Friday, November 20, 2015


It's been a telling few days. Anyone who studies history should be very worried because a reckoning may be coming and from a variety of fronts. Our economy is imploding, our health care system is dying and terrorism is becoming a daily occurrence. Worse, our so called leader across the planet have a mind numbingly ferocity for stupidity that is shocking even to someone as jaded as me.

Let's start with the elephant in the room and that is terrorism. It is a serious problem and because of liberal minded PC nonsense, the world may actually end in an orgasm of blood. It is a fact that not all Muslims are bad. However, studies say anywhere from 10-25% of the Muslim populations have terrorist sympathies which, as there are 1.8 billion of them, which on the low end is 180 million people and up to just under 500 million on the high end. That is not an infinitesimal number as our government and others throughout the world keep assuring us the opposite. They might not all be terrorists but do support said actions and will be a problem nonetheless.

History shows that multiculturalism only works to a certain extent. One of the reasons for the fall of Rome was their attempt to integrate the Barbarian hordes to be used as soldiers and laborers. They were simply incompatible to Roman society and the two clashed leading to the end of their world. We face the same limits with Muslims. This IS a clash of civilization as many are won't to not accept. When you put two opposite cultures together, conflict is inevitable and one will absorb the other. The problem with that is that absorption leads to lots of dead people and we are rocketing to that conclusion.

During WW2 we let 0 immigrants from Germany or Japan into the country. Much is made today about us turning away German Jews at the time around 1938 but polls at the time echo today's which show a majority of people don't want the Syrians for the same reason. First off, we don't have any money and with recent economic news, may be facing a crash of epic proportions early next year. More on that later. Two, we can't vet squat for the refugees coming here. A recent report by the government shows that 73 people working for the TSA have terrorist ties and they were all working in places of high security. This number may even go higher as inter-agency communication has not improved at all since 9/11 no matter what we keep hearing from our increasingly untrustworthy government. If we can't vet our own people, what hope do we have for refugees?

I talked with a Syrian refugee who has been here for several years. He wants a stop to Syrians coming here and with good reason. He told me that there is no vetting process from the failed Syrian government whose people are all too happy to accept bribes to guarantee a fake name to anyone willing to pay. He also told me there is a 100% chance that ISIS is already here through these official channels. These are a patient people, he said, and waiting years to get here is not a deterrent. Americans are too quick to want while Syrians have learned to wait to get what they want. This is not different from the terrorist wanting to bring the West down.

We may be covering up some failed attempts to keep the veneer of security alive, but after today's attack by Al-Quada, who may be trying to outdouche Isis, in Mali where scores where killed, that may be a hard thing to contain. Reliable information suggest a bomb was found outside the German soccer stadium that was evacuated a few days ago. Everyone there has been sworn to secrecy but my sources from the area say different and affirm what I have read is true. It is only a matter of time before another huge attack happens in the West, possibly with chemical weapons as some allege is possible. If this happens, it's game over for the Muslim world.

Meanwhile, our idiot President, John Kerry, David Cameron and Francois Hollande keep parroting the stupidest line of reasoning since our ill fated attack on Iraq in 2003 with similiar bull. They keep telling us Assad is the problem, somehow ignoring the fact that militant Muslims are the ones killing us and Assad is fighting the problem. Shades of Saddam anyone? Could our industrialists who want a pipe line that Assad has refused to support be the reason for this? We got rid of Saddam for less.

Then there is the economy which is bottoming out. Over the last 48 hours, two major hedge funds went belly up with billions in assets due to a crashing economy. Energy stocks are cratering with some down over 60% this year. Retail has hit a wall as stock buybacks are no longer working. IBM has lost revenue for 14 straight quarters. Caterpillar has faced similiar loses. Even Nordstrom's, which until recently had been profitable, is hemorrhaging money too as even the upper echelon is starting to get pinched. Housing has started to fall dramatically in some places and even top dollar homes seems to have hot their peak, which the only thing keeping the real estate market afloat. These are the same signs we saw before the last crash which also had the stock market accelerating right before it crashed into the Earth.

Even Obamacare has finally hit the wall it was always going to. Without price controls, and perhaps ultimately, a full nationalization of all health care, costs were going to soar and they are. The result is that insurance companies are starting to fall apart as costs are swamping their ability to make any profit. United Health has said they may have to leave the Obamacare exchanges nationwide due to spiraling costs and a major supplier recently left the Colorado exchange for the same reason. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is going to raise their prices 60% next year for some groups. This is unsustainable and real soon the system is going to collapse. Now even if Obamacare hadn't been part of the equation, prices would still be rising uncontrollably. If we don't move to a single payer system, as well as price controls at the very least, there won't be an affordable health care system for anyone.

Lastly, the House passed a bill today that is being sponsored by the Koch Brothers and the Heritage Foundation, which should be a warning sign. For months these two have cried about unfair sentencing for black people, which seemed as odd as a Vegan campaigning for McDonald's. Turns out I was right to worry. While the bill does indeed help sentencing problems that unfairly target minorities, it also includes language that effectively legalizes all sorts of white collar crimes as well. Call it the rich people never go to jail amendment.

The world is turning too fast and I want to get off as my shade is becoming greener than Kermit the Frog. I am sick of hearing things that are wrong. Aren't you?

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