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I have a good feeling one way or another, Trump is going to be leaving office within the next year and a half. Whether it's by legal procedures or an angry mob, the writing is on the wall that he may indeed be circling the drain. News media and other sites like Cannonfire, which is an excellent site despite the writer's unfortunate Hillary love, keep telling is that impeachment is a fantasy and most likley, we will have Trump for at least the next three years. Awesome. Normally, I would agree with them 100%. With a Republican controlled Congress, impeachment should be a hard sell at best. But there are certain factors in play right now that make his tenure a lot more precarious than some think.
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The advent of Robert Mueller tied along with Trump's sinking numbers among all but the truly stupid say his position is not as stable at it should be. The funny part is Trump has no one to blame but himself for all of this. His ill advised interview with the "fading" NYT may be the final straw as he all but admitted wrongdoing again. The scope of the damage done here can not be underestimated. First, he threw Jeff Sessions under the bus something fierce. While I personally hate that fucking elf bastard, even I feel bad for how someone Sessions had absolute loyalty to did not get the same in return. Apparently, Trump has never seen any movie ever as this is common in James Bond movies where the bad guy kills one of his subordinates for no reason and suddenly other henchmen start helping Bond in revenge.

Sessions committed the ultimate sin by recusing himself, otherwise known as following the law. He said that had he known Sessions was going to wuss out, he would have picked someone else. This is from the man who said he never demands loyalty from anyone and then hatchets anyone who doesn't. Does no one else see this as a major character flaw?

Then, Orange Hitler went on to say some of the most dipshit, paranoid shit I haven't heard since Nixon. Apparently, when FBI director Comey brought to his attention the unverified Steele dossier, Trump took it as a threat and that was one of the reason he fired him because he was sure that Comey was going to use this file against him. Mind you, at no point did Comey threaten ANY of that and according to him, was bringing it his attention because it was about to be released in the press. Comey is a fucking boy scout whose overwrought ethical concerns doomed his job. Now, El Trumpo expects me to believe this guy who never swears, has not even a whiff of corruption about him, is actually a devious mastermind whose Machiavellian scheme was to use a dossier of useless crap against him? Please.
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This is the same crap I keep reading from fake news sites that expect me to believe that Don Don's meeting with the Russians was a Clinton setup, which is odd because if that was the case WHY DIDN'T THEY USE ANY OF THAT DURING THE CAMPAIGN WHEN IT MIGHT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE? The simple answer is Clinton had nothing to do with this which has now become the alt-right wolf call. At this point you could have footage of her raping an underage cripple and I still wouldn't care. Trump is the real threat right now and anything else is background noise. If Clinton did anything shady (which we all know is fact she did) then we can take care of her after Tangerine Mussolini is behind bars. Mind you, that is a long shot at best because I am sure if he actually ever did get impeached, his doctors would certify he has dementia or some other ailment, real or imagined, which will keep him from out of jail. His kids may not be so lucky.

Continuing with this train wreck of an interview, El Trumpo went on to say Rosenstein, the head of the Russia investigation, couldn't be trusted because he was a democrat and came from Baltimore. What the city has to do with anything is anyone's guess. It is also worth noting that Rosenstein was appointed by Bush the Lesser. You have to wonder if the fact that Rosenstien is Jewish has anything to do with it. I can certainly see Steve Bannon's Jew hating hands all over this ramble on nonsense.

Orange Hitler then went back to bad mouthing Comey, telling him lied his ass off during the hearings but providing no context, that the leaking of that memo was illegal as it contained classified info (it didn't), and confirming AGAIN he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. He also talked about his "short" meeting with Putin, that everyone there said lasted over an hour and how he sat next to the Japanese PM's wife who spoke no English according to him, but actually does which is hysterical. I have watched my fiance pull that same stunt with people she doesn't want to talk with either.
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The big moment came when he said something so stupid, so arrogant, so threatening that it may be the magic moment where we can all agree his presidency may have started to end. Like a moron with no understanding over how Washington, and the world works, El Trumpo said if Mueller starts looking into his family's finances, it will be a "red line" and he might have to fire him at that point. Needless to say, and I am KNOWN for doing this as well when given an ultimatum, Mueller today did he exact opposite thing and started getting financial reports, including Deutsche bank records that WILL be damning as hell. This is my wheelhouse and that bank is well known for being one of the most corrupt banking systems on Earth, housing slush funds for all sorts of nefarious people, criminals and of course, Russia. They are also one of the few places that was willing to lend money to Trump, even after he sued them for a previous loan. Nothing suspicious there right? They fought for months to not give to up but lost today and had to fork over reams of documents that are going to be chalk full of goodies.

This leaves Trump in a precarious place. If he let's Mueller continue, chances are looking better and better they find something highly incriminating. If he fires him, the country will go nuclear in it's response and there is no guarantee we will survive such a disaster at that point. Civil War may be inevitable under that outcome if spineless democrats crumble under pressure from a compliant GOP. However, recent polls and whispers behind closed doors find Trump may get the heave ho from his own party if his numbers collapse any further, word is no Senator fears the President at this time as he shows no sign of governing or whipping up public support against anyone without much worse results. When he went after Heller for not supporting the Trumpcare bill, fellow Republicans balked and told him in no uncertain terms to quit it, which he did. Right now, I believe elected officials have more to fear from a public certain to show up in droves to vote AGAINST the GOP than with them. Anger drives the polls more than anything else and people right now are PISSED! Even if the Democrats continue to have no message, they will still pick up seats regardless. If they get their act together, they could wipe the GOP from the map.

All of this is on the minds of any Republican caught between a President who may be insane and leaders like Ryan and McConnell who don't know what they are doing. McConnell says he is going to have a repeal vote next week, knowing it can't pass. Why? All that does is give your opponents ammo for 2018 and set up for nasty primary fights that will further weaken your chances. This makes no sense unless they are looking to find out who the "traitors" are and punish them accordingly. This will backfire badly if they actually do this.
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For the liberals, stop protesting in the street and up your game. That is NOT working. Go and sit in your Congressman's office and refuse to leave. Call his office EVERY DAY and demand what you want. Most importantly, show up to fucking vote in 2018 in mass numbers. If your boss won't let you leave for it, remind him it is illegal for him to keep you there and threaten a lawsuit if he doesn't comply. Hell, some of you should run for office, even local races matters. There is lots we can do if we try. Or we can let Orange Hitler kill us all,. Your choice.

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