Monday, April 30, 2012


Capitalism is dead in this country for anyone trying to make a honest buck. Due to first amendment rights issues I've had with Google, I have been forced to remove their ads which, let's face it, weren't doing me much good anyway. For a supposedly left leaning organization, they certainly practice a bunch of fascist ideals (look at the way they bowed to Chinese pressure about their websites) and I sincerely hope that a massive cancer wave hits their upper echelon of fools and idiots. Donations for my site can still be given through my Paypal account (another group bordering on Nazi techniques) at which would be greatly appreciated. I will be looking for a new site in the coming weeks, with a distinct possibility of going to an actual website and I hope that my vast amount of readers world wide will follow me.

But I digress. Tomorrow could be an interesting day, as contrary to many a right wing idiot out there, the Occupy movement has not gone away. The Great Recession not only hasn't ended, it's gotten worse. The housing market, according to every expert out there, will continue to spiral downward and may take 25 years to fix itself. Something tells me people aren't going to be willing to wait that long for things to turn before drastic measures are taken.

We keep getting told the unemployment rate is going down which flies in the face of every other statistic out there. The only reason it's going down at all is more and more people are being thrown out of the workplace, never to return. One third of this country is unemployed or underemployed right now, a stat that does include prisoners and older people. Remove that and you still have a number in the low to mid twenties. If you have been lucky enough to find a job, chances are you made half of what you used to make, which probably wasn't all that much to begin with.

So where is this recovery? The stock market, rich people's salaries and every other place that means dick to Main Street America, just as it has for the last decade and has even increased again under Obama. While I am still going to vote for Obama come fall, I don't expect much from him to help out the little guy at all. On the other hand, Romney and the GOP will usher in that similar style austerity measures seen in Europe that is destroying their economies. Don't believe me. Let's look at these stats from Spain, now going through a Greek style default with no end in sight.

1) Spain unemployment is now at 24.4% with some saying it will climb above 30% soon. The US is at similar levels but our leaders lie through their teeth with disturbing regularity. The Spanish youth unemployment rate is 52%. The US is 50%. But we're not in a recession for some reason. Explain that to me please. Of 47 million people in Spain, only 17 million have jobs. In this country, 83 million are unemployed in a population of approximately 300 million. That does not allow for a unemployment rate of anything below twenty percent, yet most states are falling well below eight. Right.

2)50% of a real estate in Spain held by banks is considered to be troubled. US banks are rumored to be holding between 20% and 30% of similar homes.

3)Spanish GDP is projected to shrink by 1.7% this year. The US GDP for the last quarter is supposedly 2.2% but according to several leading economists, this number is wildly inflated and is probably closer to zero.

4)Home prices fell 11.2% with foreclosures at over 30%. Home prices in the US are still falling somewhere between 1% and 10% depending on the area, with areas like Detroit hardest hit.

These are just some of the stats with the rest seen here:

A global depression is rapidly coming toward us with no one at the helm to steer us away from the massive iceberg the US Titanic is sailing blindly toward.

In response to the massive amount of inequality, the Occupy Wall Street movement is back now that warmer weather has returned, an American Spring of sorts. Tomorrow massive protests are scheduled around the world in places like NYC, Sydney, San Francisco, Barcelona and London to name a few. Traffic will most likely be hell in many cities as protesters plan to shut down major bridges, tunnels and city streets in what they hope will be a huge bout of civil disobedience. The Teatard trolls are out in full force to denounce this legitimate protest as as a bunch of hippies crying out about wanting free stuff which is not what they want. We want a freaking job that pays real money not slave labor. We want health care that doesn't bankrupt you every time you get sick. We want accountability by a government who seems to care nothing about the plight of it's people. If you can't get that through your idiot brain, please get one of your many guns and blow your brains out because you really are a waste of space.

The 99% returns and we are PISSED! We are pissed that nothing has been done to fix the many problems in our country. We are pissed the GOP seems hell bent on doing the same crap that isn't working in Europe. We are pissed the Democrats don't seem to be much better.

We are the 99%

We do not forget

We do not forgive.

A government should fear it's people and not the vice versa.

Fear us.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Some of you are probably asking who in the hell is Jackie Brucia. Read on to discover the story of the worst boss ever. Let's see those runner ups.

1)John Edwards- This is the only guy whose approval rating is below Congress and just above painful, rectal itch. When he first broke out on the national political scene during the Democrats ill advised Kerry/Edwards presidential match-up, I thought Edwards came across like a pompous hick shyster who had no substance or principles. During the VP debate that year, I actually thought Dick Cheney cleaned his clock, a troubled feat at best. Since then, his public image has shattered as he cheated on his sick, albeit somewhat shrewish, wife, had a kid he repeatedly denied was his and now is under indictment for using campaign funds for personal use. Not to defend this jerk but don't Republicans do this ALL the time? Christine "the Witch" O'Donnell used funds to pay her mortgage, Sarah Palin used funds to buy clothes for herself and her kids and Newt Gingrich seems to live off anything he raises. So why is Edwards being harassed while everyone else does it willy nilly? Because Edwards is a democrat and used his funds to cover up an illicit affair. The hypocritical GOP strikes again. However, Edwards deserves anything that happens to him as he really is quite a douchebag.

2)TSA-This has not been a good week for the TSA who have been caught in a drug sting at LAX, molested children including a seven year old with cerebral palsy and a terrified four year old whose is reportedly traumatized by the whole thing (shocker there), and faced an angry populace in Houston who are putting their foot down over illegal searches on buses in the area. On top of that, the MSM is now getting involved making the whole story even bigger. Interviews with the former head of the TSA, who was forced out by the way for actually suggesting common sense reforms, show that there are people out there who see this for the sham it is. According to Kip Hawley, the current ways the TSA operates isn't making us safer (the opposite actually), are costing airlines and tourist destinations hundreds of billions in lost revenue as many have stopped flying or even coming to this country, and are rapidly turning the public against the TSA, which doesn't solve anything. He has suggested getting rid of the idiotic pat downs, taking off shoes and bans on liquids as three things that could be done away with tomorrow and safely would still be fine. But with Idiot America firmly in charge, these steps seem unlikely.

3)Secret Service/Janet Napalitano- This woman/man had a bad week. Again. It was bad enough that the TSA reached new lows for the New Brownshirts but then she had to testify in front of Congress about the frat boy behavior of the Secret Service in response for the hookers in Columbia scandal that keeps getting bigger by the day. She swore that this was an isolated incident and that all affected parties would be taken care of. Not 24 hours later came word that prostitutes had also been used in El Salvador by Secret Service personnel. Oops. Shocker that this waste of a human would lie to Congress again. If she worked as a McDonald's Manager the way she runs DHS, she would not only be fired but might be facing charges as well.

4)American Crossroads- This Karl Rove led Super PAC is running a new commercial that people like Donald Trump are calling idiotic and dangerous for Romney. In the commercial, Obama is painted as a cool celebrity. Having watched it, I can say it makes Obama look real good. A giant misfire from an organization usually better at slinging mud.

5)Holland- Holland's right wing nutbags just passed a bill making it illegal for foreigners to smoke pot at any of the country legal coffee houses. Businesses are pissed as they stand to lose a fortune and have publicly said that many towns will not abide by the rule and even the mayor of Amsterdam has come down hard on the new rule that may kill tourism to a place that really needs it. Neighboring countries like Sweden have recently tried to pass legalization laws to capitalize on the tourism that Holland stands to lose. Way to go numnuts, drive the drug underground and see crime rise which was you legalized the drug in the first place forty years ago. Idiocy.

6)Blue Dog PA democrats- Tim Holden and Jason Atmire were fired from their jobs in Congress by the public sick of their nonsense. These two brain powers supported the highly unpopular Ryan Budget Plan and were not only seen as traitors to their party but their country as well. Ten term Representative Tim Holden got trounced by a lesser opponent who will face off against the GOP candidate in the fall. The public looked at these two and threw up a little in their mouth. Good riddance.

7) 24 hour news channels- The ratings this week cannot be good news for idiot network CNN which has seen it's ratings plummet by fifty percent over the last year. Fox news saw their ratings plunge 30% and MSNBC 25%. Meanwhile, my site and other like it continue to blossom. Maybe if they reported the truth once in a while, they might still be at the top of their game. But if I have to listen to one more story on any network about the President's vacation plans or anything about Sarah Palin I'm going to lose my lunch.

8)Jackie Brucia- Who is this evil bitch you ask? Here's a link:

Debbie Stevens, a 47 year old, divorced mother or two, gave her kidney to a stranger so her boss, Jackie Brucia, could move up on the transplant list. Afterward, while recovering from surgery, her boss forced her back to work and then fired her for missing too many days. WHAT A BITCH!

This is exactly why we need a national union so travesties like this do not happen anymore. She is wisely suing as what she did was completely illegal and against the Medical Leave Act. I hope she gets to sue her shrew of a boss as well for being a terrible human being. I would have removed her kidney with a rusty spoon had it been me. So congratulations Jackie Stevens, you are indeed Douchebag of the Week.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


As the things I write about are usually pretty bleak, I thought I would have some fun with some admittedly dark material that some out there are FINALLY to start seeing through their rose tinted glasses. Nothing makes me happier when I see that not everyone on the planet is borderline mentally challenged fighting over whose invisible friend is more powerful. While the news itself may not be good in and of itself, it is surprising to see some of Idiot America has finally woken up to basic truths that the rest of the country is blissfully or consciously unaware.

Let's start with the election results yesterday in PA. No not the Romney win in five states that has corporate America rubbing their paws together with the glee of knowing that no matter who wins, they still get to sit with the adults while the rest of us are crowded around the kiddie table. No, I am talking about the primary results for Congressman Tim Holden and Jason Altmire, both blue dog democrats who incredibly and unwisely supported the Paul Ryan budget plan. Not only did this alienate members of their own party by being what can only be described as "pulling a Benedict Arnold," but it also seems to have pissed off their constituents who voted them out by a wide margin in favor of other candidates who supported limits in Wall St. excesses instead of raping the poor.

Both lost by a significant amount considering the odds. Altmire has redistricting in his favor and a ton of money and still lost by four points. More shocking was ten term Tim Holden who got creamed by 14 points against a far weaker opponent who slammed him for his support of Wall St., the Ryan Plan and fracking, an enivornmentally awful way of getting natural gas and oil. Support for these issues was cited by people who voted as the main reason they wanted these two out of office.

This is shockingly bad news, as many an analyst has likewise predicted, that the Ryan Plan is universally hated more then a Obamacare and the idiot GOP keeps showcasing it like a turd wrapped in gold leaf. We get that it's shiny and all but it still smells like shit. In the state of MA where Elizabeth Warren has been gaining steady ground for months now, this cannot be good news for incumbent Scott Brown who also supported the Ryan Plan. Voters may be telling anybody who supports this crap that they may be getting the heave ho. For Romney, his "Marvelous" comment about the Ryan Plan may be the one word that sinks his entire campaign. Good.

In another sign of some sort of intelligence in the universe, Richard Yamarone, a senior economist at Bloomberg Brief had this to say about the economy:

 “I think people are just running out of money. We have contracting, real disposable incomes. Most of the job creation that we have is from minimum wage type jobs.”

“I’m fortunate enough to travel and speak to chambers of commerce with 300 to 500 people in the audience. They all tell me, ‘Hey, listen, I am letting go of workers. I’m hiring them back at a fraction of what I used to pay them.’

You hear from the other side, ‘Hey, I finally got a job after two years of being unemployed. I used to make $100,000 (each year), now I’m making $45,000 or now I’m working part time.’ Or (you hear), ‘I used to make $500,000 and now I’m making $200,000 or making $125,000.’....

This is why the economy is failing and finally there are some people out there who see this as well. Wages are plummeting and nobody is saying anything about it. How can you have a thriving economy if everyone's making slave labor wages? Here's more from Richard Yamarone:

So you are actually seeing this collapse, contracting on a real basis, of real disposable personal incomes. If you don’t have the money, you can’t facilitate expenditures. So that’s the core of the problem. That’s what’s really going on in the US economy.
You don’t listen to what all of these bigger numbers coming across the screen tell you. You talk to the people who are running the country. 99.7% of all employer firms in this country are small businesses. So when they speak, you have to listen.
You have to listen to what the small businesses are telling you and right now they are telling you, ‘Hey, I’m the head of a 3rd or 4th generation, 75 or 100 year old business, and I’ve got to shut the doors’ or ‘I’ve got to let people go. And if I’m hiring anybody back, it’s only on a temporary basis.’
Sometimes they do this through a hiring firm so that they can sidestep paying unemployment benefit insurance. So that’s what’s really going on at the grassroots level of the economy. Very, very, grossly different from what you’re seeing in some of these numbers coming out in earnings releases.”

Not one person I know, myself included, has gotten laid off or fired from a job over the last five years and found another that paid even half of what they used to make. We are being told to make do with less so that those who have everything can have more and I, for one, am sick of it. We need a national union, like almost every civilized country on the planet, to help protect workers from these kind of abuses. The alternative is that, sooner or later, you too will lose your job and then you're in for a rude awakening when you try to find work that paid anything close to what you used to make. Richard Yamarone continues here:

  “Monetary policy is very different from the days when we were an industrial behemoth. If you look at the first eight recessions after World War II, when we were a big manufacturer, back then, if the Fed saw a problem they cut rates and boom, manufacturers sparked up their idled plants and factories.

In fact, the first eight recessions after World War II, it took, on average, twenty months for us to respond and get all of the jobs that we lost during the recession back. So, in a little less than two years the Fed policy response would get all of the jobs back.

However, you look at the last two recessions, in ’90/’91 and the 2001 recession, they were jobless recoveries. We don’t respond to monetary policy the same way because we are no longer that manufacturing behemoth. So the Fed cuts rates at the first sign of trouble and it takes, during those recessions, forty months for us to get back all of the jobs we would lose.

In this current recession, we are not even close (to getting the jobs back) and that’s 50 months and counting.”

If more people like Richard Yamarone start convincing those in power that lower wages is killing this country maybe someone will finally do something about it. History shows this kind of thought won't last forever because either the country changes it's tune or it devolves into ruin. I am the pessimist that believes the latter but I have to hope that we can change the future as the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Once again, the TSA has been caught doing either illegal or highly questionable actions that call into question their ability to make even the soundest of decisions. IN JUST THE PAST FEW DAYS, they have doubled grouped a senator, continue to state that their machines are fine and don't cause cancer regardless of the mounting data that says otherwise, and keep groping small children even though they said years ago that that process would stop. It hasn't, it won't and eventually it's going to happen to you. Tell me you won't be pissed if your little girl starts getting groped from some fool who appears to be getting a cheap thrill from it.

Just a few days ago, the story broke about a four year old girl who was "detained" for hugging her grandmother in line. The TSA agent swears he saw her pass a gun to her grandmother. REALLY? Why hasn't this ass been canned for this obviously lie? Because they don't care about you, that's why. They are there to humiliate you and make you feel like the criminal they believe you are.

Now comes another great story about a seven year girl with Cerebral Palsy and leg braces being molested by the TSA. Her parents tried to explain that the girl is mentally challenged and not to be too rough with her. Guess which position they tried instead? If you guessed asshole, you would be correct. It would also figure to be JFK, one of the worst airports on Earth, who my father once described the international terminal as "a Bangladeshi bus terminal after a tsunami." Highly accurate as it was voted worst terminal in the country last year.As a result of the trauma caused by these fuckwads, the family missed their flights not to mention the lifelong damage this little girl may suffer. Yeah, sure am glad we're safe from terrorists dressed like crippled, mentally challenged, children.

Not to be outdone, the police recently arrested six former and current TSA agents at LAX for drug smuggling. Sixty pounds of coke and sixty pounds of pot were confiscated. Another statistic for the most arrested profession in the country. Arrests for TSA agents can now be found at almost every major airport in the US for the last five years. How many other organizations can make that same disclaimer? If Best Buy had rapists being arrested every other day in stores across the country, how long before they would be shut down? Yet the TSA continues, despite massive protest for this crap to stop.

With DHS now being used to stop all crime, they have gone nuts arresting counterfeit clothing operators across the country. They state that this crime affects corporations flatly telling people that this group is here to protect the elite, not stop terrorism. This is a dangerous precedent. If you don't believe me, maybe you should talk with a Holocaust survivor, as I have, and ask them how the Gestapo got their start. It's shockingly similar to the nonsense our government, Republican and Democrat both, are trying to accomplish. The DHS is becoming very dangerous and if the Supreme Court gets their way, may even have more power.

The Supreme Court heard arguments today on the very controversial law in Arizona that can best be described as the "show me your papers law." It gives police the power to stop anyone to check immigration status. What they aren't telling the average idiot that this is exactly the same law that Germany enacted to check on the status of illegal Jews within Germany and was quickly used to harass anyone the Nazi's had a problem with. As the Supreme Court also ruled you can be strip searched for any reason, this law should have profound problems for everyone.

First, while I agree illegal immigration is a huge problem that should have been fixed years ago. it is also not a good idea to give police the power to stop anyone just cause. This will lead to the implementation of a real police state that I am guessing most of my readers would not like one bit. How this would be accomplished is another problem as it would cost huge sums of money, money we don't have, to arrest, process and deport the millions of illegals here. There is a cheaper and easier way to stop immigration that every country on Earth uses, including Mexico, but not the US

If you don't have a work visa or social security card, you can't get a job. Anyone caught hiring people without the necessary paperwork will be fined according to the amount of money they make. Illegal hiring stops overnight. Try getting a job in Mexico or Canada without the proper paperwork. You can't. But here any idiot can hire anybody, especially large corporations who love the idea of slave labor, any no one ever does anything.

Besides, illegal immigration has all but stopped here as there are better jobs now in Mexico than this crappy country. Arizona is leading the charge of stupidity and this law is no better. I hope it gets shot done but as the idiot ultra right has infected every level of government, I do not have high hopes.

Pretty soon we'll all be goosestepping and heiling Hitler. The New Gestapo comes for us all. We should put an end to this before it is too late. Voting for anybody not Republican is a good start.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There are so many disturbing stories hitting the news right now that I hardly know where to start. Anyone seriously not seeing the slide into worldwide fascism is either blind, stupid or compliant. Let's start with the unprecedented move by Spain to close its border with France to stop protests against the European Central Bank from April 28th to May 5th which take place in Barcelona next week. This is from

"The European Commission has given Spain the green light to take the unprecedented move to temporarily suspend its open border policy with France under the Schengen agreement in a bid to curtail mass protests targeting a European Central Bank summit set to take place in Barcelona next week.
"The Spanish Government has taken the decision for security reasons, upon the request made by the Catalan Minister for Home Affairs, Felip Puig, in charge of security in Catalonia. Police reports pointed to the possible involvement of foreign nationals travelling to the city to take part in potential violent street protests," reports the Catalan News Agency.
The 1986 Schengen Protocol allows free movement of European citizens between countries who sign up to the agreement. The only way the policy can be suspended by an individual nation is if there exists "a serious threat to public order or domestic security."
The suspension will come into effect on April 28th, four days before the ECB summit begins, and will remain in place until May 5th.
Anyone attempting to enter Spain from France during this period will face stringent security checks, and if individuals are judged to be “anti-system" protesters they will not be allowed to enter the country.
Since the member states of the European Union normally triumph the EU's open border system as a hallmark of 21st century liberal democracy, it's ironic that the one time the policy is temporarily suspended it is to prevent people from engaging in their democratic right to protest against European Central Bank technocrats who are exploiting the financial crisis they created to destroy national sovereignty in countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Just as the former Communist countries in Eastern Europe created a system of internal passports and border checkpoints aimed at keeping out, and in many cases keeping in, dissidents who they feared would use free speech to challenge authoritarian regimes, Spain is doing likewise.
The border controls will be complemented by a fleet of 6,500 extra policemen who have already been deployed onto the streets of Barcelona and will remain there until after the summit ends.
The authoritarian nature of this move comes as no surprise given the fact that, although requested by the Spanish government, it was the European Commission itself who had final say in approving the policy change, which it did without delay.
In other words, the EU gave the go ahead for Spain to suspend its open border policy in order to keep out anti-EU protesters.
This once again underscores the fact that the European Union is inherently undemocratic in nature and goes to every length to silence the free speech rights of its citizens."

That is fascism.

Here in the US, the TSA racks up more points for being the biggest douchebags on the planet. A Wichita, Kansas airport recently caused a major ruckus when the TSA overreacted to a crying four year girl who was detained after hugging her grandmother in line. I am not making this up and here is the link for the all gruesome details:

The girl was accused of passing a gun to her grandmother in said embrace and then threatened to arrest the little girl if she didn't stop crying and close the whole airport. That is fascism.

Here a link to a TSA note left for a disgruntled passenger whose luggage was rifled through:

How is this helping anyone?

This one is for the Teatards, American Taliban and Gun nuts who say Obama is trying to take away their guns.

This link shows that Bank of America, much like Paypal, EBay and Craigslist, have moved to an anti-guns and ammo stance that could have a direct bearing on the 2nd Amendment. McMillian Inc, which manufactures guns and ammo as well as other products like fiberglass, was told by BoA that there business was no longer wanted due to the fact they sold guns. This is a direct assault on our constitutional rights to buy and sell guns and this has nothing to do with Obama and democrats but the GOP itself who I have been warning for years are going after your guns worse than the democrats. Nobody in their right mind can argue that the corporate boards of places like BoA and EBay are not completely Republican. But idiots, like Ted Nugent, have bought into the NRA fantasy that it's the Democrats and Obama going after you when in reality the exact opposite has been true for at least a decade. If you don't believe me, check out Bush's record against guns versus Obama and see who was worse. You'll be surprised by the answer. This is fascism.

Want more proof. There's this:

DHS, who have been stealthily taking over all forms of law enforcement lately, now want control of the national parks. Notice again it is the GOP pushing for this agenda, not the democrats, although I wouldn't be surprised if they go along with it as well. Could this have something to do with the nearly trillion rounds of ammo purchased by the Forestry Service over the last two years? Environmental protections would be gutted in these places and the destruction of these national treasures may occur. This is fascism.

Lastly, let's look at the rise of debtors prisons back in style even though they are completely illegal due to Supreme Court rulings.

Depending on the state you live in depends on whether they can or cannot arrest you. Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Washington, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Utah are among those listed. This is completely illegal as debtors prisons were abolished in the 19th century and have several Supreme Court rulings to back that up.

People are being locked up for owing as little as $80, then rack up huge interest fees that balloon the amount into the thousands. We are being forced to pay or else face jail time in what can only be described as true illegal activities. Police going through with these warrants are a disgrace to their uniform and should be treated like the pariahs they are rapidly becoming.

Feel free yet? We need to eliminate money from politics, tell the Teatards and American Taliban to shut the hell up and start electing people who will defend the people like Elizabeth Warren, a person I respect a great deal. Anyone voting for the GOP this fall is a card carrying Nazi, not that the democrats are much better but the Republicans have turned a corner from big business stooges to Fascist America which is something they have wanted for sixty years. Don't be fooled, a vote for Republicans, any Republican, is a vote for your support of a fascist state. Remember that if your going to act like a Nazi, at least have the decency to wear the swastika.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Recently I uncovered this quote from John T. Flynn, a writer vilified for his opposition to FDR policies. While I don't agree with his stance on Social Security and other welfare programs (all of which he was way wrong about), his views of the fascist state were quite accurate.

Fascism will come at the hands of perfectly authentic Americans, as violently against Hitler and Mussolini as the next one, but who are convinced that the present economic system is washed up and that the present political system in America has outlived its usefulness and who wish to commit this country to the rule of the bureaucratic state; interfering in the affairs of the states and cities; taking part in the management of industry and finance and agriculture; assuming the role of great national banker and investor, borrowing millions every year and spending them on all sorts of projects through which such a government can paralyze opposition and command public support; marshaling great armies and navies at crushing costs to support the industry of war and preparation for war which will become our greatest industry; and adding to all this the most romantic adventures in global planning, regeneration, and domination all to be done under the authority of a powerfully centralized government in which the executive will hold in effect all the powers with Congress reduced to the role of a debating society. There is your fascist. And the sooner America realizes this dreadful fact the sooner it will arm itself to make an end of American fascism masquerading under the guise of the champion of democracy.

…. They began to flirt with the alluring pastime of reconstructing the capitalist system. They became the architects of a new capitalist system. And in the process of this new career they began to fashion doctrines that turned out to be the principles of fascism. Of course they do not call them fascism, although some of them frankly see the resemblance. But they are not disturbed, because they know that they will never burn books, they will never hound the Jews or the Negroes, they will never resort to assassination and suppression. What will turn up in their hands will be a very genteel and dainty and pleasant form of fascism which cannot be called fascism at all because it will be so virtuous and polite.”

This was published in 1944. How much does the above sound like your average Teatard or American Taliban member today? They want that dictatorship and are real polite about it, compared to the storm trooper tactics of days past. We have gone from a society of liberty to one of near total control over our lives. Want proof?

A flea market in Baltimore was raided by DHS this past weekend. The reason given was counterfeit items like sports apparel, music and cosmetics. Aren't these guys just supposed to be after terrorists? I highly doubt Al Queda is fortifying their coffers with old CD's of Tupac and knock off lipstick. DHS gave this quote as the reason for the raid:

"Individuals who produce and sell counterfeit goods harm the American economy. The reality of counterfeiting is that it's much greater than just buying a knock off item at a discounted price, it's a multibillion dollar a year problem that undermines corporations."

Since when does DHS give a rat's ass about corporate theft? Oh that's right, since they became the new Gestapo, which they are.

The TSA is back in the news as they conducted VIPER raids on innocent people on buses in the Houston area. The TSA have steadfastly said that no bags were searched, even though passengers and their OWN WEBSITE say differently. If DHS is the new Gestapo, then the TSA represents the Brownshirts. These wastes of space are a cancer on our society and need to be treated as such. If anyone ever sees some idiot stupid enough to wear his Nazi/TSA uniform out in public, let him know in any way possible that this is not accepted behavior anymore. Do not serve them in your restaurants. Do not sell to them in your stores. Unless we start treating these fascists like the slime they are, nothing is ever going to change.

Remember, outside of an airport, they have no legal authority to look in your bag without a warrant. If they insist, still so no. If they arrest you, get a lawyer and sue the shit of them which you will most likely win. Even our corporate controlled Supreme Court will have a hard time defending this policy, lest they let the cat of the bag as to how controlled the rest of us have become.

If we don't start standing up for our rights, we won't have any anymore. There are rumors that the government buying trillions of rounds of ammo and bullet proof booths may be their attempt to crack down hard after a false flag operation when "terrorists" strike at some random mall or car bomb across major cities. Then they arm the TSA and enact checkpoints across the country. We don't have the manpower to do something like this with law enforcement alone or the authority to put troops on the streets for any extended period of time, so this would be a possible solution. If it does, hopefully America will see it for the fascist push it is and hunt down anyone wearing a TSA outfit. At that point, it will be war.

So what of the next election? Won't that change things? Not a lick no matter who wins. Civil liberties have been crushed even worse under Obama than Bush and don't expect Romney to do any different. There are no individual parties anymore. There's center right and far right and the left has been, well, left, as in left behind. This is from

 "Here are three people fighting against the totalitarian sect of our government, William Binney, former top NSA official, Jacob Applebaum, an internet security specialist who works with WikiLeaks, and Laura Poitras, an Oscar-nominated documentary film-maker whose work has brought her to the attention of US authorities and led to her harassment by US government agents.

Binney resigned his position with the National Security Agency (NSA) after 40 years in protest at the government’s increasingly totalitarian methods of data-collection and retention, without judicial oversight. The government has targeted him: in 2007, his home was invaded by FBI agents after he went to the Senate Intelligence Committee with revelations about illegal NSA spying on American citizens: they pointed guns at him, and warned that he would “not do well” in prison. Applebaum and Poitras have been detained, searched, and interrogated every time they have re-entered the US from abroad – Poitras over 40 times – and had their laptops seized and presumably copied. None of these individuals have been charged with a crime.

All modern dictatorships employ the same method of limited freedom in certain realms, expanding and contracting the parameters of the permissible according to the tactical advantage of the moment, and yet always upholding the first principle of any and all tyrannies: that the government grants such “rights” as “free speech” and “free assembly” at its sole discretion. Which means they can be rescinded at a moment’s notice.   

Take Orwell’s classic work, 1984, which posited a world in a state of perpetual warfare (check!), where constant and universal surveillance is the norm (check!), where “thoughtcrime” is ruthlessly punished, and where most ordinary people (the “proles”) are basically left alone, with totalitarian methods of repression directed almost exclusively against rebellious elites (check!) This last item is the point Greenwald made in his piece, and it bears repeating and elaboration. The idea is to make it possible to exert control without affecting how most people live their lives. If you aren’t a “whistle-blower,” a Julian Assange, or a Bradley Manning: if you don’t reveal closely-guarded government secrets, if you aren’t making documentaries about how the Americans conquered and lorded over the Iraqis, then you have nothing to worry about. There are no political prisons, no gulags – but if you step out of bounds the government has enough information to discredit, destroy, and/or imprison you. Two journalists – Tom Vanden Brook, a writer for USA Today, and Ray Locker, an editor – who were writing about the Pentagon’s use of military contractors to whitewash its sorry record in Iraq and Afghanistan, found that a website and a false Twitter account in their names made a sudden appearance, in what appeared to be a coordinated effort to discredit them and their work.

The contractors deny all involvement, and, yes, this happened under the Obama administration – last week. Barack Obama is an essential element of the developing totalitarian trend in the United States: indeed, I would argue his reelection is the essential factor pushing this process forward. “Lean forward!” barks MSNBC – but forward to what?  

The neoconservatives who have taken over the conservative movement and the Republican party are certainly not going to jump into the breach and take up the cudgels on behalf of the Constitution. They only invoke it when it offers to upend the President’s economic and social initiatives, such as Obamacare, but when it comes to this administration’s assault on basic civil liberties they say “Faster, please!  

So this is what has become of our once great nation. We not only have an active Gestapo, a return to the Brownshirts of Mussolini, but a public clamoring for it as well. We may be all done here people but it is still not to late to make a difference. End The Tea Party bullshit, move away from the fascist right, demand some sort of accountability from the disappearing left and treat the TSA like the dog shit they are. The other option is to go out back, dig a hole and lie down in it because sooner or later, they just might come for you or your kids or your best friend. It'll be good to have that grave ready when it does.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Another week, another round of douchebags. Let's see those runner ups.

1)MSM- These brainpowers have decided that the Zimmerman case isn't screwed up enough and are now helping it become even worse, especially if you have the misfortune of living in Sanford, FL. Recent stories say Black Panthers and Neo-Nazis are inches away from a race war that will annihilate the city and anyone residing there. The truth of the matter is that there are only a handful of either of these racists in town and are being exploited to raise ratings or increase newspaper sales. A recent expose showed less than ten Black Panthers at a rally and a lone Neo-Nazi walking the street with his race hating kids. Not exactly the Watts or LA Riots potential here. These asses are making stuff up now to fill the 24/7 newscycle no one asked for. These false allegations are killing tourism within the town as everyone is fearful of a race riot breaking out while they are having a muffin at the local bakery. There are real problems out there and these idiots are making stuff up. How about reporting about, Oh I don't know, ANYTHING, like say the BP oil spill, the Fukishima radiation still being emitted, the fracking causing earthquakes in the Midwest, or any other story that actually affects our lives. Stop making stuff up and report the FREAKING NEWS. CNN was given that as an option when they revamped their channel last year. Alas they went with the gossipy, mean girl attitude instead that makes them the WORST channel to watch for news. If you can beat Fox News at worst news channel, you have done something horribly wrong.

2)Mitt Romney- As Bill Maher put it, everytime the GOP gets caught doing something stupid, they find some nitpicky, bullshit factoid to equate the democrats to and say it's all a push. The latest round of garbage from the Romney camp is that since Obama ate dog meat when he was six in Indonesia, it's the same as Romney strapping his terrified dog to the roof of his car and driving hundreds of miles like that. NO IT ISN'T. This is the same crap as when Republicans tried to tie Hillary Rosen's comments about Ann Romney being a stay at home mom to the GOP's war on women. Luckily, the American people aren't falling for this nonsense.

3)Euro- Tomorrow could be a dark day for the DOW if the predictions about the Euro are correct. Word has been leaking out since Friday that Spain is inches from default and have even put a 2500 limit on the amount of Euros that can be spent as cash in any transaction (more on this in the coming days). With unemployment running as high as fifty percent among young people, this could lead to major problems. Add to this a certain default on the Dutch government which is bordering on collapse and new elections due to restructuring difficulties, the loss of Sarkozy to a more socialistic politician and the continuing problems of the PIIGS of the Euro and Monday may see a huge loss in the DOW. However, as the DOW is not run by anything resembling logic anymore, what it will actually do is anyone's guess.

4)TSA- These assholes are trying to have VIPER teams set up EVERYWHERE with their naked scanners in every government building, train station and point of transit nationwide. If this happens, people may riot in the streets and kill anyone wearing a TSA outfit. I saw a TSA officer in the supermarket the other day and the only reason I didn't tell him to FUCK OFF was he had three small children with him. Word to the wise, if you work for the TSA, don't wear your outfit in public. There's a good chance that you will meet the wrong person at the wrong time and get a strip search of your own. You guys are not cops. Stop acting like ones.

5)Environmental disasters- Fukishima and the BP oil spill are killing wildlife, ecosystems and people worldwide yet the MSM keeps telling us everything is all right. NBC news last night said the Gulf seafood was fine to eat, even though scientists and fisherman are all saying differently. The only people screaming Kevin Bacon style that all is well (50 points for anyone who gets that reference) are the news media and government and we all know how accurate they are. This week I will provide further updates on both including a possibility that 30% of Fukishima children may have early forms of cancer, a number unheard of before this.

6)Government spendaholics and cheapskates- This has been a bad week for almost every party or group connected with the government. First, let's look at the Secret Service who, thanks to one cheap bastard who refused to pay the hooker what she wanted (which mind you was way higher than most hookers charge in the area by $750), the entire Secret Service is now under investigation. Many have been let go and more are expected. How popular do you think cheapskate McGee is going to be now that he has been let go? Good luck with that resume douche. On the flip side, we have taxpayer money going to fund Newt Gingrich's failed campaign for Secret Service protection by $32,000 a week. Shouldn't he have to pay for this service, not the US taxpayer? Doofus was bit by a penguin this week showing even Mother Nature is pissed at him. Then we have Jeff Nealy, a GSA official, who pleaded the fifth in front of Congress this past week for answers about the lavish spending he has done, including a two week trip to places like Hawaii and Bali which emails suggest was a birthday present for his wife. This is the same group that spent almost a million dollars on an extravagant Vegas conference that got the head of the GSA fired and is supposed to be watching out for government overspending. Christ. But no one takes the cake this week like Leon Panetta. The Secretary of Defense has been spending almost a million dollars a year to fly back to his home in CA EVERY WEEKEND. As he can't travel by commercial flight due to some bullshit regulation the Bush administration dreamed up, he flies home every weekend on military flights at a cost of over $30,000 per round trip. Here's a helpful hint: MOVE TO DC DOUCHE! If you didn't want to, you should have never taken the job. Isn't it funny how broke we are to do anything, but these assholes get money up the wazoo to waste as they see fit. It's like the GOP bitching about $300,000 for Planned Parenthood as a waste of money but raising taxes on millionaires will "only" raise $47 billion dollars and is not worth the time for such a paltry sum. You can't have it both ways losers. So congratulations Leon Panetta, in a week filled with spendthrifts douchebags, you take the cake and are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, April 20, 2012


The Oklahoma City bombing was one of the first things that set my bullshit meter going. That combined with still lingering doubts about the veracity and truth behind the Gulf War led me to start investigating what really happened and remember this is before almost everyone had Internet access. What I found even before the computer age was telling.

I watched all that coverage and remember the news media claiming multiple bombs and several perps. But, as the story unfolded, the story began to change to one bomb, one perp. Now mind you, early reporting is notorious for being wrong. A lot of times, the networks want to get the story out first and, as a result, can often be erroneous. That being said, it is also known that the first stories often contain truths that later get weeded out as the government forces their version down our throats. From the beginning, the latter seemed to be the right call.

The first thing that bothered me was McVeigh's arrest. Here was a guy who had everything planned, but then, for reasons still not fully explained, he drove away in a car guaranteed to get him arrested as it had no licence plate. Why not drive a car with a neon sign that said "I want to be stopped?" It seemed to me that he WANTED to get arrested. But why?

And then there was the John Doe #2 story. This man was allegedly seen with McVeigh right before the bombing and a nationwide search went underway to find him. Sketches came out, witnesses interviewed and then, again with no explanation, this individual was said not to exist. That seemed awfully convenient and not likely that all the people who claimed to see him were wrong.

I ended up doing a lot of research and even reached out to contacts I had within the white supremacy movement. I DO NOT condone that level of racism but, as an investigative journalist even back then, they did provide helpful information that broke open an uninvestigated tie to Elohim City in Oklahoma.

The pictures of John Doe #2 looked a great deal like photos I had been shown of Andreas Strassmeir, chief of security at Elohim City, seen here:

Tell me he doesn't look like John Doe #2.

McVeigh admitted to being in contact with Strassmeir two weeks before the bombing but the worthless FBI never questioned him. Stressmeir fled the country, hiding in Ireland for a short time before returning to Germany. He has not been located since.

As the FBI had a mole, Carol Howe, within the group, any activities tying it to OK City should have been investigated. No investigation to this day has been done. Larry Potts, the senior FBI man in charge of the case appears to have done a piss poor job at it, but was rewarded with a promotion anyway. However, after Congressional hearing found this ass screwed the pooch during the Waco and Ruby Ridge fiasco's, he was demoted, suspended, and ultimately resigned. It is telling that trying to find info on Strassmeir is still difficult at best with even his Wikipedia page deleted as of 2006. Why isn't the government more interested in finding this guy?

Other problems include the still unreplicated bombing that every major bombing expert on Earth has denounced as bogus. People within our own government, and highly touted as world experts in their field, especially that of Brigadier General Benton Partin and possibly the world's best expert on demolitions, said the official story did not add up. According to him, that bomb did not cause that damage. Other bombs had to be placed within key supports to replicate that blast pattern. Tests done on explosives since then have supported his theory with not one able to replicate the damage done with a single truck bomb. Here's a link to Partin's detailed report on the matter:

Here are some recently released documents that support Partin's theory:

Recently revealed video shows McVeigh at McDonald's 24 minute before the bombing not wearing the clothes he was supposedly seen in. The FBI has yet to explain how he got from there to the rental truck, a mile and a half away. without getting wet as it was raining and his getaway car was parked near the blast site. The rental agency manager swears both John Doe 1 and 2 were dry. The FBI spent a month and a half trying to convince the man that there was only one perp and he was wet. The man stuck by his story and the FBI did not put him on the stand as it would have ruined their case. This sounds remarkably similar to the Pan Am 103 case where investigators browbeat several witnesses to change their story and look how that turned out. They had to let the "terrorist" go for "humanitarian reasons" as he was dying of cancer. The truth was the case they had was falling apart and, rather than risk an international scandal, they let him go.

Recently Lawyer Jesse Trentadue has been on a crusade to find out more about the alleged "suicide" of his brother Ken while in FBI custody. He had been brought in for questioning, most likely for being mistaken for Richard lee Guthrie Jr, a suspected co-conspirator, who was also found hanging in his cell one year later while in FBI custody.

The Oklahoma City Medical examiner testified that he felt Ken's death was suspicious and was most likely murdered. Evidence also showed signs of torture. A witness, Alden Baker, testified that he saw the murder from his cell, with the possibility he was even in the cell with him at the time. He was found dead by hanging a year later. A lot people hanging themselves in federal custody seems suspicious doesn't it, especially when they are all connected?

The Oklahoma City Medical Examiner filed a complaint with the FBI that they had done a shit job collecting evidence and refused to label the death suicide. Eventually, he was browbeaten into accepting the FBI theory after a suicide note convinced him otherwise, a note that was somewhat suspicious in and of itself.

Jesse Trentadue had been voracious in his attempt to uncover the truth. He has been so far unable to get the FBI to release any of the dozens of surveillance tapes of the bombing, most likely as they don't show what they want us to know actually happened. If they did show McVeigh alone, or the explosion being only the truck bomb, it would have been aired on every network on the planet. But it still remains labeled classified which has got to be a stretch as what top secret info could be gained from street level videos?

This story stinks as the MSM still treats us like children that can't accept that Santa is not real. Our government is not always here to help us. A lot of the time, they want us dead for their own nefarious proposes.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Another day, another round of WTF news. I swear if the news gets anymore bleak and weird, they should just have David Lynch report it from now on.

This report was just released from Al Jazerra:

In this report, an astonishing amount of sea life in the Gulf have been found to have an alarming amount of deformities in local shrimp, fish with sores, eyeless crabs and more. Local fisherman say it's like nothing they've seen before. Here's the list of problems found:
  • Shrimp with tumors on their heads
  • Shrimp with defects on their gills and "shells missing around their gills and head"
  • Shrimp without eyes
  • Shrimp with babies still attached to them
  • Eyeless fish
  • Fish without eye-sockets
  • Fish without covers on their gills
  • Fish with large pink masses hanging off their eyes and gills
  • Crates of blue crabs, all of which were lacking at least one claw
  • Crabs with holes in their shells
  • Crabs with shells that have no spikes or claws or misshapen claws
  • Crabs that are dying from within
  • Elevated levels of nickle and vanadium in oysters
Yummy. People who have worked in the area for as long as twenty years have never seen anything like this before. According to scientists working in the area, only one tenth of one percent of Gulf fish had lesions on them before the Gulf spill. Afterward, that number increased to 20-50% of all fish in the region.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are being blamed, which are compounds found in crude oil. Worse, the dispersant used to clean up the spill are also known to be toxic to humans with symptoms that include, vomiting, diarrhea, cardiac arrhythmia and cardiovascular damage as well as serious damage to unborn children. These symptoms have been long reported to people who have spent any amount of time in the Gulf and continue to this day.

With the Gulf providing almost half of the seafood caught in the US, seafood shortages may become inevitable. According to local fisherman, brown shrimp catch have dropped by two thirds, white shrimp are gone and seafood catch is ten percent less than usual.

Darla Rooks, a lifelong fisherman from the Gulf, says it best:"We're continuing to pull up oil in our nets. Think about losing everything that makes you happy, because that is exactly what happens when someone spills oil and sprays dispersant on it. People who live here know better than to swim in or eat what comes out of our waters."

That is not good news. But wait, there's more. Fukishima is STILL pumping out radiation which means, unlike Chernobyl which was capped after five days, these reactors are still going strong.

In order to get radiation levels down to more manageable levels, Geiger counter readings are taken after soil removal and washing, limiting the true scale of the problem. 80% of the radiation in Fukishima is leaking into the ocean which, much like the BP oil spill, could have serious ramifications for a society dependent on seafood. The reactors themselves are in grave trouble, which if they meltdown would release enough radiation into the atmosphere to envelop the planet. In Japan alone, 250 kilometers would have to be immediately evacuated, including Tokyo. Rumors of dead fetuses and birth defects have spread through Japan, although their veracity cannot be confirmed at this time.

 Here is a map showing fallout readings combining Chernobyl with Fukishima which shows one bit of good news :

As Chernobyl was a land locked area, most of the radiation stayed on land. As wind moves west, most of the radiation went over the ocean. However, as we are the next bit of land that this radiation would hit, it would also explain the still high radiation levels over the west coast.The rest of the world may have dodged a bullet, but the US is still smack dab in the middle of whatever Japan dose or doesn't do over the next few years.

Some have tried to discredit the original report here:

And here is the debunker article:

However, the "debunkers" of the piece against it say in their article that since the EPA evidence doesn't show any increase, there wasn't any. This is the same EPA that is saying don't worry about the radiation, it's all fine and  then suspended all radiation testing afterward. When the radioactivity detectors that we spent millions on didn't work, their response was they had no time line to fix them and again, don't worry. If you allow your entire argument to be based upon questionable data, as the debunker article did, then it won't pass any sort of real scrutiny. There were countless other data reports available at the time that showed high levels of cesium in our milk and water supplies, sometimes above legal limits that shifted depending on who was talking (EPA vs. CDC vs. FDA) all of which have different levels of what is acceptable radiation. That's not too confusing is it?

This is not to say the original article did not have some problems with its methodology. The debunker article is correct in the fact that just because these people died suddenly, does not mean it was exclusively due to radiation from Fukishima. However, as the data does suggest a sudden increase in deaths among the ill, infants and the elderly, the radiation theory becomes a whole lot more possible. The fact that the EPA is playing fast and lose with their data, as is Japan, then this study must be taken with more weight than normal.

Lastly let's take a quick look at climate change. Everytime it's get a little cold or we get snow in a place we normally don't, the deniers cry that it's evidence that global warming is bull. But then they conveniently don't mention the fact that, as a whole, the planet is getting warmer, as are our oceans, and temperatures are spiking, especially across the arctic regions. In just my area, temperatures have been way above normal now for our tenth straight month and except for a few months last year, is a continuing trend even before that. We are breaking world records for everything lately including heat, cold, snowfall and drought across the planet everyday.

Sea ice is continuing to disappear, unless you believe the debunkers who say the ice is bigger than ever, which it isn't as no scientist working anywhere in the Arctic has this theory only Dr. Joe Shmoe from Podunk U. Just because one idiot disagrees with what 99% of all scientists agree on, doesn't mean he's right just because he mirrors your position. Usually, these guys are either bought and paid for by the oil industry or just really suck at what they do.

Weather is out of whack, statistically speaking as disasters are striking with greater force and in larger areas. The argument that we are seeing more tornadoes is because of better weather reporting and larger population is complete bull. First, our weather reporting is actually getting worse due to budget cuts and lack of adequate satellite use. And the tornadoes touching down are being reported in places they have never been seen before not in way out areas that have been recently developed.

Our weather is getting out of control and the warming deniers are going to get us all killed. All evidence points to a global disaster that already may be too late to contain. Let us hope it isn't. But with the human race trying to amplify the effects with the BP oil spill and Fukishima, it is not looking good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We keep hearing about this so called recovery; how everything is getting better, unemployment is falling and, if the GOP is to be be believed, all of us are only days away from becoming rich. All of these are total lies if you make less than $250,000 a day. For those people, the sun is shinning and life is good. For the other 99%, life sucks hard and is getting worse by the day.

We have had forty years of plummeting wages, mostly because the demonetization of unions have decimated them and led to corporations running rampshod over us. True, unions have become greedy in their own right but I'd rather have that any day than the slave labor we have been demoted to. We have got to stand up and start demanding better for ourselves because the end result is a fascist state where we will be told what to do, and how much we can expect to get, neither of which will make anyone happy, except for the overlords or course.

It now takes two incomes to even come close to a one wage salary of the 1970's. Unfortunately for feminists everywhere, a lot of this has to do with women entering the workforce en masse at the same time. Without a strong union to protect wages, demand outweighed supply and one of the direct results is the plummeting of wages ever since. If your workforce is bigger than the amount of jobs you have, employers can lower their salary concerns as they will always find someone to work for less than you, thus the sad state of today's working poor. Illegal immigrants within the work force also helped to a far lesser degree.

Let me get this straight: I AM NOT ADVOCATING ALL WOMEN TO GO BACK TO BEING BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT! That ship has sailed and there is no getting that genie back in the bottle nor should we. Regular readers of this column know I am a vocal supporter of women's rights. However, with data showing that our children are being raised by no one and crime rates spiking highest throughout the 70's (and still haven't gone down to anywhere near pre-1960's), the fact we have women working with small children at home, I do find a bit reprehensible. But as these women HAVE to work, lest starvation come into play, it's all moot.

Clinton gets a lot of the blame for this for throwing welfare mothers off the rolls after three years and forcing them to find work. What happened to the sanctity of motherhood that the GOP has been playing up all week after Hillary Rosen spoke the truth that Mitt Romney's wife wouldn't know a hard's day's work if she fell in it?

Is motherhood hard? You better believe it. Is it the same as coal mining, crab fishing, or even dealing with your dickish boss day in and day out? Not even close. And it is bullshit to even pretend it is. The GOP is using this as a springboard to try to get women back into their good graces and, for the most part, it's not working.

We need to have some sort of new welfare program so that women OR men can stay at home with small children. I don't see the problem with that but the Teatards of the US think that we should all work our balls off for the lowest possible wage available just because they think being a parent is lazy. THAT is the real obscenity here. Where's the outrage over that principle? Talk about double standards, not to mention the fact that Mitt Romney said exactly what Rosen said three months ago and no one said boo on the GOP side. Fucking hypocrites.

Real wages peaked in the 1970's at twenty dollars an hour. Today it is $8.50, or a 57% decrease. Here's a link to an article and graph that shows this disparity:

As the government keeps tinkering with inflation data, and are still doing, we keep getting lied to as to what the real inflation rate. This type of fraud is cheating seniors and the disabled from Social Security raises that they are legally entitled to. If the government hadn't stolen the entire SS trust fund, it wouldn't be insolvent either and we wouldn't have the GOP trying to constantly solve a problem they helped create.

Now, due to economic reasons, we are experiencing even further wage cuts as corporations have all the power to do whatever they like with no oversight whatsoever. This is from

"In the months immediately following the financial meltdown in September 2008, US corporations carried out massive layoffs, using unemployment as a weapon to bludgeon the working class into accepting unprecedented concessions. Big business employed new technology (automation, computerization) as well as speedup to cut costs and rapidly return to record profits on the basis of a smaller work force, despite lagging sales and revenues.

Obama’s forced restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009 ushered in a wave of wage- and benefit-cutting throughout the private sector. The bailout of the auto giants was predicated on the agreement of the United Auto Workers union to impose a 50 percent wage cut and the gutting of pensions and benefits for all newly hired workers. This set a new benchmark of $12-$15 an hour for US auto workers, previously among the highest paid manufacturing workers in the world, reducing wages to near-poverty levels."

So, as I have stated numerous times, the unemployment figures not only mask the true levels of unemployment but the fact that wages have fallen across the board. Corporations are raping us daily and the Teatards and the GOP want thing to get even worse. Mind you, democrats are almost as equally guilty as this research from globalresearch shows:

"A Reuters article published March 15 provides statistical proof that when it comes to helping the top 1 percent at the expense of everyone else, Obama takes a back seat to no one. The article notes that the movement of US incomes during the Obama “recovery” contrasts sharply with that which occurred in 1934, during the Great Depression.

The 1934 rebound saw strong income gains for the bottom 90 percent of earners and a decline for the super-rich (the top 0.01 percent). The year 2010, saw the opposite. The income of the super-rich ($23.8 million on average) rose by 21.5 percent over the previous year, while that of the bottom 90 percent fell by 0.4 percent.

National income rose overall in 2010, but all of the gains went to the top 10 percent. Just 15,600 super-rich households pocketed an astonishing 37 percent of the entire national gain.

The article further reports that the top 1 percent’s share of real income growth has increased with each economic expansion, regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican was in the White House. The top 1 percent captured 45 percent of Clinton-era income growth, 65 percent of Bush-era growth, and 93 percent of Obama-era growth, through 2010.
These facts demonstrate the existence in the US of a plutocracy that controls the Democrats and Republicans and the entire political system. Its deadly grip can be broken only by an independent political movement of the working class, fighting for workers’ power and socialism."

What this means is that neither the democrats or the GOP can be trusted to fix anything. So what should we do? I have a solution. First, vote out ALL of the GOP, every man or woman anywhere who follows these true fascists. Then, once they all done, we set our sights on the democrats and demand they do better or else they go the way of the GOP and the Whigs and a new party, not one beholden onto corporate interests, is born. Will this happen? Never in a million years because the US has way too many stupid people in it who will vote Republican or Democrat no matter what, even against their own interests.

The end result is that we are probably so screwed it's not even funny. As long as corporate interests dominate our lives, we have no control over anything. And the day will come, perhaps very, very soon, where the government will control EVERYTHING; when that fascist streak comes front and center. We have two parties being dominated by the corporations which is the very definition of fascism. So unless you think Nazi rule is great, you better get out and start voting some of these idiots out there and shunning the people who think that George W Bush was the greatest president ever. The survival of this country is at stake and the Teatards are the lemmings leading us over the cliff.

For those who want more links, here's one to the global research article I used:

Monday, April 16, 2012


While the rest of us struggle to put anything resembling decent food on the table for our family, the world elite stay fat and happy, money concerns a thing of the past for them. But exactly how do these leeches stay ahead while the rest of us starve? There is a very simple answer for that: they steal the money out of our very pockets while simultaneously hiding their ill gotten gains from tax collectors worldwide. But not all of us are sheep and some of us are finding out exactly how they do it.

And now, here's how they accomplish it.

Mitt Romney, along with countless others, have millions upon millions stashed in Caymen Island banks. Before my slide into ill health and the loss of my job for unrelated illness reasons (they were cheap bastards who fired me and hired another person for half my salary), I had taken a trip there and loved it. Great place to vacation, by the way. But one thing I noticed were the overabundance of banks. Literally, you will have bank after bank on a street corner with hardly a Starbucks or Apple store in sight. That is telling.

Truth be told, people like Mitt Romney probably aren't secret trillionaires as these people would hardly ever run for President, realizing true power rests behind the scenes. As a result, the money he has in these offshore banks are infinitesimally small compared to others. According to research done by the IMF, the world elite are hiding 18 trillion dollars in offshore banks. And this is just in the Caymen Islands, Monaco, the Bahamas and like minded areas, not places like Switzerland or even private equity banks that have little oversight.

The BCCC scandal of the nineties was an eye opener in which global banks were discovered to be engaging in money laundering on an epic scale. When governments came down hard on the people involved, the criminals discovered if they ran governments as well, they wouldn't have to worry about them peering over the shoulder. Welcome to 2012.

In the Cayman Islands alone there is as much as $1.4 trillion being held with 80% of all international banking taking place through offshore banks. Estimates of a third to half of all wealth on the planet is being diverted through these banks. If that is true, think how much money we here in just the US are being cheated out of on taxes. The US says $100 billion but that number is laughably small with these kind of estimates. It is more likely at least five times that, if not more.

But what about Mitt Romney who says he follows the tax code? Here is what he said at a recent campaign stop "and if there's an opportunity to save taxes, we like anybody else in this country will follow that opportunity." In other words, if the tax system lets him cheat legally, why shouldn't he? Mainly because these tax loopholes you exploit aren't available to 99% of the population, and your tax dodging is killing this country. If you can afford it, it is your patriotic duty to pay taxes. It is a fact that the 99% get raped while the wealthy elite skate by with a fraction of what they should owe.

Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's firm and SuperPAC showrunner, has 138 different offshore accounts in just the Caymen Islands. A shell company Bain set up in the Caribbean was called Sankaty High Yield Investors Ltd. It did not have an office in Bermuda nor any staff. But it helped Bain Capital cheat the US out of millions in taxes. Like many "corporations" is places like Bermuda, it's nothing but a PO box, all of which is perfectly legal. It also impossible for someone of modest means to even attempt this. It is thievery plane and simple.

Romney and Bain Capital have all sorts of these offshore shell companies and bank accounts worldwide. So when Romney shows his taxes, chances are they don't paint the complete picture. Much like the trillionaires of the world, chances are Romney is worth much more than he is letting on. As his reported net worth is in the hundreds of millions, chances are he's worth closer to a billion if not more. Is this really the guy you think will fix things in this country? If you do, you really need to lay off the paint chip snacks. Obama may be bad, which he is, but Romney and the GOP will create a country you won't even recognize, especially if you're black, Muslim, gay, Hispanic or female. Do not forget that come election day.

Congress has tried to pass laws to end offshore banking but the wealthy elites have lobbyists and paid in pocket politicians (Cough, Mitch McConnell, wheeze, Nancy Pelosi, hack) and any step toward fixing things, like the Dodd/Frank act, get killed in committee and partisan bickering. In order to get out of paying taxes, many are renouncing their citizenship. Why pay 15% here, if I can become a citizen of Bermuda and pay 5%?

If we revamped our Kafkaesque tax system, which is driving business out of country like it was on fire, we could do things like balance the budget, pave our roads, and give Americans a much needed raise. But no, the Tea Party screams if we spend a dime on anything they don't approve of like infants crying for their mama. In future articles to come, I will spend more time on the offshore banks and what it means for the US. I will also show the downward spiral of the American worker and how things are going to get worse, not better, especially if the GOP gets their way.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


A close run between the last Stalinist outpost, North Korea and some of the stupidest secret service agents ever. Before we see those runner ups, a quick shout out to Newark mayor, Corey Booker for his decidedly non-douchebag persona as he rescued a woman from a burning building or as Fox News reported it, "Black man commits arson and kidnaps white woman." This is the same guy who helped shovel streets when the plows were overwhelmed during the bad winter we had a couple of years back and also chased after a purse snatcher. That's a true hero, in an era where we have precious few. So thumbs up to Corey Booker and his heroism.

1)TSA- A week cannot go by without mentioning these assholes. Not only did the former head of the TSA say she thinks all these regulations are bunk, but in trying to fight against them, lost her job as well. Another video has surfaced showing how awful the new "show me naked" video machines are by demonstrating their worthlessness, a fact echoed by almost every other nation on Earth who have refused to use them. A TSA agent was caught stealing IPODs from luggage making this officially the TSA's new pastime as it seems half their staff has been found guilty of this crime. For the countless time in recent weeks, the umpteenth TSA agent has been arrested for child porn making it the third greatest profession for child molesters right after priest and politician. The icing on top was the detention of Indian film super star, Shah Rukh Khan, who was detained by Newark officials for over ninety minutes. The sad part about this is that this the SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED. Here's what he has to say:

"Yes, it always happens, it's nice. Whenever I start feeling arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America," he joked with students.
"The immigration guys kick the stars out of stardom," said Khan, who boasted of some small victories when he was questioned, such as fibbing about his height.
"The next time I'm gonna be more adventurous. What color are you? I'm gonna say white," said Khan, who has acted in nearly 80 films.

This is why America is falling way behind on international tourism. Do you really think if this was just some Indian traveler on his way to vacation would ever come back again? While not against racial profiling, especially in air travel, this is ridiculous. This man is obviously not a terrorist. Idiots.

2)Ryan Leaf- Former football star, Ryan Leaf was arrested this week for four felonies stemming from obvious drug use. He was caught burglarizing a friend's home for oxycotin. This is the true drug scourge of our time, yet Obama and his idiot storm troopers are too busy busting pot sellers. If Romney wasn't the nominee, Obama could have been in real trouble.

3)Mitt Romney- The Mitt Bot has sewn up the nomination to a resounding, WEEEEEEEEEE! He has almost zero chance of winning and the race hasn't even started yet. Way to go pandering to the far right and even they may not vote for you. Polls show Obama up huge in swing states and I don't expect too much in way of gains short of the economy nose diving before November which is highly unlikely. This is a classic study of how not to run a campaign. Here are four words for why he's going to lose big: Paul Ryan's Budget Plan. Even Republicans think this was a terrible idea. Expect this election to go the way of McCain or Dole for turnout.

4)Newt Gingrich- Are you still here? GO HOME!

5)Rick Santorum- This tool finally saw the writing on the wall and actaully went home. He said he was winning in a totally different way. Yeah, it's called losing you schmuck. He and the rest of the American Taliban need to go away and it appears as if a good percentage of America is feeling the same way. These guys aren't nearly as important as they think they are.

6)Ron Paul- I respect you but like wise, it's time to quit and think about running as a third party. This ship has sailed. I would think that ramping down the talk of ending social security and medicare as it really sunk your campaign.

7)Tennessee- These brain powers actually made it illegal to teach any form of sex education in schools including kissing and even holding hands. How do these people not accidentally kill themselves every day? Using a knife and fork must be hard.

8)Arizona- Not to be outdone, Arizona has a twofer this week. First they said that life begins at the moment a woman's last period ends. So, even before conception, a woman's is considered pregnant. Unbelievable. Then, they are about to pass a law that will make illegal to bully, threaten, annoy or offend anyone over the Internet. Good luck with that. First amendment concerns aside, the level of lawsuits that could arise form this will swamp the Arizona court system. If it does pass, I would suggest that anytime Governor Jan Brewer says ANYTHING, a class action lawsuit should be filed against her for "offending" our sensitive ears. This is the dumbest law in a state filled with them.

9)Qatar- This small Middle East country has overtaken the US as the fattest people on Earth. Not exactly the trophy you should be striving for. Not only is diabetes rampant, but they have the highest level of genetic problems due to very incestuous relationships demanded by royalty only marrying royalty. Way to go dudes.

10)Iran- In traditional fashion, Iran calls for peace talks, balks about it for a while and then condemns the whole thing. Here a statement for the cheap seats: THEY DON'T WANT PEACE BUT A NUCLEAR BOMB! Get it through your heads that this is a constant delay tactic used since the beginning of time to stall for more time. If your evidence shows any proof of a nuclear program that is weaponizing materials, an attack is absolutely necessary regardless of the outcome. A nuclear armed Iran is a surefire way to end the world. Just look how destabilizing North Korea is with their nuke program and they are not religious nutbags.

11)Secret Service- Almost douchebag of the week, the secret service this week got into heaps of trouble after evidence surfaced of agents using hookers while on assignment. The sad part is that this is all over one agent refusing to pay the $47 dollars to one hooker. As a result, the whole ordeal is now national news and is even enveloping members of our military. How popular do you think that one agent is right now? I think that not only is he going to get fired but his chances of employment anywhere are going to be pretty slim. Doesn't look good on a resume that not only did you get fired from your job as a secret service agent but were also a cheap bastard as well.

12) North Korea- The laughingstock of the planet this week after their rocket blew up less than two
minutes after it was launched. This action of idiocy, not only showed your still going to be condemned to the kiddie table of world affairs, but you've pissed off everyone, including the Chinese who are the only real allies you have left. The US has suspended all talks and all aid while raising the spectre of even more sanctions against the barely breathing nation. Now comes talk about a nuke test that may just end your sad little nation. No man is an island and no nation can survive long in today's multi-national world. China is starting to see the writing on the wall about your viability and don't be surprised if they say 'Hasta La Vista, Baby." So congratulations Kim Jung Un and North Korea, you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Friday, April 13, 2012


It has been another week of one dumb thing after another meaning my douchebag of the week column is going to be another trainwreck of fools. But the surefire winner of that honor has to be North Korea, who in a stunning degree of ineptitude simultaneously demonstrated their incompetence and defiance to any form of logic with their crash and burn rocket test.

Kin Jung Un is the new leader of the isolated nation and this test meant everything for his rule. Normalized relations were being offered to North Korea, which Mitt Romney criticized of course, and the regime had a chance to enter into the world market and save their failing country. Instead, they choose to try to show the world strength by launching a three stage rocket with a satellite on board. Reporters from around the world were gathered to see this "impressive and historic" launch that could have signified North Korea as a nuclear country with ICBM technology. Instead, the thing blew apart after about two minutes and splashed into the ocean.

The world condemned the action, the US withdrew from any further negotiations and now comes word that North Korea may test a nuclear device to save face. World condemnation has been swift and even close allies like China are grumbling about the whole affair. If China balks on aid for North Korea, a distinct possibility if they feel the nation is out of control, the regime is doomed. As it is, they are going to pay a steep price for their arrogance and the North Korean people are the ones going to suffer the worst. Sooner or later, people are going to get tired of starving and then the gig is up. North Korea overplayed their hand, Kim Jung Un is proving to be more incompetent than his father, and the regime is now nearing an inevitable collapse. Way to go.

Meanwhile, depending on what you read, we have either delayed any action against Iran until after the election or we are preparing to launch an immediate strike. The government is getting better at using disinformation to cover any attack plans but as of right now, the Russians aren't buying it. Russian troops are supposedly massing on the Iranian border to help repel an inevitable attack by US forces. Meanwhile, the US is downgrading the naval forces in the area. Iran continues to behave like douchebags as they have turned off transponders to cover how much oil they are shipping. This could also lead to an accidental collision in the heavy traffic area of the Persian Gulf during the night or bad weather. As to an attack, your guess is as good as mine. I've been burned so many times predicting a war there that I've given up on the matter until I see some concrete evidence of anything solid.

Iran is dangerous and, as we've seen with North Korea, letting them get a nuke will cause untold damage to the world. We shouldn't attack until we have to and if we do, let's hope they don't fight the same type of war they've been fighting for over sixty years because we keep losing all of them by fighting half assed. If we need to go in, go all in. Bomb the major cities, attack all infrastructure and knock them into next week. Anything short of that will just escalate the situation to a point that nuclear war may be an inevitability.

A quick note on the Zimmerman case: Chances are there's won't be a trial. He's been overcharged, the media has destroyed his case and the Sanford police department did such a piss poor job in collecting evidence that most of what will presented will be very circumstantial. His lawyers will call for an evidentiary hearing and, most likely, the judge will throw the whole thing out, citing his ability to get a fair trial, Florida's stand your ground law, and the complete lack of evidence. I still think he's guilty mind you, but I seriously doubt he'll be found that way. Black people will riot in the streets when this happens, but as they usually burn down their own neighborhoods, no one will really care. This case has no winners and we all lose as a result, black or white alike.