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3RD UPDATE 2:57 PM 4/17/13

Authorities have confirmed a suspect has been identified through video of a nearby Lord and Taylor's that shows a person leaving a bag near the bomb site and using a cell phone shortly afterward. Cell phone records from nearby cell towers will link the suspect to a possible name. Earlier reports about an arrest appear to be par for the course for our entirely unreliable MSM who once again have jumped the gun with misleading, or in this case, false information. With the world's attention on them, it was unlikely that the perp was going to be anonymous for long. A press conference has been called for five o'clock to update the public, and after which another update may appear should new info be released.

Many are saying, and rightfully so by the way, that we all better hope the guy responsible is some random white guy with a grudge. Because if it turns out to be some Middle Eastern schmuck with an agenda, this country is going to explode in anger against anyone who even looks remotely like they are from the region. We have already seen several attacks in the past on Indian Seeks by idiots that confused them with Muslims. This country is already set to broil with all the problems we are having and if some dumbass is stupid enough to start poking the tiger with a stick, that anger is going to laser focused on anyone who even resembles a terrorist. Expect Mosque, business and even home burnings, random deadly attacks on innocent people and an air of outright hostility from many towards anyone from that region. The US will be as friendly to Middle Easterners as Saudi Arabia is to Jews. This is will get ugly fast. Those interment camps we built may soon be filled with these people if public outcry reaches a boiling point. Don't think that the Japanese being held in the 1940's won't happen again, except to whole different group this time.

There is also the recent mail attacks using ricin against the President and a senator. A gas and electric substation in California was attacked by a rifle while the same guy fifteen minutes later tried to cut a optic powerline. 10,000 gallons of oil leaked from the attack and the suspect is still at large. American Airlines experienced a catastrophic loss of computers shutting down their whole network and causing massive delays. Are these all connected? Are we under attack? These are the same kind of things that happened right after 9/11. Are they happening again?

More info to come after five.

2ND UPDATE 1:15 PM 4/16/13

Just like every other major news story over the last few years, the MSM rushes to get info out that is always proven to be wrong later. This leads to stories about cover ups and false flag operations, neither of which do I believe happened here. The attack was on too small scale to be of an any major importance and has all the hallmarks of a single, insane person.

Some are still making hay over the guy seen on a nearby rooftop where is exactly the kind of place I would be standing to watch such an event. On the 4th of July, I go to a rooftop party every year and watch the police command center across the street with snipers readily seen overlooking the Boston riverfront. There has been no credible evidence that speakers were overheard saying "this is just a drill" right before the blast as no video has surfaced showing any of that and there are dozens on videos out there now. As for the bomb sniffing dogs along the race, they have been out there for as long as I can remember and I have been to the Boston Marathon several times over the last decade. The funny part is, had I gone this year, I would have been standing very near where those bombs went off. Even the reports of multiple bombs that didn't go off seem to have been nothing. Reports of an unexploded bomb found on 600 Boylston appear to be false at this time.

The bomb itself and the target suggests that the most likely suspect at this time is going to be a single radicalized Muslim, probably here on a Visa. The Saudi suspect originally talked to appears to be nothing more than an innocent bystander at this time, but I do believe the perp will turn out to be someone very much like him. The reasons why are two fold. First off, the target itself suggest Muslim radicals as this is more an attack on America suggesting Islamic radical not right wing extremist whose targets would more likely be the IRS, DHS or other government entities. Even the OKC bombing, for which many questions still remain unanswered, was allegedly attacked by right wing nutjobs going after government offices inside, many of which were unbelievably empty that day by the way. Homegrown radicals would not be attacking innocent bystanders and the very core of patriotism. Radical Muslims would. Second, the bomb itself, a pressure cooker loaded with nails and ball bearings, suggests ties to foreign IED's that are very similar to ones used in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the attempted Times Square bombing in 2010, similar devices were used but failed to explode.

The thing is the chances of us figuring out who did it is extraordinarily high. There are cameras EVERYWHERE on that block. There are banks and expensive items speciality shops that have outside cameras, not to mention the gagillion people taking video and pictures. The odds are very high that a suspect will be found in the next few weeks. More than likely he will turn out to be another radicalized idiot following yet another stupid religious ideology. Can we all please enter the 21st century and start turning our backs on these outdated, dangerous beliefs? You can believe in God all you want. Just stop making the rest us follow your moronic lead.


The death toll stands at two, including an eight year old girl, and over a hundred injured. Unconfirmed rumors from multiple sources say a Saudi national here on a student visa is being treated at a local hospital and is a person of interest in the attack. Should this be the case, I would expect a huge backlash against all Muslims here in this country, assuming of course that he isn't the fall guy for this should it be a false flag operation. Either way, should some Muslim extremist get the blame, expect attacks on innocent Muslims to rise significantly.

Some posts and saying they saw military and law enforcement on rooftops which they deemed suspicious. It isn't. I have been in the Boston area for the race, 4th of July, and even New Year's. The police and military routinely watch from rooftops for suspicious activity. On the 4th of July every year, a police and FBI spot is always across the street on a nearby rooftop which overlooks the Hatch shell. Snipers can be seen in the lower floors just below the roof. This is not unusual. Neither are drills which I can tell you they do every year on the fourth. This does not say that a false flag was not the cause but that is still something we will have to look into more evidence on. The fact that the precious metals and stock market tanked today at the same time does give one pause for concern. The day before 9/11, $2.3 trillion went missing after which no one said boo about it. Could this be something similar?

More as information becomes available.

A terrorist attack has just been done against the Boston Marathon, injuring dozens and killing at least two. Two explosions blocks from one another, most likely from trash cans, have been filmed going off seconds apart near the finish line. This would suggest a single person who walked down the street and dropped some innocuous looking object into the trash and was away before they exploded.

A third device has been reported to have gone off at the JFK Library but that has not been confirmed with conflicting reports as to whether they are connected or not. Early reports suggested the third explosion was a fire that broke out for normal reasons, but the latest press conference by the governor said they think they may still be connected. More on that as information is released. There have also been unconfirmed reports of two other devices that did not go off along the same route. As with any tragedy, early reports are famously wrong and any connections with a cover up should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, I would like to point out three facts about the bombing today. One, several sites I was on early today talked about the extreme likelihood of a false flag attack that was imminent to divert attention away from the gold and stock market crashes because, if you look closely at both, you will see signs that they were tampered with. The fact that such an attack happened hours after being published is quite astonishing. The second and far lesser known fact is that today starts the first day of the week long Feast Days of Baal. This runs from the 15th to the 21st and is known throughout history as being a brutal week for all sorts of death and destruction. In just recent memory we have the BP oil spill, the OKC bombing and the Columbine massacre to name just a few. I find it terrible ironic that this attack would happen on day one. And third, today is tax day, suggesting a homegrown terror attack as well.

The culprits behind this attack could be anyone from Joe Schmo down the street to Al Queda to factors within our own government to some sort of very powerful devil worshippers. It is far too early too speculate any sort of motive yet. The most likely scenario suggests homegrown terrorism or the false flag attempt to frame them. If it turns out to be North Korea or Iran, things are going to get far worse, especially for any innocent person who happens to be from either place.

More in this story as it develops.


  1. In most likeliness its a homegrown terrorist probably which shows no one is safe anywhere anytime so stop pumping money into bad sources.

  2. I think the government had a hand in this . Just another form of control

  3. How many more crimes against Humanity will be perpetrated by our government before we stand up as a nation and say enough already. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17