Thursday, May 18, 2017


At 5:45 pm EST for the last three days, Trump received what can only be described as increasingly worse news. After almost two weeks of consistent fallout, we enter Thursday with Republicans disappearing into the woodwork after it was revealed that Robert Mueller has been hired as special prosecutor. No news shows, not even Fox News, could find ONE Republican to go on air and defend him, which is a bad sign when rats start to desert the ship.
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Speaking of rats deserting the ship, Roger Ailes died today in whats can only be described for me as a truly happy event. That man was a pig for single handedly turning half of this nation's brains into mush, while groping and harassing his way through his kingdom with Bill O'Reilly lecherously hanging behind him. I am glad that fucker is dead. Hopefully the reaper is just getting started because there are a lot of people in Washington who could use a visit from both sides of the aisle.

But that is wishful thinking, and the reality is hardly better for the Republicans who if this keeps up stand to lose possibly the worst election ever in 2018. While brainless Republicans are twisting themselves in knots defending their support for this evil organization (Trump still polls in mid to high eighties for support among the Republican base), independents are leaving by the truckload and the money pouring into democratic coffers are staggering. Recent totals show that in just four months, the Democratic party House fund raised more money than they did in ALL of 2015, over twenty million, and most of that was in $18 increments. The Republicans did WAY worse with a paltry 1.8 million dollars. EEWWWW! That plus polls show that Democrats have a solid chance of retaking the House and with slightly lesser odds, but still possible, to retake the Senate. A lot of Republicans, like Tom McCarthur and Darryl Issa, are most likely stuff on a rock if their violent town halls are any indication.
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Anger drives the polls more than anything else and people are PISSED right now, and not just at Trump. Their ill advised budget and health care plan are deficit busters that will literally kill millions of people if both are ever implemented, a high bar at this point. The chances of Trump even finishing his first term are not good.

On top of the Comey memos which are certain to bury him, even more bad info came out today. The reason for this can be found in previous articles where I explained in elaborate detail if you go up against the intelligence apparatus of this country or screw up the military industrial complex deals, you will pay a heavy price as Presidents like Carter, Kennedy and Nixon found out. Trump is next on that list and I predicted some time ago that unless he did some creative tap dancing, his days were numbered. As leaks will now pour out of the FBI, CIA and even within the White House frightened by how badly things are behind the scenes, Trump will be impeached at some point. That is all but inevitable. We all thought so highly of Ivanka and her idiot husband, but she is nowhere to be seen and every time a bad decision comes to light, Jared is right there egging Trump on to fire Comey and go after him afterward, Bad idea. Very bad idea.

Today scandal de jour is that not only did Flynn use his power as NSA head to sway US policy toward Turkey, a country he was currently accepting money from at the time illegally, Trump knew all about it before he even hired him. Nevermind the illegal actions galore there, why be so stupid to hire someone that was going to destroy you? Jared convinced you to hire him. Fuck me. This was further hampered by the video shot outside the Turkish embassy in DC where Erdogan's bodyguards are bearing the holy hell out of protesters. I have no idea who started it but those bodyguards where kicking the crap out of people on the ground so not cool. It was so bad, the DC police chief had to get involved and lie to the people that diplomatic immunity won't matter here, but that is unlikely to fly with the State department and the best we might get is not allowing them back into the country but that will be the extent of it.

This led to two more Republicans calling for Trump's impeachment, including PA Republican Charlie Dent, who first tried to defend the president but couldn't anymore when this news came out. How many more will it take before the flood becomes inevitable and Trump is gone. Chances are high he won't see Thanksgiving at this rate. Hell, the Fourth of July may be cause for more than one celebration the way he is spiraling out of control.
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The GOP is quietly preparing for President Pence, Louise Mensch's blog aside that is currently suggesting Trump illegally accessed Comey's computer and passed the data to the Russians. She is the same one that is alleging that Orrin Hatch is being readied for president, a fact that I have to admit sounds great, but so far, there is no proof that any of this true. What isn't is that Pence is knee deep in this too as the above story about Flynn affects him too. Prosecutors say he would have either have to have known about the Flynn issues or he was monumentally stupid. Neither is going to make anyone happy and chances are good if Trump goes, so goes Pence right along with him because that stink of Trump taint (try getting that image out of your head) is never going to go away. That leaves us, ugh, President Ryan, who we can only pray that Mensch's blog is correct and there is a tape of Ryan acknowledging Russian interference and money laundering. He won't be any better than Trump as his past record shows. The good news is because this will drag on for some time, there will be nothing coming out of the Congress as they are neck deep in this too. Those 2018 elections are coming fast aren't they?

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