Monday, November 2, 2015


I give up. Lately, there seem to be two sides to every story, no matter how cut and dried the evidence seems to be. People are not getting vaccinations due to wild misinformation as well as some good points from both sides. Global warming appears to be happening but new information from a credible source now questions it. Who do you believe when both sides seem to have facts on their side?

This is the kind of stuff that leads to the downfall of society. When no one believes anything anymore, and we are coming dangerously close to that reality, trust disappears and with it all cohesion of civlization. We had better get a handle on this and fast because it could blow up in all of our faces.

Let's look at the latest tragedy involving a Russian plane blowing up in mid-air. There has been conflicting stories with Egypt saying they talked to the pilot and they were having mechanical difficulties. The plane had engine trouble in the past so that is possible. However, the Russians are denying that conservation took place and say evidence suggests an "external explosion." If that is true, the ramifications are extreme to say the least as it would suggest that ISIS has surface to air missiles, dramatically changing how we should perceive this group. So who is right here and who is lying? Whoever turns out to be spreading falsehoods should get the sharp end of a boot up their ass because this is exactly the kind of misinformation that can cause much bigger problems down the road. Oddly, Russian officials have downplayed a missile threat while at the same time suggesting that is what happened. My head hurts.

What is not in doubt at this time is that the plane broke up in midair meaning one of five things: bomb, missile, weather, in air collision, or mechanical failure. Weather can be ruled out as can collision, leading to the other three being the only ones left and two involve terrorism. However, there have been reports of engine problems in previous weeks as well as the possibility of tail damage from way back in 2001 that could have also been the culprit. What is not in question is whether the pilot talked to the tower or not. If he did, mechanical problem is most likely. If he didn't, as the Russians claim, it was terrorism. This shouldn't be this hard to verify an established fact. But becuase this is taking way to long to clear up, everyone is speculating wildly.

Then we have NASA who today said Antarctic ice is getting thicker, contradicting the IPCC and several scientists from the area who have stake in the matter, as their job is to report on the facts and their funding matters little either way. But according to the new study, Antarctica ice sheets are getting thicker in the certain places, but sea levels are still rising and getting warmer, a conundrum for scientists who can't explain why that is happening. The new findings say the growing ice sheets there may decrease sea levels actually, but that means we have no idea why sea levels are still rising. Fun. It would appear to be correct, but if that is true, the what does that mean for climate change studies? Are they wrong too? This story needs much more clarity than what is being said so far.

Lastly, we have Syrian refugees that are causing every problem I predicted would happen. This does not mean I have no sympathy for the plight of those escaping war torn areas, but throwing people from a different civilization into another without any oversight, is a recipe for disaster. Some German towns have pulled back on holiday traditions as to not offend their new Muslim counterparts. Imagine that here if Christmas was cancelled because we didn't want to offend non-Christians. People would lose their minds. Guess what's happening in Germany? Three separate instance of attacks on refugees have been reported this past weekend and you can bet dollars to doughnuts more are coming. We have video of Syrian refugees marching down the street claiming the city as theirs and a new caliphate is coming. Yeah, that won't stoke tensions at all.

This is a boiling pot and it is set to boil over at any minute. The EU, the Middle East, Russia, China and the US have no idea what to do next. This is how wars start. Big ones at that. If we don't get a handle on this soon, there is going to be bloodshed and a lot of it, mostly against innocent people. We are one match away from WW3. It would help if we could get a straight answer out of someone.

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