Monday, November 9, 2015


You know you've gone too far when the far right starts to look sane in comparison. These past few days have been a plethora of stories about PC nonsense run amok, most unfortunately being committed by black groups who seem to have lost their minds and have decided Marxism is the way to go.

In universities across the country, teachers are being vilified for having a different opinion than the student body and many times the teacher is right. The biggest issue right now involves the University of Missouri whose President had to step done due to racism that is allegedly "rampant" there. Having read the whole story, I can't quite figure out what went wrong. The accounts seem to suggest the because the school didn't have some sort of rally for the dead thug Michael Brown, the specter of "white privilege," which does not exist, infected white people running the school. Then, two students got called nigger by unknown parties on separate occasion most likely by people who did not attend the school. Oh boo hoo, someone called you a name. WHAAAA! I used to get beat up every day in junior high. That's far worse. Then I took martial arts for a decade and that is no longer a problem. But see what I did. I didn't complain and bitch and get people fired. I did things myself. Step one is to grow a pair and stop whining every time someone says something to you you don't like and man up. Words don't hurt unless you let them. The next time someone calls you a nigger, just remember that that person is a stupid moron who is most likely far dumber then you. Take solace in that.

However, making a set of demands like a second rate Bond villain is beneath us at this point. And to suggest that white privilege is the root cause of this is idiotic. I, and many of my friends, come from wealthy, white backgrounds. Unfortunately, for a lot us, we are far poorer than our parents, barely able to make ends meet. How does that make us privileged? It doesn't. Not everything is about race.

This level of discourse is becoming impossible as no one listens to anyone outside their bubble anymore, right or left. I keep an open mind to everything except proven facts like the age of the Earth, evolution, and other hard science truths. There is not always two sides to every story.

But lately, the far left has become rabid in it's inability to handle opposition leading to the destruction of free speech. At Wesleyan University recently a conservative view was published in the school paper that criticized Black Lives Matter, not in their message, but how they are getting that message out, a point I wholly agree with. Young black youths are getting a raw deal in a lot of places, and some of that may indeed by racist in nature. However, pissing on the political system and annoying the average citizen is a sure fire way to oblivion, as Occupy Wall Street went. Now instead of establishing a dialogue about this absolute fact, students went nuts, defunding the paper and calling the author a racist, which he absolutely wasn't. When is expressing a logical conclusion reasons for death threats?

The police have doing the same thing to Quentin Tarantino and his desire to stop seeing cops killing people indiscriminately. This past weekend, a six year autistic boy was shot to death by two black cops who still haven't come up with a good reason why they stopped the car the boy was in the first place. Shakedown is my guess and when the dad wouldn't pay, they killed his boy and attempted to kill the father too. These assholes should be in gen-pop where their life expectancy could be measured in minutes. But instead of talking about this, the cops are demanding the director's head? Why? Nothing he said is false in the slightest.

Even in top schools like Yale is this PC crap going full tilt. An administrator there recently wrote about lightening up on "offensive" costumes and stop seeing racism everywhere. You would have thoughts she suggested black face night for the entire student body by the outcome this caused. They demanded both the woman who wrote this and her husband, who is also teacher, apologize for this article and they wisely refused. That is when all hell broke out and students started demanding they be fired and that free speech has no place on college campuses. They actually said that. This is dangerous and the very reason why I use words like nigger, retard and, my personal favorite, fuck because once you start censoring any language ANY word or action that offends even one person has to be eliminated and then you start censoring speech and thought. This is Marxism in action and why the far left has to reel it in already.

Too many black people lately are using their race as a get out of trouble free card no matter if it is warranted or not. Too many students, of all colors, are becoming WAY too PC for the good of this country. South Park has been lampooning this all season with the current episode to be what happens when you get rid of all the cops because they are, according to the residents of South Park, are all racist pigs. I am going to assume that it will be much like Family Guy when Peter joined the Tea Party and eliminated government with disastrous results.

Lastly, it's not just students falling for this PC crap. At the South Park Mall in NC, some idiot got it into his head that after a few people complained about the Christmas theme at the mall last year, he would replace it with a glacier theme. Needless to say, those few complaints was way less than the 17,000 complaints he got for NOT doing it. He was forced to revert back to the original idea which, let's face it, even a non conformist like me wants to see.

PC crap is killing us and making us dumber. Help put an end to this by actually listening to what the other side has to say before sharpening your knives. You will be the better person for doing so.

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