Friday, April 26, 2013


Anyone still voting for any Republican at this point and time needs to get some serious psychiatric help. These people are no better than the battered wife who stays with their abusive husband because "she still loves him." Please. Let's start with the latest fiasco which is one of their own making.

Contrary to popular belief among the right, the sequester is causing real problems for real people. Pundits like Michael Reagan wrote the day after the sequester went into effect that the democrats where all crying about it while nothing had happened yet. The key word there was yet. This week, 15,000 FAA air traffic controllers were furloughed sending plane travel into a tail spin and causing long delays at major airports. Republicans cried foul that the democrats were using this to make them look bad and other solutions were readily available. In actuality, the way the law was written BY REPUBLICANS, said they couldn't do anything but this. So the GOP caused all of this mess and then had the tenacity to blame everyone but themselves. Christ on a stick, how dumb do they think most of us are?

These cuts are already harming cancer patients, closing pre-schools, and ending food programs for the elderly. And the GOP wants even more austerity, flying in the face that they have been a miserable failure overseas. And this is the same group that keeps comparing the Democrats to Greece when the actuality is that they themselves are much more akin to out counterparts across the pond.

Now mind you this all happened right before the Congress goes home for the weekend so God forbid, their flight should be delayed. Here is what one senator had to say:

"It's totally outrageous. The people who are whining the most are the ones who made this happen," said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). "They wake up and they're shocked, absolutely shocked, when their flight home is delayed. So they take immediate action to carve out an exception that benefits them and the most well-heeled Americans, by and large."

Welch, who voted against the sequestration bill in 2011, said, "What we should be doing is not carving out an exception so members of Congress don't have to have delayed flights. We should be coming up with a fix for the whole sequester. Why is it that the one inconvenience where the howling is the greatest and affects the people who are least affected overall by the sequester, that one gets fixed and it happens to be members of Congress?

"This is hypocrisy writ large," Welch added. "John Boehner said he got over 98 percent of what he wanted [in the sequester law], and now he's complaining. This was a policy that by design was going to inflict punishment on the American people, and he's carving out the ones who have the most access to their members of Congress."
"We're all in this together or we're not," Welch said. "This picking and choosing where the winners continue to be the haves and the losers tend to be the have-nots -- it's just a spiral down, and it's a sad day in Congress that instead of attacking the real problem that we created, we carve out an exception that's going to benefit members of Congress themselves."

We also found out recently that Eric Cantor is proposing a bill that would eliminate overtime pay for hourly workers. Because that is exactly what the American people want is less money, is it? These are what they should be fighting for:

• guaranteeing employees can earn paid sick days.
• making family and medical leave more accessible and affordable.
• fixing the minimum wage to adjust for lost value and index it to inflation. (If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, it would be $10.56 per hour and for productivity $21 an hour.)
• guaranteeing minimum hours and predictable schedules, so that millions of workers can earn enough and plan their family time.
• passing equal pay measures.
• removing barriers to collective bargaining.

None of those are even being debated by either side. What we have are two sides of the same coin. One is a fascist, corporate, slave trader side and the other is slightly shinier. Other than politicians like Elizabeth Warren, we have few friends in government that are actually looking out for us. Certainly not Obama, not Pelosi, not Reid, not anyone on the right. We are losing everything we fought for and one of the main reasons is we keep voting in idiots like Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Eric Cantor and others who are intent on destroying the American way of life forever.

If you make less than $250,000 a year and are still voting for the right, you are effectively voting to put yourself in the poorhouse and perhaps even jail, as debtors prisons are back in many states. Is that really what you want?

Thank God the Senate isn't controlled by the GOP because we would be free falling into empty space by now. The Senate killed the awful CISPA bill which was a slap in the face to the Constitution, allowing employees to demand Facebook passwords and other information they have no business having. It was Big Brother for real and for now it is dead. Vote in a Republican majority however and watch all this come back to haunt us.

The GOP is having problems with the ill advised vote against background checks which some 90% of the American public wanted. Can anyone out their name another bill which had such high support NOT passing? Some candidates in 2014, including the four democrats who voted against it, may be out on their ear as recent polls shows hostility toward anyone who voted no. I am all for background checks to buy weapons in every circumstance, including from family and friends. It won't help stop most gun violence but it is a step in the right direction. Opening state hospitals for the mentally unbalanced and ending the drug war would be a big help in eliminating gun deaths as well, something no one in Congress is proposing. Sigh.

We falling down a huge hill and picking up speed. Some of us are not even trying to stop. STOP VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS TO END THIS SLIDE. It's not that I trust the democrats but at least they are not the party of stupidity with a complete lack of reason.


  1. uh ... doesn't the EXECUTIVE branch determine which programs get cut? Couldn't they have decided that all federal workers earning more than say, $75,000 a year have to take a 3% pay cut?
    Couldn't Joe Biden have laid off some of HIS staff?

    It's amazing that you believe that not a single penny of more than
    $2 TRILLION the Federal government spends each year is wasted.

    How about the Million$ spent by government agencies on trips to Las Vegas and Hawaii? Isn't Washington D. C. good enough for them?

    You really have taken a deep drink of the kool-aid. If you really believed that crap you just wrote you should willing to donate an extra Five percent of you income to the Federal Government. Unless you do that, you are just another left-wing moron unable to think for himself.


  2. First off, if you think I'm some left wing moron, you can't read. Why is it when the right reads something that opposes their world view, the other side is always described as some leftie lunatic? I am more of a moderate with no left/right agenda. As I pointed out, the democrats and the Republicans are mostly the same party, it's just the Right wingers are constantly saying the STUPIDEST shit. And nowhere did I suggest that things can't be cut. I am all for cutting Executive and Legisilative salaries. I am all for cutting our military budget in half, which I hate to break it to the right wingers out there, many in the military agree with. I am for cutting a lot of stuff, just not the important crap that is literally killing people. Open your eyes, read a fucking book once in a while that doesn't have Ann Coulter on the cover and get with the program. Voting for the Republcians is a death sentence if you are not making huge sums of money. Period. As for donating my money, I barely get by on the pittance that businesses pay anyone anymore, like most people in America. And your solution is to take even more from hard working people? If corporations paid anything in taxes, if the rich and powerful weren't stealing from us in record amounts, if gold wasn't being hoarded like it was, well, gold, we would be in a much better place. Facism is a alive and well here and you are helping to champion it. If you feel so proud about it, get a swastica, put it on your arm and wear it proudly. Or you can stop being part of the problem and join the rest of us in fixing our broken system. Geesh!