Monday, November 16, 2015


What a weekend. We watched an actual debate with good questions, better follow-ups (can John Dickerson do ALL the debates from now on?) and a rare moment when a candidate implodes and some in the media actually acknowledge its existence. Paris literally exploded which has lead to everything I have talked about for decades now. As a matter of fact, a college thesis I did way back when, before even radical extremists were as prevalent as today, I correctly foresaw everything that occurred soon after, such as the rise of hatred toward said groups and the distinct possibility that Muslims may soon be the new Jews of the thirties and forties. This will impact our own upcoming elections, and as Ann Coulter recently wrote, " we just elected Donald Trump president," which may not be that far fetched anymore.

Let's start with debate that was easily the best one so far. No mean girl questions like CNBC did, nor the fawning softballs Fox News has peddled so far, although to be fair, Fox Business asked great questions but utterly failed to follow up on the dumbest of answers, made this debate one for grownups. Everyone came up with some great moments except for the front runner who did not do as well as a lot of the media, but not all, proclaimed. In this debate, hands down, Bernie Sanders won. He was on point, factual and made some stinging comments about Hillary. Hillary on the other hand did well in some areas, but somehow lost badly in her answers about the recent Paris attacks.

John Dickerson asked her if Obama and the State Department underestimated ISIS, a point underscored by Obama's unfortunate interview earlier where he called ISIS "contained," which was proved beyond wrong hours later.  She responded with  “But it cannot be an American fight. And I think what the President has consistently said—which I agree with—is that we will support those who take the fight to ISIS. But this cannot be an American fight, although American leadership is essential.”
“But Secretary Clinton, the question’s about what was ISIS underestimated?” Dickerson said, hoping she might actually answer the question. In true Clinton fashion she dodged it again and said “We abided by the agreement that George W. Bush made with the Iraqis, to leave" shifting the blame back to the Republicans, which while not inaccurate, doesn't actually answer the question. She then went on to say “But I don’t think that the United States has the bulk of the responsibility. I really put that on Assad and on the Iraqis and on the region itself.” Now this sounds great in theory but in reality just opened her up to all sorts of problems from all sides.
Martin O'Malley jumped in and said it is of course America's fight and he is not wrong. Sanders used this to say he didn't vote for the war in the first place, a big jab at Hillary, and then linked her to the creation on ISIS which is true as the destabilization of countries we have interfered with, correlating with Hillary's time in Congress and Secretary of State, happened with her approval. With what she said, she painted herself as either someone dangerously out of touch with reality or a war hawk hell bent on destruction, neither a popular trait outside of the GOP circles.

When the debate pivoted to the economy, Hillary is at the disadvantage to Sander's populism. But even I was taken back, as were most pundits, by Hillary's inexplicable answer about Wall Street where she channeled Rudy Giuliani and Lois Griffin and started spouting 9/11 like some tourette's victim. Sanders brought up the fact that her campaign is being funded by large banks, ones she keeps telling us she will "reign in," and which he rightfully doesn't believe. Her response was one of the worst one anyone in any of the debates has given. Here it is:

“I represented New York on 9/11, when we were attacked. Where were we attacked? We were attacked in downtown Manhattan, where Wall Street is. I did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. That was good for New York. It was good for the economy and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country.”

How does 9/11 connect with Big Banks at all? She does know it wasn't just Wall Street affected right?  This answer puzzled everyone and will be used against her for some time by opponents on all sides. Her answer later when she said she was a child of the 60's, is being used in Marco Rubio ads calling her out of touch and too old to be president. There is a reason these debates are being aired on slow nights: Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC are trying to pick your candidate for you. Stop falling for crap even a huge percentage of the Republican voters haven't as they look to non-politicians for answers. It might not be the wisest decision but completely understandable.
Speaking of understandable, the Paris attack is going exactly as predicted. We have seen a small rise in anti-Muslim attacks here and abroad, a huge rise in anti-Muslim sentiment and the fact that all Syrian refugees just became persona non grata across the planet. Six governors, including Gov. Baker here in MA, have all publicly said no way to more refugees, a fact that will spread nationwide. The fact that Obama, Hillary and, briefly, Sanders all have said the opposite, is telling. Sanders has back peddled since but Obama and Hillary seem not to have gotten the memo that people HATE this idea and with good reason. This is NOT a winning strategy. Baker went from acceptance of refugees along with the current mayor of Boston, to 24 hours later saying he would not want any more refugees. You can guess how much hate mail he got to change his opinion so quickly.

Muslims are already a hated religion across Europe and this latest attack is not helping. The fact the Obama and Putin, two people who hate one another, were seen talking calmly for 35 minutes at a recent summit says tons about why WW3 will not occur in the sense that Russia and China will not be our adversaries but our allies instead. They both have serious Muslim problems of their own as well as a recent ISIS bomb on a Russian plane and you can guess that if the world decides enough is enough, the Middle East may very well disappear in a blink.
Here at home, Muslims face a frightening future. If these attacks continue, and I expect them too, just being Muslim may cause grotesque violence against them. Behind closed doors, NATO rules are being examined if France decides to use it, every NATO nation, as well as some non-members like Russia and China, may make Syria and Northern Iraq a glass bottomed desert. Even worse, REX 84 is also being looked at, which contrary to the MSM, is the forced detention of all Muslims into the internment camps we built some time ago. They are now fully staffed and stacked with food, as Army want ads suggest. These camps exist. Or we gave KBR over half a billion dollars for nothing. Either way scandal.

These attacks are not making a point but driving a stake through Muslims world wide. It is a call for genocide and not everyone else's but their own. Here at home, we have Trump saying maybe we should start deporting all Muslims and shutting down their mosques. Others on the GOP side have echoed the same. This past weekend, someone stole a bunch of weapons from an Army depot which either suggests an inside job or really lax security. Now the authorities have downplayed this as terrorism, but have offered no proof either way. I will admit, this does make me nervous and it should as terrorism is a real threat even if it's rarer than shark bites. These attacks are fueling right wing rhetoric everywhere as it always does. If it continues, someone like Trump could win and that's is a little scary. Far worse would be President Carly Fiorina.
The Pope is headed to Africa soon. If he dies at the hands of a Muslim, the world will burn which the alleged third secret of Fatima says (that is a column in and of itself). The Muslim world is about to reach a reckoning. Here's hoping it doesn't end with billions dead.

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