Monday, July 17, 2017


This was not a good past week for Republicans. Their health care bill is stalled right now as John McCain is out of service for at least a week recuperating from eye surgery. Word is that is a sunny estimate and he may be out two to three weeks. If true, this will not give McConnell much time to get the health care bill passed which with each passing day looks more and more likely dead.
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We hope this is true because if this bill passes, health care ends for everyone not rich in three years. The idiotic Cruz amendment, which word is they are going to forgo a CBO score on, is hated by the insurance industry because they rightfully know this will end their businesses. Letting healthy people buy cheaper plans negates the purpose of insurance which the GOP does NOT understand. Because they are still held sway by the demonic philosophy of Ayn Rand (I am against book burning but would gladly make an exception for this epic disaster of a human), we are all under the guise of the righteousness of selfishness. This total cunt deserves such scorn I would like to dig up her body just to piss on her skull.

For those unaware as to who this human garbage was Ayn Rand wrote books like the Foutainhead and Atlas Shrugged. They espoused a way of life that made virtues out of not caring for anyone but yourself and turned selfishness into a goal rather than an aversion. The funny part is that so many so called religious idiots in Congress, like Paul Ryan, have bought into this, somehow unaware that her method is the exact same one the Satanic Bible has. Do what thou want, is their tenet, which is the same thing as Rand's So for all those so called religious leaders we have in Congress, their philosophy closer resembles that of the devil than god. Tell me that doesn't explain everything.

Ayn Rand smoked cigarettes for years, calling scientific research that it caused cancer bullshit.Then she got cancer and she stopped smoking. She also never told a fucking person alive that it was the cigarettes that caused it or that she even quit, hiding it instead. She was a horrible, horrible person. And a third of this country follows her every word.

This health care bill has Ayn Rand's prints all over it. Health care to her and her like see it as a burden on those that can rightfully afford it. Anyone too stupid or poor to afford it, shouldn't get it because they are takers and not worth the spit to throw at them. That is the basic philosophy of the GOP and a lot of you are still voting for this. Way to go for being dumber than they are.
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Meanwhile Trump is in tailspin mode as he keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper. It seemed inevitable at this point that some sort of charges are going to be levied at the President and his brood. Obstruction at the least, possibly some sort of treason charge as well would be nice but unlikely. What happens next is anyone's guess. Some have questioned whether he will try to pardon himself, leading to another constitutional crisis for this orange gas bag. The good news is if pardons himself and others that only works for FEDERAL charges. State charges could still be brought against him and others which he has no standing to stop. Plus if he pardons himself, the optics of it will be so bad chances are civil war breaks out if the GOP does nothing. This country hangs by a thread America and any slight breeze could dislodge it. Considering we have had seven months of Hurricane Trump, that seems unlikely we will last much longer.

Amazingly, Orange Hitler has been quiet today but we all know that won't last. Some sort of self inflicted crisis is soon to arrive that will make us all question reality and the sanity of anyone still supporting this terrible, horrible president.

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