Thursday, July 20, 2017


I have a good feeling one way or another, Trump is going to be leaving office within the next year and a half. Whether it's by legal procedures or an angry mob, the writing is on the wall that he may indeed be circling the drain. News media and other sites like Cannonfire, which is an excellent site despite the writer's unfortunate Hillary love, keep telling is that impeachment is a fantasy and most likley, we will have Trump for at least the next three years. Awesome. Normally, I would agree with them 100%. With a Republican controlled Congress, impeachment should be a hard sell at best. But there are certain factors in play right now that make his tenure a lot more precarious than some think.
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The advent of Robert Mueller tied along with Trump's sinking numbers among all but the truly stupid say his position is not as stable at it should be. The funny part is Trump has no one to blame but himself for all of this. His ill advised interview with the "fading" NYT may be the final straw as he all but admitted wrongdoing again. The scope of the damage done here can not be underestimated. First, he threw Jeff Sessions under the bus something fierce. While I personally hate that fucking elf bastard, even I feel bad for how someone Sessions had absolute loyalty to did not get the same in return. Apparently, Trump has never seen any movie ever as this is common in James Bond movies where the bad guy kills one of his subordinates for no reason and suddenly other henchmen start helping Bond in revenge.

Sessions committed the ultimate sin by recusing himself, otherwise known as following the law. He said that had he known Sessions was going to wuss out, he would have picked someone else. This is from the man who said he never demands loyalty from anyone and then hatchets anyone who doesn't. Does no one else see this as a major character flaw?

Then, Orange Hitler went on to say some of the most dipshit, paranoid shit I haven't heard since Nixon. Apparently, when FBI director Comey brought to his attention the unverified Steele dossier, Trump took it as a threat and that was one of the reason he fired him because he was sure that Comey was going to use this file against him. Mind you, at no point did Comey threaten ANY of that and according to him, was bringing it his attention because it was about to be released in the press. Comey is a fucking boy scout whose overwrought ethical concerns doomed his job. Now, El Trumpo expects me to believe this guy who never swears, has not even a whiff of corruption about him, is actually a devious mastermind whose Machiavellian scheme was to use a dossier of useless crap against him? Please.
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This is the same crap I keep reading from fake news sites that expect me to believe that Don Don's meeting with the Russians was a Clinton setup, which is odd because if that was the case WHY DIDN'T THEY USE ANY OF THAT DURING THE CAMPAIGN WHEN IT MIGHT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE? The simple answer is Clinton had nothing to do with this which has now become the alt-right wolf call. At this point you could have footage of her raping an underage cripple and I still wouldn't care. Trump is the real threat right now and anything else is background noise. If Clinton did anything shady (which we all know is fact she did) then we can take care of her after Tangerine Mussolini is behind bars. Mind you, that is a long shot at best because I am sure if he actually ever did get impeached, his doctors would certify he has dementia or some other ailment, real or imagined, which will keep him from out of jail. His kids may not be so lucky.

Continuing with this train wreck of an interview, El Trumpo went on to say Rosenstein, the head of the Russia investigation, couldn't be trusted because he was a democrat and came from Baltimore. What the city has to do with anything is anyone's guess. It is also worth noting that Rosenstein was appointed by Bush the Lesser. You have to wonder if the fact that Rosenstien is Jewish has anything to do with it. I can certainly see Steve Bannon's Jew hating hands all over this ramble on nonsense.

Orange Hitler then went back to bad mouthing Comey, telling him lied his ass off during the hearings but providing no context, that the leaking of that memo was illegal as it contained classified info (it didn't), and confirming AGAIN he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. He also talked about his "short" meeting with Putin, that everyone there said lasted over an hour and how he sat next to the Japanese PM's wife who spoke no English according to him, but actually does which is hysterical. I have watched my fiance pull that same stunt with people she doesn't want to talk with either.
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The big moment came when he said something so stupid, so arrogant, so threatening that it may be the magic moment where we can all agree his presidency may have started to end. Like a moron with no understanding over how Washington, and the world works, El Trumpo said if Mueller starts looking into his family's finances, it will be a "red line" and he might have to fire him at that point. Needless to say, and I am KNOWN for doing this as well when given an ultimatum, Mueller today did he exact opposite thing and started getting financial reports, including Deutsche bank records that WILL be damning as hell. This is my wheelhouse and that bank is well known for being one of the most corrupt banking systems on Earth, housing slush funds for all sorts of nefarious people, criminals and of course, Russia. They are also one of the few places that was willing to lend money to Trump, even after he sued them for a previous loan. Nothing suspicious there right? They fought for months to not give to up but lost today and had to fork over reams of documents that are going to be chalk full of goodies.

This leaves Trump in a precarious place. If he let's Mueller continue, chances are looking better and better they find something highly incriminating. If he fires him, the country will go nuclear in it's response and there is no guarantee we will survive such a disaster at that point. Civil War may be inevitable under that outcome if spineless democrats crumble under pressure from a compliant GOP. However, recent polls and whispers behind closed doors find Trump may get the heave ho from his own party if his numbers collapse any further, word is no Senator fears the President at this time as he shows no sign of governing or whipping up public support against anyone without much worse results. When he went after Heller for not supporting the Trumpcare bill, fellow Republicans balked and told him in no uncertain terms to quit it, which he did. Right now, I believe elected officials have more to fear from a public certain to show up in droves to vote AGAINST the GOP than with them. Anger drives the polls more than anything else and people right now are PISSED! Even if the Democrats continue to have no message, they will still pick up seats regardless. If they get their act together, they could wipe the GOP from the map.

All of this is on the minds of any Republican caught between a President who may be insane and leaders like Ryan and McConnell who don't know what they are doing. McConnell says he is going to have a repeal vote next week, knowing it can't pass. Why? All that does is give your opponents ammo for 2018 and set up for nasty primary fights that will further weaken your chances. This makes no sense unless they are looking to find out who the "traitors" are and punish them accordingly. This will backfire badly if they actually do this.
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For the liberals, stop protesting in the street and up your game. That is NOT working. Go and sit in your Congressman's office and refuse to leave. Call his office EVERY DAY and demand what you want. Most importantly, show up to fucking vote in 2018 in mass numbers. If your boss won't let you leave for it, remind him it is illegal for him to keep you there and threaten a lawsuit if he doesn't comply. Hell, some of you should run for office, even local races matters. There is lots we can do if we try. Or we can let Orange Hitler kill us all,. Your choice.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Mitch McConnell tried and failed to get a horrific tax cut disguised as health care through a corrupt system, stymied by the rare few in Congress who still have a conscience. Trumpcare went belly up yesterday after four Senators said they would vote against it, mostly hard core conservatives who thought it didn't do enough damage. When that fell apart, Mitch McConnell did something so stupid I am stunned by its audacity.
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When all this kill Obamacare nonsense started, he floated the idea of a simple repeal bill, with replace "later," ie never, to be discussed down the road. This was a non starter for many and it was never even seriously contemplated as there was no way to get 50 votes. So then came the Trumpcare bill, a monstrosity of tax breaks for the well off on the backs of hundreds of thousands who would have died. Conservatives hated the fact it didn't kill more as moderates worried for their own safety if they went through with it. Dean Heller's office recently had a note tacked on it that said vote for this bill and die. That is not an empty threat as the Republican party is double dog daring someone to do exactly that with their fuck you and yours policy. History shows when you start taking from the masses, an already unhappy public will rise up and kill you. They are telling you loud and clear to back off. Hell, one loon already shot a bunch of them up at a playground. Did they not see that as the warning it was meant?

So once Trumpcare bit it after four senators came out against it, with at least a dozen more in the wings, Mitch "Turtle Fucker" McConnell announced they were going back to the original idea of repeal and then replace. So let me get this straight: you pulled the repeal idea because it had no chance of passage, went with a health care bill that instead of convincing the public it was a good idea, which it wasn't, decided to cram it through and hope no one noticed, and when that failed went back to plan A which you already knew was a dead idea. WTF? Less than 24 hours after Trump screamed into twitter about REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL along with some Republicans, that plan died after three senators, all GOP women, nixed that, effectively killing that too. As McCain is out for an undetermined amount of time, the chances for this passage at all was slim to none from the get go. So now what?
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Trump said he is going to let Obamacare fail and blame the Democrats. Unfortunately, polls show that the Republicans will get blamed by about two thirds of the country if that occurs. 2018 is getting closer and closer and even with the democrats unable to get ANY messaging going, the self destruction of the GOP may be all they actually need. How bad is it for Trump and the the rest of Congress? Bad bad.

Trump had the lowest rating for any president at this point from polls over the last 70 years. This latest set back, along with yet another broken promise about instead of ending foreign visas for workers, he increased them this week, will not endear him much longer to rural America. Sure some idiots will follow him over the cliff, but polls show that while Republicans are still holding on to him for God knows what reason, independents are falling off the map, a 6% drop over the last few months. This does not bode well for Republicans in 2018 because if independents suddenly shift to the democrats, the GOP is going to lose dozens of seats, and most likely, control of Congress.

In turn, Trump has lied and lied and lied some more this week. He claimed that he signed more executive orders than any president in history. WRONG! Carter and two other recent presidents signed more than him. He said he has more legislative wins than any president ever. WRONG! This Congress is the least productive since the Civil War. He says his 40% approval rating isn't bad. WRONG! It's the worst in polling history. This man is pathological.

Health care IS their problem regardless of what Orange Hitler says. And if it fails, they get all the blame. However, chances are they cobble something together to stabilize markets, which their base will HATE, and lead to further loses in 2018. These guys are falling apart.
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Lastly, let is talk about something that has many a white male's panties in a bunch and that is the "horror" of a female Dr. Who. While I myself am at best a middling fan, my fiance' loves the show and I have watched many an episode multiple times. The show is pretty good in it's modern form, but I still think the older shows are like watching grass grow. After Peter Capaldi called it quits, rumor was they hired some young pretty boy with only a handful of credits to his name. Yawn. But when it came out that they actually hired the actress from Broadchurch (great show, awful American remake), some people lost their minds.

I get why some people are mad about this. Cultural diversity is being forced down out throats and not always with wise decisions. We got stuck with Shillary Clinton because she was a woman and God forbid another white man, in this case that would have been the should have been picked Bernie Sanders, got elected so the Democrats lost. When Marvel comics started upending every white, male character with an ethnic, even different gender version, sales plummeted. Now in the case of Dr. Who, the cannon establishes the character can be male or female. I am surprised it took them this long to do it and I think it opens the show to go off in all new directions. The fans that don't watch can go jerk off somewhere else because the rest of us will be watching with interest.

On the flip side is a bit of diverse casting I FUCKING HATE, HATE, HATE. The new Dark Tower movie is coming out and I could not be less interested. I have read the books a few times and is one of my favorite series ever written by anyone. This monstrosity they filmed looks far worse. Before I go off on the casting, let me also say the screenplay sounds like crap, the movie looks NOTHING like the books and the fact it is only a nut shrinking 95 minutes is all I need to know to say I will NOT be seeing this in the theater. The biggest problem was the casting of a black man as the lead. Normally thus wouldn't bother me, like seeing a black guy play Kingpin in Daredevil, or even having a black Spider Man in Miles Morales. But the character of Roland is not only depicted as white, which matters little, his race is important to the story, which matter A LOT. The dynamic between the Odetta/Suzanne (she's schitzo) revolves around the fact that this woman HATES white people to varying degrees, depending on which personality is in charge. Making Roland black eliminates all of that which is a central part of the book. On top of that, some idiot executive nixed the idea of Roland wearing a hat, saying why get Ildris Elba at all if you can't see his face. Yeah, because Indiana Jones without his hat looks awesome. The hat again is important to the character, but as this ass most likely didn't read the books, he wouldn't know that. This film looks like the end of what could have been a sprawling epic series. Instead, we got the Golden Compass.

Here's hoping mankind wakes up and starts realizing we all need health care, Trump is a traitor to this country, the GOP is trying to murder you, Dr. Who can be a woman, and the Dark Tower will be one of the worst films this year. If they can out awful CHIPS, that would be quite the feat.

Monday, July 17, 2017


This was not a good past week for Republicans. Their health care bill is stalled right now as John McCain is out of service for at least a week recuperating from eye surgery. Word is that is a sunny estimate and he may be out two to three weeks. If true, this will not give McConnell much time to get the health care bill passed which with each passing day looks more and more likely dead.
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We hope this is true because if this bill passes, health care ends for everyone not rich in three years. The idiotic Cruz amendment, which word is they are going to forgo a CBO score on, is hated by the insurance industry because they rightfully know this will end their businesses. Letting healthy people buy cheaper plans negates the purpose of insurance which the GOP does NOT understand. Because they are still held sway by the demonic philosophy of Ayn Rand (I am against book burning but would gladly make an exception for this epic disaster of a human), we are all under the guise of the righteousness of selfishness. This total cunt deserves such scorn I would like to dig up her body just to piss on her skull.

For those unaware as to who this human garbage was Ayn Rand wrote books like the Foutainhead and Atlas Shrugged. They espoused a way of life that made virtues out of not caring for anyone but yourself and turned selfishness into a goal rather than an aversion. The funny part is that so many so called religious idiots in Congress, like Paul Ryan, have bought into this, somehow unaware that her method is the exact same one the Satanic Bible has. Do what thou want, is their tenet, which is the same thing as Rand's So for all those so called religious leaders we have in Congress, their philosophy closer resembles that of the devil than god. Tell me that doesn't explain everything.

Ayn Rand smoked cigarettes for years, calling scientific research that it caused cancer bullshit.Then she got cancer and she stopped smoking. She also never told a fucking person alive that it was the cigarettes that caused it or that she even quit, hiding it instead. She was a horrible, horrible person. And a third of this country follows her every word.

This health care bill has Ayn Rand's prints all over it. Health care to her and her like see it as a burden on those that can rightfully afford it. Anyone too stupid or poor to afford it, shouldn't get it because they are takers and not worth the spit to throw at them. That is the basic philosophy of the GOP and a lot of you are still voting for this. Way to go for being dumber than they are.
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Meanwhile Trump is in tailspin mode as he keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper. It seemed inevitable at this point that some sort of charges are going to be levied at the President and his brood. Obstruction at the least, possibly some sort of treason charge as well would be nice but unlikely. What happens next is anyone's guess. Some have questioned whether he will try to pardon himself, leading to another constitutional crisis for this orange gas bag. The good news is if pardons himself and others that only works for FEDERAL charges. State charges could still be brought against him and others which he has no standing to stop. Plus if he pardons himself, the optics of it will be so bad chances are civil war breaks out if the GOP does nothing. This country hangs by a thread America and any slight breeze could dislodge it. Considering we have had seven months of Hurricane Trump, that seems unlikely we will last much longer.

Amazingly, Orange Hitler has been quiet today but we all know that won't last. Some sort of self inflicted crisis is soon to arrive that will make us all question reality and the sanity of anyone still supporting this terrible, horrible president.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I don't even know where to start. We are in real danger of losing this country and no one seems too concerned about it. You will when we either see civil war rip this nation apart or storm troopers hold the country hostage as a fascist state rises anew. The worst part is a lot of you seem fine with this. There are way too many in this nation accepting Russia as an ally, even though their goal is not altruistic toward us in the slightest. If they succeed, it won't be wine and roses and death and destruction. Same goes for current health care bill which will end health care for all but the rich. I have never witnessed such rampant stupidity ever. There is no way we don't head over a cliff because way too many of you are beyond redemption. Hillary was right. Half  this country is deplorable and maybe it's time to face that reality. The sad fact is the other half from the far left is also insane and equally repugnant. Somewhere between those two factions lie the rest of us, a sane but precious few who are watching the world circle the drain, incapable of doing anything but witness what is going to occur. If there were more sane people, we would have a chance but the lunatics are now running the asylum. Now listen closely because we are rapidly running out of time. As the left and right are refusing to listen to anyone but their own questionable beliefs, and with trust gone among just about everyone and everything, there is only one way this goes and that is violently. When words no longer work, fists come out. And those fists have guns, armies and nuclear weapons. Great. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Horror movies- We already witnessed the implosion of the film comedy this year with tepid entries like Baywatch, Rough Night and the atrocious CHIPS (watch at your own peril). Now comes another slew of equally horrible horror movies with this week's release of Wish Upon, yet another tired PG-13 horror flick that is not scary, not well done and to be honest, a screenplay that should have been flushed rather than made. How many movies do we have to sit through where people make dumb decisions that no one in their right mind would make? Scary noise in a dark room when I know a monster is on the loose? I better investigate. Idiot. This is on the heels of equally awful films like the Bye Bye Man, Underworld sequel 3290, Split (If you saw the previews, you saw the whole movie), Resident Evil sequel 3290, Rings remake 3290, It Comes At Night (not to this film whose BO was piss poor), and The Mummy (NOT a horror film really). Other than Get Out, there have been NO good horror movies. I have heard good things about the Annabelle prequel coming soon that is supposed to be way scary. It is also rated R which helps. The rest avoid like the plague.

9)Sean Hannity- This traitor to America (you heard me, if you defend Trump and his Nazi bullshit you are a TRAITOR to this country) gave the most soft balled questions to Don Don (damn you The President's Show for beating me to that nickname I was waiting to use today) and he still fucked it up. When Don Jr. swore he told the truth about everything, Hannity said that was the end of that then. Only it wasn't when it came out that there were way more people in the room, including a Russian spy and documents that may have contained anti-Hillary information. As always, this blowhard offered no retraction and is STILL going on about this being a hoax which it isn't. When this all blows up and Trump is proven a traitor, this ass better get his butt thrown out the door too. History will not be kind to the enablers when this all comes out.

8)Kelly Anne Conway- Propaganda Barbie thought it would hilarious to whip out some visual aids she made, trying to mimic Bob Dylan via Bob Roberts. On these cards she made she rhymed a few words together to make light of the growing Russian scandal that these asses are doing everything to deflect from. It's not collusion, it's illusion and a delusion she showed. Wow, that's is so funny (insert heavy sarcasm here). There is a reason this woman never made it as a stand up comic. Watch her sets from years back. They are awful. I used to do stand up decades ago and while I wasn't great. I was way better than her. If I am better than you at a profession I realized I wasn't suited for, you really suck.
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7)Libtards- My God there are way too many of you out there who fit this bill. It's bad enough I have to deal with the cult of Trump but the cult of Hillary is proving to be almost as dangerous. I keep getting blocked in Facebook from liberal idiots who will not face facts in that Hillary CHEATED in the last election. That is not open to debate. It happened and there is 100% proof it it. They fired Debbie Wasserman Schultz over it and had Donna Brazile removed for giving Hillary the debate answers before hand. And yes, regardless of what you've read or heard (which is always a bad sign for people who don't understand how something works), Bernie would have won handedly in the general election as there have been hundreds of people who came forward afterward, including dozens of people I know personally, who would have voted for Bernie but HATED Hillary. Chances are high that he would have won all the states she lost and probably gained a few like NC and Florida as well. But that didn't happen and now we are stuck with the end of everything. Get with the fucking program liberals in that neoliberalism is dead. Long live the new progressivism.

6)Deray Mckesson- My dislike for the BLM movement is well documented here. It's not that I don't think they have a point, they do in that young black men are getting shot a lot. However, new FBI data shows that over the last two years, white men are now getting shot more than blacks, even accounting for the population difference. This may have to do with the fact that anytime a black person is shot, people show up pissed. Why does that not happen when white people die under the same mysterious circumstances? Because white people don't matter to the left anymore, thus the reason Republicans control two thirds of everything, no one cares when cops are killing us with impunity and no public outcry. Congratulations lefties, you're making this country more and more fascist with every passing day. The head of the BLM, Deray, has been a troublesome racist who's fifteen minutes of fame should be just about up. He's getting sued by Baton Rouge police for instigating violence that killed six police officers. His latest bon mot was to go after the latest Planet of the Apes movie declaring the film racist because one of the apes was wearing a blue vest, just like the one he wears all the time. Unfortunately for him, the vest is a reference to the original movie, in which an ape also wore a blue vest. Oops. It's not always about you. It doesn't make any difference because this world is becoming more and more tribal and if black people find themselves out looking in, they will be wishing to be back where they were fed and happy. Shit like this is making things way worse.
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5)Rick Scott- The Uncle Fester of the South has long been one of the worst governors in the country. How the brain dead rednecks re-elected him, like Sam Brownback, makes you question our educational system. This week, Governor Cue Ball decided it would be a great idea to pass a bill in which ANY bit of science can be challenged by a single parent in the school system. Yeah, that won't be chaos. Right off the bat they are going to get evolution questioned, along with pretty much everything else discovered these last few centuries. Have fun debating gravity.

4)Republican Health Care Bill- Talk about hanging by a thread. Two Senators have said FUCK NO to the bill meaning any other defection and this bill is toast. I have a feeling that after the CBO report tomorrow or Tuesday, at least one is going to join the no rosters. If Ted Cruz's amendment gets passed, all health care becomes unaffordable unless you are not sick. We know this because EVERY insurance company wrote Congress telling them that. And they ARE STILL trying to pass this thing. Heller is the one to watch. It will be political suicide if he goes through with it, and possibly actual suicide as people will start shooting Republicans when their loved ones start dying. The vote was delayed this week, ironically for John McCain to get surgery. The wait won't help.

3)Republican Voters- I can't say this strongly enough. I sincerely hope YOU ALL FUCKING DIE HORRIBLY!!! What the fuck America! There is a TRAITOR in the White House and because he fights for your side that is fine? Fuck YOU! I am sick of hearing things like "health care is a privilege," and "Russia is our friend." I have listened to SO many people who live across the nation who are on Medicaid, Food Stamps and other government assistance and then go vote REPUBLICAN? WTF? And then they are shocked when all of that is going to cut by the same party that has been actively trying to eliminate it for decades. HOW STUPID ARE YOU? STOP VOTING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT YOU DEAD!

2)Don Don- I always though he was the smart one. Nope, apparently he is every bit as brainless of his fucking father. He could not stop lying this week to such an extent that some people like Charles Krauthammer changed his tune and is now addressing collusion with Russians as fact. As he is hardly a lefty by any stretch of the imagination, it shows a start. If we just get Congress and the idiot public to accept it as well, we might actually escape this relatively unscathed. But that seems pipe dreamy as the general public and GOP in general is lock step with the President still. Don Don is a liability. His meeting could bring down the presidency. At least I hope so.
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1)Trump- Another week, another disaster. Even though Chairman Cheeto and his minions keep saying HOAX at the top of their lungs, facts say otherwise. Mark Warner, the leading democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he thinks it's nonsense Trump knew nothing about the meeting of which Trump hinted as such in his usual tweetstorm this week that he might have known some time ago. He also went off on non-existent bullshit like Hillary and the Ukrainians (garbage), her emails (yawn) and my favorite, Hillary how she sold all the world's uranium to Russia because she wanted a kickback, or something. None of that was true. What was true was we now have solid proof of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Not fake news but hard data, provided by Don Jr. himself. That is not in contest except by the diehards and cultists. We have a traitor in office, one who appears to aligned himself with Russia and an eager public ready to believe him. This is how Hitler and others got started. So if you sit back and wait, this country ends. Start fighting America because protests and sit ins are not going to do it anymore. I want to see a million armed people surround the White House and demand his resignation. And if he's dumb enough to send in the National Guard or the like, welcome to the New American Revolution. Or you can sit back and watch the world burn. I am only one man, somewhat crippled and old and have little fight in me beyond my words. But what I hope to do is inspire others to find non-violent means to end this national nightmare. We better because the Fourth Reich IS coming. If you don't believe me, feel free to read up on how fascism starts. I write about it a lot. So congratulations Trump, who might very well be the LAST American president, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


You can't go five minutes lately without some sort of scandal engulfing the current administration. I have been following politics since I could read and I can tell you I have never seen this level of arrogance and incompetence from the highest office. When you can out-douche such notaries as Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson and Bush the Lesser, you've not only crossed the Rubicon, you've teleported to Mars.
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Turns out Don Jr. may be the real embarrassment of the Trump family, which must have made Tiffany and Eric sigh in relief that it wasn't them. Not only did dumbass change his fucking story a hundred and seventeen times, when caught in said lie, he released a treasure trove of emails that to say are damning would be an understatement.

Here's a quick review of what we know. Don Trump Jr., Paul Manafort (campaign manager at the time) and Jared Kushner met with a high level Putin ally with the express intent to gain info against the Hillary campaign. The denials have been laughable. They have said the woman is not connected to Russian hierarchy in any way. Right. No one, and I mean NO ONE, in Russia gets to any position of like this without ties to the Kremlin. It is fucking impossible. They might as well as said she was made of silicone and came from Omega Seven. That would be more believable. A rudimentary search of her background shows she works for a law firm that doesn't appear to exist beyond a circumstantial level. The firm has NO website, or published phone number, yet this woman has high level contacts that are not in dispute. As all positions in Russia are doled out by Putin, her statement and that of Trump that she is some low level flunky is nonsense.

The meeting was first denied it ever happened. Then it was they met but nothing of importance was discussed. Then it was a quick meeting about Russian adoptions. Only after the NYT told him they had his emails did he release them first and wow are they telling. For all the garbage that Hillary got about her emails, none of which contained anything of importance regardless of what the GOP keeps harping on, these are devastating. Not only did Don Jr know who he was meeting, a lie he keeps repeating, but he went there specifically to get damaging info about Hillary. WTF? That is the most unamerican thing ever.
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The emails go on to paint a picture that destroys their narrative that the Russians weren't involved. Collusion is front and center here and trying to spin this won't work, thus the reason the president has been invisible (other than Twitter) for the most part until he leaves for Paris tomorrow, a fact the White House staff must be thrilled with. But hidden among all of this is the fact that while Don Jr. may be in legal trouble (iffy but possible), Jared Kushner IS in legal trouble, and big time at that. This is the second meeting with a Russian that he didn't mention on his security clearance form and the latest one may be the final straw here. DC loves to go after people for lying on the security clearance forms and he faces five years when Mueller recommends his arrest, which he will now do with an almost 100% guarantee. As Trump is likely to also be indicted as a co-conspirator (there is no fucking way he didn't know about this meeting as claimed) and guilty of obstruction, his presidency is now almost certainly on borrowed time.

I can tell this because behind closed doors, the GOP is idiotically planning for President Pence. The fact of the matter is even if Trump gets impeached, Pence is likely to be swept out with them. He is not innocent in all of this either. And then when this occurs, time becomes a factor. I have a feeling none of this will occur until sometime late next year, considering how slow the levers of Washington work. If it happens after the 2018 elections, Nancy Pelosi could be the next president. Before and it could be Paul Ryan. Both make my nuts shrink. But Pence ain't going to happen.

This has been a very bad week for Trump who is getting very close to a point where Republicans are going to throw him overboard. Many Republicans, including resident morons like Trey Gowdy, was horrified by this meeting and they have to start wondering about blow back in 2018 when the democrats start painting the entire GOP as awash in Russian spies. That patriotic bull the Republicans are always spouting may be in short supply at this rate.

Here's one last bit that few in the media have talked about: we have no fucking idea what really went on in that meeting between a Russian and the top Trump team members. How do we know a deal wasn't made? Isn't it awfully convenient that the emails Don Jr. wanted released at the end of the summer came out just like he said? Why did Trump seem to know Hillary info about to be released, as his speech and Twitter rants prove, unless he had help from the Russians as alleged? As these people lie like breathing, everything they say should be held suspect. This is the smoking gun and not a "nothing burger" as Fox News and others had contended. There are crimes for anyone with eyes to see and hard proof now exists thanks to Don Jr. being the moron of the family. Once again, Eric rejoices, even though he has own legal problems stemming from charity fraud in the state of NY.
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Trump is corrupt and, most likely, controlled by the Russians. There is ample evidence of that now and saying there is not enough proof is disingenuous at best, traitorous at worst. The country faces its' end of we don't find the courage to stand up and demand the resignation of Trump and most of his cabinet. If we wait, and he finds some excuse to declare martial law, it will be far too late to end our slide into fascism. Fight people as if your life depends on it because it does. If Republicans have their way, millions will die, mostly people who idiotically voted for them. I keep telling people to remember that Jews voted for Hitler and look how that turned out.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Don Jr. may be in real trouble this week after yet another Russian meetup came to light, and true to form, his story keeps changing. First he said, the meeting never happened. Then, it was a meet up with the Russians to discuss adoption issues, regarding Putin's ban on Western adoptions I think. But when that was proved wrong, Don said he did meet up with them after being promised damaging information about Hillary. He went, they had nothing, he left. Too bad that is not the end of this story.
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Meeting with Russians is always a bad idea. Lying to Federal agents however is a crime. As he was interviewed about this, what he said could have damaging consequences for him and his family. He could get five years in federal prison if convicted. Worse, this is the first chance we have had to see that collusion with the Russians may have been true all along. There is an odd trail that occurs here as well.

Trump's first tweet about Russian hacking Hillary's emails came to light the same day as this meeting. Nothing suspicious there right? As the President has already admitted to obstruction on camera, I expect this will get the same treatment from the right wingers who won't accept guilt short of a video capturing the whole thing is brought forward. And even then, like the above, they will figure out a way to weasel out of it.

Many have tried to say there is nothing here, but that is disingenuous at best. Every day, we come closer to the truth that our President is corrupt as hell and doesn't care. We can only hope that Mueller comes up with some doozies when his investigation concludes most likely sometime next year.

Meanwhile, the Republican health care plan appears dead in the water. They will try to salvage something for a vote next week but as more and more Republicans are bailing on this, it seems like a long shot at best. They will have to work with democrats to stabilize the industry which won't until price controls are put in. No other country has a for profit health care system which would explain why theirs are better and cheaper than ours. Both sides are working hard against the proper solution which is single payer. But because we have Citizen's United, that's never going to happen.

Also a quick word to the far left and far right: GO FUCK YOURSELVES! I have been blocked on Facebook by multiple people lately. Usually, it's the right wingers that get their panties in a bunch. But over the last two weeks, two libtards blocked me for daring to call one post SUPER racist against white people and the other a whitewash of the primaries. One was a checklist of things white people do that included things like "went to a Taylor Swift concert" or "love mayonnaise." Reverse that tell me black people wouldn't have a fit with similar themes like "went to a Tupac hologram concert" or "love fried chicken." For noting that this was super racist, I got called a troll and blocked. Just now, some dumb bitch defending Hillary over the "evil" Sanders blocked me when I asked her how can she defend someone who cheated to win, ran a piss poor campaign, and to give me any reason she would have been better than Sanders. I got the usual "bye bye," and then blocked. A word to the wise. When words are no longer accepted as legal currency, fists and weapons will be the new legal tender. When reason ends, violence begins and the far left is SO acting like the infants on the right I am sure a civil war is coming. This one however will not be state versus state but neighbor versus neighbor. This country will end at that point.
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We have to start listening to one another and accept reality. I know the real world sucks but Christ we have to have some fucking grown ups in this world filled with petulant children. Hillary sucked, Trump sucks and yes Bernie would have been far better than anyone else if no other reason than at least he acts like an adult. The Republicans are trying to kill you and as of right now, the democrats have no plan to stop it. So get mad and get ready to fight because no one is listening to anyone right now who disagrees with them. And when that happens, violence begins.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Trump did his usual round of toddler antics this week and that still couldn't beat the sheer arrogance of Chris Christie who proved once again this country is filled with spineless jellyfish who refuse to act out for fear of retribution. None of that will matter if we're all dead because the politicians from both sides seem to want it that way. Why people haven't surrounded the Governor's mansion by now and demanding his head is beyond me? Pictures of this bloated whale on a private beach of his own doing was as close to a "let them eat cake" moment I have ever heard, yer nothing but crickets from Idiot America. What is to going to take our zombified public to wake the fuck up? Let's see those runner ups for a country rapidly running out of time.
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10)PTSD diagnoses- There have been fascinating studies done these past ten years talking about the over diagnosis of PTSD. I have noticed WAY to many people being "affected" by this because they were in a minor car accident, gave birth or got yelled at. Having studied this disorder for years to explain why some get it and some don't (I should have it and don't. Why? What makes me different from others who have experienced TRUE trauma?), I noticed far too many being told they too had PTSD for something as stupid as their TV show got cancelled as Amanda Byrne said and not the fact she has other far more serious mental problems. So either mankind is even weaker than I thought, or psychiatrists have been misdiagnosing PTSD for some time now. I know which I think is more likely and once again Big Pharma raises its ugly head, as they are the real reason for the increase so they can sell more drugs, which have indeed been on the rise for the past ten years. Yeah, no correlation there. PTSD only happens to people in true life or death situations. If this hasn't happened to you, you don't have PTSD no matter what your quack doctor says.

9)Films of 2017- We stand at the halfway mark for the year for films and North America has said in one loud voice that so far, they suck and showed real talent at making some of the worst movies in some time. For all the flack that superhero movies get, here's is one absolute fact: they are also the only films that seem to have workable screenplays. Almost everything else has been garbage and soon to be regulated to the bargain DVD bin. There have been so many films that tanked: the Mummy, Pirates, Transformers, Live by Night, The Great Wall, every single comedy released this year with CHIPS being one of the worst films I have seen in some time, King Arthur, Ghost in the Shell, Monster Trucks, Power Rangers, and Life. That's a lot of suckage. The main problem with almost all of these are the screenplays are terrible, Without that you have nothing. You'd think Hollywood would have learned that lesson by now. So complain about superhero movies all you want. At least they're well written and produced, well Marvel anyway. However, Wonder Woman was awesome.
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8)Hobby Lobby- The Christian crafts store proves my point about how the more religious you are, the more likely you are to be a horrible person. This week, the company got caught red handed stealing biblical items from Iraq, most likely for pieces in their new biblical museum opening soon in DC, and fined three million for their troubles. How is it if you are a corporation you can kill someone and get off but try it as an individual with less than a few hundred million and watch your ass get thrown in jail? Apparently these fuckers are too stupid too read because I am fairly certain that the Ten Commandments have things like don't steal, don't lie, and don't envy things. This sounds like they broke all three. So birth control, which is mentioned never in the Bible, is from the devil but stealing, something explicitly forbidden, is fine. You people are dicks. Fuck you and anyone still shopping at this hellhole.

7)Louise Mensch- You had your time as a conspiracy theorist but guess what, that time is over. The former British PM and now anti-Trump blogger has made some outlandish theories as of late such as Orrin Hatch being prepared for being sworn in as President and a grand jury being convened for RICO charges. So far, neither appears to be true. Neither has just about anything this woman has written in her blog this year other than a few items some time back earning her the little goodwill she could muster. But since then, she was whiffed far worse than me and most are looking at her site as nothing more than bluster. Reporters should never use anonymous sources as their only source of info. You never know where their true loyalties lie.

6)Grace Park and Daniel Day Kim- These two fine actors got caught in identity politics this week and may have just ruined their careers as a result. Thinking they were stars of the show and not second tier actors, which they were, both left the show after not being given money parity with the two leads, McGarret and Dano. Even though they would have received huge raises, because it wasn't what the other two were getting, they walked and then had the audacity to say publicly it was because they were Asian. Fuck no it wasn't. That's how the business is modeled. If every show had to pay parity to an entire cast, they would go bankrupt overnight. It is not economically feasible. It's crap like this that makes white America lose their minds over. In the past, when actors do this, they get blacklisted and never work again. Considering neither has any jobs lined up yet, they find themselves not getting anything like they used to and certainly not the pay they would want. Everything is not always about race. Christ this nation needs to wake the fuck up.
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5)EU migrants- More lefty nonsense that is destroying the planet. Both Stephen Hawkins and Bill Gates this week noted that Europe CANNOT keep letting in migrants fleeing not war torn countries but just poverty as it will overwhelm the system. Most of these "refugees" are not that at all but economic migrants looking for a better life and, usually, free stuff not available at home. If this keeps up, civil war is inevitable there as the people from these nations are eventually going to rise up and murder them. It is unsustainable. I know it sucks when you have to throw babies back to the horrific country they came from but that is the only way to keep your nation from imploding. Sooner than later, Europe is going to start armed borders and navy patrols to send people back to where they came from. Or, they can watch Europe become overwhelmingly Muslim. Which do you think is more likely?
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4)Clay Higgins- The Representative from Louisiana stepped in it hard this week when he idiotically decided to tape himself wandering through Auschwitz.  Nothing says "stoic Silence," like a video tour by a racist congressperson. Needless to say, the Internet and Jews everywhere were horrified and rightfully so. This is a place where millions died and this guy acted like it was some sort of fucking infomercial. He apologized soon after. At least he wasn't my friend's dad who while there asked the guide where the gift shop was because he wanted to buy some lampshades. They were unamused.

3)North Korea- These guys are rocketing us (no pun intended) towards a world war. It has become painfully clear that as much as everyone doesn't want a war with them, there is seems to be little wiggle room not to have that be the outcome. All the pundits declare peace as the only avenue but then stumble as they admit the nation is unlikely now to give up its' arsenal. So we need peace but only after they get nukes? Yeah, that won't end the planet. If they get nukes, chances are high they will blackmail the Earth with them. Pay us money or we launch. End sanctions or we invade South Korea. This could destabilize the planet as these actions are unlikely to succeed. If that is the case, then war is inevitable and the longer we wait, the more people are going to die. War is coming. Bet on it. And because morons like Bush the Lesser and fuckwads like John Bolton killed the peace process during their tenure, the whole world may now end. So for all you idiots asking how long am I going to blame Bush for the stupid shit he did I will remind you that actions presidents took more than a hundred years ago are still affecting us today. Bush was just the final straw for this nation that now looks unlikely to survive more than at best a few more years. You voted for these idiots America. Now you'll get to see what karma looks like in the form of a giant mushroom cloud right outside your front door.

2)Trump- This dick was so out of place at the G20 summit. World leaders are laughing at him, seeing him for the fool the rest of this country couldn't. Hillary may have been an evil corporate bitch, but she wasn't a total idiot either. You elected a guy who whose brain power could be measured in single digits. I love how he thought we would all believe him when he said everyone there was asking about John Podesta and why he didn't turn over the DNC server to the CIA. First off, no one was talking about that there. North Korea, migrants and the economy all came up way before that. Two, Podesta and the DNC are separate things as he has no power to hand over things he would never had access to. Third, the CIA has nothing to do with any of this. Trump also met with Putin in which we are being told drastically different things as to how to all unfolded. Trump says he pressed him on Russian hacking for a long time. Putin says he says he didn't do it and Trump accepted that. I believe Putin a lot more than Trump and as we have no way of knowing what occurred as there were very few people in the room, are going to have to accept that. Trump is dirty. It's only a matter of time before we find out how dirty.
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1)Chris Christie- This fat bastard was caught lounging on a private beach, caused by his shutting down all the parks right before the 4th of July due to budget problems. At first he denied ever being out on the beach, but when pictures surfaced outing him as a liar, his response was he didn't actually get any sun because he had a hat on. Are you fucking kidding me?  And then instead of apologizing, he told NJ residents to take a flying leap as he's governor and can do whatever he likes. If they don't like it, he said, they can run for governor and get all the perks that way.  How is an angry mob not actively seeking his head right now? He told the people of his state, that he was elected to run, that they can fuck themselves and there is nothing they can do about it. Apparently he was right, because those angry mobs never came, proving my point that this nation is going to slide into oblivion because no one wants to rock the boat. I do, in this column, every week. And I may a price for it one day. But at least I am trying to inform of you as to what is actually going on and not sticking my head in the sand as way too many of you do. Chris Christie should be outed from office for his arrogance and the fact that he's could care less what happens to the people of NJ is shameful. As his political career is over, rumor is he's thinking about getting into sports talk radio. I can only hope call after call is him getting called horrible things. Congratulations, you human pig, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I have been a close observer of this long drawn out war in North Korea where president after president kicked this can down the road for close to 70 years now. Read this history of this war and it is a remarkable failure at almost every level, no matter what party was in office. General MacArthur realized the only way to win this war when it first started was to confront the Chinese who were supplying the nation with weapons and troops. Instead, as Truman was a pussy who didn't want another World War, fired the general who knew what he was doing and instead idiotically went with some half assed truce that was barely worth the paper it was printed on. And once again, because mankind seems to have lost any ability to see more than five seconds ahead, we now face the extinction of mankind. Way to go guys.
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 Beyond Truman's failure to end a war that has stretched on for longer than anyone would have thought possible, (remember that when they tell you how the Afghanistan's war is America's longest, it isn't even close) the Korean War never ended and it is about to envelop the world in far worse happenstance than if we confronted this way earlier.

Going back, you can see every president from Truman to Clinton tried to do somethings but none were successful and none were particularly to blame. And then came Bush the Lesser and until Orange Hitler showed up, was easily the worst president we have. Trump will beat him handedly in that eventual historical race because he is going to end us all, which I will remind you I told you over and over and over again leading up to this farce/tragedy. But Bush the Lesser let North Korea test a nuclear weapon on October 9th, 2006. Our response should have been to nuke them back to Mars and instead did absolutely nothing. Great "strategery" there. Now because, the fuckwad was too busy attacking countries that weren't a threat (Afghanistan and Iraq), we couldn't get rid of the far more serious problem that now may end us all. So for anyone who may somehow think Bush the Lesser was a great President I have two words for you: Fuck Off! I've noticed his poll numbers climbing upward to above fifty percent which means this country is far dumber than even I thought possible. Bush was a horrific president whose actions decimated this nation and almost half of you STILL voted for a Republican in 2008. There is no fixing that level of moronic behavior and exactly why we are in the position we are in.

But even Bush would have had more competent people surrounding him than Tangerine Mussolini does. They seem to be gearing up for a war that if handled badly could end all of mankind. As Trump is the equivalent of a bull on a china shop, subtly doesn't seen to be the game plan here. What that means is that because we failed to do anything about this when we could, the whole world is at risk. This is also why when you need to see a doctor or auto mechanic, the longer you wait to diagnose the problem, the costlier it can be. We just got told we have stage four cancer and need a new engine. In other worse, we're fucked.
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Word behind closed doors is that the Chinese are shitting bricks that war will break out. I am hoping we are leaning on them hard because that is the best bet to stop nuclear war from vaporizing us all. Tell China they have two choices: accept the fact that we are going in to stop North Korea one way or another or stop them yourself. We cannot allow ANY goods coming into the nation and anyone doing trade with them will be punished severely, including Russia or China. Be like JFK and draw a line in the sand. Let the powers that be know that if that line is crossed you will end the planet and make them know you are serious about it. I wonder how much China or Russia would come to the aid of a nation they don't particular like, especially with the prospect of all life ending on Earth.

Negotiations are being called for, but even I fail to see what good that will do. They have cheated time and time again (and so have we to be fair) and there is almost no chance any agreement will be honored by either side. We also cannot allow a nuclear armed North Korea to blackmail the region. The longer we wait now, the greater the chance for all life ending. As everyone says time and time again, there is no good choice here. But that's the price of being President and we have picked one who may not be playing with a full deck.

Much like Hillary who I still believe is hiding a serious medical problem, Trump has shown signs of "sundowning" lately that make me even more afraid that he IS actually insane. For those who don't know that term, sundowning refers to people suffering from dementia that becomes more prominent at dusk for some reason. Videos over the last few months show the president wandering off at odd times, having to be corralled back by security. The latest was just a few days ago and was very strange. The President gets off the plane and instead of getting into the limo waiting for him at the bottom, he heads off down the tarmac until security directs him back to the huge obvious car behind him. This does not bode well if true.

I am truly worried that we are repeating the mistake of WW2 where we sat and talked to the Japanese, even though talks were going nowhere, until they surprise attacked us. Does no one think North Korea might not do the same? Don't underestimate a lesser foe. Just because we have superiority, don't think we can't lose. Just ask the British. The video game Homefront has a scarily realistic way this country gets invaded by the North Koreans. It is possible, even though I think that outcome is highly unlikely.

No, the most likely scenario right now is they will continue to kick the can down the road, perhaps establishing talks that will go nowhere fast, until 12 to 18 months from now, they perfect putting a nuke on a missile and then what? For all of those who say we have to accept a nuclear armed North Korea, how well do you think that is going to play out? A guy like this could blackmail the planet to get what he wants, or unleash hot death on a global scale. We have run out of time and unfortunately, war is the ONLY option here. The North Koreans will NEVER give up their weapons. That time has come and gone. And attacking them years ago would have spared millions, maybe billions, from deaths.
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But because we cannot see the future anymore, we don't have one. Things are about to go south quick with world changing consequences. Get your affairs in order because at any minute, the world may wink out of existence. Had we a president and a surrounding staff that made me confident they will make the right choice here, I would feel much better. But we don't because idiot America threw a tantrum about democrats and I can't blame them. Unfortunately they picked someone far worse. And now our existence is in question. I told you if you picked Trump and the GOP to run the country they will finally do what Bush the Lesser couldn't: end us all once and for all. Welcome the new GOP: the death party. Fuck you for all of this America. If you opened a fucking book once in a while we wouldn't be here. But you didn't, watching crap like Real Housewives and playing Candy Crush while the world burns down around us. Now it's too late.

We are all dead and this is hell- Stephen King.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


There is no normal anymore. Our president is scum and a third of the country is fine with that. Maybe we should all apologize to Hillary as her "deplorable" comment doesn't seem so mean and vindictive now. Welcome to the new bottom floor. There will undoubtedly be a new level next week because that is where we are at. This country, and the world, is now becoming more and more tribal, and that is not good new for anyone. OTHER is becoming way too many groups as blacks, whites, rich, poor, Democrat and Republican all take sides against one another. Violence is coming. Bet on it now as the steps needed to be done haven't been these past 25 years. I have been the Cassandra of this era and this blog proves that. Go back and read what I said would happen when this blog first started, more than eighty percent of it actually happened just as I said it would. We could have had a paradise had bigotry and stupidity not taken center stage. I had dial it up to 12 this week and I know I am missing some people because otherwise this column would be 37 pages long. Let's see those runner ups.
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12)Professor Lisa Durden- People like her are why we are standing at the edge right now. This black waste of space went on Tucker Carlson to defend a black only meeting for Memorial Day saying "Boo Hoo, you are all just mad because you didn't get to play your white privilege card." She was fired soon after. MLK would abhor what this racist was saying which is that black people and white people should be separated which is the exact opposite of what he, and I as well, believe in. What dumbass didn't realize is that if the courts allow black only spaces, by law, they have to allow white only spaces too. How well do you think that would play out in today's super racist America? Hope you like the days of Jim Crow because you are actively asking for that. The fact she is professor does not fill me with hope for mankind.

11)Loretta Lynch- Speaking of dumb black women, can someone please explain to me how year after year, president after president, no matter who is the AG at the time, they are borderline mentally challenged? After the whole stupid Bill Clinton on her plane fiasco, something that directly helped Trump win, now it is being alleged that she interfered with the Hillary email scandal too by telling Comey to address the thing as a "matter" and not "an investigation," and even possibly hamstringing the whole thing. Even Democrats are calling for an investigation and if she is actually found guilty, could land her in jail for five to ten years, even though that is highly unlikely. But in today's upside down world, who knows?

10)John McEnroe- Dumb ass shot his big fat mouth off this week when he suggested that Serena Williams wouldn't even make the top 700 if she was playing against men. Didn't we already settle this decades ago when Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs? I watched that as a child and was routing for her to beat the misogynistic Riggs, which she did handedly. I would pay good money to watch Serena beat any of the men, which I know she would. That woman is a fantastic athlete who doesn't get the love she should. Her sister was in an fatal accident this week (she's fine, the other driver not so much) and is getting sued. I studied what happened in the crash and see that this is a blatant money grab against someone rich. The other driver was as much at fault as Venus was. I wish them both nothing but the best and want to see them win some more tournaments just to stick it to people like this.
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9)Kennedy- I fucking hate this woman. I despised her on MTV. I hate her even more now that she is on Fox News. Her nails on a chalkboard voice is bad enough but she has all the intelligence of a ten watt bulb. This dumb bitch actually went on a tirade about the health care bill CBO estimate for how many will die and asked how can we know any of that? According to her, we all will die someday and no one knows when so why worry about it. There are so many things wrong with that statement I don't even know where to start. First off, there is this thing called statistics that can estimate how many people will die in any given year from just about anything. Just because you're too stupid too understand how science works, doesn't mean it doesn't work at all. Second, I can take everything any one person does in their life and come up with a pretty good guess what their life expectancy is. Considering Kennedy is too stupid to know any of this, chances are her life span won't last long as stupidity has a way of evening the score.

8)James O'Keefe- The conservative film maker struck again this week, now going after CNN, which seems to be par for the course this week for just about everyone, CNN included. This fuckwad who uses deceptive video editing to make his point went after a CNN producer who stated he though the Russia thing was bull, a theory echoed somewhat by Van Jones in a later video. Turns out the first guy was a health and science producer out of Atlanta, making his opinion worthless, and the Van Jones one edited heavily. A third video allegedly showing them editing out footage of "proof" of voter tampering, but was in actuality some eyewitness testimony with no verifiable evidence. This guy is a dick and everything he does should be ignored. He is the very definition of fake news.

7)CNN and the NYT- The above story aside, these two have done real damage to journalism these past few says with reckless reporting that undermines everything they should stand for. CNN is struggling due to the sheer incompetence of the idiot in charge Jeff Zucker. To this day I don't understand why hire a guy who ran NBC into the ground to do the same to your network which is exactly what happened. Because this balding moron cared more about ratings than news, he gave us Trump on a platter. Swell. Now, he's facing an ouster because his network seems to not be ale to report the news accurately anymore. They are making Fox News look good in comparison. Hot on the heels of several stories that turned out to be inaccurate, like almost everything with Comey's testimony before it happened, then they screwed up an investigative piece that was totally wrong. Three got fired for a story tying a Trump aide to Russia, based on sketchy evidence that never should have been used. This is not how to practice new gathering and I would know as I work as a reporter still. The NYT story was far less worse, involving an op-ed story that never should have been published that alleged that Sarah Palin using violent language helped spur the shooting of Gabby Gifford. None of the facts in the piece were true which means the NYT is not editing its work well enough. The fact they are firing all the people who would be helpful in preventing this from happening again does not bode well for the quality of information we will get from now on.

6)Judy Sanders- Bernie's wife is in trouble for a college land deal gone wrong and I can say that while this may be a witch hunt, it also doesn't look good either. Judy was a dean of a college in Vermont when she asked for a bank loan to expand the campus. She got the land, but then defaulted on the loan and the college was closed as a result. Records allege that she falsified info to get the loan which was supported by donations way over inflated from what she would actually bring in. There are also allegations that she forced a group home off the land with little notice and that Bernie called the bank pressuring them to approve it. If true, my faith in my mankind is officially shattered and have to realize there are NO heroes anymore. Sigh.
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5)NRA- Anyone belonging to this group should be ashamed. I used to know lots of people who were members and even I supported their notion of being anti-gun law to a certain extent. Then they became a fundraising wing of the Republican party and this group became less about guns and more about advancing GOP ideals. Since then, I know very few who still belong, This week, they hit a new low with an ad telling their supporters that the thing they need to worry about now are violent lefties out to gun them down. Please. We need to ratchet down the violence, not start another blaze. This ad was because since Trump won, gun sales have plummeted as no one is coming after your guns anymore, as if they ever were. The backlash against this ad was severe and rightfully so. Advancing a white agenda using guns as a talking point is a sure fire way to get many people dead. Morons.

4)State budgets- If you want to see what dysfunction looks like, I give you the states of Maine, NJ, CT and Illinois. What do three of the four states gave in common you ask? All have dick Republican governors and a democratic congress. CT is the outlier in that they are just incompetent after having 27 years of some of the worst governors in the nation. That state is so fucked and voters have no one to blame but themselves, me being one of them as I lived there for most of that time. I warned people about Lowell Weicker and John Rowland but Cassandra here was ignored and guess what, they sucked just like I said they would. CT is hopeless. The other states have a different problem. In those states a Republican wants to make draconian cuts to the budget that the Congress isn't down with. As a result, states like Illinois are flirting with bankruptcy, as NJ and Maine close their parks for the 4th, which will cost the states billions in lost revenues. That'll teach them for not wanting little kids to starve. People should be surrounding their homes, demanding their heads for this but Idiot America is too busy playing Candy Crush to care. You will when all this comes crashing down around you and you wonder why.

3)Democrats- Holy God, you do see the house is burning down right? Not people like Adam Schiff or Chuck Schumer who, everytime they talk to the camera, act as if everything is fine and we shouldn't be panicking something fierce. Thanks God for people like Bernie and Warren who bitch to high heaven like they should. Kudos also to rising star Kristen Gillibrand for joining the precious few who realize that single payer is the way to go. Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz may be facing criminal charges and even impeachment for her inference into a case involving an IT member of her group under investigation for data breaches. She is also facing several civil cases involving her cheating for Hillary as DNC head. These guys need to fight, start using words like "demented" and "insane," when describing the president and keep talking treason and impeachment over and over. The GOP knows marketing. You don't. For fucks sake learn already.

2)Republicans- The GOP health care plan is on life support as the more goodies they add to it to attract moderates, the more the conservatives say no way. Funny enough, the goodies they are adding aren't getting the moderates to jump ship either. There is always a chance this could still pass, but at this time, it is going to be very, very hard. Even if it did, there is no chance the House votes it in as the Freedom Caucus will kill it for being overly generous. Some have wanted to repeal Obamacare and replace later, but that would cause chaos in the industry and even Mitch McConnell appears not dumb enough to do that. If this goes through, it will be Civil War as people dying in the hundreds of thousands will propel many to take up arms against the government, a fact that Republicans have worried about as they ask about security. They are safe in the Capital but on their own at home. Good luck standing against an angry mob determined to hang you from the tallest tree for killing grandma.
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1)Trump- WHAT. A. DICK! This week, Tangerine Mussolini suggested repealing Obamacare with no replacement, went after Morning Joe with a series of sick tweets and just today, put up a video of him fighting in a wrestling ring with a CNN logo over his opponents face. Classy. His tweets went so far that even Republicans chastised him for it, a rarity. He also threatened war with Syria, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Fantastic. And his supporters love it. Let's see how much they like it when they glow in the dark from the massive war this tool is going to start or when their health care goes poof. This man is dangerous and apparently, quite insane. Just what we needed, a madman with his finger on the button. We are one good terrorist attack from this world ending and no one seems to care. So congratulations Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week.