Sunday, November 22, 2015


It has not been a good week for the democrats, except in Louisiana where a democrat has been voted in as governor for the first time in over a decade. Other than that, Obama has shown how ineffective a leader he is as his war strategy is a proven loser, the democrats keep hyping the need for more immigrants oblivious to the fact that this country is broke and we seem to be giving more money to everyone else except those that really need it here and Debbie Wasserman Shultz continues to shill for Hillary who came across as a fascist douche for trying to censor a comedy club who dared to make fun of her. It's like they are trying to replicate 2014 all over again and we all know how that turned out. If Republicans gain complete control in 2016, a scary prospect that is becoming a bigger possibility thanks to ISIS, this country will slide into a ruin so fast our collective heads will spin. Let's see the runner ups in a very busy week.

10)The Oxford Dictionary- The word of the year these brain-powers decided on turned out not be a word at all but a freaking emoji. Have we become so stupid a society that we can't even use words anymore but weird hieroglyphics that mean nothing? How is this a word? Will the dictionary resort to pictures for an increasingly illiterate society? I have a suggestion that we use a donkey emoji to exemplify the word for dictionary editor or in real words ASS.

9)Chuck Rosenberg- Speaking of asses, this guy could be one the biggest this week and, had not others been worse, might have made the top spot. The fact that he is number nine tells you the rank stupidity on parade this week. The head of the DEA, possibly the most worthless government entity today, yet no one wants to close it, says volumes how stupid we have become, said this week that medical pot is a "joke with no scientific basis for use." Fuckwad must be too retarded to read because the same week a GOVERNMENT study that has been done over the last eight years said there is substantial evidence to support the fact that weed is a probable cure for cancer, PTSD, migraines, seizures and a host of other critical ailments. Needless to say this did not go over well with both the public and Congress, all now calling for his head. 10,000 people signed a petition to have him fired as well as eight members of Congress, including one Republican. This dick should be tarred and feathered for keeping a proven cure away from people who need it.

8)TSA- A recent review done by DHS found out that at least 73 people working for the TSA, all working in secure areas, have terrorist ties and never should have been hired in the first place. A previous post showed how background checks were for some inane reason NOT being done due to a backlog. So let me get this straight, I have to walk practically naked to get on a plane while the dork doing my screening could be a terrorist? And you wonder why many people do not want Syrians in this country that top officials warn cannot be seriously vetted.

7)James Morales- This is quite possibly the dumbest criminal of all time. On the same day as the Paris attacks, this moron broke into the Worcester armory and stole sixteen weapons. Terrorism was a prime suspect, which I did not discount because of the timing, but also suggested an inside job. The latter turned out to be true as he was a former reservist dishonorably discharged recently for unknown reasons. He was also charged recently with child rape. What a winner. The funny part is because of this arrest at the time, his DNA was on record so when he bled all over the place when he broke a window, they knew it was him. He was also wearing an ankle monitor so they not only knew where he was at the time of the crime but that it was him who did it. He cut the monitor off afterward which shows how dumb this guy was. He was quickly arrested but no word yet on whether the guns have been recovered which I would guess haven't been or they would be touting that fact hard.

6)David Vitter- The former senator and prostitute user was beaten soundly for governor of LA by a democrat for the first time in over a decade. This guy tried everything he could to lose. He tried to tie his opponent, Bel Edwards, who had little political experience, to Obama at every turn to zero effect. He even used the Paris attacks as a campaign ad. The harder he tried, the worse his numbers became. He lost by a significant margin showing that if democrats want they can win in Southern states, especially if they run as a pro-gun, anti-abortion candidate. You have to shape your beliefs to the electorate. I wish someone would tell the rest of the democratic party about this because they didn't get the message this week.

5)Syrian Apologists- I am sick and tired about hearing about the poor Syrian people. I DON'T CARE. Look the world is a sucky place but we have our own problems here. If they pussies that ran away had stayed and fought maybe we wouldn't be in this mess we are in today. Women and children are dying right here at home, mostly thanks to draconian ideas the Republicans have such as not expanding Medicare, decreasing Social Security and cutting food stamps. Until we fix our own problems, the rest of the world is on their own. Considering recent economic data suggests a massive stock market crash early next year, we may not have much of a choice on the matter.

4)Republicans- As much as I agree with them on not letting Syrian refugees here, my beliefs are because of economics on not on the fact that they are Muslim necessarily. We do not have enough money to help ourselves let alone the rest of the world. However, listening to many on the Presidential trail yammer on about marking Muslims, treating American Muslims as second class citizens and other Hitleresque notions make me realize how fascist the right could become once in power. Myself and others have commented that Trump is a lot like Hitler and his rise to power in a lot of frightening ways. If Republicans sweep the election next year, this country will be Nazi Germany. Bet on it.

3)Muslim Extremists- These assholes are trying to commit genocide for their own people. In the last week there has been attacks in Paris, Nigeria and Mali with some suspected today worldwide. Brussels is closed, Paris is on heightened alert and attacks have been said to be possible everywhere from Rome to Atlanta. Travelers are being warned to stay away from St. Peter's and told to be on alert at a WWE event where terrorists have threatened to attack today in Atlanta. If this continues, Trump and others like him will demand internment of all Muslims and I won't exactly disagree with him. If we don't, the end result will be dead Muslims in the street knee deep. Considering that even the Chinese have now joined in, as well as Iran and Hamas, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are pissing everyone off. ISIS executed their first Chinese prisoner and Al-Qaeda killed eight Chinese tourists in Mali. ISIS also struck against the Taliban and Hamas this week as well. Keep kicking over hornet's nest guys because the end result is not going to be pretty.

2)Leftist Extremists- Here at home we have own brand of idiot extremists. They are called Millennials. A recent poll said that 40% of them want curbs on free speech. They have highlighted that by protesting across college campuses on a Marxist rampage that would have made Mao proud. One teacher was on leave after she used the word nigger in a class in a discussion a race. She didn't call anyone that word, just used it as an example and for that her students had a fit. Others are demanding changes in names of buildings for people like Woodrow Wilson and other Southern racists at the time which for the time period was the norm. They have blocked access to any press that did not agree with them. Black Lives Matter on the other hand, has become a hate group, more intent on black superiority and equality, claim that can also be made of the feminist movement of late. I am all for women getting paid what men make and black people having an equal shot at a good life. I don't think either group is better than white people or men however. In Minnesota, black people went nuts after another unarmed black person was shot, which could have been solved by now if every cop in the country had body cameras by now, and is a serious problem that black people have every right to want fixed. But instead of protesting against the cops, some idiots blocked a major highway for two hours, turning everyone in that jam against them. This is not how to win hearts and minds. Yale students are protesting against a campus building named after a racist from way back when as if that really matters. The worst was from Dartmouth when black racists started screaming in the campus library anti white rhetoric that was caught on tape. How is that helping? Even worse was when some idiot woman administrator apologized to the disruptions, when had the reverse happened, would have been cause for expulsion. Black racism is on the rise and can not be tolerated anymore than white racism should. And the coddled generation better get used to ideas they don't like. The real world is full of them.

1)Democrats and Barack Obama-  Somebody better get the democrats a history book because they are going to talk themselves right out of the next election. Polls across the country show a large majority do not want any more refugees from anywhere coming here. They mirror almost identically to polls taken in the late 30's for German Jews. Then the politicians listened to the people. Today, we are roundly ignored on all sides by everyone at their own peril. All it will take is one idiot refugee to do something stupid, and the democrats can kiss their party goodbye. And, as I said before, we are BROKE. Now mind you the democrats keep telling us how great things are, with Hillary giving the economy an A, ignoring the fact that retail is dying, and even companies like Amazon are seeing a slowdown as we have run out of money to spend. Hillary stepped in it this week when she tried to get the Laugh Factory to take down a video that made fun of her. Explain to me how this any different from the fascist ideas of Donald Trump? One of the reasons we have no money is health care is sucking us dry and Obamacare is partially at fault. Now mind you the old system would have been the exact same as there are no price controls in effect letting the system into a runway price rise. This has led to the collapse of one exchange in Colorado and United Health to say they may pull out of all exchanges if prices continue to skyrocket. Blue Cross/Blue Shield has set their price hike for 60% next year. Very soon, our entire system is going to collapse and then no one is going to have health care here until the problem is solved and we all know that will take forever. And this is in part Obama's fault for not fighting for a better program like single payer. The worst the democrats have done this week, along with David Cameron and Francois Hollande, is to keep shilling for an end to the Assad rule, oblivious to the fact that this has worked never and Assad is not the big problem right now. Hillary, Obama and Kerry have all come out against him when in actuality we should be working WITH Assad to get rid of ISIS, a far greater problem. But these idiots have all insisted he is every bit as bad, still claiming he gassed his own people when evidence suggests strongly that ISIS did it to themselves in a false flag operation. Our own government admits they have a chemical weapons program and as ISIS has a billion dollars in revenue right now, have the capacity to do exactly that. My biggest problem with Obama is the way he has waged this war against ISIS so far. I keep hearing we have used 28,000 bombs against them. The net result had been zero. The reason why is we keep wanting a zero civilian casualty rate which is impossible. France and Russia have started bombing areas we haven't, even sharing coordinates with them, meaning we knew where all these things were and didn't take them out because of civilian concerns. But at the same time we have no problem blowing up a hospital in Afghanistan on shaky info. When you fight a war, which I hate to break it to our President, we are in, you use everything at your disposal. You know how to get rid of terrorists that hide in the civilian population? Kill them and anyone standing next to them. Start carpet combing these cities. No people equals no terrorists. If we fought WW2 the way we fight wars today, we'd all be speaking German and Japanese and living the world on the Man in the High Castle. Trump was not wrong when he said he'd bomb the shit out of them which we haven't been doing. We are spending a fortune on tactics that have never worked and still won't. Air power alone won't destroy an enemy and we better realize that ground troops may be necessary but only after their major cities have been reduced to rubble. Start realizing that this is a fight to the death and there can be only one. If we don't, it is only a matter of time before a chemical weapon kills thousands or more. So congratulations democrats and Obama you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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