Monday, April 29, 2013


Anyone with a brain knows we no longer live in a democracy. It was on it's way out when Citizen's United put the final nail in that coffin. According to the very definition of the word FASCISM, a combination of government and corporate power on equal basis, that has come to fruition just as the powers that be tried in the 40's with the failed coup de tat against Roosevelt. The elites just waited it out and installed it eventually anyway. That is a long term strategy. In the past I showed how every fascist regime of the 20th century has 14 points that defined such a state. We also are implementing all 14 now as well meaning welcome to the new Reich. We could also be described as a Banana Republic, Kleptocracy or Ogliarchy. But the one that really hurts is the Third World Nation status which are rapidly becoming. Don't believe me? Let's look at how third world nations operate in concordance with how we do things. You'll be surprised to see little difference.

First is out of control debt situation. We are spending WAY more than we are bringing in, and instead of cutting crap we don't need, the government wants austerity measures that have proven to be an abject failure every time they are implemented. Look at Greece and Spain for God's sake. Third world nations have huge debt that is being to used to control all infrastructure and banking rules. In Bolivia, private corporations have control of the water supply, something being looked at here as well. States likes Colorado have passed laws that make it illegal to collect rainwater. How soon before all of us have to pay to drink clean water?

Income inequality is rampant in third world nations were an elite few control all the money while the masses starve in the streets. Sounds like Detroit to me. Our income inequality is the greatest ever seen in human history, especially if my hypothesis of trillions being hoarded by the greedy few is true. That difference between rich and poor has tripled over the last few decades with more and more forced onto government programs because jobs no longer pay a livable wage in most places. If you ae not making at least $50,000 a year, you are going to have a hard time saving any money, especially if you have children. As two thirds of this country makes far less than that, collapse is inevitable.

Slavery is alive and well. We now have debtors prisons again and private corporations that are using the inhabitants as literal slaves for jobs that would pay much, much higher in the real world. Customer service jobs are being insourced into prisons where they have access to credit card numbers and personal info. How safe does that make you feel?

Our health care system is one of the most expensive and the least useful. In all honesty, some third world nations, like Cuba, have a better health care system then we do, with a far lower infant mortality rate, more doctors per person, and it's freakin' Cuba. The right is way off base when the claim out health care system is the best in the world. It's not even in the top forty. As someone who has seen the health care system closely these last few years, let me tell you, it is ungodly expensive and kinda crappy. In this country don't get sick. And if you do, die quick.

Our personal freedoms are being chipped away more and more in the name of "safety." Our TSA needlessly molests people to get on a plane and they are still talking about moving it out into the streets. DHS is stockpiling huge sums of ammo, arms and other things that could easily be used against us. Our Constitution is in shreds and all anyone wants to talk about is the 2nd one. They all matter, even if I agree some of it needs to be updated like an end to trial by a jury of your peers and perhaps even changing the amount of senators per state. There are few freedoms in third world nations and we are rapidly joining them

Our media is pure propaganda now where Goebbels would have been proud of. Fox news is the right wing shill channel, MSNBC the leftie revolution and CNN is for the retarded. I watched Anthony Bourdain's new show recently and was struck by how awful it was. I loved him on Travel Channel. When he went to eat at a Sizzler in LA I nearly threw up. CNN sucks. We get no news lately other than fantasy and government statements. No one digs deeper on any level, except places like here, and I find it sad that I have to be the voice of reason for millions. Third world nations have strict control over their media and so do we.

So there you have it. America is becoming a third world nation as businesses outsource all manufacturing overseas which is depressing wages and literally killing our economy. Our income equality is growing, out infrastructure is being sold out to foreign groups and slavery is only a heart beat away. And all anyone cares about lately is who got voted off the Voice last night. Shameful.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


As my computer was infected with space herpes last week this will be a double issue covering the last two weeks for which there were many, many douchebags. Let's see those runner ups.

1)The owner of the West, Texas Fertilizer Planet that Exploded- This ass had NO sprinklers or fire suppression system, 1350 times the amount of ammonia nitrate that he was legally allowed to have and no common sense. I hope the town lynches him.

2)Regulators- For all the right wing idiots out there spouting about how regulation is killing the economy, I give you this example of how lack of regulations is killing actual people. OSHA hadn't visited the plant since 1985, and even the EPA proved their worthlessness with a paltry fine in 2007. Did no one notice the serious lack of sprinklers in a place where there HAS to be sprinklers? I am all for disbanding the EPA and replacing it with something else if they are this fucking blind or greedy. This is why Texas is the place to be for business. They don't care if people die as long as the business owners make money off it.

3)North Korea- Kim Jong Un has been quiet these last few weeks, perhaps realizing that kicking a wounded tiger is probably the best way to get eaten. Let's hope he stays that way. It won't happen, but I can dream.

4)Regal Theaters- In what can only be described as "how to drive a business into the ground" strategy, Regal theaters has ignored the huge backlash against any company using Obamacare as an excuse to cut workers hours and has done just that. Facebook exploded with negative comments, just like Papa John's which saw a huge decrease in sales as a result. Darden restaurants, which include Longhorn and Olive Garden, quickly backpedaled the idea after their sales also went south. Regal faces a similar outcome. This flies in the face of the fact that the CEO is making millions, along with top executives, while the employees face no health care. Amy Miles is one greedy bitch. I hope she and her entire family get cancer.

5)Mark Sanford- Proving my point that Republicans would vote for Hitler if he had an R after his name, disgraced politician Sanford recently won a primary vote in South Carolina for senate. Never mind the fact that he was run out of office for having an affair with an Argentinian woman where he would disappear to for weeks on end leaving the state with no leader, but was recently discovered to have violated a restraining order against him by his now ex-wife. The GOP pulled all funds from this moron and stands to lose to Stephen Colbert's sister which means there might actually be a democrat in an ultra red state. Anyone who voted to put this ass back into a position of power is no better.

6)The FBI- These assholes have had a really bad week. I LOATHE the FBI because they seem to be a giant bunch of fuckups who cannot get their stories straight ever. We don't see this behavior in any other authoritative group, not the CIA, not the Secret Service, not even DHS. Why? This week we saw conflicting reports coming out of the FBI regarding the Boston Bombers. We now know the older brother had been investigated by you in 2011. That means you had pictures, names and addresses on file as to who they were. Once the video of the terrorists came out, facial recognition should have alerted the exact person you were looking for. Yet, for some inane reason, you failed to alert the public as to their identities, calling for America to identify people you should have already known everything about. WHY? And then came the ricin attack where, once again, you arrested the wrong guy. It doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that the second guy you have arrested is guilty either. You guys are still insisting that Bruce Irvins was the Anthrax killer, even though the NIST called your evidence some of the worst detective work ever seen and would have been eviscerated in court. Thank God Irvins killed himself by your incessive hounding huh? Can we please disband the FBI, DEA and EPA and try again already?

7)The Boston Police- True these guys did a decent job taking two terrorists off the street and I still don't have problem with shutting down a city to grab them, but my God, could you please stop lying to us. We know you shot at an unarmed kid, which should have been readily apparent two seconds after he got out of the boat. We know you knew the exact names of the people you were searching for. Every time the narrative changes, conspiracy theories will abound as people will NOT believe anything else you have to say. Transparency in today's day and age is paramount to a free society. It also doesn't help that for all those people who say we are NOT living in a police state, the overly militarized police pictures we saw were kind of frightening. If you want my reason why I don't support most gun control laws, there it was for all to see. If cops have automatic weapons, so should the public.

8)The Media- Holy crap was the media terrible these past few weeks, especially CNN and John King, who I cannot believe still has a job. CNN made blunder after blunder, especially after King said his sources told him a suspect had been caught, which he wasn't, and then gave a description of the bomber, which was also inaccurate. The New York Post ran pictures, seen here on a previous post, of two innocent spectators at the Marathon who had the unfortunate distinction of being Middle eastern and completely innocent. I ran a retraction minutes after posting it when I realized that these were not the droids they were looking for. Stop speculating and reports confirmed facts. I do and I have a smidgen of your budget.

9)Democrats- Four democrats voted against universal background checks, something 90% of the country wants and proves my death of democracy thinking. We need to eliminate the filibuster already and go back to the 50% rule because nothing is going to get done until we do. The Democrats had a chance to do just that at the beginning of the year but balked at the last minute should they somehow be in the minority again, which there is a fat chance of that. These soul suckers also helped pass the FAA furlough bill so they wouldn't be stuck on the tarmac like ordinary people and killed a provision that eliminated insider trading, which Obama also signed into law. What a bunch of dicks.

10)Republicans- These assholes killed Universal Background checks against the wishes of the constituents. Eric Holder has proposed a law that would end overtime pay for hourly workers. And that is the least crazy things they did this past week. The Iowa Senate filed an amendment that would lower the salaries of the four State Supreme Court Justices who voted down an anti-abortion bill. Oddly, the Supreme Court there will almost certainly strike this law down. House Republicans voted for the 37th time to repeal Obamacare, with the same results defining the word insanity and wasting millions in taxpayer money. Fox News, Newt Gingrich and Ray Canterbury have all championed the idea of ending child labor laws so kids on free meal programs can "earn their keep." Pat Robertson said this bit of nonsense:

Margaret Sanger “was the one who set the stage for Adolf Hitler…he copied her,” Robertson insisted, citing Google as his evidence. “What they said was, they said ‘what we’ve got to do in order to get the black people in America to have abortions, we have to have some noted black leader who will come out for Planned Parenthood and we’ll give him the Margaret Sanger Award and therefore he will be our poster boy showing the black people they should have abortions,” Robertson added.”It was strictly genocide."

Then there is Glenn Beck who, like many deranged individuals, is saying the Boston Bombings were all a Black Opts program. Check this piece out from the National Memo:

Yet again, Glenn Beck claims at least a share of the number one spot on the list, this time for his crazy, libelous claims about the Boston Marathon bombing. For the past week, Beck has relentlessly claimed that a Saudi victim of the attack is actually an al Qaeda operative who recruited the Tsarnaev brothers to carry out the bombing — a fact that the Obama administration has, naturally, covered up. Although Beck’s latest conspiracy is easily debunked — even by a guest on his own show — he is sticking with it, insisting that the cover-up “is so far beyond Benghazi” that it’s criminal, and an irreversible turning point in American history.

What sets this story apart from all of Beck’s other wild conspiracies is the fact that an elected official has bought into it. As Steve Benen notes on his MaddowBlog, New Hampshire representative Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn) has voiced her agreement with Beck, posting on his Facebook page that events have unfolded “just as you said would happen.”
“The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops ‘terrorist’ attack. One suspect killed, the other one will be too before they even have a chance to speak. Drones and now ‘terrorist’ attacks by our own Government. Sad day, but a ‘wake up’ to all of us,” the elected official wrote. Tremblay went on to cite conspiracy nut Alex Jones as another clairvoyant who, like Beck, knows the truth about the federal government’s evil deeds.
Reached by phone to clarify her remarks, Tremblay told a local paper that “she had suspicions of some kind of plot involving Secretary of State John Kerry, Saudi nationals, and ‘black ops’ soldiers at the scene of the marathon.”
As Benen concluded: “Say hello to the Glenn Beck wing of the Republican Party.”

It is unbelievable that people are still voting for nonsense like this.

11)Conspiracy Theorists- Let me say this for the cheap seats: THERE IS NO GRAND CONSPIRACY IN THE BOSTON BOMBINGS. Yes the media lied, because that is what they do in their attempt to one up the competition. And yes the police made many misstatements some accidentally, others to cover up their own boobery. But these two guys did it. Terrorism exists and not everything is a false flag attack. Stop acting like a tin foil hat moron guys. Your making us all look bad.

12)The Boston Bombers- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are two of the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet. Did they not think they would be identified seconds after planting the bomb? If the FBI has your face on file, don't you think they will come for you eventually? And much like George W Bush, they had no exit plan. They tried to carjack a car to get to NYC because their's was broken and then picked one with no gas. That's Karma. The one that lived will be spending a miserable existence locked in a small cell 23 hours a day with no TV, radio or contact with the outside world. Welcome to hell. Until we kill you and then really, Welcome to HELL. So congratulations you terrorist fuckwads, you are douchebags of the week.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Anyone still voting for any Republican at this point and time needs to get some serious psychiatric help. These people are no better than the battered wife who stays with their abusive husband because "she still loves him." Please. Let's start with the latest fiasco which is one of their own making.

Contrary to popular belief among the right, the sequester is causing real problems for real people. Pundits like Michael Reagan wrote the day after the sequester went into effect that the democrats where all crying about it while nothing had happened yet. The key word there was yet. This week, 15,000 FAA air traffic controllers were furloughed sending plane travel into a tail spin and causing long delays at major airports. Republicans cried foul that the democrats were using this to make them look bad and other solutions were readily available. In actuality, the way the law was written BY REPUBLICANS, said they couldn't do anything but this. So the GOP caused all of this mess and then had the tenacity to blame everyone but themselves. Christ on a stick, how dumb do they think most of us are?

These cuts are already harming cancer patients, closing pre-schools, and ending food programs for the elderly. And the GOP wants even more austerity, flying in the face that they have been a miserable failure overseas. And this is the same group that keeps comparing the Democrats to Greece when the actuality is that they themselves are much more akin to out counterparts across the pond.

Now mind you this all happened right before the Congress goes home for the weekend so God forbid, their flight should be delayed. Here is what one senator had to say:

"It's totally outrageous. The people who are whining the most are the ones who made this happen," said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). "They wake up and they're shocked, absolutely shocked, when their flight home is delayed. So they take immediate action to carve out an exception that benefits them and the most well-heeled Americans, by and large."

Welch, who voted against the sequestration bill in 2011, said, "What we should be doing is not carving out an exception so members of Congress don't have to have delayed flights. We should be coming up with a fix for the whole sequester. Why is it that the one inconvenience where the howling is the greatest and affects the people who are least affected overall by the sequester, that one gets fixed and it happens to be members of Congress?

"This is hypocrisy writ large," Welch added. "John Boehner said he got over 98 percent of what he wanted [in the sequester law], and now he's complaining. This was a policy that by design was going to inflict punishment on the American people, and he's carving out the ones who have the most access to their members of Congress."
"We're all in this together or we're not," Welch said. "This picking and choosing where the winners continue to be the haves and the losers tend to be the have-nots -- it's just a spiral down, and it's a sad day in Congress that instead of attacking the real problem that we created, we carve out an exception that's going to benefit members of Congress themselves."

We also found out recently that Eric Cantor is proposing a bill that would eliminate overtime pay for hourly workers. Because that is exactly what the American people want is less money, is it? These are what they should be fighting for:

• guaranteeing employees can earn paid sick days.
• making family and medical leave more accessible and affordable.
• fixing the minimum wage to adjust for lost value and index it to inflation. (If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, it would be $10.56 per hour and for productivity $21 an hour.)
• guaranteeing minimum hours and predictable schedules, so that millions of workers can earn enough and plan their family time.
• passing equal pay measures.
• removing barriers to collective bargaining.

None of those are even being debated by either side. What we have are two sides of the same coin. One is a fascist, corporate, slave trader side and the other is slightly shinier. Other than politicians like Elizabeth Warren, we have few friends in government that are actually looking out for us. Certainly not Obama, not Pelosi, not Reid, not anyone on the right. We are losing everything we fought for and one of the main reasons is we keep voting in idiots like Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Eric Cantor and others who are intent on destroying the American way of life forever.

If you make less than $250,000 a year and are still voting for the right, you are effectively voting to put yourself in the poorhouse and perhaps even jail, as debtors prisons are back in many states. Is that really what you want?

Thank God the Senate isn't controlled by the GOP because we would be free falling into empty space by now. The Senate killed the awful CISPA bill which was a slap in the face to the Constitution, allowing employees to demand Facebook passwords and other information they have no business having. It was Big Brother for real and for now it is dead. Vote in a Republican majority however and watch all this come back to haunt us.

The GOP is having problems with the ill advised vote against background checks which some 90% of the American public wanted. Can anyone out their name another bill which had such high support NOT passing? Some candidates in 2014, including the four democrats who voted against it, may be out on their ear as recent polls shows hostility toward anyone who voted no. I am all for background checks to buy weapons in every circumstance, including from family and friends. It won't help stop most gun violence but it is a step in the right direction. Opening state hospitals for the mentally unbalanced and ending the drug war would be a big help in eliminating gun deaths as well, something no one in Congress is proposing. Sigh.

We falling down a huge hill and picking up speed. Some of us are not even trying to stop. STOP VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS TO END THIS SLIDE. It's not that I trust the democrats but at least they are not the party of stupidity with a complete lack of reason.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


A lot has happened this past week, and all the while Congress either repealed or passed draconian laws that flew under the radar. But we'll get to that later. First, there has been a vast amount of armchair sleuthing and, truth be told, most of you out there suck at it. From blogs repeating suspect knowledge from dubious media sources, to the media itself for regurgitating every factoid that comes across their desk without confirmation, to police and FBI stories that keeps changing day by day, this story has already been altered to death. To quote Pogo: "I have seen the enemy and he is us."

Let's start with the biggest story, the Boston Bombers. Many are claiming the two were set up, that they were double agents, that they were connected with Al Queda. None of that was true. We need to accept that not every bombing is some grand conspiracy. Yes, OKC has major flaws in the narrative  and the military's story during 9/11 was proven false by the 9/11 Commission and yet nothing was done about it and no one was fired. However, this appears to be the case that two young radicals attacked the USA for religious reasons, which are never logical. I have looked at all of the evidence and only a few things sound suspicious and even that I can rationalize away for less treasonous reasons.

The main reason I know this isn't a conspiracy is that the amount of people involved in this story would be immense. There is no way that many people will keep quiet about something this big. Both OKC and 9/11 could have been done by far fewer people with definitive reasons to keep their mouths shut (money, power and the threat of death). No this conspiracy arose by a far more likely suspect: incompetence on a staggering scale.

The media sure didn't help by repeating every thing they heard in the world's largest game of telephone, with equally predictable results. John King of CNN looked the fool he is when he said erroneously that a suspect had been arrested in the Boston Bombings the day after the attack, which as we all know now, was wrong. All week we got misleading information and some made a true stretch of the imagination to blame right wing lunatics on this attack, even though that profile was obviously wrong. As I said in a previous post, right wingers attack IRS, FBI and other government targets, not innocent people, except as collateral damage.

Then we have the police and the FBI who I will both congratulate and admonish. They did a great job catching a killer on the loose and, regardless of what some are saying, completely agree with them locking down Boston and the area until he was found. This is not martial law, this is common sense. The last thing you want is some asshole with a backpack of bombs getting into an area with lots of people. However, the fact that the official story keeps changing by the hour is getting tiresome and is causing no one to believe anything they say. Have they never read "The Boy That Cried Wolf?"

Today, it came out that the 2nd Bomber, had no guns on him, or weapons of any kind. So why the sudden attack of gunfire heard at the scene? If he obviously didn't shoot himself as claimed, and even I admit he doesn't look injured getting out of the boat, what really happened? Who was the naked guy getting into the car, which I saw happen live on TV. As A Boston area native I have a better perspective on all of this than many and got to watch local news do a far better job than the big networks. If he was nobody, please release his information so we can clear this up as I am fairly positive he was a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time who had the unfortunate reality of looking like the suspect. We do have more than one guy who looks like Bomber 1 in the area after all. I watched others get arrested on live TV that night as well who were white and no one is asking questions about them.

All of this is being caused by a police department and FBI acting like the Internet doesn't exist. Information has to be released much faster now or your life is going to get even harder as no one will trust you anymore and more nonsense like this is going to happen. You guys must have known their names when you released their pictures, so why didn't you? Why does your story keep changing weeks after the event? I think there is cover up here but it has less to do a grand conspiracy and more likely a trigger happy police force and general incompetence, readily seen.

Speaking of incompetence, the reason for the West, Texas explosion is in and it appears that the complete lack of any sort of regulations in this country, and especially Texas, is to blame. The building had NO sprinklers or fire suppression system of any kind. It hadn't been seen by government regulators since 1985. The end result is the deaths of 14 people and West, Texas looking like the end of Castle Rock in Needful Things. Republicans who are fighting for less regulation should look at this as a wake up call. They won't, but they should.

And then there is Paul Kevin Curtis, who turned out to be completely innocent as I also said was a distinct possibility on a previous post. He could have been nuts, but now his story about the feds out to get him rings much truer as well as the Body Part ring he claimed to have witnessed. A second suspect has been named and we will see where that goes. There are some facts that support him as the ricin poisoner, but let's wait and see where that goes.

While all of this was going on, Republicans unwisely shot down the background check law which seems to be having a devastating effect of some poll ratings. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) has seen her numbers plummet 15 points overnight and close to 30 with moderates. She is not up for re-election until 2016, but this vote may haunt her until then. When 90% of the people want something, it should pass. But we don't actually live in a democracy anymore and here is living proof.

Then these douchbags also helped kill a provision that would have protected employees from having to give the Facebook passwords to their employees. I thought you guys were all about the Constitution and freedom? Oh that's right, you only care about the 2nd Amendment and the rest are just guidelines right? Both sides get a huge middle finger for repealing the STOCK act that put some small brakes on the Congressional money train using insider trading and one of the few bills former MA senator Scott Brown helped pass. Obama signed it as well. What a bunch of fuckers.

The news are all lies, the police and Feds can't be trusted at their word and the government is screwing us blue. It's just another wonderful day here in the United States of AmeriKa. And that's all stuff that just happened in the last ten days. Ugh, my head hurts. So should yours.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


After a long week, my computer is virus free again. Sure am glad nothing important happened this week (add deep sarcasm there)! There has been a lot of talk about government conspiracies and the only one that holds any water right now is the one the fewest amount of people are talking about. The Boston Bombers are guilty. West Texas exploded due to massive stupidity and a complete lack of regulations, just like the Republicans have been clamoring for. While the ricin attacks look for a new perp as they guy they had already convicted turned out to be completely innocent. Which one of those stories is the most interesting? Tomorrow we will look into all of that, plus the crap Congress passed quietly while no one was paying attention.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


My computer got malwared and is in the shop. I am writing this on a Kindle, no easy task. I will be back as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Regular readers on this site know I am not one to immediately scream "CONSPIRACY"  at the top of my lungs every time something happens. 90% of all the things you read on the Internet are about as reliable as the Nightly News. However, every now and then things start to look awfully wonky when you start looking at them closely and the events of the past week suggest something very different than what is being portrayed.

The Boston Marathon Massacre has all the signs of one of two groups, Muslims or someone trying very hard to make it look like Muslims did it. The West, Texas explosion has the same hallmarks of a terrorist attack, with the same results. The government seems to be involved in stalling information getting out to the public and, perhaps, even deliberately misleading the public for one very good reason: they don't want a panic. If Muslim sleeper cells are involved in multiple attacks upon the country, the last thing the government is going to do is tell us that. The absolute panic that would ensue would be catastrophic to innocent Muslim families across the country and they know it. This information is going to be kept under wraps for as long as humanly possible.

Let's look at the evidence that is rapidly piling up at this point. The FBI has been suddenly tight lipped as hell about arrests, suspects, even photos of the alleged bombers. A news conference set for yesterday was postponed indefinitely and DHS is still debating releasing photos of the two(?) bombers from crowd photos. Going through the photos comes up with pictures of these two:

They seem to be wearing the insignia and outfits from the security company, Craft. I do not believe they were involved in doing anything more than crowd surveillance. These two however are another matter:

These two may be the suspects that the FBI is looking for. Both are carrying bags and one appears to to have left it at bomb scene one, which fits the description. Look at the backpack he is wearing:

The bottom of the bag appears heavy, pointed and roughly the shape of a pressure cooker bomb. Mind you, this is all pure speculation and these two may turn out to be innocent. If anyone recognizes them though, they should report it to the authorities immediately.


The teen in the photo has been identified as Salah Baroun, 17, and is not considered a suspect at this time. This means there are no good photos seen yet of any suspected bomber(s)?

If two bombers are indeed being looked for, as some reports say, this signifies a bigger deal than some lone nutbag. Over the past three days, we have seen a ricin attack, an attack on a California electric and gas substation, the attempted cutting of an AT&T optic cable, two bombings at the Boston Marathon, a suspicious fire at the JFK Library in Boston and now, a huge explosion in West, Texas at a fertilizer plant. That's a lot of coincidence for anyone.

The ricin attack appears to have nothing to do with any of this. The alleged perp, Paul Kevin Curtis, has already been arrested and that story is a whole other level of weird. Chances are most likely, that Curtis is a raving loon who's arrest surprised no one. He has a history of criminal arrests, all misdemeanors and a supposed mental illness. Curtis was fired from his job at North Mississippi Medical Center supposedly for uncovering some sort of international body part ring. After suing to get his job back, he allegedly was harassed by the police, while the powers that be destroyed his family, killed his pets and burned both his house and car to the ground. According to Curtis, everyone who has tried to help him at the hospital has been fired and two attorneys he hired are both in jail. So either Curtis is a raving loon, a distinct possibility, or he's being framed to shut him up and that ricin was placed there after he sent the letters. It is impossible to know which is which, although I'd still bet on nutbag first.

But that has nothing to do with the West, Texas explosion which shouldn't have happened short of three possibilities. One, it was a freak occurrence where everything that could have gone wrong did. This is the least likely scenario. Two, the owner cut corners to maximize profits and disaster ensued. Very possible. And three, a terrorist attack. Possible. The bad news for the owners is that short of the minute possibility of the first hypothesis, he's is so screwed. If it was negligence, he may face jail time. If it was terrorism, that isn't covered in most insurance policies and he is still out of luck.

Here is the kicker: even if it turns out to be terrorism, I am not entirely sure they will tell us it was. The fire at the JFK Library had the arson squad out there today and, knowing what I know about fire deductions, spotting the difference between a naturally occurring fire and a bomb is pretty apparent. Unless they though something was off, the arson squad shouldn't even be there. The fact that the local police are still not releasing much information about it is a red flag. It has not been confirmed as an electric fire or a bombing yet. Why the delay?

Because it looks awfully suspicious that a huge fire breaks out just one half hour after the Boston Marathon Massacre. It is that same suspicion about all the other events that have transpired over the last few days. The government will cover this up, not to blind us from their own misdeeds, but for the panic this may well evolve into.

There is some evidence that suggests the FBI and others know far more than they are letting in. 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi student who was the first suspect named, is being deported as we speak. Why we have no idea. Maybe his student Visa expired. Maybe it is something else, but it is highly unusual according to terrorism experts. This has happened in the past after 9/11 when Saudi nationals were evacuated from the US before any other plane hit the skies.

Obama also received an unscheduled visit from the Saudi Foreign Prime Minister yesterday. What was so important that they needed to meet this hastily? A scheduled 10 AM photo op between the Foreign PM and John Kerry was also abruptly cancelled at the last minute because Kerry said "he was tired," a fact no one in the press was buying. Associated Press’ Matt Lee told spokesman Patrick Ventrell, “I find it hard to believe that you expect us to believe that that’s the real reason for this.”

It has also come out that Ali Alharbi's last name is well known in terrorist circles and may be one of the reasons he is being deported. He may have had nothing to do with the attack but why take chances. Or are the Saudis getting preferential treatment once again?

There is a chance that the nation is under attack, perhaps by Saudi radicals, which if true, has incredible foreign policy implications that could shake this country apart. It is a very good reason why all this is being kept so hush hush but by doing so, is also putting more and more Americans at risk from future attacks.

We must remain vigilant these coming days. Every thing and everyone could be a target. If there are terrorist cells working within the states, be very afraid if you even look like you are from the Middle East. There are some panicky morons out there and when this comes out, and it will eventually, it may not be safe to walk down the street. The longer the government covers any of this up, the worse the final outcome is going to be.

Monday, April 15, 2013


3RD UPDATE 2:57 PM 4/17/13

Authorities have confirmed a suspect has been identified through video of a nearby Lord and Taylor's that shows a person leaving a bag near the bomb site and using a cell phone shortly afterward. Cell phone records from nearby cell towers will link the suspect to a possible name. Earlier reports about an arrest appear to be par for the course for our entirely unreliable MSM who once again have jumped the gun with misleading, or in this case, false information. With the world's attention on them, it was unlikely that the perp was going to be anonymous for long. A press conference has been called for five o'clock to update the public, and after which another update may appear should new info be released.

Many are saying, and rightfully so by the way, that we all better hope the guy responsible is some random white guy with a grudge. Because if it turns out to be some Middle Eastern schmuck with an agenda, this country is going to explode in anger against anyone who even looks remotely like they are from the region. We have already seen several attacks in the past on Indian Seeks by idiots that confused them with Muslims. This country is already set to broil with all the problems we are having and if some dumbass is stupid enough to start poking the tiger with a stick, that anger is going to laser focused on anyone who even resembles a terrorist. Expect Mosque, business and even home burnings, random deadly attacks on innocent people and an air of outright hostility from many towards anyone from that region. The US will be as friendly to Middle Easterners as Saudi Arabia is to Jews. This is will get ugly fast. Those interment camps we built may soon be filled with these people if public outcry reaches a boiling point. Don't think that the Japanese being held in the 1940's won't happen again, except to whole different group this time.

There is also the recent mail attacks using ricin against the President and a senator. A gas and electric substation in California was attacked by a rifle while the same guy fifteen minutes later tried to cut a optic powerline. 10,000 gallons of oil leaked from the attack and the suspect is still at large. American Airlines experienced a catastrophic loss of computers shutting down their whole network and causing massive delays. Are these all connected? Are we under attack? These are the same kind of things that happened right after 9/11. Are they happening again?

More info to come after five.

2ND UPDATE 1:15 PM 4/16/13

Just like every other major news story over the last few years, the MSM rushes to get info out that is always proven to be wrong later. This leads to stories about cover ups and false flag operations, neither of which do I believe happened here. The attack was on too small scale to be of an any major importance and has all the hallmarks of a single, insane person.

Some are still making hay over the guy seen on a nearby rooftop where is exactly the kind of place I would be standing to watch such an event. On the 4th of July, I go to a rooftop party every year and watch the police command center across the street with snipers readily seen overlooking the Boston riverfront. There has been no credible evidence that speakers were overheard saying "this is just a drill" right before the blast as no video has surfaced showing any of that and there are dozens on videos out there now. As for the bomb sniffing dogs along the race, they have been out there for as long as I can remember and I have been to the Boston Marathon several times over the last decade. The funny part is, had I gone this year, I would have been standing very near where those bombs went off. Even the reports of multiple bombs that didn't go off seem to have been nothing. Reports of an unexploded bomb found on 600 Boylston appear to be false at this time.

The bomb itself and the target suggests that the most likely suspect at this time is going to be a single radicalized Muslim, probably here on a Visa. The Saudi suspect originally talked to appears to be nothing more than an innocent bystander at this time, but I do believe the perp will turn out to be someone very much like him. The reasons why are two fold. First off, the target itself suggest Muslim radicals as this is more an attack on America suggesting Islamic radical not right wing extremist whose targets would more likely be the IRS, DHS or other government entities. Even the OKC bombing, for which many questions still remain unanswered, was allegedly attacked by right wing nutjobs going after government offices inside, many of which were unbelievably empty that day by the way. Homegrown radicals would not be attacking innocent bystanders and the very core of patriotism. Radical Muslims would. Second, the bomb itself, a pressure cooker loaded with nails and ball bearings, suggests ties to foreign IED's that are very similar to ones used in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the attempted Times Square bombing in 2010, similar devices were used but failed to explode.

The thing is the chances of us figuring out who did it is extraordinarily high. There are cameras EVERYWHERE on that block. There are banks and expensive items speciality shops that have outside cameras, not to mention the gagillion people taking video and pictures. The odds are very high that a suspect will be found in the next few weeks. More than likely he will turn out to be another radicalized idiot following yet another stupid religious ideology. Can we all please enter the 21st century and start turning our backs on these outdated, dangerous beliefs? You can believe in God all you want. Just stop making the rest us follow your moronic lead.


The death toll stands at two, including an eight year old girl, and over a hundred injured. Unconfirmed rumors from multiple sources say a Saudi national here on a student visa is being treated at a local hospital and is a person of interest in the attack. Should this be the case, I would expect a huge backlash against all Muslims here in this country, assuming of course that he isn't the fall guy for this should it be a false flag operation. Either way, should some Muslim extremist get the blame, expect attacks on innocent Muslims to rise significantly.

Some posts and saying they saw military and law enforcement on rooftops which they deemed suspicious. It isn't. I have been in the Boston area for the race, 4th of July, and even New Year's. The police and military routinely watch from rooftops for suspicious activity. On the 4th of July every year, a police and FBI spot is always across the street on a nearby rooftop which overlooks the Hatch shell. Snipers can be seen in the lower floors just below the roof. This is not unusual. Neither are drills which I can tell you they do every year on the fourth. This does not say that a false flag was not the cause but that is still something we will have to look into more evidence on. The fact that the precious metals and stock market tanked today at the same time does give one pause for concern. The day before 9/11, $2.3 trillion went missing after which no one said boo about it. Could this be something similar?

More as information becomes available.

A terrorist attack has just been done against the Boston Marathon, injuring dozens and killing at least two. Two explosions blocks from one another, most likely from trash cans, have been filmed going off seconds apart near the finish line. This would suggest a single person who walked down the street and dropped some innocuous looking object into the trash and was away before they exploded.

A third device has been reported to have gone off at the JFK Library but that has not been confirmed with conflicting reports as to whether they are connected or not. Early reports suggested the third explosion was a fire that broke out for normal reasons, but the latest press conference by the governor said they think they may still be connected. More on that as information is released. There have also been unconfirmed reports of two other devices that did not go off along the same route. As with any tragedy, early reports are famously wrong and any connections with a cover up should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, I would like to point out three facts about the bombing today. One, several sites I was on early today talked about the extreme likelihood of a false flag attack that was imminent to divert attention away from the gold and stock market crashes because, if you look closely at both, you will see signs that they were tampered with. The fact that such an attack happened hours after being published is quite astonishing. The second and far lesser known fact is that today starts the first day of the week long Feast Days of Baal. This runs from the 15th to the 21st and is known throughout history as being a brutal week for all sorts of death and destruction. In just recent memory we have the BP oil spill, the OKC bombing and the Columbine massacre to name just a few. I find it terrible ironic that this attack would happen on day one. And third, today is tax day, suggesting a homegrown terror attack as well.

The culprits behind this attack could be anyone from Joe Schmo down the street to Al Queda to factors within our own government to some sort of very powerful devil worshippers. It is far too early too speculate any sort of motive yet. The most likely scenario suggests homegrown terrorism or the false flag attempt to frame them. If it turns out to be North Korea or Iran, things are going to get far worse, especially for any innocent person who happens to be from either place.

More in this story as it develops.


As someone who writes about gold for a living, even I am a little shocked how on the money (excuse the bad pun) I was about the gold markets today. Last week while reporting for a major gold supplier, I noticed that articles in the New York Times, WSJ and Bloomberg all said that gold was played out and the market was due for a major correction. I was skeptical about everything written on them and told my readers that selling gold right now was the worst idea ever and market manipulations appeared to be in the works. I suggested that if the derivative market saw a huge spike in paper gold sales come Monday, every idiot who read these article were going to panic and gold sales would plummet. Guess what happened exactly as I said?

Today $20 billion in paper gold flooded the market to such an extent, gold sales were even briefly halted today to slow the slide which as of this writing was down almost 8% to a value just under $1400 an ounce. What happened was corporations like JP Morgan bet heavy on the derivative market that gold was going to flounder, which it did by flooding the market with non existent gold shares, causing the gold price to fall dramatically while cleaning up on the fact they bet the gold would lose value. This is why the derivative market is so dangerous. People are purposefully tanking the economy to make a buck. The US government is supporting this, along with Japan, to prop up the failing dollar. Today, many who sold their gold stocks bought US government bonds and dollar assets which soared in value.

Housing is also being touted as an excellent time to buy as prices are rising and everyone should get on that gravy train while they can. It is true that housing prices have increased about 11% over the last year and appear to be going even higher. Interests rates are also at record lows, meaning one can get a mortgage for a fraction of what one would have paid just five years ago.

Here's the rub about all of this: it's all a lie. First off, housing is rebounding because the same practices that cause the crash of 2008 are being done all over again. And it wasn't bad loans by Freddie and Fanny that was the culprit but investors overbuying the market, causing prices to soar, and in true Ponzi scheme methods, crashed when there were not people to buy the houses on the market after saturation had been reached. Those exact same things are occurring right now and houses in Orlando and Las Vegas have already showed signs that the market rise may be ending there. And if they have reached saturation, how long before the rest of the country reaches it as well?

The gold market is much more complicated but what happened today was the powers that be tricked people into thinking gold was plummeting by flooding the market with paper gold, while simultaneously buying physical gold with the lower price. Gold is being stockpiled in unheard of numbers by world governments like China, Italy and Germany yet the price falls. This all has to do with selling paper gold while buying physical gold. If you have paper gold get rid of it before it's worthless. If you have physical gold, hold on it because I expect the price to jump back to record levels by the end of the year.

In the Asian markets right now, physical gold is selling for over $2000 an ounce. It's the paper gold that is tanking the markets. Experts are blaming the slowdown in the Chinese economy as well as a rumor of a massive self off of gold by Cyprus to pay off debt, but neither should have been enough to create this level on panic. The real explanation is some people wanted to make a fortune shorting the market by flooding it with paper gold by the ultra rich who are the epitome of greedy bastards. Incidentally a huge portion of those paper gold sales, $6 billion, have been tied to Meryl Lynch. Shocker.

What we have here is yet another way the little guy is getting screwed blue by the richest among us so they can have more while we deal with less. Recent estimates say that the level of inequality between the rich and the poor have reached epic levels never before seen in human history. That's right worse than the Robber Barons, worse than the French circa 1787, worse than the Romans. And yet we take it still with barely a peep. If we don't standing up for ourselves soon and start demanding more from our employers and our government we will be literally slaves to the our rich overlords. Wake up people. We can't be this stupid anymore.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Yes, the deranged, fat baby Kim Jong Un is at the top spot again this week, for creating the worst nuke crisis since 1962. No one was even in a close race with this loser. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Police who arrest people for filming them- I have a definite love/hate relationship when it comes to cops. As my personal experience with them have been less than stellar for the most part in various places (New York State Cops, and 90% of the cops in CT), I have also met plenty of them who were very good at their job. For example the police in my hometown have been nothing but fine, upstanding people, who got my stolen mail back less than twelve hours after it had been stolen. Now that is good police work. But we are haring about more and more truly dangerous morons out there who should NOT have a badge. Now lets us say this to the cheap seats for those fuckwads in particular: IT IS NOT ILLEGAL IN TAPE POLICE IN ANY STATE AS LONG AS IT IS NOT DONE WITH A HIDDEN CAMERA! The Justice Department says so. The Supreme Court says so. Thus it is the law of the land and everyone time one of you jack booted thugs attempt to confiscate equipment illegally, it almost always blows up in their face.

This week, police in Nebraska and San Diego did just that in what will now be a civil right lawsuit filed against the department for which they will lose. Way to cost the taxpayers money, assholes. Four Nebraska cops chased a man into his own home to confiscate a camera that was filming them beat a man senseless unaware that another person was filming the whole thing from across the street. All four were fired. In San Diego, a cop ordered a man to stop filming him and when he didn't, slapped the phone from his hand and arrested him for obstruction. The cop claimed the phone could be used a weapon, which in that vernacular, anything can be a weapon. However, a smart phone at best might give you a black eye. The gun the cop is carrying is much more lethal. The video survived and the person is expected to file civil right charges and a civil suit to follow. The worst part is even after these losers get fired, some other department hires them. A case in South Florida highlighted that after an officer was involved in a crash that killed four people when he pursued a suspect down the wrong way of an off-ramp, which is against protocols. Turns out, this idiot was kicked out of the police academy for reckless driving, yet still hired as a cop. Later, Perez was accused of punching a woman so hard she needed a steel plate put in her skull. And now this. Perez faces jail for chasing someone for an illegal right turn which led to the deaths of four people. These are the types of cops that make everyone hate the police.

2)Montana Republicans- Yes the GOP was at it again this week with another round of abject stupidity. This week we saw the Democrats lose a fight in Montana that would have prevented draconian voter restrictions. As these fuck heads can't win legally, they have resorted to cheating. The measure gets rid of same day voter registration and makes it nearly impossible for third party candidates from entering any election because what people want is only two sides of the same coin. The measure will go for a vote in the next election, which hopefully will get shot down by the people. As I have less than an optimistic reason to believe that people will not vote for this (people are fucking stupid everywhere lately), hopefully this will not catch on in other red states.

3)North Carolina Republicans- Not to be outdone in the "who can outstupid the next guy" race, North Carolina has entered a bill that would take away a family's tax break for college students if said college student votes anywhere but his home state. These are the same brainpowers that tried to make Christianity the state religion last week and banned global warming, as if that would work. Yet another attempt by the pathetic GOP to lie, cheat or steal their way back into power.

4)Ron Johnson- The CEO of JC Penny was fired this week after a stunning year and a half of dismal ideas and flagging sales. Can someone explain to me why we need to pay huge salaries to CEO's for their "talent," and then watch them make the dumbest decisions possible? The first thing Johnson did was eliminate all sales and coupons from the floor, angering many. He then went after a  mythical target audience, "yuppie youngsters," by adding in hipster brands, ignoring the fact that young people, by and large, have huge student debts and shitty jobs that pay nothing. The endeavor rightfully failed when his regular customers left and, as the people he was after do not exist in large enough numbers anymore, the stores looked abandoned. Sales dropped 25% in his first year and 32% last quarter. He will not be missed.

5)Greg Walden(R-OR)- Yes, yet another foot in mouth schmuck who actually had the gaul to criticize Obama's budget plan for cutting aid to seniors, in the Chained CPI and Medicare cuts, while in the past, supporting those same measures in the Ryan Budget plan. Here is his quote:

“I’ll tell you, when you’re going after seniors the way he’s already done on Obamacare, taken $700 billion out of Medicare to put into Obamacare and now coming back at seniors again, I think you’re crossing that line very quickly here in terms of denying access to seniors for health care in districts like mine certainly and around the country,” Walden said.

Maybe he should read the Ryan plan a little closer because it has those same Medicare cuts in it it's latest installment. It seems a little hypocritical to call out the president for stuff your own party wants to go even further with. What an ass.

6)IRS- The IRS is a bloated government entity that is illegal in the fact the the income tax amendment in our Constitution was never ratified legally. Now comes word that these fascists think that all emails are fair game and no warrant should be necessary to read them as they contain no reasonably expectation of privacy. WTF? Here it is from their handbook:

The IRS Criminal Tax Division's "Search Warrant Handbook," showed that the division's general counsel believed "the Fourth Amendment does not protect communications held in electronic storage, such as email messages stored on a server, because internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy."

Doesn't that mean that we should have equal access to all government emails stored the same way?

7)The American Education system- Our system has been falling apart for years but it took a teacher's epic resignation level to reveal how bad it really is. Three years shy of a full pension, Gerald Conti posted this letter on Facebook which calls the profession now a joke as standardized testing has turned our nation's kids into zombies incapable of doing anything more than regurgitating knowledge rather than understanding any of it. It explains why a significant portion of our kids can't read or write when they graduate. He called out private industries like Pearson Education that provide these tests that are riddled with errors. Nothing better than to teach kids poorly with wrong materials. Our children are going to be fat, stupid and vote Republicans if we are not careful.

8)The California Prison System- Governor Jerry Brown and others face contempt charges if in the next twenty days a significant portion of the prisoners are not released due to dangerous overcrowding. This is all caused by the War of Drugs which is straining our limits and ending freedoms left and right. The prisons were found to be stuffed to the hilt years ago and a judge has had it with the stalling tactics. They have been given a few weeks to fix the problem or face jail time themselves which would be ironic as they would be stuffed into the overcrowded prison for a first hand look as to how bad things are. It also hasn't helped that we no longer put the mentally ill in hospitals but incarcerate them instead, and now accounts for 30% of the prison population. Way to go guys. Can we just decriminalize and legalize drugs and be done with it already?

9)Lisa Biron- This piece of work was convicted this week for filming her underage daughter having sex with men she pimped her out to. The funny part is that Biron is a New Hampshire lawyer who helped run a hate group against gay people. So pedophilia is fine as long as no gay stuff right? No, actually and again ironically, tape existed that showed her having sex with her own daughter which means she was gay herself and incestuous yet claimed the Bible was her favorite book and gay people should burn in hell. Biron party of one to the Hellfire Club, your table is ready. What a loser.

10)Kim Jong Un- Seemingly determined to turn North Korea into a giant shard of glass, Un threatened the US and its allies with nuclear Armageddon if they tried to shoot down any missiles no matter where they might go. He also said he would nuke Tokyo first in such a scenario. If Un is dumb enough to fire a missile anywhere near South Korea or Japan it WILL get shot down. China has given mixed signals about the whole thing, but I kind of doubt they want a nuclear war on their own doorstep. We still have no idea what this demented fool is up to but if he wants to act like a Bond villain, he is going to wind up like one. So congratulations Kim Jong Un you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


You wouldn't know it from watching the news, reading the newspaper or, especially, following the stock market, but today the entire world seems to be holding it's breath as to what Kim Jung Un is up to. It is stunning that the MSM is burying the story in the back pages, that nightly news casts talk about it as if there is no chance of war breaking out and that the stock market should be a lot more rattled than instead of reaching record highs again today. WTF?

The North Koreans have placed two missiles in firing position today, causing all Pacific forces to go to their highest alert levels, Watchcon 2. More troubling, more missiles are being moved into position for reasons not fully known. It could be just a show of force for the upcoming Great Leader's birthday holiday, as some Chinese experts are saying, or the start of a war, as others from China disagree. One top expert said there is a huge chance of war with North Korea in the coming weeks as he feels that Kim Jung Un wants to unify the Korean peninsula at any cost.

"There is a 70 to 80 per cent chance that a war will happen because North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may want to use this opportunity to force a reunification of the Korean Peninsula," Zhang Liangui, a professor of international strategic research at the Communist Party's Central Party School, told the South China Morning Post.

Cartoons coming out of China seem to show a growing distance from the North Koreans as one today showed Un standing on pedestal pissing all over Uncle Sam and the South Koreans. A Chinese elder stands by watching and says, "Stupid child. You are going to get spanked."

Taiwan become the first country to issue a travel warning to South Korea and urging those who are there to leave. This is not a sign of confidence that all is well. This is from RT news:

The indication of the new North Korean readiness follows South Korean and US forces' announcement of an upgrade of their surveillance alert status to the highest possible level before coming into a state of war.

It also comes amid revelations from South Korea's Yonhap news agency, with a government source saying Pyongyang is preparing multiple launches of shorter-range Scud and Rodong missiles.“There are clear signs that the North could simultaneously fire off Musudan, Scud and Nodong missiles,” an anonymous military source was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

The military alert status is now at Watchcon 2, reflecting a perceived “vital threat” from North Korean missiles after the North warned of a ‘thermonuclear’ war and asked foreigners to leave South Korea.

To counter the threat, two Aegis destroyers with SPY-1 radar have been placed on standby by the South along the Korean Peninsula.

The South Korean military is also operating early warning aircraft Peace Eye and ground-based missile defense radar system Green Pine to counter a potential rocket launch from the north.

On Tuesday, the commander of US Pacific Command said that the US is ready capable of countering the missile threat.

What we are seeing here is the possibility that Un may actually want a war and there is the possibility they may have better weaponry than we think. The most frightening possibility is the rumor that North Korea possess a super EMP weapon, perhaps located in the satellite they placed in orbit a few years back. Such a weapon could black out the lower 48 states for some time resulting in millions of deaths and, most likely, a nuclear response. Our missiles are not EMP prone and would be launched against North Korea the second after the lights went out. If they were somehow able to launch a massive attack on the US at the same time through sleeper cells or even an invasion, we could lose half this country in a mater of days. The video game Homeland used the same scenario and trust me, it is very plausible.

With an possible alliance with Iran and even Syria, a world wide attack could be launched with both Pacific and Middle East areas under fire. World War three anyone? There is also the possibility that the powers that be want a war to help stop the Greatest Depression we are headed toward.

Un may be the Antichrist. He certainly fits the bill. He is supposed to come from the East, possess intelligence, ruthlessness and a powerful army. Tell me he doesn't work. It certainly isn't Obama as some on the right have suggested. He may be a dick (especially with that Chained CPI crap) but he isn't the devil, even if they made it look like he is in that crappy miniseries The Bible.
War may be coming and soon. We should be prepared either way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


First off I would like to clarify something I wrote yesterday as wrong. I was in a hurry to go see the new Evil Dead movie, which as remakes go was pretty good, and didn't have time to research some things as best as I would have liked to. The North Koreans are missing two subs that have gone dark, Sang-O class, which have a maximum range of 1500 hundred miles meaning they have no way of reaching the west coast let alone DC. My bad. They also don't have surface to air missile capacity. They are capable of mine laying. They could be lying at the bottom of the ocean full of water as well. For now, they are a moot point as they have little capacity for any sort of mass damage, short of attacking other shipping vessels, which would be suicide against a destroyer or the like. The North Koreans do have 22 Romeo class subs that could reach the West Coast and use surface to air missiles that could contain chemical, biological or nuclear materials. No reports have been made of any of them unaccounted for as of this writing.

Today is the so-called deadline however for embassies to evacuate the North and for tourists to leave the South. A missile is ready to launch and many expect it to be in the air soon, most likely the 15th, which is the birthday of founder Kim Il Sun and usually marked by a huge military show and procession. Last year they had a parade of goose stepping morons, starving people in hysterics over the "holiday," and a three stage missile that broke up and fell into the ocean. Good times.

Many say this is just the North Koreans doing their usual "puff their chest and blow" routine that has gotten so old. If this is their strategy, I fail to see it working anymore. Even the Chinese have gotten tired of this semi annual temper tantrum which the North sees as their own way to win back concessions they have lost due to this posturing. The fact that countries like Burma have gone the opposite route, strengthening Western ties while reducing the military rule at home, has proven to be far more successful. North Korea could learn a thing or two from them. If the North wants to join us at the big boys table, it is going to have stop behaving like a belligerent two year old cranky from not having his nap.

A radio operator in the Midwest has reported intercepting a coded message run on the same frequency as "Voice of Korea," which contained a long digital transmission. The message has been theorized that it could be one made for the two missing subs. While there is no way that these subs could reach the mainland, they are equipped to carry up to 30 commandos who could be ready to strike South Korea, Japan or even Guam. Oddly, the message was in Spanish as well which could mean lots of things. The message could be innocuous and have nothing to do with North Korea at all. Or it could be the North trying to be as discreet as possible. A message in Korean would be far more suspicious than a totally different one. For now, there is no evidence this transmission is from North Korea and should be treated as such.

For now, we have to hope that North Korea is following the same pattern they have been doing for decades. The Wild Card is Kim Jung Un whom we know next to nothing about. As for some insane reason we have no eyes inside the region, we have been relying on guesswork for the past few decades with less than stellar results. Experts were stunned when North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb in 2009 which they said was still years away. Oops. We have little knowledge of armaments, personnel or even who is really in charge over there, with some reports saying Un's Aunt is the real power behind the throne. We still have to accept the fact that Un may be in control and be severely unbalanced, perhaps even psychopathic. The next few weeks should be very interesting.