) of his to take over the FBI? Oh HELL NO! Thankfully most of the democrats seem really against this but even if they all say no, the Senate is still held by the Republicans and a bare majority will do. If he does get in, this country is SCREWED! Joe Lieberman is a man who CANNOT be trusted. I know first hand what this fuckwad will do. If nominated, call your Senators and demand they vote against him. And if he does anyway, do NOT vote for him in November no matter what. Your lives depend on this. Lieberman will kill us all. That is not a joke. He is truly dangerous.

8)Anthony Weiner- Speaking of hate, we are going to see a lot about democrats this week because just because the Republicans and King Cheeto Fart are sucking up the airwaves, we cannot forget that the other side is acting equally contemptible with little press about any of it. First up, is this ass who helped deliver us Trump because he simply cannot keep it in his pants. The irony of last name, the continuous fuck ups, the fact his wife didn't divorce him after he got caught for a third time, all gave us what we have now. Karma however found him guilty of sexting an underage girl and is likely to get two years in prison, a quick divorce, the strong possibility he will never see his kid again, the knowledge that when he gets out his life is over and will have to register now as a sex offender. The worst part is as much as this guy was a true asshole, and he was, he was also a good politician whose personality got in the way. This was a far fall from a huge height from which there is no chance of career survival. I honestly have no idea what the hell is going to to do for work when he gets. Better hope for a book deal dude. Or porn. There's always porn.
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7)Nancy Pelosi and democrats in general- If Hillary Clinton had done half the things Trump had done, Republicans would be frothing at the mouth and even if they didn't have the numbers to impeach, like the democrats now, they still would have been demanding at every juncture. Vice versa and a few democrats are like that while the rest are all like "simmer down people we are a far cry from impeachment and can't jump the gun." That's not the point. You don't actually start impeachment proceedings, but you demand the OTHER SIDE do it for the good of the country. They won't, but again, not the point. By doing this you set the narrative that the Republicans are obstructionists and if things go bad, can be tied as in cahoots with Trump when he inevitably goes under. Instead, we have the dingbat of the party, Pelosi, who is so old and out of touch we can see her age on stage like milk. Lately, she is giving these horrific speeches were she is either drunk or having a stroke but there are like a dozen at this point and the MSM ignores all of that. She says she isn't ready for things like legalized pot, single payer or any other action that will give the democrats the House and Senate come 2018. She needs to go along with a lot of other during the primaries. If we don't, this country will not survive.

6)DNC- Not that any of that might matter because a lawsuit against the DNC for vote rigging is going on along to a complete media black out about it. Shocker. In it the DNC is actually arguing that as a "private" company, the DNC has the right to install whoever they want as their nominee voters be damned. Think about that for a minute. How does that make this a democracy? It will be fascinating to see how the judicial branch handles this landmine because how it is settled will affect us all. If the DNC is allowed to cherry pick it's candidate, voting doesn't matter because, like Hillary, the candidate is pre-chosen and then they lose because they pick people the people didn't. Say what you want about Trump but he won the primary fair and square. The actual election however showed string anomalies to affect the vote in TRUMP'S favor but as always no one says boo about it later. I have a feeling this isn't going to go the DNC's way though which means in the next election, we may have a better shot at getting someone in who isn't corrupt or an utter moron.

5)MSM- No story on the DNC. NO story on Pelosi not being able to speak. And then you wonder why people do not trust you? Start reporting the news. That is likely to get worse however as the Sinclair group, a uber right wing media group, is going to control something along the lines of 72% of the media TV markets and are actively exploring a new news channel that will be to the right of Fox. Joy. A recent guest in Bill Maher was an executive from this group and he was truly stupid. Get ready America, it is about to get a whole lot worse.
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4)Roger Ailes- This fat pig died this week and is almost certainly in hell spinning on a spit with an apple in his mouth. Ailes destroyed this country and helped give us such things as George W. Bush, tax cuts, 9/11, the crippled economy, several unwinnable wars, and now Trump. Thank God you are dead and I actually danced and giggled a little when I heard you were gone. Bye bye you sick fuck!

3)Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort- Word is these two are super screwed. Indictments are allegedly in the works and that rumor seems to be true as grand juries have been verified that are actively looking into these two. It is rumored that they are both going to be indicted for crimes (possibly things like violation of the Hatch act, wire fraud and the like) that also allows asset forfeiture which will give them incentive to make a deal. Louise Mensch has been somewhat accurate here and some of her more far fetched ideas, like Trump about to be impeached any minute, need more scrutiny but this particular story appear true from various MSM sources as well. If they turn on Trump and may indeed do just that to prevent their families from being destitute, Mensch's story doesn't seem so far fetched anymore.

2)Jared Kushner- Those that stand too close to the sun have a tendency to get burned. Sources have verified two things about Mueller's probe and that is 1) it's a criminal probe and 2) he's looking at Kushner. He did fail to report a dozen meeting with Russian envoys as required by law before taking a White House spot and had other shady dealings as well. This may mean nothing or everything depending on what he finds. I know I wouldn't want to be investigated here. No good will come from any of it.
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1)Trump- A quick impression of White House staff this week : FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! That about sums it up. Every day brought a new scandal that makes it almost two weeks of drama, none of it good. After last week's disaster de jour, this one was somehow worse. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice several times. He gave the Russians top secret info he shouldn't have. He tried to stop a probe into Russia from the FBI and fired Comey as result, actually telling the Russians just that. It was bad in every possible way. Now that he's away, it's been thankfully quiet. I do love the fact that douchebag gave Obama such a hard time for bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia when he himself did a little courtesy too. So much for those headlines about Trump NOT bowing huh? A quick word about some of his deranged supporters: 25% of them demonstrate authoritarian loving qualities and want a dictator in chief. If you are one of these people, feel free to kill yourself. Please! We don't need Hitler Youth and Gestapo morons running around in this country. We fought a war to stop fascism,not welcome it in. You people are horrible Americans. That is what we are up against. When Trump gets impeached, and we all know it's coming, what will these assholes do in solidarity with him? Is a new Civil War in our cards? It is possible but unlikely. What will happen most likely is just further divisions among an America that will barely be holding together. Trump will kill us all one way or another. So fuck you Trump and his idiotic supporters you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Friday, May 19, 2017



You know it's bad if I'm writing on a Friday. Here in the Northeast it's fucking Africa hot and it's way too early to put in the air conditioners so me and my fiance are just sweating it out until later today when the heat breaks. We have spent the last few nights not getting much sleep so I have had a lot of time to do research on things that haven't been fully reported because of Trump's daily dose of WWWWWAAAAAAAAA! If any of you get the chance, check out last week's episode of the President's Show on Comedy Central where a baby acting Trump refuses to leave a play area where he has been having a blast with the local kids. His temper tantrum was hysterical beyond words and may actually come to pass if they have to drag him kicking and screaming out of the Oval Office, a distinct possibility if recent rumors are true.
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But before we get to Trump and what he has coming, let's examine a few stories that got little to no press. The biggest story is that Trump has said his front runner is, God help us all, Joe "FUCKWAD" Lieberman. The only politician I hate more than this asshole is ex-Governor John Rowland whose staff blackmailed my company out of existence. CT is easily the most corrupt state in the country with dozens of local, state and high office officials going to jail over the years, mostly for bribery, and in one case sexual assault on two small children. That last one would be in Bridgeport whose had three mayors all go to jail for one reason or another over time.

I've met Joe Lieberman. I've talked right to his smug face. And you know what? He's an asshole. I spent months trying to get this dick to back off on his deregulation plan for cable companies as all the research I had complied suggested strongly that this bill would NOT lower prices but accelerate them upward instead. Lieberman pushed back that he knew better and guess what, he wasn't as our cable bills rose way faster than the rates of inflation, or exactly what I said would happen. This was my first taste of how government officials will shaft you for a quick buck and the main reason I left CT never to return. I'll move to Stinkwater, Alabama just outside a toxic waste dump, a nuclear power plant and living next door to Rush Limbaugh before I move back there. The current Governor is no better than the other string of losers they elected and is one of the reasons why they finish in the top five worst states to live in for the past decade now. Look out Alabama, CT is closing in on your fourth place spot. Although probably not as there is a bitter union debate going on, and contrary to what you've heard, greedy unions are not to blame here. Budget cuts seem only to affect union workers and never upper management, with one round of layoffs last year only losing one guy from the upper ranks and dozens from down below, hardly fair. Their pension funding is one of the worst in America and is unlikely to survive.

Joe Lieberman currently works for a Trump bank, so nothing suspicious about that. Neither is the fact that he has been a quiet Trump supporter and Democratic defector who once idiotically supported John McCain for president in 2008 where anyone voting Republican at all that year was too stupid to live, These guys just crashed the economy and some said "hey let's do it again." Stupid. Thankfully, Democrats seem to hate this idea showing some spine. Whether that will be enough is unknown.

What is known is that the lawsuit against the DNC is going on, not the MSM has said boo about it. That's too bad because this story is every bit as big as what is going on in Trumpland. The suit alleges that the DNC rigged the election in favor of Hillary over Bernie. What is so shocking is they don't deny it. Their argument is that they are a private corporation who has no obligation to voters. SAY WHAT? They are literally telling you they will pick they candidate they like and voting be damned. That is NOT democratic and depending how this lawsuit plays out, we will see if we live in a functioning democracy. If not, we better get a third party together and soon because the GOP will kill us all and the DNC will rig the election to get their corporate candidate in, thus offering a majority of us no choice at all.
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Trump is heading out for his first big trip and apocalyptic hilarity will most likely follow. What could possibly go wrong in Saudi Arabia or Israel? Lots apparently as rumors of staff pulling out their hair in anticipation of what will undoubtedly be a new shitstorm of epic proportions. Trump wanted to go for five days instead of nine and his interactions with world leaders are being tailored to control his short attention span. Expect the real fireworks to happen near the end of this trip when tired, cranky Trump does something dumb.

A recent audio tape released has Paul Ryan and others talking about Trump and Russian payment. Is this the damning audio that Louise Mensch has mentioned? There is also some evidence that she is is being fed false information but I also have to notice that she has been right about three things on her blog so far that the MSM missed, so take it with a grain of salt. Either way, she appears right that the Trump administration is going nowhere fast. Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are not only looking at real jail time for their actions, according to legal experts familiar with the case, but could be left destitute as the crimes they are allegedly being charged with come with asset confiscation too, even if they gave it to their children. That gives prosecutors a lot of leverage to hold over them to turn state's evidence for a lesser charge and not throwing their wife and kids out into the street with nothing. If they do turn on Trump, his impeachment is all but guaranteed.
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I will be writing more as these explosive stories keep happening. Trump may not see the end of the year at this rate.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


At 5:45 pm EST for the last three days, Trump received what can only be described as increasingly worse news. After almost two weeks of consistent fallout, we enter Thursday with Republicans disappearing into the woodwork after it was revealed that Robert Mueller has been hired as special prosecutor. No news shows, not even Fox News, could find ONE Republican to go on air and defend him, which is a bad sign when rats start to desert the ship.
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Speaking of rats deserting the ship, Roger Ailes died today in whats can only be described for me as a truly happy event. That man was a pig for single handedly turning half of this nation's brains into mush, while groping and harassing his way through his kingdom with Bill O'Reilly lecherously hanging behind him. I am glad that fucker is dead. Hopefully the reaper is just getting started because there are a lot of people in Washington who could use a visit from both sides of the aisle.

But that is wishful thinking, and the reality is hardly better for the Republicans who if this keeps up stand to lose possibly the worst election ever in 2018. While brainless Republicans are twisting themselves in knots defending their support for this evil organization (Trump still polls in mid to high eighties for support among the Republican base), independents are leaving by the truckload and the money pouring into democratic coffers are staggering. Recent totals show that in just four months, the Democratic party House fund raised more money than they did in ALL of 2015, over twenty million, and most of that was in $18 increments. The Republicans did WAY worse with a paltry 1.8 million dollars. EEWWWW! That plus polls show that Democrats have a solid chance of retaking the House and with slightly lesser odds, but still possible, to retake the Senate. A lot of Republicans, like Tom McCarthur and Darryl Issa, are most likely stuff on a rock if their violent town halls are any indication.
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Anger drives the polls more than anything else and people are PISSED right now, and not just at Trump. Their ill advised budget and health care plan are deficit busters that will literally kill millions of people if both are ever implemented, a high bar at this point. The chances of Trump even finishing his first term are not good.

On top of the Comey memos which are certain to bury him, even more bad info came out today. The reason for this can be found in previous articles where I explained in elaborate detail if you go up against the intelligence apparatus of this country or screw up the military industrial complex deals, you will pay a heavy price as Presidents like Carter, Kennedy and Nixon found out. Trump is next on that list and I predicted some time ago that unless he did some creative tap dancing, his days were numbered. As leaks will now pour out of the FBI, CIA and even within the White House frightened by how badly things are behind the scenes, Trump will be impeached at some point. That is all but inevitable. We all thought so highly of Ivanka and her idiot husband, but she is nowhere to be seen and every time a bad decision comes to light, Jared is right there egging Trump on to fire Comey and go after him afterward, Bad idea. Very bad idea.

Today scandal de jour is that not only did Flynn use his power as NSA head to sway US policy toward Turkey, a country he was currently accepting money from at the time illegally, Trump knew all about it before he even hired him. Nevermind the illegal actions galore there, why be so stupid to hire someone that was going to destroy you? Jared convinced you to hire him. Fuck me. This was further hampered by the video shot outside the Turkish embassy in DC where Erdogan's bodyguards are bearing the holy hell out of protesters. I have no idea who started it but those bodyguards where kicking the crap out of people on the ground so not cool. It was so bad, the DC police chief had to get involved and lie to the people that diplomatic immunity won't matter here, but that is unlikely to fly with the State department and the best we might get is not allowing them back into the country but that will be the extent of it.

This led to two more Republicans calling for Trump's impeachment, including PA Republican Charlie Dent, who first tried to defend the president but couldn't anymore when this news came out. How many more will it take before the flood becomes inevitable and Trump is gone. Chances are high he won't see Thanksgiving at this rate. Hell, the Fourth of July may be cause for more than one celebration the way he is spiraling out of control.
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The GOP is quietly preparing for President Pence, Louise Mensch's blog aside that is currently suggesting Trump illegally accessed Comey's computer and passed the data to the Russians. She is the same one that is alleging that Orrin Hatch is being readied for president, a fact that I have to admit sounds great, but so far, there is no proof that any of this true. What isn't is that Pence is knee deep in this too as the above story about Flynn affects him too. Prosecutors say he would have either have to have known about the Flynn issues or he was monumentally stupid. Neither is going to make anyone happy and chances are good if Trump goes, so goes Pence right along with him because that stink of Trump taint (try getting that image out of your head) is never going to go away. That leaves us, ugh, President Ryan, who we can only pray that Mensch's blog is correct and there is a tape of Ryan acknowledging Russian interference and money laundering. He won't be any better than Trump as his past record shows. The good news is because this will drag on for some time, there will be nothing coming out of the Congress as they are neck deep in this too. Those 2018 elections are coming fast aren't they?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I go away for two days and the whole world explodes. It runs in the family. Whenever I go away something goes horribly wrong somewhere in the world like the tsunami in Thailand, the SF earthquake or the eruption of Mt Pinatubo. My mom is even worse as she has habit of leaving a trail of death behind the countries she visits which half the time seem to suffer some intense disaster or political upheaval two seconds after one foot leaves the country in question. We seem to be doom-mongers and not know it.
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This may be the beginning of the end for Trump regardless of what spineless idiots like Ryan and McConnel are doing, or in this case NOT doing. I have been following politics since I could walk and I have never seen someone flame out as badly as Trump is and it's all by his own hand. To refresh those of you living on another planet or were in a coma for the last week, here's what happened over the last few days, stressing heavily that this all took place over the last 72 hours and there was a week's worth of news before that. Ouch.

Trump met with the Russians on Saturday, leaving the American press out but allowing Russian media inside instead which should be a giant warning flag for anyone with a pulse at this point. He then when on to brag about state secrets that he had no permission to give out. As he is president he can leak whatever classified info he wants which should make all of us sleep well tonight knowing a blowhard like Trump is guarding the secrets of the world. Try sleeping thinking about that tonight. And half the country has insomnia now, great.

The Republican base is right that he committed no crime here, it just proves that Trump is a moron. Even worse, he thinks we are all as dumb as he is. The White House is trying to cover the whole thing up, denying it through clever word play and semantics. McMaster came out and said something along the lines of "Donald Trump never once said the words lions, tigers or bears, oh my, and that's that." Only the report wasn't about lions, tigers or bears but apples and oranges instead. But we know this happened, because immediately after the meeting, calls were made to various department to mitigate the damage as Israel, the people who gave us this info, was not going to be happy. And while this won't damage our relationship with the Jewish state, it will make them, and others, think twice about sharing info with us and that could harm American interests or even lives, so Trump being an idiot just compromised our security. Where did I hear that before? It will come to me in a minute. She ran for president....
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IT WAS HILLARY CLINTON'S EMAILS GODDAMMIT! How many times did we hear the Republican party scream bloody murder that mishandling government secrets was tantamount to treason. Yet here it is front and center and all I hear are crickets and a couple of Republicans weakly calling him out. HYPOCRITICAL MUCH? The Republican party lost all legitimacy to EVER call anyone out for ties to Russia or mishandled security information as they neck deep in it right now and no one has said boo about it. They are about to drown and thank God nothing else happened because if it did, on top of this optic nightmare, the GOP would fall apart. What? Something else DID happen? And it's far, far, FAR worse? Let me clap my hands in glee as I get to part 2 of Trump's inevitable downfall.

Comey's firing I knew would come back to haunt him. I know people in the FBI. They are the most straitlaced, anal, careful people I know who are utter Boy Scouts, literally in one case as he is a scoutmaster for his sons and their friends. If you cross one of them, all of them protect themselves with backed up files, notes, tapes and anything else that can save their hide should a shit storm come their way. As head of the FBI, this guy would have all sorts of backups and a deep knowledge how to navigate the waters of Washington DC, mostly well. If he hadn't held that idiotic press conference for no reason about Hillary's emails, she would probably be president and he would have his job still. Such is life.

So now it comes out that Comey has detailed, documented memos of all of his conversations with Trump, one of which alleges that President Trump tried to get Comey to drop the investigation into General Flynn and the Russian probe in general. Comey refused. But since this now becomes an obstruction of justice possibility, an impeachable offense, those memos are ground zero for what may be the end of Trump presidency. His numbers are falling fast with only the dumbest of the dumb still backing this retard. And who exactly are these people? If you can't see this man has no business being here, you're too stupid to vote. Hell, considering the plans the GOP and Trump have for you, most of you might not survive if they continue much longer. But some of you will go to your graves rather than give anything to those danged Democrats. Have fun dying.
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Right now, anyone living in a red state or even a blue state should be calling on their Senators and Representatives for the immediate impeachment for Trump. And anyone living in that shriveled crone Pelosi's district better be calling her and asking why impeachment seems to be a word she can't say ever. failing us for going after Bush in 2006 when she had the chance and repeating that same mistake again. Anyone voting for her in 2018 should be shot for being too stupid to live. This woman is a menace. PLEASE get rid of her next year unless you want to see four years of the human Cheeto fart ruin us all. And why isn't the press showing us the videos of her slurring her words through yet another speech? She's either a drunk or having a stroke and my money is on the former.

We have heard slight rumblings from the right about a special prosecutor which may not even be necessary if Trump keeps this nonstop pace of shooting himself in one foot, waiting a few minutes, and repeating the procedure over and over. It's exhausting. And it may lead to his impeachment down the road if it becomes untenable to have him anymore. His big trip next week may be his last, especially if he does something incredibly stupid while overseas, an even odds that it will happen along with the 45% chance bookies are giving him to finish the year.

Trump must go now, then Ryan and Pelosi in 2018 and maybe then we can get stuff done with people with brains in their head. I just don't know if enough exist. They certainly don't seem to be any readily available,

Sunday, May 14, 2017


I have NEVER seen a president have as bad a week as Trump had. Sally Yates buried him on Monday in front of Congress and by Tuesday, Trump may have ended his presidency when he idiotically fired FBI head James Comey, setting himself up for impeachment by his own hand. There are even more explosive allegations being bandied about which I have talked about earlier this week but now may include sealed indictments against Trump, Pence, Sessions, Ryan and possibly a lot of GOP leaders for treason, money laundering, obstruction of justice and others that reside under RICO laws. If true, and there is little evidence of it being true or false at this point, it would be earth shattering. More on that tomorrow. For today's column, we will just deal with what we know Trump and his cohorts have done, none of which was any good for anyone not rich and powerful. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Rod Blum- This asshole representative from Iowa got more than he bargained for when he started checking ID's at a town hall so only people from his constituency could attend in a lame attempt to keep "rabble rousers" from attending. What dumb ass failed to realize is that even people within his own base are pissed at his attempt to kill them with the GOP health care plan and they showed up angry as hell. Worse, he got all pissy and left a radio interview when the DJ asked him if he accepted money from people in say Iowa City and outside his area, why wouldn't they be allowed to attend? Blum got huffy and left. He should be shown the same door come 2018.

9)Spirit Airline- A brawl broke out in the Fort Lauderdale airport when Spirit airline had to cancel flights because they don't want to pay their pilots a livable wage. The pilots' lawyers show that the discount airline is every bit as profitable as the major ones and their pilots should be paid accordingly which I agree with. Too many companies are claiming poverty while they rake in the dough for them and theirs. Enough. And anyone dumb enough to travel on this chintzy airline gets what they deserve. Any airline that makes United look good is one to avoid at all costs.

8)Non-binary people- As always, some people take things too far. I am fine with transsexuals, sex changes and the like. I am NOT okay with some whiny idiot claiming that they are neither sex and should be referred to as "they" NO! The same way I refuse to utter the words "African-american" rather than black or stop calling people retarded (not people who are actually mentally challenged because that is sick but people with their full facilities and who should know better)  because they are fucking words that in the later case have multiple meanings. As someone who makes his living off of words, I refuse to kowtow to crybabies whose feelings are hurt. And I am not calling anyone "they" as that implies duality that they do not posses. How about "it?" It works as it has no sex to it. And if you don't like it, too bad. Either follow language correctly or go somewhere else that doesn't care. In the meantime, stop treating gender like a hair color that can be changed at will. You can't and stop creating Trump supporters with this crap.
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7)Dr. Tommy Curry- Hate speech is protected. What this ass said isn't. In a podcast that has re-emerged, this fucking ass actually asked when is it okay to kill white people. The answer is simple: NEVER! Unless you are being pursued by a bunch of white hicks with a rope and a bunch of guns, the answer is always never. In this diseased rant, fuckwad says some whites may need to be killed to get equality. The reverse could also be postulated but no one other than the most racist white person would ever even think that. How is this guy not behind bars let alone out of a job? This is NOT protected speech and this utter moron needs to go, preferably behind bars. Imagine if some white professor did this? He'd be run out of town on a rail. But because this jerk is black he gets a free pass. This is why Trump won because white people see this and lose their minds and not without good reason. Demand his firing from Texas A&M today as well as charges to be brought about for incitement to riot. This kind of shit has to end.

6)Hillary Clinton- My God what a horrible person this witch turned out to be. With the firing of James Comey, Hillary may be facing criminal charges again if the new, yet to be announced, FBI chief decides to go after her. Ammo against her was raised when the former PM of Bangladesh said Hillary Clinton personally pressured him to keep on a CEO on as head of Grameen Bank, who was also a friend and donor to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. This would be highly illegal if we had campaign finance laws but as they are Swiss cheese that is unlikely. However, it could open another investigation into Hillary, as a welcome distraction from Trump's daily fuck ups, and even lead to her arrest if they come up with something. Trump is horrible but let's face reality that under Hillary we would be only slightly better off.

5)Sean Spicer- Word is his days are numbered as it is impossible to cover for Trump's daily dose of lies and half truths. The fact that he was caught cowering in the bushes by the White House rather than speak with reporters is really funny. He got savaged by Melissa McCarthy last night something fierce, also bringing up his tenuous grasp on his job, Mike Huckabee's idiot daughter circling. But because Trump is such an ego maniac, don't be surprised if he goes through with his threat and does the press briefings himself. That would be historical and hysterical as he will flounder on national TV. His presidency is already looking like a sinking ship so why not some light entertainment on the way down.
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4)Jeff Sessions- Assuming he doesn't get arrested in the coming weeks (an alleged sealed indictment has been issued against him), this elven fuck just did exactly what I warned black people he would which is increase the numbers of them going to prison for longer terms. So if you are black and voted for Trump, way to go, you're all going to jail now. Fantastic. Asshole just reversed the idea that mandatory minimums suck and are going start increasing the federal prison system with all sort of new people, mostly minorities. The democrats may suck but they are not trying to actively kill you. Maybe you'll remember that and actually show up in 2018.

3)James Comey- This guy was quite the boy scout and from what I can tell, not corrupt. However, in  Washington, that will only get you so far and because he managed to piss off just about everyone last year, I correctly predicted his days were numbered. Obama should have fired him two seconds after that idiotic statement to the press re-opening Hillary's case that was never going to find anything just to close it a few days later and, in the process, got Trump elected. The right was pissed he didn't prosecute Hillary. The left was pissed he sunk her chances. I am stunned Trump didn't get rid of him day one. Either way, he made way too many enemies to survive. In the Beltway, behaving like you're above the fray will only get you so far. When you lose all your support, it's over. However, contrary to what Trump has been saying, Comey was very popular within the ranks and some are going to be pissed at how he was treated. This can only hurt Trump as the leaks may increase now. Good.

2)Republicans- YOU PEOPLE ARE TRAITORS! What will it take for the GOP leadership to come to terms that Trump is dangerous, corrupt and out of control? If indictments do happen, the GOP is toast as a politcal party from here on in as they will be forever connected with Russia. The evidence is fairly apparent that we have a madman in the front office, yet Republicans nationwide see this as a bonus. Hell, some want even more like him in office. Thankfully, that is unlikely as most of the country seems ready to riot. If you still support Republicans or Trump, you suck as an American. History suggests that the most vocal of these people are going to be in a sorry state if the tide turns and the GOP does go down hard. I hope you like a dirt nap because people are not that forgiving with traitors. Our Reign of Terror may be rapidly coming, only with less blood and more TV.
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1)Trump- Holy fuck what will it take for some of you to see how dangerous this man is? He is behaving in ways very similar to people like Hitler, Mussolini and Nixon in that he is becoming more and more paranoid, becoming darker and meaner the longer he stays isolated. He keeps sinking his own staff with outrageous claims and, during the interview with Lester Holt, actually admitted to obstruction of justice. This man is already guilty of breaking the Emoluments clause by not divesting his business decisions, an impeachable offence in and of itself, not to mention obstruction and possibly, money laundering and treason. There is a possibility that not only could Trump be the first president to be removed from office, he could be the first to go to jail as well. This would decimate the Trump brand and his kids could be destitute overnight, not to mention they may have to flee the country as well, assuming they don't go to jail if RICO laws are used. The walls may indeed by closing in on him and his family, thus the self destructive direction he is choosing. I have a feeling that him going away on his first trip might also be his last if he comes home to a different country he left if the FBI's case keeps going the way it seems. Trump's days may be numbered. Here, here. So congratulations Trump and his family, enjoy it while you can because it may all be over soon. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


It's been a busy 24 hours and A LOT has happened. Trump firing the FBI chief may have started a domino effect that could topple his presidency. A much clearer picture has emerged as to why Comey was fired and it was not how he handled Hillary's email, an excuse so lame he might as well have said a dog ate his homework (although to be fair that honestly happened to me in college with my puppy). Sources within the White House say unequivocally that Trump was furious with Comey for several reasons such as not briefing him before testifying last week and instead of winding down the Russian probe, was more interested in expanding it. This is what dictators do when they don't get their way. Unfortunately for Trump, no matter how much he may wish it, this country is far from that and outside sources are conspiring to bring him down hard and from I understand, it could happen as soon as today.
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But before we dig into that delicious morsel, word is that a major shake up is about to happen within the Trump administration with two high level figures about to be shown the same exit door as Comey. Spicer, after literally hiding in the bushes the other day rather than take questions from the press, may have sealed his fate, with many calling a his performance lately "a shipwreck of Titanic proportions." When he did answer questions, he stammered, hummed and hawed his way through ten minutes of rambling answers that made little to no sense and was almost as if he was having a stroke. The fact that Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL this week does not bode well for him, especially after this meltdown will be parodied to high heaven. Huckabee's stupid daughter is allegedly the front runner to take over. Whee.

Another figure reportedly on the chopping block is Reince Preibus, who if you look at Google searches, has been teetering there for some time. But new rumors have surfaced that Trump blames him for all the missteps lately, because God forbid Trump blames someone besides himself. That does not bode confidence in the fact that this guy has fired more people in the first few months than he did on his dumb TV show.
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But all that may be on the back burner as rumors have surfaced of ANOTHER grand jury, this one in New York, that is allegedly about to issue arrest warrants for members of Trump's team, the most likley being Paul Manafort and General Flynn. Reports state that after Comey was fired, various AG's from around the country saw this as an immediate threat and acted accordingly by targeting various Trump allies and that sealed indictments are coming from both the New York and the Virginia grand juries, the latter of which I confirmed earlier this week. Keith Olbermann has said that his sources say indictments against Flynn associates are imminent, with the arrest of Flynn said to be coming as well.

Comey's firing may have fast tracked juries against him by AG's worried the new FBI head will try to kill off investigations rather than helping, not an out of the possibility fact. Thus the AG's are scrambling to protect their witnesses, sources and information they have discovered by getting it out in front of the public sooner than later. This is a very smart idea because chances are good they have solid evidence at this case and the court of public opinion may be even more disastrous for the president if he even has a hint of guilt in this. People will turn on him like rabid wolves if Russian collusion is proven.

Trump also has to worry about the FBI itself. I am sure that Comey had loyal people there and are not happy about his firing. What's to stop them for leaking classified information? It has been discussed that the previous leaks may have been from the Trump White House themselves as a sort of false flag/distraction technique to rid the FBI of non-loyalists. It is not outside the realm of possibility and is considered as true by many within the intelligence community,

So what happens if Trump gets impeached, which is looking more and more likely by the day? Wouldn't we get President Pence? Not likely according to various sources. Pence is up to his eyeballs in this so his impeachment will also happen if rumors prove true. Paul Ryan then? Word is there is an audio tape of him acknowledging Russian interference and accepting money from Russia sources. When this case goes RICO, which it is already according to records available online, Ryan's career will end in disgrace. Good. This means chances are very good that sometime next year we will all have to get used to President Orrin Hatch. Christ,not much better, but to be fair, he's way better than the three idiots before him.
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There is talk as to if Trump could pardon some of these people, which is true, but has no power beyond the state level where these crimes would still be prosecuted. Plus, it would also solidify his own guilt, all but guaranteeing an impeachment with a furious public. If true, and all indicators are that this IS real, suggest Trump's days may be more numbered than we think and chances are good a huge portion of the GOP is going down with them. If it is proven that Russians not only hacked our election, but that parts of the Republican party were complicit in it, the GOP will die as a political party overnight. Anyone dumb enough to still support them will be branded a commie pinko as they love telling the left over and over. Talk about reversal of fortune. It's why winning sometimes at any cost will extract a huge price.

Stay tuned for more on this explosive story as I find out more for you. I would like to point out this blog may not always be right, but when I am, I beat the press by days, weeks, sometimes even months. If you want the best information, keep coming back and tell you friends. To quote Ray Bradbury AND William Shakespeare "By the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The one thing we can thank God for is that Trump isn't nearly as smart or devious as he thinks he is and that is good news for us all. Trump is following the fascism playbook to a T but in such an inept way it may actually backfire on him this time. Had Orange Hitler handled this better, he may have struck a death blow to democracy. Instead, he shined a bright spotlight on his misdeeds to such an extent that his impeachment appears imminent at this point.
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True, the House and Senate are controlled by the Republicans but because of the how bad the optics of all of this was, they might not have a choice if things go as far south as they could now. Trump's explanation for as to why he fired Comey was so utterly stupid even the far right called bullshit. According to Trump, Comey mishandled the Hillary email case which is odd because that happened a full year ago and even previously praised the FBI chief for his leadership on it. Now to be fair, Comey should have been fired some time ago, like two seconds after he told the press he was reopening the investigation into Hillary's emails only to close it again five days later when nothing was found. If it was this easy to fire someone, Obama should have fired him but that dumbass never fired anyone during his tenure much to the dismay of people like myself. How some, like Eric Holder and Comey kept their jobs, even though they demonstrated rank incompetence, is beyond me?

Comey did something few can: he made the left and right agree that he sucked at his job. The right was pissed he didn't indict Hillary, even though that was never going to happen. The left was pissed he sunk Hillary's chances in the election. The cherry on top was his recent appearance before Congress where he stupefyingly said that there were hundreds of thousands of emails between Hillary and Weiner's ex-wife Huma Abedin, where in fact there were only hundreds, a gross discrepancy. He did get fired in the worst way which is to find out in room full of strangers while watching TV. Ouch.
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However, it is odd to have the FBI director fired and even more so when he is investigating the president for treason. Nothing to see here right? While this does little to upend the investigation, it does make everyone instantly suspicious that Trump did this because the walls are closing in. As I told you here a week ago, it has been confirmed that two grand juries in the Virginia area have been convened to look at evidence against the president as well as subpoenas for records from the criminal arm if the Treasury department responsible for money laundering cases. The FBI was also asking for more money for the Russian probe just days before he was fired, a fact the DOJ denies which makes their opinion suspicious as it DID happen.

The fact of all of this is that it doesn't matter WHY Comey was fired, it will always look like he did it to hide something. This is a truth that even the GOP saw and watched this sad spectacle unfold yesterday through their fingers over their eyes. Many commented how bad this looks, with one saying they just got the car started with the health care bill and now the engine just fell out. This will DOMINATE the news for sometime and puts an end to just about anything he is trying to accomplish. Charles Krauthammer called this action stupid beyond words and Breitbart agreed. Let that sink in that two of the furthest right wing people or websites both agreed this was beyond stupid and may end his career as a result. Chances are high for a special prosecutor now as even the Republicans are starting to sound off about getting one, now that the FBI has been compromised to a certain extent, at least in the court of public opinion.

Let us be clear about one thing: what Trump has done so far has all the earmarks of the rise of a fascist state. He has gone after the judiciary branch when he doesn't agree with them. He has gone after the press, trying to delegitimize them at every instance. He has stocked his cabinet with cronies and family. This is what dictators do. And why the fuck does 30% of this country think the GOP health care bill is a good idea? Are they too fucking stupid to be able to read? If you think the current health care bill is acceptable feel free to go fuck yourself and I sincerely hope your closest, most loved family member comes down with terminal cancer. Then see how good our health care system is. Douches.

I would be far more worried if Trump had a brain in his head, but he has proven to be by and far the dumbest man ever to be President. What this means is we no longer have to have elections. Throw a dart at a dartboard once every four years and that person is president. Really, how much worse could it be? If he handled this better, as well as Trump being far more shrew and calculating, we could have had a real problem on our hands. But the rank incompetence we are witnessing make it unlikely he would be able to get the necessary support to take control of the country and the world. A majority of this nation see him as a fool and that is unlikely to change at this point no matter what happens.

Impeachment just became far more likely and solely due to his own actions. Firing Comey made Trump look guilty whether he is or not to such an extent, even Republicans may not be able to ignore this for much longer. If evidence is uncovered during any of these investigations, not to mention the strong possibility that a special investigator looms on the horizon, spells disaster for the president.
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What is need right now is for everyone to get involved. Call, email and write letters to your representatives demanding an end to the current health care bill and an investigation into Trump. Let them know you will throw their asses out in 2018 unless they start putting this country first. And if you know anyone who still supports the new health care bill or Trump still, make them feel like a total moron at every instance which they are. Supporting either is treason and anyone who still is supporting these two should be vilified at every moment. This cannot continue and people are too dumb to realize it, MAKE THEM even if beating them over their head with a two by four is the only way to get through their thick skull. No more fascism from either side. We can stop this but only if we try and get involved. Otherwise, we are headed for a place where millions may die. Your choice. I know what I am picking.

Monday, May 8, 2017


That was a beating Macron delivered didn't he? In what should have been a mirror image of our own election, the corporatists won in France, saving the EU and, most likely, putting a dagger through the right wing uprisings there for a while. Now don't get me wrong and think that it's all wine and roses from here to eternity because these guys are going to institute a different kind of fascism, but to be fair, anything is better than the non-stop nonsense going on in Washington right now.
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The mere idea that ANYONE is supporting the Republican party right now is beyond belief. Their health care bill will end health care for all by making it prohibitively expensive for everyone, employees included. What no one has told you, probably because few understand how insurance works, is this latest bill, as well as every one the Republicans will write down the road, includes the provision to get rid of the individual mandate. These assholes have been spitting at this notion for so long, no one bothered to realize that insurance is impossible without out. No mandate, no insurance, unless paying thousands a month is your bag. That is your future without one and there is NO way around it. So to explain this in it's easiest terms, morons are demanding something that is impossible to do. Make water less wet they scream. Fine. How? Crickets.

If this bill is passed, it will kill tens of thousands every year, bankrupt even more and, eventually, collapse the system, most likely within two years. This random uncertainty we have with health care is making it even more expensive so yes, Trump's actions are destroying the system by him just being him. Yet some of you are just fine with this. If I told you by pulling the lever in the voting booth for most Republicans nationwide, 50,000 would die this year, would you still pull that lever? Because I hate to break it to you, that is exactly what is occurring. You are literally voting to kill lots of people, most likely even someone you know.

And then there is the Trump budget plan that would decimate the economy, give rich people a huge tax break and raise taxes on the middle class. Who wanted that? Not Trump voters who again would be getting the short end of the stick but damn if they still aren't behind the man wanting to drown them. People are really, really stupid lately.
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I get it, The democrats suck, and you would be right, But they aren't out to kill us en masse like the Republicans have demonstrated time and time again in their short time in power. They plan on adding pollution to our environment by gutting regulations that prevent exactly that. They plan on trying to get pro-religious, Taliban like laws on the books that will open the floodgates for racism, sexism and anti-gay sentiment to flourish. Most importantly, they plan on killing off the poor and elderly in mass numbers, most of whom actually voted for this. None of this is secret. It's all out there for anyone to read. The GOP wants a lot of us dead so why vote for extermination?

What we have to do is start finding people to run in the primaries that will move us a little more to the left, just not into crazy town where we can't use the pronoun he any more because someone got their panties in a punch about gender or have to start treating black and Hispanics as if they are porcelain dolls. Identity politics has to end for the left and realize that white men need to be part of the discussion too because in that election, we didn't matter and you lost because of it. Looking back,, I noticed Hillary spent zero hours in PA suburbs trying to moneyball the black vote which came up way short because she wasn't black and as result, they weren't going to show up like they did for Obama. That is a fact not a racist comment as the black vote diminished significantly nationwide, giving Trump states like NC and Florida that he wouldn't have otherwise. Had Obama run again (I know not possible), he would won easily because those black voters would have shown up in droves. This means had we run a black woman instead of Hillary, chances are good she would have won. As a matter of fact, most candidates would have bear Trump but we picked an ailing, pissy grandmother with the personality of a grumpy bear.

In France however, the corporatist won because a) he ran a campaign not filled with scandal after scandal and b)Trump won here. The far right has suffered an immense blow solely due to the incompetence of our president. The world is looking on as to how bad things are here and is saying in one loud voice "OH FUCK NO!" Holland was supposed to be close until the far right and Geert Wilders got sent packing in a humiliating defeat. France did the same. Now they can sleep easy why we refresh our news browser every few hours to see what Orange Hitler has done to screw up the world.

Today's pie in the face moment occurred when it was revealed that not only did Sally Yates tell Trump not to hire Flynn as NSA chief, so did Obama. To Trump. To his face. Funny how that never came up when everyone was blaming the previous administration for hiring Flynn. Turns out, they got told directly about it, from several sources, including the former president, and then went ahead and did it anyway. What a fuck up! And this is what some of you yahoos are voting for? There are way too many stupid people on the planet and we seem to be hoarding them.
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The good news is that some of you waking up to this fact, which is odd because the GOP has been doing this for decades, just never so blatantly obvious. But now that they have told you to your face that they want you dead, some of you are pissed. All of you should be. I am curious to see how many approve of this bill but I would guess it may wind up near the last which means 17% of this country is too stupid to live literally. How do you reason with that kind of illogical? They keep saying "WE hate them danged democrats so much we are willing to die for it." Why? Single payer is the answer. Don't let the fearmongers scare you because health care in other countries is cheaper, accessible and kill less people each year in accordance with their population. The only reason we DON'T have this yet is because big money doesn't want it to and are physically bribing our politicians on both sides of the aisle to thwart any attempts to fix anything, thus the sorry GOP bill and the lack of interest from corrupt people like Pelosi and Fienstien, and thus the reason they have to go in 2018.

In the next election voting for just about any Republican running is a death sentence for us all. So be like France, hold your nose and get rid of the first problem, the GOP. Once they are out of the picture, we can turn to the democrats and make them do our bidding. We run this country, not them. It's time to make them remember that.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


This week the Republican party told roughly half the country to get busy dying and then actually tried to defend their actions. I have read more stupid nonsense from morons who think they understand healthcare only to prove they are actually dumber than dirt. ALL healthcare is socialism and for the love of God stop telling people to move to North Korea or Venezuela because that's where all the "real" socialists" live. Funny, how they never mention actual socialistic democracies working across the planet like Sweden or Denmark that contain the happiest people and the best run governments. Meanwhile, recent polls say that roughly two thirds of the youth of today wants to overthrow countries like Greece, Italy and here at home, the US. We are devolving faster and faster and a lot of you out there are cheering it on. Sooner or later, this whole system is going to break and then no one is going to be happy. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)American Airlines- Two divergent stories from airlines this week tell you how well some of these companies are run. Southwest obviously took the time to hold staff meetings to tell their crew how to handle situations that result in good news. A woman was on a recent flight when it suddenly turned around and headed back to the gate. A woman was asked to leave, not for security reasons, but because they had been informed that this woman's son had been in a bad accident and was in a coma. They put her in a private room, got her a FIRST CLASS ticket to her new destination, brought her bags right to her house and even called to see how her son was doing. That is how you handle a business and why I have always thought Southwest to be one of the best airlines out there. Delta on the other hand took the other route which threatened a family with arrest and the loss of their children because he refused to give up his two year old's seat for overbooking. Who wants to hold a squirming two year old on their lap for hours on end? Delta apparently. The staff lied about regulations that didn't exist and the whole family got booted, all caught on camera. Delta may want to hold some more staff meetings because their crews are woefully inadequate at this point. They do know all this will be caught on camera and beamed worldwide right? Idiots.

9) North Korea- In yet another hysterical video, the rouge nation put out a video showing them nuking the White House, a concept I would have a better chance of achieving than them. They have no chance of hitting the East Coast with anything and we know it. Talk about an empty threat. It's like being threatened with a wet noodle. They also arrested another American as a spy which begs the questions, what kind of idiot is STILL going there? They have seen many get arrested there for little reason but still decide; what the hell let's go anyway. Morons. I wouldn't spend one second trying to get these people back as they are way too dumb to exist. Goodbye and good riddance.

8)Roy Oliver- Much like the airlines, you would think cops nationwide would have been instructed that everything is on video and you should always be on your best behavior. This ass didn't get the memo as he first claimed he shot a 15 year old who was barreling in his car at him. Video and eye witness testimony proved the car was actually going away from him when he fired into it, killing one boy. Dumbass got fired, and arrested soon after as was going to be the end result. Cops do NOT have blanket immunity anymore and should act as such. This fuckwad didn't and look what happened.
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7)Alton Sterling shooting- This poor guy was selling illegal CD's in Baton Rouge and died in the process, aka Eric Garner all over again. Why does the black community insist on calling Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin "heroes," (actually thugs) and ignore Garner and Sterling who died under far worse circumstances? The Justice Department declined to press charges, even though the video shot at the time doesn't seem to back up the cops version that Alton was going for his gun, which he did have in his back pocket. As he was lying on his back and pinned by two cops, that would have been quite the feat. All of this started because some homeless guy, pissed that Alton wouldn't give him money, called the cops on him. What a douche. Louisiana is now looking into filing charges of their own. I hope they do because this case looks bad for the cops.

6)Hillary Clinton- The she-devil came out of hiding to blame everyone but herself in losing the last election. It was Comey's fault and the Russians, she cried. True, but her insipid campaign didn't help either. Had she run on say a single payer plan or legalized weed, she would be president right now. But the, "vote for me because I am not Trump," wasn't enough and it showed. Ignoring anyone who was white and male, except in your tone deaf VP pick which sunk your candidacy, doomed you from the start, but yeah it was Comey and the Russians that ended your bid. Go Away! PLEASE! Your two cents are not necessary,

5)Nancy Pelosi- What is with women in the Democratic party lately? Clinton, Fienstein, Schultz, Brazile and now this idiot all have showed they are highly ineffectual leaders yet somehow some idiots keep voting them into office. Pelosi, like Fienstein, came out AGAINST single payer this week, and then turned around and took a huge payout from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Yeah, no conflict of interests there. She is now facing a primary threat for the first time in years by people fed up with her. Considering she gave another speech this week in which she slurred her words or forget what she was talking about suggest she is either a drunk or having a stroke. Either way, she needs to go in 2018. And fuck you to anyone even thinking about voting for her. You're no better than the Republicans right now.
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4)Mo Brooks, Joe Walsh and Raul Labador- Two of these three may be looking for new work come 2018 after proving they were dumber than dirt. All three made some sort of idiotic statement about healthcare. Brooks, like VP Pence, said this week that if you a lead good life you won't ever get sick. Right, so why did my priest friend die from cancer some years back and NO, he was not a pedo or anything like that? Shouldn't a priest be protected from sickness under your theory? He's considering a run for the Senate in Alabama which after this debacle may give any opponent of his deadly ammo to use against him in a campaign. Joe Walsh is an ex-Representative, and thank God, because he tweeted that he doesn't want to pay for everyone else's health care which is exactly how health care works. Raul Labador may have just lost in 2018 when he told his constituents during a town hall meeting that no one without health care dies in this country which must have been a relief for the hundreds of thousands that did die over the last two decades for exactly that reason. 2018 is shaping up to be a bloodbath if the democrats can get their act together, no easy feat as they seem hell bent against a single payer which a majority of this country wants.

3)Trump supporters- How dumb are you because this would seem to suggest a monumental level that should be studied by scientists? This man is dangerous, lies on a daily basis and will kill us all at this point. But at least SHILLARY isn't president and those danged socialists is all I hear. Instead, we have a man who has a single digit IQ, no ideas at all how to fix anything beyond GOP talking points that have been proven failures and war drums worse than at any point since W was president. Trump sucks. Face it. I knew Obama was a loser 100 days in. Why can't you accept facts as well?

2)Trump- He did not have a good week again. He showed he had no idea about anything that happened during the Civil War, no concept that slavery was the reason for it and didn't even know when Andrew Jackson lived and died.  He then went on to push a health care bill through that had no hope of passage as is and then took a victory lap over it. It would be kicking a field goal in the first quarter and then going home and declaring victory, even though the game is far from over and the other side has twice as many players. To appease the religious right he passes a photo op EO that did something against gay people and for the religious but was so poorly worded that even the ACLU couldn't figure out what it was about, and instead of suing, said why bother it's worthless. Trumpcare is an albatross that may sink the GOP in 2018. That's funny.
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1)Republicans- Congrats guys, you got a terrible bill through the House by one vote and now it is all smooth sailing and everything is great and,oops, the bill is now dead. Awww. The Senate killed that bill today and have said they are starting from scratch with no time line expected. That is because the chances of this bill ever getting out of the Senate at all is slim to none. And even if by some miracle it does, it's chances in the House are even lesser as there is no way the Freedom Caucus will go with the moderate changes that the Senate will make, like protecting pre-existing conditions, because they want to get re-elected. Look at that list of what the industry wants to deny and over half the country will either lose their health care or be prohibitively expensive. Being a women in general is a pre-existing condition. So is rape and domestic abuse. Needless to say,people were PISSED and showed it at town halls when they angrily told their representative to fuck off for blatantly lying to them as one NJ guy found out when a person he told to her face would be covered was horrified to find out she would not be under the new plan. Him, along with people like Darryl Issa and the rest of the GOP that voted in blue states are all going to get wiped out next year. Odds says the Democrats will now pick up at least 20 seats in 2018 meaning the Democrats are now only five seats away from retaking the House, entirely doable if they run the right people and not some gender or race identity idiot. The Senate may be even in play know as Heller from Nevada is probably going to lose and even Jeff Flake is vulnerable in red state of Arizona. This bill. along with anger against Trump policies say that chances have increased dramatically for a takeover of the House and Senate as fury drives the polls and non-Republicans (as well as some of them too) are furious with the GOP and that will cost them big time down the road. So congratulations Republicans, you passed a worthless bill without reading it (a talking point leveled at Democrats in 2009 and now coming back to haunt them), and then celebrated about it as your "fans" told you to pound sand. You are guys are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


The House and Senate just might have been lost today after an idiotic vote for a policy no one likes. The last polls had Trumpcare at a 17% approval rating. Yikes, Congress is more popular. But no one seemed to care one whit about that so the measure passed by ONE vote. Now it heads to the Senate where no good can come from any of this if you are a Republican. Why? Because the bill sucks and anyone voting for it in the Senate can kiss re-election goodbye next year.
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As of right now, there are at least ten no's and 15 leaning no's in the Senate. As the GOP has only a two seat margin there, this bodes badly for any sort of passage with no complications. There are several ways this could play out and none of them good for Republicans.

The first and most likely is the same scenario that played out in 2009 when Democrats drunk with power passed an idiotic cap and trade bill that had no hope in the Senate. As the votes were never there, Reid never brought it up for a vote and that, along with Obamacare fears, gave the House right back the Republicans. That could happen again if McConnell sees there is no way to rescue this bill and lets it die in committee. The second way is that the Senate heavily revises it, passes by another close margin and then watch the House squabble over it until it becomes apparent it will never pass.

Now it could still pass and if it does, this country will be in a full on Civil War when people start dying in mass numbers and already too high premiums triple overnight. However, this would only occur if not only do Democrats not get back the House and Senate in 2018, but repeat the same in 2020. That is one unlikely scenario as anger will be sky high at that point and that factor drives the polls more than anything else. Most of the worst provisions don't go into effect until 2020, giving us time to fix this crap bill once and for all.
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If you are still voting Republicans I can only say in all sincerity, GO FUCK YOURSELF! Your idiocy is going to kill hundreds of thousands and people like myself with serious health problems are going to lose their health insurance and our lives. Do you honestly think we are all just going to sit home and die with no issues? Hell NO! This country is overarmed and quick to anger. How long before someone's child or spouse dies and they decide to go all Commando on some poor unsuspecting schmuck from Congress? This bill is a death sentence and if we don't start fighting back there won't be any of us left.

If you know someone who is a Republican either tell them to fuck off, get with the program or face a beat down on a epic scale. ENOUGH!!! I am tired of hearing from the House Republicans how if only we led healthier lives no one would have pre-existing conditions. FUCK OFF!!! People are born with these things and if you ever opened a Goddamn book you might know it. The Republicans party today told the sick, the poor and the elderly to go pound sand. And on top of that Orange Hitler signed a bill I told you he was, making gay people second class citizens as well as opening the door for religious organizations to start giving out politcal advice, which has been against the law for decades and with good reason. If they want to do this then they should lose their tax exempt status. And anyone gay who voted for this asshole, you can fuck yourself too moron. Enjoy the gay conversion therapy coming if this fuckwads get even more power.
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For God's sake America, show up and vote in 2018 because if you don't, WE DIE!!! Pure and simple logic there, And if your voting Republican at all anymore, you're voting for genocide. We won't forget that when things all fall apart, a factor that may be closer than you think. This country may need another civil war because peace ain't working. Be warned, a storm is coming.