Thursday, April 25, 2013


A lot has happened this past week, and all the while Congress either repealed or passed draconian laws that flew under the radar. But we'll get to that later. First, there has been a vast amount of armchair sleuthing and, truth be told, most of you out there suck at it. From blogs repeating suspect knowledge from dubious media sources, to the media itself for regurgitating every factoid that comes across their desk without confirmation, to police and FBI stories that keeps changing day by day, this story has already been altered to death. To quote Pogo: "I have seen the enemy and he is us."

Let's start with the biggest story, the Boston Bombers. Many are claiming the two were set up, that they were double agents, that they were connected with Al Queda. None of that was true. We need to accept that not every bombing is some grand conspiracy. Yes, OKC has major flaws in the narrative  and the military's story during 9/11 was proven false by the 9/11 Commission and yet nothing was done about it and no one was fired. However, this appears to be the case that two young radicals attacked the USA for religious reasons, which are never logical. I have looked at all of the evidence and only a few things sound suspicious and even that I can rationalize away for less treasonous reasons.

The main reason I know this isn't a conspiracy is that the amount of people involved in this story would be immense. There is no way that many people will keep quiet about something this big. Both OKC and 9/11 could have been done by far fewer people with definitive reasons to keep their mouths shut (money, power and the threat of death). No this conspiracy arose by a far more likely suspect: incompetence on a staggering scale.

The media sure didn't help by repeating every thing they heard in the world's largest game of telephone, with equally predictable results. John King of CNN looked the fool he is when he said erroneously that a suspect had been arrested in the Boston Bombings the day after the attack, which as we all know now, was wrong. All week we got misleading information and some made a true stretch of the imagination to blame right wing lunatics on this attack, even though that profile was obviously wrong. As I said in a previous post, right wingers attack IRS, FBI and other government targets, not innocent people, except as collateral damage.

Then we have the police and the FBI who I will both congratulate and admonish. They did a great job catching a killer on the loose and, regardless of what some are saying, completely agree with them locking down Boston and the area until he was found. This is not martial law, this is common sense. The last thing you want is some asshole with a backpack of bombs getting into an area with lots of people. However, the fact that the official story keeps changing by the hour is getting tiresome and is causing no one to believe anything they say. Have they never read "The Boy That Cried Wolf?"

Today, it came out that the 2nd Bomber, had no guns on him, or weapons of any kind. So why the sudden attack of gunfire heard at the scene? If he obviously didn't shoot himself as claimed, and even I admit he doesn't look injured getting out of the boat, what really happened? Who was the naked guy getting into the car, which I saw happen live on TV. As A Boston area native I have a better perspective on all of this than many and got to watch local news do a far better job than the big networks. If he was nobody, please release his information so we can clear this up as I am fairly positive he was a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time who had the unfortunate reality of looking like the suspect. We do have more than one guy who looks like Bomber 1 in the area after all. I watched others get arrested on live TV that night as well who were white and no one is asking questions about them.

All of this is being caused by a police department and FBI acting like the Internet doesn't exist. Information has to be released much faster now or your life is going to get even harder as no one will trust you anymore and more nonsense like this is going to happen. You guys must have known their names when you released their pictures, so why didn't you? Why does your story keep changing weeks after the event? I think there is cover up here but it has less to do a grand conspiracy and more likely a trigger happy police force and general incompetence, readily seen.

Speaking of incompetence, the reason for the West, Texas explosion is in and it appears that the complete lack of any sort of regulations in this country, and especially Texas, is to blame. The building had NO sprinklers or fire suppression system of any kind. It hadn't been seen by government regulators since 1985. The end result is the deaths of 14 people and West, Texas looking like the end of Castle Rock in Needful Things. Republicans who are fighting for less regulation should look at this as a wake up call. They won't, but they should.

And then there is Paul Kevin Curtis, who turned out to be completely innocent as I also said was a distinct possibility on a previous post. He could have been nuts, but now his story about the feds out to get him rings much truer as well as the Body Part ring he claimed to have witnessed. A second suspect has been named and we will see where that goes. There are some facts that support him as the ricin poisoner, but let's wait and see where that goes.

While all of this was going on, Republicans unwisely shot down the background check law which seems to be having a devastating effect of some poll ratings. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) has seen her numbers plummet 15 points overnight and close to 30 with moderates. She is not up for re-election until 2016, but this vote may haunt her until then. When 90% of the people want something, it should pass. But we don't actually live in a democracy anymore and here is living proof.

Then these douchbags also helped kill a provision that would have protected employees from having to give the Facebook passwords to their employees. I thought you guys were all about the Constitution and freedom? Oh that's right, you only care about the 2nd Amendment and the rest are just guidelines right? Both sides get a huge middle finger for repealing the STOCK act that put some small brakes on the Congressional money train using insider trading and one of the few bills former MA senator Scott Brown helped pass. Obama signed it as well. What a bunch of fuckers.

The news are all lies, the police and Feds can't be trusted at their word and the government is screwing us blue. It's just another wonderful day here in the United States of AmeriKa. And that's all stuff that just happened in the last ten days. Ugh, my head hurts. So should yours.


  1. I generally agree with all you say except for your position on gun control. SOMETHING needs to be done about the gun culture in this country. Passage of the recent gun control bill would have done little to decrease gun violence in this country, but would have been a baby step towards admitting that there is a problem. I take issue that the police and FBI took the right course in locking down Boston. Isn't it interesting that the suspect was not found by the army of police, but rather a private citizen after the lifting of the lockdown? Wan't a boat in a back yard a few blocks away from the flight scene a pretty obvious place to look? If not for the lockdown, this guy might have been caught sooner without all the drama and tromping on civil rights. Yes. Amendment 2 seems to be the only one American citizens seem to care about, and it has been twisted into something it isn't.

  2. Thank you for your comments and not disagreeing with me like a common troll. I think some common sense things like universal background checks and even a gun registry are not a bad idea. I even agree with not letting any lunatic off the street get a hold of an AK-47. But, as Boston showed, the police can be a bunch of trigger happy morons more often than not. I find it disturbing how often I read things like this where the average citizen seems better trained than the police. One of the reasons is that the force is filled with ex-soldiers who make TERRIBLE police officers as they are simply not comapatiable. I guarentee that the people who shot back at the unarmed bomber were most likely ex war vets who are a little jumpy to begin with. This is also why you are five times more likley to be accidently shot by the police than by a civilian. I have dozens and dozens of friends who all own guns. Not only have they never accidently shot anyone, or let their kids shoot anyone, none of their friends have either. This means the stats we keep reading about how dangerous guns are is flawed as these people live all over the country and come from a very diverse background, meaning it's not a local anomoly. We are being told guns are more dangerous than they really are while the government and police keep kicking in doors in no knock warrants, sometimes at the wrong house. Contrary to the Daily Show this week, we are headed for a police state and the 2nd admendment is the only thing we have to protect us from it. Guns are not the problem. The Drug War, the lack of state mental hospitals and easy access to guns to whoever wants one are the main issues, not law abdiding citizens. As for the lockdown, I still think it was the right thing to do, but I would agree that it is funny that the police didn't find him but a civilian.

  3. And I appreciate your civility towards me. While I do not feel that guns are necessarily evil., neither are they innocent. It is not really guns that I object to but the fact that the possession of one is so important to so many people to the point of rejecting the rational common sense things you listed. It's the gun culture that scares me. Until nuclear weapons, Fighters.,Tanks.,etc are made available to the "well armed militia" it's a losing battle.