Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This will be a quick post as I have a lot of work to do today but this matter had to be talked about. Today, a Russian plane was shot down who may or not have have inadvertently entered Turkish airspace. Worse, one pilot, perhaps both, were executed soon after, a war crime by any standard. Turkey is a NATO member, making this the first time a NATO member has shot down a Russian plane since the 1950's. While the chance for an all out war between NATO and Russia is unlikely, it does show an unhealthy move toward a serious problem.

Turkey has been a problem lately. The rule by Recep Erdogan has moved the country much further toward Muslim extremism, something seen at a recent soccer match versus Greece. During a moment of silence for the Paris victims, loud boos can be heard as well as chants of Allah Akbar. This is not a good sign, not to mention beyond rude.

The problem here is evidence I have seen so far bolster Russian claims far greater than Turkey. Turkey says they repeatedly told the Russian plane ten times to back off before shooting it down. However, the release of the plane's route by Turkish officials show Russia entering their air space in such a way that they couldn't have been there for more than five to ten seconds. Unless they talked real fast, there is no way they could have told the pilot ten times to get out. It is more likely, there was no warning at all.

Russia is understandably pissed and this may threaten Russian/Turkish relationships that will hurt Turkey far greater. Turkey relies on Russian fuel and tourism, both of which may come to an inglorious end. As expected, NATO has stood by Turkey, regardless of the fact that they seem to be in the wrong, also aware the US military hardware shot down the plane in the first place. An emergency meeting of NATO has been called which will predictably blame Russia for this as our retard of a President whom I am coming to loathe more and more with each passing day is heading this country down the wrong path of history. Between his idiotic war plans, his support of the fascist TPP and his complete inability to tell the American people the truth about anything, he is rapidly entering George W. Bush territory for worst president status. If you can beat W for that title, you've really crossed the Rubicon.

One quick story is the some white supremacists in Minnesota took some shots at BLM protesters and I am shocked it took this long for that to happen. The recent Trump rally had a BLM protester at it and the news, as they are wont to do, totally screwed up what actually happened. They reported that Trump supporters called the man racist terms and beat him up. Unfortunately for the news, someone taped the whole thing from a close angle and we can plainly see that is not what happened at all. The BLM protester was not attacked at all but surrounded by security as the man kept falling to the ground in an attempt to go boneless and not let them eject him. Further the only attacks I saw from the video were from the black guy himself and none from either security or bystanders, all of which acted professional. The establishment has it out for Trump which makes me like him even more, which makes me hate myself for it because I still find him a blowhard. BLM has a real point as seen by the arrest of a Chicago police man who murdered an unarmed black man but these kind of protests are only hurting your cause. Keep channeling OWS guys and face party extinction.

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