Sunday, April 14, 2013


Yes, the deranged, fat baby Kim Jong Un is at the top spot again this week, for creating the worst nuke crisis since 1962. No one was even in a close race with this loser. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Police who arrest people for filming them- I have a definite love/hate relationship when it comes to cops. As my personal experience with them have been less than stellar for the most part in various places (New York State Cops, and 90% of the cops in CT), I have also met plenty of them who were very good at their job. For example the police in my hometown have been nothing but fine, upstanding people, who got my stolen mail back less than twelve hours after it had been stolen. Now that is good police work. But we are haring about more and more truly dangerous morons out there who should NOT have a badge. Now lets us say this to the cheap seats for those fuckwads in particular: IT IS NOT ILLEGAL IN TAPE POLICE IN ANY STATE AS LONG AS IT IS NOT DONE WITH A HIDDEN CAMERA! The Justice Department says so. The Supreme Court says so. Thus it is the law of the land and everyone time one of you jack booted thugs attempt to confiscate equipment illegally, it almost always blows up in their face.

This week, police in Nebraska and San Diego did just that in what will now be a civil right lawsuit filed against the department for which they will lose. Way to cost the taxpayers money, assholes. Four Nebraska cops chased a man into his own home to confiscate a camera that was filming them beat a man senseless unaware that another person was filming the whole thing from across the street. All four were fired. In San Diego, a cop ordered a man to stop filming him and when he didn't, slapped the phone from his hand and arrested him for obstruction. The cop claimed the phone could be used a weapon, which in that vernacular, anything can be a weapon. However, a smart phone at best might give you a black eye. The gun the cop is carrying is much more lethal. The video survived and the person is expected to file civil right charges and a civil suit to follow. The worst part is even after these losers get fired, some other department hires them. A case in South Florida highlighted that after an officer was involved in a crash that killed four people when he pursued a suspect down the wrong way of an off-ramp, which is against protocols. Turns out, this idiot was kicked out of the police academy for reckless driving, yet still hired as a cop. Later, Perez was accused of punching a woman so hard she needed a steel plate put in her skull. And now this. Perez faces jail for chasing someone for an illegal right turn which led to the deaths of four people. These are the types of cops that make everyone hate the police.

2)Montana Republicans- Yes the GOP was at it again this week with another round of abject stupidity. This week we saw the Democrats lose a fight in Montana that would have prevented draconian voter restrictions. As these fuck heads can't win legally, they have resorted to cheating. The measure gets rid of same day voter registration and makes it nearly impossible for third party candidates from entering any election because what people want is only two sides of the same coin. The measure will go for a vote in the next election, which hopefully will get shot down by the people. As I have less than an optimistic reason to believe that people will not vote for this (people are fucking stupid everywhere lately), hopefully this will not catch on in other red states.

3)North Carolina Republicans- Not to be outdone in the "who can outstupid the next guy" race, North Carolina has entered a bill that would take away a family's tax break for college students if said college student votes anywhere but his home state. These are the same brainpowers that tried to make Christianity the state religion last week and banned global warming, as if that would work. Yet another attempt by the pathetic GOP to lie, cheat or steal their way back into power.

4)Ron Johnson- The CEO of JC Penny was fired this week after a stunning year and a half of dismal ideas and flagging sales. Can someone explain to me why we need to pay huge salaries to CEO's for their "talent," and then watch them make the dumbest decisions possible? The first thing Johnson did was eliminate all sales and coupons from the floor, angering many. He then went after a  mythical target audience, "yuppie youngsters," by adding in hipster brands, ignoring the fact that young people, by and large, have huge student debts and shitty jobs that pay nothing. The endeavor rightfully failed when his regular customers left and, as the people he was after do not exist in large enough numbers anymore, the stores looked abandoned. Sales dropped 25% in his first year and 32% last quarter. He will not be missed.

5)Greg Walden(R-OR)- Yes, yet another foot in mouth schmuck who actually had the gaul to criticize Obama's budget plan for cutting aid to seniors, in the Chained CPI and Medicare cuts, while in the past, supporting those same measures in the Ryan Budget plan. Here is his quote:

“I’ll tell you, when you’re going after seniors the way he’s already done on Obamacare, taken $700 billion out of Medicare to put into Obamacare and now coming back at seniors again, I think you’re crossing that line very quickly here in terms of denying access to seniors for health care in districts like mine certainly and around the country,” Walden said.

Maybe he should read the Ryan plan a little closer because it has those same Medicare cuts in it it's latest installment. It seems a little hypocritical to call out the president for stuff your own party wants to go even further with. What an ass.

6)IRS- The IRS is a bloated government entity that is illegal in the fact the the income tax amendment in our Constitution was never ratified legally. Now comes word that these fascists think that all emails are fair game and no warrant should be necessary to read them as they contain no reasonably expectation of privacy. WTF? Here it is from their handbook:

The IRS Criminal Tax Division's "Search Warrant Handbook," showed that the division's general counsel believed "the Fourth Amendment does not protect communications held in electronic storage, such as email messages stored on a server, because internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy."

Doesn't that mean that we should have equal access to all government emails stored the same way?

7)The American Education system- Our system has been falling apart for years but it took a teacher's epic resignation level to reveal how bad it really is. Three years shy of a full pension, Gerald Conti posted this letter on Facebook which calls the profession now a joke as standardized testing has turned our nation's kids into zombies incapable of doing anything more than regurgitating knowledge rather than understanding any of it. It explains why a significant portion of our kids can't read or write when they graduate. He called out private industries like Pearson Education that provide these tests that are riddled with errors. Nothing better than to teach kids poorly with wrong materials. Our children are going to be fat, stupid and vote Republicans if we are not careful.

8)The California Prison System- Governor Jerry Brown and others face contempt charges if in the next twenty days a significant portion of the prisoners are not released due to dangerous overcrowding. This is all caused by the War of Drugs which is straining our limits and ending freedoms left and right. The prisons were found to be stuffed to the hilt years ago and a judge has had it with the stalling tactics. They have been given a few weeks to fix the problem or face jail time themselves which would be ironic as they would be stuffed into the overcrowded prison for a first hand look as to how bad things are. It also hasn't helped that we no longer put the mentally ill in hospitals but incarcerate them instead, and now accounts for 30% of the prison population. Way to go guys. Can we just decriminalize and legalize drugs and be done with it already?

9)Lisa Biron- This piece of work was convicted this week for filming her underage daughter having sex with men she pimped her out to. The funny part is that Biron is a New Hampshire lawyer who helped run a hate group against gay people. So pedophilia is fine as long as no gay stuff right? No, actually and again ironically, tape existed that showed her having sex with her own daughter which means she was gay herself and incestuous yet claimed the Bible was her favorite book and gay people should burn in hell. Biron party of one to the Hellfire Club, your table is ready. What a loser.

10)Kim Jong Un- Seemingly determined to turn North Korea into a giant shard of glass, Un threatened the US and its allies with nuclear Armageddon if they tried to shoot down any missiles no matter where they might go. He also said he would nuke Tokyo first in such a scenario. If Un is dumb enough to fire a missile anywhere near South Korea or Japan it WILL get shot down. China has given mixed signals about the whole thing, but I kind of doubt they want a nuclear war on their own doorstep. We still have no idea what this demented fool is up to but if he wants to act like a Bond villain, he is going to wind up like one. So congratulations Kim Jong Un you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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