Sunday, May 14, 2017


I have NEVER seen a president have as bad a week as Trump had. Sally Yates buried him on Monday in front of Congress and by Tuesday, Trump may have ended his presidency when he idiotically fired FBI head James Comey, setting himself up for impeachment by his own hand. There are even more explosive allegations being bandied about which I have talked about earlier this week but now may include sealed indictments against Trump, Pence, Sessions, Ryan and possibly a lot of GOP leaders for treason, money laundering, obstruction of justice and others that reside under RICO laws. If true, and there is little evidence of it being true or false at this point, it would be earth shattering. More on that tomorrow. For today's column, we will just deal with what we know Trump and his cohorts have done, none of which was any good for anyone not rich and powerful. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Rod Blum- This asshole representative from Iowa got more than he bargained for when he started checking ID's at a town hall so only people from his constituency could attend in a lame attempt to keep "rabble rousers" from attending. What dumb ass failed to realize is that even people within his own base are pissed at his attempt to kill them with the GOP health care plan and they showed up angry as hell. Worse, he got all pissy and left a radio interview when the DJ asked him if he accepted money from people in say Iowa City and outside his area, why wouldn't they be allowed to attend? Blum got huffy and left. He should be shown the same door come 2018.

9)Spirit Airline- A brawl broke out in the Fort Lauderdale airport when Spirit airline had to cancel flights because they don't want to pay their pilots a livable wage. The pilots' lawyers show that the discount airline is every bit as profitable as the major ones and their pilots should be paid accordingly which I agree with. Too many companies are claiming poverty while they rake in the dough for them and theirs. Enough. And anyone dumb enough to travel on this chintzy airline gets what they deserve. Any airline that makes United look good is one to avoid at all costs.

8)Non-binary people- As always, some people take things too far. I am fine with transsexuals, sex changes and the like. I am NOT okay with some whiny idiot claiming that they are neither sex and should be referred to as "they" NO! The same way I refuse to utter the words "African-american" rather than black or stop calling people retarded (not people who are actually mentally challenged because that is sick but people with their full facilities and who should know better)  because they are fucking words that in the later case have multiple meanings. As someone who makes his living off of words, I refuse to kowtow to crybabies whose feelings are hurt. And I am not calling anyone "they" as that implies duality that they do not posses. How about "it?" It works as it has no sex to it. And if you don't like it, too bad. Either follow language correctly or go somewhere else that doesn't care. In the meantime, stop treating gender like a hair color that can be changed at will. You can't and stop creating Trump supporters with this crap.
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7)Dr. Tommy Curry- Hate speech is protected. What this ass said isn't. In a podcast that has re-emerged, this fucking ass actually asked when is it okay to kill white people. The answer is simple: NEVER! Unless you are being pursued by a bunch of white hicks with a rope and a bunch of guns, the answer is always never. In this diseased rant, fuckwad says some whites may need to be killed to get equality. The reverse could also be postulated but no one other than the most racist white person would ever even think that. How is this guy not behind bars let alone out of a job? This is NOT protected speech and this utter moron needs to go, preferably behind bars. Imagine if some white professor did this? He'd be run out of town on a rail. But because this jerk is black he gets a free pass. This is why Trump won because white people see this and lose their minds and not without good reason. Demand his firing from Texas A&M today as well as charges to be brought about for incitement to riot. This kind of shit has to end.

6)Hillary Clinton- My God what a horrible person this witch turned out to be. With the firing of James Comey, Hillary may be facing criminal charges again if the new, yet to be announced, FBI chief decides to go after her. Ammo against her was raised when the former PM of Bangladesh said Hillary Clinton personally pressured him to keep on a CEO on as head of Grameen Bank, who was also a friend and donor to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. This would be highly illegal if we had campaign finance laws but as they are Swiss cheese that is unlikely. However, it could open another investigation into Hillary, as a welcome distraction from Trump's daily fuck ups, and even lead to her arrest if they come up with something. Trump is horrible but let's face reality that under Hillary we would be only slightly better off.

5)Sean Spicer- Word is his days are numbered as it is impossible to cover for Trump's daily dose of lies and half truths. The fact that he was caught cowering in the bushes by the White House rather than speak with reporters is really funny. He got savaged by Melissa McCarthy last night something fierce, also bringing up his tenuous grasp on his job, Mike Huckabee's idiot daughter circling. But because Trump is such an ego maniac, don't be surprised if he goes through with his threat and does the press briefings himself. That would be historical and hysterical as he will flounder on national TV. His presidency is already looking like a sinking ship so why not some light entertainment on the way down.
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4)Jeff Sessions- Assuming he doesn't get arrested in the coming weeks (an alleged sealed indictment has been issued against him), this elven fuck just did exactly what I warned black people he would which is increase the numbers of them going to prison for longer terms. So if you are black and voted for Trump, way to go, you're all going to jail now. Fantastic. Asshole just reversed the idea that mandatory minimums suck and are going start increasing the federal prison system with all sort of new people, mostly minorities. The democrats may suck but they are not trying to actively kill you. Maybe you'll remember that and actually show up in 2018.

3)James Comey- This guy was quite the boy scout and from what I can tell, not corrupt. However, in  Washington, that will only get you so far and because he managed to piss off just about everyone last year, I correctly predicted his days were numbered. Obama should have fired him two seconds after that idiotic statement to the press re-opening Hillary's case that was never going to find anything just to close it a few days later and, in the process, got Trump elected. The right was pissed he didn't prosecute Hillary. The left was pissed he sunk her chances. I am stunned Trump didn't get rid of him day one. Either way, he made way too many enemies to survive. In the Beltway, behaving like you're above the fray will only get you so far. When you lose all your support, it's over. However, contrary to what Trump has been saying, Comey was very popular within the ranks and some are going to be pissed at how he was treated. This can only hurt Trump as the leaks may increase now. Good.

2)Republicans- YOU PEOPLE ARE TRAITORS! What will it take for the GOP leadership to come to terms that Trump is dangerous, corrupt and out of control? If indictments do happen, the GOP is toast as a politcal party from here on in as they will be forever connected with Russia. The evidence is fairly apparent that we have a madman in the front office, yet Republicans nationwide see this as a bonus. Hell, some want even more like him in office. Thankfully, that is unlikely as most of the country seems ready to riot. If you still support Republicans or Trump, you suck as an American. History suggests that the most vocal of these people are going to be in a sorry state if the tide turns and the GOP does go down hard. I hope you like a dirt nap because people are not that forgiving with traitors. Our Reign of Terror may be rapidly coming, only with less blood and more TV.
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1)Trump- Holy fuck what will it take for some of you to see how dangerous this man is? He is behaving in ways very similar to people like Hitler, Mussolini and Nixon in that he is becoming more and more paranoid, becoming darker and meaner the longer he stays isolated. He keeps sinking his own staff with outrageous claims and, during the interview with Lester Holt, actually admitted to obstruction of justice. This man is already guilty of breaking the Emoluments clause by not divesting his business decisions, an impeachable offence in and of itself, not to mention obstruction and possibly, money laundering and treason. There is a possibility that not only could Trump be the first president to be removed from office, he could be the first to go to jail as well. This would decimate the Trump brand and his kids could be destitute overnight, not to mention they may have to flee the country as well, assuming they don't go to jail if RICO laws are used. The walls may indeed by closing in on him and his family, thus the self destructive direction he is choosing. I have a feeling that him going away on his first trip might also be his last if he comes home to a different country he left if the FBI's case keeps going the way it seems. Trump's days may be numbered. Here, here. So congratulations Trump and his family, enjoy it while you can because it may all be over soon. You are indeed douchebag of the week.


  1. Trump's days may be numbered- but the rich thugs and corporate whores of the GOP are not going to get rid of him until they get what they want.
    What do they want? An end to ALL social programs- Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid- and tax reform so that the rich pay NO taxes whatsoever. All that money would be SO much better spent lining the pockets of those who have more than they can spend in 100 lifetimes than taking care of Granny in her final days or Little Johnny who is sick.
    When they achieve this goal, they will push Trump off the cliff along with Grandma and Little Johnny.
    Maybe I'm stupid- but loyalty to your country is a 2 way street. This country takes 50% of every dollar you ever earn in taxes. Then you still pay taxes until the day you fucking die- and they think they don't owe you a thing- not even health care.
    I hope the rich bought and paid for whores who run this now third world oligarchy shithole of a country get what Marie Antoinette got during the French Revolution- the fucking guillotine.

  2. I am so pleased some of you out there get how bad things are. Only by first recognizing a problem can we band together and solve it, hopefully by peaceful means, which let's face it, are dwindling by the day.