Monday, November 30, 2015


Black Lives Matter has been a mixed bag for me for some time. While I compositely agree with their message that young black men, usually unarmed, are being gunned down by thug cops, I've hated a lot of their protest methods. I also hate when they become racist douchebags as a recent protest at Dartmouth college turned out when white people were singled out and ridiculed at the library. One of the main issues many have, myself included, is that when the say Black Lives Matter, it comes across as ONLY black lives matter. White and Hispanic people are also being killed by the police in questionable arrests but we never hear about them as the media glosses right over them. Explain to me how the media is racist again?

But lately things have changed and not for the better for the police. Chicago has been eye opening in it's bravado to whitewash the truth and expect the public to not be pissed. Laquand McDonald was killed by a cop, witnessed by at least five other officers, taped on multiple sources, and the only reason charges were filed because an investigative journalist demanded their release. Everyone involved should be ousted first light, including criminal charges for obstruction of justice for the cops that erased footage from a local Burger King. BLM should shut this city down until this happens.

Then we have the Republican party who is still trying to spin the Planned Parenthood shooting their way. Some of the more idiotic statements have come from people who say the shooter, Robert Dear, was a transgender with liberal ideals, including Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz, because of a misprint on his voter ID that said he was a woman and was registered as Independent, which stats show mostly lean right not left. Turns out, Dear WAS a Bible thumping conservative who hated Obama and abortion. Oops. So much for right wing drivel again.

On the same week as Obama was getting trashed for his awful ISIS strategy, the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, depriving themselves of a rather good talking point that is now overshadowed by this and Trump's sad impression of a reporter with disabilities. Obama meanwhile has watched as his advisers claim the reason we haven't bombed oil from ISIS in the past is because we didn't want civilian deaths and environmental concerns. That is worse than Trump this week, just not as entertaining which is how our modern media rolls.

Russia is claiming that the US must have known about the Russian plane's trajectory and did nothing to intervene. That may not be entirely untrue. We, and the rest of the west have an unnatural hard on to get rid of Assad that borders on insanity. Every time we topple a dictator, chaos ensues. Why roll that die again knowing the outcome will be bad? Why are we so determined to link Assad to ISIS, which flies in the face of reason, when Turkey is doing billions in business with the terrorist group instead? Either this world is borderline mentally challenged or there are other factors at work that we are not seeing. I've watched this movie before when it was called Get Rid of Saddam and I hated it. I'll pass on the sequel they seem to be setting us up for.

Black Friday sales dropped a whopping 10% this year, and that includes online sales. People have run out of money, or prefer to shop on different days to avoid getting killed over a food processor. The end result is the same in that out consumer society is falling apart and short of a massive boost of wealth to the middle class, nothing is going to change for the better. So Happy Holidays all. Next year is going to bring cataclysmic changes.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


For the first time in the history of writing this column, I am almost at a loss for words. There were so many douchebags across the wide spectrum of the world that I am taken aback by the mind blowingly asininity that most of our species has arrived at. Liberals have lost their minds, conservatives should be committed, Democrats are ending the planet and Republicans literally killed people this week. Where does it end? In a giant mushroom cloud it seems. After reading this list, you may agree that might not be such a bad thing. On any other given week, almost everyone on this list would have made the top spot. That is telling. Here's the runner ups, almost all of which should be number one and a lot will make my douchebag of the year list. Try not to slit your wrists after reading all of this stupidity. Trust me, it'll be hard not to.

10)Black Friday- Turns out not having any money turned this usually busy shopping day into a walk on the park in some places. True, some had the chaos we have come to expect, but many chose either to shop from home or not at all. The results will be out later today as to who did what, but many are thinking that for the third year in a row, sales will be down across the board. Walmart, Old Navy and the Gap are expected to be down as clothes did not fly off the shelves. The places where people behaved like savages are a foreshadow of what might happen when we run out of food. Then having a gun won't seem so stupid will it?

9)Frankenstein Movies- Can we please just stop making Frankenstein movies for a while? The latest misfire, which have been occurring ever since Young Frankenstein, is the film Victor Frankenstein. It absolutely bombed in the theaters, pulling in a measly $3.4 million and $10 more overseas. For a $40 million budget plus advertising costs, this film is a dud and looked it. Maybe Universal will finally get it right when they bring back the old monsters like Dracula, the Mummy and the Wolfman.

8)Pfizer- I hate Big Pharma. My insurance just went up another whopping $40 a month which means, since 2012, my rates have gone up $120 a month. That is outrageous, especially when the government keeps telling me inflation is at record lows. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The number one reason is these assholes keep raising the prices unchecked on everything and then turn around and run away from their tax obligations by relocating to Ireland in yet another corporate inversion. This industry needs to be nationalized stat because the free market is NOT working when it comes to health care, which it never does. Obamacare is failing for all the reasons I said it would and as we have a portion of the government that wants it to fail, with no backup plan, we could be really screwed and it will be the fault of both sides as no one wants to do anything about this growing issue.

7)The New York Times and MSM- The MSM reached a new low this week, actively pushing Obama's agenda toward getting rid of Syrian leader Assad by reporting news that was blatantly false. It was so bad that even the most jaded person noticed the level of bull coming from this once grand paper. Unfortunately, for decades, it has been a propaganda rag that helped sell a gullible public (including myself due to the traitor Colin Powell) the Second Gulf War and has since done much the same. Here's a link to it's story tying Assad to ISIS and completely ignoring Turkey as the driving force of evil in the region:

That is some world class bullshit. Why would Assad buy oil from his enemy, when Russia and Iran are only too happy to sell him everything he needs? And as I will discuss later, Turkey is buying hundreds of millions on oil from ISIS, yet the paper says nothing. Obama and the world continue to have an irrational hard on to end Assad that stinks of the Second Gulf War and Saddam Hussein's removal. I was fooled once, not again guys. Assad is NOT the problem anymore. ISIS is and we are doing nothing to combat it.

6)Donald Trump and 9/11- As much as I do like the guy for some reasons, he makes it difficult to defend him this week with two major faux pas. The first was Trump saying he saw thousands of Muslims cheering the fall of the World Trade Center on 9/11. I find this hard to believe. I have several Muslim friends and they were horrified, like most were, when it happened. There were celebrations mind you, but they were all overseas in places like Gaza and Iran. There is no video footage from anywhere that says what he said happened. If it exists, show me and I will retract it but until that happens, this is going to be ruled untrue. Worse, was his mimicking a NYT reporter (I get the irony as I just laid into them) who is disabled was kind of troubling and will not win him any points but I also doubt will hurt him either. It is looking like Trump versus Hillary at this point which would make this the worst election in human history. I may have to move.

5)Larry Taylor and Jalen Watson- These two fuckwads should be at the top of the heap this week for what they did to a pregnant woman, but God help us all, there were actually worse people out there. These two waste's of space should be executed by fire ants after raping and murdering this poor woman who was eight months pregnant during a failed burglary but instead they face years in prison. That'll teach them. Both are career criminals and there is no reason to keep assholes like this in prison sucking up space and resources. Burn them alive in public and show people what happens when you cross a line. This world is dying and we are helping it along keeping pieces of shit like this around.

4)Corey Morgan- What is it with black people this week? Yet another cock who should be facing a firing squad for the murder of a nine year old in Chicago over a drug war. This is getting old. How come BLM isn't protesting this asshole or the two above? Whatever gang this dork is in is screwed as the police are going to eviscerate it.

3)Jason Van Dyke and the city of Chiago- Proving my point that not only cops but cities as well can no longer be trusted to police themselves comes this story. A recently released video shows this now ex-cop assassinating Laquand McDonald while walking down the street, knife in hand. At no point does the black youth make any threatening movements, but is instead shot sixteen times, even after he has fallen to the ground. He is facing homicide charges which should be the end of the story. Right? Hardly. This part of the story is so awful it will almost certainly be on my Douchebag of the Year column and the fact it IS NOT number one, tells you how bad the next two must be. The authorities, including the mayor, former Obama staffer Rahm Emmanuel, the police cheif and prosecutor all conspired to over this story up. Only after more than a year and a lawsuit was the video released which shows what really happened and not the bullshit story the cops and officials kept repeating. Worse, none of the video has audio who unknown reasons and Burger King has admitted publicly that video evidence was erased by the police soon after. This is outrageous and for once BLM not only has a point, I agreed with their protests this week shutting down the Magnificent Mile on Black Friday. Everyone here should be forced out of office for this nonsense that if it wasn't for citizen justice as the local press was no help, this case would have never seen the light of day. Where are the arrests for the cops who made false statements and committed a crime erasing evidence? How come it took over a year and only after the video was released against your wishes did any arrest happen? And why in the blue FUCK is the police union backing Van Dyke, a guy obviously guilty? Cops are becoming more and more untrustworthy while the city and unions hide their crimes. Expect violence if some of these idiots don't step down soon.
2)Republicans, Abortion and Robert Lewis Dear- Well it finally occurred: the Republican party and their drivel have caused their first murders. Robert Dear went into a Planned Parenthood in Colorado this week, killing three and wounding nine. He was muttering about "no more baby parts," which is a long discredited story that supreme douchebags like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina have spouted for months. The funny part is, they may have both opened themselves up to lawsuits as free speech does not apply to incitement to commit crimes using false info which they are both guilty of. Good. I fucking HATE these two, along with the rest of the anti-abortion crowd which have gone way too far in their idiotic vendetta. Abortion is a personal choice and NOBODY'S GODAMNED BUSINESS! Stay out of things that don't affect you. There are no Biblical passages to stand on (life begins at breath according to it) and no good science either. Take your beliefs and stuff it already. Abortion is the law of the land and if you don't want one, don't get one but stay out of my way and the hundreds of millions of us who believe otherwise. I don't come into your house and proclaim my God let's me fuck your wife or daughters whenever I want. Grow a brain.

1)Turkey and Recep Erdogan- Regular readers know I am no fan of the Turkish leader but this week he crossed a line that no one seems to be calling him on from the West. Dickhead shot down a Russian plane that couldn't have been in it's airspace for more than 17 seconds, sparking an international crisis in the process. Russia has cut all ties with Turkey and let them know that if they stray into Syrian airspace now, they will be shot down as well. What do you think will happen if that scenario plays out and NATO is forced into a nuclear war they didn't want? Worse, the Turkish economy is going to start sputtering as Russia is only behind Germany in tourism, a fact that may wreck their world without a shot being fired. Plus, fuel that Turkey was buying from Russia may also be in jeopardy. Actual journalists out there discovered that Erdogan's son is buying $800 million worth of oil from ISIS and selling weapons to them on a grand scale. Explain to me how Assad is the problem again? This loon could start WW3 and no one seems to be reporting that anywhere. Meanwhile, our increasingly unstable President, spent all week doing damage control with little effect. Russia is looking at us even worse, even though we share a common enemy, which is an utter failure of diplomacy that is stunning in it's ineptitude. This guy is going to get us all killed so congratulations Turkey and Erdogan, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


It's time for my annual things I am thankful for column and then will be back on Sunday with another chock full of douchebags.

I am thankful I live in a society where free speech is a guaranteed right even if Marxist, spoiled Millennials think otherwise. It's why I can write words like gay, retarded and nigger and not have the PC police stop me no matter how much they cry and whine. You guys can take your safe spaces and cram it with onions.

I am thankful I do not live in Europe home to extremists, martial law, and Angela Merkel. We are throwing a fit over 10,000 refugees, while they are getting millions, some from areas that aren't even at war leading to huge strife between the cultures. Expect this to end as badly as you think.

I am glad I am not Bill Clinton who has to wake up next to that thing every day.

I am glad I am not most of the Republicans running for office because I like being smart.

I am thankful not to be a vegan when the turkey comes out because I love eating meat, even if it's filled to the brim with chemicals and hormones and other awful things. At least when I die, my body will be perfectly persevered.

I am glad I am straight as butt sex sound awful, especially if I am the one getting it. Nothing wrong with being gay, but it is not my cup of tea. On the other hand, if that's what gets you off, Mozel Tov.

I am thankful that when WW3 starts, I will get to watch the whole thing with a tub of popcorn and HDTV. Those explosion are going to look great in high def.

I am glad I do not live in a Muslim nation where I have to have an itchy beard, pray to Mecca five times a day and marry some woman sight unseen who may have a pot belly and a unibrow.

I am glad I do not work for the Obama administration because I would have ripped all my hair out by now.

I am thankful I am not a Republican as I would have to lobotomize myself to fit in.

I am glad I am not black as getting shot by the cops while carrying my wallet, who scream GUN instead, looks like a real bummer. BLM has a point but these guys have to start getting their message out better.

I am very thankful for my fiancee, my family, my friends and you out there reading this, giving me some glimmer of hope that people who seek the truth exist. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This will be a quick post as I have a lot of work to do today but this matter had to be talked about. Today, a Russian plane was shot down who may or not have have inadvertently entered Turkish airspace. Worse, one pilot, perhaps both, were executed soon after, a war crime by any standard. Turkey is a NATO member, making this the first time a NATO member has shot down a Russian plane since the 1950's. While the chance for an all out war between NATO and Russia is unlikely, it does show an unhealthy move toward a serious problem.

Turkey has been a problem lately. The rule by Recep Erdogan has moved the country much further toward Muslim extremism, something seen at a recent soccer match versus Greece. During a moment of silence for the Paris victims, loud boos can be heard as well as chants of Allah Akbar. This is not a good sign, not to mention beyond rude.

The problem here is evidence I have seen so far bolster Russian claims far greater than Turkey. Turkey says they repeatedly told the Russian plane ten times to back off before shooting it down. However, the release of the plane's route by Turkish officials show Russia entering their air space in such a way that they couldn't have been there for more than five to ten seconds. Unless they talked real fast, there is no way they could have told the pilot ten times to get out. It is more likely, there was no warning at all.

Russia is understandably pissed and this may threaten Russian/Turkish relationships that will hurt Turkey far greater. Turkey relies on Russian fuel and tourism, both of which may come to an inglorious end. As expected, NATO has stood by Turkey, regardless of the fact that they seem to be in the wrong, also aware the US military hardware shot down the plane in the first place. An emergency meeting of NATO has been called which will predictably blame Russia for this as our retard of a President whom I am coming to loathe more and more with each passing day is heading this country down the wrong path of history. Between his idiotic war plans, his support of the fascist TPP and his complete inability to tell the American people the truth about anything, he is rapidly entering George W. Bush territory for worst president status. If you can beat W for that title, you've really crossed the Rubicon.

One quick story is the some white supremacists in Minnesota took some shots at BLM protesters and I am shocked it took this long for that to happen. The recent Trump rally had a BLM protester at it and the news, as they are wont to do, totally screwed up what actually happened. They reported that Trump supporters called the man racist terms and beat him up. Unfortunately for the news, someone taped the whole thing from a close angle and we can plainly see that is not what happened at all. The BLM protester was not attacked at all but surrounded by security as the man kept falling to the ground in an attempt to go boneless and not let them eject him. Further the only attacks I saw from the video were from the black guy himself and none from either security or bystanders, all of which acted professional. The establishment has it out for Trump which makes me like him even more, which makes me hate myself for it because I still find him a blowhard. BLM has a real point as seen by the arrest of a Chicago police man who murdered an unarmed black man but these kind of protests are only hurting your cause. Keep channeling OWS guys and face party extinction.

Monday, November 23, 2015


It's official, the world has lost their minds. Turns out rank stupidity is not just an American trait anymore but has been exported worldwide instead. That's not to say we still don't lead the world in retardation, but it would seem everyone else is doing their best to catch up.

Here at home is a story I have sat on for a few days until I could verify it's accuracy. Several friends I have in the military told me we were dropping leaflets to ISIS oil drivers that their tankers were going to be hit 45 minutes before we struck. I thought this to be unbelievable but possible, knowing how moronic our government seems to be lately no matter which side is in charge. Turns out they were right when the story broke today. The reason is our idiotic aversion to any civilian causalities, even if it comes back to bite us in the ass, which it always does. We have known for sometime that ISIS was using oil revenue for huge fund gains, yet we did very little against it. In the past 15 months we destroyed 115 oil tankers. Russia hit over a thousand in less than a week. Which seems more likely to work?

Turns out, according to pilots running sorties over the area, 75% of their payload was kept from targets for fear of harming innocent people on the ground. WTF? This isn't a slap fight but a war, one made far worse by our inability to see it as a war and a President channeling Jimmy Carter, whose worst trait was his pacifism. This lack of will has led to the rise of this group and a now world wide problem that it exists. It is further hurt by our retarded plan to go after Assad still, even though he has been zero part of the problem. The reason for ISIS in the first place is us arming people who fought against Assad who were also militant Muslims. What could possibly go wrong except everything? The last time we tried this we got Al-Qaeda. Our inability to fight wars they way they should have destabilized the planet.

And explain to me who is buying said oil? Turns out to be NATO alum Turkey who bought $800 million worth so far. A recent raid on an ISIS safehouse revealed a treasure trove of documents that prove high levels of contact between Turkish officials and terrorists. And yet we do nothing. Sigh.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Brussels has shut down the country as if that is going to work. Tourists there are stuck in their hotels with all mass transit shut, restaurants, museums and other attractions closed. This is in sharp contrast to Paris who actually suffered an attack who went back to normal almost immediately. Brussels does know they have to open eventually right and when they do any terrorist in hiding will then emerge? All this does is let the terrorists win.You can't hide from this and all this is doing is adding more fuel to the fire. The best thing you can do is continue on and if they try anything else, start realizing that a bunch of dead Muslims are going to be the end result and prepare for that. Considering several Hazmat suits went missing from a Paris hospital suggest a chemical attack somewhere in Europe is not out of the realm of possibility, yet France hasn't shut everything down, as they shouldn't. If a chemical weapon attack does happen, it is the end of militant Muslims, and probably a lot of innocent people as well. Genocide will be the new normal as people shoot first and ask questions later. At that point, a clash of civilization is inevitable, but this is one in which Muslims will find themselves vastly outnumbered by literally everyone else on Earth. This is stupidity squared because the only outcome here is the extermination of Muslims everywhere and the militants are going to be the first domino.

We also discovered that college student PC crap is a world wide phenomenon. A college in Ottawa recently stopped a yoga class because the teacher was white and Yoga is Indian which students felt was racist. Please. Oxford University cancelled a debate about abortion recently because both participants were men, which in this case shouldn't make a difference as men can have an opinion about abortion as well as women, even if it affects them greater. Cambridge disinvited a speaker whose views on transgenders upset people. A recent poll here said 40% of the younger generation wants curbs on free speech. How communist is that?

South Park has been on fire this season, spending every episode trashing PC crap. In the latest a student was told to stop using the word retarded, even though the student using it, Jimmy, is handicapped. He explained why he wouldn't stop using the word for exactly the same reason I won't: it's a freaking word. It has more than one meaning. If you call a mentally challenged person a retard, you are an asshole. If I call Ted Cruz a retard, I find that an accurate description of someone the word defines as slow. If you can watch South Park, I highly recommend it.

We have lost our way as a people. The whole world is infected by this and it has to stop. Here at home, Donald Trump is leading the way with one accurate statement followed by three idiotic ones. I don't disagree with a BLM protester being thrown out of a recent rally and should expect to get manhandled while there if he refuses to shut up. If I walked into a black nightclub and yelled NIGGER at the top of my lungs, I expect to get a beating. This is no different. Actions have consequences. People are there to hear Trump talk. If you want protest, stay outside and do it. The BLM group seems to have no idea how to protests without damaging their cause, which does have merit. Then of course Trump goes off about how he should have been beat up (UGH!) and posts some phony statistic about how black people are killing white people in huge numbers, none of which is true according to FBI stats. God help us if the final two are Trump and Hillary, neither of which is going to get a lot of help from a majority of the country.

Stupidity has to stop and we can do it if we acknowledge it and let people know the assholes they are being. We can start be telling our kids to shut the fuck up about being crybullies, our government to start listening to us and stop voting idiots into office. But none of that is likely to happen so sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the world burn.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It has not been a good week for the democrats, except in Louisiana where a democrat has been voted in as governor for the first time in over a decade. Other than that, Obama has shown how ineffective a leader he is as his war strategy is a proven loser, the democrats keep hyping the need for more immigrants oblivious to the fact that this country is broke and we seem to be giving more money to everyone else except those that really need it here and Debbie Wasserman Shultz continues to shill for Hillary who came across as a fascist douche for trying to censor a comedy club who dared to make fun of her. It's like they are trying to replicate 2014 all over again and we all know how that turned out. If Republicans gain complete control in 2016, a scary prospect that is becoming a bigger possibility thanks to ISIS, this country will slide into a ruin so fast our collective heads will spin. Let's see the runner ups in a very busy week.

10)The Oxford Dictionary- The word of the year these brain-powers decided on turned out not be a word at all but a freaking emoji. Have we become so stupid a society that we can't even use words anymore but weird hieroglyphics that mean nothing? How is this a word? Will the dictionary resort to pictures for an increasingly illiterate society? I have a suggestion that we use a donkey emoji to exemplify the word for dictionary editor or in real words ASS.

9)Chuck Rosenberg- Speaking of asses, this guy could be one the biggest this week and, had not others been worse, might have made the top spot. The fact that he is number nine tells you the rank stupidity on parade this week. The head of the DEA, possibly the most worthless government entity today, yet no one wants to close it, says volumes how stupid we have become, said this week that medical pot is a "joke with no scientific basis for use." Fuckwad must be too retarded to read because the same week a GOVERNMENT study that has been done over the last eight years said there is substantial evidence to support the fact that weed is a probable cure for cancer, PTSD, migraines, seizures and a host of other critical ailments. Needless to say this did not go over well with both the public and Congress, all now calling for his head. 10,000 people signed a petition to have him fired as well as eight members of Congress, including one Republican. This dick should be tarred and feathered for keeping a proven cure away from people who need it.

8)TSA- A recent review done by DHS found out that at least 73 people working for the TSA, all working in secure areas, have terrorist ties and never should have been hired in the first place. A previous post showed how background checks were for some inane reason NOT being done due to a backlog. So let me get this straight, I have to walk practically naked to get on a plane while the dork doing my screening could be a terrorist? And you wonder why many people do not want Syrians in this country that top officials warn cannot be seriously vetted.

7)James Morales- This is quite possibly the dumbest criminal of all time. On the same day as the Paris attacks, this moron broke into the Worcester armory and stole sixteen weapons. Terrorism was a prime suspect, which I did not discount because of the timing, but also suggested an inside job. The latter turned out to be true as he was a former reservist dishonorably discharged recently for unknown reasons. He was also charged recently with child rape. What a winner. The funny part is because of this arrest at the time, his DNA was on record so when he bled all over the place when he broke a window, they knew it was him. He was also wearing an ankle monitor so they not only knew where he was at the time of the crime but that it was him who did it. He cut the monitor off afterward which shows how dumb this guy was. He was quickly arrested but no word yet on whether the guns have been recovered which I would guess haven't been or they would be touting that fact hard.

6)David Vitter- The former senator and prostitute user was beaten soundly for governor of LA by a democrat for the first time in over a decade. This guy tried everything he could to lose. He tried to tie his opponent, Bel Edwards, who had little political experience, to Obama at every turn to zero effect. He even used the Paris attacks as a campaign ad. The harder he tried, the worse his numbers became. He lost by a significant margin showing that if democrats want they can win in Southern states, especially if they run as a pro-gun, anti-abortion candidate. You have to shape your beliefs to the electorate. I wish someone would tell the rest of the democratic party about this because they didn't get the message this week.

5)Syrian Apologists- I am sick and tired about hearing about the poor Syrian people. I DON'T CARE. Look the world is a sucky place but we have our own problems here. If they pussies that ran away had stayed and fought maybe we wouldn't be in this mess we are in today. Women and children are dying right here at home, mostly thanks to draconian ideas the Republicans have such as not expanding Medicare, decreasing Social Security and cutting food stamps. Until we fix our own problems, the rest of the world is on their own. Considering recent economic data suggests a massive stock market crash early next year, we may not have much of a choice on the matter.

4)Republicans- As much as I agree with them on not letting Syrian refugees here, my beliefs are because of economics on not on the fact that they are Muslim necessarily. We do not have enough money to help ourselves let alone the rest of the world. However, listening to many on the Presidential trail yammer on about marking Muslims, treating American Muslims as second class citizens and other Hitleresque notions make me realize how fascist the right could become once in power. Myself and others have commented that Trump is a lot like Hitler and his rise to power in a lot of frightening ways. If Republicans sweep the election next year, this country will be Nazi Germany. Bet on it.

3)Muslim Extremists- These assholes are trying to commit genocide for their own people. In the last week there has been attacks in Paris, Nigeria and Mali with some suspected today worldwide. Brussels is closed, Paris is on heightened alert and attacks have been said to be possible everywhere from Rome to Atlanta. Travelers are being warned to stay away from St. Peter's and told to be on alert at a WWE event where terrorists have threatened to attack today in Atlanta. If this continues, Trump and others like him will demand internment of all Muslims and I won't exactly disagree with him. If we don't, the end result will be dead Muslims in the street knee deep. Considering that even the Chinese have now joined in, as well as Iran and Hamas, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are pissing everyone off. ISIS executed their first Chinese prisoner and Al-Qaeda killed eight Chinese tourists in Mali. ISIS also struck against the Taliban and Hamas this week as well. Keep kicking over hornet's nest guys because the end result is not going to be pretty.

2)Leftist Extremists- Here at home we have own brand of idiot extremists. They are called Millennials. A recent poll said that 40% of them want curbs on free speech. They have highlighted that by protesting across college campuses on a Marxist rampage that would have made Mao proud. One teacher was on leave after she used the word nigger in a class in a discussion a race. She didn't call anyone that word, just used it as an example and for that her students had a fit. Others are demanding changes in names of buildings for people like Woodrow Wilson and other Southern racists at the time which for the time period was the norm. They have blocked access to any press that did not agree with them. Black Lives Matter on the other hand, has become a hate group, more intent on black superiority and equality, claim that can also be made of the feminist movement of late. I am all for women getting paid what men make and black people having an equal shot at a good life. I don't think either group is better than white people or men however. In Minnesota, black people went nuts after another unarmed black person was shot, which could have been solved by now if every cop in the country had body cameras by now, and is a serious problem that black people have every right to want fixed. But instead of protesting against the cops, some idiots blocked a major highway for two hours, turning everyone in that jam against them. This is not how to win hearts and minds. Yale students are protesting against a campus building named after a racist from way back when as if that really matters. The worst was from Dartmouth when black racists started screaming in the campus library anti white rhetoric that was caught on tape. How is that helping? Even worse was when some idiot woman administrator apologized to the disruptions, when had the reverse happened, would have been cause for expulsion. Black racism is on the rise and can not be tolerated anymore than white racism should. And the coddled generation better get used to ideas they don't like. The real world is full of them.

1)Democrats and Barack Obama-  Somebody better get the democrats a history book because they are going to talk themselves right out of the next election. Polls across the country show a large majority do not want any more refugees from anywhere coming here. They mirror almost identically to polls taken in the late 30's for German Jews. Then the politicians listened to the people. Today, we are roundly ignored on all sides by everyone at their own peril. All it will take is one idiot refugee to do something stupid, and the democrats can kiss their party goodbye. And, as I said before, we are BROKE. Now mind you the democrats keep telling us how great things are, with Hillary giving the economy an A, ignoring the fact that retail is dying, and even companies like Amazon are seeing a slowdown as we have run out of money to spend. Hillary stepped in it this week when she tried to get the Laugh Factory to take down a video that made fun of her. Explain to me how this any different from the fascist ideas of Donald Trump? One of the reasons we have no money is health care is sucking us dry and Obamacare is partially at fault. Now mind you the old system would have been the exact same as there are no price controls in effect letting the system into a runway price rise. This has led to the collapse of one exchange in Colorado and United Health to say they may pull out of all exchanges if prices continue to skyrocket. Blue Cross/Blue Shield has set their price hike for 60% next year. Very soon, our entire system is going to collapse and then no one is going to have health care here until the problem is solved and we all know that will take forever. And this is in part Obama's fault for not fighting for a better program like single payer. The worst the democrats have done this week, along with David Cameron and Francois Hollande, is to keep shilling for an end to the Assad rule, oblivious to the fact that this has worked never and Assad is not the big problem right now. Hillary, Obama and Kerry have all come out against him when in actuality we should be working WITH Assad to get rid of ISIS, a far greater problem. But these idiots have all insisted he is every bit as bad, still claiming he gassed his own people when evidence suggests strongly that ISIS did it to themselves in a false flag operation. Our own government admits they have a chemical weapons program and as ISIS has a billion dollars in revenue right now, have the capacity to do exactly that. My biggest problem with Obama is the way he has waged this war against ISIS so far. I keep hearing we have used 28,000 bombs against them. The net result had been zero. The reason why is we keep wanting a zero civilian casualty rate which is impossible. France and Russia have started bombing areas we haven't, even sharing coordinates with them, meaning we knew where all these things were and didn't take them out because of civilian concerns. But at the same time we have no problem blowing up a hospital in Afghanistan on shaky info. When you fight a war, which I hate to break it to our President, we are in, you use everything at your disposal. You know how to get rid of terrorists that hide in the civilian population? Kill them and anyone standing next to them. Start carpet combing these cities. No people equals no terrorists. If we fought WW2 the way we fight wars today, we'd all be speaking German and Japanese and living the world on the Man in the High Castle. Trump was not wrong when he said he'd bomb the shit out of them which we haven't been doing. We are spending a fortune on tactics that have never worked and still won't. Air power alone won't destroy an enemy and we better realize that ground troops may be necessary but only after their major cities have been reduced to rubble. Start realizing that this is a fight to the death and there can be only one. If we don't, it is only a matter of time before a chemical weapon kills thousands or more. So congratulations democrats and Obama you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, November 20, 2015


It's been a telling few days. Anyone who studies history should be very worried because a reckoning may be coming and from a variety of fronts. Our economy is imploding, our health care system is dying and terrorism is becoming a daily occurrence. Worse, our so called leader across the planet have a mind numbingly ferocity for stupidity that is shocking even to someone as jaded as me.

Let's start with the elephant in the room and that is terrorism. It is a serious problem and because of liberal minded PC nonsense, the world may actually end in an orgasm of blood. It is a fact that not all Muslims are bad. However, studies say anywhere from 10-25% of the Muslim populations have terrorist sympathies which, as there are 1.8 billion of them, which on the low end is 180 million people and up to just under 500 million on the high end. That is not an infinitesimal number as our government and others throughout the world keep assuring us the opposite. They might not all be terrorists but do support said actions and will be a problem nonetheless.

History shows that multiculturalism only works to a certain extent. One of the reasons for the fall of Rome was their attempt to integrate the Barbarian hordes to be used as soldiers and laborers. They were simply incompatible to Roman society and the two clashed leading to the end of their world. We face the same limits with Muslims. This IS a clash of civilization as many are won't to not accept. When you put two opposite cultures together, conflict is inevitable and one will absorb the other. The problem with that is that absorption leads to lots of dead people and we are rocketing to that conclusion.

During WW2 we let 0 immigrants from Germany or Japan into the country. Much is made today about us turning away German Jews at the time around 1938 but polls at the time echo today's which show a majority of people don't want the Syrians for the same reason. First off, we don't have any money and with recent economic news, may be facing a crash of epic proportions early next year. More on that later. Two, we can't vet squat for the refugees coming here. A recent report by the government shows that 73 people working for the TSA have terrorist ties and they were all working in places of high security. This number may even go higher as inter-agency communication has not improved at all since 9/11 no matter what we keep hearing from our increasingly untrustworthy government. If we can't vet our own people, what hope do we have for refugees?

I talked with a Syrian refugee who has been here for several years. He wants a stop to Syrians coming here and with good reason. He told me that there is no vetting process from the failed Syrian government whose people are all too happy to accept bribes to guarantee a fake name to anyone willing to pay. He also told me there is a 100% chance that ISIS is already here through these official channels. These are a patient people, he said, and waiting years to get here is not a deterrent. Americans are too quick to want while Syrians have learned to wait to get what they want. This is not different from the terrorist wanting to bring the West down.

We may be covering up some failed attempts to keep the veneer of security alive, but after today's attack by Al-Quada, who may be trying to outdouche Isis, in Mali where scores where killed, that may be a hard thing to contain. Reliable information suggest a bomb was found outside the German soccer stadium that was evacuated a few days ago. Everyone there has been sworn to secrecy but my sources from the area say different and affirm what I have read is true. It is only a matter of time before another huge attack happens in the West, possibly with chemical weapons as some allege is possible. If this happens, it's game over for the Muslim world.

Meanwhile, our idiot President, John Kerry, David Cameron and Francois Hollande keep parroting the stupidest line of reasoning since our ill fated attack on Iraq in 2003 with similiar bull. They keep telling us Assad is the problem, somehow ignoring the fact that militant Muslims are the ones killing us and Assad is fighting the problem. Shades of Saddam anyone? Could our industrialists who want a pipe line that Assad has refused to support be the reason for this? We got rid of Saddam for less.

Then there is the economy which is bottoming out. Over the last 48 hours, two major hedge funds went belly up with billions in assets due to a crashing economy. Energy stocks are cratering with some down over 60% this year. Retail has hit a wall as stock buybacks are no longer working. IBM has lost revenue for 14 straight quarters. Caterpillar has faced similiar loses. Even Nordstrom's, which until recently had been profitable, is hemorrhaging money too as even the upper echelon is starting to get pinched. Housing has started to fall dramatically in some places and even top dollar homes seems to have hot their peak, which the only thing keeping the real estate market afloat. These are the same signs we saw before the last crash which also had the stock market accelerating right before it crashed into the Earth.

Even Obamacare has finally hit the wall it was always going to. Without price controls, and perhaps ultimately, a full nationalization of all health care, costs were going to soar and they are. The result is that insurance companies are starting to fall apart as costs are swamping their ability to make any profit. United Health has said they may have to leave the Obamacare exchanges nationwide due to spiraling costs and a major supplier recently left the Colorado exchange for the same reason. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is going to raise their prices 60% next year for some groups. This is unsustainable and real soon the system is going to collapse. Now even if Obamacare hadn't been part of the equation, prices would still be rising uncontrollably. If we don't move to a single payer system, as well as price controls at the very least, there won't be an affordable health care system for anyone.

Lastly, the House passed a bill today that is being sponsored by the Koch Brothers and the Heritage Foundation, which should be a warning sign. For months these two have cried about unfair sentencing for black people, which seemed as odd as a Vegan campaigning for McDonald's. Turns out I was right to worry. While the bill does indeed help sentencing problems that unfairly target minorities, it also includes language that effectively legalizes all sorts of white collar crimes as well. Call it the rich people never go to jail amendment.

The world is turning too fast and I want to get off as my shade is becoming greener than Kermit the Frog. I am sick of hearing things that are wrong. Aren't you?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I just finished a comment to a reader who discovered an old post and went off on what a "liberal douchebag"  I am. As I have pointed out many, many times, I do not identify as liberal or conservative but somewhere in between or as I call it, the logic group. While I admit I agree with liberals more than the conservatives, that is because hate-mongering against gays and abortion makes my sick as well as horrific economic policies that will make things worse. But there are times, like today, that liberals are making epic mistakes and ones that could cost them the election in 2016.

Obama, Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders, to name just a few, have rallied for bringing Syrian refugees here which I think is a giant mistake for numerous reasons. First and foremost, how exactly are we paying for this? I see homeless everywhere, a number of whom are veterans, jobs are disappearing to foreign workers on a daily basis, due to their want to work for less and the government is going broke due to record low tax revenues, mostly caused by idiot Republicans who think tax breaks will stimulate the economy, even though that has worked exactly never. If we can't fix what we have to help our own people, why are we bending over backwards to help other countries while our own people starve?

I have talked with liberal and conservative friends nationwide and I have discovered a common thread: no one wants the Syrians here. Yes we feel bad that they have run away from a war torn area but that is not my problem. Maybe if they had stayed and fought back, things wouldn't be so bleak but instead turned around and said "GIMME" to the world. This has led to massive problems such as thousands of rapes throughout Europe by Muslim immigrants (which some stats suggest is an epidemic), the rise of the far right in politics here and abroad and the decline of funds that could be better used to help indigenous people and are instead going to ungrateful migrants.

Obama and others have backed these people coming to the country but this is the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads if anything goes wrong. All it takes is one idiot to do something stupid who is from Syria in this country and a blood bath will ensue. Attacks against Muslims have increased dramatically world wide with mosques being burned, Muslim families being attacked and a general disdain for anyone who even looks like a Muslim as one Uber driver found out after he was attacked, even though his religion was Christian. Never forget that WW1 and WW2 started after Gavarilo Princip shot Franz Ferdinand and twenty million people died as a direct result. The amount of hatred right now is very similiar to that time period and a similar action could happen as soon as tonight.

Donald Trump is speaking in Worcester tonight, which is the same town that recently had a bunch of automatic weapons stolen from an unguarded weapons depot. Great use of budget cuts guys. Should these weapons be in the hands of terrorists and say assassinate Trump with them (which to be honest I feel is low on the probability scale), this country will erupt in violence. If the culprit turns out to be a Syrian refugee, which the city has rehomed over the last few years, you can bet Muslims will be attacked in ways unseen in the history of the world as well as all but guaranteeing a massive sweep of democratic politicians who are spouting about increasing Syrian refugees. It would be a great way to get rid of Trump, whom the establishment doesn't want, as well as get rid of the democratic party who would take decades to reform. It would also spell the end of this country. The fact that these weapons are out there are being looked at closely by the FBI who privately are worried that they may be used this Holiday season.

The democrats, particularly Obama, has been spouting some real bull shit about the war on terrorism which, contrary to what we keep hearing, are losing. Our policy for decades has been attack without mercy, except if there are civilian around and then we can do nothing. France and Russia have been bombing the crap out of Syria for the past few days, using coordinates we gave them. So let me get this straight, we knew where these places were but did nothing because we want zero civilian causalities? That is not possible. Then we have Obama at the G-20 summit tell us with a straight face tell us that our bombing campaign is working, somehow not knowing that no war using sole air power has ever worked. If we are serious about ending this war we have to accept some basic facts.

One, we have to get off oil. This is entirely possible with modern advancement. Two, we have start treating this like a real war and killing people, civilian or not. Take out a few major cities and watch people want peace. Before that can happen, you have to break people's spirit like we did in WW2. We dropped two nukes on a country with a culture of death who worshiped an unimpeachable figure and when that happened they gave up. There were zero terrorist attacks afterward because the Japanese were beaten and they knew it. They were very similiar in nature to today's Muslim extremists groups, yet we treat them with kid gloves because we do not want to fight a war like we have too for public shaming. Too bad. You wanted to be president and with that comes the responsibility to defend this country at all costs. So grow a pair and start acting like one. Jimmy Carter may have been right about a lot of things but his pacifist nature was crippling then and now. Stop being a pussy and do something. The end result otherwise, especially if we let in thousands of Syrians, may be the destruction of both the democratic party and the nation as a whole. So for conservatives who feel I am too liberal, read this post and explain to me how that's true.

Monday, November 16, 2015


What a weekend. We watched an actual debate with good questions, better follow-ups (can John Dickerson do ALL the debates from now on?) and a rare moment when a candidate implodes and some in the media actually acknowledge its existence. Paris literally exploded which has lead to everything I have talked about for decades now. As a matter of fact, a college thesis I did way back when, before even radical extremists were as prevalent as today, I correctly foresaw everything that occurred soon after, such as the rise of hatred toward said groups and the distinct possibility that Muslims may soon be the new Jews of the thirties and forties. This will impact our own upcoming elections, and as Ann Coulter recently wrote, " we just elected Donald Trump president," which may not be that far fetched anymore.

Let's start with debate that was easily the best one so far. No mean girl questions like CNBC did, nor the fawning softballs Fox News has peddled so far, although to be fair, Fox Business asked great questions but utterly failed to follow up on the dumbest of answers, made this debate one for grownups. Everyone came up with some great moments except for the front runner who did not do as well as a lot of the media, but not all, proclaimed. In this debate, hands down, Bernie Sanders won. He was on point, factual and made some stinging comments about Hillary. Hillary on the other hand did well in some areas, but somehow lost badly in her answers about the recent Paris attacks.

John Dickerson asked her if Obama and the State Department underestimated ISIS, a point underscored by Obama's unfortunate interview earlier where he called ISIS "contained," which was proved beyond wrong hours later.  She responded with  “But it cannot be an American fight. And I think what the President has consistently said—which I agree with—is that we will support those who take the fight to ISIS. But this cannot be an American fight, although American leadership is essential.”
“But Secretary Clinton, the question’s about what was ISIS underestimated?” Dickerson said, hoping she might actually answer the question. In true Clinton fashion she dodged it again and said “We abided by the agreement that George W. Bush made with the Iraqis, to leave" shifting the blame back to the Republicans, which while not inaccurate, doesn't actually answer the question. She then went on to say “But I don’t think that the United States has the bulk of the responsibility. I really put that on Assad and on the Iraqis and on the region itself.” Now this sounds great in theory but in reality just opened her up to all sorts of problems from all sides.
Martin O'Malley jumped in and said it is of course America's fight and he is not wrong. Sanders used this to say he didn't vote for the war in the first place, a big jab at Hillary, and then linked her to the creation on ISIS which is true as the destabilization of countries we have interfered with, correlating with Hillary's time in Congress and Secretary of State, happened with her approval. With what she said, she painted herself as either someone dangerously out of touch with reality or a war hawk hell bent on destruction, neither a popular trait outside of the GOP circles.

When the debate pivoted to the economy, Hillary is at the disadvantage to Sander's populism. But even I was taken back, as were most pundits, by Hillary's inexplicable answer about Wall Street where she channeled Rudy Giuliani and Lois Griffin and started spouting 9/11 like some tourette's victim. Sanders brought up the fact that her campaign is being funded by large banks, ones she keeps telling us she will "reign in," and which he rightfully doesn't believe. Her response was one of the worst one anyone in any of the debates has given. Here it is:

“I represented New York on 9/11, when we were attacked. Where were we attacked? We were attacked in downtown Manhattan, where Wall Street is. I did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. That was good for New York. It was good for the economy and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country.”

How does 9/11 connect with Big Banks at all? She does know it wasn't just Wall Street affected right?  This answer puzzled everyone and will be used against her for some time by opponents on all sides. Her answer later when she said she was a child of the 60's, is being used in Marco Rubio ads calling her out of touch and too old to be president. There is a reason these debates are being aired on slow nights: Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC are trying to pick your candidate for you. Stop falling for crap even a huge percentage of the Republican voters haven't as they look to non-politicians for answers. It might not be the wisest decision but completely understandable.
Speaking of understandable, the Paris attack is going exactly as predicted. We have seen a small rise in anti-Muslim attacks here and abroad, a huge rise in anti-Muslim sentiment and the fact that all Syrian refugees just became persona non grata across the planet. Six governors, including Gov. Baker here in MA, have all publicly said no way to more refugees, a fact that will spread nationwide. The fact that Obama, Hillary and, briefly, Sanders all have said the opposite, is telling. Sanders has back peddled since but Obama and Hillary seem not to have gotten the memo that people HATE this idea and with good reason. This is NOT a winning strategy. Baker went from acceptance of refugees along with the current mayor of Boston, to 24 hours later saying he would not want any more refugees. You can guess how much hate mail he got to change his opinion so quickly.

Muslims are already a hated religion across Europe and this latest attack is not helping. The fact the Obama and Putin, two people who hate one another, were seen talking calmly for 35 minutes at a recent summit says tons about why WW3 will not occur in the sense that Russia and China will not be our adversaries but our allies instead. They both have serious Muslim problems of their own as well as a recent ISIS bomb on a Russian plane and you can guess that if the world decides enough is enough, the Middle East may very well disappear in a blink.
Here at home, Muslims face a frightening future. If these attacks continue, and I expect them too, just being Muslim may cause grotesque violence against them. Behind closed doors, NATO rules are being examined if France decides to use it, every NATO nation, as well as some non-members like Russia and China, may make Syria and Northern Iraq a glass bottomed desert. Even worse, REX 84 is also being looked at, which contrary to the MSM, is the forced detention of all Muslims into the internment camps we built some time ago. They are now fully staffed and stacked with food, as Army want ads suggest. These camps exist. Or we gave KBR over half a billion dollars for nothing. Either way scandal.

These attacks are not making a point but driving a stake through Muslims world wide. It is a call for genocide and not everyone else's but their own. Here at home, we have Trump saying maybe we should start deporting all Muslims and shutting down their mosques. Others on the GOP side have echoed the same. This past weekend, someone stole a bunch of weapons from an Army depot which either suggests an inside job or really lax security. Now the authorities have downplayed this as terrorism, but have offered no proof either way. I will admit, this does make me nervous and it should as terrorism is a real threat even if it's rarer than shark bites. These attacks are fueling right wing rhetoric everywhere as it always does. If it continues, someone like Trump could win and that's is a little scary. Far worse would be President Carly Fiorina.
The Pope is headed to Africa soon. If he dies at the hands of a Muslim, the world will burn which the alleged third secret of Fatima says (that is a column in and of itself). The Muslim world is about to reach a reckoning. Here's hoping it doesn't end with billions dead.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


We got it from all sides this week. Radical Muslims attacked Paris mostly due to Western countries incompetence and greed. The far left went berserk, ousting many a campus president while simultaneously echoing Maoist doctrine and a chilling attack on free speech. The far right has exploded since the attacks world wide and because of this Donald Trump stands to be the defacto nominee now with his anti immigrant stance which is going to extend massively to Muslim, and particularly, Syrian immigrants. Violence is coming and it is everywhere so be ready to hunker down when things start to go south. I would also like to point out that this blog accurately predicted everything that is occurring right now so go me. Let's see those runner ups in a truly awful week.
10)Kevin Swanson- Three GOP candidates, Jindal, Huckabee and Cruz all showed up for this anti-gay sermon given in Iowa by resident idiot and pastor Kevin Swanson. During his televised tirade, he said Harry Potter readers were being indoctrinated into the occult, thus the book should be banned, called the left traitors and, most worrisome, said all gay people should be killed and he would go to jail a happy man if he decided to go through with it as it was "God's law." "Haven't we had enough religious intolerance for one week?," said everyone not a fanatic on Earth.

9)Starbucks nonsense- The cups are red and green, yet some are having a fit over the fact that there are no "holiday" symbols on them. Is this really a pressing problem? Don't we have better things to worry about? This all started when a Kevin James clone (check out the video for reference) went ballistic over Starbucks not having anything but plain red and green on their cups, most likely to save money on printing costs. This was another non-issue brought to the forefront but idiots and a media too lazy to do any real reporting anymore.

8)Johnathan Butler- We'll get into Millennials later, but this ass takes the cake. After a week long hunger strike at U of Missouri, dumb ass got his way and the current president and chancellor stepped down because of "white privilege." So technically he held his breath until he turned blue to get his way. Real mature. Turns out, this dick is not some inner city youth beat down by an oppressive system, but a rich, silver spoon toddler whose family is worth at least $20 million. Wouldn't this fall into the area of "black privilege" then? I am sick of whiny youths using race as a weapon. The fact that they are becoming more and more radicalized and following Communist doctrine is especially scary.

7)Lee Robert Moore- This 37 year old former Secret Service member could be one of the dumbest people on the planet. This moron thought he was sending sex pics and messages to a 14 year old girl. But as all of us know who are NOT pedos, it always a cop on the other side. Did he never watch To Catch a Predator? And he's a cop who should know better! Enjoy jail stupid.

6)Hillary Clinton- Much like her husband, she has mastered the art of not answering any question put to her. At last night's rather excellent debate (best moderator yet), she was asked about her support for Wall Street. Instead of answering the question she channeled Lois Griffin from Family Guy when she was running for mayor and started screaming something about 9/11 which had no bearing on the question in general. I hate when 9/11 gets mentioned in any debate and I wish was there was an electric shock we give them when it is ever mentioned for no reason. The internet says Bernie won and you can guess what the pundits said instead. We are being forced to vote for a candidate no one likes and there is nothing we can do about it. Whee. Welcome to the new America where your voice doesn't matter at all.

5)Ronald Regan- Everything that has happened in the Middle East over the past few decades can be traced back to this moron. This was the first mistakes of many in which we armed a group to fight a proxy war that came back to bite us in the ass. The reason there is an Al Qaeda and an ISIS all goes back to this idiotic decision that the world is still paying for. Thanks gipper, I hope you are rotting in hell.

4)George W. Bush- Bush broke the world when he decided to invade Iraq. If this hadn't happened, we wouldn't be in the position we are now. If he hadn't decided not to pay for any of it while giving huge tax cuts to his buddies, we might not be on the sinking ship known as Earth. He is quite simply the worst president ever, yet a lot of you still think Republicans are the way to fix things, which they never have. This next election cannot have the GOP still in any positions of power due to their rank incompetence than no one wants to talk about. Grow up America.

3)US/Obama- Unclassified documents I spent the whole morning pouring over suggest a dismal future where corporations run the show over inept politicians. Pentagon reports say that we started arming rebels in 2011 as a proxy against Syria knowing full well that they could lose control of militants and that no moderate rebels existed, but damn it, they were going to sell them weapons regardless. Assad may be in trouble for nixing a new pipeline way back when, as well as the military industrial complex desire to sell more weapons abroad. If true, and it appears to be so, our politicians are under complete control by outside forces who care little about collateral damage as long as their bottom line gets padded, thus the TPP. America faces extinction and yet no one cares. Expect zero press about these documents from a worthless MSM tonight.

2)France- Turns out they had multiple chances to stop the Paris attacks but flunked out completely. A week ago, a terrorist with seven rifles, grenades and pistols was found in hidden compartments in a car crossing from Germany on the way to Paris. Locals failed to notify anyone about this. Several of the attackers were known to police who failed to keep a close eye on them. Chatter about an imminent attack was heard yet the public not warned. This country is going to take a sharp turn to the right, as is most of the world. Muslims living within many European countries are facing extermination if attacks continue, which I expect them to. Genocide is coming. Bet on it. Obama also gets a smack for saying ISIS is being contained hours before this attack. I don't think that's true and this attack proves it. This will be fodder for the right.

1)Extremists- Holy Christ there are a lot of stupid people out there. The far left lost their minds with protest that seem more anti-white and anti-freedom than you would normally expect. Black people have decided that they want to take over everything, demanding "safe spaces," away from anyone NOT black. A young Asian girl got booed  at one campus rally for suggesting that black people can be racist too and gave several examples of this which the mostly black crowd ignored. They have kicked white people out of areas, suggesting black only restrictions which is every bit as bad as white only water fountains. As many of the complaints have been questionable and their demands impossible in a free society, we may finally be witnessing the end of society as no one wants to listen to anyone any more who doesn't fall into their narrow spectrum of beliefs. The right is screaming bloody murder over the Paris attacks and this time, they are not completely wrong. Allowing a bunch of Syrian refugees unchecked into Western society may be the end of us all, especially if these attacks continue. This is leading to a huge surge in far right politicians who may sweep into power here and abroad leading to all sorts of problems. The worst extremists are by and far Muslims who may have just sighed their own death warrants. Attacks against innocent Muslims are going to skyrocket across Europe, as they already hate these people and not without reason. Some heads of state, like Merkel and Cameron, stand on shaky ground and may be ousted soon. Already, countries like Poland told the EU to take a hike and will accept no new Syrian refugees. Several towns in THIS country have said the same. The borders are going to close quick upon the Syrians who may have nowhere to go but back home. That may not be an option if France decides to start upping their bombing campaign against ISIS as they are very likely to do. All in all, extremists suck of all brands and we had better start listening and forgiving or else face a world war and billions dead, mostly from the Middle East. Time has run out. So congratulation extremists, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Man that was two plus dull hours. As one pundit tweeted "Who else missed the train wreck that was CNBC?" The questions were far better, but also lacked any spark or insight, as well as a few real softballs. Here's a brief summary of last night:

Trump- I will deport all illegal aliens and be awesome at it.

Cruz- I can't name five agencies I'd cut, making an unfortunate gaffe only belonging to politicians from Texas.

Kaisch- When is it my turn to interrupt rudely?

Fiorina- Who exactly is voting for me?

Rubio- I am thankful that not one question addressed my credit card scandal. Thank you Fox News for another softball my way instead.

Paul- I actually have some sound ideas that are getting drowned out by these idiots.

Carson- I would also like to thank Fox News for no hard questions about my past, and by the way, I am also the King of Norway. Challenge that liberal media.

Quick side note, I actually struggled to name the next candidate.

Bush- Look guys I didn't suck half as hard this time.

That was the gist of the whole debacle. Say what you want about previous debates for the GOP which have been a mixed bag, this one was really boring. So who won:


Trump did himself no harm and will continue to lead in the polls. Trump is NOT totally self financing his campaign, which he stated yet again, however he does not have any Super Pacs or huge sum coming in as his last tally was just shy of four million. Compared to Bush's $150 million plus war chest, that is quite minuscule. His biggest flub was suggesting people get paid LESS, a fact that may hurt his numbers as even Republicans want a raise.

Cruz will siphon a lot of votes from Carson, oddly not from Carson's bio past which many seem to be ignoring as "liberal media nonsense," but from lackluster debate performances, something he is not very good at. The fact that so many Republicans are ignoring facts about Carson's life speaks droves as to the intellectual deficiency there. Cruz numbers will go up. He pulled a Rick Perry when his five agencies he'd eliminate was actually four because he named Dept. of Commerce twice but no one seemed to notice so boo on the moderators for that.

Rubio did the best this night and has a real chance to be a new front runner soon, especially if Carson support collapses, as polling suggest it might. Independents are going to flee Carson as well and Rubio stands the best chance of picking those voters up. His big lie was that philosophy majors make less than welders, but stats say the former makes an average of $81,000 while welders max out at $64,000. Oops. College matters dumbass.

Paul did surprisngly well in many polls and I think did a good job last night. Much like Christie, who did well on the undercard debate though, it is far too little too late to do any lasting good. Him sparing with Trump over the TPP was one of the best moments of the night, and I have to hand it to Fox News for asking the question that everyone else has ignored. His one flub was stating that Republican run cities and states are more profitable which is 100% false. Blue states make far more money than red states, which should be considered welfare in their eyes and the top cities best run all have democratic mayors like Boston, NYC and LA. Just because Chicago and Detroit suck doesn't mean they all do.

Middle of the Road

Bush- He did better than expected but I still don't know if he can right this sinking ship. His last name is quite an anchor to overcome. However, he had some of the biggest fact problems of the night, suggesting him as presidency will expand growth to 4% which no economist on earth thinks possible. That is just promising something you cannot deliver, just like Obama. He also blamed Dodd Frank for all the bank problems we have had, somehow ignorant of the Savings and Loan scandal caused by his brother Neil or the fact his brother sunk the economy with worthless economic policies. Dodd Frank did NOT cause banks to have less liquidity but more and the only reason it is not working better is because dick Republicans have done everything they can to kill it. This guy lies more than Carson. But as the moderators didn't call him out on any of this, an all too common problem that night, he slid right by again. He did poorly on online polls but his money will keep him competitive for now.


Carson- It is simply incredible that his past didn't come back to haunt him but no one seemed interested in this, even though it goes to the core of his being. Instead he warbled on about whatever, as he is human Ambien to me. His belief in Joseph building the pyramids should have been brought up, but nope. One of his big flubs was suggesting Chinese troops are in Syria which is news to everyone. Another was his statement that places that raise the minimum wage do worse than those that don't, which stats do not support. His numbers will start to fall soon but not due to his idiot comments but his sleepy persona which is causing many to defect to Cruz and Rubio.

Fiorina- Who is voting for this idiot? It was another debate night of questionable facts especially when she went off on how Obamacare is not working, which it actually is. More people have access to life saving health care than they did pre-Obama and that is good. Prices do continue to rise but would have regardless of Obamacare or not as neither the old or new way addressed this. Maybe if we elected better people, not this moron, we could actually change things for the better. This woman is the worst person running for president period. Her poll numbers will not rise from this performance.

Kasich- The clear loser of the night, he came across as shrill and rude and people HATED it. This may have be his death knell on the main stage as focus groups all pointed him out for losing their support. His numbers are going to crater over the next few weeks and expect to see him regulated to the kid's table next time, which thankfully isn't until Dec 15th.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


After countless debate about what exactly is in the upcoming Trans Pacific Trade deal, it has finally arrived all wrapped up in a beautiful box filled to the brim with shit. I cannot stress how bad this deal is. It will end everything and that is no hyperbole. It will create a new form of government, a corptocracy, where Big Business holds all the power and I mean ALL the power. It will erase nation states, end national sovereignty and possible create a totalitarian one world government. Fun. Let's take a better look at what is in this awful, nation ending deal.
The TPP lowers tariff rates to zero which is immediate for us and much longer for others giving other countries a clear advantage. Because of these lack of tariffs, along with new deals for foreign automakers and auto parts, this will lead to a $55 billion dollars defect and 330,000 jobs, according to the WSJ. How does that help anyone here other than corporations? Also, changing NATFA rules on labeling, a car could be made 55% in China and still be labeled, Made in America.

On the environment, this pact all but guarantees a massive increase in pollution and cover ups of environmental maleficence. Previous pacts had an adherence to seven core principles on standards. The TPP has one, which is protecting endangered species. It does nothing to combat plant theft, such as lumber and rare plants, which is far more serious than people think. It will allow for more fisheries to fudge their numbers, thus decimating already rapidly decreasing species in the oceans as well as doing nothing to stop shark and whale hunts. There is not one word about climate change in this at all.

Even if anyone decides to do anything against this pact, there is no enforcement rules for failure. A trade dispute involving lumber has dragged on for years in Peru where 78% of the wood was obtained illegally. Peru has done nothing to stop this and no one has said boo about it. The TPP will allow even further destruction like this with no penalty.

This one is a kicker: the TPP allows fossil fuel companies to challenge local and state safeguards and laws by using an international tribunal, staffed by arbitrators who will be corporate friendly. In other words, if BP wants to drill in your back yard there may nothing you can do to stop them. This type of stuff is already being challenged in other countries like Canada, facing a lawsuit from Big Business who want to frack in Quebec and coal companies that want to strip mine Nova Scotia. This pact will dramatically increase our need for fossil fuels, exacerbate climate change and increase fracking unabated. Oklahoma just became the earthquake capital of the world. I wonder why.

How about food? Well safety is not a concern as this bill will allow for open borders on unlabeled meat of GMO or foreign origin. Personally I am not that against GMO's myself as I have yet to see any hard proof of their danger, although Monsanto still sucks for how they are suing the crap out of anyone who gets in their way. But people who don't want to eat GMO's should be allowed to do so. We label glutten for God's sake. The TPP even allows for self inspection of food or by third party groups rather than the FDA. That sounds like an outbreak waiting to happen. To put this in perspective, the peanut butter CEO who just went to prison for killing nine people with his tainted food got an A rating from a third party group. Expect much, much more if this thing passes.

As for drugs, they could get a whole lot more expensive due to a series of rules that are rather vague and could be exploited. It also makes sure that this country will never get the ability to control soaring drug prices due to favorable corporate rules in the text. This is one of the big reasons insurance prices are going up and up. It's not Obamacare to blame, this would have happened regardless of it's implementation. It could also make it harder to prove negligence against a Pharma company, especially if it's overseas.

Because of the ISDS laws inside of the text, it would elevate foreign corporations to sovereign status, with all the power of a nation state, something never seen before. If a foreign government doesn't like what you are doing, they could sue and win. This could even lead to gun confiscation. Say a workplace shooting takes place at a Nissan dealership. Nissan could sue us for a lot of money. If more and more happen like that, it will be either bankruptcy or giving up guns. Which do you think the government will pick? Either way, we could be on the hook for trillions in taxpayers dollars. Financial regulations of any country could be gutted. Big Pharma could demand cash for claimed violations. Fossil fuel companies could hold whole areas hostage. This is rule by the corporation squared.

And those arbitrators, they will be a revolving door of judges and advocates, meaning they could be a company lawyer one minute and the deciding judge the next. Nothing unethical about that right? There is nothing in the text that says they have to be impartial or rules to step down. This is a rubber stamp committee. And if you want to appeal the decision? Too bad, you can't. Even if you win, you may still have to cough up $8 million in "court fees."

Here's the part that affects me and others like me: copyright law. According to TPP, free speech could be curtailed by this by affecting everything from hyperlinks to content. It makes tinkering with any electronic device a crime, so if they decide to say put a camera in every TV that is on at all times, tampering with it could land you in jail. Whistle blower protection? Gone. It will change the internet by possibly making hyperlinks illegal, ending many a website if true. It could even result in jail time for someone like me writing about someone or something that a foreign power says is libelous and demand my extradition to stand trial. The TPP could send me there without a doubt.

This pact will increase foreign born workers, something the House GOP just passed that will triple the amount of low skill workers into this country, further depressing wages for people who aren't making it as it is. Luckily, it has no chance of becoming law. The TPP will flood the country with high skill workers, effectively making most of us obsolete. Poverty is set to soar under this law.

The long and short of this is that this deal sucks hard and the American people are going to get screwed by it. I fully expect it to pass, which would make Barack Obama the worst president of all times. When you can out do his predecessor, you know you've crossed through the looking glass. The country is coming to an end people and no one seems to care. Wise up because you are going to wake up one day and be in a radically different world and you'll wonder "How did this happen?" You let it. It's time to wake up America. Bedtime is over.

Monday, November 9, 2015


You know you've gone too far when the far right starts to look sane in comparison. These past few days have been a plethora of stories about PC nonsense run amok, most unfortunately being committed by black groups who seem to have lost their minds and have decided Marxism is the way to go.

In universities across the country, teachers are being vilified for having a different opinion than the student body and many times the teacher is right. The biggest issue right now involves the University of Missouri whose President had to step done due to racism that is allegedly "rampant" there. Having read the whole story, I can't quite figure out what went wrong. The accounts seem to suggest the because the school didn't have some sort of rally for the dead thug Michael Brown, the specter of "white privilege," which does not exist, infected white people running the school. Then, two students got called nigger by unknown parties on separate occasion most likely by people who did not attend the school. Oh boo hoo, someone called you a name. WHAAAA! I used to get beat up every day in junior high. That's far worse. Then I took martial arts for a decade and that is no longer a problem. But see what I did. I didn't complain and bitch and get people fired. I did things myself. Step one is to grow a pair and stop whining every time someone says something to you you don't like and man up. Words don't hurt unless you let them. The next time someone calls you a nigger, just remember that that person is a stupid moron who is most likely far dumber then you. Take solace in that.

However, making a set of demands like a second rate Bond villain is beneath us at this point. And to suggest that white privilege is the root cause of this is idiotic. I, and many of my friends, come from wealthy, white backgrounds. Unfortunately, for a lot us, we are far poorer than our parents, barely able to make ends meet. How does that make us privileged? It doesn't. Not everything is about race.

This level of discourse is becoming impossible as no one listens to anyone outside their bubble anymore, right or left. I keep an open mind to everything except proven facts like the age of the Earth, evolution, and other hard science truths. There is not always two sides to every story.

But lately, the far left has become rabid in it's inability to handle opposition leading to the destruction of free speech. At Wesleyan University recently a conservative view was published in the school paper that criticized Black Lives Matter, not in their message, but how they are getting that message out, a point I wholly agree with. Young black youths are getting a raw deal in a lot of places, and some of that may indeed by racist in nature. However, pissing on the political system and annoying the average citizen is a sure fire way to oblivion, as Occupy Wall Street went. Now instead of establishing a dialogue about this absolute fact, students went nuts, defunding the paper and calling the author a racist, which he absolutely wasn't. When is expressing a logical conclusion reasons for death threats?

The police have doing the same thing to Quentin Tarantino and his desire to stop seeing cops killing people indiscriminately. This past weekend, a six year autistic boy was shot to death by two black cops who still haven't come up with a good reason why they stopped the car the boy was in the first place. Shakedown is my guess and when the dad wouldn't pay, they killed his boy and attempted to kill the father too. These assholes should be in gen-pop where their life expectancy could be measured in minutes. But instead of talking about this, the cops are demanding the director's head? Why? Nothing he said is false in the slightest.

Even in top schools like Yale is this PC crap going full tilt. An administrator there recently wrote about lightening up on "offensive" costumes and stop seeing racism everywhere. You would have thoughts she suggested black face night for the entire student body by the outcome this caused. They demanded both the woman who wrote this and her husband, who is also teacher, apologize for this article and they wisely refused. That is when all hell broke out and students started demanding they be fired and that free speech has no place on college campuses. They actually said that. This is dangerous and the very reason why I use words like nigger, retard and, my personal favorite, fuck because once you start censoring any language ANY word or action that offends even one person has to be eliminated and then you start censoring speech and thought. This is Marxism in action and why the far left has to reel it in already.

Too many black people lately are using their race as a get out of trouble free card no matter if it is warranted or not. Too many students, of all colors, are becoming WAY too PC for the good of this country. South Park has been lampooning this all season with the current episode to be what happens when you get rid of all the cops because they are, according to the residents of South Park, are all racist pigs. I am going to assume that it will be much like Family Guy when Peter joined the Tea Party and eliminated government with disastrous results.

Lastly, it's not just students falling for this PC crap. At the South Park Mall in NC, some idiot got it into his head that after a few people complained about the Christmas theme at the mall last year, he would replace it with a glacier theme. Needless to say, those few complaints was way less than the 17,000 complaints he got for NOT doing it. He was forced to revert back to the original idea which, let's face it, even a non conformist like me wants to see.

PC crap is killing us and making us dumber. Help put an end to this by actually listening to what the other side has to say before sharpening your knives. You will be the better person for doing so.