Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Another week, another bad one for the Republicans. In what can only be described as politcal suicide, the Republicans let the health care bill come up for a vote, somehow unaware that this gives opponents a WMD sized weapon to use in 2018. Dean Heller is done in Nevada as no one will be happy with his performance, facing a certain rough primary for killing the Senate bill and if he survives that, will be hammered on voting for the right to continue at all along with whatever poison pills the Democrats force Republicans to vote on. His chances of re-election are becoming smaller by the minute and all he had to do was kill this bill before it got started.
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The two votes that put this bill into play came from a disgusting traitor to the country who cannot DIE soon enough, John "Fuckwad" McCain. I have walked a thin line with this guy for years, respecting his service to this country (which does include some questionable actions that may or may not be true) and even liked some if is decisions in Congress. But the irony of his free fucking government run health care, the same thing his party demonizes regularly, is responsible for him walking at all is such a slap in the face to this country it's not even funny. Time to go into that light, you dick because your vote, along with fellow douchebag Rob Portman of Ohio who should be run out of that state by any angry mob, let this thing go through which both admit is a monstrosity. However, both then went on to vote for the same bill they just bad mouthed, demonstrating for all neither is fit to exist, let alone serve at this point. What is wrong with you?

It didn't matter as nine Republicans killed it, either because it was too mean or not mean enough. Either way, the Senate bill is now officially DOA. Next up will be a vote on a straight up repeal with no replace, widely expected to fail. I predict at least ten Republicans vote against this bill, possibly including the two traitors above but that remains to be seen. Any way you look at it, anyone voting for this bill which everyone says would kill health care stat, is unfit for office and should be removed by any means necessary (non-violently please). Anyone supporting this bill in America should be forced to watch non stop episodes of any program designed for the under two crowd. Five minutes of that mindless crap will drive anyone nuts.
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There is also word they are going to vote on the House bill at some point but there is very little chance that will pass as many in the Senate despised it. It too will most likley disappear in a poof. The fact that the parliamentarian ruled a lot of it needs 60 votes to get passed makes it even less likley, such as the abortion cuts and charging older people more than the young. There is almost no chance this thing passes as is.

After what will almost certainly be the failure of these bill comes the fun part: the vote-a-rama where everyone will be introducing amendments, many of which will need 60 votes to pass along with a litany of disastrous votes Democrats are going to gleefully enjoy introducing. The end result will be a much smaller bill that will probably only encompass getting rid of the individual mandate and some taxes. Even that is not sure to pass but if it does, will still wreck havoc on our health care system just not as catastrophically as the House or Senate bills. The is the worst case scenario for Republicans as they will crow about getting something passed, but when people find out it did nothing but increase their premiums, they are not going to be happy about it and not see it as a win at all. Democrats will remind everyone about that come 2018.

Chances are good this whole process does and nothing gets fixed. That would be a stinging defeat for Trump and the Republicans who desperately need a win and there is no sign of them getting one any time soon. The Russia investigation is ongoing, Trump and Sessions are no longer talking, and it would seem only a matter of time before he fires him. And that could set off a whole other level of chaos if he start interfering with Mueller's case against him, which seems likely as well.

These attacks on Sessions are not winning the president any friends. Comey and Mueller were never fellow Congresspeople so attacks on them are a little more muted. However, the two Senators from Alabama have fought back hard against Trump and his accusations against his AG, along with several others that have started to distance themselves from the President. When members of your own party start to abandon you, that is a clear sign that things are not going your way.

This president has idiotically staked his reputation on the economy, which for the moment is doing fine. But as a regular observer of this. I can say there is a moment coming soon, perhaps as soon as a few months, where the economy is going to fall apart again. Recessions happen every four to seven years. We are in year nine. But because the economy is rigged, natural processions no longer happen. What that means is when the next crash comes, it will be unexpected to most(not me) and be far worse than if we let the market alone rather than fixing the outcomes. And when that happens, Trump is going to get the blame. When millions start losing their job, his popularity will tank into single digits and if it occurs before 2018, the GOP may be wiped off the map in the election.
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One way or another, a reckoning is coming. It could be war, an economic slide or even a Trump impeachment. But it is coming. And because we elected idiots to run the country because of mostly hatred for liberals rather than civic pride and because of that we are headed for a big fall. Idiocrcay was not supposed to be a documentary.

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  1. American politics is to complicated.
    How can anybody be successful when things are too complicated.
    Make politics simple and solutions to thrive better for mankind will be easier to accomplish.
    Trump can't change America. Only you American citizens can.