Monday, July 31, 2017


Trump's bad news continues to arrive as new poll numbers and Congressional defections loom large over a struggling administration. Minutes ago, Anthony Scaramucci, the Communications Director for all of two weeks, was fired today for reasons unknown. I am sure that New Yorker article didn't help where he said Steve Bannon was trying to suck his own cock. What an image. All I know is that Trump is breaking records for the shortest tenured people on record. This is not the sign of a non-sinking ship.
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Meanwhile, Trump's poll numbers are starting to show signs of imminent danger. He's doing just fine in places like West Virginia, Wyoming and Idaho, slipping a little in places like Iowa and Ohio, losing ground fast in Texas, Arizona and Georgia and cratering in states he flipped like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. This is not a good sign for 2018. Worse, his poll numbers have fallen below 40% for the first time in right leaning Rasmussen polls. The other polls show small but still significant losses that are right on par with what I predicted after he won his presidency.

People are not patient with much of anything. The fact that not only has Trump gotten near nothing done, people are starting to notice. His true believer cult will never accept facts and blindly believe whatever dear leader tells them. These people are dangerous morons and should be treated a such. But they are only a small part of the country and the rest are waking up to that reality. A new CBS poll showed that 62% of this country didn't like the way Trump was handling the health care debate, six in ten felt he was doing a terrible job with the Russian investigation, and a whopping 70% said Trump wasn't doing any of his campaign promises. I said he had between six months and a year to enact some meaningful law that actually helps middle America before they would start turning on him. At eight months, we are right on time.

Congress was given a warning today that Trump will stop their Obamacare subsidy program if they don't get their act together. To be honest, this law never should have been given to Congress in the first place as it is solely for companies who have under 50 employees and they have over 20,000 but was put in as some pork barrel nonsense to secure the Obamacare bill for some unknown individual most likley. Some conservatives are thrilled to get rid of this program they see as wasteful (which they are not wrong about) while others will stand up for it solely to stick it to Trump. The funny part is for a lot of us, this is win/win. Trump will get rid of a law that really shouldn't be there and earn the ire of Congresspeople who like it, including some Republicans. They in turn will retaliate against an already unpopular President. Awesome.
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What Trump does not understand is that as President, he is ultimately responsible for health care, a fact echoed by a solid majority of Americans. If he does something psychotic like end subsidy payments for low income people, he will get 100% of the blame, and most likley, the end of his presidency. His numbers will sink into single digits when EVERYONE'S premiums spike to unaffordable levels of which he will get all the blame. Congress will shed him like and old shoe if he becomes a liability, which we already seeing today.

Susan Collins, John McCain, and Lisa Murkowski have been received as heroes at home, with Collins getting her first ever huge round of applause at an airport from supporters cheering her decision not to fuck up health care. McCain and Murowski also got huge support for what they did, receiving an outpouring of flowers and good wishes nationwide and at home. None of these people are ever likely to support any health care bill that doesn't work regardless of party wishes. The fact that any bill for the rest of the year needs 60 votes spells doom for the GOP as Democrats know full well how much power the minority party can have because of that. Orange Hitler keeps screaming about getting rid of the filibuster but McConnell has dismissed that time and time again and even if brought to a vote, would be very unlikely to reach fifty votes as a huge majority of Congress opposes doing anything like that, knowing either side could be in the minority at any time and powerless to stop legislation you hate.

Some Senators are starting to distance themselves for political reasons as well. Jeff Flake has an uphill battle to retain his seat in Arizona. His idiotic vote for the GOP health care bill alone may sink him in a state becoming less and less red. Flake's latest book is a body slam about the president and how he in no way supports the man, except of course all the times he voted with him like last week. Flake must go and anyone voting for him is an asshole who hates America. If you are not smart enough to see the danger we are in, feel free to go anywhere else on Earth. We don't want you here anymore.
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Some right wing loon is threatening to shoot protesters of Trump at a planned rally in a few weeks. Sooner or later, some nut bag is going to do just that and the chances for Civil War loom closer and closer. The religious right is truly dangerous and not very religious anymore. They preach a fascist theological state that I have no interest in being a part of. Most of you would agree. But right now, they control the government and most of America. If some of you don't get off your lazy asses and vote in 2018, there isn't going to be a country left.

Climate change is accelerating. It is real. And it is going to end this Earth by the end of the century if we don't do something about it. Getting rid of the Luddites in Congress is a good start.

The Democrats may suck but right now they are all we have. The GOP is death. Vote for it only if you want the world to end.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


This was a major turning point for this country. For the entire world to see, we witnessed the Republican party, urged on by Trump, try to kill health care for millions. The Republican party is now officially the fucking NAZI party and should be treated accordingly. If you identify as Republican I can say from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself. HARD! If one reads the history of Nazi Germany, of which I am an expert on, you will see dangerous parallels between the two. The only difference is that Hitler was a great speaker and could convince people to do things beyond their morality. Trump doesn't seem to have that hold except the truly stupid, of which there seem to be way too many of. The Republican party must go. Their supporters should be held equally accountable. If Trump keeps doing what he is doing, the country, hell, even the world, may end. Right now there is a 30% chance none of us see the end of the year. Let's see those runner ups in a truly awful, awful week for rank dumbness.
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10)Emoji The Movie- What. The. FUCK. HOLLYWOOD! I used to work in the movie business. I was a set designer on Amistad. I worked on independent films like King Midas, music videos for various bands and even did some award winning PSA's. If John Rowland wasn't such a greedy dick, my movie studio in CT might have actually happened. I tried for years to get screenplays I wrote made but hit nothing but walls. And then this movie comes out that shits all over actual writers trying to make it. Reviews have been savage, earning one of the lowest ratings ever on Rotten Tomatoes. And yet, it will still make 27 million at the BO because Americans are too stupid too know better anymore. It will still bomb however, in a year of epic failures. Make better movies for God's sake.

9)Foxcomm deal- Above I mentioned my movie studio deal that was killed by blackmail from the Rowland administration. I also became aware of a tactic by government and industry that is set up solely to steal money from taxpayers. A business will ask to build something and in return they will get a kickback in some form worth millions and no guarantees of actually building what was agreed on. So the government gets a promise of jobs that is always over-inflated and sometimes non-existent. The business ponies up a bribe of some sort, usually in the millions to the politicians and the like, in the form of some legal mumbo jumbo. The government then gives the company much more in tax breaks and sometimes, cash back. Foxcomm is known for taking the money and running, which is exactly what happened to the movie deal in CT when the bid was given to a competitor who built nothing but got 12 million in tax payer funds after giving Rowland 4 million for the privilege. All in all, it was a loss. This deal is the exact same. Even if they do build this plant, and there are no guarantees on that, the cost will be over a million dollars a job, hardly a bargain. This was used to make Trump look good by a terrible deal few will take the time to understand and all they will hear is Trump jobs good. Sigh.

8)Fox and Friends- Equivalent to North Korea propaganda, this moron parade has gone on long enough. Anyone watching this shit show and thinking you are watching anything resembling news is too stupid too live, let alone vote. Right now, it's become the Donald Trump apology hour where anything the president has done is explained away with all the precision of a three year old autistic kid. They hit new lows this week complaining about the failure of Trumpcare, somehow unaware that if this bill went through, Civil War was inevitable as sick people would have attacked Republicans with little care to their survival. When you face death, prison doesn't look so bad anymore. Brian Kilmeade, the only person on Earth that can make Steve Doucey look smart, actually said, "Thanks democrats for making healthy people pay for sick ones." Somehow this assholes doesn't know how insurance works. This show is for fucking morons only and if you like this program, please feel free to find a gun, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. PLEASE!

7)Anthony Scarmucci- The Mooch got his start as communications director this week and things went swimmingly as all Trump appointed have been right? No, this Italian extra from the Godfather went after Reince Priebus with gusto, spewed venom at everyone on a weird interview with a newspaper on the record and came across as a kind of clone of Trump. His mannerisms are very Trumpian and if he continues down this path, won't last long in this position. His wife filed for divorce this week, saying he has naked political ambition that she wants no part of. Good for her. I wish more were like her.
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6)The Cult Of Hillary- There are some violent morons out there lately defending this evil bitch and actually blaming Bernie Sanders instead. I have scoured the internet and can find NO evidence Sanders is this corrupt individual some like the site Cannonfire is spewing. The worst thing is the Vermont college closing involving his wife but having seen my ex-wife go through something quite similar, I am not rushing to judgement and declaring them both guilty like some are. There are a lot of reasons that college was going to go belly up and may have nothing to do with her at all. At worst, she was guilty of a bad business decision and if that's all, our president is far worse than she is at that. Hillary Clinton lost, not because of Sanders, but because she didn't win the primaries. She cheated and I can prove that in states like MA where her odds of winning the way she did are around one in 350 billion. Explain to me how every electronic voting machine went for her and all the ones that weren't electronic didn't here? Nothing suspicious about that. And that pattern was repeated nationwide. Had Sanders been the nominee, he would have win handedly. I can prove that as well. Hillary is a corrupt corporate puppet who will say whatever to get elected. It's time to either jettison the corporate wing of the democratic party or start a new one. These two thoughts cannot occupy the same space anymore.

5)Debbie Wasserman Schultz- If you voted for this cunt in this last election you are everything wrong with this country. This total bitch (if you can't tell I fucking HATE HATE HATE this woman more than even the president) might as well as have a sign around her neck that says "I AM CORRUPT." It really can't be more obvious, yet she still is in office. For how long remain to be seen after a weird story that has gotten little press at all. Her IT guy, was arrested this week, Imran Awan, for bank fraud as well as being investigated for ties to Hezbollah and Pakistani Islamic groups. When it came out in February that the Feds were looking into him with good reason he was fired by everyone except Wasserman. Why? And why did Wasserman hire Awan's wife, brother and sister in law, none of which were qualified for the job? Considering he is also being investigated for extortion charges as well, one has to wonder that a guy who had access to all her emails, wasn't being blackmailed herself which may explain why she was so mad about a computer DC police has confiscated recently. This woman is corrupt as hell and it all may come out soon. When it does anyone who voted for her should be forced to wear a sign that says that and how much a moron they are. Impeachment charges are being discussed as we speak which may make her the first person outed from Congress since the 18th century.
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4)Imam Ammar Shahir- This is why the world hates Muslims. This fucking asshole went off on why Jews deserve death for what is going on right now in Israel as they try to stop moron Muslims from killing innocent people. There wouldn't have been a need for increased security if two cops hadn't been stabbed there recently. If he lived in say Gaza, I get it but this dick lives in California. FUCK YOU! I am surprised his mosque hasn't been burned to the ground by now. Now he apologizes as if that matters. The government should be seizing his temple, bulldozing it and putting a Jewish Rec center in its place. I have ZERO patience for calls of violence against religions you don't like, unless they preach violence like this jerk and then I don't care. Free speech does not allow you to incite violence and crap like this is why people look at Muslims like alien species. Go the Fuck Away if you can't abide by our rules.

3)North Korea- As the missile program appears to be hitting it's end game, so is the world. War with this country is inevitable, something I have been saying since college. Sooner or later we were going to go to war and the two times peace was possible, the fucking Republicans soured it. The world is about to end because the GOP keeps putting people into office who have no fucking business there. Let us take a look back at the "great" Republican presidents of the last fifty years: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, Trump. Notice a pattern. They all sucked at their job yet idiot America keeps voting them in. That stupidity may now end us all. At some point soon, we are going to attack North Korea. Bet on it. And here is something I am hoping Trump will do that other president have been too much of a pussy to do and that is fight a war as if your survival was at stake and wipe the other side from the Earth. If we do have to attack there is only one way to win and that is to knock North Korea off the map. There entire country should be a hellscape thirty seconds after we strike. There shouldn't be so much as a tree left standing. Anything short of that may end the planet. Trump is just psychotic enough to maybe do this and if he does, may actually prevent the end of the world. Strange times.

2)Republicans- God you're a sorry lot. It was an epic fail with Trumpcare that is still around somehow. Word is Lindsey Graham has some new proposal which would block grant federal health care money to states but to be honest there is very little chance this sees the light of day. Murkowski and Collins have seen a huge outpouring of support for their down vote and considering they have both been attacked by Trump, will have little reason to change their vote for this plan either. McCain won't be back until September at the earliest and without him they have no chance and even with his vote, he is unlikely to back the measure. Mitch McConnell's job is in jeopardy as members wonder if he's up for it, as no major legislation has gotten through Congress at all so far, and none seem forthcoming. Infighting has gotten stronger and if the weak and spineless democrats can get their act together, could win big in 2018. There has been a flood of new candidates in EVERY district across the country now for democrats and the House, which should be protected, is very much in play. One district in OK has the democrat ahead by 48 points. IN OKLAHOMA.! Even Ted Cruz's seat is now considered in play by a democrat wisely running on a platform of legal weed and single payer, which Jon Ossoff should have run on. Chances are good that is if we survive to 2018 it may be a bloodbath for the GOP nationwide.
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1)Trump- This guy had another very bad, no good, awful week. If you try to remember what happened a week ago, it might as well have been a hundred years back. This guy is a trainwreck and he's taking us all with him. So let's review.

MONDAY- Trump tweets attacks on Jeff Sessions who he wants gone to affect the Mueller investigation. That night he goes to the Boy Scout Jamboree where he decides to mimic Triumph of the Will and indoctrinate these kids into the new Hitler youth while telling them inappropriate stories about boat orgies. He also went off on Clinton, a daily ritual at this point.

TUESDAY- Sessions gets bashed again in an early morning tweet storm. As Trumpcare is being debated, Orange Hitler also tweeted about Clinton crimes, the filibuster being worthless and Sessions being a dick. None of this earns him any friends in Congress. That night he gives another speech where he proclaims to be the greatest president other than Lincoln. Right.

WEDNESDAY- Another early morning tweet sets the government on edge as he waits nine minutes to finish a thought which could have been about anything from gays in the military to an attack on North Korea. When he finally finished he decided to say transgender servicemen were no longer needed, to which everyone was horrified by. Logistical issues aside such as what to do with those already deployed abroad, not even conservatives wanted this. They desired an end to using taxpayers money for surgeries (which is a valid point), not a total ban. Way to read the room moron. The military said unless he gives them a formal request, not a tweet, the ban will not go into effect. The first of several Trumpcare bills dies including both their replacement idea and the repeal only deal. None get 50 votes or 60 in the few cases that many was necessary.

THURSDAY- With attacks on Sessions increasing, Lindsey Graham tells Trump there will be "holy hell to pay,'" if Sessions is fired. Word is rampant that he looking into ways for a recess appointment and there is a way he could move Sessions to DHS and nominate a successor while skipping Congress. If he does this though, it could mean trouble from his own party. Word is Tillerson and McMaster are both debating quitting even though both have publicly denied it. Who can blame them? After a late night Scarmucci tirade to a newspaper reporter bad mouthing everyone not named Trump, the last attempt at health care "reform," a skinny bill is proposed. Senators hate it and most vote for it out of spite, in some vain attempt to get it to conference. But three hero senators kill the bill, with a dramatic flourish from John McCain as he gave the thumbs down and now my new screensaver. I love the pissy look on McConnell's face as he knows this is about to blow up in his face. Priceless.

FRIDAY- Trump cries and whines about losing. I am sure tired of all this winning he promised. Aren't you? Reince Priebus quits after a week of beratement from Scarmucci and Trump, joining last week's quitter, Sean Spicer. Trump then went on to give a speech about the dangerous MS-13 gang, and proceeded to tell cops that beatings of guilty people, and even some innocent ones, was all right in his book. Some cops loved it. Most, like the great police commissioner here in Boston, were outraged and said so.

That is a seasons worth of West Wing right them in seven days. Trump is talking about destroying health care which if he does will spell the end of his presidency and quite possibly his life. I am NOT advocating violence against the president who I in NO way want to see harmed physically. Trust me when I say it will be far more satisfying if we see him and his brood in orange jumpsuits. But if he fucks up health care, which he would if he stops payments to insurance companies, he is going to get the blame, along with Republicans and when sick people start dying because of his idiocy, this overarmed, psychotic nation will be lining up to take shots at anyone they dislike. We already saw this once when one loon shot up the GOP baseball practice. Health care ends and times that by a million. Plus we have to worry about North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and a zillion other hot spots popping up everywhere. Our Imbecile in Chief is not ready for any of this and chances are good his bumbling idiocy will kill us all. So congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week. Again.

Friday, July 28, 2017


This is the week it all went so very wrong for Trump. The writing is on the wall that support from the GOP is slipping hard and his actions over the next few months will determine if he gets impeached or not by the end of the year, something I thought impossible until recently. Congress is trying or have passed bills that would limit Trump's power, and the fact that these are Republicans doing this, is telling. Trump is no longer in charge. How he reacts may end his presidency sooner than later.
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Trump today tweeted that he wants to get rid of the legislative filibuster, somehow unaware that last night's bill was a 51 vote threshold. Considering there is NO movement to do this by anyone in Congress, as it would throw the country into turmoil by whiplash legislation depending on who was in office, yet he keeps harping on it. McConnell has said repeatedly this will never happen putting him at odds with Orange Hitler, like most of Congress still not stuck in kiss ass mode.

I owe John McCain an apology for harsh words I had about him in a previous column. But last night, along with saviors Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, these three acted like actual Americans and killed a bill that might have sunk health care for everyone. A big fuck you to Jeff Flake and Dean Heller who better get their bags packed because they probably just lost in 2018 for voting for this monstrosity. I would start running attack ads TODAY against them and not let up for the next year and a half reminding people that these two assholes voted to kill people. That is NOT acceptable. Anyone who voted for this bill should be branded TRAITOR and dealt with accordingly, likewise for any supporters of these assholes. If you were pissed this bill tanked go take a long hard look in the mirror because you are a dick.
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Trumpcare appears to be DOA but will still have to worry a little they won't pull some sort of last minute bullshit before this all goes belly up on September 31st and budget reconciliation has to wait until next year, which is also an election year so don't expect much to get done, a fact the democrats are going to run with. Meanwhile, Tangerine Mussolini continues to have the bad news pile up.

He got rough news from Scotland that a major gold tournament to be held at one of his gold courses has been pulled and given to someone not insane. Apparently, the tour organizers felt having anything to do with this human wet stain was probably not a good option. Then, he found out that his bid to block wind turbines from off the coast of another gold course in Scotland was not going to happen and there was nothing more he could do about it, ending a two year legal bout. And the hits keep on coming.
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There is a power struggle going on as Scaramucci brags about breaking federal laws (he claimed to receive info about leakers from the FBI, a big no no), bad mouthing everyone and everything not named Trump and is rumored to be the front runner to replace to Reince Prebius. This would be hysterical because Prebius is floundering but at least has some governmental experience and Scaramucci has none. He will get eaten alive if this happens.

Meanwhile, Congress just passed a bill headed for his desk that puts sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea and passed with a veto proof majority. So now what? Does he sign it and anger Putin? Does he veto it and have everyone wonder why? If he vetoes it, it will still pass, so there is that to consider as well. Only two people in the Senate didn't vote for it, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders and while I don't know Paul's excuse, Sanders refusal stemmed from worries that it could derail the Iran deal and that is a good reason not to vote for it. However, on the plus side, it puts sanctions on countries we should be, Iran IS cheating on their missile program which they are not supposed to be and it binds Trump from dissolving ANY sanctions without Congressional approval. Either way, Trump is in a bind here.

Other bills introduced that may pass include one that Lindsey Graham is putting forth that will prevent Trump from firing Mueller without a judicial review. That's important and may actually pass. Another wants to clip some presidential powers too as well but is far less likley to pass. Plus there are the articles of impeachment introduced that at this point are not going anywhere. Yet.

Some Trump toadies have asked for a special council to look into Hillary's "crimes" all of which have already been investigated and cleared. Talk about beating a dead horse. Talk of Hillary's uranium enrichment deal (a non story), Bill accepting money from Russian sources (don't care as neither was president at the time and Secretary of State is not the same) or Lynch's "interference" in the email scandal have all been looked at and no fault has been found. After Trump and the like are gone, investigate this all you want. Until then, I don't care.
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The writing is on the wall that Trump is in real trouble. His legislative agenda is floundering with NO major pieces put through Congress even though they control all three branches and only need a 51 vote majority. Even with all that, they still can't get anything done. The moderates and conservatives of the party are on different planets and as a result nothing is getting done. We watched the democrats do the same thing way back in 2009, but they were much better at getting something done unlike the GOP which is failing at EVERYTHING!

Right now Trump is in real trouble. Congress is shifting away from him slowly but surely. His attacks on Jeff Sessions and his ill advised plan to ban all transgender people from the military have backfired something fierce, with even conservatives going after him for these transgressions. He will continue to sink as his tax plan has less of a chance passing then the health care bill did. So it looks like by the end of September, Trump will have no passage of any plan he and the GOP have put forward. It's hard to imagine how you defend that record come 2018 when the blame rests all on their shoulders.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Another week, another bad one for the Republicans. In what can only be described as politcal suicide, the Republicans let the health care bill come up for a vote, somehow unaware that this gives opponents a WMD sized weapon to use in 2018. Dean Heller is done in Nevada as no one will be happy with his performance, facing a certain rough primary for killing the Senate bill and if he survives that, will be hammered on voting for the right to continue at all along with whatever poison pills the Democrats force Republicans to vote on. His chances of re-election are becoming smaller by the minute and all he had to do was kill this bill before it got started.
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The two votes that put this bill into play came from a disgusting traitor to the country who cannot DIE soon enough, John "Fuckwad" McCain. I have walked a thin line with this guy for years, respecting his service to this country (which does include some questionable actions that may or may not be true) and even liked some if is decisions in Congress. But the irony of his free fucking government run health care, the same thing his party demonizes regularly, is responsible for him walking at all is such a slap in the face to this country it's not even funny. Time to go into that light, you dick because your vote, along with fellow douchebag Rob Portman of Ohio who should be run out of that state by any angry mob, let this thing go through which both admit is a monstrosity. However, both then went on to vote for the same bill they just bad mouthed, demonstrating for all neither is fit to exist, let alone serve at this point. What is wrong with you?

It didn't matter as nine Republicans killed it, either because it was too mean or not mean enough. Either way, the Senate bill is now officially DOA. Next up will be a vote on a straight up repeal with no replace, widely expected to fail. I predict at least ten Republicans vote against this bill, possibly including the two traitors above but that remains to be seen. Any way you look at it, anyone voting for this bill which everyone says would kill health care stat, is unfit for office and should be removed by any means necessary (non-violently please). Anyone supporting this bill in America should be forced to watch non stop episodes of any program designed for the under two crowd. Five minutes of that mindless crap will drive anyone nuts.
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There is also word they are going to vote on the House bill at some point but there is very little chance that will pass as many in the Senate despised it. It too will most likley disappear in a poof. The fact that the parliamentarian ruled a lot of it needs 60 votes to get passed makes it even less likley, such as the abortion cuts and charging older people more than the young. There is almost no chance this thing passes as is.

After what will almost certainly be the failure of these bill comes the fun part: the vote-a-rama where everyone will be introducing amendments, many of which will need 60 votes to pass along with a litany of disastrous votes Democrats are going to gleefully enjoy introducing. The end result will be a much smaller bill that will probably only encompass getting rid of the individual mandate and some taxes. Even that is not sure to pass but if it does, will still wreck havoc on our health care system just not as catastrophically as the House or Senate bills. The is the worst case scenario for Republicans as they will crow about getting something passed, but when people find out it did nothing but increase their premiums, they are not going to be happy about it and not see it as a win at all. Democrats will remind everyone about that come 2018.

Chances are good this whole process does and nothing gets fixed. That would be a stinging defeat for Trump and the Republicans who desperately need a win and there is no sign of them getting one any time soon. The Russia investigation is ongoing, Trump and Sessions are no longer talking, and it would seem only a matter of time before he fires him. And that could set off a whole other level of chaos if he start interfering with Mueller's case against him, which seems likely as well.

These attacks on Sessions are not winning the president any friends. Comey and Mueller were never fellow Congresspeople so attacks on them are a little more muted. However, the two Senators from Alabama have fought back hard against Trump and his accusations against his AG, along with several others that have started to distance themselves from the President. When members of your own party start to abandon you, that is a clear sign that things are not going your way.

This president has idiotically staked his reputation on the economy, which for the moment is doing fine. But as a regular observer of this. I can say there is a moment coming soon, perhaps as soon as a few months, where the economy is going to fall apart again. Recessions happen every four to seven years. We are in year nine. But because the economy is rigged, natural processions no longer happen. What that means is when the next crash comes, it will be unexpected to most(not me) and be far worse than if we let the market alone rather than fixing the outcomes. And when that happens, Trump is going to get the blame. When millions start losing their job, his popularity will tank into single digits and if it occurs before 2018, the GOP may be wiped off the map in the election.
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One way or another, a reckoning is coming. It could be war, an economic slide or even a Trump impeachment. But it is coming. And because we elected idiots to run the country because of mostly hatred for liberals rather than civic pride and because of that we are headed for a big fall. Idiocrcay was not supposed to be a documentary.

Monday, July 24, 2017


This administration is doing everything I told people would happen which can all be verified in previous articles. I correctly predicted that Hillary was not a shoe in by any means and when she picked Vampire Kaine as her VP, her chances went down significantly. Only the Democrats could piss on their base with such ferocity. The fucking Republicans don't even do things that blatantly. But as no one wanted to listen to people like me or Michael Moore screaming our heads off to idiots who did not want to listen about it. And therein lies the problem with everything. No one listens to anyone anymore. Everyone is so sure they are right and everyone else is wrong to such an extent that no progress is being made anywhere. The right ignores the left and vice versa. Now we have a president doing the same thing, picking fights with those of us who truly hate him as he plays hard ball partisan politics, which had our previous loser president done the same we might not be in the dire straights we are in. I get so pissed watching that asshole jet across the planet oblivious to the harm he caused and apparently, not a care about it either. What a fuckwad.
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But there is no crying over spilled milk and get to what is really important and that is righting the ship we call America. Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely to occur for numerous reasons and there is every reason to believe the best case scenario is this country implodes and millions die or WW3 starts and we ALL die. These is near a 100% chance that one or all three of these incidents I will describe below will come to pass. How we handle them will decide if we survive or not.

Let us start with health care. For the rare few who may be new to this sire let me explain the current GOP health care bill: YOU WILL DIE! That is their plan. If through some horrific Faustian bargain the GOP somehow manages to get their health care bill through, no one has health care in three years who isn't fabulously wealthy. Repeal only is even worse as the scenarios done by experts strongly suggest that 175 million people will have no health care by 2026. That's more than half the country and I still think that number is not high enough and would almost certainly crash the system long before that.

Supposedly, McConnell is holding a vote tomorrow but we still have no idea what on. If they try to push their health care bill, the senate parliamentarian ruled recently that half of it isn't eligible for budget reconciliation. There has been talk of overruling her, but that would be a de facto repeal of the legislative filibuster and there is little support for that outside of Trump. Even if they did, as Collins and Paul as still certain to say no and McCain out for now, that bill is dead. Repeal has even less of a chance as it would be political suicide to vote for a program that destroys health care rather than save it. If this did pass, premiums would double by next year and people would be murderous in their response. If the GOP fucks up health care, this country will burn. While it looks unlikely this year beyond some tweeks to the current system, next year is another whole new ball game and this will probably start all over again.

So, let's assume that health care isn't destroyed and Congress somehow cobbles a program together that helps stabilize the market. Before you get your hopes up that that means clear sailing ahead, we still have a budget, a debt ceiling and an economy running on spit and promises. Chances are sky high that the Republicans and Democrats are going to have a head on collusion over this and a solid chance of yet another government shutdown. The GOP is hell bent on devastating entitlement cuts as well as taking on sure to kill it amendments to the spending bill needed to pass, like anti-abortion crap. Their budget will reek to high heaven as it will attempt to kill off the poor for a tax cut for the rich. The debt ceiling will also get a lot of flack from morons in our government who have no idea how debt works. They don't get we already spent the money and have to pay for it now. They want to skip out on the check instead.

There are a variety of reasons to suspect our economy is on borrowed time. The auto industry is starting to see a huge slowdown in sales, as well as a ton of repossessed cars from sub prime auto loans coming due. GM saw a huge drop in sales this year and are struggling again. The car market is saturated, just like housing circa 2007, and as a result, new car sales are going to drop. Unlike the housing market, the economic reality of car sales isn't enough to crash the system but it can leave a big dent in it. Wages have stagnated AGAIN, as no wealth ever seems to flow downward anymore. So much for trickle down theory which is so provably wrong anyone who supports this should be flogged publicly.
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There has been a huge uptick in death threats to various people around the globe. The parents of the sick kid in England, the hospital treating their sick kid, Ellen Page, for no good reason, the mayor and former police chief of Minneapolis, Eugene AND Tara from the Walking Dead to name just a few. As someone who has gotten death threats from people who a)know where I live and b)have killed people before, I can sympathize. I also know they are almost always bullshit. One of the reason I am still here is my scorched Earth policy. Anyone giving me a death threat, especially if I too know who you are, knows that if anything happens to me or my loved ones, several of the most dangerous people on Earth that you will never want to meet will show up at your doorstep and extract a horrific revenge. I have made a lot of friends over the years in dangerous areas of the world, along with Irish relatives once connected to the IRA, some of whom owe me everything. If some harm comes to me, these guys will be PISSED. Famous people should do the same in uncovering these lowlifes and ratting them out to the cops. How funny would it be to watch some short, fat bastard being dragged out of his mom's basement because he threatened to kill Halle Berry or the like. That might put an end to this violent nonsense. We as a people are becoming way too warlike lately and I blame Trump.

But war is the one thing we have the most to worry about. Here is a stat no one wants to hear: there is near a 100% chance that war with North Korea is inevitable and it wouldn't matter who is in office. Hillary wouldn't have any better luck than Trump is going to. The military is starting to realize that and have started saying that exact thing in statements to the press. Here is the problem: North Korea will never give up their nukes. That ship has sailed. Had Bush the Lesser been competent at all, which he wasn't, he could have had a chance to make peace back in 2004 when Kim Jung Il made some serious outreach to the administration. Bush's team responded with a slap instead. From that moment on, peace was not going to happen. The same thing happened back in 1999 with Arafat and Israel when the Palestinians were offered their greatest, best chance for an end to their suffering and the PLO shot it down. Now, peace is impossible and chances are there won't be any end until one side is crushed into oblivion and the chances of that being Israel are slim to none. North Korea is the same thing except with WMDs.

We can never accept a nuclear armed North Korea as it would destabilize the region, almost certainly lead to a nuke arms race in the area from countries like South Korea and Japan, and eventually lead to an armed conflict that could wipe out the planet. We should have finished this in the fifties but Truman was too much of a pussy to cut off Chinese supply lines, even though they instigated the whole thing along with Russia. And instead of showing the world we mean business, even if it meant dropping more nukes, we should have won this stupid war instead of dragging it out for over sixty years and now face the end of everything instead. This is why people like Bush are going to get blamed for things decades after they left office. The Presidency can do good or harm depending on what his actions are and the effects can last a century a more. We are still paying for Woodrow Wilson's bullshit constitutional amendments that appear to have never been actually ratified. Trump could be our last president if he follows a similar path.

There are no good options for North Korea. We can't attack. We can't let them continue to get nukes. Peace is not a likely option. So what then? Best case scenario is one in which we do a surprise attack on North Korea at the earliest possible time. And if we go in, we take out EVERYTHING! All cities, installations, bases, all of it should be burned away from the Earth by an attack worthy of God himself. However, this is highly unlikely to pass muster and instead, the best we will get is some half assed attack on his nuke facilities and government installations, which would result in a counter attack that will kill millions. This is the most likely plan ahead and one doomed to fail if implemented. This country hasn't had the balls to fight since WW2 and I see no sign of that changing any time soon. Because of our liberal notion that war should be fought fairly, we will all lose.
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So that's what we have to look forward to: a health care system slowly dying and no will to fix it, an economy on life support and an inevitable war on the horizon that may end us all. Smoke em if you got em, because we are on borrowed time. You decided to pick Trump and now that decision is having real world complications. Pray for us all.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Apparently this fucking midget moron doesn't know when to leave the party. Trump thew him under the bus this week and he still didn't take the hint to quit. Sessions' actions this week are making me have murderous thoughts towards him, and I don't even feel that way about Trump. The Attorney General position has a long line of terrible candidates but it looks like we have finally hit rock bottom with this absolute idiot who is starting to enact policies that literally no one wants, not even majorities of his own party. Let's see those runner ups in yet another sad, sad week for democracy.
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10)Chiptole- Who in the BLUE FUCK still eats HERE? I mean have we sunk so far into stupidity that society no longer has the ability to avoid obvious harmful situations. Apparently not because this chain is still being frequented by people who have no food standards or desire to live past Tuesday whatsoever. This week we had two incidents that make me question this country's reasoning ability. One was in Sterling, VA where for the 3097th time, 100's of people got violently ill. AGAIN. Can this country not remember what happened five minutes ago? That has proven true as millions voted for Republicans in 2008 after they destroyed the economy and are track to do the exact same thing now. Norovirus was the culprit probably because this country lacks sick days so assholes show up and infect more which in this case sent their stock plummeting. Then, just to rub salt in the wound, diners at a Dallas franchise got rained on by falling rats from the ceiling. YUCK! If you eat here still, you are most likley a Trump supporter, fucking mentally challenged or, even more likely, both.

9)American Heart Association- Trust is gone in this country and it's douchebags like this group and a news media that is incapable of reporting it have soured society toward education in general. Almost 60% of Republicans now view higher education as a waste of time. Much like black people causing a lot of their own troubles, college students here got the rest of in trouble by acting like spoiled children having a tantrum. But all of this is making us more racist, more tribal and eventually, more dead. Science is supposed to be the big equalizer but here we have yet another organization telling us "facts" that aren't. The AHA came out again today against fat in things like meat and butter, saying it causes heart disease. There's only one problem with this: it's total bullshit. We've known since the 1950's what causes heart disease and it isn't fat, it's sugar. But because the AHA is obviously taking some sort of bribe from the sugar industry (which they have been doing for decades and provably so in the past), we get "science" but is in reality, disinformation posing as science. Give NO money to this group as their priorities are not what they say they are. Feel free to look this up for yourselves as well. You will be stunned by the results.

8)Noah's Ark Exhibit- Speaking of bullshit, Ken Ham tried to pull a fast one, Donald Trump style, on the town of Williamstown, Kentucky when they slapped a fifty cent tax on every ticket sold for safety needs to the totally made up story of Noah that this dick thinks actually happened. Instead of just going along with what would have been a loss of near nothing considering tickets cost a whopping forty dollars, he instead decided to not pay it by declaring the property "religious territory" when he sold the land to a non-profit for a dollar, and one in which he has control over. After patting himself on the back, the state retaliated by revoking his favored status for taxes and starting next month, will begin losing as much as eighteen million dollars a year in taxes they now HAVE to pay. Considering this place is hanging by a thread right now as attendance wasn't as high as he expected, it may go belly up soon. God is quick these days to make those pay who deserve it, isn't he? Trump certainly looks to be in his crosshairs.

7)Devin Nunes- I FUCKING HATE, HATE, HATE THIS MAN!!!!. Besides being an obvious Trump toady, he's also a partisan sleaze. Douchebag had to step away from the House Intelligence Committee he chairs after being caught red handed passing information to Trump, which is the guy he was supposed to be investigating. Now, he, all on his own, sent out subpoenas to various former Obama officials for some bullshit "unmasking" charge which I never understood exactly what he was looking for. Any so called unmasking was done by people who had the authority to do so and never leaked this info to anyone who didn't have clearance to see it. There has never been one iota of evidence otherwise and zero proof the media was ever informed about this illegally. But, true to his Trump toady status, he did this to put pressure on the whole "Obama was a crook too," bull. This hit a wall this week when his Senate Republican counterpart Richard Burr publicly came out against this as a witch hunt wholly invented by Nunes. Ouch! According to Burr, no laws were broken and this whole thing is a waste of time. Just like I said months ago.
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6)Celebrity Outrage- Famous people need to know when to shut the FUCK up. Two talented actors I really like both stuck their noses into something they shouldn't have and I lost a lot of respect for both. Hot on the heels of two actors I plan on avoiding like the plague, Daniel Day Kim and Grace Park for their recent racial tirade of bullshit, come John Boyega and Rachel Evan Wood, who have damaged their standing as well. Boyega went off about the lack of black roles on Game of Thrones, somehow missing the fact the Dragon Queen's interpreter is black, as are most of the army of the Unsullied, including their leader. Now it is true the families are white and so what. Not everything has to be about black people. We don't bitch when their are no white people on Blackish or the Carmichael show for an episode or even as a main character because we have better things to do than worry about garbage like that. Woods was even worse. After Kevin Smith shared a story about Ben Affleck saying he felt like a real actor after having to kiss a guy and that it was rough. Wood went off on him, ignoring the fact this was from more than twenty years ago, and then had the audacity to say "try getting raped on camera." Not the same at all unless you ACTUALLY got raped in the scene which I highly doubt. He had to actually kiss another guy, which as a hetero man, doesn't sound all that appealing. She went on to say kissing women is no better and on that front she would be right as the same dynamics should apply to straight women. But Jesus, Hollywood, lighten the fuck up.

5)Democrats- These guys are just so good at losing. They have yet to come up with a powerful message like Single Payer and legal weed, so instead have just gone to infighting and no clear path forward. Unfortunately, this lack of action has caused their fund raising to dry up because they lack any political will at this point. The Republicans pay a lot of attention to their base. The Democrats ignore theirs. Which has been more successful? When Shillary picked Vampire Kaine for VP, the democratic lost their one last chance to show progressives they meant something. Trump picked Pence and solidified his base. Hillary's pick killed hers. Last month, their fundraising hit record lows, not helped by the fact they spent 22 million on a surefire ineffective campaign in Georgia where they lost again. Any changes after that? Nope. These guys are going to need a miracle to keep this country from sliding into total fascism. Their inaction is so Wiemar Republic-like it's not even funny and we all know what came after those fools. We better get some far better people running in the primaries because these assholes are going to kill us all.
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4)The police- I will say this for the cheap seats who are not listening: THE POLICE ARE NOT HERE TO HELP YOU! They are here to enforce the status quo by any means possible. Calling any of these assholes at this point is to ask to die. Never call 9/11 unless it is a last resort. This week, we say multiple examples of this fact. The biggest was a white woman assassinated by a cop in Minnesota. I was pleased to see some black people force the issue, something in a previous column I chastised them for so go you guys and I apologize for asking where were the protests. They did come and forced out the police chief, who stayed on vacation as all this was going on, and has severely weakened the mayor whose calls for ouster are growing louder. The fact that transparency in this case of a black, Muslim cop shooting a white woman has been non-existent to such an extent that a cover-up seems to be going on. The officer in question has yet to be interviewed (WTF?) and the story is full of holes. This story isn't going away as there are way too many questions. And then there is the city of Baltimore whose entire police department should be investigated, and/or fired or put into prison. If Sessions wasn't such a fucking asshole, this would have already happened. Instead, crickets. First off, camera video plainly shows one cop planting evidence to frame a suspect. Oops. In another, two cops pled guilty this week to racketeering charges for armed robberies , fraud and other crimes they did while working as police. This is the same police department that killed Freddy Grey and got away with it. Visit Baltimore carefully because the cops there cannot be trusted.

3)Mitch McConnell- What an ass. After his health care bill died, douchebag said he is STILL holding a vote in Tuesday. As to what that vote will be is anyone's guess. Will it be repeal? That is unlikely to get even 40 votes of tried. Replace? If Paul and Collins are still fuck no's to even bring the bill up, even without anyone else, the bill will die as McCain won't be present for that vote. It's further complicated by the senate parliamentarian who ruled that half of the current health care bill is not possible to be part of the budget reconciliation process, meaning much of the worst parts would need sixty votes and that is not happening. He could vote to overrule that with a simple majority,but that would break the legislative filibuster if done and could lead to turmoil if implemented, not to mention, both sides have a solid majority against doing something like this, so that also seems an unlikely path. The most likely scenario is he will idiotically put this up for a vote, it will die, and the Democrats will weaponize this against them come 2018. Those that don't vote will get primaried. It's bad news either way if this comes up for a vote. The best bet is to let this thing die quietly and talk with the other side about fixing what they can. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen.

2)Trump- What a dick. He had quite the shakeup this week after two of his senior legal time either quit or was fired, along with Sean Spicer who quit over the hiring of a new press secretary, Anthony Scaramucci, "the mooch," who he felt was not a good choice. So far, he hasn't done that great, confirming on occasion things the Trump administration would like to forget or obfuscate. The best was when he told a reporter he was talking with Trump about pardons which Trump has all but denied, even while tweeting about it. He has asked about pardons including pardoning himself which will never fly. No judge can preside over his own trial. And while Trump can pardon anyone, that does not apply to state charges which would almost certainly be filed in such a case. Getting a pardon is considered to be an admission of guilty in a court of law so accepting one could still wind you behind bars. This man is guilty, maybe even of treason, and let us hope evidence exists to prove it. If he tries to hide it by figuring out a way to fire Mueller, this country will burn.
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1)Jeff Session- Every time I see this fucking Keebler elf I want to burn his goddamned tree to the ground. I have never wanted someone gone as much as this dick. Like the rest of the GOP, he is doing real damage to this country and will result in hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions locked away again. Word is he is going after weed, legal and medical, which is certain to start a civil war of does. This is my pledge and a red line. If you go after medical pot, and millions suffer as result, an angry mob will come for you and your family. If you want to see what real pitchforks and torches looks like go after something over 90% of this country supports. The outcry against this will be beyond deafening, and I would seriously worry for his safety. But wait, he's not done yet. He's also instructed the county's authorities that going back to the confiscation of money and goods from people never convicted for a crime is a great idea. Sessions also went to replace mandatory minimums for non violent drug crimes,which is sure to clog up our courts and prisons once again. Jeff Sessions is a stain on society and if he keeps doing what he is doing that is a stain that is going to be removed legal or not when society stands up and says ENOUGH! We are getting dangerous close to a point when arms against the government is no longer a theory but an inevitability. I told you what would happen if you chose Trump and it's all coming true. Read previous columns for proof. I said that black people better like prison and having cops kill them with impunity which is exactly what happened. You should have showed up and voted for the bitter grandma cause Uncle Trump is molesting us all. Hopefully, Sessions alleged dealings with the Russians will lead to his firing or impeachment. Trump doesn't trust him anymore. Why should we? So congratulations Jeff Sessions for being one giant asshole and indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


I have a good feeling one way or another, Trump is going to be leaving office within the next year and a half. Whether it's by legal procedures or an angry mob, the writing is on the wall that he may indeed be circling the drain. News media and other sites like Cannonfire, which is an excellent site despite the writer's unfortunate Hillary love, keep telling is that impeachment is a fantasy and most likley, we will have Trump for at least the next three years. Awesome. Normally, I would agree with them 100%. With a Republican controlled Congress, impeachment should be a hard sell at best. But there are certain factors in play right now that make his tenure a lot more precarious than some think.
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The advent of Robert Mueller tied along with Trump's sinking numbers among all but the truly stupid say his position is not as stable at it should be. The funny part is Trump has no one to blame but himself for all of this. His ill advised interview with the "fading" NYT may be the final straw as he all but admitted wrongdoing again. The scope of the damage done here can not be underestimated. First, he threw Jeff Sessions under the bus something fierce. While I personally hate that fucking elf bastard, even I feel bad for how someone Sessions had absolute loyalty to did not get the same in return. Apparently, Trump has never seen any movie ever as this is common in James Bond movies where the bad guy kills one of his subordinates for no reason and suddenly other henchmen start helping Bond in revenge.

Sessions committed the ultimate sin by recusing himself, otherwise known as following the law. He said that had he known Sessions was going to wuss out, he would have picked someone else. This is from the man who said he never demands loyalty from anyone and then hatchets anyone who doesn't. Does no one else see this as a major character flaw?

Then, Orange Hitler went on to say some of the most dipshit, paranoid shit I haven't heard since Nixon. Apparently, when FBI director Comey brought to his attention the unverified Steele dossier, Trump took it as a threat and that was one of the reason he fired him because he was sure that Comey was going to use this file against him. Mind you, at no point did Comey threaten ANY of that and according to him, was bringing it his attention because it was about to be released in the press. Comey is a fucking boy scout whose overwrought ethical concerns doomed his job. Now, El Trumpo expects me to believe this guy who never swears, has not even a whiff of corruption about him, is actually a devious mastermind whose Machiavellian scheme was to use a dossier of useless crap against him? Please.
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This is the same crap I keep reading from fake news sites that expect me to believe that Don Don's meeting with the Russians was a Clinton setup, which is odd because if that was the case WHY DIDN'T THEY USE ANY OF THAT DURING THE CAMPAIGN WHEN IT MIGHT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE? The simple answer is Clinton had nothing to do with this which has now become the alt-right wolf call. At this point you could have footage of her raping an underage cripple and I still wouldn't care. Trump is the real threat right now and anything else is background noise. If Clinton did anything shady (which we all know is fact she did) then we can take care of her after Tangerine Mussolini is behind bars. Mind you, that is a long shot at best because I am sure if he actually ever did get impeached, his doctors would certify he has dementia or some other ailment, real or imagined, which will keep him from out of jail. His kids may not be so lucky.

Continuing with this train wreck of an interview, El Trumpo went on to say Rosenstein, the head of the Russia investigation, couldn't be trusted because he was a democrat and came from Baltimore. What the city has to do with anything is anyone's guess. It is also worth noting that Rosenstein was appointed by Bush the Lesser. You have to wonder if the fact that Rosenstien is Jewish has anything to do with it. I can certainly see Steve Bannon's Jew hating hands all over this ramble on nonsense.

Orange Hitler then went back to bad mouthing Comey, telling him lied his ass off during the hearings but providing no context, that the leaking of that memo was illegal as it contained classified info (it didn't), and confirming AGAIN he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. He also talked about his "short" meeting with Putin, that everyone there said lasted over an hour and how he sat next to the Japanese PM's wife who spoke no English according to him, but actually does which is hysterical. I have watched my fiance pull that same stunt with people she doesn't want to talk with either.
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The big moment came when he said something so stupid, so arrogant, so threatening that it may be the magic moment where we can all agree his presidency may have started to end. Like a moron with no understanding over how Washington, and the world works, El Trumpo said if Mueller starts looking into his family's finances, it will be a "red line" and he might have to fire him at that point. Needless to say, and I am KNOWN for doing this as well when given an ultimatum, Mueller today did he exact opposite thing and started getting financial reports, including Deutsche bank records that WILL be damning as hell. This is my wheelhouse and that bank is well known for being one of the most corrupt banking systems on Earth, housing slush funds for all sorts of nefarious people, criminals and of course, Russia. They are also one of the few places that was willing to lend money to Trump, even after he sued them for a previous loan. Nothing suspicious there right? They fought for months to not give to up but lost today and had to fork over reams of documents that are going to be chalk full of goodies.

This leaves Trump in a precarious place. If he let's Mueller continue, chances are looking better and better they find something highly incriminating. If he fires him, the country will go nuclear in it's response and there is no guarantee we will survive such a disaster at that point. Civil War may be inevitable under that outcome if spineless democrats crumble under pressure from a compliant GOP. However, recent polls and whispers behind closed doors find Trump may get the heave ho from his own party if his numbers collapse any further, word is no Senator fears the President at this time as he shows no sign of governing or whipping up public support against anyone without much worse results. When he went after Heller for not supporting the Trumpcare bill, fellow Republicans balked and told him in no uncertain terms to quit it, which he did. Right now, I believe elected officials have more to fear from a public certain to show up in droves to vote AGAINST the GOP than with them. Anger drives the polls more than anything else and people right now are PISSED! Even if the Democrats continue to have no message, they will still pick up seats regardless. If they get their act together, they could wipe the GOP from the map.

All of this is on the minds of any Republican caught between a President who may be insane and leaders like Ryan and McConnell who don't know what they are doing. McConnell says he is going to have a repeal vote next week, knowing it can't pass. Why? All that does is give your opponents ammo for 2018 and set up for nasty primary fights that will further weaken your chances. This makes no sense unless they are looking to find out who the "traitors" are and punish them accordingly. This will backfire badly if they actually do this.
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For the liberals, stop protesting in the street and up your game. That is NOT working. Go and sit in your Congressman's office and refuse to leave. Call his office EVERY DAY and demand what you want. Most importantly, show up to fucking vote in 2018 in mass numbers. If your boss won't let you leave for it, remind him it is illegal for him to keep you there and threaten a lawsuit if he doesn't comply. Hell, some of you should run for office, even local races matters. There is lots we can do if we try. Or we can let Orange Hitler kill us all,. Your choice.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Mitch McConnell tried and failed to get a horrific tax cut disguised as health care through a corrupt system, stymied by the rare few in Congress who still have a conscience. Trumpcare went belly up yesterday after four Senators said they would vote against it, mostly hard core conservatives who thought it didn't do enough damage. When that fell apart, Mitch McConnell did something so stupid I am stunned by its audacity.
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When all this kill Obamacare nonsense started, he floated the idea of a simple repeal bill, with replace "later," ie never, to be discussed down the road. This was a non starter for many and it was never even seriously contemplated as there was no way to get 50 votes. So then came the Trumpcare bill, a monstrosity of tax breaks for the well off on the backs of hundreds of thousands who would have died. Conservatives hated the fact it didn't kill more as moderates worried for their own safety if they went through with it. Dean Heller's office recently had a note tacked on it that said vote for this bill and die. That is not an empty threat as the Republican party is double dog daring someone to do exactly that with their fuck you and yours policy. History shows when you start taking from the masses, an already unhappy public will rise up and kill you. They are telling you loud and clear to back off. Hell, one loon already shot a bunch of them up at a playground. Did they not see that as the warning it was meant?

So once Trumpcare bit it after four senators came out against it, with at least a dozen more in the wings, Mitch "Turtle Fucker" McConnell announced they were going back to the original idea of repeal and then replace. So let me get this straight: you pulled the repeal idea because it had no chance of passage, went with a health care bill that instead of convincing the public it was a good idea, which it wasn't, decided to cram it through and hope no one noticed, and when that failed went back to plan A which you already knew was a dead idea. WTF? Less than 24 hours after Trump screamed into twitter about REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL along with some Republicans, that plan died after three senators, all GOP women, nixed that, effectively killing that too. As McCain is out for an undetermined amount of time, the chances for this passage at all was slim to none from the get go. So now what?
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Trump said he is going to let Obamacare fail and blame the Democrats. Unfortunately, polls show that the Republicans will get blamed by about two thirds of the country if that occurs. 2018 is getting closer and closer and even with the democrats unable to get ANY messaging going, the self destruction of the GOP may be all they actually need. How bad is it for Trump and the the rest of Congress? Bad bad.

Trump had the lowest rating for any president at this point from polls over the last 70 years. This latest set back, along with yet another broken promise about instead of ending foreign visas for workers, he increased them this week, will not endear him much longer to rural America. Sure some idiots will follow him over the cliff, but polls show that while Republicans are still holding on to him for God knows what reason, independents are falling off the map, a 6% drop over the last few months. This does not bode well for Republicans in 2018 because if independents suddenly shift to the democrats, the GOP is going to lose dozens of seats, and most likely, control of Congress.

In turn, Trump has lied and lied and lied some more this week. He claimed that he signed more executive orders than any president in history. WRONG! Carter and two other recent presidents signed more than him. He said he has more legislative wins than any president ever. WRONG! This Congress is the least productive since the Civil War. He says his 40% approval rating isn't bad. WRONG! It's the worst in polling history. This man is pathological.

Health care IS their problem regardless of what Orange Hitler says. And if it fails, they get all the blame. However, chances are they cobble something together to stabilize markets, which their base will HATE, and lead to further loses in 2018. These guys are falling apart.
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Lastly, let is talk about something that has many a white male's panties in a bunch and that is the "horror" of a female Dr. Who. While I myself am at best a middling fan, my fiance' loves the show and I have watched many an episode multiple times. The show is pretty good in it's modern form, but I still think the older shows are like watching grass grow. After Peter Capaldi called it quits, rumor was they hired some young pretty boy with only a handful of credits to his name. Yawn. But when it came out that they actually hired the actress from Broadchurch (great show, awful American remake), some people lost their minds.

I get why some people are mad about this. Cultural diversity is being forced down out throats and not always with wise decisions. We got stuck with Shillary Clinton because she was a woman and God forbid another white man, in this case that would have been the should have been picked Bernie Sanders, got elected so the Democrats lost. When Marvel comics started upending every white, male character with an ethnic, even different gender version, sales plummeted. Now in the case of Dr. Who, the cannon establishes the character can be male or female. I am surprised it took them this long to do it and I think it opens the show to go off in all new directions. The fans that don't watch can go jerk off somewhere else because the rest of us will be watching with interest.

On the flip side is a bit of diverse casting I FUCKING HATE, HATE, HATE. The new Dark Tower movie is coming out and I could not be less interested. I have read the books a few times and is one of my favorite series ever written by anyone. This monstrosity they filmed looks far worse. Before I go off on the casting, let me also say the screenplay sounds like crap, the movie looks NOTHING like the books and the fact it is only a nut shrinking 95 minutes is all I need to know to say I will NOT be seeing this in the theater. The biggest problem was the casting of a black man as the lead. Normally thus wouldn't bother me, like seeing a black guy play Kingpin in Daredevil, or even having a black Spider Man in Miles Morales. But the character of Roland is not only depicted as white, which matters little, his race is important to the story, which matter A LOT. The dynamic between the Odetta/Suzanne (she's schitzo) revolves around the fact that this woman HATES white people to varying degrees, depending on which personality is in charge. Making Roland black eliminates all of that which is a central part of the book. On top of that, some idiot executive nixed the idea of Roland wearing a hat, saying why get Ildris Elba at all if you can't see his face. Yeah, because Indiana Jones without his hat looks awesome. The hat again is important to the character, but as this ass most likely didn't read the books, he wouldn't know that. This film looks like the end of what could have been a sprawling epic series. Instead, we got the Golden Compass.

Here's hoping mankind wakes up and starts realizing we all need health care, Trump is a traitor to this country, the GOP is trying to murder you, Dr. Who can be a woman, and the Dark Tower will be one of the worst films this year. If they can out awful CHIPS, that would be quite the feat.