Monday, July 31, 2017


Trump's bad news continues to arrive as new poll numbers and Congressional defections loom large over a struggling administration. Minutes ago, Anthony Scaramucci, the Communications Director for all of two weeks, was fired today for reasons unknown. I am sure that New Yorker article didn't help where he said Steve Bannon was trying to suck his own cock. What an image. All I know is that Trump is breaking records for the shortest tenured people on record. This is not the sign of a non-sinking ship.
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Meanwhile, Trump's poll numbers are starting to show signs of imminent danger. He's doing just fine in places like West Virginia, Wyoming and Idaho, slipping a little in places like Iowa and Ohio, losing ground fast in Texas, Arizona and Georgia and cratering in states he flipped like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. This is not a good sign for 2018. Worse, his poll numbers have fallen below 40% for the first time in right leaning Rasmussen polls. The other polls show small but still significant losses that are right on par with what I predicted after he won his presidency.

People are not patient with much of anything. The fact that not only has Trump gotten near nothing done, people are starting to notice. His true believer cult will never accept facts and blindly believe whatever dear leader tells them. These people are dangerous morons and should be treated a such. But they are only a small part of the country and the rest are waking up to that reality. A new CBS poll showed that 62% of this country didn't like the way Trump was handling the health care debate, six in ten felt he was doing a terrible job with the Russian investigation, and a whopping 70% said Trump wasn't doing any of his campaign promises. I said he had between six months and a year to enact some meaningful law that actually helps middle America before they would start turning on him. At eight months, we are right on time.

Congress was given a warning today that Trump will stop their Obamacare subsidy program if they don't get their act together. To be honest, this law never should have been given to Congress in the first place as it is solely for companies who have under 50 employees and they have over 20,000 but was put in as some pork barrel nonsense to secure the Obamacare bill for some unknown individual most likley. Some conservatives are thrilled to get rid of this program they see as wasteful (which they are not wrong about) while others will stand up for it solely to stick it to Trump. The funny part is for a lot of us, this is win/win. Trump will get rid of a law that really shouldn't be there and earn the ire of Congresspeople who like it, including some Republicans. They in turn will retaliate against an already unpopular President. Awesome.
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What Trump does not understand is that as President, he is ultimately responsible for health care, a fact echoed by a solid majority of Americans. If he does something psychotic like end subsidy payments for low income people, he will get 100% of the blame, and most likley, the end of his presidency. His numbers will sink into single digits when EVERYONE'S premiums spike to unaffordable levels of which he will get all the blame. Congress will shed him like and old shoe if he becomes a liability, which we already seeing today.

Susan Collins, John McCain, and Lisa Murkowski have been received as heroes at home, with Collins getting her first ever huge round of applause at an airport from supporters cheering her decision not to fuck up health care. McCain and Murowski also got huge support for what they did, receiving an outpouring of flowers and good wishes nationwide and at home. None of these people are ever likely to support any health care bill that doesn't work regardless of party wishes. The fact that any bill for the rest of the year needs 60 votes spells doom for the GOP as Democrats know full well how much power the minority party can have because of that. Orange Hitler keeps screaming about getting rid of the filibuster but McConnell has dismissed that time and time again and even if brought to a vote, would be very unlikely to reach fifty votes as a huge majority of Congress opposes doing anything like that, knowing either side could be in the minority at any time and powerless to stop legislation you hate.

Some Senators are starting to distance themselves for political reasons as well. Jeff Flake has an uphill battle to retain his seat in Arizona. His idiotic vote for the GOP health care bill alone may sink him in a state becoming less and less red. Flake's latest book is a body slam about the president and how he in no way supports the man, except of course all the times he voted with him like last week. Flake must go and anyone voting for him is an asshole who hates America. If you are not smart enough to see the danger we are in, feel free to go anywhere else on Earth. We don't want you here anymore.
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Some right wing loon is threatening to shoot protesters of Trump at a planned rally in a few weeks. Sooner or later, some nut bag is going to do just that and the chances for Civil War loom closer and closer. The religious right is truly dangerous and not very religious anymore. They preach a fascist theological state that I have no interest in being a part of. Most of you would agree. But right now, they control the government and most of America. If some of you don't get off your lazy asses and vote in 2018, there isn't going to be a country left.

Climate change is accelerating. It is real. And it is going to end this Earth by the end of the century if we don't do something about it. Getting rid of the Luddites in Congress is a good start.

The Democrats may suck but right now they are all we have. The GOP is death. Vote for it only if you want the world to end.

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