Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As noted in previous posts, the GOP seems hell bent on destroying whatever good name they have left and the polls are starting to show it. Rick Santorum got trounced in Arizona and his idiotic culture war stance, which cost him the election in 2006 in PA, handed him defeat in MI, a state he was way up until a few days ago.

The GOP is in trouble. Why? Because the only demographic they haven't pissed off are white, straight men. And I hate to break it to them, you can't win an election when more than two thirds of the country despises you.

They've lost the black vote, the gay vote, the Hispanic vote, the Asian vote, and now, women with their moronic stance on BIRTH CONTROL?! The polls over the last week show momentum moving back toward Obama in record numbers and with good reason. Nobody wants the American Taliban except for the retarded religious right whose ideas run somewhere between Stalin and Hitler in their fascist nature. The Catholic Church is an unmoving force as time passes it by, and if recent numbers of people attending mass are any indication, a dying institution at that. Within the next fifty years the Catholic Church may not even exist at this rate. There is an old adage in anthropology: "That which does not evolve and adapt, dies." The Church is proving that adage to a tee.

You'd think that an organization like the Church, which does have some good things to offer, would modernize it's positions, such as in the past their acceptance of Galileo or Issac Newton. But no, instead, they have dug their heels in and said gay people are evil, abortion is akin to killing puppies while pissing on pictures of the Pope, and birth control will cause horns to rise out of your head. Un-flipping-believable.

At least it's adherents aren't rioting every time mispronounces Jesus' name. The Afghan people have given Muslims a terrible name with the backwater antics that make our hicks look like Rhodes scholars. It is never okay to kill someone because their beliefs don't match yours and at no time should you be forcing your idiotic beliefs on anyone else. Muslims don't seem to understand that Islam doesn't apply to everyone. And if they continue with this, they are going to get a rude awakening. Just look at what is going on in Europe and see the hostility between Westerners and Muslims. Places like Holland and France are tinderboxes waiting to happen and have led to vastly right wing politicians getting acceptance and office. This is also how Hitler came to power and look at what he did to the Jews. If the Muslim people, many of whom are decent, hard working people, continue down this path, they may see a very similar future. We haven't been building and stocking concentration camps across the country for no reason. If war with the Middle East occurs, Muslims may see internment just like the Japanese in the forties.

As for the war, again depending on what you read, we are either going to attack tomorrow or we are bluffing. I am unsure of which, but know that Israel is unlikely to hold off much longer regardless of our position. In some good news, albeit taken with a grain of salt, North Korea has agreed to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for more help from the West. We'll have to see how this plays out.

It was said today that Obama nixed any Syrian intervention by the US, while at the same time, the Senate is warning of chemical weapons from the Syrian army getting into the wrong hands. The US intelligence community says they have no evidence of a nuke program (which flies in the face of reason) while the UN says there is ample evidence of such a program. Talk about two sides to everything.

But all this is moot for the moment as Super Tuesday approaches and Romney's inevitable win looks all that more real. Santorum is a fluke driven by the loony right to sabotage their own interests. The good news for Obama is that this freak show shows no signs of abating as it goes down to the wire, beating themselves senseless the whole time. I hope the world is ready for four more years of Obama because thanks to the sheer stupidity of the GOP and the Evangelicals/Teatards, they are guaranteeing a big loss come November. Maybe Obama's second term will be better than his first, especially if the House is lost as some polls show a real possibility of.

I can dream.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Yes, the Oscar's were on last night and once again, not only were there NO surprises as to who was going to win, the very people who were nominated (and those that were shunned like Albert Brooks, Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Michael Shannon and everyone in Harry Potter) left many scratching their heads. Why God why was Nick Nolte nominated for a cliche part in the highly overrated movie Warrior? I liked it better the first time when it was called The Fighter. The Artist, while a fantastic movie, was again not the best picture. Year after year lately we keep having pictures win like The Hurt Locker or Chicago. These were not bad films per say, just not ones that are going to be talked about years later. As a matter of fact just looking at the list of Best Picture nominees over the last decade, most of the nominees were either one time viewers or in the case of Winter's Bone, I still have yet to talk to anyone in any age group, demographic or region who even liked this piece of trash. It was boring beyond words and I love Stanley Kubrick and Terrance Malick movies so slow is not a factor when I watch films. Is it interesting is all I care about and Winter's Bone was definitely not.

Billy Crystal did a good job with what he had to work with and I thought kept things moving through a predictably dull Oscar telecast. Many are saying the Weinsteins bought the Oscar again, just like they did for one of the biggest tragedies in Oscar history, Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan. Right. The biggest question on the night wasn't who would win and what who was wearing, but whether or not J-Lo's nip slip was a shadow, tape, or all J-Lo.

My predictions were fairly close, with me missing The Artist for best director over Hugo and Streep winning over Viola Davis. But I still feel that this year, like the last decade, missed films like Harry Potter and Bridesmaids which were head and shoulders better than crap like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Other film like The Help, Warhorse and Tree of Life, which were all great movies, still fell short of other more deserving films this year. Ratings will be almost certainly in the toilet as the nominations were for films that few people saw and had no stake in who won. Can we please start nominating blockbusters that were because they were terrific films and stop nominating people for films that no one outside the industry saw?

Meanwhile, Muslim idiots in Afghanistan have killed more people again after the accidental burning of several holy books. This should not be happening in a civilized world. If this is what we can expect, can we please just leave and tell the people that if we have to come back next time we will rain hot death upon them. You can't bring civilization to a place that has no interest in it. Between Rick Santorum's religious idiocy, the Catholic Church's hell bent strategy on ending all life on the planet by trying to ban abortion and contraception, and Muslim's rioting over the smallest slight, maybe the sanest of us can come to the conclusion that religion is the bane of man's existence and needs to be eliminated stat. I'm not saying that God doesn't exist. I believe he does (he as a pronoun used as just that and not a claim of sex which God certainly does not have) and I think there is ample proof of his existence. However, the various religions all seem to think they know all there is to know, and they will kill anyone who says differently. The god these fools worship has horns and a tail and they don't seem to realize it. Don't forget, the Devil can quote Scripture when it suits his needs. Religious institutions must be laid to rest, and if people want to fight for their rights to kill each other over whose imaginary friend is right, let's put them in a ring and let them duke it out that way. The rest of us can go on with our lives and leave this insanity behind.

Religion is supposed to better ourselves and mankind but the people who seem to be the most religious are the same nutbags who turn out to be serial killers, CEO's,and worst of all, politicians. I don't remember Moses, Mohamed or Jesus ever saying to hell with the poor and every man for himself. But that's where we are headed. The GOP has their big primaries tomorrow in Michigan and Arizona, Romney will win in Arizona but Michigan is too close to call. Is it just me or are these primaries more fun and less predictable than Oscar night has been for the last decade? I can't wait to see whose blood gets mopped off the floor tomorrow night and how this leads into next week's Super Tuesday. As democrats can vote in Michigan's primary, many feel Santorum may win as the democrats are trying their best to vote for the guy least likely to beat Obama. Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've never seen a political party do more damage to a campaign, possibly fatally, than the GOP did to their brand this week, brought forth from people like Rick Santorum and the evangelical right. Let's see those runner ups.

1)JC Penny- The super store got a lot of heat with their new program to eliminate sales and have a three tiered pricing scheme put in its place. In other words you asked Idiot America to actually have to think when they shop. Good luck with that. Profits plummeted over forty percent last quarter, which should have been their best months leading up to Christmas. As you keep reading this column, you'll see why I've lost all hope in mankind, especially in the brain powers who are supposed to be good at running their businesses, yet make asinine mistakes, over and over.

2)Government agencies- In Europe, when you pay your taxes, at least you get some benefit for them such as a much better health care system, good roads and schools that don't suck. Here, we spend it on agencies like the DEA, CIA, FBI and ATF who do nothing but piss it away. The DEA is the biggest waste of money, costing the US taxpayer hundreds of billions in lost revenue with an agenda that will never happen. Stopping drug flow is not possible, yet we continue to throw money we desperately need down a rabbit hole. The FBI is still reeling from it's inability to close the 2001 anthrax case, constantly picking a name from a hat and declaring "Yup, that's the guy," without a shred of proof. The last person they accused killed himself, possibly from the constant harassment, and then it turns out he had nothing to do with it. Even the NIST looked at the evidence and said it was the worst case of nonsense they had ever seen and had no scientific basis on ANY of its claims. Then we have the CIA who keep saying they have no evidence of the claims that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. Their reasoning is why would they want a bomb and that they are still years away from acquiring one. Unfortunately, no one else has this view as it flies in the face of reason and evidence. Why is the CIA lying to us? No person who knows an iota of the subject can say with a straight face that Iran doesn't want a nuke. It is in their best national interests to get one as they will have to be dealt with in a non military way, just like Pakistan and North Korea. Their regime is less than stable and religious nutbags with the power to end the planet is not a chance I'm willing to take. And now comes word that the ATF, that most worthless of agencies, is shutting down local mom and pop gun stores for "inventory." These assholes send one guy to inventory ten of thousands of guns, closing the store for a week a time to do so. These places are barely getting by and shuttering them for a week is brutal. All of the above shows that big business is using our own security forces against us. Large gun suppliers are pressuring the government, not just Obama as every redneck seems to think but the GOP as well, to find reasons to get rid of their competition. This crap has got to stop if we are to survive as a nation.

3)Iran-These morons won't quit. Terhan's deputy defense minister threatened to wipe Israel from the map. Again. Contrary to US intelligence, who couldn't find their ass with both hands tied behind their back, the UN is reporting a huge spike in uranium production, more than would be needed for an energy program. How does the CIA explain that? They don't. Idiots.

4)Syria-Military action seems more and more likely each day as Assad continues to rain death upon his people. Another schmuck in a long list of them today.

5)Muslims-It's hard to defend a people who go ballistic anytime even the smallest thing sets them off. After accidentally burning some religious books at the army base at Kandahar, Afghanistan, riots started along with the deaths of several Americans and some UN personal. I must have missed that part of the Quran, which I have read many times and own a copy of, that says its okay to act like a bunch of retarded monkeys. Religious extremists, in any form, need to die and die soon. These idiots are going to get a lot of people killed. And speaking of religious idiots....

6)Republicans and the Evangelical Right- After rising steadily in the polls, Rick Santorum shot himself in the foot, the leg, the knee, his right arm and fifty or sixty times in the chest. To say he's done is an understatement. Obama has lots of things that the GOP could make hay of. The economy is their best weapon and yet this week, in a sure fire move to doom the GOP in November, they went after gay people, abortion and, shockingly, birth control. Maybe they haven't noticed, but it's not 1958 anymore. It's not even 2004, when Bush used social issues to win reelection. That had more to do with the fact that the democrats had Lurch as their candidate then a support for those issues. None of these play well in a national election. Why? People are a lot more moderate than the news would have you believe. Mississippi saw their anti-abortion law soundly defeated at the polls last year (MISSISSIPPI?), Virgina had to overturn their new sonogram law after huge protests and the Koman Foundation got turned upside down after divorcing from Planned Parenthood. Not winning issues there. Anyone under forty is so tolerant now of gay rights that any attempt to make it a huge issue will backfire. And then, the piece de resistance, they not only attacked birth control, they held a conference on it without any women on the panel. This issue has resonated throughout the political world, as every Democrat now has an issue to seize on, one that will destroy any candidate who supported the ban. Santorum's numbers have plummeted since then, falling fast in places like Michigan and Nevada. People running for Congress, like Elizabeth Warren, have wisely started campaigning on this issue that they will protect women's rights, which they should. Scott Brown must be shitting himself. This is all because of our religious right, American Taliban which is not getting the foothold here they hopped for. Why? Because unlike the Afghans who can't read and whipped up into a fury by unscrupulous Imam's, not everyone in this country is a tard. We like our birth control, realize that abortion is a painful and deeply personal choice that only women should get to decide on, and gay people deserve the respect that every other human gets. We should be making the religious right the ones we shun. So congratulations holier than thou GOPers, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


To say the news is getting worse every day is an understatement. DEBKAfile is reporting that Obama, along with France, the UK, Italy and Turkey are all drawing up plans for a joint assault on Syria. They are waiting for a gauge of the mood of the Middle East from Hillary Clinton after the gathering of high level individuals from the recent Tunis Conference which she attended. Assad is carpet bombing his own people and killed a journalist as a result. The fact that the Russians and/or the Iranian appear the lending their support to the brutal regime is one of the reasons the West is going to get involved. The Chinese have been smart enough to have only covert relations with Syria and Iran and not get dragged into what is going to be a bloody mess. The word is is that countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and even Egypt are going to sign off the doomed regime and will even help with active military support. The exact things that led to WW2 seem to be occurring again only this time nukes may be, and probably will, be used.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Iran has been posturing so much lately you'd think they tip over from exhaustion. Knowing the Russians have their back has made them belligerent and dangerous. This week, they threw out the IEAE, who had to call their latest venture a total failure. Then, if that wasn't ballsy enough, Iran threatened to pre-emptive attack any country who even appeared to be out to get them. The reaction from Israel has been palpable and hostile. Shocker.

We appear to be on the verge of a massive attack on both Syria and Iran, which would be the best way to deal with these problems militarily. Harvard historian Niall Ferguson wrote a great article recently debunking five myths about attacking Iran. Here they are and they should look familiar because I've said the exact same thing for the past six months:

1. The Iranians would retaliate with great fury, closing the Strait of Hormuz and unleashing the dogs of terror in Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq.

2. The entire region would be set ablaze by irate Muslims; the Arab Spring would turn into a frigid Islamist winter.

3. The world economy would be dealt a death blow in the form of higher oil prices.

4. The Iranian regime would be strengthened, having been attacked by the Zionists its propaganda so regularly vilifies.

5. A nuclear-armed Iran is nothing to worry about. States actually become more risk-averse once they acquire nuclear weapons

As his answers mirrors mine exactly I'll summarize.

First, Iran's military, while strong, is no match for ours. Will it be bloody? Yes. Will the Russians get involved? Unlikely. First chance they'll turn tail and run unless Putin really is stupid enough to end the planet for two countries that mean little to his regime. We do have three aircraft carrier in the region with accompanying strike groups and enough ammo to blow Syria and Iran back to Mars.

Second, what about the Middle East? They may posture and cry for the cameras, but behind closed doors they will secretly be congratulating the President for a fine job. No one wants an nuclear Iran.

Third, Oil prices are going to rise, but as Naill also notices, the European seem hell bent on recreating the Great Depression which will send shockwaves, war or no war, through our economics. Oil prices will spike initially, perhaps as high as ten bucks a gallon, but that will be short lived as gas use plummets through the floor and the government will get involved somehow with subsidising gas, lest the whole economy crumble. The Saudis will pump more oil, along with other OPEC countries as their coffers empty as the world says no to high gas prices.

Fourth, no regime ever lasts an all out assault. If a country likes ours wants to get you, it will. It's just lacked the necessary will over the past sixty years. Screw with people's wallets however and the elites are going rain death upon these countries.

Fifth, and the dumbest argument, that a nuclear Iran is a stable Iran. On what planet have you been living? Nukes have completely destabilized areas like North Korea and Pakistan to such an extent that a nuclear war is much more likely there than anywhere else on earth. With an untested leader now at the helm of a nuclear arsenal in North Korea and Pakistan becoming very schizophrenic to its identity, tell me these are stable. Please tell me these aren't dangerous hair triggers that could end all life on the planet at any moment. You can't, not with a straight face at least.

And what makes people think that the country that has vowed death to the US and Israel is going to become a sane, rational individual overnight? They won't. They will use nukes as an extortion tactic and wait until you see gas prices then. Waiting to attack a country is inevitably a worse idea then going through with it. How much safer would the world be if we invaded North Korea, a country we are still at war with, rather than let them get nukes? Much better I can assure you as we wouldn't be wasting huge sums of money trying to protect our allies from a much more dangerous foe.

War sucks. War is terrible. War should never be entered into lightly. But Iran is giving us little choice in the matter. And I know a lot of you out there a calling every attack out there a false flag operation, which they aren't, but it is possible that we may use one to get the green light to destroy a dangerous enemy. The US has cried wolf so many times though, it's impossible to know whether it's real or not. But Iran, unlike Iraq, is a real threat with real consequences. Let's hope if the time comes for an attack it's not some wishy washy, half assed "Shock and Awe." tactic. This will be a real war with real after effects. We better treat it as such.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


There is no good news anymore. Unless you watch the nightly news who keep crowing about this nonexistent recovery the world is experiencing. If you are in the one percent, things are going swimmingly. Stocks are up, salaries and bonuses continue to climb and houses can be bought at a steal. For the rest of us, things are getting worse. News is happening so fast lately, I can hardly keep up.

Take for example this tidbit which I was going to write about anyway and broke wide today. Info received yesterday show a dramatic increase in unemployment, rising to a whopping nine percent (mind you this is government stats so way below what it really is but still a significant jump). Before I even had a chance to verify it, Gallop released their info today which showed an identical rise, confirming what we already know: The recovery is an illusion. No new jobs are being created to replace the ones we lost. I used to work making fifty grand a year writing for a major newspaper. I now squeak by on fifty a story, if I'm lucky. There are no more sales jobs either as none of them pay anything anymore. It's depressing.

A depression looms and one need only drive down the street in most areas to see it's effects. Two more businesses have failed on Main St. here, both restaurants mind you, but still jarring considering one had been here for years. The real unemployment rate is now somewhere between 22 and 25%, Depression Era levels, and only by rigging the game has our government convinced us that things are on the rise. The only thing rising out of me is my lunch.

Meanwhile, Greece has been forced a crap sandwich from which it is unlikely to recover. First, Greece is in a Depression, not a recession as is being commonly reported. In no scenario, no matter how you fix the numbers, does Greece appear to be in even the most severe of recessions. Niall Ferguson, the Harvard historian, recently wrote that Europe was determined to recreate the Great Depression with their austerity measures. Why? Because they are doing the exact kind of things that cause depressions, including every depression ever recorded world wide. Please explain to me how this will be different from the dozens of other failures. Oh that's right, it won't.

The new measures make a sure fire Greek collapse all but inevitable. In return for the blood money sacrifice, Greece has agreed to cuts in pensions, the minimum wage, health-care and defense spending, as well as layoffs of state employees and asset sales. As unemployment there is about the same as our unofficial amount of over twenty percent, this is going to decimate them. But wait, there's more. Within two months, Greece will have pass a new law saying debts will be paid before government services. So things like teachers, firefighters, cops and soldiers may not got paid for quite a while as debt is paid off first. Anarchy anyone?

While all this occurs, Wall Street is getting ready for all of this to fail and with good reason. If Greece passes this law, the rioting going on now may look like a picnic. What happens if the cops not only don't show up for riot control but join in because they're not being paid? I expect guillotines to start propping up everywhere. Word is the world rating agencies are going to declare Greece in default on March 23rd. When this happens, Greek banks are going to close, money accounts frozen and Greek stock market placed on hold for at least a day, if not longer. While the veracity of this above statement cannot be verified, it is something I thought people should know about. If this does come to pass, the echo of this catastrophe will be felt across the planet.

But all of this may be moot, if war with Iran and Israel come to pass. I'll write more about this in days to come, including an excellent article by Niall Ferguson about why we SHOULD attack Iran. It is a compelling case and one that I've been making for some time. I don't want war, but contrary to the peaceniks out there, a nuclear armed Iran may spell the doom of mankind. A billion dead now or seven billion in a few years, your call. Iran has said they may attack first, a certain death sentence if they do. But we are not dealing with rational beings, but power mad religious nutbags, and so is Iran (Ha Ha). We're getting an up close and personal view of what having someone like Rick Santorum would be like for President and it's kind of scary. Women's rights would be propelled back a hundred years as would personal choice and freedom. That's exactly what living in Iran is like right now. An attack on Iran is all but imminent. Israel can only be constrained for so long, and all indications are they are getting real tired of our "let's wait," speech. Considering that everything points to an economic Armageddon soon, will WW3 be close behind?

Monday, February 20, 2012


I have long said that there appears to be a small group of people on this planet who have much bigger sums of money than are being reported. There was a recent example of a wealthy investor who cornered the chocolate market by spending three times his total net worth to do it. How is this possible? Easy, his reported wealth was only a fraction of what he was really worth. I have long suspected that there are some on this Earth that have more than most countries. And now I have my first bit of proof.

Lord James of Blackheath gave testimony before the UK Parliament exposing Foundation X and its ability to give fifteen trillion dollars in money transfers to credit card company HSBC. Exposed by a site called The White Hats (more on them as I find out more about them), Lord James gave a stunning speech which I will paraphrase below.

For the past two years, Lord James investigated a massive money laundering scheme committed at the highest levels of governments. It undermined the Bank of Scotland, one that has been teetering for years. In April and May of 2009, 15 trillion dollars was transferred to HSBC and into the Bank of Scotland. Where this money came from is troubling.

The money trail begins with Yohannes Riyadi, supposedly the richest man in the world. It is claimed his worth may be in the range of 36 TRILLION dollars. That's more than every country on the planet put together. And one man may have it. Remember that the derivative market is 600 trillion in debt. That money has to be somewhere. And it is, existing in digital form, and therefore easy to hide, move and secret. It has been thought a lot of that money has been taken by the American Treasury to prop up the failing country. Below is what is being alleged.

Riyadi was called to a meeting with the Federal Reserve Bank in 2006 which is neither the Federal Reserve nor a bank. Nice name. Once there, he met with Alan Greenspan and Tim Geitner, both of whose name appear on the document Riyadi also signed. Under the contract, the American Treasury got the Federal Reserve to buy out bonds issued to Riyadi to replace the cash the USA had "borrowed" over the past ten years. It have him $500 million dollars to replace the worthless bonds. In return, The US got fifteen trillion dollars from Riyadi through his gold supply. The thing is, according to the Bank of Indonesia which held his gold supply, Riyadi supposedly only had 700 tons of gold as collateral not the 750,000 tons he wad alleging.

Riyadi himself has said that the US robbed him of his money (shocker there) but the possibility also exists that this guy doesn't want his true net worth getting out there. Lynch mob anyone? But that still doesn't explain that if this money was indeed not in existence, why did HSBC accept the money as legitimate? They wouldn't. Which means that money came from somewhere, most likely a secret source, a trillionaires bank so to speak, so secret and invisible it would not exist outside of those that knew about it.

It is worth noting that I do a lot of work for Monex about precious metal pricing and am somewhat of an expert on it. In the history of the world, only 1,507 tons of gold have been mined. So to have 750,000 tons of it would seem to be a complete fabrication. So where did this money actually come from? We know it did as the record of it is available for anyone to see. Yet some mysterious foundation gave HSBC fifteen trillion dollars and nobody batted an eye. The next question is does Yohannes Riyadi actually exist? I don't know. I can find no evidence of who of what he is. Is the above a fabrication or, as I have suspected, if one truly has that much money, could you effectively cease to exist on paper? And is this name just one of dozens like Wilfredo Saurin, another fraudulent name who appears in bank scams worldwide, that I can find no history of, probably because he does not exist. The US government say it's all a fraud to cheat US banks out of money. However, the money did appear in HSBC coffers, so the money is real. How it got there is another?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Surprisingly few douchebags this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Fausat Ogunbayo- I know a lot of you asking just who in the hell this person is. She is a 46 year old Staten Island mother who is suing the state of New York for 900trillion dollars after the state removed her children for, wait for it, mental instability. I doubt this case will help her cause and as she representing herself, good luck. In the past she sought medical help for claims her kid's skin was getting darker and that the FBI was after them. They were removed in 2008. While her kids did well academically, her mental state worried the state to the point they had them taken. Methinks this case goes nowhere.

2)Greg Kelly's Rape Accuser- One of the things I hate more than anything else on the planet is women who cry rape at the top of their lungs who almost certainly weren't. Feminists say it's the only way to counter the alpha male society we live in. I say bull biscuits. Women are legitimately raped every day and these false accusations hurt the chances of those actually victimized. I know quite a few who have been raped and the trauma they went through. This idiot got drunk, slept with Kelly, got pregnant, had an abortion and told her boyfriend who had a fit. So she cried rape rather than admit she had been kind of a slut and thus this whole fiasco towards a guy I don't even like, but no one deserves to be falsely accused. I know as I've gone through a similar thing (not rape mind you) but one guy accused me of robberies and I spent the next few years trying to convince a less than helpful police force I was innocent. The whole thing got thrown out eventually, the Prosecutor's career damaged and the police officer who put me through the ringer got fired, although years later rehired at a much lower position. Hah. I hate liars.

3)Rick Santorum- Rapidly becoming the Geert Wilders (look him up) of the Republican Party, this neo-Nazi is very, very dangerous. His calls to end things like birth control, abortion and women's rights in general should be a wake up call for any female voting for this waste of space. If he wins the nomination, expect a bitter and divided convention as the GOP knows this guy has a very slim chance of winning in a general election and could spell doom for the whole party. Aren't you guys glad now you adopted the Christian right and the Teatards? No? You shouldn't be because these two groups are sinking any chance you have to win back the presidency any time soon. 2016 here we come, should be your new slogan at this rate.

4)People mad that NJ flags were at half mast for Whitney Houston- Really? This is what makes you angry? Not the state of the world, global warming, the GOP, the Jersey Shore, none of that? This is what pisses you off? Get a life.

5)Whitney Houston-Prescription drugs kill more people than all other illegal drugs combined. Yet, the DEA goes after marijuana users, which kills no one, with a intensity that can only be described as insane. Whitney, once upon a time, had a great voice and a great career. But then she got addicted to crack, destroyed her voice and followed that up with binge drinking and pills, which eventually killed her. Sad.

6)Iran-These assholes seem determined to get nuked back to the stone age. In the past few days they helped deliver arms to Syria, backed by Russia of course, cut oil to the UK and France and have dictated their desire to have new nuke talks in Turkey, in what is certainly a stall tactic. This was how the Germans and the Japanese got the one up on Allied forces during WW2. Some MSM outlets are finally reporting what every physicist on earth knows in that, if Iran has enriched uranium to twenty percent, it is only a hop, skip and a jump to 90%. If Iran gets a nuke, the world may indeed unravel and Obama's presidency will be history. I can think of nothing worse if we hear these words in January: I, Rick Santorum, promise to uphold the Constitution of the United States. An Iranian nuke would be beyond bad. Pray it doesn't come to that. So congratulation Iran you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, February 17, 2012


In today's wacky world, black is white, Justin Beiber has talent and people are STILL eating at Taco Bell, regardless of the fact they they are literally poisoning you. It came out last week that a salmonella outbreak had plagued the awful fast food chain (and I use the word food very loosely) AGAIN. What kind of brain dead idiot says to himself, "HMMM, I feel like eating some substandard Mexican food that I know has a 50/50 chance of making very, very sick."? Even worse, a majority of the cases were in Texas. I've been to Texas. They have the best Tex-Mex food on the planet. What reasonable person who lives in the same area as the best tacos in the world, eats crap like Taco Bell? The same people voting for candidates like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich that's who.

I get why people don't like Mitt Romney. He's slick, pretty and phony. His views change with the wind and ask John Kerry how that attitude worked on his Presidential run. What is with Massachusetts politicians and terrible presidential runs? Romney, Ted Kennedy, Dukakis, Kerry: not a winning field there. But really, Santorum is your go to guy. His views would be great in Puritan America which a segment of this country seems ready to bring us back to, the American Taliban if you will, which is exactly what they are. They want a religious rule to tell us all how we should live our lives, just like the Taliban. This is odd because these people hate Muslims with a passion, but only because I think they are honing in on their religious clap trap. Santorum would be a horrible president who could literally send us back to the dark ages. It certainly seems to be an era he would be much more comfortable with.

In other news, our own government can't decide what is what. If you listen to Obama and the MSM, the recovery is just around the corner, the stock market grows in leaps and bounds, and everything is getting back to normal. Huzzah! The only problem with that is that it is complete and total bullshit. The CBO released a report the other day that shows unemployment is at at least fifteen percent. Here is that part of the report:

“The rate of unemployment in the United States has exceeded 8 percent since February 2009, making the past three years the longest stretch of high unemployment in this country since the Great Depression. Moreover, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the unemployment rate will remain above 8 percent until 2014. The official unemployment rate excludes those individuals who would like to work but have not searched for a job in the past four weeks as well as those who are working part-time but would prefer full-time work; if those people were counted among the unemployed, the unemployment rate in January 2012 would have been about 15 percent. Compounding the problem of high unemployment, the share of unemployed people looking for work for more than six months—referred to as the long-term unemployed—topped 40 percent in December 2009 for the first time since 1948, when such data began to be collected; it has remained above that level ever since.”

But we don't count them because Clinton, in one of his more douchebaggy roles, eliminated counting them from the statistics as a way to make his Presidency look better. He was also responsible for removing core inflation products like food and energy from the SS inflationary report, ripping off Grandma several thousand dollars a year. What a dick. Unemployment would be even higher is it counted people recently thrown off the unemployment dole due to time limitations running out. When you add those in you get an new rate of 22%. These rates haven't budged in three years, the longest period since the Great Depression. Housing is still uber-shaky, with banks ready to send foreclosures through the roof. And wages are steadily declining. My old job at the newspaper group I used to work for has been available now for several months. Know why they can't fill it? Because no one is willing to work for what they are going to pay. When I was there, I made close to fifty grand a year for what I did. The girl that replaced me made half of that. Yeah I want to work seventy hours a week for that kind of scratch. Blow me.

As if all that wasn't enough, now comes word that an attack on Iran is being geared up at the highest levels of government. Sanctions will be given time to work, but as the Iranians seem hell bent to get a nuke, and why wouldn't they, the West is unlikely to let them. Sources within the government have confirmed that attack plans are being readied and should the President give the word, they will be ready. Forces and equipment are being moved into sensitive areas and Israel has all but said look out, although Erud Barack, the Israel Defense Minister, has backtracked on calls for an immediate attack. An attack is said to be most likely between March and June although have said the "sweet spot," would be between September and October. That would be a little late to launch a major operation, but the press would be spectacular for Obama if successful and all but guarantee him a second term. It would be hard to beat a President if he was successful in shutting Iran's nuclear program down. I doubt it would be that easy, but this mentality cannot be discounted.

All in all, Europe is dying, crazy people are driving us further into insanity and somehow, someway, Rick Santorum is new frontrunner for President. God help us.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


As people watch Greece going down in flames, many an economist notes that it was only a matter of time. Even after the Greek government slit their own throat to give the EU what it wanted, it still appears to be too little too late and yesterday's meeting to ratify the new loan was postponed indefinitely. Many, such as Germany and the Netherlands, don't want to throw any more money in a sinking ship and they may actually be right. No amount of money can save Greece or Italy or any of the other beleaguered countries from default with current conditions.

It was revealed yesterday that ALL of Europe has begun to contract and a recession may be looming for the entire EU. Greece is already in a depression and most of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) are already in a recession. Now the rest of Europe seems doomed to follow. The Greek people have expressed their displeasure for living for slave wages to help out the assholes that caused this in the first place by burring their country to the ground.

Let's do a little Economics 101, something no country on Earth wants to do. If person X has a five million dollar a year salary, while ten people Y make 26,000 dollars a year, taking half of that money from person X is not going to destroy the planet. See, regardless of the mindless drivel about person X being a "job creator," it is in actuality, complete bull. Realistically, people y are job creators. Why you ask? Because person X can only buy so many copies of the latest Justin Beiber album, or eat at McDonalds or go see the Vow. If people Y have disposable income, they spend it on crap like that and thus jobs are created because jobs are made by demand not be rich people having money to invest in capital. Rich people, like Mitt Romney, use that capital to make more money by buying up failing businesses, burning them to the ground and collecting the insurance money, so to speak. The only way to save an economy is to take from the rich, give to the poor and create a workable middle class.

And for the morons out there posting videos that if we took all of the money from every rich person that says it wouldn't solve the problem, they are right in that it wouldn't. But no one is asking for anyone (except maybe the super rich) to have a one hundred percent tax rate. And they seem to forget that by giving people disposable income again, more taxes are raised. I love people who talk about economics without any understating of the problem. Unfortunately for us, our own government seems to fall into that category.

Now comes word that the ill advised payroll tax is going to be extended. This is a terrible idea and one that never should have been implemented. It was revealed yesterday that due to this stupid gimmick, SS will run out of funds faster than thought. Who would have guessed that by removing necessary funds from the SS treasury that it would deplete faster too? Oh that's right, everyone. Except again for our own government.

This country, and the world, needs a raise, banks need to be regulated within an inch of their lives, and greed needs to be excised from our very being if we which to survive the next century. Greed is not good. It is a vice, a sin. And it is killing us all. A massive Depression looms as everything we take for granted may soon end. The war drums still beat against Syria and Iran. The EU still looks doomed. And the choices we have for the upcoming Presidential campaign make me want to vomit. Is Rick Santorum really the guy you want leading the free world? His views on contraception are not going to help him in a general election and will pave the way for four more years of Obama. Swell. If only Ron Paul would stop talking about ending SS and Food Stamps and things people need to survive, he might have been a great candidate. But that combined with his isolationist USA views have killed his chances in the GOP. There is still talk about how Paul could have won Maine as half the state never voted due to a snow storm that never occurred (still trying to figure that one out) and the usual talk of vote fraud emerges. We are entering a dark period people. Hope and pray they someone like Rick Santorum isn't the guy to lead us out of it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Iran looks to be two seconds away from attack as they have hit multiple targets in the past few days. True the attacks were typical of recent ones in that they were abject failures, even comically so. In the attack today in Bangkok, Thailand, three explosions injured several Thai people and the Iranian bomber who, while attempting to flee police, blew off both his legs when the grenade he had just thrown at them ricocheted off a tree and bounced right back a him. Now that's funny. Why are Muslims so inept when it comes to these kind of things? See the movie Four Lions for a comedy about inept Muslim terrorists that is more accurate than even the filmmakers wanted as some of what occurred in the film actually happened in real life, albeit after the film was completed, which makes it even more hysterical.

But the world is not laughing and Israel has threatened retaliation for the attacks. That is a serious allegation as the government is well knows for extracting harsh measures against anyone threatening national interests. Juts ask the relatives of the terrorists of the 1972 Munich Olympics or the Lebanese after the 2006 attack on border soldiers. These are exactly the kind of things that lead to war and, as the world is on a razor's edge, any small breeze could push us all into a major one.

The US is on high alert and rumors have started spreading that an attack is imminent, possibly preceded by a false flag attack to win support. And regardless of what the conspiracy theorists say out there in cyberspace, these attacks are not it. By its very definition, a false flag has to whip up support on a grand scale to go to war and these aren't them. Not to mention the fact that their utter incompetence spells individual not government support. Iran is doing this by proxy not with traditional help, thus their hands stay clean and the dumbasses that do stuff like this cannot be directly traced back to them. Unfortunately you also get bottom of the gene pool people to carry out your plan with, as seen, less than desirable outcomes.

Ed Asner (yes the actor) has said that SEAL teams and special forces have warned him that a false flag attack is imminent so war with Iran will happen by Fall at the latest. How or why Ed Asner got the information is beyond me but it is not entirely impossible even if the source I see as dubious at best. I do not know Asner politics but for all I know this is a conspiracy theory to discredit Obama or the Israelis down the road. I have heard about an October Surprise every election since Reagan, who actually did such a thing and started all this conspiracy nonsense.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is warning the US that any cut in aid to the beleaguered country might result in their peace treaty with Israel being nullified. If the world keeps backing Israel into a corner, things are going to get dangerous fast. With Greece on fire, a Greatest Depression looming and war drums sounding louder and louder, things look bleak. Let us all hope saner heads prevail, but as religious extremism has taken over the world with the Muslim loonies up against the equally insane Christian right, a clash of civilizations is inevitable, something I wrote about nearly twenty years ago in college. An attack is coming. What happens after is what we all should fear.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Narrowly beating Obama by a hair, the Catholic Church decided it was the 15th century still and advocated the total destruction of mankind with their idiocy. Religious nonsense has to stop as it is out of control. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Newt Gingrich-Please, please shut the hell up you fat bastard. Your stupidity is deafening. And to anyone still supporting this loser, get your gun, put in mouth, pull trigger. Repeat as necessary.

2)GOP nomination process- In what can only be described as Kafkaesque, the run up to nominating your candidate has been filled with outlandish attacks against one another, a delegate count that requires advanced knowledge of calculus, a slide rule and the Bible (how much more confusing could they make this?), and endless debates where the four remaining candidates keep moving further to right and away from any chance of winning. If you want a sure fire way to lose, keep it up and we get four more years of, shudder, Obama.

3)Rupurt Murdock's Empire- More people are being brought in for questioning in the scandal that shows no end in sight. Five reporters and several editors were recently arrested from the UK Sun for the same wire tapping that brought down News Of The World. Can we just arrest Murdock and his family already and be done with this? They're guilty!

4)Banks- These assholes got a big blow job from "socialist" Obama today as he basically cleared them of any wrong doing in the financial crisis that bankrupted the country and destroyed the economy. In return for a slap on the wrist and a token amount of money to pay, the average person got nothing in return except empty promises and the possibility of a couple grand to offset the fact they ruined your life. We are getting dangerously close to the same kind of crap they caused both the French and American Revolution.

5)Obama- The fact that he patted himself on the back for this "great" deal shows what a crap leader he has been on domestic issues. This fix does nothing for Main Street America and everything for the rich who have been raping us non stop now for decades. Thanks a lot douche for selling us once again. This next election is rapidly shaping up to be a big "who gives a fuck," kind of contest. Romney or Obama is like asking which would I rather have measles or mumps? They both suck. Plus his back tracking on the whole Catholic issue on birth control is typical of his administration. Don't stand up for anything that a majority of people want numnuts and back the vocal, idiot minority. A terrible way to lead. Plus it has come out today that Obama has used the Espionage Act six times in his administration to arrest and prosecute government whistleblowers who were doing things for the good of the country. This is more than all previous presidents combined. One was a former NASA employee who told the press that the 1.2 billion dollar outsourced job could have been done for three million in house. And he got arrested for that. Incredible. Obama is not the Great Leader we all hoped he was and confirmed that no matter who wins the Presidency at this point nothing is going to change.

6)Rick Santorum- Having won three caucuses in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado (which mean nothing for some reason) Captain Moron is back and talking about how gay people are the devil, abortion is akin to killing Jesus and contraception is for Satan worshippers. This guy needs a good, swift, shut the fuck up moment. Anybody voting for him should take the same advice I give to Gingrich supporters but as they feel suicide is a sin, maybe some enterprising inventor can come up with the God booth where born agains can speak with Christ. Once inside, we gas them and cut them into itty bitty pieces, using the remains to fertilize our plants. At least that way they would have some fucking use.

7)Syria- It appears that the uprising may be over as Assad has officially crushed most resistance, thanks in part to Iran and Russia's help. With Iran still in the crosshairs and a new IEAE report due next month that will be anything but flattering, expect more on this explosive situation.

8)Greece- Caught between a rock and a hard place, the Greeks exploded today with riots nation wide as new austerity measures are being debated. As if the forty percent drop in salaries wasn't bad enough, the EU has said try again to which the Greeks help up their hands in surrender. A true Depression is looming over Greece, with massive unemployment and one in five business closings the tip of the iceberg. Things are going to get much much worse for them and the world at this rate.

9)The Catholic Church- These idiots are bent on world destruction and no one is calling them out on it. Without birth control and abortion, the world would be knee deep in people and life would suck beyond what it does now. They do know it isn't the fifteenth century anymore right? Obama backtracked hard when the Church rallied against them having to provide birth control through their insurance in places like hospitals and schools, even though the people working for them weren't the same religion. So let me get this straight, it's fine for you tell gay people they don't count but if the government tells you to do something it's a fight. What a hypocritical bunch of nonsense. Even after Obama caved like always and said insurers would pick up the bill, Catholic bishops said not good enough and whined even more. This is why I don't belong to the Catholic Church anymore as any organization that doesn't adapt, dies. And this religion is dying with less and people attending mass every year. One one of the biggest losses is in Ireland. Holy Crap if Ireland isn't going to mass anymore you are serious trouble as they as religious as it gets and I would know as I am Irish and have many Irish relatives who still live there. So congratulations Catholic Church you are indeed Douchebag of the Week.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I swear Obama sometimes acts like he doesn't want to be President anymore. I understand taking your orders from the corporations, but do not piss on my face and tell me it's raining. The banks got a sweetheart deal that gets them off the hook for actual crimes in the mortgage industry and in return get a swift thump in the wrist and a stern "BAD BANK!" from the President. Really? You do know that people lost everything due to criminal intent right? Apparently not, as you tried to sell us a fake bill of good and pass it off as antiques. I expect this from the GOP but this is a new low.

In return for a measly 25 billion dollars in hush money to be divided class action lawsuit style, where most of the money seems to disappear into some black hole of bureaucracy, homeowners get a measly two thousand dollar check and the possibility of refinancing. Over ninety percent of those screwed by unscrupulous banks get nothing. That is not justice. That is thievery. And then to have the gaul to tell me what a great deal it is and how proud he is of what he accomplished. Screwing old ladies out of their retirement funds is nothing to be proud of and Obama stood there glowing with pride. Disgusting.

How much more of this nonsense do we have to take before someone out there gets it? This deal is going to have unforeseen consequences. One is that home foreclosures, stymied by court actions, are now free and clear to clear the backlog out and trust me, they will. This will drive prices further down as a glut of homes are about to enter the market. For anyone looking to buy, you could get a steal, literally, in one of these houses. I've seen foreclosed homes in my area for as little as $50,000 and I live in a nice neighborhood. Houses may soon go for half of that.

The people who lost that home however are going to get nothing. Yet the Tea Party still crows about the free market. The free market cost you your house moron. Without regulations, it's a free for all. And we're shut outside the gates watching the orgy continue unabated.

Meanwhile Greece looks ready to implode as the government gave the EU their best effort who sneezed at it, wiped their ass and handed it back with a snotty "not good enough" reaction. Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos told his fragile coalition government on Friday to accept a harsh international bailout deal or condemn the nation to catastrophe.

"We cannot allow Greece to go bankrupt," he told a cabinet meeting. "Our priority is to do whatever it takes to approve the new economic program and proceed with the new loan agreement."

Let that sink in for a minute. The PM is saying he will bankrupt the country to avoid being bankrupt. In what world is that going to make sense? The cuts they are attempting guarantees a Depression throughout the country and we know this because it's exactly how every past Depression started. Without a strong middle class you have nothing. And we seem to think that everyone in Greece was rich and lazy, sucking off the government teat. The reality is that only a small portion of the public had access to good jobs and pensions and such. It's like thinking that everyone in this country gets perks like Congress. And we all know that isn't true.

Street protests erupted again today, albeit smaller than the ones last year. But what the EU wants dooms Greece. And if they don't do it, they get no bail out and poof Greece goes bankrupt. Either way, the country is screwed. Just like us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Chinese and Russian embassies were attacked throughout Syria as the people there thumbed their nose at the countries who have prolonged their suffering for their own selfish interests. Meanwhile, it is being reported that British Special Forces and Qatari soldiers have entered Syria to help the rebels fight back. It is a foregone conclusion now that at the very least NATO and Arab countries will be arming and assisting the rebels and making this conflict even bloodier.

More and more respectable individuals are starting to see the danger in having a nuclear armed Iran. Historian Niall Ferguson wrote a compelling article for Newsweek about the myths of what an attack upon Iran might occur afterward. He correctly notes that the government of Iran is based on religious idiocy and it is exactly this non-conformist irrationality that may lead to them using nukes at the drop of a hat. There is a reason we don't allow small children to have guns. Should we let them have nukes as well? Iran has not proven they are evolved enough to handle such a responsibility and until they do, a no nuke policy must by taken into effect. This is not an advocacy for war. It is an understanding that sometimes tough choices have to be made. If we wait, the consequences may be an all out nuclear war that will exterminate mankind.

As I write this, plans are being drawn up to attack Syria. Embassies around the world are being told to prepare in case an attack happens. The world readies for war and the public at large are mostly unaware, uncaring or both. Under no circumstances can Iran be allowed to get a nuclear weapon and they are definitely trying to build one. It would be suicide for them not to. Everyone sees that we treat Pakistan and North Korea way different than Libya and Somalia. And while these rouge nations may have nukes, they are less likely to use them. Both are run by non-secular militaries, while Iran is run by religious extremists who do not fear death when Allah is waiting for them with open arms.

If we had spent the last forty years finding alternate fuel methods, Iran wouldn't matter. The Middle East wouldn't matter. Russia wouldn't matter. But we didn't due to sloth and greed and now the bill has come due and we don't have enough to pay the check. Swell.

Iran, unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, is a real threat, the first one in a long time and I don't think people can notice the difference. When you cry wolf over and over, people stop paying attention. And that's exactly what's occurring now. This is real problem, as is Syria's lack of concern for their own people. Within the next few weeks, a war is going to begin and it going to be ugly, it going to kill lots of people and it will be fought in our our own streets. Those FEMA camps are going to have lots of company soon, especially if your of Iranian descent. Muslims are going to be the new Jews, the new scapegoats for everything wrong with us. And that is not okay.

Pray that things turn out all right because if history and experience tells us anything, we're probably screwed.

Monday, February 6, 2012


As a long time New England resident I would like to be the bigger man and congratulate the New York Giants for their impressive win against the Patriots yesterday. They played better and their receivers didn't choke (Wes Welker, we're looking at you) like the Patriots did. The Patriots played well except for most of the first half and the last three minutes but hey at least it was a great game.

The commercials this year were awful bordering on retarded. They do know people watch for the ads as much as the game right? Another sign of a dying society is when advertisers can't come up with thirty seconds of entertaining material. Car commercials were the most improved, especially the fantasic Chevy commercial ripping on Fords. Ford cried and whined like everyone does these days but to know avail. Doritos, Volkswagon and M&M's ads were hysterical and the movie trailers were impressive. Bud Light had the worst commercials I've ever seen, Century 21 spent a lot of money for nothing and the Tax ad with the kid pissing in the pool made me gag. And Madonna wasn't as bad as I thought it might be with LMFAO rocking the crowd with their catchy tunes. Overall, awesome Super Bowl, terrible, terrible ads. Try Harder.

Meanwhile, the world heads toward disaster. Financial ruin is right around the corner as people like Noriel Rubini, Paul Krugman and George Soros all say that what Europe is doing will never work mainly because it never has before in human history. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That is every politician alive today. The Baby Boomers are the worst at change. They hate it and will do everything to make it not happen. But change is inevitable and this fighting against the tide is a losing example. Greece may default by the time I finish writing this, and that is not hyperbole. The dollar gained big today against the Euro as the Greek default looks inevitable (which regular readers know is something I've said for months). The EU is keeping the Euro afloat on life support with no real plan other than to soak people with lower wages and higher taxes, a surefire recipe for a full blown Depression. Greece has said they cannot cut anymore, which countries like Germany are demanding, and not destroy their economy. They're right and the only solution is one no one is talking about.

There is only one way to save the economy and it's drastic. Everyone on the planet needs to be guaranteed a minimum wage. Everywhere, including places like China, need to conform or no business can be done with them. If you want a global economy, you need global rules. The alternative is the death of the middle class, being seen on a global basis. It can be done if tariffs and new taxes on companies falling to comply are used. Everyone needs a raise who make below 50,000 dollars a year. Period.
Until the middle class is strengthened, no economy will improve. The CEO's of the world need to be paid far less and the workers far more. That's why we had unions until a combination of deregulation and union greed all but gutted them.

No economist worth his weight believe that you can have a strong society without a middle class which we do not have. Our middle class makes between $75,000 and $150,000. That's a really small portion of our population. But salaries haven't risen in over forty years as inflation has grown and as result the middle class is non existent. Is this really an America you want to live in? And don't give me crap about hard work getting you ahead because that's true Communist Manifesto stuff. Hard work will get you nothing. No pension, no benefits. Nothing but a broken body and a crappy rest home to die in. I worked hard at almost every job I've ever had and trust me that didn't stop them from laying me off when my salary got too high. People succeed today through the connections they have and the money they've inherited.

As all this occurs, the world is getting ready for war. Obama is saying all is well, but privately that doesn't seem to be the case. New sanctions were placed against the Iranian banks today but that will do little to stop the coming fire storm. Sometime soon, Israel will strike at Iran. They are also telling us the Iran may strike first (false flag, cough hack wheeze) an unlikely scenario as the end result would be the total destruction of their country from multiple sides and it is unlikely that either Russia or China would come to their aid. It is also why it is a very good possibility why our side may do something bad and blame it on Iran. It would be in our best interests to do so.

Syria is failing apart and Russia is being labeled the villain in stopping the violence with their illadvised UN veto. There is talk of giving the rebels much bigger weaponry leading to all out civil war there. Might not be a bad idea to give the rebels a fighting chance rather than letting them die in the streets.

All in all, things look bleak. At least we have the Grammys and the Oscars to distract us for a little while.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


There were so many douchebags this week it would almost be easier to name all the people on Earth who WEREN'T douchey this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Senator Shadrack McGill- A local Alabama politicians made the asinine statement this week that keeping teacher pay low is in accordance with biblical principles. WTF! I must have missed that week in Bible study that had Jesus telling the teachers of the world to go blow.

McGill actually said that increasing teacher pay could lead to less qualified teachers and be "ungodly." Again WTF?

Here's his actual statement:

"Teachers need to make the money that they need to make. There needs to be a balance there. If you double what you're paying education, you know what's going to happen? I've heard the comment many times, ‘Well, the quality of education's going to go up.' That's never proven to happen, guys.

"It's a Biblical principle. If you double a teacher's pay scale, you'll attract people who aren't called to teach.

"To go in and raise someone's child for eight hours a day, or many people's children for eight hours a day, requires a calling. It better be a calling in your life. I know I wouldn't want to do it, OK?

"And these teachers that are called to teach, regardless of the pay scale, they would teach. It's just in them to do. It's the ability that God give 'em. And there are also some teachers, it wouldn't matter how much you would pay them, they would still perform to the same capacity.

"If you don't keep that in balance, you're going to attract people who are not called, who don't need to be teaching our children. So, everything has a balance."

This could quite possibly be the stupidest man on the face of the Earth. And he's a politician. Funny how that argument never seems to apply to the CEO's of the country.

2)Newt Gingrich- You've lost. Go home.

3)Rick Santorum- See above.

4)Ron Paul-That third party run is looking better and better every day.

5)Mitt Romney- A great presidential candidate. If he never speaks. Or sings. He makes Joe Biden look like a member of the Algonquin Round Table. This weeks foot in mouth syndrome included singing, something no candidate should ever do and a flip comment about not caring about the poor. Anti-Romney ads highlighting his near constant state of diarrhea of the mouth is already out there. Good luck in November because at this rate, you are going to need it.

6)Iran- You douchebags need to shut the hell up. You're not making things any better by demanding death to Israel. You're like a weak nerd picking on the second biggest kid in school while his older brother stands behind him with a shotgun. Your going to get whacked into next week at this rate.

7)Russia and China- Really guys? You voted down a resolution to stop the killing in Syria because your economic interests might be harmed. Plus, I suspect you fear that the world might not like how you handle your dissidents and you would be right. The world is changing and not for the better for the world elites. We're not doing much better here but at least we're not carpet bombing our civilian population. The violence in Syria needs to end and you bastards are prolonging it.

8)Religious people- I have had it with the religious right in this country becoming the American Taliban. Nobody cares what you think, you hypercritical, pious douchebags. The anti-abortion nuts have taken over the asylum and are constantly trying to stop something that is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. No matter what you feel about it, it's not your decision to make. Get over it and stop saying you want Tim Tebow for President and gay people to die, It makes you look nutty. the good news is that most of America is NOT in this subset. How do we know....

9)Nancy G. Komen- Nancy Pelosi's twin, heading up the self named charity, ate crow this week by first falling to anti-abortion extremists and pulling all funding for Planned Parenthood. The backlash was swift and severe and a few days later was forced to back track on the issue. She tried to make hay that it wasn't political but it obviously was and has now permanently damaged her organization. If she was smart she step down immediately because every woman I talked to say they will never give money to that charity (and a a few I talked with used to donate quite a bit of time and money to the cause). Absolute stupidity. Has she learned nothing from the Lowes debacle late last year? Planned Parenthood got the last laugh by raising more money this week than the charity would have normally so HA. This bitch put personal nonsense ahead of real women's lives. Fuck her. So congratulation Nancy Komen, you V looking reptoid. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Not a good day for good news. Plus my upcoming Douchebag column is rapidly filling up with rampant stupidity, especially from the gutless Komen charity. Did nobody learn anything from Lowe's debacle bowing down to religious extremists? When did we become the Taliban?

But the big news of the day is even our own government is starting to prepare people for the inevitability of war. There are only two possible outcomes in the next few months: either Iran gives up its nuclear program with unfettered access to all of its sites or Iran gets the bejesus bombed out of it. Which do you think is more likely>

Israel will not let Iran develop nuclear weapons, period. They do have a survival issue especially when the country is calling on its destruction on a regular basis. They will attack is they think it is the only way to stop them from acquiring a WMD.

Here is how the scenario will play out if Israel goes it alone. They attack massively hitting sites across the country. The death toll will be in the hundreds of thousands, as reported by Iranian media (whether those numbers will be real or not will be subject to much debate.) Iran will respond by launching proxy attacks from Lebanon and Gaza, carpet bombing places like Tel Aviv with better than expected weaponry. American interests will be targeted, especially in the Persian Gulf where supersonic missiles destroy at least one aircraft carrier and mines placed up and down the Straits of Hormuz. NATO launches attacks against Iran in retaliation and then things go from bad to worse depending on what Russia and China do. Plus, the only way to open the Straits of Hormuz will be by using tactical nuclear weapons along the coast line, which either the US or Israel will do at the first opportunity. This war will be fast and brutal and depending how thing go, could lead to WW3 and the death of billions of people.

The scary part is the alternative to let Iran get nuclear weapons is actually worse with a guarantee of a death toll nearing at least one billion in the first few days of a war in this scenario. Awesome (insert sarcasm here).

Add to this the fact that an recent interview with Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman said that the world was in a Great Depression last year (which faithful readers will know I said weeks ago as well) and that the austerity measures taken by Europe were doomed to fail (also echoed here). The unemployment numbers say the rate decreased again to 8.3% but fails to take into account so many factors as to be made worthless. The CBO office, the government's own statistical analysis office, say the current unemployment numbers are way below reality and, even by their own standards, should be over ten percent. Obama is fudging the numbers to make his presidency seem more sound, which it isn't. But with a Romney/Obama showdown looming, no one should care as neither of these two are going to change anything for the Middle Class.

People at this point should be stockpiling food, weapons and supplies because at some point over the next few months things are going to turn on a dime. Will Iran try to do something at the Super Bowl or will a false flag operation blame it for whatever may happen? It's not impossible. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

At the very least, you'll have supplies should nothing happen. But if it does, you'll be prepared. War is coming. And this one will make all others look tame in comparison. My sources within military channels say they are being told that troop movements may be happening to faraway places to prepare for such an event. When the military prepares so should you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Let's take a quick look at the Oscar nods:

Best Picture
"The Artist"
"The Descendants"
"Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close"
"Midnight in Paris"
"The Help"
"War Horse"
"The Tree of Life"

Should win-The Artist
Will Win-The Artist

A silent picture in today's age is something to see and admire. Why Incredibly Loud is in there is anybody's guess but I'm thinking blackmail because that movie sucked and sucked hard making it this year's Winter's Bone, a film I don't know anyone who liked it. I have not seen Hugo or War Horse yet but I hear both are excellent, especially Hugo which had the misfortune to come out the same weekend as the Muppets, which should be on that list along with the last Harry Potter. Moneyball was great but not an Oscar nominee for Best Picture. Likewise with the brilliant but flawed Tree of Life which should be up for best directing, but let's face facts: it was pretentious, especially the last incomprehensible ten minutes. No film that isn't perfect should be up for Best Picture. Was this honestly better than Harry Potter, the Muppets, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and, Bridesmaids? No. And it is this disconnect between the nominees and films people actually watch that is killing both the awards and the film industry.

Best Actor
Demian Bichir, "A Better Life"
George Clooney, "The Descendants"
Jean Dujardin, "The Artist"
Gary Oldman, "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"
Brad Pitt, "Moneyball"

Should win-George Clooney
Will win-Jean Dujardin

At a lose to explain why Michael Fassbender is not on the list. And who the hell is Demian Bichir? By the way, the movie "A Better Life", about Mexican immigrants died in the box office. Shocker. Ryan Gosling was another snub for a great year of brilliant performances like Drive and Ides of March.

Best Actress
Glenn Close, "Albert Nobbs"
Viola Davis, "The Help"
Rooney Mara, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"
Michelle Williams, "My Week With Marilyn."

Should win-Rooney Mara
Will Win-Viola Davis

Mara was brilliant in Tattoo and Streep will suffer another loss for doing a great performance in a so so movie. Viola Davis will sneak by as a result just like the SAG awards. Wiig was robbed in this category for Bridesmaids, but I have to admit this was tough competition.

Best Supporting Actor
Kenneth Branagh, "My Week With Marilyn"
Jonah Hill, "Moneyball"
Nick Nolte, "Warrior"
Christopher Plummer, "Beginners"
Max Von Sydow, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close"

Should win-Christopher Plummer
Will win- Christopher Plummer

Why the hell is Nick Nolte on the is list for the sub par Warrior and Albert Brooks not for "Drive." Stupid Academy. Very leery about Von Sydow's silent performance getting an Oscar nod as well. Where the hell is Alan Rickman for Harry Potter for God's sake?

Best Supporting Actress
Berenice Bejo, "The Artist"
Jessica Chastain, "The Help"
Melissa McCarthy, "Bridesmaids"
Janet McTeer, "Albert Nobbs"
Octavia Spencer, "The Help"

Should win-Melissa McCarthy
Will win-Octavia Spencer

She was really good in the Help but I loved McCarty's fearless role in Bridesmaids.

Best Director
Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris"
Michel Hazanavicius, "The Artist"
Terrence Malick, "The Tree of Life"
Alexander Payne, "The Descendants"
Martin Scorsese, "Hugo"

Should win-The Tree of Life
Will win-Hugo

Hard to beat the greatest director alive today and I think Scorsese will win big in this award, splitting from best picture win The Artist. Tree of Life may have been flawed but it was the best directed movie I saw all year.

Best Original Screenplay
Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris"
JC Chandor, "Margin Call"
Asghar Farhadi, "A Separation"
Michel Hazanavicius, "The Artist"
Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, "Bridesmaids"

Should win-Woody Allen
Will win-The Artist

Midnight in Paris was one of the best movies I saw all year and Woody Allen's best movie in decades. But I have a feeling the Artist is going to get a lot of love at the Oscars. I can also hope for Bridesmaids in an upset.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Alexander Payne, Nat Faxton, Jim Rash, "The Descendants"
John Logan, "Hugo"
George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon, "The Ides of March"
Aaron Sorkin, Steven Zaillian, "Moneyball"
Bridget O'Connor, Peter Straughn, "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy."

Should win-the Descendants
Will win-the Descendenats

Great movie, great screenplay. Hugo is only possible upset in this category. Plus we'll get to see the Dean from community win an Oscar if the Descendants pull it out.

Best Animated Feature
"A Cat In Paris"
"Chico & Rita"
"Kung Fu Panda 2"
"Puss in Boots"

Should win- Don't care but I'll say Puss In Boots.
Will win-Puss in Boots

Only saw two of these nominees, Kung Fu Panda and Rango, and thought both were okay. Snubbed were Tintin and Winnie the Poo. Don't really care who wins this and have nothing to go on but gut feeling.

Tune in later and see how I did in my Predictions.


If you buy into what the media and politicians are spewing, the US is in fantastic shape, unemployment continues to decline, and things in general are getting better and better. This may be true if you are in the 1 percent. For the rest of us, things suck and continue to get worse.

Want proof? Let's look at the housing market. The U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday that the amount of people owning homes fell to 66% in the fourth quarter, continuing a seven-year drop with no end in sight. At the same time, home prices dropped by a further 1.3%. As more people don't buy houses as they have no job. no money or no hope of a mortgage, more are renting. And that in and of itself is driving up rents. Not much recovery there.

Yet the "experts" on every newscast claim the opposite, that we've turned a corner, that things are getting better. Where exactly is this recovery taking place, because outside of DC, home prices have slid on a national scale? The latest news about the Baltic Dry Index (BDI is mostly a measurement of global shipping rates) says just the opposite. Brandon Smith, from, says the BDI “is plummeting like a wingless 747 into the swampy mire of what I believe will soon be historical lows.” Smith says this is foretelling bad times, not good.

The Federal Reserve last week announced it will hold a key interest rate to near 0% through 2014 instead of 2013. Why you ask? Because the economy is still in the toilet. Economist John Williams of says 0% interest rates and money printing are really just keeping big banks from bankruptcy which is not helping the economy to truly recover. As real estate is going down in price, everything else is going up, including a sharp rise in commodities like beef and chicken lately. As a result, hyperinflationary depression is entirely possible ala The Wiemar Republic.

Williams says that hyperinflationary depression will hit the U.S. by 2014 at the latest. He thinks when it hits, it will cause a “financial economic Armageddon.” He recommends gold, silver, food and foreign currencies as protection. Williams goes on to warn, “The U.S. dollar remains highly vulnerable to massive, panicked selling, at any time, with little or no warning. The next round of Federal Reserve or U.S. government easing or stimulus could be the proximal trigger for such a currency panic and/or for strong efforts to strip the U.S. currency of its global reserve currency status."

Feel better yet? How about this then: War with Iran appears inevitable. We are moving more and more troops and equipment into the area with at least four air craft carriers and strike forces in the region by March and 100,000 troops. Supplies have been flying out of the places like the Diego Garcia as well as more and more flights leaving bases in Pearl Harbor. Israel will not let Iran get a nuke and I kind of doubt we will either as the type of destabilization it will cause will be mind blowing. At some point, most likely this year, a war against Syria and Iran will occur. How the Russians react will determine the fate of mankind.

On top of all that comes word that a casino in Atlantic City is giving their employees "term limits." Yes that means every four years, your job will disappear and you will have to reapply to keep it, most likely at a lower pay rate. How soon before other companies adopt this tactic? Corporations are killing us and the Tea Party is leading the charge. Death to the Tea Party and their fascist ideas. Anyone connected with them must be shunned from any co-operation. Don't hire them. Don't associate with them. Don't sell to them. Make them the Pariahs they should be. End this awful social experiment today. The alternative is going to be called Occupy a FEMA Camp and we all know how well that worked out for the Jews.

Things look bleak people. If we don't stand up soon for what we believe in, we will be part of a new Prison USA.