Friday, July 28, 2017


This is the week it all went so very wrong for Trump. The writing is on the wall that support from the GOP is slipping hard and his actions over the next few months will determine if he gets impeached or not by the end of the year, something I thought impossible until recently. Congress is trying or have passed bills that would limit Trump's power, and the fact that these are Republicans doing this, is telling. Trump is no longer in charge. How he reacts may end his presidency sooner than later.
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Trump today tweeted that he wants to get rid of the legislative filibuster, somehow unaware that last night's bill was a 51 vote threshold. Considering there is NO movement to do this by anyone in Congress, as it would throw the country into turmoil by whiplash legislation depending on who was in office, yet he keeps harping on it. McConnell has said repeatedly this will never happen putting him at odds with Orange Hitler, like most of Congress still not stuck in kiss ass mode.

I owe John McCain an apology for harsh words I had about him in a previous column. But last night, along with saviors Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, these three acted like actual Americans and killed a bill that might have sunk health care for everyone. A big fuck you to Jeff Flake and Dean Heller who better get their bags packed because they probably just lost in 2018 for voting for this monstrosity. I would start running attack ads TODAY against them and not let up for the next year and a half reminding people that these two assholes voted to kill people. That is NOT acceptable. Anyone who voted for this bill should be branded TRAITOR and dealt with accordingly, likewise for any supporters of these assholes. If you were pissed this bill tanked go take a long hard look in the mirror because you are a dick.
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Trumpcare appears to be DOA but will still have to worry a little they won't pull some sort of last minute bullshit before this all goes belly up on September 31st and budget reconciliation has to wait until next year, which is also an election year so don't expect much to get done, a fact the democrats are going to run with. Meanwhile, Tangerine Mussolini continues to have the bad news pile up.

He got rough news from Scotland that a major gold tournament to be held at one of his gold courses has been pulled and given to someone not insane. Apparently, the tour organizers felt having anything to do with this human wet stain was probably not a good option. Then, he found out that his bid to block wind turbines from off the coast of another gold course in Scotland was not going to happen and there was nothing more he could do about it, ending a two year legal bout. And the hits keep on coming.
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There is a power struggle going on as Scaramucci brags about breaking federal laws (he claimed to receive info about leakers from the FBI, a big no no), bad mouthing everyone and everything not named Trump and is rumored to be the front runner to replace to Reince Prebius. This would be hysterical because Prebius is floundering but at least has some governmental experience and Scaramucci has none. He will get eaten alive if this happens.

Meanwhile, Congress just passed a bill headed for his desk that puts sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea and passed with a veto proof majority. So now what? Does he sign it and anger Putin? Does he veto it and have everyone wonder why? If he vetoes it, it will still pass, so there is that to consider as well. Only two people in the Senate didn't vote for it, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders and while I don't know Paul's excuse, Sanders refusal stemmed from worries that it could derail the Iran deal and that is a good reason not to vote for it. However, on the plus side, it puts sanctions on countries we should be, Iran IS cheating on their missile program which they are not supposed to be and it binds Trump from dissolving ANY sanctions without Congressional approval. Either way, Trump is in a bind here.

Other bills introduced that may pass include one that Lindsey Graham is putting forth that will prevent Trump from firing Mueller without a judicial review. That's important and may actually pass. Another wants to clip some presidential powers too as well but is far less likley to pass. Plus there are the articles of impeachment introduced that at this point are not going anywhere. Yet.

Some Trump toadies have asked for a special council to look into Hillary's "crimes" all of which have already been investigated and cleared. Talk about beating a dead horse. Talk of Hillary's uranium enrichment deal (a non story), Bill accepting money from Russian sources (don't care as neither was president at the time and Secretary of State is not the same) or Lynch's "interference" in the email scandal have all been looked at and no fault has been found. After Trump and the like are gone, investigate this all you want. Until then, I don't care.
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The writing is on the wall that Trump is in real trouble. His legislative agenda is floundering with NO major pieces put through Congress even though they control all three branches and only need a 51 vote majority. Even with all that, they still can't get anything done. The moderates and conservatives of the party are on different planets and as a result nothing is getting done. We watched the democrats do the same thing way back in 2009, but they were much better at getting something done unlike the GOP which is failing at EVERYTHING!

Right now Trump is in real trouble. Congress is shifting away from him slowly but surely. His attacks on Jeff Sessions and his ill advised plan to ban all transgender people from the military have backfired something fierce, with even conservatives going after him for these transgressions. He will continue to sink as his tax plan has less of a chance passing then the health care bill did. So it looks like by the end of September, Trump will have no passage of any plan he and the GOP have put forward. It's hard to imagine how you defend that record come 2018 when the blame rests all on their shoulders.


  1. So who is this killer, your President picked as his Chief of Staff in the white house ?
    I hate to tell you the truth,but your President is looking for war. Just like this warmonger Mattis the President picked.
    There is something wrong with this American system.
    You American citizens better get your brains together if you want better changes for your country.

    1. Do not fall for the fear propaganda your government is doing about North Korea.
      Your government is looking for false flags to start war everywhere.Just like they alway's have done. Learn from history,but not the history they teach you in public brainwash schools.

  2. War with North Korea is inevitable. The US will not tolerate their nuke program and they will not give them up. Best case scenario is millions dead.