Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I just finished a comment to a reader who discovered an old post and went off on what a "liberal douchebag"  I am. As I have pointed out many, many times, I do not identify as liberal or conservative but somewhere in between or as I call it, the logic group. While I admit I agree with liberals more than the conservatives, that is because hate-mongering against gays and abortion makes my sick as well as horrific economic policies that will make things worse. But there are times, like today, that liberals are making epic mistakes and ones that could cost them the election in 2016.

Obama, Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders, to name just a few, have rallied for bringing Syrian refugees here which I think is a giant mistake for numerous reasons. First and foremost, how exactly are we paying for this? I see homeless everywhere, a number of whom are veterans, jobs are disappearing to foreign workers on a daily basis, due to their want to work for less and the government is going broke due to record low tax revenues, mostly caused by idiot Republicans who think tax breaks will stimulate the economy, even though that has worked exactly never. If we can't fix what we have to help our own people, why are we bending over backwards to help other countries while our own people starve?

I have talked with liberal and conservative friends nationwide and I have discovered a common thread: no one wants the Syrians here. Yes we feel bad that they have run away from a war torn area but that is not my problem. Maybe if they had stayed and fought back, things wouldn't be so bleak but instead turned around and said "GIMME" to the world. This has led to massive problems such as thousands of rapes throughout Europe by Muslim immigrants (which some stats suggest is an epidemic), the rise of the far right in politics here and abroad and the decline of funds that could be better used to help indigenous people and are instead going to ungrateful migrants.

Obama and others have backed these people coming to the country but this is the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads if anything goes wrong. All it takes is one idiot to do something stupid who is from Syria in this country and a blood bath will ensue. Attacks against Muslims have increased dramatically world wide with mosques being burned, Muslim families being attacked and a general disdain for anyone who even looks like a Muslim as one Uber driver found out after he was attacked, even though his religion was Christian. Never forget that WW1 and WW2 started after Gavarilo Princip shot Franz Ferdinand and twenty million people died as a direct result. The amount of hatred right now is very similiar to that time period and a similar action could happen as soon as tonight.

Donald Trump is speaking in Worcester tonight, which is the same town that recently had a bunch of automatic weapons stolen from an unguarded weapons depot. Great use of budget cuts guys. Should these weapons be in the hands of terrorists and say assassinate Trump with them (which to be honest I feel is low on the probability scale), this country will erupt in violence. If the culprit turns out to be a Syrian refugee, which the city has rehomed over the last few years, you can bet Muslims will be attacked in ways unseen in the history of the world as well as all but guaranteeing a massive sweep of democratic politicians who are spouting about increasing Syrian refugees. It would be a great way to get rid of Trump, whom the establishment doesn't want, as well as get rid of the democratic party who would take decades to reform. It would also spell the end of this country. The fact that these weapons are out there are being looked at closely by the FBI who privately are worried that they may be used this Holiday season.

The democrats, particularly Obama, has been spouting some real bull shit about the war on terrorism which, contrary to what we keep hearing, are losing. Our policy for decades has been attack without mercy, except if there are civilian around and then we can do nothing. France and Russia have been bombing the crap out of Syria for the past few days, using coordinates we gave them. So let me get this straight, we knew where these places were but did nothing because we want zero civilian causalities? That is not possible. Then we have Obama at the G-20 summit tell us with a straight face tell us that our bombing campaign is working, somehow not knowing that no war using sole air power has ever worked. If we are serious about ending this war we have to accept some basic facts.

One, we have to get off oil. This is entirely possible with modern advancement. Two, we have start treating this like a real war and killing people, civilian or not. Take out a few major cities and watch people want peace. Before that can happen, you have to break people's spirit like we did in WW2. We dropped two nukes on a country with a culture of death who worshiped an unimpeachable figure and when that happened they gave up. There were zero terrorist attacks afterward because the Japanese were beaten and they knew it. They were very similiar in nature to today's Muslim extremists groups, yet we treat them with kid gloves because we do not want to fight a war like we have too for public shaming. Too bad. You wanted to be president and with that comes the responsibility to defend this country at all costs. So grow a pair and start acting like one. Jimmy Carter may have been right about a lot of things but his pacifist nature was crippling then and now. Stop being a pussy and do something. The end result otherwise, especially if we let in thousands of Syrians, may be the destruction of both the democratic party and the nation as a whole. So for conservatives who feel I am too liberal, read this post and explain to me how that's true.

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