Sunday, July 12, 2015


I am getting really, really mad at the absolute morons I see parading around with the likes of Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and the rest of the Repugnicant party. But the worst of the worst have to be anyone who is supporting Jeb Bush to be president after the disastrous reign that his father and brother had. George Bush was the worst president ever (even if Obama is giving him a run for his money with the whole TPP thing) and that was only seven years ago. Were Bush supporters living on another planet when douchebag ran our country into the ground? It wasn't helped that George got himself in hot water this week as well. Let's see those runner ups.

10)People who don't know how set off fireworks- A clear nominee and front runner for the Darwin awards, Devon Staples of Maine, died when he set off a firework from his head. His mother deserves a mention for wanting a ban on fireworks because her dumb ass, grown son was a total moron. This week several children were also injured doing dumb things with fireworks, but they are CHILDREN and didn't know any better. What was Devon's excuse? Drunk I am guessing. And then there are the two NFL players, Tampa Bay CB, CJ Wilson and Giants DE, Jason Pierre Paul both of whom lost fingers when they had fireworks go off in their hands. You never hold fireworks in your hand guys. The guy playing cornerback, whose job is to intercept balls, may be looking at the end of his career. Real smart.

9)Paul LaPage- Speaking of dumbasses in Maine, the current governor is possibly the worst one in the country and that includes Christie, Walker, Scott, Jindal and Brownback. How is that possible you ask as these five are some of the stupidest people on the face of this Earth? Well it seems LaPage, a Tea Party Republican, has thrown a tantrum these last few weeks when the Senate refused his trickle down only budget, one that clearly won't work, and told everyone he would veto every bill that came across his desk until they capitulated. True to his word he did just that. At least he thought he did by using what is known as the "pocket veto," which allows any bill to expire as long as he doesn't sign it for ten days. What he and his staff failed to realize was this only occurs when the Assembly is NOT in session, which it is right now. So for twenty glorious days, what this moron actually did was a pocket signature instead, so multiple bills became law including stuff that the democrats of the state had no real reason to believe would ever pass like general assistance laws for people seeking asylum and another that would help pay for broadband assistance. Way to go stupid.

8)Ted Cruz- Yet another dumbass running for president whose numbers are slipping fast as Trump and Bush are sucking all the oxygen out of the room for anyone else. He had a disastrous interview on Meet the Press last week were he refused multiple times to explain what he would do with the 11 million undocumented illegals already here to an exasperated Chuck Todd. As deporting them all is physically and economically impossible, Cruz danced around the question so much you would have thought he was doing the tango. Ole, douchebag. He also blamed gay people for school shootings and pubic nudity and was caught red handed trying to influence the NYT best seller list by having groups buy his latest book in bulk form thus creating the illusion of people actually reading it, which they weren't. We can safely say at this point that President Cruz is somehow even less likely than President Trump.

7)SF and Illegals- San Francisco inadvertently stepped into a fire storm when they stupidly let a three time felon and multiple deportee go, even after ICE told to hold him, who then went on to shoot an innocent girl, most likely by accident but still. I understand wanting to protect innocent people who are just looking for a better life but this dick was not one of them. The fact they are blaming the Feds because they didn't get a warrant to stop them shows real balls and chutzpah. This has ignited Trump's campaign as it plays right into his hands and other xenophobes worried about Mexicans. If we do wind up the President Trump, SF will be to blame.

6)MTV- IN what can only be described as one of the most racist shows since Amos and Andy, MTV has hired an illegal alien to host their new show "White People," which will attempt to guilt them into feeling bad about being white. WTF? Let's reverse that and call a show "Black People" and shame them into accepting the fact that the entire race are nothing more than drug dealing, crack heads who rape white women, which we all know is a false stereotype. Or "Asian People," which shows a bunch of smart, hard working people with a strong family structure. Okay that stereotype is real but you get the idea. There is also word of another "White Chicks" movie which was beyond racist. When will black people realize that white face is not much better than black face, depending on how it is handled?

5)Iran/ US talks- Tomorrow will be a big day. We will find out about Greece (which looks bad) and Iran (which is still iffy), both of which will have major repercussions for years to come. Iran has been accused by the German press of actively trying to buy nuclear material on the black market, which would contradict their idiotic statement that they only want nuclear power for energy, regardless of the fact they have enough oil to power their country for centuries to come. And wouldn't solar and wind power be better, safer and cheaper than nuclear energy? Of course it would and only an idiot would think otherwise. That idiot is of course John Kerry, a blowhard and a terrible diplomat. For anyone who says Hillary was the worst Secretary of State is living in fantasy land as I can name three of the top of my head and dozens more if I looked it up. I still don't want her as president but her record in this capacity was not horrible by any means. We blew it with North Korea and it appears, if rumors are right about an imminent deal, we may be at it again. If the treaty doesn't have inspections whenever we want, it is worthless. Whatever happens with it though, I expect the GOP to have a fit about it regardless.

4)Celebrities- It has been a bad week for famous people. Tom Selleck and Jared Fogel have come under suspicion for stealing water and the latter child porn, but conflicting stories have arrived from both of them so I can't really include them like the rest of the morons that follow. I can't savage someone who may have actually paid for the water as some have suggested or the fact that no charges have been filed against Fogel, both have damaged relations because of these allegations. However, for Whoopie Goldberg, Raven-Symone, Bill Cosby and Adriane Grande there was hard proof that they are all idiots who deserve our scorn. Grande was first caught saying she hate America. Bitch. Then she was shown on video spitting and licking doughnuts on the 4th of July with her douche boyfriend at a local doughnut shop, which I find odd from a reported vegan. Her apology is NOT accepted as this is terrible behavior from a spoiled brat. Some one needs a spanking. I am free for that job. And then we have black people losing their minds over the fact that Bill Cosby is now an ADMITTED rapist and in complete denial about his own words. Goldberg and Symone, both of which are friends with the vile man, have defended him saying there is no proof he has been a rapist (disregarding his own admission of guilt in a 2005 case) and that he hasn't been convicted so we should consider him innocent. The only reason he isn't serving a life sentence is because of statue of limitations rules and he is almost certainly guilty as he has said he is a RAPIST. What further proof do we need?

3)Donald Trump- The sad part about this man running in first place in some polls is that I totally get it. He's the opposite of Bernie Sanders, but both have one thing in common: they are telling the truth and what they believe, not what will get them elected. And this is proving to be a powerful weapon this cycle. Trump's speech the other day in Arizona wasn't horrible, I even found myself agreeing with him on some topics, which is more than I can say about anyone else running for the GOP nomination right now. The problem with this though is if for some miracle of God Trump gets nominated, there is a 95% chance of the democrat, no matter who it is, winning. But that 5%, means it also possible, if however very unlikely, he could win. And does anyone think a Trump presidency is a good idea? I sure don't.

2)IMF/EU- Depending on what site you read, much like the Iran deal, they are either miles apart or real close to a deal. The deal aspect may be a tough sell to the Greek people as they resoundedly voted no more austerity which the new deal includes along with a haircut on the debt they owe. Much like the Iran deal I will hold off judgment until I see it, but I am not optimistic on it's terms. Greece did the same thing we did here, when the 370 billion Euros they got, 90% went to the banks with limited results. Now they owe a fortune they can't pay back and are taking money from the average citizen rather than fix the problems they caused in the first place. We will have to see what this deal entails but don't hold your breath it will be any better than what the world banks keep imposing on us.

1)The Bush Family- What idiot is campaigning for this giant douchebag, Jeb Bush? Haven't two morons in office been enough with that name? George got into real trouble this week when it was revealed that he took a $100,000 speaking fee from Wounded Warriors which is rich as he was the one that caused all of them to be part of the program in the first place with his ill advised, illegal war that he should be behind bars for. I found it really funny that Bill Clinton does these speaker gigs too but charges no money for them. Jeb found himself in hot water this week when he gave a speech to a bunch of rich evangelicals in which he said we should be publically shaming non-married pregnant women. This came on the same week Bristol Palin announced her unmarried pregnancy again, proving once and for all abstinence doesn't work. Get her in the room, along with her idiot parents and let loose Jeb. His biggest faux pas was telling America they need to work harder to make ends meet, unaware that we work longer hours for less money than just about every other industrialized nation. He tried to backtrack on it when other candidates called him out on it but the damage was done. Anyone voting for this idiot is worse than Hitler. We cannot have another Bush in office if history is any indication. But because of money and influence I still expect the contest will be between Hillary and Jeb. Whee. So congratulations Jeb Bush and the rest of your family, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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