Friday, December 31, 2010

Predictions of the New Year

The year 2010 comes to merciful end, but what awaits us seems to be much much worse. I am truly afraid for the direction the country takes as the Republican Brownshirts, in league with the gutless democrats, threaten to eliminate our civil liberties until we are nothing more than slaves. So what will happen?

1)Jobs will be created and the will be much media celebration. However, having done my research on ALL new jobs I have come to an inescapable conclusion: none of them pay anything. CBS news did a report on a small business that hired three new workers and was going to hire three more next year. A drop in the bucket for the millions out of work, they almost forgot to mention what they were going to get paid: 12 dollars on hour. No word on benefits but I expect they would have been severely limited. I don't know about you, but I can't live on twelve bucks an hour. ALL new jobs that are being created pay nothing. You can't have a middle class where everyone is poor and working for slave wages. Look at the jobs that say they will train you for a new career. Chef school? You'll pay a fortune to work for 8 bucks an hour. Heating and air conditioning? The same as chef school. You can't change professions, start at the bottom and expect everything to be good. We need good paying jobs and these will disappear faster next year as corporations continue their take over of the government. Government isn't the problem. THIS government is the problem. Giving it to the fascism to come will make things worse. Unemployment will continue upward next year. As we already at Depression Era 23%, I don't know how much more the American people can take.

2)A spectacular terrorist attack with a weapon of mass destruction will occur somewhere in the world. It will be used as an excuse to crack down on civil liberties world wide and paint Muslims as dangerous extremists. They are the new Jews and Muslims everywhere should be worried. Don't fall for false flag operations. The Internet will be curtailed and even gun possession may be eliminated as Eric Holder has said he wants to do. Whether this will lead to civil war is unknown as the American people seem to be going the way of the Wiemar Republic and are accepting the most foul of draconian laws being foisted on us.

3)Oil will hit 4 dollars a gallon by spring and continue ever upward. 5 dollar gas by the end of the year is possible, especially if things go south in the Middle East for some reason.

4) The stock market will crash wiping out anyone not in on the rigged game. Put options will make the rich even richer and wipe out the wealth for the rest of us. The housing market will likewise suffer. Gold will skyrocket.

5)A charismatic leader will arise from the ashes of the Republican party and put the final nail in the coffin that is America. Obama will find himself behind the eight ball as the economy implodes. His chances of a second term look increasingly at odds. 1984 looms.

6) Natural disasters will continue to dominate the news as climate change deniers drool over every massive blizzard that hits as proof that it isn't occurring. Our climate is changing and what no one seems to remember is that after every warming period in history, an ice age follows. This has to do with the Gulf Stream stopping, which it is, and bringing cold across the planet as a result. A solar max appears to be occurring which may set the stage for this climate shift to occur rather suddenly, possibly in 2012 or 2013. The solar storm predicted could end electricity use for months or years. Be prepared to live off the grid.

7)The TSA will continue to rape us, police will become more and more belligerent, and god forbid you speak out about anything. The thought police are coming. Big Brother is here.

8) Governments will fall due to world wide wealth inequality. The internet will be instumental as people see the rich flaunting their wealth with impunity. In this counrty, the wealth inequlity barrier will still not be a deciding factor in Tea Party candiates or supporters. The Tea Party will be a force to be dealt with and will destroy the middle class in this country.

Happy new year everyone. Let's hope I'm wrong about everything written here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yes it's nearly the end of 2010 and time for my first annual douchebag of the year column. There was never any debate as to who the real douchebags were as the American people basically said they want a fascist dictatorship set up here because government was the root of all evil and corporations should have all the power. The mind numbing stupidity of this is staggering. Our country nears it's end in an all but inevitable scenario and no one seems to care. Not the press, not the public, nobody. There was an excellent rant on YouTube called Who Cares! where a guy goes off on how idiotic we have become and the level of bulls&*t we have become accustomed to. It's really good. Let's look at this year's runner ups.

1)The Press- In what can only be described as unforgivable, the MSM has glossed over every major story this year. When CBS reporters were ordered away from a public beach by BP thugs, they said nothing. Never mind that BP is a foreign entity and has no legal right to order them away from anything, the fact the Coast Guard was helping them says tons about our rights in this country. It took Jon Stewart, which the NYT accurately called the Edward R Murrow of our times, to call out the MSM about the lack of coverage for the 911 heroes who risked their lives at ground zero and now were getting the shaft once they became ill. The next day the story ran everywhere. HMMMM. The press has been horrific at reporting anything lately and any news gotten from the obvious conflict of interest they posses should be taken with a grain of salt. Much like the government, the news coming from "legit" news services should be held in real contempt.

2)Obama and the Democrats- Proving that they serve the corporations not the people, the democrats have sold us out for the last time. Obama's hope and change seems very similar to the crap that Bush sold us. Other than ending Don't ask don't tell (which still has a lot of hurdles to overcome), Obama hasn't done all that much. His campaign promises were some of the worst kept in modern history where even George W Bush was better at keeping tham. Harry Reid has proved to be just as bad as thought by railroading bills such as 510 which make home gardens illegal and another which gives away federal lands to corporations. The democrats have proven to be no better than Republicans in some cases worse.

3)Republicans and the Tea Party- Nobody did more damage polemically than the idiotic Tea Party that has demanded a fascist dictatorship to set up shop in the US. With their rabid, albeit somewhat understandable hatred of government, the rise of power to big business is far far worse. Business does not recognize the Constitution, Unions or any kind of fair commitments to their workers. The AP has already reported that the new Republicans are going to sabotage years of gains by private workers by giving more power to corporations. With their idiotic denial of climate change, favoritism to the super rich and cutting of services to the poor, this country is going down down down next year.

4)Corporations- With the take over all but over, we no longer live in a free society. From the BP oil spill to the deaths of miners in Kentucky to the poisoning of our water and air, there is no escape from the hell on earth we are going to see. Fascism is our biggest threat and people like Glenn Beck are helping it along. The power of the corporation must end. Unemployment is going to rise and those that have jobs are going to have to settle for making far less than they did. Temp workers are the new thing as they are cheaper to employ and a new study shows most good jobs going overseas. Add that to another study that showed over 80% of workers hate their job and want something else that pays better. Good luck with that.

5) TSA, the police and Homeland Security- Our police state becomes more and more likely with these enties becoming more and more out of control. The TSA has arrested a women for refusing to undergo a pat down and sent shock troops to a pilot for posing videos that show serious gaps in security at the airport. Did they thank him? No they sent armed guards and police to his house to confiscate his gun, WITHOUT A TRIAL. We are being conditioned to submit. Don't. The police are getting more and more hostile which may have something to do with a mostly unreported story about steroid use in the ranks. Homeland Security is flexing their muscle into a big Brother mentality by shutting down websites and having people arrested for god knows what.

6)The American People- With no dissent from the majority of people, we deserve all the blame for everything happening. WE don't matter to anybody and the reason is we have decided to sit back and watch the end happen. The stock market is provably rigged (see stories on 60 minutes or CNBC for clarification), we live in police state and all of our rights are being eliminated. Eric Holder has said he wants to see an end to the second amendment. If that happens, all bets are off because I do believe people will riot at that point. We should be rioting now for all the indignities we have been forced to suffer but not only are we not protesting, we are accepting it. Like sheep. The Tea Party are the new Nazis. Fear them if they ever get real power. So congratulations America, you are Douchebag of the year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

The one thing I want more than anything else this Christmas is for idiot America to wake up and realize the shafting they are getting. Our world has become one cold dark place and everyone else seems to think it's a summer day at the beach. Are we as a species so stupid that we can't see changes when they happen right in front of us? The new Republican governments that will take office in just a few months have all ready signaled their willingness to lower corporate taxes in hopes of stimulating the economy. Nevermind that that is the same reasoning that got us into this mess in the first place. And this is what voters wanted. Really, they did. They were so busy warning us about our "evil" government that everyone was distracted from the rise of corporate power (the very definition of fascism) that the electorate was going to give them. Everyone in this country should be rightfully worried because your days of a free democracy are at an end. The new Republicans want to make it easier for companies to fire you, discriminate, get rid of unions, and basically make your life a living hell from which you have no right or protections. And forget about whistle blowing. That "privilege" will be severely curtailed next year. Enjoy your servitude, America. It's your special Christmas present this year.

Tyranny looms and, as some reasonable people on the message boards are writing, these words are our only weapon. Any rise of violence will give them the excuse to crack down harder. Violence cannot win at this point. However if later they do crack down harder for no apparent reason, only then would violence be the last solution to the desperate. We are not there yet.

A 54 year old woman at an Austin, Texas airport was arrested for refusing a pat down. A rape survivor with a pacemaker, she was understandably upset, but to be arrested to. FOR WHAT? I hope she sues sues sues. She will win too. More of our tax dollars at work.

Tell everyone you know what is really going on. It's our only hope.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Congress: One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Like almost everything else that has passed Congress the past ten years, a flurry of new legislation has passed that I can honestly say i have no idea what the long term effects will be. Some, like Health care, the financial bill or the credit card bill all contained really good pieces of legislation. But parts of it are so deeply flawed, poorly constructed or just flat out loopholed to death that they become somewhat worthless. No public option for health care kills the bill. No changes in derivatives for the financial bill or reinstatement of the Glass Steagal Act kills the bill. Failure to regulate credit card interests limits kills the bill. All of this is due to the special interests of this country that are slowly dismantling our democracy. Every bill is being written by big business. The effects on us are devastating.
Almost every major city has cromium 6 in their water, a known carcinogen. The reason its there is thanks to Dick Cheney who helped relax clean water and air laws when he was Vice President. This is same guy that Hallburton is going to bribe Nigeria with 200-650 million dollars to keep him out of their court system for crimes he committed while part of Halliburton. Heard about that on the nigthly news? Not on any service I've seen. Overseas papers on the other hand have been very informative. The NYT gets some cred this week for calling out Fox news for what it really is: a hyper-partisan propaganda outlet. And while I agree, I still think it's the best news in town with surprisingly honest reporting being done by Shepard Smith, Geraldo Rivera and Judge Napalatano. CNN is inept and MSNBC is almost too liberal for its own good. Far be it that one of these outlets would expose the actual truth 24/7.
One current bill, formally S 510, is supposed to make food safer. What it appears is going to happen is that food is going to be more expensive, jobs are going to be lost and we will end up importing more food from other countries that have no food safety standards. I feel sick already. Plus, it can be read as making home gardens and farmer's markets illegal. Way to go Congress.
Another stealth bill being passed has no number, just an attachment to a rider to another bill (which is how S 510 passed as well). It's called The Great Outdoors Bill of 2010 and what it does, I think, is it's going to take over vast tracks of land and then some quasi government agency will take over and exploit it for profit. The reason I say I think is that this bill is impossible to find anything out about it. It exists. Only finding what exactly is in it is some sort of top secret nonsense. The way it went through back door channels after it was all but dead shows the skill our politicians have in one overing the American people.
So let's recap the year. Our Constitution is shot, the TSA and the police can grope you at will, your job is not secure no matter who you are, there are now 7 people for every job out there, big business is poisoning us for profit, the government is compiling info on everyone in the country, detention centers are being built for god knows why, the FBI is setting people up for "terrorist" crimes, government no longer operates for the people, and democracy died. We live in a ogliarcy where they use their money for fame, making them important. They are the new royalty. The thing is, people are getting pissed. How long before things explode?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Another no brainer although the Republicans were a close second this week. Three non douchebags who deserve some credit is Obama for finally following through on one of his campaign promises to end don't ask don't tell. It's about time for both him and the rest of the idiots in Congress to get with the times and do what the rest of the world has already done. Joe Lieberman and Scott Brown (two politicians I rather loathe) also gets some kudos for their support of this long over due bill. So congratulations on not being anywhere near douchebag of the week.

1) The guy in front of me at the ATM this week. A word to all those non computer savvy people: Do not use an ATM if you don't know how it works. I watched an older gentleman spend twenty minutes trying to figure out what buttons to press. The card kept going in and out and it appeared he was trying to submit a large sum of cash. When he finally got the bills in, one wouldn't take. He tried again and again to no avail. The worst part was I realized that the "huge" amount was fifty dollars in ones and one dollar wouldn't go in. He spent an eternity FOR ONE FREAKIN' BILL. I wanted to punch him.

2)Republicans- Forgetting the election was only a few weeks back, the Republican party pissed in the faces of their base by signing on to bill that gives the wealthy a huge tax break and will cost over a trillion dollars. The Tea party constituents were rightfully pissed when they noticed that all the talk of stopping the spending was worth as much as one of Obama's campaign promises. When the budget bill came to pass, another trillion dollars was added on, with much Republican support. When the tea party started calling on their senators, the bill was hastily shelved. Mitch McConnell was shocked, SHOCKED, by the level of spending earmarks in there. He must of missed the part where he added ten million in earmarks for his state as well. The bill has been scrapped to get rid of all the pork. What hasn't stopped is the business as usual nonsense coming from both the Republicans and Democrats. Any vote for either party now is the equivalent of being a traitor to your country. Either find a good candidate or don't vote anymore. This crap has got to stop.

3)MSM-Once again the main stream media has missed a major story, something they are very good at. As they missed the BP fallout, the 12 trillion dollars in missing funds and a host of other stories, this can hardly be surprising. This time they failed to mention that Republicans were fighting tooth and nail to stop the 911 responders health bill which would have helped all the brave people who risked their lives to dig out bodies at Ground Zero. This is the same party that can't stop using this disaster to their own advantage but now want to forget about those who actually helped out. Not one word on any Nightly News and only peace meal on the cable networks. For Fox this is astonishing. Avoid the MSM for truth. They're as accurate as the Nazi's were. Congratulation MSM you are douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revolution Sweeps the Globe. Masses Scream Death To Fat Cats

As I predicted years ago, the world is headed toward a full blown revolution. All civilizations rise and fall and ours is now headed to the dust bin of history. Apathy, anger and revolution are the last steps of any society. While this country is still mired in anger for some reason, the rest of planet has gone into rioting against the governments taking their last few dollars for the rich. And it seems they have had it. With the attacks on Prince Charles a serious escalation on an exahulted figure head, more can be expected to follow. Rioting has gripped Italy, Greece and now Russia with no end in sight. Ireland and Latvia are experiencing lesser degrees of anger but that may all shift with the further destruction of the middle class worldwide. For the first time in history, revolution is not subject to one country or region but around the globe. The implications for this are staggering. Britain has already said that they may implement martial law to prevent any more rioting from occurring. Good luck with that. If people are that pissed, permits aren't going to matter. They are going to riot and eventually may be too big too stop. Only by addressing the factors that cause the rioting will this end. That idea has fallen on deaf ears on an increasingly evil world empire. It is only a matter of time before these kind of acts come to our shores and I can only imagine what our demonic government will do at that point. Unlike other countries, we are heavily armed. A blood bath may be inevitable. I hope I am wrong because that kind of violence will only make things worse. However, recent actions make me think it is already too late. Clay Duke, an unemployed resident of Panama City, took the city council hostage yesterday after his benefits ran out and his wife lost her job. This was suicide by cop as he could have killed everyone in the room but purposefully shot and missed. Cops cut him down and then Clay finished himself off. The fact he spray painted a V for Vendetta symbol on the wall was very telling. How long before this happens more and more? And next time, the shooter may not miss. Revolution is here and chances it won't be pretty. Peaceful protests are our only hope, mind you ones that aren't going to end and have millions participating. With the level of apathy in this country still sky high, I see it as doubtful. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obama flames out, Republicans may join him

In the past week I had missed a lot of interesting news due to my visit to my mother to help put up her Christmas tree. Obama somehow managed to lynch himself, the Republicans literally pissed into the faces of the base that put them there and Britain got fed up with the bankers there and tried to attack Prince Charles. Wow.
Let's start with Britain that showed what may be the first signs of physical violence in an unfortunate turn to all out revolution. Students were beyond angry at new austerity cuts that are going to triple tuition at area colleges, all but guaranteeing million of Britain's won't be able to afford college. In a rare show of both hooliganism and bravery, students attacked Prince Charles and Camilla as their car was swarmed by protesters. Calls of "Off with their heads," could be heard in the background. While I never condone this mindless type of violence, I have to cheer the British as well for being one of the first groups to stand up to the greedy Bankers that put us in this mess to begin with. Iceland may outlaw Visa and Mastercard for their denial of service to Julian Assange (now free on bail) and a world wide shift is occurring that could bode well for the poor and downtrodden. There are more of us than them. Let us make sure they know that in the most visible albeit non violent way possible. Until they crack down with an iron boot, we must stay away from violence as any attacks will be viewed as a reason TO crack down. Let us not go down that path. After this week, there may be hope as light breaks on marblehead with the left and right in this country.
In an odd show a solidarity, both the left and right condemned the new tax and spend bill being rushed through Congress. The left is pissed that tax breaks for the rich continue, estate taxes are kept artificially low and a host of other breaks for those who don't need it are being added daily. The right is pissed that this bill is going to add a trillion dollars to the deficit, the exact thing they put Republicans into office to fix. The new Congress isn't even in yet already they ignore the electorate. There can be only one solution to this. Never vote Republican or democrat again. If that's all there is vote for Kermit the frog or Darth Vader or anybody but the two losers on the ballet. Let them try to claim a mandate if they only win by a few hundred votes. Both parties are out to screw you. They will tell you one thing and do another. This cannot stand for one more minute. Obama is proving a failure of Bush like levels whose numbers are plummeting by the day. Likewise to John Boener, Scott Brown and Mitch McConnel whose numbers have seen similar declines. It was recently discovered that Obama's inactivity with BP may have been more sinister than even I first thought. BP contributed 500 million dollars to the government in exchange for an influential position within the energy department, the number 2 position actually just behind Dr Chu. BP is writing our energy laws, the same way Halliburton did under Cheney. And you wonder why nothing happened. We live in a corporatist state, where he who has the most money makes the laws. Our standard of living is set to plummet, worse than now if things go wrong like a crash of the gold or derivative market. We must start protesting, somewhat similar to Britain just less violent. Millions need to descend on Washington, permit be damned and sit there until our demands are met. Here they are:

1)Arrest any banker responsible for the last market crash.
2)Arrest any politician responsible for the last market crash which will probably empty Congress and the White House.
3)End all tax deductions and simplify tax code. Fire half of IRS agents. Spend more time on wealthier and corporate tax filings.
4)Fire everyone from the TSA, FDA, EPA, DEA, ATF, and FBI. Reorganize agencies to better serve the public.
5)Legalize pot and decriminalize all other drugs for possession of small amounts. Release all non violent drug offenders and close half of all prisons.
6)Remove payroll tax cap for SS. This in of itself will save SS.
7)Obey the Constitution again.
8)Profile at all airports.
9)Exit all war areas.
10)Fight the next war like your survival depends on it, not the half assed way we've been fighting wars for the past sixty years. Can anyone remember a war we actually won anytime recently? If you think back, the best we've done is a tie. Not acceptable.
11)Tell the world to go hell when every time they cry we're not fighting fair. War is not fair. Get used to it.
12)End religion as a weapon. Any regime using it as a weapon needs to go.
13)Stop blaming the Jews for everything that goes wrong. Corporations are the real evil not Mort Goldstein down the street.
14)Stop thinking that the right and left are really different. The right has got to accept that abortion is a choice and gays are not going anywhere. The left has to stop treating everyone like children and end over regulation stifling small business.
15)Accept that the weather is getting weird. Climate change is real. Stop with the nonsense.
16)Turn off Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They are making you dumber. Both are either retarded or evil as they regularily tell their listeners facts that are provably untrue. The fact that people are buying the "Obama is a socialist" line shows that PT Barnum was right.
17)Accept that Obama was born in this country. Nuff said.
18) Pick your battles. Everytime one of these idiots above speak the world gets dumber. For example, birthers or truthers who says a hologram hit the WTC are not helping those looking at real conspiracies. Shut the hell up.
19)Fix the banks by reinstating the Glass Steagal act, regulating the derivative market, and any other common sense approach.
20)End government secrecy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


There was really nobody else who deserved this more than our pussy in chief, Barack Obama. In yet another capitulation to the Republicans, tax breaks for the wealthy will continue but unemployment will also go on. This good news bad news cycle has got to stop. So at a time when the country is going broke, we're spending more and taxing less. THAT WON'T FIX THE ECONOMY. EVER. With a new fascism spreading world wide, it is refreshing to see some of you out there trying to put a stop to it. For all the hackers out there tying up sites like Pay Pal and MasterCard kudos for the first sign of some disobedience in our sheep like ways. It would appear that any vote for any democrat or Republican is wasted as this idiot is doing real damage to us in ways I never though were possible. It turns out the 9 trillion dollars stolen from us didn't include 3.2 trillion in liquidity assets. That kind of money could have gone to so many things but instead rich people got way richer. And that's it. Economies weren't saved, no permanent jobs were created and we're still in the same leaky boat we were in before all of this. One has to wonder if there is something they aren't telling us. Could 2012 really be the end that some have feared? Are governments stealing all this money to pay for underground bunkers to save the world elite? I would normally scoff at such notion, but the fact the MSM seems to have completely ignored this story makes me wonder. Underground digging continues at Denver International airport for no apparent reason and some museums and libraries world wide have closed until after 2012. There could be logical reasons for any of these but the theft of 12.3 trillion dollars and nobody saying boo about it makes me wonder. Regardless, Obama is leading us down a path of fascism the likes of which even I would have been skeptical a few months ago. Homeland Security is unleashing it's Big Brother campaign in places like WalMart and sports stadiums with its Nazish rat on your neighbors campaign. If you see something suspicious you should report it, which is exactly what dictator-like countries do as well. Just ask people who live in places like Cuba and North Korea where that policy has been in effect for decades what it's like. Obama has also increased secrecy ten fold since taking office, another clear defection from his campaign promises of which he has kept exactly zero. I will never vote for this man again no matter who is running and at this point that includes Palin, Huckabee, or Gingrich. I used to scoff when I'd hear people say Obama is worse than Bush. Now I am not so sure. His prosecution of Julian Assange has serious constitutional issues and will most likely end free speech in this country with new bills sent to Congress to "protect" us from things that we should have a right to see. No more secrets anymore. With revolution now occurring one has to ask themselves: Do you want peace or freedom? In today's world, both are impossible. The democrats or republicans are no better with both seeking a new fascist/banana republic. The middle class is dead and your children are going to pay dearly for it. Obama is this week's douchebag of the week. Dick.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Political Follies: Obama and Assange

Today's political Kabuki theater took a sudden turn for the absurd. Julian Assange turned himself in today to Scotland Yard where he was being held without bail. As a result, all the dirty little details came out about what he was accused of. Turns out, it's nothing. Two spurned whores who slept with Assange and thought better of it, falsely claimed rape when it is readily apparent to anyone with a brain that there is no case here. It would be like arresting Charlie Sheen for sleeping with a woman and never calling her back which is more or leas what happened here. The most "damning" evidence is that he didn't use condom which is NOBODY'S GODDAMNED BUSINESS. Not the state, not the courts, just Assange and his lovers. Unless he held them down and forced himself on them, which it is highly unlikely he did, there is no rape, no molestation, no case. Most people would never have seen the inside of a police station let alone a courtroom with these terrible allegations. One of the claimants once had a website which explained how to use the courts to get back at douchebag ex-boyfriends. And while Assange may be a cad, he didn't do anything illegal. To hold someone without bail for such stupid charges show that the tables and being turned against him. Any idiot out there who still thinks he's a patsy for Israel needs to get their head examined. Countries don't go after somebody this hard unless they really don't like him. The clearing of his name is all but inevitable at this point, short of some kangaroo court convicting him. All of this may lead to new restrictions on the Internet to "protect" state secrets. Bully that, if they try.

Obama likewise saw his presidency go up in flames after conceding AGAIN another campaign promise. Don't ask don't tell, climate accords, job creation, and the public option have all fell by the wayside as he attempts to deal with an increasingly hostile Congress. Dick Durgin and Bernie Saunders threatened a filibuster of the latest bill that gave tax breaks to millionaires. To be honest, the bill isn't that bad as it extends unemployment for a year, gives tax breaks to small businesses and a payroll tax cut for those making less than 109,000 dollars. I do understand the fury at the same time as this President has been the worst ever at keeping promises. Bush was better. Democrats are worried that if they keep pissing on their base they won't have a base left and for that they are right. The last election was lost because gays, young people and liberal whites didn't vote for him. He has got to mvre to the left or face a one term presidency. More as this shapes up.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Proving that we are incapable of thinking ahead in any way, shape or form in our war against terrorism, Al Queda has announced that they are seeking to implant bombs into would be assassins. This has been heard before with breast implant bombs and the failed asshole bomber who succeeded in only giving himself the mother of all colostomies. So what will the TSA do? Probably demand x rays for anyone getting on a plane or the most intrusive searches seen only on women in prison movies. Will the public finally rise up and say no to this or will they sheepishly stand in line naked and cold, waiting to be raped by Phil from Queens. The level of stupidity in this country is staggering. Apparently no one remembers what happened in Nazi Germany. "First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out. Then then came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out. And then they came for me." The sheep don't realize that their freedoms are being systematically destroyed, never to return. Our Constitution has only one amendment left, the second, and that is under constant attack from the idiot left and their desire to have us all live under the iron fist of a true dictator. Our second amendment is all we have left between freedom and tyranny. Don't let any dirt munching, tree hugging druid tell you differently. Philly cops are violating the fourth and fifth amendment with ease and now comes new laws that would allow police into your home if they suspect wrongdoing, even without a warrant. Further abuse of the TSA is being told by celebrities like Fergie and Donna D'Erico who have been singled out for additional screening. Are you kidding me? Right they're terrorists? Or did you just want to feel up a mega hottie or see her naked? Ridiculous. And all this is not making us safe. Just the opposite. No other airport goes through this, anywhere. Tourism continues to drop as who wants to go through this just to get to Disneyland. France and Toyko have their own so why not just go there? Apparently, that's the case because they have seen sharp increases in attendance while the two we have are struggling. HMMMM, I wonder why? This country is becoming more and more fascist day by day and no one seem to care. Conspiracy Theory's episode, talked about here, about fusion centers and detention areas, as well as the stockpiling of millions of caskets, was pulled from re-airing the same night so I am glad I taped it when it was first run. Even that show is being censored. How long before I am picked up for one of these centers. If they try, it won't be pretty.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Not a big surprise as to the winner as she's really a douchebag every week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama- Our pussy in chief has capitulated once again to the Republicans as it appears he will back down on tax increases for the rich. True it will help get unemployment extensions through which is vitally important, but he is without a doubt the weakest president since Jimmy Carter. What is it with Democrats who cannot grow a spine? Carter screwed us in the Middle East for years to come and Clinton's failure to recognize the real danger of a nuclear armed North Korea (albeit he was helped by Carter once again, making him the only president to ever do two massive blunders that would affect national security, one while he wasn't even in office) has had serious current consequences. STAND UP TO THE REPUBLICANS YOU SHMUCK! I have never seen a president so willing to negotiate away everything before even talking with the other side. If we ever have to go war, a real big one, Obama may actually be much much worse than Bush. Let that last sentence sink in. Obama could be worse than Bush. Frightening. That coupled with his inability to stop any abuse of power, nay increasing it, makes me very worried about who we put into office. But when the alternative was a doddering old fool and a retard (both of whom are going to be mentioned below) there really wasn't much of a choice.

2)Television news- This week it was reported by Senator Bernie Saunders and the GAO that 9 trillion dollars was given to US AND foreign banks in the bail outs. That amount of money could have solved every problem this country had, and instead we pissed it away to the billionaire bailout club which is where all that money really went: into rich people's pockets. While this story did spread across the Internet with a lot of coverage and most newspapers, the nightly news didn't mention it all. Shouldn't that be your top story? But no, we are still being spoon fed the garbage story about Julian Assange's idiotic rape allegations that appear to have no basis in reality. There is a reason he hasn't been arrested yet by Scotland Yard and the fact remains that even they are skeptical about the charges. This is one of the biggest stories of the year and few seem to know about it. Ron Paul and Bernie Saunders are also being censored by Congress who don't want this info out there. Shocker. We are being ripped off like never before in human history and most people just shrug and go about their day. Just awful.

3)John McCain-Making me still glad he didn't win the Presidency as I firmly believe the world would be a smouldering husk by now had geezer and VP idiot gotten into office. Hid latest round of stupidity and flushing whatever was left of his self respect, McCain came out against gays in the military again. Let's not forget that he has contradicted himself over and over with this and it's getting less and less funny and one has to wonder how much sense this old fart has left. Can you please just have a heart attack and die already you ancient bastard. Gays in the military and going to happen and no one cares except people raised during the civil war. The fact you were elected along with Gov Brewster makes me wonder what the hell is in the water in Arizona. As my most ardent Republican family members live there, color me not surprised by all this.

4)Philadelphia Police- It has come to light that the Philadelphia Police department has decided the fourth amendment is just a suggestion. Since 2005, random stop and search details have been accomplished on anybody they think looks suspicious. Of the over 200,000 people stopped less than 8% have been actually guilty of something. Mind you some of these may have been stopped multiple times but the fact remains that cops are stopping and searching you for how you look. Profiling (although in this case badly it would appear) is something I would agree with it, but you can't stop someone who is black on a street corner with his hands in his pocket. Profiling is more than just about race or religion it's about attitude. As their success rate is terrible, this policy needs to to be ended. Our freedoms are eroding day by day and no one seems to care. Do you?

5)Helen Thomas-I used to like this woman until it came out that she's a vicious anti-semite with no real undersatnding of world politics. How did this go unoticed for so long? At a recent speech to a detroit Arab league, Thomas went off on Zionist control of Hollywood and politics. She then went on to blame Isreal for every problme that ever existed, including the fall of Rome, the spece shuttle disatsers and Pauly Shore. (just kidding about those). Much like McCain, her reputtation is permanently damaged. Shut the hell up and die quickly, you old crone.

6)Sarah Palin- Douchebag extraordinaire and a real contender for douchebag of the year opened her bitch mouth again this week and demanded Julian Assange be arrested for treason and executed. First, He's not an US citizen, so treason doesn't fit. Second, he hasn't broken any laws. They are trying to get around it, the same way they are trying to shut down sites like this, by saying Wikileaks isn't a real news organization. Which it most certainly is. If the Internet had been around when our Founding fathers made the Constitution, you can bet dollars to doughnuts there would have been a separate provision for it. In the old days, people with enough money or savvy could start their own printing press and roll out news sheets as they wish. Were they legitimate? You bet your ass they were. Just because something isn't funded by a billionaire oligarch doesn't make it less important. I work as a reporter for a living(I know oh the irony) and this site is a legitimate news site, regardless of what you'd definition of news site is. I report the news. Period. As for her calls for his execution, the police should have her and anyone else arrested for incitement to commit murder, a felony in all fifty states. The fact that she's not shows once again the two sets of laws this country has for rich and poor. So congratulations Sarah Palin, you are douchebag of the week.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Banks in Record Rip Off

Thanks to the efforts of Vermont Senator Bernie Saunders, we now know the extent of the bank bail outs. The number is staggering. We were told that the amount was only 700 billion. As if. The real number given to US and foreign banks total 9 trillion dollars. 9-FREAKIN' TRILLION DOLLARS!!! That is insane. In other words, we pissed away more money than God in order to accomplish absolutely nothing. If this doesn't get you mad nothing will. And considering the sad state of affairs in this country and the fact that this story is not even being told tells me that the status quo rules. The people of this country need a serious wake up call. 9 trillion dollars could have given free health care to every man, woman, child, and pet in the US. Every bit of infrastructure could have been fixed. Jobs would have been created like never before and our bankrupt citizens would have been flush with money, saving the economy and the country. Instead, the rich got richer and nothing was solved. What will it take to piss us off? The TSA continues it's grope-a-thon, now being challenged by two Harvard Law students for violation of the fourth amendment. Why does it take two students to know what every lawyer and senator out there should know.? Because they don't care about you. They want to make as much money as possible and to hell with anyone else.
With our Pussy in Chief incapable of doing anything of of actual substance, I do have to applaud what I hope will be the democratic senators standing up to the Republicans and make them shoot down tax cuts for middle class people. Have them explain why everyone's taxes are going up because they want tax cuts for rich people. Never mind that the deficit will grow tremendously by doing this and the effects on the country will be slim at best if their tax rates are raised to Clinton era rates. We should be actually be taxing the hell of the rich, especially the obscenely wealthy and anyone, ANYONE, who fights for this should be tared and feathered. If any relative you have says anything positive about this middle class shake down, you have my permission to cram a Christmas tree up their ass.
The stock market continues to climb for no apparent reason while unemployment continues unabated. Reports show a big uptick in job growth but a closer examination shows that they are either seasonal jobs or pay far less than what the person who got the job was making. I met four people today who were losing their benefits because dick Republicans are holding up the measure because they aren't paid for. Neither are the tax cuts but those are okay because rich people will benefit far greater than the poor. If we continue down this road, there won't be a county left.
I can only hope that the dems grow a spine and finally stand up to the bully Republicans. The time for change is leaving the station and we are all going to suffer as a result. Unless you're rich.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blog Proves Prophetic Once Again

The main reason I write this blog is to demonstrate to all naysayers out there that I am more often right then wrong. Sure I missed another Iranian attack that never materialized but as I am 0-3 on that front I am not surprised. Likewise the expected stock market meltdown this summer never happened but there may be more nefarious reasons for that. Other than that, long time readers will see that unfortunately I have been dead on about almost everything else. This week has been a rouge's gallery of hits that keep on coming. Just about everything I warned people about are now coming true. I honestly wish I had been wrong.
Let's start with that bastallion of truth: the US government. In one week, we saw the republicans dig their heels in and tell Obama that they will vote no on just about everything. Massachusetts douchebag Scott Brown helped kill the unemployment extension bill that is going to cause untold suffering on his country. When millions can't pay their bills, what does he and other like minded idiots think is going to happen? Credit cards companies better get ready for a wave of bankruptcies to hit and guess what, you're not getting paid for the most part when that happens. Home prices, which are still 30% higher than they should be, are also going to tumble as foreclosures skyrocket. This will help devastate an already fragile economy. And what is our moron in chief's response? He wants to negotiate with the Republicans ready to compromise on just about anything for their support. He was shocked, SHOCKED, that the Republicans wouldn't make deals with him. Why would they when you're ready to cave on any prospect such as the public option or unemployment extensions. Obama is the weakest President since Carter, a notion that makes me worry how our real enemies are viewing us right now. I'd like to take a metaphorical two by four to Obama's head and scream at him, "THEY'RE JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU." He reminds me of some friends I had in college whose boyfriends would cheat on them at any possible instance and yet they'd always go back to them. I never thought in a million years Obama would be such a pussy. Our economy nears collapse at this rate and Obama deserves more than a little of the blame here.
Wikileaks has also shown that China is helping North Korea to the point of harming it's own safety by allowing transfer of illegal components from North Korea to Iran. It has also shown that the Middle East wants us to attack Iran but offer no real help in the matter. These are not things to keep quiet about. As a matter of fact it makes the US look complaisant in the fact that any of these actions could lead to an all out nuclear war. North Korea should have been wiped out decades ago and Iran defeated back in 2005 before they updated their air defense system. But the world's pathological aversion to war and getting their hands dirty could kill us all. China's involvement is tricky but deft diplomatic actions could solve this problem. And if that didn't work, false flag operations do. Set up a fake terrorist attack in China and blame Al Queda. A few of these and any cooperation they have with terrorist states will end and no nuclear missiles need be fired. Problem solved. There has been some discussion that the leaks are part of a US/Israeli plot. And while there is limited evidence to support such a fact, it is highly unlikely. The main reason is the person himself, Julian Assange, does not come across as a US plant but a revolutionary. The fact that trumped up charges are being sought for his arrest would seem to confirm this. Yes, US and Israel come out somewhat unscathed by the latest round of info, but not in the past. And they certainly seem to want Assange out of the picture. If the supposed bank documents he has are that of BOA any doubt as to his authenticity will be erased. BOA is way too connected to not be part of any conspiracy. His actions could be the ultimate anarchistic action in decades. I whole heartedly support him. Keep the files coming and end the secrets.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks Uncover Nothing Not Known

You would think that the Manhattan Project was uncovered given the unbelievable attitude the US has had toward the latest round of leaked secret documents. Who exactly they were secret from is unclear as almost everything leaked has been reported on this blog and numerous others. The Saudis don't like Iran? No, can't be. Except for the fact that sites like DEBKA and Jane's have reported the same info months ago and summarized later here. The State department used spies for diplomatic affairs? That's only the basis for almost every spy movie for the past twenty years. This mock outrage is bull. The real reason they're pissed is their dirty laundry is being exposed for everyone to see and I for one say good. The secrecy of this world has to end with almost total transparency to end the lies. The US deserves some of the blame as the Wikileaks founder contacted the government to ask them which papers contain really sensitive info, stuff that might get someone killed. Our response was "all of it." No further contact was needed was it? Instead of rationally looking at this, the US acted like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum. And now we are in time out from the rest of the world. To be honest, I am somewhat torn about the whole deal. On one hand, lives could be in real danger and exposing CI's is good for nobody. On the other hand, we the people have a right to all this info you've been keeping from us for no good reason other than you can. A more honest dialogue will help everyone. But instead we get more threats and possible arrests for what I have no idea. Technically, he hasn't broken any laws. But if this goes to the Corporate Kangaroo Court will they overturn the 1971 ruling on the Pentagon Papers? They probably will, ending free speech once and for all in the country. Our Constitution is being dismantled bit by bit. We no longer have a right to anything but the second admendment and thank god for that. The minute they go for our guns is when open revolt will happen.
In a further attempt to gain the people's trust back, every politician should enter into a Pledge With Your Constituents. This pledge will be legally binding and force any politician to follow through with 75% of their campaign promises. They don't all have to pass but he has to have tried in good faith. Any politician not attempting to pass 75% of his promises within a set period of time, which would depend on the office, a recall will be set and that person will be removed from office and never be allowed to run for anything ever again. If we do this we remove all the lies we have to suffer through which seems to be every politician at this point. This will never pass mind you but I do like it. The world is coming to a close I fear and anything we do will be too little too late. Watch the skies.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Another no brainier this week. Let's look at the runner ups.

1)Homeland Security- This week DHS seized at least 75 domain names for copyright infringement. I don't remember them having this ability but low and behold they do apparently. All who were taken down had content or links to content that had copyrighted material. With the new anti-copyright infringement bill sailing through Congress (and who said there was no such thing as bi-partisanship), this may become common place and effectively shut down whole sections of the Internet, including legitimate sites like Drudge Report or Newsmax. The new Gestapo rules again.

2)Mohamed Osman Mohamud- This Somali born teenager, 19, tried to blow up the Portland Christmas tree lighting ceremony. There was never any real threat as the FBI in a rare show of competence had the guy under surveillance all along and the "bomb" he had was inert. When he tried to set off the explosive by his cell phone, the feds arrested him as he shouted "Allah Akbar (God is Great)." I'm reminded of a quote from the movie Spawn. "How come God gets all the good ones and we get all the retards?" If this is the best the Muslim fanatical world can come up with, color me not afraid. To be honest, they haven't had a successful anything anywhere since the Bali massacre or the Mumbai attack. And that was just people shooting randomly at anything that moved. Their bomb making skills lie somewhere between a drunken teen and a retarded monkey. Let's not throw away our freedoms for this bunch. I think we can handle it ourselves.

3)TSA- Inundated with complaints and serious concerns from Congress and the ACLU, the TSA turned off their back scatter machines and performed less pat downs than usual this holiday season. Of course, they declared victory saying no one had opted out and everything ran smoothly. To them the protest fizzled. Only more people traveled by car this year than previous years, 13 percent more in fact. San Diego Airport is Gestapo central right now with a man arrested for striping down to his underwear rather than be searched. New Jersey lawmakers are looking into lawsuits filed against the TSA and anti-fourth amendment laws, all of which are being violated. Benjamin Franklin wrote "those that give up their rights for safety and security will receive neither." We must continue this fight before we are being strip searched for walking down the street. If the douchebag from Portland had seceded would this happen and would people allow it? I fear they would.

4)Obama, Congress and the American People- A close second to North Korea as several bills being looked at right now could make home gardens illegal, end free speech and make flea markets and garage sales a crime. The American people deserve some of the blame for electing these idiots but most has to go to the lying scum that are our electorate. Obama is by and far the worst. His campaign promises weren't worth garbage, making him the second president in a row incapable of telling the truth. Think what you want about Clinton but if you look back on his campaign promises he accomplished most of them. I wanted an FDR instead I got Bush again. His policies are going to help end this great country. And as he is all but certain to lose in the next election, short of a massive war breaking out (hmmmmmmmmm), will we get President Palin?

5)North Korea- With all sorts of scenarios playing out right now, North Korea may have just started WW3. Or maybe not. It's impossible to know at this point as we have zero info on the sheltered country. But it is possible nonetheless that all this could be the beginning of the end. North Korea could miscalculate a future attack and the reprisals could lead to disaster. Worse, our posturing at this point makes us look exceptionally weak. We cannot let North Korea control the dialogue anymore so sitting back and waiting for talks is a sure fire way to lose. Just ask the US before the attack on Pearl Harbor. We talked and talked with the Japanese, all the while they planned their attack against us. Could the North Koreans be doing the same? If Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Lebanon (which is due to fall any day now to pro-Syrian forces), Venezuela, and North Korea all decided to launch simultaneous attacks on US interests, we'd fall within days or the Earth would be a nuclear crisp. Some sort of punishment has to be handed to the North Koreans if for nothing else but for saving face. So congratulations to North Korea you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, November 26, 2010


North Korea has threatened all out war as joint exercises begin to take place between South Korea and the US. I have studied the North Korean conflict for some time and have determined there are too many variables at this point to start sending off warning signals. True, what has occurred already is beyond the normal for the area but unless the North Koreans have a strategy to win, this is just more posturing. This may be especially true as Kim Jong Il's son, Kim Jong Un, may be the de facto ruler right now with his father a figurehead only. His deteriorating health lately has been the source of much speculation and it is this piece that has me worried. Un is an untried and possibly unready leader in control of a nuclear arsenal. This also helps prove my point that war shouldn't be entered into lightly (cough cough Iraq, hack, hack Afghanistan, wheeze, Vietnam) because all you do is prolong the situation, causing many more lives than if you just fought every war as if your survival was at stake. If any of those wars had been fought to its utmost, or if we had taken over the world back in the forties when we had nuclear supremacy, we wouldn't be looking at the possible end of the world scenarios playing out right now. If anyone wants to see how to fight a war look no further than Russia's attack on Georgia. It was quick, brutal and devastating. They didn't occupy the territory. They did things against the idiotic Geneva convention which should be just labeled how to lose a war in ten easy steps. And nobody said a word. Meanwhile, Israel and the US walk on eggshells every time someone does anything lethal to us. I do understand the need to not start a nuclear war. No one wants that. But that's something you should have thought about in the 90's. Now it's too late. Mankind has this ad hoc reasoning that just because something has never happened before, it is impossible for it happen in the future. As I talked with my sister this Thanksgiving, she told me not to worry about the inevitable end of this country as it would never happen. Things always get better, she said. Except they don't. All civilizations end and we stand at the cliff, looking into the abyss. I see no scenario where things will get better and trust me, I'm better than just about anyone on the planet at seeing how a certain action will impact everyone and everything around them. A 181 IQ and the ability to read at the speed of light help. There are too many people with their heads in the sand right now, clearly seen by the nomination or election of the tea party idiots recently. And it is because of this that our end is inevitable. We follow the path of Rome and Nazi Germany and we all know what happened with them. Does anyone really believe that the true followers of either group ever thought things would end? Of course not. But some like myself do understand Yeats: "All things fall apart. The center will not hold." But this flare up with North Korea is not a foregone conclusion either. The North Koreans are well known for using conflict as a bargaining chip. The worry is that if Un is in control and he pushes too hard, a big war could be in the cards. China has done their usual fence sitting position on this and as Iran, China and Russia have stopped pegging their currency to the dollar, their future positions may be more hostile to US interests. There are scenarios where all of this could be a pretense to a war. Any of them could launch a EMP pulse over the continent and black out most of North America. Our missiles would be unaffected by such a thing and we would fire back everything we had at the offending countries, and if the source was unknown we'd hit Iran and North Korea for good measure. Our society is collapsing. The RAND group said two years ago the only war to save us is a big big war. Maybe this is it. Maybe not. More as it becomes available.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea Attacks, World Shrugs

You know we live in a messed up universe when countries like Iraq can do nothing and still get wiped out, while Iran and North Korea thumb their nose at us and we stand by and watch. Yesterday, the most serious attack since the end of the Korean war happened near Inchon when the North Koreans unleashed a barrage of firepower at the South Korean Islands. Two were killed and thirteen injured. South Korea is demanding some sort of retaliation as is Japan. This is the second attack in eight months on our ally and once again this country turned a blind eye. Japan is rumored to be furious with us and South Korea can't be thrilled either. When we failed to take out North Korea in the 90's, thanks to the unholy combination of Clinton's unwillingness to start a massive war and Carter's incompetence with negotiations, we are now stuck with a much worse situation. Yes millions would have died back then but by doing nothing billions may die instead. Awesome trade off douchbags. With Obama looking more and more lame duckish by the second, his second term is an almost certain failure. This of course leads to the possibility of Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich or even, shudder, Palin, as our next President. At this point I don't care. We asked for an FDR and we got Carter. Again. At least if a Republican gets in, this whole fiasco will come tumbling down around them, sending this country into the third world status it so richly deserves. Obama's current poll number at 39% and falling show the public has about had it with his mock-democratic ways and his TSA hijinks. I used to be mad when I saw pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache. Now, I kind of agree with them. He's all but lost my vote in the next election and it is not even close to election time. Short of him bribing me with some sort of government handout, he's finished. War with North Korea may come form all this but I kind of doubt it. The world is too pussyish to do anything about it and North Korea hardly wants a war they can't win. This is more sabre rattling from a society that is in disarray. No one knows how much power Kim Jung Il has and how much his twenty something son has, now promoted to General of the armed forces. It never should have gotten to this point. The argument as to why shouldn't we let Iran have nuclear weapons is right here for the world to see. Sooner or later, there is going to be nuclear war, sooner at this rate. And because we let countries get them who never should, all of our lives are in danger. More as the story unfolds.

Monday, November 22, 2010


With the TSA out of control, we may now be subjected to random pat downs everywhere. TSA fascist douchebag John Pistole has publicly said that he wants searches to expand into other areas of public transportation. The words "it's a privilege not a right" are currently popping up everywhere, now being used to to stop any government dissent. It's also my right to stop you by any means possible, as written in the constitution. Keep this crap up and see. No one is strip searching for me any reason that is not understandable. If I have white powder spilling out of my pants on a sidewalk, you have my permission to search me or anybody else. That is a reasonable suspicion. Me getting on a bus is not. The Brownshirts have taken hold. We cannot let this pass.
A business in California found this out when the woman who owns a store made a 33 cent mistake on her taxes and was fined 140$ dollars for it. One of her employees is hired just to deal with the ridiculous amount of red tape one has to go through to own a business now days. When she tried to fight the fine, she was told that's these stupid regulations and fines were part of the "privilege" of owning a business. We over regulate the small business person and give free reign to the giant conglomerates raping us beyond words. I have seen first hand both. If we cow tow to this we lose. The time to stand up is now. Do not fly if you can. If you do, make them touch and fondle you and sue sue sue as soon as you get home for emotional distress. Make them suffer in their wallets. A few billion later maybe they'll get message that we are not cattle and the fourth amendment is not a privilege, its a right

Sunday, November 21, 2010


For the first time in the history of doing douchebag of the week, we have a two time consecutive winner of the TSA. There can be really no doubt as to why. Let's see who else was in the running

1)The Financial sector has to be included this week for their long con of stealing 15 billion dollars from the American people this week. GM stock went on sale in a "public" offering. I say public sarcastically because no one in the general public saw one dime of that stock opportunity. Only those in the know could get in. The rest of us got nothing, like usual. How long will we allow the scraps they throw us to be enough? Not long I fear as they seem to want to cut our standard of living even further. Check out the government's ideas for saving the economy: taxing the poor, eliminating social security and Medicare, and any kind of aid like food stamps. But tax cuts for the rich have to stay. This keeps up and the guillotine will be the least of their worries.

2)Joe Miller- The Tea Party cry baby is fighting tooth and nail for an election that should never have been that close. Another idiot who wants to eliminate Social security and medicare and give huge tax brakes to corporations. Any fool who voted for this moron should be castrated because that person is too stupid to reproduce.

3)Congress demonstrated that they couldn't care less about the economy or main street as these retards went on break without extending unemployment benefits. When they start to end at the end of this month, millions are going to go bankrupt, along with the millions of people who will lose their jobs when the country comes to a screaming halt. Nothing will happen except that which affects big business like the food modernization act which will put an end to that pesky farmer's market problem we have been having as well as cheap vegetables. This bill guarantees a huge price hike in food. Awesome timing as no one has any money. What do you think will happen when millions of hungry people have no where left to turn. Get the pitchforks and torches ready because it's almost time for a good ole fashioned lynching.

4)Proving fascism is still alive and well, the higher ups have poo pooed any notion of ending their unlawful and humiliating procedures to get on a plane. They say it's a privilege not a right to fly. Doesn't matter as I don't remember that exemption being part of the fourth amendment and without a conditional amendment to support that, anyone groped at the airport has a right to sue. And they will. The final costs for all this are going to be in the billions. And the worst part is it's not helping make us safe. Even worse, bitch Napalitano has said that some Muslim women will be exempt from the security measures. ARE YOU FREAKIN HIGH? Aren't those exactly the people we should be worried about? Haven't there been numerous cases world wide of theses kinds of women blowing themselves up? Only in America. So way to go Napilitano you are the first two time douchebag of the week.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

America the Dead

As a sat watching the news last night, I realized I couldn't take it anymore and switched it off. Anyone who doesn't believe we are slouching toward the end days really isn't paying attention.
Republicans proved my point as to the direction of the country by snubbing Obama yesterday because "they were too busy." There they were giving each other high fives and congratulating themselves on the death of the republic. Sickening. With unemployment extensions about to end at the end of the month, millions are going to be destitute. A recent report said that ending the benefits are going to cost this country 80 billion dollars more than if we paid up and 1 million lost jobs. Gee, sure is good that the economy is humming along. Oh wait it isn't.
With fascist bitch Napalitano in charge, our safety and freedom is at real risk. The older generation has taken a who cares attitude toard the new molestations going on at TSA checkpoints. If we started doing it at subways and buses and street corners are they going to be so docile? They might and that has me worried to the direction of this country. We are coming dangerously close to having no rights at all and the morons out there are giving them away freely. At least children under 12 aren't being molested anymore at the airports. But it's still not enough for me to fly. Remember Opt out day on the 24th. It is your duty as am American to stand up to this tyranny that is NOT making us safer. It actually making things worse.
As if that wasn't bad enough, I came across a long con being foisted upon the American people without their knowledge. GM stock went on sale yesterday. But only to rich investors. 15 billion in profit that is only going to go to the richest of the rich. Why? Because they have the means to gobble up any stock before it hits the market. It's like trying to get tickets to a popular concert tour. The reason they sell out in ten minutes is all the people with connections get the best seats first, then leave the leftovers for us common folk. That's what's happening with the stock market. It's all a scam paid for with your tax dollars. Feel safer or freer yet?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA: All the Fascism, Twice The Wait

With the new procedures of the TSA going down in flames, I'm happy to see the number of lawsuits and viral videos coming out in such a short period. DA's across the country are exploring presenting charges against any TSA agent found guilty of groping anyone. The DA in San Mateo is already saying he will prosecute. So where does that leave the idiot TSA agent? Do your job and maybe go to jail? Or disobey and get fired? Awesome job Nepalitano. How is it that every time we replace some idiot, like Chertoff for example, we get someone worse? This bitch has gotta go. If you're going to act like a Nazi at least have the decency to wear the swastika. This giant disaster is going to cost us billions in legal fees, money we don't have.
The MSM again has proven why people don't watch anymore and certainly don't believe anything you have to say. Both NBC and CBS did polls that said 80% of the people are okay with the new procedures. While a recent Reueurs and CBS online poll show drastically different results with over 90% protesting the new TSA moves. Considering I have talked to three people who have said they won't fly until the TSA rules are relaxed, makes me think that the online poll is closer to the truth. Or a majority of Americans are so dulled and sheepish that they would accept random strip searches nationwide if they though it would make them safer. Which it wouldn't. Dumb asses like this are gong to get us all enslaved.
The Europeans and Israelis are laughing at us. In Israel, liquids are allowed on planes, shoes don't have to be removed and no terrorist has gotten on a plane in decades. What gives? THEY PROFILE PROFILE PROFILE!!!!. IT WORKS! Christ. Ask any security agent in Ben Gurion Airport and they will tell you, the terrorist will give himself up long before he gets near the checkpoint if you have people trained with what to look at. We are too busy selling snake oil to the masses. Don't forget to Opt out on the 24th. Do not let them touch you or put you through the cancer booth. If they do touch you, get the name of the TSA agent and his supervisor and let them know you will be filing both criminal and civil charges when you get back. I know some DA's who will be happy to help you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How To Travel By Plane

With the gestapo in full force of our airline security, we as a people have to take steps to discourage these idiots by any means possible. As they are not only against the Constitution of the country which prevents illegal search and seizure, they are also violating federal laws which prevent strip searches except in causes of reasonable suspicion. Getting on a freakin plane is not suspicious in and of itself. Plus as it is now been discovered that the TSA lied about the new strip machines that CAN record images, which they of course have denied, these machines cannot be allowed to stand. Our safety is not being protected and out rights are being violated. This is too far and a majority of us agree. So what should we do. Protest. Loud and hard.
If you have to travel, here are some tips.
1)If you can at all do it, don't travel by plane. Boycott the airplanes until they end this madness. When their stock stares plummet due to low sales, expect those machines and intrusive pat downs to end.
2) If you do have to travel, make as much noise as possible about what you will and won't do. NEVER get in one of those cancer machines unless forced to by gunpoint. Make them search you. When they do here are a couple tips. First, make them do it in public. Not only to force others to watch the humiliation you have to endure but it will be less invasive than in a private room, trust me. Word is, the TSA is now reaching INTO PEOPLE'S PANTS. Should this happen, one of three things should occur. You should scream rape at the top of your lungs and beat the TSA agent to a bloody pulp. As this will certainly get you arrested, this is probably only for the most hard core out there. Two, before they search you, get their name and supervisor and let them know after you get back, you will be getting a lawyer and filing a police report for sexual assault, especially if someone sticks their hands down your pants. Claim the TSA agent penetrated you in some way. Either way sue sue sue. At the very least they have violated your fourth amendment rights. And if the Supreme Court rules differently, you will have proof positive of a police state here in the US and all bets are off at that point. The last way to explain your displeasure is to start moaning loudly in mock pleasure when you are being manhandled. Scream like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. See how embarrassing it will be to the TSA agent if that happens every time. November 24th is being called national opt out day. What we want people to do is anyone traveling that day say no to the cancer machines and demand a public search. Just don't forget to moan like a porn star.
If you know anybody out there who is a TSA agent, shun them. They are no better than the Jews who sent their brethren to the ghettos. Cut them out of your life, family or not. I would. No more "I was just following orders" crap. The time to stand up for our rights is here and now. F##k the TSA. Right in the ear.

Monday, November 15, 2010


With the noose of fascism tightening every day it is refreshing to finally see Americans wake up from their drug induced slumber and protest about laws that have no business being implemented here for any reason. Thousands of people have called their congressperson, the TSA (now nicknamed To Sexually Assult) and the ACLU over the disgusting new "safety" procedures being implemented at our nations airports. A new Reuters poll said that 97% of those polled were furious over the new legal strip search one needs to get on a plane. A majority of those polled also said they will not fly until such measures are eliminated. I for one will also say I will not fly until such measures are taken away. I am not getting groped by some sleezeoid. I have an aversion to be touched in the first place so I can imagine a long stint in prison after I psychically attack the numnuts stupid enough to touch my junk. How is this not illegal under the constitution? Oh wait a minute, it is. It's called the fourth amendment. The worst part about all this is that it has no way of stopping anything. Israeli and European forces have already said the scanners don't protect anybody as they can easily be fooled. Plus, let's look at who was responsible for any of the attempted terrorist attacks in the past few years. In every case, the government had each individual on a watch list and failed to not let them get on a plane. So who responsible here? Me for not wanting my penis size known to everyone in an airport or the idiots who can't do their freakin job. Boycott all air travel until we get some semblance of rights back. America is hopping mad about this and we can't stop now. End the tyranny.
Further degradation to our rights were given by, of all people, Barack Obama when he signed an executive order in January of 2010 that turns this country into a prison state in case of emergency, which is whatever the President decides is an emergency. In case of problems, each part of the country will be divided into ten zones, each governed by an appointed governor, one not elected by the people. Of the ten there shall be five democrats and five republicans, or ten corporate controlled entities. With the emergence of fusion centers that are busy compiling all sorts of info about ourselves, we should be worried. These centers are not subject to government oversight and are ripe for abuse. Each head of each center could be a tin god in his own right, with the ability to rescue or destroy anyone that person liked or didn't like. That's frightening.
On the plus side, Fox news has gotten into some good graces again when Geraldo Rivera publicly stated on his show that the WTC 7 detractors may have a point. On a recent show he had on an engineer and a father of one of the victims, who described, albeit briefly in an eight minute spot, that WTC 7 was brought down by explosives and many an engineer world wide agreed with him on this point. The NIST report in WTC 7 was so deep flawed that it had to be retracted or face legal repercussions, a fact not leveled on the MSM for the most part. But I give Geraldo credit for at least broaching the subject. Kudos.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Another no brainer this week. Let's see the runner ups.
1)Conspiracy theory sites showed everyone why a lot of them will never be taken seriously by jumping on the idiotic bandwagon of a "missile" that "terrorized" the west and east coasts. And while the NYC was really never in question except for the most rabid idealists, the west coast one was picked up immediately by the Internet as the next big government coverup. Only thing it wasn't anything exciting, dredged up by our increasingly awful 24/7 news cycle. Must have been one hell of a slow news day for this drek. I'll say it one more time for the cheap seats. IT WAS A PLANE! How do I know? I have eyes and a brain. Get over it and focus on things you seem to be missing like focus centers, the council of governors and the continuing erosion of our civil liberties, being continued by Obama, albeit started by Reagan way back when and progressing to this day. Our savior he isn't.
2)Rand Paul- While I'm still unclear if he really did back track on his promise to end earmarks, I still don't like the guy. He's nothing like his father who I still have some respect for. Plus ending earmarks won't save the deficit. Start thinking bigger.
3)The Bipartisan Budget Forecast Group- This week a group of senators from both parities got together and came up with a plan to really screw with the underclass of people's rights. Sure it contained some good ideas like raising the retirement age and cutting the military budget, but it failed to take into account means testing. What this says is that if you make too much money, you don't get any SS or Medicare. The rich don't need these benefits and should be given away to those that need it. Or maybe they don't like the words of Jesus and Buddha and Gandhi and every other peace loving beatnik who ever lived. For a supposed Christian society, we rarely seem to act like one. We need to raise taxes om the richest of the rich. They can afford it. And those claims about jobs being lost if we do that would actually have to be creating jobs for that threat to work. As a former salesman, I can tell you there are no good sales jobs anymore. They all pay squat. As a matter of fact, it the third worst profession to be in now, behind manufacturing and construction. Awesome. Another death blow to the rapidly disappearing middle class.
4)TSA- As cavity searches are the new norm to fly, we have to take our dignity back and say in every loud voice, "NO FREAKIN WAY!" The Constitution does not allow illegal searches and seizures, yet we have to get naked to get on a plane. Worse, it makes no difference to any terrorist who wants to get a bomb on board. Israeli security, who do not use these devices in their airports, say they are practically worthless. Anyone with a knowledge of them can figure out a way around the scanners and bring whatever they like. Lead shields are a good way, especially if they wrap around the body. So we have to get naked to get on a plane or be fondled by child molesters and rapists (no really, they are. Their background check system seems to be asking the applicant if they have ever been convicted of a crime. If they so no, that's as far as it gets. You'd have a harder time getting a job at McDonald's). We have to stop fighting the last war. We also have to stop letting greed make our decisions for us as the body scanners are ever conveniently owned by Michael Chertoff's brother. Nice racket. Now let me get on the damned plane without showing you my penis. Congratulations TSA. You are douchebag of the week.

Friday, November 12, 2010

UFO spotted off California Coast: What was it?

This week, the 24/7 newscasts went ballistic (no pun intended) over a supposed missile launch off the California coast this week. Some said missile, some said airplane and a nutty few insisted aliens were here. Have we become so stupid a nation that we can't see what something is anymore just by looking at it? I'll admit, I'm better qualified than most to identify anamolies due to years of analyzing videos of supposed UFO's taken since the 60's. That combined with an in depth knowledge of video equipment, special effects and photography expertise make me more than qualified to determine what it was. And I'm sorry to disappoint all the conspiracy theorists out there but this video looks nothing like a missile launch. However, it does look a lot like a commercial airplane. We know this because missiles travel much, much faster than your average plane and this isn't traveling at super sonic speeds. So it's either the slowest, most ineffective missile ever invented or it's a plane. You decide. One helicopter pilot claimed to have witnessed the missile for over ten minutes as it soared over the water. In that amount of time, a missile, especially if it was an intercontinental one, would have been halfway around the planet by then. Here is an example of where the MSM is far superior to the Internet blogosphere. Sure, the MSM lies to us on an almost regular basis by not telling us the facts about just about anything like the true unemployment rate (22.5% and climbing meaning we are still mired in Depression era levels), how the super rich are getting away with all sorts of crimes like hit and run and statutory rape, or how bad things are getting for anyone wanting to fly and not getting raped by the TSA. But here, I think they are dead on about the most reasonable answer of a plane being the culprit. Wayne Madsen, a conspiracy theorist who used to work for the NSA and has been right about a few things in his past, has claimed the object was a Chinese missile, being used as saber rattling in a heating currency war, Possible but unlikely because if the Chinese wanted to shock and awe us, a missile with the land speed of a diseased turtle is hardly going to impress anyone. Feeding the furor, another contrail was filmed over NYC but this one was without a doubt a contrail from a plane. Conspiracy theories have come over the net from the most likely to see conspiracies everywhere. A site I quite like Whatreallyhappened has gone the conspiracy way but Mike Rivello has a tendency to do that. Any time anything happens, no matter how trivial, it's a conspiracy. Even if it wasn't. For example, Rivello was quick to jump all over the two idiots who tried to blow up an airport in Scotland, as a possible false flag operation. It wasn't. Same with the undies bomber or the Time Square moron. However, there are real conspiracies out there that we need to watch like the government's real time slide into fascism or 9/11. When everything is a conspiracy we dilute the real problems that are out there with stories about JFK or Martin Luther King's deaths being lumped in with ridiculous theories. Focus on JFK Jr's plane crash for example and suddenly your entering whack job territory. For the record, his plane crashed due to inexperience and dense fog. I know as I lived not far from where his plane took off and it was some of the thickest fog I've ever been in. Unless you believe the fools out there who claim it was a clear, fogless night. The people who weren't there of course or bothered to read a weather report for the night are the ones most easily fooled. And we are becoming a people too easily deceived? The last election cycle would say we are. God help us all if that is true.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

America heads towards true dictatorship

We at this point are in a full blown fascist police state. Anyone who travels by plane lately must be seeing that the fourth amendment has been put on permanent hold as we "protect" ourselves from terrorists by allowing strip searches to get on a plane. Opt out of the cancer causing, naked, peep show booths and some dirty old man or woman gets to get more personal with you than your spouse. I don't about you but I don't need a freakin' cavity search to fly to Spokane to visit my grandmother. Until we stop this asinine behavior by always fighting the last war, we will never be safe. Profiling HAS to be implemented in security as demonstrated by EVERYBODY on earth saying it is the only way to really protect ourselves. El Al hasn't had a terrorist attack on a plane in forty years and they don't go through this nonsense. If you're an American citizen with no criminal record, you get to get right on. If your an American with a criminal past or a foreign traveler, expect some delays. If your name is Mohamed Al Shabazz, pack a lunch because your going to be there all day. This is not racist. If blond haired blue eyed Irish people were blowing themselves up, I'd be the first to demand tighter scrutiny for people who look like me and I'll be happy to get in that long, long line to fly. But they aren't, so let's top pretending that we're all the same. We're not and until we understand that, we will all be subject to searches that are not only unconstitutional and illegal but isn't making us any safer in the air. Stop pulling aside five year old and grandparents and focus on the real problems. Hint, it rhymes with Puslims. And if Muslims protests, tough. As I stated before, only one group is trying to kill innocent people aboard planes and it's not Jews, Christians or Hari Krishnas. End the new TSA program before someone gets hurt, which at this rate is inevitable.
As if illegal searches and seizures weren't bad enough, now comes word that the Justice department is looking into allowing the execution of any American citizen without a trial, arrest or reason. All that has to be done is the individual, on the President's order, can be labeled an "enemy of the state," and targeted for assassination. Never mind that this is illegal under current US law that prevents such actions, this will give whoever is President dictator like powers to target any person they don't like. What happens if the current President decides he doesn't like a peaceful group like Greenpeace and signs an order for them to be eliminated? Under this new law, such a thing is possible. This cannot be allowed to pass. If anybody declares war on you, you have a right to defend yourself and that includes against the government. I have always been one to preach peace and non-violence but if this comes to pass all best are off. With the new government sure to fail, we must be wary of any new laws such as this. We are all headed toward a cliff, expect for the richest of the rich. Laws don't apply to them any more. Remember that come 2012.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Banks Are Holding Us Hostage

This should come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse, but the level of bank involvement is becoming staggering. In Colorado, a very rich Morgan Stanley banker was charged with a misdemeanor hit and run even thought the person he hit was very badly injured. The DA said he wouldn't prosecute because "it would hurt his(the banker's) job and pay." He really said that. So if you need look any further that our laws are no longer for everyone, this should be a wake up call. The police and the courts are not here to protect you but to serve the will of their masters. With the rumors of bank holidays still rampant on the web, one should heed this call, even as unsubstantiated as it is. If a bank holiday does occur, you won't be allowed to take out cash for any reason until the holiday is lifted. FDR did such a thing back in thirties to prop up failing banks. Are we due for another? This past weekend ATM's crashed nationwide for a certain period of time, possibly due to daylight savings time, possibly for more nefarious reasons. The date of November 11th has been mentioned as a day to watch for, especially considering the currency war going on after Bernake said the US would be buying 600$ billion in bonds over the next eight months, spooking markets and governments worldwide. With many a financial expert saying that the US is broke, we have to wonder how long this shell game can continue. With Obama's inability to do anything to fix the crisis, other than the typical watered down nonsense that he passed last year which fixed next to nothing. Without the reestablishment of the Glass Stegal Act, harsh regulations on derivative trades (as they did in Germany which seems to be working, and a severe uptick in taxes for both corporations and the rich alike, we are screwed. They keep saying it's not about class warfare, but then they do exactly that at every turn with their "let them cake" attitude. I feel the end may be coming sooner than I'd like. Will we fall into anarchy or will fascism rise. The real question is would you rather want peace or freedom? We can't have both.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


It was another no brainer this week as to the winner, especially after the mid term drubbing they got mainly due to a complete lack of understanding as to how the world works. Conservatives may be an almost equally brainless lot, as seen on the message boards for both sides lately, but at least they stand by their convictions. Liberals run for the hills if anything seems hinkey. Let's see those runner ups.

The Tea Party Nutbags Who Ran For Office- This week 90% of the true idiots who ran for office lost. Only Rand Paul and Mark Rubio made any real headway as Senators elect, with the defeat of Whitman, Fiorina, Angles, Paladino and O'Donnell. While Paladino and O'Donnell had little chance due to their inability to understand that cameras not only record information but that it is later shown on all the news networks and Internet, the rest were closer than they should have been. Fiorina was once voted one of the worst CEO ever in this country, but still convinced people that she would be much better at this job. Yeah right. Thank God for the little rationality we still have left for not voting Angles, a real danger, into the Senate. Let's hope that rationality continues into 2012. I fear it won't as Obama seems to be on autopilot lately.

Republicans- Now that the Tea party is going to be a force to be reckoned with, the GOP has literally gotten into bed with the devil. Speaker to be John Boener publicly said he would never let the Tea Party down. And the countdown to that promise has the shelf life of a tuna sandwich in the sun on a 100 degree day. Boener has talked about cutting salary pay for the Senate and House which would be a good start. But as the Tea party doesn't want to cut SS or the military budget, balancing the budget is impossible. So Boener has promised the Tea Party something that he cannot deliver on. With talk of armed insurrection still on the message boards, we should be very wary as this will never lead to any thing good at this point other than a military crackdown and true fascism which is probably their end game. The Tea Party has handed them the reigns to do such a thing. We can only hope the new GOP will be better than that of the past. And maybe monkeys will fly.

LIBERALS- While I definitely have some left leaning issues such as abortion, gay rights, stem cell research and the environment, my similarities end there. I have never understood why conservatives can be so proud of their background while liberals treat their ideals as something shameful and hidden. This week Keith Olbermann was suspended indefinitely for giving money to democratic candidates in violation of policy at NBC. I hate to break it to you but MSNBC is liberal and should be proud of it if that's what it wants to be. You don't see Fox news doing any such thing. Why? Because despite the "fair and Balanced slogan," we all know they are a GOP propaganda machine for the most part. MSNBC pretends to be non biased which is like calling a black cat white because you don't like the color. NPR has been the in same boat by denying their workers the ability to attend the Jon Stewart rally so as to not appear biased. REALLY? I never knew NPR was liberal. What a minute. I do. Why? I'VE LISTENED TO IT. I hate when people deny what they are (Vegans I'm looking at you). If you want to do something different MSNBC who about reporting the truth instead of the corporate nonsense you fill the air waves with. So congratulations liberals you are indeed douchebags of the week

Friday, November 5, 2010

Inflation Coming: No COLA Raise For SS Recipients

For the second straight year and only the second time in history, no Social Security raises will be given this year. And the Democrats wonder why they lost. Their explanation was that their wasn't any inflation this year. Yeah and if you believe that I've got a bridge to sell you. One of the several horrible things Clinton did was remove energy and food prices from COLA tabulations, which are of course the most volatile of the markets. Once removed inflation seems to magically disappear as does any hope seniors have of making it through the next ten years on SS alone. One idiot actually said that due to gas prices going down in 2008, SS recipients actually got a good deal because they got a raise the previous year when the inflation rate dropped. Except doofus forgot that energy prices aren't included in the SS tab, so the rise was incidental. This combined with the Democrats inability to energize their base resulted in the drubbing they got last Tuesday. The Gay and Lesbian community stayed home as did young people which led to your net loss. Republicans cleaned up because old people, pissed about the second straight year of no COLA raise, voted Republican en masse. Why would they keep you around when you keep screwing them out of money. This administration is almost as tone deaf as the previous one, a true feat if you ask me. With Bernake starting quantative easing, inflation is due and soon. Gas prices rose 20 cents today after the FED announced their plans and is expected to get even higher in the coming weeks. With the rise of the new bagmen coming to Washington (look up your history books if you want to know what that is) a level of greed, bribery and corporate influence is occurring unseen since the end of the 19th century. With foreign money flowing in and no way to know where it is coming from we are in real danger of losing all our freedoms here. Work hard and you will be rewarded with a little bit of the rich people's scraps. Work badly and you will die. We are being railroaded into a new fascist state and the Tea Party is leading the charge. I read a recent article about a guy who lived in Nazi Germany and he says all the signs of what occurred there are happening again. History does repeat itself especially those that don't learn from it. And we in this country, we know nothing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The Elections of 2010 have come to a thankful and merciful end. As predicted, the democrats got a whooping due to their sheer incompetence at pretty much everything. I may hate Republicans but you have to admire their ability to get out the vote and explain things that even the densest member will understand. The final tally of wins/loses will still be days away but it is clear that the GOP picked up at least 60seats and control of the House while the dems hold a slim majority in Congress. One of things that cost them dearly, as I write earlier, was the democrats inability to stand with the gay community. Having looked at various gay sites, I can say their disillusionment with the dems was overwhelming and a majority stayed home from the polls almost certainly causing them to lose many a tight race. Way to stand by your base, idiots. There is some reason to be optimistic as almost every Tea Bagger nutjob lost, decisively in most cases. Thank God there are enough reasonable people out there to send Paldino, Whitman, O'Donnell, McMahon, Fiorina and Angles off to Never Never Land. As I predicted though, the right is already calling vote fraud in Nevada, not understanding why the polls were so wrong. Guess they should have read my column saying the polls were all off nationwide (which they were) due to the changing models of technology such as cell phones over land lines. How the Nevada Tea Party will take this loss is another matter. The possibility of armed conflict is still alarmingly high there and nationwide. I find it ironic yet again that these Tea Parties were nowhere to be seen when Bush possibly stole the Election in 2000 and definitely in 2004. The last election in Massachusetts was possible tampered with (which I discussed in a previous column), sending Scott Brown to the Senate. Did the Tea Party contest that? No of course not because they won. The Tea Party are the worst sore losers ever. So what does all this mean? John Boener, the orange Oompa Loompa, is now Speaker of the House. Things like unemployment will end all extensions soon. 12 million people stand to lose their only lifeline by early next year; 2 million by the end of 2010. What do Republicans think is going to happen when these people can't pay their mortgage or bills? Foreclosures are going to skyrocket next year, devaluing the price of every home in the country. Happy now Tea Baggers? Your house is going to be worth less. Plus, if it gets bad enough, your neighborhoods may start resembling Detroit and whatever job you have may be lost due to the spiraling economic conditions sure to occur now. With the Republicans set on an end spending spree, this country is headed right for another fiscal catastrophe as gridlock becomes the new norm. Expect the stock market to tank some time next year as a new Depression begins. People on food stamps are going to double, as is federal assistance for things like heat and electricity all of which is more expensive than unemployment. We have made a situation far worse due to rank stupidity and an inability to remember history. Dark days are ahead of us. Revolution looms.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Tomorrow: Who Will Win?

With the democrats all but certain to lose the House and possibly the Senate tomorrow, most have to wonder as to what happened that got us to this place. Weren't the Republicans all but dead for the last few years? What changed? Not much actually. The democrats decided to squander every bit of good will they got the last four years by siding with big business, big government and the dissolution of the muddle class. As a direct result they find themselves in the exact same position the Republicans found themselves in just two short years ago. They were smart enough to re-brand themselves as the Tea Party, supposedly to look out for the little guy against the crushing weight of an overreaching government. What we really have is another Brownshirt party bent on having corporations run everything, the very definition of fascism. The Tea Party is being led down a road to ruin which I would have more sympathy for had any of them actually opened a book in the past few months. Ominous signs of what is to come are already being implemented in loo of tomorrows whipping that the dems stand to suffer. With unemployment all but dead past the initial six months, those out of work are going to pay dearly at the polls this year. By the end of this month, 3 million people will be added to the ranks of those no longer able to receive a paycheck. The 99ers as they are called will soon be unable to pay rent, a mortgage or bills. What consequence do you think that will have on society? Plus, as the number of weeks are going to be drastically reduced due to the new Congress make up, these numbers are going to be staggering high by next Spring. So what is government doing about it? Illinois is adding armed guards to 36 unemployment offices state wide. This will probably be the national norm as people are going to lose it when they can't pay for anything anymore. Get ready for European style rioting and possibly Tea Party payback for people uber-angry at those that caused them to lose any life support they were getting. This will in turn collapse the economy as even more foreclosures are going to occur and less money will be pumped into the system. Jobs will be lost and, most likely, Obama will get the blame. With gridlock a foregone conclusion, the only hope we have now is that Republicans will see that the country is suffering and reach a hand a cross the aisle to Democrats to help stabilize things. That will probably happen when pigs fly but hey, you have to have some optimism in these dark times. If the Tea party takes over the GOP, much like the Christian Conservatives did in the eighties, we will be witnessing a real takeover by big business into politics. And anybody with a history book should remember the last time this scenario played out, Hitler was elected, a possibility for a charismatic Tea party candidate in the upcoming presidential contest. While no one stands out right now, a dark horse could emerge soon (like Obama did for the democrats) and play right into the hands of those that hate our current leader. He has made his mistakes but he has been far better than W, the man that got us into this mess; a mess that most seem to have forgotten about. I truly fear that Muslims in this country might be the new Jews of the Fifth Reich. Sure Muslims have been their own worst PR people, but they are not all fantastical losers either. I know quite a few that are far from the bomb throwing, Koran reading zealots the media makes them all out to be. But much like the Jews were the scapegoats for Hitler, I believe some future politicians (and current from some of the political ads I've seen) will use religion and race to shine a bright spotlight on them. This cannot be done. Religious freedom is the bedrock of this country as is the separation of church and state, regardless of what Christine O'Donnell thinks. We must protect our Muslim friends from any such atrocities. That is the American way. I just wish more people were behaving like this and not replicating an ugly blot on mankind's past. Fear the Tea Party, especially if your Hispanic or Muslim. The repercussions are going to be extreme.