Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Mitch McConnell tried and failed to get a horrific tax cut disguised as health care through a corrupt system, stymied by the rare few in Congress who still have a conscience. Trumpcare went belly up yesterday after four Senators said they would vote against it, mostly hard core conservatives who thought it didn't do enough damage. When that fell apart, Mitch McConnell did something so stupid I am stunned by its audacity.
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When all this kill Obamacare nonsense started, he floated the idea of a simple repeal bill, with replace "later," ie never, to be discussed down the road. This was a non starter for many and it was never even seriously contemplated as there was no way to get 50 votes. So then came the Trumpcare bill, a monstrosity of tax breaks for the well off on the backs of hundreds of thousands who would have died. Conservatives hated the fact it didn't kill more as moderates worried for their own safety if they went through with it. Dean Heller's office recently had a note tacked on it that said vote for this bill and die. That is not an empty threat as the Republican party is double dog daring someone to do exactly that with their fuck you and yours policy. History shows when you start taking from the masses, an already unhappy public will rise up and kill you. They are telling you loud and clear to back off. Hell, one loon already shot a bunch of them up at a playground. Did they not see that as the warning it was meant?

So once Trumpcare bit it after four senators came out against it, with at least a dozen more in the wings, Mitch "Turtle Fucker" McConnell announced they were going back to the original idea of repeal and then replace. So let me get this straight: you pulled the repeal idea because it had no chance of passage, went with a health care bill that instead of convincing the public it was a good idea, which it wasn't, decided to cram it through and hope no one noticed, and when that failed went back to plan A which you already knew was a dead idea. WTF? Less than 24 hours after Trump screamed into twitter about REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL along with some Republicans, that plan died after three senators, all GOP women, nixed that, effectively killing that too. As McCain is out for an undetermined amount of time, the chances for this passage at all was slim to none from the get go. So now what?
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Trump said he is going to let Obamacare fail and blame the Democrats. Unfortunately, polls show that the Republicans will get blamed by about two thirds of the country if that occurs. 2018 is getting closer and closer and even with the democrats unable to get ANY messaging going, the self destruction of the GOP may be all they actually need. How bad is it for Trump and the the rest of Congress? Bad bad.

Trump had the lowest rating for any president at this point from polls over the last 70 years. This latest set back, along with yet another broken promise about instead of ending foreign visas for workers, he increased them this week, will not endear him much longer to rural America. Sure some idiots will follow him over the cliff, but polls show that while Republicans are still holding on to him for God knows what reason, independents are falling off the map, a 6% drop over the last few months. This does not bode well for Republicans in 2018 because if independents suddenly shift to the democrats, the GOP is going to lose dozens of seats, and most likely, control of Congress.

In turn, Trump has lied and lied and lied some more this week. He claimed that he signed more executive orders than any president in history. WRONG! Carter and two other recent presidents signed more than him. He said he has more legislative wins than any president ever. WRONG! This Congress is the least productive since the Civil War. He says his 40% approval rating isn't bad. WRONG! It's the worst in polling history. This man is pathological.

Health care IS their problem regardless of what Orange Hitler says. And if it fails, they get all the blame. However, chances are they cobble something together to stabilize markets, which their base will HATE, and lead to further loses in 2018. These guys are falling apart.
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Lastly, let is talk about something that has many a white male's panties in a bunch and that is the "horror" of a female Dr. Who. While I myself am at best a middling fan, my fiance' loves the show and I have watched many an episode multiple times. The show is pretty good in it's modern form, but I still think the older shows are like watching grass grow. After Peter Capaldi called it quits, rumor was they hired some young pretty boy with only a handful of credits to his name. Yawn. But when it came out that they actually hired the actress from Broadchurch (great show, awful American remake), some people lost their minds.

I get why some people are mad about this. Cultural diversity is being forced down out throats and not always with wise decisions. We got stuck with Shillary Clinton because she was a woman and God forbid another white man, in this case that would have been the should have been picked Bernie Sanders, got elected so the Democrats lost. When Marvel comics started upending every white, male character with an ethnic, even different gender version, sales plummeted. Now in the case of Dr. Who, the cannon establishes the character can be male or female. I am surprised it took them this long to do it and I think it opens the show to go off in all new directions. The fans that don't watch can go jerk off somewhere else because the rest of us will be watching with interest.

On the flip side is a bit of diverse casting I FUCKING HATE, HATE, HATE. The new Dark Tower movie is coming out and I could not be less interested. I have read the books a few times and is one of my favorite series ever written by anyone. This monstrosity they filmed looks far worse. Before I go off on the casting, let me also say the screenplay sounds like crap, the movie looks NOTHING like the books and the fact it is only a nut shrinking 95 minutes is all I need to know to say I will NOT be seeing this in the theater. The biggest problem was the casting of a black man as the lead. Normally thus wouldn't bother me, like seeing a black guy play Kingpin in Daredevil, or even having a black Spider Man in Miles Morales. But the character of Roland is not only depicted as white, which matters little, his race is important to the story, which matter A LOT. The dynamic between the Odetta/Suzanne (she's schitzo) revolves around the fact that this woman HATES white people to varying degrees, depending on which personality is in charge. Making Roland black eliminates all of that which is a central part of the book. On top of that, some idiot executive nixed the idea of Roland wearing a hat, saying why get Ildris Elba at all if you can't see his face. Yeah, because Indiana Jones without his hat looks awesome. The hat again is important to the character, but as this ass most likely didn't read the books, he wouldn't know that. This film looks like the end of what could have been a sprawling epic series. Instead, we got the Golden Compass.

Here's hoping mankind wakes up and starts realizing we all need health care, Trump is a traitor to this country, the GOP is trying to murder you, Dr. Who can be a woman, and the Dark Tower will be one of the worst films this year. If they can out awful CHIPS, that would be quite the feat.

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