Monday, July 10, 2017


Don Jr. may be in real trouble this week after yet another Russian meetup came to light, and true to form, his story keeps changing. First he said, the meeting never happened. Then, it was a meet up with the Russians to discuss adoption issues, regarding Putin's ban on Western adoptions I think. But when that was proved wrong, Don said he did meet up with them after being promised damaging information about Hillary. He went, they had nothing, he left. Too bad that is not the end of this story.
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Meeting with Russians is always a bad idea. Lying to Federal agents however is a crime. As he was interviewed about this, what he said could have damaging consequences for him and his family. He could get five years in federal prison if convicted. Worse, this is the first chance we have had to see that collusion with the Russians may have been true all along. There is an odd trail that occurs here as well.

Trump's first tweet about Russian hacking Hillary's emails came to light the same day as this meeting. Nothing suspicious there right? As the President has already admitted to obstruction on camera, I expect this will get the same treatment from the right wingers who won't accept guilt short of a video capturing the whole thing is brought forward. And even then, like the above, they will figure out a way to weasel out of it.

Many have tried to say there is nothing here, but that is disingenuous at best. Every day, we come closer to the truth that our President is corrupt as hell and doesn't care. We can only hope that Mueller comes up with some doozies when his investigation concludes most likely sometime next year.

Meanwhile, the Republican health care plan appears dead in the water. They will try to salvage something for a vote next week but as more and more Republicans are bailing on this, it seems like a long shot at best. They will have to work with democrats to stabilize the industry which won't until price controls are put in. No other country has a for profit health care system which would explain why theirs are better and cheaper than ours. Both sides are working hard against the proper solution which is single payer. But because we have Citizen's United, that's never going to happen.

Also a quick word to the far left and far right: GO FUCK YOURSELVES! I have been blocked on Facebook by multiple people lately. Usually, it's the right wingers that get their panties in a bunch. But over the last two weeks, two libtards blocked me for daring to call one post SUPER racist against white people and the other a whitewash of the primaries. One was a checklist of things white people do that included things like "went to a Taylor Swift concert" or "love mayonnaise." Reverse that tell me black people wouldn't have a fit with similar themes like "went to a Tupac hologram concert" or "love fried chicken." For noting that this was super racist, I got called a troll and blocked. Just now, some dumb bitch defending Hillary over the "evil" Sanders blocked me when I asked her how can she defend someone who cheated to win, ran a piss poor campaign, and to give me any reason she would have been better than Sanders. I got the usual "bye bye," and then blocked. A word to the wise. When words are no longer accepted as legal currency, fists and weapons will be the new legal tender. When reason ends, violence begins and the far left is SO acting like the infants on the right I am sure a civil war is coming. This one however will not be state versus state but neighbor versus neighbor. This country will end at that point.
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We have to start listening to one another and accept reality. I know the real world sucks but Christ we have to have some fucking grown ups in this world filled with petulant children. Hillary sucked, Trump sucks and yes Bernie would have been far better than anyone else if no other reason than at least he acts like an adult. The Republicans are trying to kill you and as of right now, the democrats have no plan to stop it. So get mad and get ready to fight because no one is listening to anyone right now who disagrees with them. And when that happens, violence begins.

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