Sunday, November 15, 2015


We got it from all sides this week. Radical Muslims attacked Paris mostly due to Western countries incompetence and greed. The far left went berserk, ousting many a campus president while simultaneously echoing Maoist doctrine and a chilling attack on free speech. The far right has exploded since the attacks world wide and because of this Donald Trump stands to be the defacto nominee now with his anti immigrant stance which is going to extend massively to Muslim, and particularly, Syrian immigrants. Violence is coming and it is everywhere so be ready to hunker down when things start to go south. I would also like to point out that this blog accurately predicted everything that is occurring right now so go me. Let's see those runner ups in a truly awful week.
10)Kevin Swanson- Three GOP candidates, Jindal, Huckabee and Cruz all showed up for this anti-gay sermon given in Iowa by resident idiot and pastor Kevin Swanson. During his televised tirade, he said Harry Potter readers were being indoctrinated into the occult, thus the book should be banned, called the left traitors and, most worrisome, said all gay people should be killed and he would go to jail a happy man if he decided to go through with it as it was "God's law." "Haven't we had enough religious intolerance for one week?," said everyone not a fanatic on Earth.

9)Starbucks nonsense- The cups are red and green, yet some are having a fit over the fact that there are no "holiday" symbols on them. Is this really a pressing problem? Don't we have better things to worry about? This all started when a Kevin James clone (check out the video for reference) went ballistic over Starbucks not having anything but plain red and green on their cups, most likely to save money on printing costs. This was another non-issue brought to the forefront but idiots and a media too lazy to do any real reporting anymore.

8)Johnathan Butler- We'll get into Millennials later, but this ass takes the cake. After a week long hunger strike at U of Missouri, dumb ass got his way and the current president and chancellor stepped down because of "white privilege." So technically he held his breath until he turned blue to get his way. Real mature. Turns out, this dick is not some inner city youth beat down by an oppressive system, but a rich, silver spoon toddler whose family is worth at least $20 million. Wouldn't this fall into the area of "black privilege" then? I am sick of whiny youths using race as a weapon. The fact that they are becoming more and more radicalized and following Communist doctrine is especially scary.

7)Lee Robert Moore- This 37 year old former Secret Service member could be one of the dumbest people on the planet. This moron thought he was sending sex pics and messages to a 14 year old girl. But as all of us know who are NOT pedos, it always a cop on the other side. Did he never watch To Catch a Predator? And he's a cop who should know better! Enjoy jail stupid.

6)Hillary Clinton- Much like her husband, she has mastered the art of not answering any question put to her. At last night's rather excellent debate (best moderator yet), she was asked about her support for Wall Street. Instead of answering the question she channeled Lois Griffin from Family Guy when she was running for mayor and started screaming something about 9/11 which had no bearing on the question in general. I hate when 9/11 gets mentioned in any debate and I wish was there was an electric shock we give them when it is ever mentioned for no reason. The internet says Bernie won and you can guess what the pundits said instead. We are being forced to vote for a candidate no one likes and there is nothing we can do about it. Whee. Welcome to the new America where your voice doesn't matter at all.

5)Ronald Regan- Everything that has happened in the Middle East over the past few decades can be traced back to this moron. This was the first mistakes of many in which we armed a group to fight a proxy war that came back to bite us in the ass. The reason there is an Al Qaeda and an ISIS all goes back to this idiotic decision that the world is still paying for. Thanks gipper, I hope you are rotting in hell.

4)George W. Bush- Bush broke the world when he decided to invade Iraq. If this hadn't happened, we wouldn't be in the position we are now. If he hadn't decided not to pay for any of it while giving huge tax cuts to his buddies, we might not be on the sinking ship known as Earth. He is quite simply the worst president ever, yet a lot of you still think Republicans are the way to fix things, which they never have. This next election cannot have the GOP still in any positions of power due to their rank incompetence than no one wants to talk about. Grow up America.

3)US/Obama- Unclassified documents I spent the whole morning pouring over suggest a dismal future where corporations run the show over inept politicians. Pentagon reports say that we started arming rebels in 2011 as a proxy against Syria knowing full well that they could lose control of militants and that no moderate rebels existed, but damn it, they were going to sell them weapons regardless. Assad may be in trouble for nixing a new pipeline way back when, as well as the military industrial complex desire to sell more weapons abroad. If true, and it appears to be so, our politicians are under complete control by outside forces who care little about collateral damage as long as their bottom line gets padded, thus the TPP. America faces extinction and yet no one cares. Expect zero press about these documents from a worthless MSM tonight.

2)France- Turns out they had multiple chances to stop the Paris attacks but flunked out completely. A week ago, a terrorist with seven rifles, grenades and pistols was found in hidden compartments in a car crossing from Germany on the way to Paris. Locals failed to notify anyone about this. Several of the attackers were known to police who failed to keep a close eye on them. Chatter about an imminent attack was heard yet the public not warned. This country is going to take a sharp turn to the right, as is most of the world. Muslims living within many European countries are facing extermination if attacks continue, which I expect them to. Genocide is coming. Bet on it. Obama also gets a smack for saying ISIS is being contained hours before this attack. I don't think that's true and this attack proves it. This will be fodder for the right.

1)Extremists- Holy Christ there are a lot of stupid people out there. The far left lost their minds with protest that seem more anti-white and anti-freedom than you would normally expect. Black people have decided that they want to take over everything, demanding "safe spaces," away from anyone NOT black. A young Asian girl got booed  at one campus rally for suggesting that black people can be racist too and gave several examples of this which the mostly black crowd ignored. They have kicked white people out of areas, suggesting black only restrictions which is every bit as bad as white only water fountains. As many of the complaints have been questionable and their demands impossible in a free society, we may finally be witnessing the end of society as no one wants to listen to anyone any more who doesn't fall into their narrow spectrum of beliefs. The right is screaming bloody murder over the Paris attacks and this time, they are not completely wrong. Allowing a bunch of Syrian refugees unchecked into Western society may be the end of us all, especially if these attacks continue. This is leading to a huge surge in far right politicians who may sweep into power here and abroad leading to all sorts of problems. The worst extremists are by and far Muslims who may have just sighed their own death warrants. Attacks against innocent Muslims are going to skyrocket across Europe, as they already hate these people and not without reason. Some heads of state, like Merkel and Cameron, stand on shaky ground and may be ousted soon. Already, countries like Poland told the EU to take a hike and will accept no new Syrian refugees. Several towns in THIS country have said the same. The borders are going to close quick upon the Syrians who may have nowhere to go but back home. That may not be an option if France decides to start upping their bombing campaign against ISIS as they are very likely to do. All in all, extremists suck of all brands and we had better start listening and forgiving or else face a world war and billions dead, mostly from the Middle East. Time has run out. So congratulation extremists, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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