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I have been a close observer of this long drawn out war in North Korea where president after president kicked this can down the road for close to 70 years now. Read this history of this war and it is a remarkable failure at almost every level, no matter what party was in office. General MacArthur realized the only way to win this war when it first started was to confront the Chinese who were supplying the nation with weapons and troops. Instead, as Truman was a pussy who didn't want another World War, fired the general who knew what he was doing and instead idiotically went with some half assed truce that was barely worth the paper it was printed on. And once again, because mankind seems to have lost any ability to see more than five seconds ahead, we now face the extinction of mankind. Way to go guys.
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 Beyond Truman's failure to end a war that has stretched on for longer than anyone would have thought possible, (remember that when they tell you how the Afghanistan's war is America's longest, it isn't even close) the Korean War never ended and it is about to envelop the world in far worse happenstance than if we confronted this way earlier.

Going back, you can see every president from Truman to Clinton tried to do somethings but none were successful and none were particularly to blame. And then came Bush the Lesser and until Orange Hitler showed up, was easily the worst president we have. Trump will beat him handedly in that eventual historical race because he is going to end us all, which I will remind you I told you over and over and over again leading up to this farce/tragedy. But Bush the Lesser let North Korea test a nuclear weapon on October 9th, 2006. Our response should have been to nuke them back to Mars and instead did absolutely nothing. Great "strategery" there. Now because, the fuckwad was too busy attacking countries that weren't a threat (Afghanistan and Iraq), we couldn't get rid of the far more serious problem that now may end us all. So for anyone who may somehow think Bush the Lesser was a great President I have two words for you: Fuck Off! I've noticed his poll numbers climbing upward to above fifty percent which means this country is far dumber than even I thought possible. Bush was a horrific president whose actions decimated this nation and almost half of you STILL voted for a Republican in 2008. There is no fixing that level of moronic behavior and exactly why we are in the position we are in.

But even Bush would have had more competent people surrounding him than Tangerine Mussolini does. They seem to be gearing up for a war that if handled badly could end all of mankind. As Trump is the equivalent of a bull on a china shop, subtly doesn't seen to be the game plan here. What that means is that because we failed to do anything about this when we could, the whole world is at risk. This is also why when you need to see a doctor or auto mechanic, the longer you wait to diagnose the problem, the costlier it can be. We just got told we have stage four cancer and need a new engine. In other worse, we're fucked.
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Word behind closed doors is that the Chinese are shitting bricks that war will break out. I am hoping we are leaning on them hard because that is the best bet to stop nuclear war from vaporizing us all. Tell China they have two choices: accept the fact that we are going in to stop North Korea one way or another or stop them yourself. We cannot allow ANY goods coming into the nation and anyone doing trade with them will be punished severely, including Russia or China. Be like JFK and draw a line in the sand. Let the powers that be know that if that line is crossed you will end the planet and make them know you are serious about it. I wonder how much China or Russia would come to the aid of a nation they don't particular like, especially with the prospect of all life ending on Earth.

Negotiations are being called for, but even I fail to see what good that will do. They have cheated time and time again (and so have we to be fair) and there is almost no chance any agreement will be honored by either side. We also cannot allow a nuclear armed North Korea to blackmail the region. The longer we wait now, the greater the chance for all life ending. As everyone says time and time again, there is no good choice here. But that's the price of being President and we have picked one who may not be playing with a full deck.

Much like Hillary who I still believe is hiding a serious medical problem, Trump has shown signs of "sundowning" lately that make me even more afraid that he IS actually insane. For those who don't know that term, sundowning refers to people suffering from dementia that becomes more prominent at dusk for some reason. Videos over the last few months show the president wandering off at odd times, having to be corralled back by security. The latest was just a few days ago and was very strange. The President gets off the plane and instead of getting into the limo waiting for him at the bottom, he heads off down the tarmac until security directs him back to the huge obvious car behind him. This does not bode well if true.

I am truly worried that we are repeating the mistake of WW2 where we sat and talked to the Japanese, even though talks were going nowhere, until they surprise attacked us. Does no one think North Korea might not do the same? Don't underestimate a lesser foe. Just because we have superiority, don't think we can't lose. Just ask the British. The video game Homefront has a scarily realistic way this country gets invaded by the North Koreans. It is possible, even though I think that outcome is highly unlikely.

No, the most likely scenario right now is they will continue to kick the can down the road, perhaps establishing talks that will go nowhere fast, until 12 to 18 months from now, they perfect putting a nuke on a missile and then what? For all of those who say we have to accept a nuclear armed North Korea, how well do you think that is going to play out? A guy like this could blackmail the planet to get what he wants, or unleash hot death on a global scale. We have run out of time and unfortunately, war is the ONLY option here. The North Koreans will NEVER give up their weapons. That time has come and gone. And attacking them years ago would have spared millions, maybe billions, from deaths.
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But because we cannot see the future anymore, we don't have one. Things are about to go south quick with world changing consequences. Get your affairs in order because at any minute, the world may wink out of existence. Had we a president and a surrounding staff that made me confident they will make the right choice here, I would feel much better. But we don't because idiot America threw a tantrum about democrats and I can't blame them. Unfortunately they picked someone far worse. And now our existence is in question. I told you if you picked Trump and the GOP to run the country they will finally do what Bush the Lesser couldn't: end us all once and for all. Welcome the new GOP: the death party. Fuck you for all of this America. If you opened a fucking book once in a while we wouldn't be here. But you didn't, watching crap like Real Housewives and playing Candy Crush while the world burns down around us. Now it's too late.

We are all dead and this is hell- Stephen King.

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