Thursday, April 11, 2013


You wouldn't know it from watching the news, reading the newspaper or, especially, following the stock market, but today the entire world seems to be holding it's breath as to what Kim Jung Un is up to. It is stunning that the MSM is burying the story in the back pages, that nightly news casts talk about it as if there is no chance of war breaking out and that the stock market should be a lot more rattled than instead of reaching record highs again today. WTF?

The North Koreans have placed two missiles in firing position today, causing all Pacific forces to go to their highest alert levels, Watchcon 2. More troubling, more missiles are being moved into position for reasons not fully known. It could be just a show of force for the upcoming Great Leader's birthday holiday, as some Chinese experts are saying, or the start of a war, as others from China disagree. One top expert said there is a huge chance of war with North Korea in the coming weeks as he feels that Kim Jung Un wants to unify the Korean peninsula at any cost.

"There is a 70 to 80 per cent chance that a war will happen because North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may want to use this opportunity to force a reunification of the Korean Peninsula," Zhang Liangui, a professor of international strategic research at the Communist Party's Central Party School, told the South China Morning Post.

Cartoons coming out of China seem to show a growing distance from the North Koreans as one today showed Un standing on pedestal pissing all over Uncle Sam and the South Koreans. A Chinese elder stands by watching and says, "Stupid child. You are going to get spanked."

Taiwan become the first country to issue a travel warning to South Korea and urging those who are there to leave. This is not a sign of confidence that all is well. This is from RT news:

The indication of the new North Korean readiness follows South Korean and US forces' announcement of an upgrade of their surveillance alert status to the highest possible level before coming into a state of war.

It also comes amid revelations from South Korea's Yonhap news agency, with a government source saying Pyongyang is preparing multiple launches of shorter-range Scud and Rodong missiles.“There are clear signs that the North could simultaneously fire off Musudan, Scud and Nodong missiles,” an anonymous military source was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

The military alert status is now at Watchcon 2, reflecting a perceived “vital threat” from North Korean missiles after the North warned of a ‘thermonuclear’ war and asked foreigners to leave South Korea.

To counter the threat, two Aegis destroyers with SPY-1 radar have been placed on standby by the South along the Korean Peninsula.

The South Korean military is also operating early warning aircraft Peace Eye and ground-based missile defense radar system Green Pine to counter a potential rocket launch from the north.

On Tuesday, the commander of US Pacific Command said that the US is ready capable of countering the missile threat.

What we are seeing here is the possibility that Un may actually want a war and there is the possibility they may have better weaponry than we think. The most frightening possibility is the rumor that North Korea possess a super EMP weapon, perhaps located in the satellite they placed in orbit a few years back. Such a weapon could black out the lower 48 states for some time resulting in millions of deaths and, most likely, a nuclear response. Our missiles are not EMP prone and would be launched against North Korea the second after the lights went out. If they were somehow able to launch a massive attack on the US at the same time through sleeper cells or even an invasion, we could lose half this country in a mater of days. The video game Homeland used the same scenario and trust me, it is very plausible.

With an possible alliance with Iran and even Syria, a world wide attack could be launched with both Pacific and Middle East areas under fire. World War three anyone? There is also the possibility that the powers that be want a war to help stop the Greatest Depression we are headed toward.

Un may be the Antichrist. He certainly fits the bill. He is supposed to come from the East, possess intelligence, ruthlessness and a powerful army. Tell me he doesn't work. It certainly isn't Obama as some on the right have suggested. He may be a dick (especially with that Chained CPI crap) but he isn't the devil, even if they made it look like he is in that crappy miniseries The Bible.
War may be coming and soon. We should be prepared either way.

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