Sunday, November 8, 2015


The police has a terrible week in which one cop was exonerated for assassinating an unarmed man ON VIDEO, the police unions nationally have committed slander and threats of violence against Quentin Tarantino for him speaking up against police brutality and the topper being that "hero" cop Joe Gliniewicz turned out to be a giant douchebag who was an adulterer, thief and attempted murderer and that's just for starters. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Dorthy Bland- This woman epitomizes everything I hate about black people lately. This dean of Journalism for a Texas college recently wrote an article that said she has "harassed" by local cops simply because she was black. Unfortunately for her, the entire encounter was caught on tape which showed the police were exceedingly polite when they asked her to get out the middle of the road as she was creating unsafe conditions by walking there. She then launched into a tirade about this being about her race, which we can see definitely wasn't. Considering her vocation, she should be fired immediately as she is really bad at her job. This comes on the heels of another round of false race baiting when a group of black people got tossed off a plane for being unruly when their seats got double booked and they claimed racism. Video of the matter shows a different picture. Crying racist at the top of your lungs for every action that doesn't go your way is going to make actual racist claims, which do exist, much less believable.

9)Justin Beiber- I fucking HATE this little douche. His music is garbage and lately he has been in one long string of trouble. He walked out on a radio interview for no apparent reason, called short a concert, after one song, in a foreign country, saying the fans were not listening to him, apparently not knowing that not everyone speaks English and may not have had any idea what he was saying, and then flipped over a chair at a restaurant after receiving some " bad news," like his fifteen minutes should be almost up. This guy is one giant dick.

8)Ben Golden- Word to the wise out there, if your going to be drunk and belligerent, don't get caught on tape that way. Ben Golden didn't when he decided to act like a dick and attacked an Uber driver for no apparent reason other than he was really drunk. It cost him his job as a Taco Bell executive, which is news to me as their crappy food didn't seem to allow the possibility of any executives and instead are run by seals picking up balls from a hat. Hope you like unemployment idiot.

7)Isis- It seems likely that a bomb brought down a Russian plane this week which raises the stakes for all involved. The biggest problem will be the death from above that Russia is going to be dealing to these losers as they are a people not known for self restraint. Keep it up guys and watch your extinction unfold.

6)Jeb Bush- One of many candidates having a bad week, Jeb saw the biggest fall from the top to down to 4% in some polls. He has tried re-branding his campaign with the awful moniker "Jeb can fix it," which can only apply to fixing elections so his brother can win as he did in Florida in 2000. His campaign chief quit this week after she realized that she was on a sinking ship that had slashed her salary by 40%. This would have dropped her salary into the $70,000 a year range that would be great for many, but this someone used to much bigger cash cows and Jeb wasn't it. If she thought he was going to be president, she might have stuck it out. But that is not going to happen. If he didn't have money, he would already have quit.

5)Hillary Clinton- While I still think she is the most likely to win the nomination and the presidency, no matter how much I wish that wasn't the fact, her idiotic statement on guns is exactly the kind of thing that could have us saying President Carson, a far worse notion. The democrats better figure out fast that some gun proposals like background checks are feasible. Gun confiscation, as she has publicly said, is a recipe for civil war and a good way to lose voters. She came off as phony as always during the last forum, unlike the very real Bernie Sanders. I hope millennials show up for the primaries and election because they stayed home in droves this week.

4)Ben Carson- Of all the candidates, no one said anything dumber than this ass. It has been a non stop parade of stupid from him. According to him Joseph built the pyramids to store grain, still has no cohesive answer to his awful economic plan and his past keeps coming back to haunt him as nothing he has said about his past appears to be true. Yes he raised $3.5 million this week. FROM WHO? Anyone donating money to this ass needs to stop voting as they suck at it. This guy is almost as bad a pick as Fiorina.

3)SNL- Donald Trump was on last night and got the highest ratings of the year and in some time which is hardly surprising. The bad part actually wasn't Trump but for the fourth episode this year, the show has been just awful. The writing on this show is beyond bad now and a shake up is needed. I have been watching since 1975 and there have been many up and down years. This so far, has been one of the worst EVER. At least the musical act, Sia, was good. These guys missed every opportunity to be funny with some of the worst sketches of the season so far. Shape up guys and soon.

2)Voters- Whether by cheating or because democrats failed to show up for the polls, democrats got shellacked nationwide. Matt Bevin won in Kentucky for governor, even though he has zero experience, is a Teatard and has promised to throw 400,000 off of health care. He is literally going to kill people and he still won. WTF America? We also saw Joe Ganin win in Bridgeprot CT, even though he just got out of jail for corruption when he was mayor of Bridgeport. Are you kidding me? Houston killed an anti-discriminatory law that would protect LBGT people after the right framed it as a rape little girls in bathroom law. Ohio was the only state to do anything smart as they killed a corporate power grab for legal weed and ended gerrymandering. But the rest of the country simply failed to show up. We'd better do something better then this for 2016 or we are going to be in a world of hurt.

1)The Police- This week, we saw a female officer get away with murder even though her body camera proved she killed a man for no reason. This is why I want to get rid of trial by jury who convict 90% of the time because they are too stupid to reason anymore. Cops threatened director Tarantino for speaking his mind and falsely categorizing him for saying all cops are murderers which is not what we said. He said that some cops are murderers and it is unthinkable to protect these people when you know they did it. The worst was Joe Gliniewicz, a decorated cop who should have been fired years ago for being a terrible cop and human being. The "hero" committed suicide a few weeks back after his embezzlement was about to found out. He also had raped a fellow officer, whose case was thrown out due to the victim's shitty lawyer (who she later sued and with good reason), was barred from local bars for being a drunk douchebag, once waved a gun around the prescient for no good reason, and even got his son to marry his mistress so they could split the military benefits. This dick is everything America hates about the police and the fact that he was trouble since 2000 should have gotten him bounced, but instead he got promoted. HOW? Cops had better realize that assholes like this are going to erode what little trust we have in them and protecting these kinds of douchebags are going to be a problem when people start gunning these fuckers down when they go too far. I hope he burns in hell. So congratulations Joe Gliniewicz, you are indeed douchebag of the week, and a good contender for douchebag of the year

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