Thursday, July 30, 2015


Holy Crap, did people's IQ's suddenly plummet this week or have we always been this dumb and, thanks to the internet, are we just starting to notice now? There were so many stupid things done this week, I hardly know where to begin. Sunday's column is going to be stuffed.

Let's start with the two dumbest people on the face of the Earth this week: Roger Goodell and Dr. Walter Palmer. Goodell stabbed a close friend in the back and may pay for that dearly down the road while Dr. Palmer just destroyed his career perhaps forever. Both could have avoided any of this by just behaving like a civil human being and not some dickhead with a death wish.

I am sure many of you out there are still crying foul over Tom Brady. The sad part is, almost everything you have heard from the NFL is a lie. This, from the start, has been nothing more than a witch hunt brought about by billionaire crybabies who can't deal with loss. WHAA, the Patriots are really good. Suck it. Get better teams, if you want to win. Spend you're money wiser instead of fast and loose, and yes, Washington Redskins I am looking at you. Snyder has been a disaster as an owner whose penny pinching and a near continuous streak of bad draft picks has hobbled them for over twenty years. They've made the playoffs twice since 1990 and both times lost in the first round.

Anyway, much is being made about Tom Brady being a cheater expect there is one glaring flaw in this argument. There is ZERO proof of wrong doing here. I deal in facts for a living and when someone tells me something with literally no proof, I won't listen to a word they have to say. That's what the NFL has right now which is nothing. Yet Tom Brady is guilty because he wouldn't give up his phone.

First, he had already handed over all relevant information to Goodell, backed up by the fact the NFL already had possession of the two assistants' phones, now suspended. Therefore, the NFL had all communications between the two parties as requested. Anything after that is fishing. I would never hand over my phone to anyone without a good legal reason. Who knows what else was on that phone. What if he had phone numbers of other woman, naked pictures of others that were not his wife or something else you don't want getting out?  The precedent this sets that an employer can ask for all your data on a phone should make even the biggest Tom Brady hater out there give pause. My phone would have been in pieces too.

The funny part is that the NFL and Goodell has destroyed evidence in the past for exactly that reason. Ironically it was the tapes from Spygate when the Pats actually were cheating. Even I can't defend that one. But there was proof, admissions of guilt and a collective sigh from Patriot Nation. This time, all I see is that they can't come up with a time the balls were out of sight except for 90 seconds in a bathroom stall that I still haven't seen anyone able to replicate. They had no set standards for pressurization until two days ago, meaning their tests were meaningless until that point. They have all the emails which show no sign that Tom Brady ordered them to deflate balls. And we still have no idea how all of this got started in the first place as the player the league said brought it to their attention denies any of that. So who noticed the deflated balls then? I would also like to point out that a deflated ball will be thrown less far, and as the Pats didn't do that well until the second half, with properly inflated balls, that was the moment they kicked Indy's ass. The deflated balls hurt more than helped. Who does that? What if Indy deflated the balls to get an advantage that way and then called foul on the Pats when that didn't work? Just asking that because in this case nothing is what it seems.

The loser in all of this is Goodell. He stabbed Bob Kraft in the back and twisted. Kraft lit into him during a press conference yesterday that was blistering. Kraft expected the give a little/get a little principle and that by giving up a million dollars and a first round draft pick the league would go easy on Brady. Instead he got kicked in the nuts and he was pissed. Goodell just made Kraft a bitter enemy. A billionaire enemy. Way to go stupid.

I would also look to point out that if you think this will do anything but make the Patriots the most dangerous team in football this year, think again. These guys are going to be on a mission this year, especially versus teams like Indy which they may cripple if they get the chance. This team is going to be mad and a great team with a reason to win is something the rest of the league may regret.

There's a good chance the suspension will be overturned due to lack of evidence. Suspicion of guilt is not proof of guilt and in a court of law that's all that matters. I expect this suspension to be thrown out and a vindicated, uber-focused Tom Brady will be looking for that undefeated season they almost had a few years back.

And then we have the second most stupid man on the planet, Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who shot and killed Cecil the Lion, a national icon of Zimbabwe. Douchebag played $55,000 to hunt and kill a lion, a troubling thing in and of itself, but then went so far to kill a protected lion instead. I have no problem with hunting as long as you are not hunting endangered animals which, sorry to say, are most large animals nowadays. I am sorry you will have to sate your blood lust with deer and rabbit but that's too bad. Besides you can eat both and they're delicious.

So now that his face is EVERYWHERE on the planet, with many sitting outside his home and work, Dr. Palmer has understandably gone into hiding. It didn't help that he had been accused of this exact same crime before, killing an animal he shouldn't of, and he also had to settle a sexual harassment case for around $127,000, so you know he's a winner.

The two poachers have been arrested and face a terrible prospect of being held in a Zimbabwe prison which would be only slightly better than staying at a home on Hoarders. Palmer may face extradition charges as well and the USA may not fight all that hard to keep him. What idiot in this day and age wants to kill lions, something we are doing on a daily basis by having way too may kids? Palmer may be in hiding for some time as this isn't blowing over and time soon.

A week from today is the first GOP debate and I cannot wait. Recent polls show Trump and Sanders surging, even among the alternate parties they represent. The only difference is that nation head to head polls for President show Trump losing badly to everyone and Sanders beating ALL of the GOP candidates, just not Hillary yet. Awesome! Stay turned for more idiot updates because this ride is just getting started.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I hate to admit it, but the more I hear from Trump, the more I like him. He's the only Republican to condemn the TPP, the only one who has vowed to protect Social Security and Medicare (Bush, Walker and others will eviscerate them if they can), and has said we should be better protecting our borders. Sanders is catching up to Hillary whose lack of candor is sinking her again and is tapping into widespread anger among Democrats who see their party becoming more and more Republican lite. Both candidates have gotten the memo that this country is pissed and the same old, same old is no longer an option.
Both have been written off as non-starters, but the polls say otherwise as the smarter of us out there on both sides of the aisle have said enough is enough. They have been refusing to being tricked into another Bush versus Clinton match-up, which the powers that be want, and doesn't want either Trump or Sanders who will not be controlled by outside interests no matter how much they want it to be otherwise. If either get into office through some miracle of God, for better or worse, we will see actual change.

The big problem with Trump right now is his lack of specifics on what he would do if elected. Securing the border is a good start but what to do with the 11 million undocumented aliens already here? Trump hasn't said. And he says he has an approach to getting rid of ISIS but won't share. I am guessing his idea may have something to do with bombing parts of Iraq into dust, and idea that may not be that bad considering woman and children are being used as weapons, meaning you can't claim civilian causalities when everyone is being used as a soldier. Crying a river over dead idiots won't work with a good PR man in charge and Trump is very capable of that.

Sanders on the other hand has concrete ideas, has explained them in great detail, and is convincing even hard core Republicans and Christians that he is the real deal, suggesting cross aisle appeal. His age and socialistic attitudes will keep some from voting for him, but anyone with an open mind will see he is the best, greatest chance for this country to keep from falling into an abyss.

Trump is doing a great job of keeping the focus on him by saying outrageous things, which our idiot press parrots without any real depth or context. It's getting him more air time than the others and keeping his polls high. Sanders is barely mentioned in the press and he is still rising in the polls. Both are benefiting from the idiocy of the opponents, not always to the best effects.
Mike Huckabee found that this week when he said the Iran deal is akin to marching the Jews back into the ovens. Yet another blowhard who has no real solutions other than to piss on a deal that few think is bad other than those running for election or trying to kowtow to the Obama hating right. The press jumped all over him, and unlike Trump's bomb throwing, this one may hurt more than help. I get it that you are trying to say stupid things in a desperate attempt to get attention, Trump style, but evoking the Holocaust here makes you look petty and retarded, not to mention hyperbolic and fear mongering. It didn't work and, let's be honest, Huckabee has zero chance of winning in a country moving away from religion not toward it.

What Bush and Hillary and the rest of the clowns running don't get is that people are PISSED! They see their standard of living declining year by year with no end in sight, goods and rent skyrocketing in price and that most of those running have no ideas how to fix any of it. The last three stages of a collapsing society is apathy (long over), anger (full blown), and then revolution (coming soon to a street corner near you). The funny part is that is the TPP gets passed, and the public sees what is actually in it, revolution may happen sooner than later and it may happen peacefully and at the voting booth. If the TPP becomes as unpopular as Bruce, I mean, Cat Jenner's new show which debuted to not great ratings, Trump versus Sanders, both of whom strongly oppose the TPP, could become the candidates for the two parties. How great an election would that be?

Our system is broken. Voting for 90% of the idiots, especially Hillary and almost every Republican is country suicide as none of these people will have the guts to fix what needs to be fixed. We also need to get rid of 75% of Congress and put people in who have out best interests, again something 99% of the GOP doesn't. Chances are very good the next President will be a democrat and God help us if Hillary wins as we are going to see more continuation of the policies that have crippled us for decades. The USA needs an enema. Maybe Trump or Sanders are the ones to give it to us.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


We are constantly hearing from the right that Democrats won't place any blame on Obama for any of the problems he inherited from George W. Bush, "It's been almost eight years," they whine, oblivious to the fact that George W. Bush almost ended this country this country for good with his disastrous policies. Now Obama is NOT without blame for not doing enough to fix the problems, further proof it doesn't matter who we put in office as we are all slaves to our corporate masters, including the President. If you want to know why Trump is leading in the polls this why: he doesn't need other people's money to lead. Whether that will be bad or good (the former being the most likely outcome) remains to be seen. But the true demon in all of the bad things that have occurred go back to St. Ronnie and his idiotic policies that are still reverberating today. Two people died in a movie theater in part because of Ronald Reagan this week reversing Jimmy Carter's Mental Health Act. That, plus the ACLU, ended state hospitals that now allow the nutters to run rampant in our country. Add to that background checks that do not work (FU NRA) and we have a recipe for why we have more random shootings than anywhere else on Earth. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Black Lives Matter- This week, some of these racist morons interrupted Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley during a rally to scream about some made up slight that neither of these candidates have made. O'Malley gets a special shout out for douchebaggery for actually apologizing for saying all lives matter which makes black people's blood boil apparently. All lives matter as a slogan does not diminish black lives or Hispanic lives or any race's lives but points out the fact that everyone is being brutalized by the cops, not just black people. Once we realize we are all in it together, and that racism might not always be the root cause of the issue, only then can we fix the problem. Read my previous article which showed two white people also dying under strange and violent means that had nothing to do with race and everything to do with power mad cops terrorizing the public. If you want this kind of crap to end, and who doesn't besides the police, then realize that everything is not always because of race. Grow up America.

9)Wyatt Cenec- I liked this comedian until this week when he brought up an incident on Marc Maron's podcast about a time he had a snit fit about a voice Jon Stewart was doing that was supposed to be an impersonation of Herman Cain but was, according to Cenec, actually racist. Now as no one seems to actually have the video in question readily available (I just spent the last twenty minutes trying without luck to find it anywhere on the net), I have no idea if the voice Stewart used was indeed racist. However, I am willing to give Stewart the benefit of the doubt here, as I truly doubt Stewart is racist and, if that is true, would have responded the exact same way. There is a fine line between a true racist comment and being overly sensitive and I believe Cenec crossed that line and in doing so damaged his career. Why is it okay for black people to make fun of white people ad naseum but the slightest crack by a white guy and it's racist? It's all or nothing people. Watch Key and Peele to see how to do it correctly.

8)Ashley Madison subscribers- As someone happily engaged, I have no need for such an onerous service. But for 37 million people this week, their lives just got sent into spin cycle when a hacker stole personal info from the site and will probably use it to blackmail some of them. That's a lot of people very, very worried and their credit cards and banking info is the least of it. That had to be an uncomfortable breakfast for a lot of men and woman when they say that on the news. I wonder if the hacker wasn't some enterprising divorce attorney trying to drum up new business. Good luck Ashley Madison customers. You are going to need it.

7)Chris Christie- Will someone please tell this human blimp that he has no chance of being President and to just go home and shut the hell up! Stuck in the low single digits on the national scale, this week Tub A Goo said not only would he prosecute people for legal weed in state that have legalized it (so much for state's rights), he would end medical pot as well. This is a death sentence for a political candidate as he has zero chance in states like CA, WA, CO, as well as the dozens of others states where medical marijuana is legal. Polls show up to 80% support medical pot and almost 60% want pot legal. Who is advising this ass? He has as much chance of becoming President as Jimmy Kimmel.

6)Scott Walker- Another idiot running for office, this moron said stupid crap, took on Donald Trump, and got lambasted in the process. First, he said, on day One as President, he would bomb Iran. WTF? Who willingly votes for a guy who says he will start WW3 the first day he can? That is a terrible position and only one who dropped out of college for unknown, possibly bad, reasons would think of. After one of his pollsters called Trump a "dumbdumb" (I know, pot, kettle, black), Trump unleashed on him, reminding us quite accurately that Walker has run his state into the ground, turning a billion dollar surplus into a two billion dollar deficit. They also can't pave their roads, their education system sucks and, unlike Trump, Walker is a Common Core defender. This is why Trump is winning: he's not afraid to destroy his opponents.

5)Donald Trump- I've got to give it Trump, he's not afraid of bomb throwing. And the country loves it. It is refreshing to see a candidate on either side (Bernie Sanders taking an axe to the democrats), telling the truth for once. However, only Bernie has real solutions and Trump has sound bites. I still like him better than most of the GOP who have been stuck in Republicanland way too long. Trump definitely went too far when he gave out Lindsay Graham's personal number this week, a real douchebag move, but his numbers keep rising because the country is sick to death of lying politicans.

4)Hillary Clinton- Speaking of lying politicians, Hillary is finding herself in more hot water over the whole e-mail "scandal" that appears to be Benghazi part two. That hasn't gone away either with her expected testimony for yet another fact finding committee that somehow expects to find something the previous 14 didn't. Sigh. But that fact remains that she is right after Trump in negative ratings and, even among democrats, a serious lack of trust. She has done a lot of this to herself with terrible interviews (answer the damned question already), her air of inevitability and a lack of candor to the public. Every time she deflects an answer to things like the TPP or corporate taxes, the public notices and hates her a little more. I still think she will be the next President which is only slightly better than most of the GOP.

3)The Sandra Bland Suicide- Regardless of whether Bland killed herself or not, Officer Brian Encina of Prairie View, Texas should be fired and never work as a cop again. I've watched the video several times now, including with commentary by actual police, who say both sides escalated the situation. And while it is never a good idea to give a cop lip, it shouldn't be a death sentence either. The cop had every chance to de-escalate the situation and instead did the opposite, acting like a power mad douchebag. These are exactly the types of cops not needed anymore and need to go back to being a  wanna be security guard. Both videos show signs of tampering, including eight minutes missing from the cell security footage, which is also all wrong for the design (I used to sell security systems) and against what most police departments already do. This system seems designed to conceal rather than show what it should. The fact the Sheriff there was fired from his last job in 2008 for racist attitudes should not be minimized and got almost zero press at the same time. I still think she was murdered.

2)John Russell Houser- Yet another insane douchebag, yet another senseless movie theater shooting. This certifiable loon, one with no connection to the area he was in, shot and killed two people in a movie theater in LA this week, and wounded 9 others. Nevermind the fact that this guy should never have been allowed to get a gun, why was he walking the streets in the first place? More about that below. Houser is another in a long line of mentally ill douchebags killing people because of too easy access to guns and no mental health help available. And in this case, both liberals and conservatives are to blame. There will be more Houser's out there unless we wake up and start addressing the problem.

1)Ronald Reagan, the NRA and the Republican party- How many more people have to die before we start doing accurate background checks on people? Turns out Houser bought his guns legally in Alabama for some unknown reason because his record should have prevented that. This is because the NRA have stymied any attempt to keep mentally ill people from guns, actually fighting against even the smallest provision that would have kept innocent people from dying. Kelly Ayotte of NH voted against such a provision and then lied about it afterward, only to have special interest groups run ads demonstrating what a liar she was. The NRA is not a good organization as they are more interested in electing Republicans and selling as many guns as possible to whoever, than public safety or the country's welfare. And remember this is coming from someone who does not agree with weapon or ammo bans or any sort, short of nuclear weapons. Besides guns however, Ronald Reagan greatly contributed to this issue when he repealed Jimmy Carter's Mental Health Act and instead did what every single Republican has ever done to a serious issue: fucked it up good. He gave states black grants, which are never enough to cover expenses or inflation, which hurt the already de-institutionalizing of mental wards nationwide due to efforts by the ACLU and inhuman conditions being seen in them. Instead of figuring out a way to fix them, we got rid of them and threw the mentally ill to the wolves. Now those wolves have become feral, rabid and everywhere. And they have guns because we have no stop gaps to prevent some loon from getting them with ease. There will be more like this until we accept that the mentally ill need to be locked up, sometimes forever, as Houser should have been. So congratulations Republicans and Ronald Reagan, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


In just the last few weeks, four people died under strange, violent encounters with the police, all of which suggest a rouge police force out of control. Here's the kicker, two of them were white. So much for all that "black lives matter" crap. All lives matter and a big FU to the idiots interrupting Bernie Sanders at a recent rally to scream your propaganda to a captive audience. Police are killing black people in higher numbers, that is true, but the fact that more black people are arrested than any other race for the more violent crimes is also true. The point here is that innocent black people are not the only ones being marginalized and assassinated and the sooner we come to recognize that the better off we will all be. And Martin O'Malley can shove it for actually apologizing for saying that all lives matter. I am sorry but since when do black lives matter more. They don't. Neither are they less as we are all equal. If you can't stand up to racists in our country, how well will you stand up to people like Putin, O'Malley?

We have all heard and seen the video of Sandra Bland doing the unthinkable which is giving a cop lip while being black. Officer Brian Encina of Prairie View, Texas is then seen ordering her to put out her cigarette after pulling her over for no signal during a lane change. She refuses and is then told to get out from her car which escalates to him arresting her. Now was this legal? Unfortunately, yes all of it was. Our idiot Supreme Court has given cops all sort of leeway to hold us and search us, Constitution be damned, and Texas is even less stringent with that. Was it right was another matter. And it exactly this kind of carde blanche that police have over us that has to change because is getting out of hand with four dead people and in two of them, cops killed the individual for no reason, and serious questions revolve around the other two.

Back to Bland, she was found dead in her cell the next day which the cops called suicide, which made no sense for a woman who was never going to see any real charges and even had a case for a civil suit for the overreach in this case. She might not won, but her losing wasn't set in stone either, thus a reason for murder. The worst part about all of this after reviewing the evidence, it would seem that several people would have to be in on this cover-up suggesting a big conspiracy.

I have worked in editing for years and know what to look for. Both bits of camera feed they have shown, the cell block camera and the dash board camera, both show obvious signs of tampering. The dash board cam has cars disappearing from view and the cell security camera is missing eight minutes of footage, which has been "explained" away as the camera is only motion activated. This fails to explain why the camera is on for an hour and half with no activity, yet only doesn't become active for the eight minutes she was surely being killed. Now toxicology says she had either ingested or smoked a huge amount of weed before her death, while in jail, which strongly suggests someone forced it down her throat as a way to suggest suicide. This whole thing stinks and I firmly believe she was murdered.

Another person possibly murdered by cops this week was Kindra Chapman in Homewood, Alabama. Again called a suicide by hanging, she was not a model citizen like Bland who had no record I could find, Chapman was only 18 and was caught breaking into apartments. At the moment, there is no way of knowing whether this woman killed herself or not, but the timing is suspect at it happened in the south to a black woman a day after Bland.

But white people are also being killed. Troy Goode, 30 died in police custody in Southhaven, Mississippi (again the south), after being hogtied and carried away saying "I can't breathe," just like Eric Gardner's last words. Cops hilariously called his death "an LSD overdose," somehow unaware that it is physically impossible to die of a LSD overdose. That cannot physically happen. You can go mental permanently, but your body will keep going. Goode suffered from asthma and the way they handled him contributed to his death.

He was transported to the hospital, where the family was told he was in stable condition. The police also informed the family that if they tried to visit him while there, they would be arrested for obstruction of justice. WTF? An hour later he was dead. Yeah, nothing suspicious about that. Chances are they killed this guy either through incompetence or to keep him quiet. Either way, they killed him.

And then there is Catherine Small, a white lady with serious mental issues, who was gunned down on camera as cops laughed about it. Take a wild guess what part of the country this happened? If you said anywhere but the South try again. The town of Brunswick, GA was caught literally killing a woman for no good reason other than they could. After being caught doing drugs in a parking lot, a high speed chase ensued which resulted in her being boxed in with no where to go. She fruitlessly put it in reverse and forward in some lame attempt to escape but there was no where for her to go. So what did the cops do? They laughed as they filled the car full of holes killing the woman inside because they "were afraid for their life." Please! The worst she could have done is bang someone's shin when she opened the door.

This is what happened afterward from Atlanta Free Press:

• Glynn County police officers interfered with the GBI’s investigation from the start, seeking to protect the officers.

• The department tampered with the crime scene and created misleading evidence that was shown to the grand jury.

• The local district attorney shared the state’s evidence with the officers nearly two months before the grand jury convened and cut an unusual deal with them just before it met.

How is it that this entire judicial system is not behind bars? Why are police departments, especially in the South, being giving free range to kill us with no consequences? We had better start paying attention to this, REGARDLESS of race, because the cops are killing all of us and if we don't start demanding changes the end result won't be good for cops or the average citizen.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Anybody voting for anyone other than Bernie Sanders at this point must admit to themselves that they have no real idea how the world works and should refrain from not only voting but speaking about politics ever again. What kind of retard willingly votes for a tool like Scott Walker, a failure like Jeb Bush or an idiot of epic proportions like Ted Cruz? Bernie Sanders is setting the field afire attracting 20,000 in Phoenix and 10,000 in Maine, both records by the way for any candidate, party not making a difference. Obama, Clinton and Bush got tepid numbers in Maine compared to 10,000 this past week, and pollsters there noted the crowd was not filled with far left liberals, but Christians, Tea Party affiliates and hard core Republicans, all of which really liked his message of going after the 1% who have been steadily stealing from us for decades now.

This is not going to help Hillary who many rightfully say is Obama/Bush in a dress. Her corporatist views are the same as the last few decades of nonsense that has gotten us into the dire straights we are still mired in. She is quite simply not believable when she says things that Obama told us and instead of the FDR we demanded, we got Bush lite. Fantastic. We voted for him in 2012 not because we believed a word that came out of his mouth, but that we did believe that Mitt Romney and the GOP would sink this country even further into despair. If it hadn't been for gerrymandering and the Democratic party running the worst campaigns they could in 2014, they wouldn't have lost so badly and the Senate and House would be firmly in democratic hands which, let's face facts, would be better than the idiots in there now.

Every single Republican jumped all over the Iran deal, along with all of my Israeli friends, even though it seems like a good idea. The Congress hadn't even read the final draft yet, and admitted as much, before the whipped their dicks out and pissed all over it. Isn't that the same excuse you guys used over Obamacare which was better than expected in some ways, worse in others, but all of which were readily predictable if you knew anything about insurance, which the GOP obviously didn't? Why should we be listening to them about Iran then? Keeping Iran from a nuke for ten years is a great start and as the right wingers have no viable alternative other than bombing them back to the stone age, these guys need a tall cool drink of shut the fuck up tea.

This is what drives me nuts about the Republican party. What exactly are people voting for? They have no idea how to fix Obamacare other repealing it, which is not an option as what came before it was far, far worse. Do they really want a third of this country not having medical care? That's a lot of dead people guys. They have no idea what to do against Iran expect to kill them all and let God sort them out. As almost none of them have any military background this is hardly surprising and are apparently unaware that every military exercise states that the only way to beat them would be with nukes which may start WW3 and send oil prices into the stratosphere.

Here's a quick down of the major Republicans running for office:

Donald Trump- A billionaire by inheritance, Trump has zero experience in government, has filed for bankruptcy four times, yet still kept all his money. Try that as a not billionaire and see how well that does for you. Trump is a bomb thrower that will eventually burn his face off. At least he's interesting.

Jeb Bush- Anyone voting to out another Bush in office has to admit they are mentally ill and check themselves into a psyche ward immediately. His father was a giant douchebag whose trickle down economic policies decimated the country and got us into a war by lying about babies being thrown into incinerators in Iraq that actually never happened. His brother was the worst President ever who ran the country into the ground, got us back into Iraq with even bolder lies and let North Korea get a nuke because he was too busy playing President rather than being one. Jeb Bush helped steal the 2000 election for his brother, destroyed every business he got his hands on and may actually be even dumber than George. STOP VOTING FOR BUSHES! JUST STOP!

Scott Walker- Not even a college grad, whose reasons for leaving are still hidden behind closed doors, this moron hates compromise which is terrible attitude for the President to have. He got out of a possible crime as the four judges who ruled in his favor in his Super Pac collusion case all got money from people who run Walker's Super Pac. Not conflict of interest there. I love how the right screams bloody murder when some judge acts like the smallest activist they can, but blatant corruption and not a peep. Walker is destroying his state's economy and will do the same for the country.

Rand Paul- Paul has backtracked on just about every major claim he has every made, John McCain style, and we all know how that worked out for him. When you kowtow to the far right, the general election stomps on you. His chances are fading fast.

Mike Huckabee/Rick Santorum- Religious wingnuts have fallen out of favor over the years and these two are knew deep in it. They have no chance as anti-gay rhetoric is a third rail topic that is going to decimate the GOP in 2016.

Ted Cruz- This guy might just be the dumbest man on the face of this Earth yet he graduated from Harvard and was a debate champion. How is that possible? His idiocy makes him not only beyond unelectable, it almost makes him less human. I don't think there is an IQ chart low enough for him to register. Let's see what the press thinks of him:
– "I think he's the worst. I think he's scary, I think he's dangerous, I think he's slimy and I think he brings no fresh ideas." - Donny Deutsch & MSNBC
   "Ted Cruz's phenomenally bad idea" - Washington Post
   – "Ted Cruz's 'country music' drivel: What's really behind his musical conversion" -
   – "Can You 'Imagine' Ted Cruz as President?" - The New Yorker

Ben Carson- He's black and Republican. Nuff said.

Carly Fiorina- A woman and Republican. See above. It doesn't help she ran HP into the ground and fired 30,000 while CEO. Imagine what she would do with the country.

Chris Christie- The Buffoon from NJ is polling terrible in and out of state as his political career is just about over. He missed his chance in 2012. 2016 will be death knell.

Marco Rubio- Outside of Jeb Bush and his inexplicable polling numbers, Rubio has the best chance of getting the nomination which may help the GOP as he is Hispanic and may attract some voters that, again other than Jeb because of his Mexican wife, have virtually no chance of getting any at all. Trump is positively killing that hope along with the tepid response from 90% of the GOP. He'll still lose in a general election as his anti-immigration, anti-abortion, and anti-gay policies sink his ship. If he runs against Hillary or Bernie in 2016, he'll only lose by a hundred electoral votes, rather than all of them for the rest.

Bobby Jindal- He's Indian, is Governor of a state falling apart, and dead last in numerous categories and because of that make him the least likely candidate running to win. You'd be safer betting you will be struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark as Emelia Earhart's corpse washes by. Anyone supporting him must be insane because this is a lost cause.

John Kasich- Who?

George Pataki- Why?

Lindsay Graham- HAHAHAHA! This try must be for a Fox News job after he is kicked out of Congress because no one is voting for an allegedly closeted gay Republican.

Rick Perry-Because Texas governors with intelligence issues have worked so well in the past. Good luck, you'll need it.

Bernie Sanders meanwhile is making some inroads at Hillary who I still feel will be our next President and if that is the case we have to hope that she is better than we expected Obama to be. I wouldn't get your hopes up however. If you are reading this and want things to change, Sanders is the guy. Don't get caught up in the word democratic socialist, as those countries are the best run ones on Earth right now. See how places like Iceland and Sweden are doing compared with the US. It's staggering. We need a serious change come 2016 or face a dim future. Don't vote for the GOP regardless as they are hell bent on destroying us all. Their policies demand it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Holy Christ, I know it was only a matter of time before Trump said something of Palin level stupidity but damn did he step it in this week when he called John McCain a non-hero for his POW capture. Even if there may be some truth to that, which I will get into later and still have serious doubts about, calling out McCain without any proof (the birther crap all over again) will serious damage his popularity among the military and their millions of supporters. How long before he becomes flavor of the week and his numbers plummet? Let's see those runner ups.

10)The Emmys- Do Emmy voters watch the same fifteen shows year after year and keep voting for just those because while there were some welcome surprises this year (Amy Schumer and Tatiana Maslany come to mind), most of the nominess were for shows that lost their luster years ago. Homeland and Downton Abby had no business being nominated for anything as most fans, myself included, realize their quality had dipped dramatically in the past few seasons to such a point I don't watch them anymore. Mad Men was widely criticized for its final season and who in hell thought the atrocious Killing Jesus deserved anything but a wide range of Razzies? No love for longtime comedies Big Bang(which is still awesome) show some signs they have moved away from just nominating the same things year after year, but to ignore comedies like Brooklyn 99 and Fresh Off The Boat for shows few have watched like Kimmy Schmidt and Transparent is not going to attract the viewers as the Oscars have been doing for years with the same results. I am not saying popular shows should only get the nomination and that's it, but nominating niche shows that a handful of people watch is also kind of frustrating. And a lot of nominations are just bizarre. Lily Tomlin was nominated for show almost every critic hated. So why the nod? And while black people are thrilled with the number of nominations, I notice a lack of Asian and Hispanic nominees, many of which I feel should have been up there in place of people like Edie Falco (her show is NOT funny by the way). I'll still watch, but will have little interest in what wins as most of it I and much of America do not watch.

9)The Loch Ness Monster- As a kid I believed in the Loch Ness Monster. Then I went to college, talked with real experts on the subject and realized that it was most likely bunk. The famous picture we all know was a hoax as revealed on the hoaxers death bed when he showed the model he used which was nothing more than a dinosaur head on a toy submarine. Now comes the latest twist where a Loch Ness monster hunter who has been at it for 24 years gave up this week and told the world there is no monster there. Bet he feels awful that his life's work was ultimately meaningless. The Loch Ness Monster is not real. Get over it believers.
8)The Duggars- TLC finally cancelled this awful show in which two mentally deranged loons try to break the world record for children while screwing up the planet at the same time which is already WAY overpopulated. Josh Duggar, who did molest several people as a kid, including his own sisters, didn't help himself with his anti-gay rants that equated homosexuality with pedophilia. We all know what this means then don't we? Josh Duggar is actually gay. It's what you've been preaching dumb ass. I find this way funny.

7)George W. Bush- Turns out the worst President of all times is ultimately responsible for destabilizing two regions, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. I have blamed Clinton for years for this, not knowing it was actually Captain Dumbass that did this which can hardly be surprising at this point. North Korea didn't get the bomb until 2006, well into his Presidency. And what steps did he take to stop this you ask? Nothing. Absolutely not one thing. Imagine if it happened under Obama's watch. The Republicans would have been screaming for his head. Jeb may be worse than W., at least if you look at his horrific past that includes fly by night business schemes that never worked and helping his brother lock in the election in 2000 when he was Governor of Florida. The Bush name must NEVER be in the White House again.

6)Mexico- This week, the biggest drug deal on Earth "El Chapo," escaped from the Maximum security prison in Mexico through a tunnel better built than most Mexican infrastructure. The prison is state of the art and a combination of chutzpah and corruption allowed his escape, far better than the two idiots who broke out of a NY prison and then stumbled around the wilderness with no plan. Mexican people have thrown their hands up in disgust as this is just par for the course in a country barely holding on anymore and whose trust has vanished. Sound familiar?

5)The Klan/New Black Panthers- These two hate groups held competing rallies in South Carolina this week. The best part is that both had less members than Justin Bieber's entourage. It's hard to get worked up when a handful of racists are competing against the hundreds that showed up to denounce them. The Klan is barely held together anymore with less than 4000 members nationwide, almost all of which are mouth breathing morons who have no organization and fewer teeth. The New Black Panthers has even less members and little support from black people in general. I love watching racists fail.

4)Germany/Greek PM Tsipras- This week, with the help of the current Greek PM, made average Greeks take it up the ass without any lube at all. After the voters said NO loudly to any more austerity, Tsipras turned around and did it anyway after the country was blackmailed into doing that or else risk being ejected from the EU. Nevermind the fact that every study down on this subject say this approach will never work, they did it anyway, because the one percent demanded their pound of flesh. The Greek government is glad the average citizen has no guns because if they tried that crap here there would be a bunch of dead politicians the next day. This won't end well no matter how you look at it.

3)Republicans and Iran- As expected, the ink hadn't even dried on the Iran/US pact when the GOP came out swinging on how bad a deal it was, even though they hadn't ever read it yet. Almost every expert on the subject, regardless of party affiliation, said it was actually a pretty good deal that will keep Iran from getting a bomb for ten for fifteen years. What's not to like about that? The alternative is Iran accelerates their programs with no oversight and a massive war ensues. As always the GOP has no plan for what to do instead of this treaty, which is all the seem to be capable of. They hate whatever Obama does, but offer zero ideas of what to do instead. The GOP is a joke at this point and their supporters are fucking morons! Stop voting for Republicans unless you want the country to be a smoking husk.

2)Eric Holder- He was going to take the top spot until the Donald opened his big, fat mouth. Holder was the worst attorney general in American history and that is saying something when you have to compete with Janet Reno and Alberto Gonzales. His tenure was filled with failures like the Fast and Furious probe that went horribly wrong, to his inability to stop huge corporate mergers, to his terrible approach of going after the banks that sank the economy of which he prosecuted a total of zero. Now comes word that this ass of huge proportions is going to work for a huge bank, obviously pay off for not doing his job while in Office. This revolving door needs to stop with a law that states no one in public office can profit or take a job for x amount of years if they did business with them while serving the people. I have had no compete clauses for some of the worst jobs I have ever worked. Why don't people like Holder get the same?

1)Donald Trump- Trump went after McCain this week for not being a war hero because he was captured and tortured by the Vietnamese. Ouch. The GOP jumped all over this, conveniently forgetting they did the same thing to John Kerry, who helped that controversy by failing to get in front of it. This all started when McCain called Trump crazy, which led to the inevitable as Trump does not like being criticized by anyone and lashed out as only he can. Now while it is true there have been rumors that McCain committed treason while a POW, I have never seen hard proof of that. It is true he did one anti-American propaganda piece but as anyone who has ever been tortured (like me and that is a literal statement), everyone reaches their breaking point. Mine was when the dental assistant would hold me down by force as the dentist continued to drill without Novocain. It is beyond agony. At that point, I would have sold out America too. The official word is after this though, McCain refused to do any more which led to more torture. That sucks. I while I think McCain is a little loony, he is more stable than most running for President this time around. Trump may have done real damage to his credibility with this, as McCain, no matter what you think about him, is a true hero for what he did for his country. So congratulation Donald Trump you are douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I know a lot of you are probably sick to death about hearing about Greece and Iran by now but both have serious consequences down the road, ones that could lead to world changing events. World War 1 and 2 were both started when a lone assassin killed Franz Ferdinand, more by sheer luck than skill, and thus sent off a domino effect that led to hundreds of millions dead by war, disease, radiation and famine. One ideological dick started a chain reaction that we are now seeing in two places in Earth could be the same, one economic, the other a nuclear war. The worst part is both are equally horrible that could lead to death tolls in the tens, even hundreds of millions.

Let's start off with Greece whose PM just sold out the people of Greece to the one percent. In return for absolutely nothing in return, Greece agreed to basically give away their first born. And I thought Obama has been a bad negotiator until recently. The Greek banks will get all the money they need to keep solvent for another few months, until they need more because this plan won't work, and in exchange the Greeks give away their pensions, health care, a livable wage and job security. Who in their right mind would have accepted such an onerous deal? PM Tsipras it would seem whose job may be in jeopardy after the Greeks passed the bill as riots spread outside.

To give you the equivalent to the US, imagine your Social Security went from $1200 a month to $800, everything you need to survive just went skyrocketing in price and now you have to support all your kids and grandkids because they have either been fired or had their salary drop as minimum wages have been DECREASED from $12 an hour to $7. That is just what happened in Greece. If that happens here, expect a lot of dead politicians as elderly, well armed Americans with little to lose gun down every person who was dumb enough to vote for such laws, almost all of which would be Republicans. No way do people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Liz Warren back that bill. Greece did.

The funny part is the IMF itself said the bailout was garbage as there was no mathematical way for Greece to ever pay this back without some form of debt forgiveness, meaning decades of poverty for the Greek people. Something tells me they'll get overthrown long before that happens when people's patience wears out. As countries like Germany and Finland have both put the feet down for any sort of debt relief, this may tear the EU apart sooner than later as other countries start to realize that this whole fiasco is being caused the 1% greedily wanting control of everything. It is also happening here as we now have billionaires buying their way into office Trump style. Things will not get better of someone like that actually gets into office.

Then there is the whole Iran deal. Republicans are screaming bloody murder about it, even though they actually haven't read it yet. They are picking holes in it where none exist and this is exactly how North Korea got the bomb. I have to issue ANOTHER apology to Bill Clinton, whose two giant mistakes in office, repeal of Glass-Steagal and the North Korea treaty, turn out to be both actually Republican errors and major ones at that. Bill Clinton can now safely say he has been the best President we have had in fifty years, so if Hillary get's into office, at least Bill will be there to guide her.

After doing some research into the NK treaty as context for this one, I find that the IEAE did their job well, finding problems right away with North Korea reporting, which led to a new treaty that was actually worse than the previous one (thank you Jimmy Carter). However Republicans did everything they could to kill this bill by repeatedly violating any part of the treaty they could, like withholding funds, until the whole thing came apart in 1999.

It also turns out that it wasn't Clinton that let them get the bomb, but the worst President of all time, George W. Bush, who was too busy creating wars with people who weren't going after a nuclear weapon while ignoring the one that actually was, as NK tested their first nuke in 2006. W. was an absolute idiot and yet Jeb is number two behind Trump in the polls. WTF America? If we are this dumb, we deserve Trump as President just so we can end the whole USA thing which is what will happen.

So now we have a repeat again of the NK treaty with all the Republicans calling this deal crap while again ignoring any attempts to come up with an alternate solution. Right now there are two ways to deal with this: peace or war. And we have to at least attempt peace before we go to a war that will be nuclear in nature. Every war game ever conducted by our military has come to that same conclusion. We cannot beat Iran with conventional weapons. Are the Republicans really advocating a nuclear war to achieve the hard-on for Jesus' return?

Is the deal perfect? No deal ever is. But it does prevent Iran from getting a nuke for at least 10-15 years and that it a promising start. A lot can happen in that time, like Iran becoming more secular after an uprising from it's youth base which are becoming less and less and religious. Or an economic collapse. Or a plague. Or an alien invasion. Who knows except that 10-15 years is a long time, which is an even longer amount of time than we have kept hearing that Iran was months away from the bomb since 1992.

To quote John Lennon, "let's give peace a chance," before we start dusting off our nukes for WW3 and the end of mankind.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Greece and the EU/IMF, as well as the Iran/US deal, have come to fruition and both come with serious problems, some inherent to the deal itself and the other due to douchebags within the government. Take a wild stab at which is which?

If you said the douchebags at home were going to sabotage it, you've been paying attention to world history. If you said the Greek deal was a terrible plan that in no way was going to work, you understand that this rise of the world fascist state is coming here and abroad. Both plans appear to be failures for very different reasons.

Let's start with the US/Iran nuke deal. Here is the gist of it below from AP news:

After 18 days of intense and often fractious negotiation, world powers and Iran struck a landmark deal Tuesday to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in relief from international sanctions — an agreement designed to avert the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran and another U.S. military intervention in the Muslim world.

The accord will keep Iran from producing enough material for a nuclear weapon for at least 10 years and impose new provisions for inspections of Iranian facilities, including military sites. And it marks a dramatic break from decades of animosity between the United States and Iran, countries that alternatively call each other the "leading state sponsor of terrorism" and the "the Great Satan."

Diplomats said Iran agreed to the continuation of a U.N. arms embargo on the country for up to five more years, though it could end earlier if the International Atomic Energy Agency definitively clears Iran of any current work on nuclear weapons. A similar condition was put on U.N. restrictions on the transfer of ballistic missile technology to Tehran, which could last for up to eight more years.

Washington had sought to maintain the ban on Iran importing and exporting weapons, concerned that an Islamic Republic flush with cash from the nuclear deal would expand its military assistance for Syrian President Bashar Assad's government, Yemen's Houthi rebels, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and other forces opposing America's Mideast allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

A lot of this is similar to the North Korean framework that unraveled very soon after it was implemented, mostly due to the change in Congress to a Republican led one that did everything they could to make sure it unraveled. Does anyone out there think that this Congress may not do the same?

It is true that North Korean deal evolved under Clinton, who should have engaged in stronger actions, even militarily, to stop them if necessary, when the North Koreans started behaving suspiciously, making many think they had a secret nuclear program going after plutonium waste measured was much higher than what it should have been. However, when an agreement was put into to place that might have worked had it been given a chance, much like this one with Iran, Republicans sabotaged it at every instance, all but guaranteeing North Korea was going to make a bomb.

I would also like to point out that because W. was too busy fighting an imaginary threat with Afghanistan and especially Iraq, North Korea tested their first nuclear device in 2006, four years after the US knew they trying to get a bomb. But because President Dumbass was in office with Darth Cheney as his Second in Command, we let this happen and destabilized the whole region. Yet another instance that a Bush made the world less safe, yet Jeb Bush is still a front runner. Anyone even thinking of voting for that fool should just shoot themselves now and save us the trouble later. Another Bush in the White House and this country will fry.

The Republicans are already having a fit about this and have made allegations that they made try to hobble it. While they have little power to stop this treaty as there is no way they get a two thirds majority to override a veto, they could increase sanctions on Iran or impose other restrictions that, just like they did with North Korea, kill the whole thing.

If it does unravel, or if Iran looks to be cheating, again like North Korea did as well, the whole region will explode in a nuclear arms race that will end humanity. Israel has already professed strong opposition to this plan, which isn't surprising as they are mortal enemies with Iran. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf State allies have remained quiet on the subject, but word is they are also worried about the plan and what to do if it fails.

We have to learn from our mistakes here and give Iran a chance a least to prove their worth. If they start pulling fast ones, like North Korea did, military action has to be on the table. We cannot have four years warning, like Bush did, and do nothing because we are too busy with some other crisis we manufactured. Likewise, if Republicans savage this deal again, they must pay a heavy price for their idiocy along with any of their moron supporters.

Then there is the Greece deal which is a terrible, unworkable plan. In exchange for more austerity which the Greek people already said no to, they get no debt relief and an economy that is going to suffer even more. What idiot takes a deal worse than the one they got a few weeks back? Could exiting the Euro be that bad to say you want to take it up the ass from Europe for the next few decades?

Here is the worst part: almost anyone who knows anything about the subject knows this is a terrible plan. A former IMF head was on PBS last night flabbergasted that the Greeks actually accepted such a worthless deal. The IMF today released yet another report that said without debt relief, Greece is screwed, yet the Europeans refuse to do that.

The Greek PM will introduce the plan to his governing body, which may see a major shake-up from it, including the resignation of the PM and new elections being called which may change the whole dynamic of the treaty. Whether he has enough votes for the plan is still in hot contention.

The Greeks are also going to have to sell this turd the same way Obama is going to have to sell his Iran treaty, only he has a much better chance as the democrats will vote with him and thus make it pass. The PM has a 161 majority of a 300 seat Congress which means they will need every vote they can get to get to a 151 win and that still seems unlikely. Several of his allies have already said they will vote NO on the deal and are refusing to step down as they say that they are speaking for the voters, which they are as this deal was DOA last week until resurrected by fascists wanting complete control over the world, which is exactly what is going on right now.

Spain has declared an end to free speech and protests over their anti-austerity programs and will arrest anyone they see fit. Apparently Francisco Franco is not dead after all. The Greeks are being told to live in poverty forever and like it so the rich can do as they please. Even here at home we have Republicans getting rid of weekends, health care and the forty hour work week. Who exactly is voting for that? Fascists and stupid people of which the world is awash in.

The Iran deal has to be given a chance to fail, and if it does, and not because Lindsay Graham is a giant douchebag, then and only then, is war a option. As for the Greeks, I hope the deal fails because if they accept it, nothing is going to get better ever for them. Time will tell how well either of these prospects actually work.

Monday, July 13, 2015


The Greeks have reached a deal with the EU/IMF which doesn't seem like that good a deal at all and, as it crosses all sort of red lines the Greek people voted against, might be cause more harm than good. At the same time, John Kerry and his Iranian counterparts have signaled a deal may be near, but much like the Greek deal, no matter how good or bad it may be, chances are good the GOP will squash it just because Obama is still president.

Let's start with the Greek deal which in exchange for more bailout money they have agreed to slash pensions, raise taxes, mostly on the poor and middle class, privatization of the state's power company and give unions far less power so they can fire people easier. What isn't included are higher taxes for corporations or a change in their inability to collect taxes from the richest individuals. This is known here in the US as the Republican game plan. It hasn't worked here or abroad so what chances do you think this whole Greece thing will turn out for the better? Slim to none come to mind.

Not only does this merely kick the can down the road to an inevitable collapse, but it also makes perfectly clear that the world elite's are trying to impose a new form of slavery upon us by threatening us with economic collapse every time something doesn't go their way. It has to end or economics will make it end for us, and that result will be far, far worse.

The major problem with all of this is that it is by no means certain it will pass the Greek government, some of whom will see this as a betrayal. The voters overwhelmingly said NO! to what they ultimately got and the ruling Syriza party may not go along with it. If they don't, the government will collapse and a new round of elections will be called, putting any agreement signed in mortal danger if an either further leftist government takes over, which is not outside the realm of possibility.

This is from

Whenever a country borrows too much, the IMF usually recommends that it write down its debts, balance its budget and devalue its currency. The idea is that it’s pointless to try to pay back more than you can – it can actually be self-defeating – but you also need to become fiscally self-reliant so you don’t have to go back for one bailout after another.

The tricky thing, though, is that at the same time you’re raising taxes and cutting spending, which hurts the economy, you need to get it growing again. That’s why the IMF prescribes a big dose of monetary stimulus – that is, a cheaper currency – to offset the economic pain from fiscal austerity.

But this isn’t what happened in Greece. Well, aside from the austerity. It did get a lot of that. What it didn’t get, though, was a cheaper currency or enough debt relief. See, back in 2010, policymakers were petrified that the euro zone was like a line of dominoes just waiting to get knocked over by the weakest link. If Greece defaulted on its debt, the French and German banks that had lent it money might go bust, and the banks that had lent them money might, too. Not only that, but default also might force Greece out of the euro, at which point markets would begin to bet against whatever they thought was the next weakest link. That would push up borrowing costs for, say, Portugal and make it more likely that it would, in fact, default, which would then push up borrowing costs for Spain. In other words, Greece wasn’t allowed to default, even though it needed to, because doing so threatened to set off a series of self-fulfilling prophecies that could have ripped the common currency apart.
So Greece got bailed out to the extent that it was given money to then give to the people to whom it owed money. That was good news for French and German banks that got their money back, but it wasn’t for Greece. It still had as much debt as before, only now it owed official creditors such as the IMF instead of private ones like the banks. Since 2008, Greece’s debt burden has shot up mostly because of its economy was getting smaller rather than its debts getting bigger.
The Europeans faced a choice, but the problem was they don’t know how what they decide will turn out. It was possible that ejecting Greece from the euro could actually make it easier for the rest of the euro zone to come even closer together. Or ejecting it could have been the end of the dream of a United States of Europe. But in either case, the continent’s political future was at stake.
In the end, the Europeans decided they weren’t willing to give up on the dream.

In the long run, this kind of Band-Aid will wear out and fall off creating a whole new set of problems all over again. This is trickle down economics all over again, where we give money to the banks, who lend back with interest to a few, hoard the rest and no one gets any better. This plan will not save their country but may actually doom it. We will wait and see over the next few days if the Greek government wants to risk a default, and true economic turmoil, or roll the dice and perhaps try to go the same route as Iceland, an economy now one of the strongest in Europe by doing the exact opposite of everything they are trying there and at home.

And then there is Iran who may or may not be close to a deal depending on who you talk to. Rumors are they are close to a historic deal, 18 months after they first started these debates. Issues exist such as removal of US sanctions, particularly with new weaponry, and writing of the treaty which no longer describes Iran's nuclear ambitions as illegal. The first part should be a no-brainer for the US to deny and the second seems idiotic because if they are giving up their nuke program, why are they demanding an end to the US calling it illegal? The one thing I have to agree with some of the detractors, and the GOP of Congress, is we cannot have another deal like the one we made with North Korea that blew up in our faces and destabilized and entire region on the planet. Thank God Jimmy Carter is nowhere near this, but John Kerry doesn't seem much better.

Now regardless of a deal that may be made, it is going to be a hard, hard, sell to both countries who rightfully don't trust each other. Hardliners in both places have reasons to kill the treaty for both political and realistic reasons. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have both singled a wariness that may leave Iran on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power. Israel has made it clear they oppose this treaty and may act unilaterally if they even think Iran is getting a bomb.

We will have to wait and see what the nuts and bolts are of this agreement but I can pretty much guarantee if the treaty has a lifting of US sanctions immediately and includes new weaponry for some vague promise of no nukes, the GOP is going to have a fit and fall in it. It will be DOA. Likewise, if the Iranian Mullahs don't see those in the treaty, they are likely to kill it as well. Chances are pretty good that even if a deal gets made, it won't last. And if it doesn't, an Iran speeds up their desire for nuclear weapons, war is all but certain as Israel will attack them post haste and may even use nukes in a pre-emptive strike.

So between the possible Greek and Iranian deals, this week should prove very interesting. At least we are more likely to hear more about this this week than Scott Walker's attempt at being President (yuck!) or any more nonsense from Donald Trump and the illegals he wants to get rid of so badly.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I am getting really, really mad at the absolute morons I see parading around with the likes of Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and the rest of the Repugnicant party. But the worst of the worst have to be anyone who is supporting Jeb Bush to be president after the disastrous reign that his father and brother had. George Bush was the worst president ever (even if Obama is giving him a run for his money with the whole TPP thing) and that was only seven years ago. Were Bush supporters living on another planet when douchebag ran our country into the ground? It wasn't helped that George got himself in hot water this week as well. Let's see those runner ups.

10)People who don't know how set off fireworks- A clear nominee and front runner for the Darwin awards, Devon Staples of Maine, died when he set off a firework from his head. His mother deserves a mention for wanting a ban on fireworks because her dumb ass, grown son was a total moron. This week several children were also injured doing dumb things with fireworks, but they are CHILDREN and didn't know any better. What was Devon's excuse? Drunk I am guessing. And then there are the two NFL players, Tampa Bay CB, CJ Wilson and Giants DE, Jason Pierre Paul both of whom lost fingers when they had fireworks go off in their hands. You never hold fireworks in your hand guys. The guy playing cornerback, whose job is to intercept balls, may be looking at the end of his career. Real smart.

9)Paul LaPage- Speaking of dumbasses in Maine, the current governor is possibly the worst one in the country and that includes Christie, Walker, Scott, Jindal and Brownback. How is that possible you ask as these five are some of the stupidest people on the face of this Earth? Well it seems LaPage, a Tea Party Republican, has thrown a tantrum these last few weeks when the Senate refused his trickle down only budget, one that clearly won't work, and told everyone he would veto every bill that came across his desk until they capitulated. True to his word he did just that. At least he thought he did by using what is known as the "pocket veto," which allows any bill to expire as long as he doesn't sign it for ten days. What he and his staff failed to realize was this only occurs when the Assembly is NOT in session, which it is right now. So for twenty glorious days, what this moron actually did was a pocket signature instead, so multiple bills became law including stuff that the democrats of the state had no real reason to believe would ever pass like general assistance laws for people seeking asylum and another that would help pay for broadband assistance. Way to go stupid.

8)Ted Cruz- Yet another dumbass running for president whose numbers are slipping fast as Trump and Bush are sucking all the oxygen out of the room for anyone else. He had a disastrous interview on Meet the Press last week were he refused multiple times to explain what he would do with the 11 million undocumented illegals already here to an exasperated Chuck Todd. As deporting them all is physically and economically impossible, Cruz danced around the question so much you would have thought he was doing the tango. Ole, douchebag. He also blamed gay people for school shootings and pubic nudity and was caught red handed trying to influence the NYT best seller list by having groups buy his latest book in bulk form thus creating the illusion of people actually reading it, which they weren't. We can safely say at this point that President Cruz is somehow even less likely than President Trump.

7)SF and Illegals- San Francisco inadvertently stepped into a fire storm when they stupidly let a three time felon and multiple deportee go, even after ICE told to hold him, who then went on to shoot an innocent girl, most likely by accident but still. I understand wanting to protect innocent people who are just looking for a better life but this dick was not one of them. The fact they are blaming the Feds because they didn't get a warrant to stop them shows real balls and chutzpah. This has ignited Trump's campaign as it plays right into his hands and other xenophobes worried about Mexicans. If we do wind up the President Trump, SF will be to blame.

6)MTV- IN what can only be described as one of the most racist shows since Amos and Andy, MTV has hired an illegal alien to host their new show "White People," which will attempt to guilt them into feeling bad about being white. WTF? Let's reverse that and call a show "Black People" and shame them into accepting the fact that the entire race are nothing more than drug dealing, crack heads who rape white women, which we all know is a false stereotype. Or "Asian People," which shows a bunch of smart, hard working people with a strong family structure. Okay that stereotype is real but you get the idea. There is also word of another "White Chicks" movie which was beyond racist. When will black people realize that white face is not much better than black face, depending on how it is handled?

5)Iran/ US talks- Tomorrow will be a big day. We will find out about Greece (which looks bad) and Iran (which is still iffy), both of which will have major repercussions for years to come. Iran has been accused by the German press of actively trying to buy nuclear material on the black market, which would contradict their idiotic statement that they only want nuclear power for energy, regardless of the fact they have enough oil to power their country for centuries to come. And wouldn't solar and wind power be better, safer and cheaper than nuclear energy? Of course it would and only an idiot would think otherwise. That idiot is of course John Kerry, a blowhard and a terrible diplomat. For anyone who says Hillary was the worst Secretary of State is living in fantasy land as I can name three of the top of my head and dozens more if I looked it up. I still don't want her as president but her record in this capacity was not horrible by any means. We blew it with North Korea and it appears, if rumors are right about an imminent deal, we may be at it again. If the treaty doesn't have inspections whenever we want, it is worthless. Whatever happens with it though, I expect the GOP to have a fit about it regardless.

4)Celebrities- It has been a bad week for famous people. Tom Selleck and Jared Fogel have come under suspicion for stealing water and the latter child porn, but conflicting stories have arrived from both of them so I can't really include them like the rest of the morons that follow. I can't savage someone who may have actually paid for the water as some have suggested or the fact that no charges have been filed against Fogel, both have damaged relations because of these allegations. However, for Whoopie Goldberg, Raven-Symone, Bill Cosby and Adriane Grande there was hard proof that they are all idiots who deserve our scorn. Grande was first caught saying she hate America. Bitch. Then she was shown on video spitting and licking doughnuts on the 4th of July with her douche boyfriend at a local doughnut shop, which I find odd from a reported vegan. Her apology is NOT accepted as this is terrible behavior from a spoiled brat. Some one needs a spanking. I am free for that job. And then we have black people losing their minds over the fact that Bill Cosby is now an ADMITTED rapist and in complete denial about his own words. Goldberg and Symone, both of which are friends with the vile man, have defended him saying there is no proof he has been a rapist (disregarding his own admission of guilt in a 2005 case) and that he hasn't been convicted so we should consider him innocent. The only reason he isn't serving a life sentence is because of statue of limitations rules and he is almost certainly guilty as he has said he is a RAPIST. What further proof do we need?

3)Donald Trump- The sad part about this man running in first place in some polls is that I totally get it. He's the opposite of Bernie Sanders, but both have one thing in common: they are telling the truth and what they believe, not what will get them elected. And this is proving to be a powerful weapon this cycle. Trump's speech the other day in Arizona wasn't horrible, I even found myself agreeing with him on some topics, which is more than I can say about anyone else running for the GOP nomination right now. The problem with this though is if for some miracle of God Trump gets nominated, there is a 95% chance of the democrat, no matter who it is, winning. But that 5%, means it also possible, if however very unlikely, he could win. And does anyone think a Trump presidency is a good idea? I sure don't.

2)IMF/EU- Depending on what site you read, much like the Iran deal, they are either miles apart or real close to a deal. The deal aspect may be a tough sell to the Greek people as they resoundedly voted no more austerity which the new deal includes along with a haircut on the debt they owe. Much like the Iran deal I will hold off judgment until I see it, but I am not optimistic on it's terms. Greece did the same thing we did here, when the 370 billion Euros they got, 90% went to the banks with limited results. Now they owe a fortune they can't pay back and are taking money from the average citizen rather than fix the problems they caused in the first place. We will have to see what this deal entails but don't hold your breath it will be any better than what the world banks keep imposing on us.

1)The Bush Family- What idiot is campaigning for this giant douchebag, Jeb Bush? Haven't two morons in office been enough with that name? George got into real trouble this week when it was revealed that he took a $100,000 speaking fee from Wounded Warriors which is rich as he was the one that caused all of them to be part of the program in the first place with his ill advised, illegal war that he should be behind bars for. I found it really funny that Bill Clinton does these speaker gigs too but charges no money for them. Jeb found himself in hot water this week when he gave a speech to a bunch of rich evangelicals in which he said we should be publically shaming non-married pregnant women. This came on the same week Bristol Palin announced her unmarried pregnancy again, proving once and for all abstinence doesn't work. Get her in the room, along with her idiot parents and let loose Jeb. His biggest faux pas was telling America they need to work harder to make ends meet, unaware that we work longer hours for less money than just about every other industrialized nation. He tried to backtrack on it when other candidates called him out on it but the damage was done. Anyone voting for this idiot is worse than Hitler. We cannot have another Bush in office if history is any indication. But because of money and influence I still expect the contest will be between Hillary and Jeb. Whee. So congratulations Jeb Bush and the rest of your family, you are indeed douchebag of the week.