Monday, November 30, 2015


Black Lives Matter has been a mixed bag for me for some time. While I compositely agree with their message that young black men, usually unarmed, are being gunned down by thug cops, I've hated a lot of their protest methods. I also hate when they become racist douchebags as a recent protest at Dartmouth college turned out when white people were singled out and ridiculed at the library. One of the main issues many have, myself included, is that when the say Black Lives Matter, it comes across as ONLY black lives matter. White and Hispanic people are also being killed by the police in questionable arrests but we never hear about them as the media glosses right over them. Explain to me how the media is racist again?

But lately things have changed and not for the better for the police. Chicago has been eye opening in it's bravado to whitewash the truth and expect the public to not be pissed. Laquand McDonald was killed by a cop, witnessed by at least five other officers, taped on multiple sources, and the only reason charges were filed because an investigative journalist demanded their release. Everyone involved should be ousted first light, including criminal charges for obstruction of justice for the cops that erased footage from a local Burger King. BLM should shut this city down until this happens.

Then we have the Republican party who is still trying to spin the Planned Parenthood shooting their way. Some of the more idiotic statements have come from people who say the shooter, Robert Dear, was a transgender with liberal ideals, including Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz, because of a misprint on his voter ID that said he was a woman and was registered as Independent, which stats show mostly lean right not left. Turns out, Dear WAS a Bible thumping conservative who hated Obama and abortion. Oops. So much for right wing drivel again.

On the same week as Obama was getting trashed for his awful ISIS strategy, the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, depriving themselves of a rather good talking point that is now overshadowed by this and Trump's sad impression of a reporter with disabilities. Obama meanwhile has watched as his advisers claim the reason we haven't bombed oil from ISIS in the past is because we didn't want civilian deaths and environmental concerns. That is worse than Trump this week, just not as entertaining which is how our modern media rolls.

Russia is claiming that the US must have known about the Russian plane's trajectory and did nothing to intervene. That may not be entirely untrue. We, and the rest of the west have an unnatural hard on to get rid of Assad that borders on insanity. Every time we topple a dictator, chaos ensues. Why roll that die again knowing the outcome will be bad? Why are we so determined to link Assad to ISIS, which flies in the face of reason, when Turkey is doing billions in business with the terrorist group instead? Either this world is borderline mentally challenged or there are other factors at work that we are not seeing. I've watched this movie before when it was called Get Rid of Saddam and I hated it. I'll pass on the sequel they seem to be setting us up for.

Black Friday sales dropped a whopping 10% this year, and that includes online sales. People have run out of money, or prefer to shop on different days to avoid getting killed over a food processor. The end result is the same in that out consumer society is falling apart and short of a massive boost of wealth to the middle class, nothing is going to change for the better. So Happy Holidays all. Next year is going to bring cataclysmic changes.

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